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Wednesday, October 11th

Every week we sort through all of our Break Room hate letters and pick out our favorite of the bunch!

This week a man is upset with us for finding humor in a stranger's misery!


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It's it's even listen show the last hour here what we're figuring out is there's different funny every brochure right pacer pepper. And when it hits close to Holton. Becomes less and it seems that we got a letter from someone who knows the person who was involved in this accident that happened at Rockport two weeks ago. I'm sorry this is for me especially. When you when you break two things that you don't need to edit necessity detect at a luxury. That's funny yeah I have a great match is classic racquets survived the BCF. We get letters read you physical axle hit you hate don't you upset at odds with stamps and we found out Monday down we have a final upstairs. This letter was in the cabinet becomes the story. Late September. The caps on get our feet easily get a hold right there dad's funny. Path sunken RV and can now they were trying to backed their boat in the Connecticut new boat by the way that was fun the books for the pros and we're supposed to do not. The army was struggling against a trip to be a vote nobody was injured the Caribbean at a Vatican now we talked about it the air or something editors somebody's credit well. Somebody who knows that person does this letter seen thing and it's this week's hate mail of the week. To whom it may concern. I've had enough of the DJ is in the morning on WCM in Fiji's all they do is take people's misery. And make them feel worse and there was an instance yesterday involving someone. Cool I know. This person was putting their boat in the water with their RV. And a mistake was made in the art be ended up in the water it's terrible and it's costly. And you shouldn't make fun of a person for. How do you feel if that was you all that money all the hard work all the extra work they now have to deal with. The last thing they know our people laughing at that if you wanna encourage bullying. And continued to employ the jerks you do in the morning and all be listening to more uplifting radio with Scott's Susanna enjoy your police show and maybe all be listening to see if they've changed their ways in a few weeks non. It's. Hard pressed. I think it is great that we did this I don't making fun of polyps are relaxed and commodity. Feeling or concern. Them and feeling concern. Our sites rich guys stuff if you own a motor home and a ski Bo were gonna blow brought about salt keep those are hobbies as an engine don't need rain so I can't really feel sorry for you because your luxury. Free time toys got way. Wolf we didn't say anything bad we did now this is true it's okay USA about a house burn down here so. It all comes down to last year vs fight us right because this guy grew at an RV digital Harvey looking I look at. It up last night you look at the team between ten and 20000 dollars to bonds got that they are around this guy apparently worried then. But it's like this to bus some breaks through the skip. This guy is out ten to twenty easily and you're allowed to laugh at them yes my question is what is the monetary lion we can not let your friends face let's say hypothetically and it. Mike hole and and down my wife is safe my kids are saved the dogs are safe you know what is it comes close injured but everything I've ever owned is now. Action sooner. Will you laugh at my face. Depends how your house burned down okay if again hit by lightning. If league you know sibling that natural disasters yet terrible. If you did something stupid. They try to save money. Doing something you hadn't actually no idea how to do it in eagle rank and about how much money you save percentage Curtis awaits. Attorney hosted ashes okay yes I can laugh Rio. Ain't. It. Got its piece that. Clueless and thanks for your help I wouldn't think of that generation got nature of excess what do you do sub did do she regions of the stupid because your house to burn down. I didn't collapse a little bit that. In his face but tell your boys. So I don't think I want talking face to face laughter reckons it's easy to pick any date until he's back I talk and make it joke to their face what is the fight in July 2226. There estimated number. Can rise that a whole house is gone and it's a terrible thing. I took its time that. Plus money. Equals funny. How long it is from the White House burning down plus how much it cost equals weight you could look me in the face and laugh and what does it what's equation. X I think and also if you caused it yourself returning there may have that's I think some dumb thing you did make some stupid do hobby nothing about it. You try to late. All like it fixes myself dogs that is in all houses going up. May be the most angry the company is able to get my house and nothing to confront that laughingly if you crashed your core. And you were safe but it's stupid Gretchen carted cost too much money you'll be pissed at yourself and if you re pissed me the second I start electric. Car crashes that funny. Unless you who. It was like a sports cars that you couldn't afford but you went and bought it to be cool did you go into a midlife crisis. And end. Europe golf hat blew up because you had a driver and a convertible he reached for the golf and you hit a tree funny. You do see what's happening here are a bit so you're just as bad as the guy that Otis this letter. Remember the guy you write this letter hate them the week as we made fun of the guy he knows he put his RV Mikhail Rockport. You're painting scenarios that you yourself would never be right that's why you would do that you're. Just pat you laugh at things that you know you'll never to. Talk about the things you would actually do what. I would crash your car later date over to pick up a map can still use that jewel is crap it pressure call I would laugh at you for that. But you're only picking up is that he would every apartment which makes a giant hypocrite. Given I'm comfortable with that I did ID I Wear my hypocrisy. Like defying. Souped. The world till it's you to pop sat out hypocrisy yup that's just yet so I didn't have IC rich guys to enrich stings and they get hurt. I'm little laugh man because she did that to do that a year if you're doing anything to show off. Any goes horribly horribly wrong and I'm probably gonna last match. Or not feeling deep it's okay for you. I think it's elegy the story about how my brother had just gotten a motorcycle and he let his body erratic and crashed in conflict couple thousand dollars and at the damage yet and the like I don't know if you can laugh at that you're one of his body sick to his face as it was his friend that did it. He's got to write a bike number one but he still census is and drive in the Blake. The brother was a good guy a little right to look at that bit him in the end it it's funny only around. Right to do to put a physique and your bike. They in my body I've talked to your body your bike to to do 6000 in what is that line tie. What's this amount of money equals funny what is that amount of muddy but if your buddy loses it destroyed some that you could laugh that jobs the great group axiomatic Johnny boy but it. Earlier this morning. I got a carton a little open chopper late and people made about a thousand years ago. Any at a launch a bears kept coming up next to a house he's ninety years trash cans and not at all personally use the idea that uptake trash cans. Put it back in my checked out more about 2 o'clock in the morning here all those rosling. So he's a pair of back respect six right falch shoots mr. Bucher blows up the structure of the gas tank which are now on the side of the house. I could not stop laughing as he saw me this story. President it's comical and thought I think you would see some comedic movies what about. Disaster not only eighty brutish trucked in right not only could potentially kill his family from his house. So crosscourt or down. But truck closes brighten your. I was there. I get the same all decked out I'll like out but. I could not stop like how do you nine. Well look everybody you know like couple slayer comic. Skater I a lot of bad move a lot of burden. And I'm ready to put out there of the back story that is you know who balling late that night entry as you pops and at all and that you'll drop in addition truck. Yeah there is a good idea. It's difficult to preach to go couple weeks that cable that anger so deleted extended period of time but I'm still left and on the inside already. I don't let the audience to assume his face leaky Jenkins. As we all know that one brick buddy who was to show off with his new thing to say. And it is funny when it doesn't go so well at least your friends and his is no big here any time a buddy showed you something new that he has what is that what are what is he doing. Due to its deep deep debt talk is always rubbing it in your face yet don't. In your parents yet. Oh pre and don't buy sell. So this what are Rudd visited thing in your praise you're right the lap I don't when it goes horribly wrong cable rights to Tutu says don't ever have any sympathy for rich guy doer rates staying and it goes you. And you also assume people that these things are rich like it could just be something they saved up for for years and years and pair finally signing means I had money to say no he doesn't someone look at happened at their stuff that you let go but he still had cool stuff that's a hole. Herbal way to talk about his mother. She tried the best she could it would thanks for that man. You're the perfect example of this Tommy. What they defeated by a bottle boos every week of plenty of money to save and buy something huge drew a low and bomb rocked guide. Might get attacked 2226 that's is that they called you would your mom was pregnant would you. Lo and rot gut. What is the monetary limit. We can't let your body truly something Toms in the breaker mansi imitate Tom I let. It. It worked for as it should. Hear it outside you want to be part of it. Jump off the back Ryder truck. She slipped. I mean you get your bets are off jet and hit the last they're average. Pay in Haiti and it. And it's a guy that karma holed putt I had all the time out they cubicle that might be the one infantry to wait to left kidney. I'll watch it come back with me come back and yeah. Yeah. 2011. Is the science. Some parking garage Colorado Baghdad yeah I could go right back finally we got. Z Eldon her old story we must kick ball gates and used. I don't front this Boyd Edwards set to. Rich people of our producer Tommy play kick ball in the league leaders whose. It's funny because it is now they can Pitt's beaded delicately but legally K but it took all day. I was too cool to go is what he's saying oh we forgot why you wanna go just because out there they roll he's up to kick it. All too I connected T get it took one step sales doubt on his back because they did maintain the feel. He laughs all fired immediately that I fell off the what if I was dead I was crying at julliard is so you can ask you this so you're wrong. What you can you can't light up but the people for doing this when you did the same thing that you said we're getting two free cocktails and they your freeloaders who told me that guy you should accept that they are the result it's stupid he can't be upset for the ignite laughed at you got hit I was trying to put a smiling guys' faces to fall down for a did you did W rural. My went out I got a bad back the best part is purely jumps to make sure he's OK look like it showed it to cut of people we work. And nice and juror really jumps to go take care of Tommy well I've. Crime connection terrible personal problem when it's your notes due to him. Which Olympic. With his alters.