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Wednesday, October 11th

It's a debate Duffy lost after a woman called him out on his sense of humor


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This is still really messed with my head tomorrow is apparent here right. Breaker boxes classic rock and 65 to BC and I see you folks whole discussion about what. Meet vs funny quicker and I beat this guy ever skate he is late this kid got a show like skewed based all hear it and budget just like it was your show. Because you have to be mean to be funny and only one applicable and tell you that. The worst that guy go don't like again you know any sensitive dudes I hope dot. I don't look couple that work in the building that would come down here and say than that yeah I mean over there. I don't ever. Pat how how likely interaction I don't count those who is dudes. So that was me what pains he block any of these physical sense defender but I did. I'd be addicted really who you're really I was. Did you you're really feeling it Duffy I can not see Kia as your atomic I cannot take. 01 moment in my life I have been funny and not meet at the same time he can't he's giving funny and so what guys he's called up its that you guys did a great cadre that's not mean it's funny content. Okay worst example of a. To listen back to this from because if you just being disgusting. But you had to have be subject to be disgusting. But I guess who you're talking let's play the creep kept as pets are easy folks I'll get to this. Yeah men and then. And some smaller children learn and love it communities in and where do you boom long yeah up right there. Eight. Big game yeah yeah yeah. Reading get five seconds and no agent mocking somebody because god didn't bless suggests IQ we keep go against Texas let's keep going. If you would have better that would be the tragedy but nothing went ahead as it. Don't open it was honest they didn't need to go to Fargo we did. Do you think you meet you India doubled down saying you'll Sosa as the next. Let's Amanda Beagle ma'am Boehner like that in itself is book around other bags neat it's. Is that this isn't it terrible weighted toward western coast. Notified seconds that we Evelyn and its ads about the big bank UB. Sure that Tommy was talking about with is heading towards that bigamy. I. PR. And anti government. On the trip but I was so he actually also called brought up that when Tommy makes fun of like animals like does that mean OK but what. We played at it Tommy explains nature but even like it kill you talked mechanic makes fun of a gorilla sleep eating people that. He's an earth that has as a guerrilla eating so bluntly let go but didn't. But the reason it's funny it's because Atlantic stupidity that she's mocking my brain has to lack of brains see right there at your head is so huge you go there and they deployed there to try to spread to negativity tried to attempt to see cultural and posted. Can't you be funny without being mean sharks in the breaker on CN that they shot a buddy that I would not give it to the premium growth. Ahead now I can they're comedian it was quite funny who is in his nine. Mark. Conger GUNG. Oh are the fact that we've never heard of him let's listen I don't know ideas we have this bad. OK I don't control our news. Look at mopping he doesn't get and how men's brains are different from women bring. Right there I can tell you probably. Mean in some way towards element the hit man to keep you ahead of. I believe everything that. And I'm telling you look at Muppets YouTube and watch it is not mean it off. I Anderson that I got you confused. Coleen. And dirty. Clean jokes can be mean jokes. Which for that a teacher by excellent but it knows us. We are saying only in order to anybody does that mean he's not being negative sure sure. Probably haven't really you can explain lady brain a membrane is the point at the negatives in one or the other router to show the contrast us yes. Listen the show would dirty bombs no yeah O yes actually Nicole be one of those dirty. Nicole. It didn't a couple of now I I don't care out there but I. I got an. Back on the try you right there needs and it isn't camera trying to make people about something that might see. July dirty hard. Google and sold us the call I appreciate the call to support him what are we going over everything we do for the last fifteen minutes then we have not found what you can't that makes people laugh that he is me not. Hey I know I honestly about it at all and try to get that out that they act it out and I know there isn't dividend money and my notes. There isn't a clear example but I didn't you app. You make me laugh I am not I don't need it right at my kids that are. Why you don't light is being able to laugh at me Brian are on the ball back. Every other role brawl in there in a perfect here's a typical rock and saying don't be beat him to change we do lose I just never thought. Out credit all the way to get after somebody is to be yes. And honestly I I think that's certainly not in art and I hunt in out of means very cents. You I mean to do it laugh together and how to do it in cleaning out and that our. You know. Senator doing bad sting and then. Glad to eat. Isaac well. You go to college or is seated at the Pentagon at the plate as it is spelled hole on the CH oh I'll eat their solutions are. You can spell on the cold LA obviously she's got cold dark hole yeah it could yet she Hulk you can't tell Nicole Richie home ultimately it's. She's the Coho. It. She club and at the Coho. All these comedians that are working Brian Regan. Okay median but he made but he marks things he says he's very clean yeah it's still mocking us to regulate lake I give an example got to always reclaim. Don Rickles. Swore he right when he was a complete it was an insult comic that every use the F were so mean but in funny but he was clean. I didn't tweet coming in from the drunk Russian bear hunting makes fun and alcoholism every time you mentioned they talk about cotton cattle. That's a better talk. He's an animal kingdom's biggest. Critics of the breaker axiomatic. That. Or not so secret. Our house is caught. When nick I call it out the rate we're. It brought up and beat my oracle Internet jokes. Aren't they are you let you know how bad joke it is or how stupid they are telling. I don't laugh at them at all but I'm also predict. I didn't Baghdad so like for example where did you meet get Craig I think cynical about it really created and I'd bet schedule will be Petraeus or checks one for and it is all bad dad started to be anyway. Yes this 1%. Actually easier road via tweets us where it is a vampire keep his money. The blood bank. Aaron. DPS is is oxygen what is at what he sucks all part yeah this is embarrassing to the series but he's dead jokes that new thing. Yeah noted that a new team knows how to call it yeah yeah this speech scheduled tours give me reads data jokes because it. Beaten up. To people like it's a little laugh. It's a push her out and says he leisure a mock him for Thomas stupidest joke yes I'll tell my daughters to my daughter's trying to put even if you like Acela and you know BW can't do fill the material from kids. You know working in like fifteen minutes and get a way to Lerner teams got to get the room there then I get myself generous with the bank jokes. What time did the man go to the dentist with time too attorney. Truth hurt me it is event you'll flat soda makes you almost I think your mocking to secure. What got I can't sit pledge of auction a bar and orders of beer bartender says sorry we don't serve food here. I bet. You just. But that's it was a semi racist joke it's obviously this is we don't serve food here. Be like really black guy walks in toolbar that matters is get the hell out of this thing. Why does register to come at the middle ground. Great utterances of my wife can't sit which black. It spiked forcing them Berger you'll but it's not accepted and certain of while you that they get the racist and that rates is dailies there with boxes of. Annan due to a book why do ticking troops only have huge dollars. Because if they had Fuller they'd be called chicken sedans. And evidently that one night and you definitely don't like people that. Who started does that term loosely are right so we have discovered after literally she was right gap and we're finally. Now but I can also back to change. History a comedy because what brought this like I don't think anybody is expecting you to change. Just remember this you just Q dating whom feminist comedians you all thinkers so sweet and innocent. They're just as nasty they're just as negative as the guys. Man and maverick I think about this like the all those TV programming your wife watches on he let me start I don't think I have tired out. Utah's college AV program did you watch the two pots or old bastard. To be negative on trying to stick up for us right now you say about the governor likes to fill the yen dirty shows. You watch on TV and you talk about negative. These rich bitches with the with the doc let's flip it over to tables and M Anthony children checked and hi Ian White wine and their bases and and talking crap on behind each other's back to Oilers any jokes we tell yet but elegant watching those things to beef. That laugh watching listening to be entertained acts is just this. Head print cup these entered David flip it over tables for use your entertainment don't mark don't get up my committee oh not figured they'd. She's right or overly criticized all the days so we know so much. Everybody. Does it puts. It it's just as yeah. Yeah but I'm gonna keep on and do what I do is just. I don't they water. Alistair Hoy lake you guys should be clean. And unemployed. All of us agree with its. How easy. Hopefully you can reach the today because it's got it's Wednesday every eight Wednesday he went in eight yeah would we do a totally new new thing new rules saying every Wednesday every single Wednesday we do different ethnic the year. Each of market on the department. And his argument that he should he does have that deal with the Texaco star theaters. She had just moved to just check in Munich are.