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Wednesday, October 11th

It's a debate Duffy lost after a woman called him out on his sense of humor


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Yeah it's possible insult you and we'll just stay put so well it's my life in general but that's about it is sticking your head and got great respect. I do you think about it whit what will. Miniature things senator. She was joking just dead on dismissed the shape. It's what I Friday button who is maybe rethink everything about you and be. In ring big enough and RG I know that every day I think once it up don't what are. You can't be funny without being mean. Well yeah at the point it's because. That's the wake buddy works you have to point out the flaw and laugh about it. You and BI. I don't let the breaker match is glass crack at 65 WC maps of the average statement from here and got comes up to me is gonna sign and his wife. Are cute let's hockey loves the show talk about the big guys gas coal and and I. Which I jotted. And the Scion to hit him. It's what is the whole time is can just look at the fringe for when I don't want a woman rather face for the most part on this when this was in particular program so like after I've talked Catholic five minutes about actions like this I'd probably go hey you'd figure have a blast here. Yeah and she goes I don't like your show. And it could easily but that's fine I don't expects only debt to like our show she's accretion her ears aren't trash cans she looks at me and she says. You can't be flooding up between you and your co hosts can't be fired up again and again. And I go OK then discussed in its he had it and she walks away and that this would harm she. Then I said think about later that night fall asleep and can't be thought of me and I got stuck my head all weekend. I realized. Jobless comedian or bust your balls off the job its way it works I'd never said anything funny. With Saudi. The district is yet to point out the flawed that's for the funniest okay right so the history comedy. It's always been about the negative rate even so look at that before there was. Talking movies it was asylum right it's all the comedy had to be slapstick OK okay which reason had to be physical what does that mean. Falling Dow walk in duel as some dead. Fallen off a cliff get sprayed in the face with the host something get hit in the face of a pyrite yet net none of that stuff is pleasant. But it's funny to watch like the original joke was fact I want commander street. So it's at a banana peel balls and aesthetic object that was like the original joke for like for us to be entertained by. Soul it has to be negative gets a that this don't think Bonnie and success. On the issue mock the success c.s which is neat but it's right in this. Obviously apps it's something she'd find some racial mom's. Wish is a mob buddies yanks get cute so I remember I was still can mean was she finds funny now she will not find funny when she she becomes a mother has moms moms there were funny and Fung go to die. And I don't mean that to be insulting is just part of the job his mom's up to protect okay great divide and a big bursting protect a child it took so. What mom's fine they don't find things funny that they find things cute. Oh that's so cute. That's adorable. Today they don't laugh at funny stuff they might it mean and insulting on zealous in addition that they were funny nose or dirty mops. Does it dirty dirty minds which. I got it and what did you just do what I said that you let often difficult. You ignorant can't. I actually I by the way the outlay gown. Just he put it in politics for a second night people go. Donald Trump is a terrible person because he takes all these mean shots. And people thank you and then the liberals will call Donald Trump all these horrible horrible names that make their point. Doing the same thing on the other side today so if you want I'll be funny you're gonna have to be negative here's the thing. People only trying to be funny I don't think he's trying to be funny I think he was very funny terror I he was buried or tags or whatever it is trying to be funny it's just comical okay us. I don't I speak because your they keep it ease does not does suck right. Break but it's still that meet this type guy that I've I don't think he's making a joke being me I what you're saying politics aside here 2226 that people always skip that people will lap that something. Until you seas of the about something they like let's keep that up potentially kind of the subject of hate nobody to clock it's that but 226002. You have to be seen to be funny and it's not getting that given that positive Joseph just keep you make us laugh without being beat someone's expense gives you somewhat. Point out seven discussion with a guy that works here it goes well if I make fun of myself it's not meet which true customers to beat yourself raise itself up OK right that's why it works when you hurt yourself nobody is lack ethics. It's impossible to be funny upbeat Pete which they stop and you die our entire lives from the but we are important to just be everybody. Yes. Anybody that's done our job for a living and on TV netherland Ellen DeGeneres. Cruises sweet. Lesbian lib role she says be kind to everybody in and he actually just called brought her day. Lady whatever jokes are showing the negative. There's a little bit negative in everything past due for it to work. She used to do this joke that was very cute she goes I have a grandfather he runs five miles a day every day housing bill. Well we haven't heard from a mental. Pioneering yet that crap has got dementia. Grandpa is dying of brain disease but we rule the joke right to it because. Cute joke great yet he's he's got brain disease. It is good it doesn't get you. And instead you're under L'Oreal into the board. It radiance. Line. So everybody can help my hands substantially you don't Wear this banner and everybody does it just could. You'd think it's cute it's there's still going to be a threat of being mean I didn't mean Richard pointing out. People's laws site to get to meet. Sometimes people point out the flow as a little more than other girls which is a little mean evidently he's a funny idea Ellen DeGeneres example I mean. Should really come out and say that you just put that to people that medal for what else does it mean. Yeah I think you grandpa any loss OK but that people think that deep into. Right but I do because this is what pat and I yeah that the comics who reliving it. That's what that really means to do do 6000 meet a family camera argument Friday night. I what is likely key guy loves show elements to be that. It's picture and she tells it to show because you guys are only need to be funny and I laughed and I think we had Erica. You have to be eat beef yes. Got to be negative. To did you 6000 maybe he can tell us what were wrong to juror decent picture let's get maybe it's funny. You know on number one you guys don't have big launder it. It up you get like sitcoms but can duke facial expressions that can be fun. We have to tell you how slick Jimmy's gonna help. The less I like what would you like when you guys are all. Yes evident that you do want holding. Penalty and are now. Is being me. Guys. Should any camera mounted a morning he'd do well he wasn't being mean. He just it's funny you guys turned it into. Yeah that. It was which doubled in Tikrit tropical. Take you to welcome pretty close in the Lou Holtz safe and QB Telefonica everybody let's listen the only reason it's funny is because like in my corner fact that he's so. All all the his brain does that work in his mouth don't worry I saw there alive that was funny I'm ESPN. Let me get this is fortunately only reason it's because he's not doing his job. On our. Super Bowl at the top globally being mean you know. Okay they say in the original. OSHA IP based the company at present it but it's self to the Lexus itself yes he does like a bird. River mean in term I do find it funny in my favorite. Points of Pete with my wife not when make you laugh at something meet. As the satellites nature re but it it's a while give it just right to left and I'm Julia try to make my wife laughs. Think guys isn't always like times I won a season it will be watching something on TV yet and I know I wanna say something and I won't because she's gonna take it the wrong way because she's Amal. Or it's just gross. Well I watched it laughs at present it was a role as well as at your wedding day when she received for better for worse for everybody pitted didn't. It's something you ever Paul. That was made. He noted that you had found you funny otherwise I'll switch there and I. How I. It sucks digit physics doesn't get you be funny without being beat Adam claims to have a joke okay Harry go that is funny and not meet at a white body. And it this joke is gonna suck. I data or no does that ran up or. Made has been her purple lose again on. Definitely died later in my head man who ran a source checks public's eye Q would you Atlantis that. And then I had him. Say no good beat up Adam. Terrible joke how when I get the dinosaurs to come back in beat. Blake the group I'd see about IKEA light body. Man. I thank you got permit it here or there will be on I don't knock it just got to recap Larry. Not in saying don't let it bought. A. Okay you might be might be right most of what I remember from the creek could well last week's recap. All week to week or saying something disgusting about somebody else. ZU women's giant reports. Oh what about I'll look at it. Okay cadets were laughing at that only because Tommy's eighty it would be him here. I'll read it like okay. In my bills would have been I just thought about that. You ruined it never is only being mean I see you guys call it that's Greek efforts. This week's Greek Aaron is Mike that it gets beat us like giggled with just can't you be funny without being mean next break from its.