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Wednesday, September 12th

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This is the men's room. Listening to. So let's say my car 9844999. A little flavor profile that's coming up in minute. You're headlines and only one hour from now first we're checking in my car for some of the stories and headlines he has not working on and says why did it take the governor of Hawaii so long to let people know that missiles or leave that the missile alert was bogus. Turns out that he couldn't remember his Twitter password I don't know dance. Yeah. Hamas. Even if go mob of a better truth right I just send them alerts overly the same way they sent the text. Quite you have to go through Twitter I mean yeah after a certain amount of time you ever I don't like to remember there's got to be in it you're the governor. I thought I'd say you could take over people's votes let them know they're gonna die falsely bright but then he had to wait to go to Twitter. I just want to got to be a better way I guess that. Good thing for Twitter. Just even then even if he did just forget your password it's not like it takes half an hour to get the thing changed. We'll even their Whitney may be called lieutenant governor Earl Heyman a member of the brain fart get on you got beamed Twitter and tell people who uses the full floor. If you get people to stop freaking out right do that first. I doesn't seem like a very good save there can't remember his with a password. Come on whose blood that's what it. It is damaged luggage on the phone if I don't that's the point price if you haven't on your phone your pretty well logged in Malta exactly. I positive I can log out of it. But the thing that I know are not. He's studied the matrix I can't get Apple's code TO like a majority again. Yet but you wouldn't be able to called bird forgot your path and a never forget that number sixty nines even. Yeah. It's. Battery to debentures. I was figure I thought you do broke it. Think it affects the value because I believe as committed now to my house lol didn't every and number in my car all I can use my own bathroom hog all those Amaro who spells out fingers. Awful awful awful always before you have to know the numbers just as his growth and as accidents. A bunch of elementary school kids at a place New Mexico called the Albuquerque school of excellence accidentally got a higher earlier this month. When the fifth grader brought her and others marijuana gummy candies will quicker. Full business thanks to our. Those accidents are gonna happen in the world venables. And and very most they moved to sit. If you probably never going to let them and accidentally smoke it joins but you might either brownie might you know my variant called this the fifth grade. And time again tomorrow and now whatever grid is at five and they don't know dead. I don't know later yeah I and I feel they have that category fifth graders could read a foot like this you can read. Thank you read on the solid dummies and and I'm guilty of this Larry and I do a lot of restaurants where hologram of the menu and whatever the main item is our life to somehow I stop reading sources wind and it. And that moment I do not read so a good thing is stuff spend liberals like I don't even realize until I get my meal at the house looks. I wanna zone let her kid and look I'm not proud of it Matt at for some reason I can I get out of the habit of doing that but I did did that Aragon school claims school. Exactly true I mean I didn't even rear man who lead until I was probably high school. Come on my honestly man. It's just that's I didn't I can't believe I wanna throw I believe that I was in a class as a freshman and some chick was like hey check this out and looked like he had just a bunch of African. Compost and abilities favor lately what's that. As we went big grade. An ideal oil was going to plant like why you hide and it was a problem my and we need to like just inject your neck with heroin and orange oil I'll have time. I mean I mean did get out of your system. A man in the UK recently spent over 4000 dollars on a sophisticated system for mining big point. And received a dvd top video copy of the bust maybe instead this. Okay it's okay for senate panel Paul Paul that is terrible. Thing and it isn't awful. It's if it over to ice the movies. Just littered with his baby conceived June 5. At fault for not getting that I've seen that movie three time it's. Yeah vause. Moss Brady moss. But the mood it MA I don't know how this works right so the thing is who might. I was just with the lovely daughter that's our business cycle times you've done this to me where I've walked in the homeowners a movie playing on TV. And like I don't like his movies but I don't see that solely in my head I'm like. Man romance and she did this for the African movie more wanna as well a little more and I'm like. Man I don't we just solve this is particularly true when we just sold the family do we escalate until it got there Ramon allegedly rented tomorrow. Okay. The. I don't like 990 I can still on the theater man sushi no no please put me probably totaled 300 frigid downloads of movies that play and you take them to the movies in out of state I don't want to receive these movies but it is a great thing to do it did I to draw the scrappy previews there's movie I don't African white parent announcement million dollars while we're sort of problem. And a week later you get home from work and but it still takes you secondly. Why I think this move by god damn it it's only three in the box office may have. And now everything is she can read dude that's what she read nothing wrong with her dad day literacy anyway he just red balls baby Einstein I'll write it. I think I. Yeah. I know I want that I could go right to live today is I've taken off bag I got to know there's been doing this you do know is that box. Fair enough you're almost let I other perpetrated it I thought it meant by the lives not keep with. Sirens and it cameraman I will say I the last some of the movie at home. I have like the old mayor reaction which is fright fans it once you apply it. They're looking for a while Brenda when I got to plot. Against the three birds and I'm right there when anybody. For example right here trying to Pella Iowa 1299 minutes out of ash. I ran out of wanted the new blade runner flick and I waited three got Dave Winfield I would check them most of those by the Villa road map and I got the money was so leg. I'm talking about for some reason. You would rather have disposable moved your brother go to the movie theater give the money right. You can only you can take the mood home that I that I feel better about actually purchasing the thing words part of my collection. I'd rather give you money won times and here we're done 5% but I will not why where am I trying. Remember when when renting the movie hunt. On and on demand was like four bucks Dara and milling around according to a new study 60% of dogs eat poop on your regular or semi regular basis damn man. That in my top. I there was cat techcrunch they've got to look at as though gave him the State's teachers and they like the caddie that did the kitty Roca more than they do anything else. What is the cats eat the dollar loan out of me so much it's got to do what's in the food man you see better food don't think yeah but I mean if you game you don't care food wouldn't want it either but if the cats are even groups about my dollar and how are you read them and I need to GoDaddy you do anything that's what week there's food like that we eat right. Mean there honey I mean a bead puke some like this is for symbolism that's. Race yet somehow the Favre threw light whose carbonated that's like I don't like it the dogs I'm thinking. I'll like half truth. But that Jack improvement how to sit there and put he's got a chopper Kasey a moment. That's serial drive here put this stuff from the cows nipple and there is an important. Like the correct I won't be zero votes over the head. Jews from accountable to that ball off off a hell out of the ground the guard until an upside down on the defensive itself so what's different with an of this came out of a ticket but yet. I want it to crack you know but it's a they want and get ready here broke with both of them let's open it. A DJ. How I could debate over about a little yellow. Good good. Unemployment in the Fryer revive tomorrow it and he did and elevators gold at the Jacksonville Florida played the song Gucci gaining by a little bump last Friday. And parents got a little upset about it there was a clean version of the song would still include references to drugs. Changes goals which again dummy knife with a middle schooler high school it was and it was an elementary school man. Not so so what K through five. Yeah bullies they play the same version hit through six from right and at that point they're not listening to liturgy does bounce with a bead right. Feeling that song is catchy tell if you just wanna seeking to gain over and over the many thousands may grownup comedy soldiers treatable by drugs or sex but as a kid you know. I met all of my kids say all the popular graphical might. I'm just assuming they have no idea though to talk about it wouldn't even now I listen this perhaps a home and stuff I listen to without the kid. And I only now do I get the DM reference like oh wouldn't that hey yeah like that's that they were talking about their kids don't know if we go to Taiwan for this little clip. What does that assail about a one hour from now to regular guy deadlines are on the way one hour from now part of the data non. Three cents. This is drawn up to please tell everyone how profile this is playing guitar Dan miles it is simple game are we sure if you can real life new story. Something that happened right here on planet earth her. Are current and as you listen to the story based on the stereotypes you believed to be true of people. And the decisions that people make less you would it is you think placed the story a story. Hello Justin welcome to the men drew. Hello just did. All knob to stand. No old man just is not that hard you go through all of that bill that up and maybe go to the contestant who does not a political buzz can. We're about yeah. Basra and other contestants who was delivered today hello Juli welcome to the men's room. I do I get a fair and how does your day display. All right here is your story and neighborhood dispute ended with the gunfire when one neighbor executed another. As the victim knew Obama's own front yard. Big forums like the Pasco County sheriff officer the execution which took place just after noon was even caught on video. Good deputies say that the suspect some killed his neighbor outside of the victim's home. According to the arrest reportedly detailed have a six year old Carrie devout they splendid deputies how we planned and carried out a plot to kill those guys and an unidentified woman. And then take his own life the sequel the defendant says did not regret shooting the victim and is not planning on killing the victim. For a long time to put some perspective even that is will motorized before. In anticipation of carrying this out. This view was two years in the making not a lot of details about what the students about that's how it ended. The victim by the way he was unharmed and holding a small dog when defendants out of once. But I managed to get outside news millions front lawn is pleading and asking them to know why he was doing this. Cradled his upper body and held out his camera in front stop guys from her human parlor and dependence on several more times killing. Do you believe that this lunatic is quite quite match earpiece. Julie and that's use them. Els and anybody Helen Juli I know just her dancing with the dispute was very healthy kids they don't know what the dispute was they just know that. Big guys to do killing I guess I'm planning to do this for at least two years. Planned on killing himself up executing his neighbor and an average girlfriend maybe you remember other person was went. Then there was you can take the life of the and other in the end he didn't so his arrest. Holding a grudge. Teams Connell white. Executing civil in the front on and just seems not. I would agree that's. It's just so calculate. It's it's centrally planned out and then even the guys thank him for his wife and right now I. I've been taken about this coming to mind because they were life doesn't even understand what the dispute is about. I'm going to show you really. Julio Mexico. Yeah okay. We're gonna find out did he was black white meg C or Asian next that was fatigued you are listening to the men's or radio networks. My message saying neighborly dispute a six year old man is not to have you with is a neighbor and he held a grudge for a few years and they decided to a shootout Monday. Holiday I was holding his dog got pleaded for his life but does this guy would have been any that he had a garage and I ended up by killing them right there his front yard yeah according tragic story the question was what this guy black white makes your agent. Miles you said Maxine did you sit East Asia. That's an oath as much. You know her bag man. Yeah yeah man that's Stewart's car why do you think gauge what will be your leg what was your clue what took off. Well. Hard to be racist if you're right. It seemed very planned out. And downright mean as he you'd like winning both early may then lately whenever I think you'll Blake. Gangs or criminals the kind of scare me yeah Russian and Asian scared or shall I do you Caruso of the Russian mob and I don't really like what they've made a decision there's no like remorse at all bright and select the fact that backed guys may like to see and he just execute cool as harsh. A pro TV news all the time it is time for TV damages. Countless hours in front of a talking. Presents. But I think Alex Rodriguez you guys obviously think steroids. As a sacred cute when your big fan. You wish it you wish your children who do you look at K rod. I'm just joking about steroid that. I think a lot of people that Seattle air in a big baby the way he laughed. Everybody's just not well liked person overall. I these kind of fair to say now you I don't know you know. I don't know man it's personal business I know he's a nice cute or whatever but generally he's not people wanted to be staying at it think if you place your team you're happy but it was a great hitter right. The actor crushed a ball I even those last year he still was productive and people who he was leaving and everything else and he still put up great numbers. Yet exactly right any neatly you'd ease in that club and look. He's a steroids guy but he didn't eat he probably is getting into all the steroids hall of fame one day. C was on Jimmy Fallon ranked. So Jimmy Fallon also you know he likes to play games or whatever so he brings up this kid that's 22 months old so by my math that means almost two. You order analyst Corey Perry writes yes I was there and a little kid's name is Asher and basically they're gonna have a hitting contest Fallon we'll explain a little bit. There's not a contest wears these team will have thirty seconds to see how many soft tosses the can hit out there and since where first I wanna make this fair since ash as a lefty. You're gonna have to hit lefties and also are you gonna views his size that OK I had a hard. Using Ashley look we have other bad ass during the night it didn't actually saw me hit my last year so he's not really intimidated has. Yeah did you know is they wanted to love. I was told you talk about 500 months OK okay. So quote it's just a good it's it's a cool video this little kid is clearly almost two and establish soft also them we just ripped seats if the whole idea which is too greedy immoral war for balls in the audience. Not gonna ruin euphoria there's a surprise here now they can't get some help show. Quarterback the it was just kind of funny scene a rout of the big he is so. Massive he's a big dude yeah I will say I kind of forgot like when I first saw with the thing Els and why is he batting lefty and a thousand they're trying to make it a little right exactly it's a little Asher he deflected it and if your baseball fan or whatever sports fan miles you've probably seen a little ash can on. On the Internet before I don't know glamour not just as a natural swing to go to the regular the link on the menu phase of peace like it's funny it's cute video but also there's more beauty like. It's unbelievable how I look at age that he could swim up swing a bat like that and pretty cool. I think we talked about this yesterday I don't we talked about this on the air off the air but Justin Timberlake of course is gonna be the halftime performance at the Super Bowl. He'll be in this in the stadium until they do in the NFL. So any Powell. They asked Joey Fatone. Of infecting like banging them. I told also he got to remember had a ton of he was huge in that by big fat Greek wedding. I tried them and he does a weird cooking show too. You've got to really sit out or channels like I get voting come up there with a channel is. But like you click on it's like there's Joey Fatone if they can couldn't now I can't look at throw wanna say his name. Confirm that I had a caller found what I'm cooking show that the. I think it's still funny about it and all of the guys that he's got a I think would be the best go to about a pick one overall like who's gonna commit and how did you do for total to go to the bow to Molly's got an Italian name product ago. Joey Fatone shows up at this summit cook a Michael good guy he's been raised around food and cooking his entire life yeah. Now if Timberlake showed up Zeljko forever and yet he's from Memphis but it is a barbecue but he. Says hey. I got a great restaurant I trust them on that argument chilcott he's the next level stock. I that he hasn't touched a piece of chicken in years now raw chicken thing about it directly and amounts occur packet eight's. It's obviously we Timberlake two and a half time performance a lot of people were wondering is N'sync and come back is Janet Jackson gonna come back but Joey Fatone. He was down and in LA and N'sync basically T enthusiastic about it now like is quoting as. I'm right here now if I was doing something I'd be a rehearsals right now it's obviously there's your proof. Our room but him as a but I know miles that the virtues that decency they'd like people BS do you think there's still time to press. Era and maybe just try to throw and he didn't need to bring up Janet Jackson either. Right and then they asked that Danny sit quote talk about Timberlake he's not that kind of person he's not controversial. Like that. Think any controversial for him to bring Jane back there outfield like REA so that's nice it happened you know maybe that's dumb and my guy yeah. So you know I mean. I don't know. Timberlake is such a big star now too like a there's there's a whole generation of people don't like him I don't know if they give two craps about N'sync and do what's Joseph booms that Luther boot and having his new mama's gonna expose them to hold Lou a group of country first. Yeah after held nipple things I would not based on what I've seen so far as far as the marketing is concerned. I'm with you called man in the woods made in the woods the man of the woods somebody like that. Yeah gas throughout the regular figuratively. I think he name the album I think he knew he'd name his son. After his grandfather or his great grandfather and it's a name like it's an older name Aslan thanks Cyrus or some okay to me like one of those new fleet is whatever. So they goes and looks it up at the meaning of it is man in the woods Arnold I think this is I don't wanna act like I know. A lot about Timberlake look you know little I know a lot about Timberlake right now I just like issues to iron out he's always using a pop star and RB star. So to see him kind of going countries currently tot he learning. Let's see. LeBron James obviously when the best basketball players. Never ever cure yet. He join a very exclusive club where he's quarter were 30000 points. On next guy that he would look. Credible moment. The seventh player ever. And it would get tickets are 30000. Upon game. The half way. Okay I'm trying to think who are the other guys that have made it that far I wanna get got to be like. Kareem Abdul Jabbar the first floor and demand Wilt Chamberlain or Bill. Russell or Larry birther. Doctor. Do you seasons to him post obviously Michael Jordan now. All right so I wanna see your guys take Ellis so LeBron James pretty sure before the game. Tweets out a picture of him in high school and says I want to be the first to congratulate young man. And basically decent ground pace himself. Thought. Right. To be the first to graduate Joseph this accomplishment tonight that you'll reach. Doesn't really someone else is doing is social media. So some of the time maybe they're maybe. Now not all the time Jane okay this I think that the project I mean I don't think he thinks about that what and look I'm again not taking away from how good he is the basketball. But sometimes some of that stuff just kind of crazy he said that a congratulations about yourself do you see yourself as always the best man the world have diverted to me. You are also it's Robert. Might we gently on your birthday I feel like 99% of people go in and thanks for saying happy birthday sure because they're doing automotive and Patrick are dead. And even then it may may be randomly may lose that in the. Roots yet we still do like I would say IDs and selfish stuff for my birthday or I like okay. I want to eat the food I wanna eat celebrated when I look for the right thing it's my third hole we really actually I imagine seven let's open up its degree imposed the night before being like. To look at outset proud of you you did. Did this back and now maybe another year rowdy man I like the idea they'll wake up on my birthday now just jumping out of the bed legend and a have a good. I'm. A made it back up in this. I feel like you know broken record I can tell you about ratings all the time you always know it's gonna be football. And and CIS and there. The amazing thing is to think I will think the NFL ratings are down but they each desk or right. We did they announce I would admit that I would mean our projections which he made 25 billion dollars for the entire ceiling of the top was falling so it's not like you know like we're Kabila. Maybe one year it was fifty million viewers well maybe. That's just been spread out because more channels more sure viewing options and everything else and just kind of pollutes the water it's it's not. Back in the days sixty minutes was the top rated show the world or three channels and yes insisted and it's still rocks at Dover earlier in the top one wants their special last week it was actually really get. Yet it's interesting thing about football team first though with the NFC championship was first. But it's like picking just socked. Now one of very good game but at least I'm gonna watch it. Yeah you're right I looked AFC game was definitely more competitive there's a lot more fun to watch but I think most people rightly so just assumed that the patriots to win. Because that's what they do. The idea yet you know I mean it was still a really good game and if you missed it. You missed a good game but still in the end exactly what you thought would happen. Yeah there's no point. There's no point that gained even if the fourth quarter and their lose tonight it doesn't matter right you'd never really I never really get the sense that over. Well they're gonna lose my outlook and again we we references politely but the last time the ravens went to the Super Bowl they've. But you bet to beat the pats Barrett and they had a sizable lead in this game miles an hour now on the phone Booth for booking the strip. Miles has an old book and we agreed do not hit intellect do not book this trip into the earth three zeros on my carcass you just don't friction low legislatures. Pregnant man almost usually ninety seconds left in the game we erupt sizable it was still a man do not have entered. And we know what to begin leads the jags and there's even a point. We're like the jags a period they're doing well there aren't great right in like they're out there you know in new. Right like that camera shot where it's at the camera going across the field yet but out of the sky cam or whatever it's like the quarterback like borders. Portals wolf come on how. The like high five the defense and stuff out is rightly that show everybody spiral I write to your right now they're like our good record where we got cut you know like we're we're there repair. I'm a Washington think and in replay with a year from now that's gonna look sad always he does didn't vote yet he doesn't know we all know why but it. But there was no wait you just knew it but you know yeah man is that you can do with that the team is so good and budget deal she's running around out there was media acts. This happened I think it Jimmy Kimmel also for the Oscars again in the I think he's pumped. Maybe no I got hosting the Oscars again this year. I'm excited I. I cannot wait to see which movie accidentally wins best picture. A lot of familiar faces among the nominees Meryl Streep is nominated for the. Was nominated for his night off. And I'm. And sure he was in a movie this year that. You guys know many of the Oscar felt. I mean I don't I don't was not post I've heard of sure host get out. Slowed so call me by your neighbors and the like are lawyers in the special effects are well for best picture right com call me. By your name OK call our way to save his call me by your name. Call me back so coal. So I go you through. Yeah it's an if yes we are okay. Zone and then we're doing it I think this is more like a sexual thing like so called public by that he didn't let no don't be weirder to me all right. So call me by your nineteenth. Darkest hour. I now Dodd debate yet they want to destroy I Kurt Dunkirk get out lady bird. How phantom thread the postage and some threat I know I've never. Time out I DNN three bought billboards outside adding Missouri. I know that one won a bunch of stuff Woody Harrelson. Now what's your and a friend doesn't Francis mature. Woody Harrelson. Yeah he's an Sam Rockwell but when that Dallas is dealing. Well yeah I mean let's go right those of you like the Fargo's of the world powers of the they've kind of done it probably going to be the Coen Brothers way. Basically if you like what's on Frances McDormand but if you like her you violate the movie did you find roles you always bush. Yeah just kind of a weird creepy person that I mean it right or some fabric she's being herself. Is Woody Harrelson a good actor who don't dislike. I think he's a good actor and he has some movies that are stupid but there are moments are going to doorman it as aloof and odd as he is in every interview. Who he can get him Carriker to nose or is it. Yeah that is what semi pro was a week ago. And I mean he really other this that's than you don't demand this disconnected I think out of mister Haralson there. I'm terrible I've been hold back on the British actor us did the Oscars always interest in me and I adamantly Jimmy Kimmel be funny. I'm not doing award season person but I just don't know when I was like in with the Oscar sometimes like that. You gotta be a movie person that goes actively enough distilled his movies that are right and then also I think you gotta be like super movie person to go see the ones foods that aren't quite. His big budget Star Wars and right. A lot of people though who won this stuff comes out man a lot of these movies are back in the theaters they haven't seen them the Obama Russian before they only see two or 30 this looks sort of a lot of these movie Amanda so they're wide release because there's no right hype about their abandon reaganomics and god and it makes sense to put in that if people are the curious to see. This thing like if you're in a movie that's you know what they call likened our picture got our picture of like independent what are independents small budget yet it seems like. The way it works is you get an award for that. Then you get to bank money for the next two or three years yet you could make that movie if you knew the Napoleon Dynamite in Iran decides that life in a movie studio take a chance. Right they just kind of funny because you took that job you want to do the independent thing that threatens you have to be huge budget this and that but then. I want to get nominated and it's forget about it get a gold statue when you nominated to sleep Kmart. Think about it me in interior you made a movie just a passionate about making movies you know bay complete with a couple of friends. Some SCSI producer guide maybe got a hundred grand a film saying great if you're lucky got two million dollars. The other best actors you confined to producing together when our it'll Paramount girls clubs of giving a fifty million dollar but I do see the temptation. Well players that fifty million dollars that we're gonna give you to produce a movie yeah count me in Paramount them. Asked enough a million of it just on chicken wings I would do fifty million dollars form. Fifty million dollar portal will be good form all the actors and actresses are covering gold flake it would be I would still get top notch actors and actresses. I'll just make them do porn that you McGregor Meryl Streep and all of people who do truly well. Daniel Day-Lewis. He's an awards to women. What's Chelsea for readies husband boyfriend. Jordan peel got a nomination now's the address for a directory out yeah. Got a big deal considering where he comes from that's just not the same association I would think of like all right your on Comedy Central I don't like. And for director of the year I'm beavis and right and I just wonder where did he inject deadly. A putting dirt in producer and you're right. He did trekked out there and that's whether they like I just figured he'd keep going on comedy like this is a different kind of this is totally different animal here I think this is fundamentally our weather and I from a movie fund. There. If you're. Some people who had a variance with I think did you reference image Chelsea for these boyfriend. Her husband and yeah I I I know Mary what we had Chelsea Freddie and Ayers on me like an over before I'd. I that you most popular the time but you know that's what I'm also elect. All they're going well well she's pregnant well you could elect we know her. Yeah us and I'm news director and chosen for a newborn princess the dog bit you know you look doesn't ready now be the other app right. Well he's directing movies and all that kind of stuff and then get a guy with the Jordan team. Jordan Keenan now now if it is it's like he's just another you got three names. Keegan Michael key and thank you do right there like he shows up and a lot of movies and I TV's the late movies out around us like oh man that's or he's been and that's what he's done catfish. Thank you sir we appreciate arrogant or headlines coming up in minutes with Mike doc you are listening to the men's or radio networks it's timely and Swiss miles. I'll see what's happening in the real high you know used in homeowners are shocked to find the previous owner dead and tucked behind an attic walls. Meanwhile Toys 'R' Us articles 182. Stores as these retailers begin to fall. General Saudi Arabia has camel pageant picked out twelve. A fake iPhone battery explodes in man's mouth when he picks it up off the shelf. And many emails every Claudia in town after accidentally swiping left it is time for your headline. It's time day. Mike iron John Kerry in Taiwan a customer buying an iPhone had a bad shopping experience. They voted regular iPods and get the batteries replaced with a newer more powerful ones but unfortunately some secondhand stores have been replacing the batteries would cheaper. Lesser quality batteries from. And pocketed it was okay. 'cause I it's got to be the scammer says he's fifth. Today so this customer asked to inspect the matter before purchase. While looking at the batter he decided for some reason to put it in his mouth and it exploded. The matter who has the what do you have occurred and he was not injured in the incident OK lucky some of the red notebook batteries in your mouth they still don't know what caused it to exploded. Cheap yes. Yeah I mean every headline has has faith in quotes downhill for some knock off thing man like that toward all and our golf. There's clearly says selectively success over there like gold silver and you can't really say that it fits. Yeah yeah. So yeah like I say the batteries in your mouth. Down around the world the Missouri is syphilis or for contender when he came across the profile of a young lady named Claudia. After reading your profile he decided he wanted to meter and went to swipe by the made it critical error. He's wide left instead of bright which shows a lack of willingness to meet the person I guess you can't go back on us know once you once you've denied it they're gone aren't. So think investing know that she was an MSU students. And proceeded to send emails to all twenties you Claudia is on campus forever to do just that she voted her profile is saying that he wanted to take her out on a date. Bloody events he read the email recognize the profile as hers and agreed to go on a date with a man. And here's why I think that she decided to it because he used to joke that you've played her profile. When I was servant and the number one thing that was on a lot of profiles was if you didn't read it just immediately. Delete me now. So guys how long did you spend perusing the man derive fish tenders for had to be five years. Drop by the did you ever catching fish I had one encounter from dinner. And want a good wouldn't be OK okay. My father didn't handle it at that I am now. It's I'm right but it's not Soledad Claudia there really doesn't. Number which is Gary Player was creepy at all like red flag return and get the. It's. Inaudible but that it did that since. If you only later might give. If they get I need to be out of here as soon as possible so I was checking my watch the entire time eclipse them. Proper amount of time before I can only without being injured. It's is that if you ever told her dad knew. The guy had no insurance or full on dinner I would tell her placed ahead. Oh okay fifth. And I immediately like duke and what if it won't forget who or what soldier like I don't think I. Old man as soon as I got to the apartment it was a rundown plays. It was trashed on the inside and she was weird. Yeah now I was sex. There was none said. There and they're all gone hand in Maryland not even now they never got close to that man this I don't was. I sat on the corner of the counts of my hands in my lap and was once in the TV show that was on I was like no. I am not into this she never even god that'd be afterward because I I purposely made it so Franken our quarters Selig and I efforts Octavia. It was so bad things. And so offered that there right here a lot of people liked to have a lot of senseless on its users now one of I just can't put a profile the other guys. If this isn't it yeah I mean I didn't they they go to the bar I don't. And it was 2 AM dead. Oh yeah. Your car. On a date but we don't have a date list. Right diet right I mean it's still a day but it's you know it's because he actually looked at her profile and not just swiped at a picture. That's that did you realize you wanna go out and as it look if Ollie go to Saudi Arabia where they have an event called a camel festival and a minute with contestants can earn around sixty million dollars in races and show competitions. And that includes beauty. Agence for a camel yeah judges a camel will be late. Is that Saudi arabians you don't want to run into account holder obviously. Yeah yeah cameras and what you don't know how many homes this year. Never try to throw your mobile contribute. It's good for Madeira. She's a dollar Lolita beds over time the brutal as well. I'm a little bit. I don't have any competition there are Jeter's at least a dozen camels have been kicked out of the beauty pageant because their owners were injecting them with both stocks come on in order to get there camel and it's. So they have Fuller lips all those things I mean there. It's their moment on homework how good how does the beauty and what is the standard of human looks like somehow translated the same exact thing reversed a very camp you know the criteria are as much well you know that the wrinkles local early odds pros Peter Gunn now I know we'll vote on the lives are limited when you knew residents show with the dogs and also I got the dog I would have it's much better and we understand he's got tinsel bullet. Yeah fifth. This little flick flick flick but if you run at the okay alcohol and a half of that and we'll look at this Campbell looks like JC I'll call the problem that people do this the camel's probably have a fake lips. As a gamble have camel toe to. Korea yeah absolutely it has visited hello hello hello hut is that out again that even though bush is now does it still owes you for a oh did I found their turn a big dark red dead has backed a dead meat and potatoes no I sure like it another round profile that yes indeed it is old drew we are gone for now we shall return until then please. Do what you do best and for a lead this thing. Stale. A beautiful.