09-12-18 Seg 2 Mens Room Shouldn't Have Asked

Wednesday, September 12th

Mens Room Question:It didn't shock me to find out ______ was into _______


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This is the men's room. Listening to. I hope our friends a lot of great great a foreign rocket in Fort Wayne, Indiana also won a five point three the bear in blacks moguls should know. And our friends that 965 WC MF in Rochester Rochester is. Classic rock station I gotta we've got to the return of who sucks less the word goes fifty slang and they would get a men's room double blank questions. It did not shock me to find out blank was in the blank as we find out. That the guy who played Barney the dinosaur now runs attention XX business 350 dollars three to four hours. The amount clients only will get a ritual bath a shocker balancing and a massage in the mind blowing orgasms. Without a condom from one mr. David Joyner gave the prostitute yes he has hit basically exactly exactly what you start questioning it didn't not shock me to fight other blank was in the blank. Women commonly Kamen says that a friend John and quote he isn't a midget he saw a midget stripper and he was hooked. Okay. Well have led to net crazy isn't great I think you'd just grazed him do it. I wonder if we'll Cooper Clinton yeah. You remember little person now I know I mean. I don't doubt it yeah I don't know you know I'm I'm OK good good. If you does that they announced that uses your window. Hello I'm Tracy welcome to the men's room. 00 oh stop. Okay. Well I kind of locked the fight back into the fiery message that my memory that you guys. Happily god did out of there is no good. Outside it's this non threatening thing I just got off work I work at a school and sells on the most. You don't need to curve I like to curse when what do you do at the school your teacher. I work when students with opted and actually the third who. Though it did not shock me if I know that my roommate was anti terror attack dog aren't. Hair red to act old born. Cared at all or come on man I mean like come. I mean come aren't what can I won't images that you even high blood can hold on how miles is about to groom. Sarah all act and they warn you all feel good about your. Who witnessed. So. I got this year roommate at a group about a 2014. And you yeah pretty chill guy although argue it's like a loner. I decided like halo he without that I would any kind of you know now you're out this guy. Well I didn't outweigh. Why did you wanna figure this guy I would you do this for any roommate who was or some red flag grief felt like it was announced so. I can't quite put my finger on it but they're just spoke about dispute I would like you. He told me they haven't had a girlfriend Julie Bennett. It's oriented and hadn't had a girlfriend likes spending years. Never really talked about women first and a bottle he would get a leg that's cool. I would like knew he'd not so disease. He's I don't know so I went through his bedroom and the excuse played tonight I'll make my you know. I had all of my dvd than hadn't given it back. I Tracy by the way you as you describe ms. miles. Good morning I M I'll I OK yeah I'm just telling you this is on the son didn't Google. I don't know what to make of this I don't either but they know I'm looking at this it is. I'll be darn or not that's the you know I'm really behind the times. Patriots yes I know act. It's dared to act of the normal I think oh I'm sure they just men and a part is I'm. You even get into. How nice jolt of hope you had a sneaking suspicion that but he was just into something you just can put your finger on it. Can put my finger on it I'd start you've been there is room. One they volleys out. And I'm like Eminem I'm not money those guy. And I looked in his dvd player. And their lives. That's weird I was ordering it and it had to like dinosaur bonnet and I was like this cool little weird but you know I'm Geithner and Blake. Anna made kind of stabbed and I was like well that's a Larry and well I did and when they shouldn't a done and I popped it. Although unintended him. And I say this. Words can't describe what I. No don't always all the stills and you're right there are now the words he actually liked what he did that cost of doing remembered as one transform into a Jared actually that. I'm more amazed that he too ordered exist. Both. The idea about I mean there were beeped Owen in an out and I didn't. Yeah. I know I didn't know Africa and then. The whole thing an I and I and I got on the phone and I was talking to my friend is nothing like. I I'm question is are other dinosaurs involved is it just that carried out dual that. Do any other I guess they its doors show up or aren't enjoys it just strictly their ankles. Our do you. You know your standards are deductible or not again. A and. Tonight the raunchy international born this is just the senate would cheer to kids. Yeah exactly it was the clapping kind of stared back. Oh aren't you calling your friend I mean what do you say like hey good out of Washington are now Michael Bourn. Yeah I I would like you're not gonna believe this and see Blake wants to play golf scared that something terrible is happening. And I would like I am watching my roommate porn right now and she's like why. And I go do nevermind that K to look and and it's carrard apple corps and you have got to come over. Your money right now that's not what you're doing what you're doing. Is he Donovan right now and yet here. Yeah at times that works there she couldn't bet and did you how did you talk room about this is no. Absolutely not pet. OK well how much longer to deliver this guy knowing that he's in the third act of what play did you invite him while stressing park just as you begin erection. I'm done right now do you ever go to the museum there's dinosaurs serve and Atlanta armies that are okay here's what they always do museums announces the latest fed Greg. It can vary in doubt. Most of the things you've seen are available in like a stuffed animal for our callers were shot glass or even like in the in the again to get shut down lately thanks such an old you're gonna see any dinosaurs menu got a golden opportunity to pick up stuffed animal you know Amanda. I don't out exactly. Did you think about doorknob early buying a list of terror that promotes same everything just in openness room. That's you know I actually really good idea I should have just bought like it here tackle slushy and got it on as bad as. You sound kind of like a pat progressive way to say you know hey I'm known cure and you. They get the lions are related to these you can talk to me about this. Palin then went into my invitation. Bringing up. I think it's you're still your roommate. Well it does he still your roommate. Now absolutely not what does it do I live in her bed a year and a half after it actually. After that army and every time I looked once I know would you like Teradata for porn and I don't care but. There's no chance that when I look at you the first thought in my mind doesn't that's the dude like start our report. A whatever it's my own kid before even acknowledged your name of relate vets the do delays third are from port OK so on the order and that order don't they make that thought the worst thing is I think it's super weird. I worry about Ambien and the like. Other stuff are coming out to end gonna have a what does this is the guy late third or perform. Highest I thought it was this police area clinic building it'll diet. Clay cannot cannot fault the guy you are going to go back in time. The urban dictionary as an interesting. Definition for terror decked Gaza alone well yes it's that he now. I you don't want enough calories. Nobody as the USS yeah. If it didn't. He didn't do a within even be resistant I would bet you believe there's no way thickly that I'll be damned is the ideal girlfriend. The Iran not the Revver girlfriend. He got a girlfriend would really really hot. Did she have like long Linear feet like a big win you know I did or did you think like you know she's kind of legislative Teradata active. Well he didn't plot. I mean at least Emmitt. New England motto don't think you know emotion I have asked us to make you look like you're not pinpointed to a good exit the I don't know if that is an animal life and looks like I'm in western New Zealand is at the ignorant take out of it's. Yes but I actually ended up moving out. And after that like a year and a half because. You would like really really intimate girl and she had a bunch of kids that he had to move all the kids then and I was like I'm out. Though it was actually he's dead bringing you all the children and they got me into battle and not that paradoxical corn. And I did you're more disturbing. If you are not a biological parent of a child do you as a general more disturbing deterred as though he now runs a rescue was at its own. Yeah it did it yet they remember that sex is so good you can all stay here Tera national. I knew nothing about it at thirteen kids in a dole problem twelve different become law breaking ball in the sex is so great I don't care and he's he's the chair backed off. I don't know because the images we got I guess yes he's the terror day you'd be deterred article only moments here today and he is not ship him read a little scared after it hits competent guy. This case here. You think you can if he. So my question. Saw. A look at it there guys who many thought I'd totally overhaul that is no that's not odd for college you can like I like certain animals follow watch an important no amount how big HR NC reformists and couldn't do it lupica their god damn. Man I have got a boring aspect I really do I just have nothing on what's going on out there that didn't do anything for it didn't do anything for I'm not genre that he's in the porn I'm not. No matter I don't play I just can't imagine that this would be would it would take me. That they didn't I grant you see you don't consider physical defense. The what do I do I get home when I don't have a tired act in an anti what I Whitney did you figure out the open that might look. You don't come to the course a lot of different things move around you more of an eye on things that parts understood the generally. The kind of a natural progression of things like you can go look at porn and then you see a to point associated with the you can open African penthouse or Playboy maybe there's a blonde maybe there's Burnett maybe has read it. Then I was maybe Puget what are but at what point. Where do you go Laura it's like Lou we have Kerry attacked president are really you know yeah so how does look like I let the wind out of you in advance you know not even just dinosaurs like specifically. A ever don't that don't you're not going to Thailand to go to the Smithsonian go in the museum in DC does either of them things bounce. I would take it simply because my how do you know you're into it I don't know the moment when you look at the third act on doing man. I don't know what it is about the leathery as they notified C that having sex with a woman I'd be I'd be in my group merged its I don't know if you just never I mean you. You don't know you don't have no Beirut you. It's OK let a guy hits the guy who says yeah a new thriller go to trial barrier for go we extract. I knew it. Sure you are like I knew it and you I didn't know what that one. You noted that everybody that does this surprise me that this is your Mac but Sarah back so that Jaret act as yet there. And are what the output before leeches are lovely this facility. I didn't jive if I had a blank was in the blank it 449990. Port calls on the way you are listening to the men's or radio networks. It is you. Proof Barney designers are now let's Hendrix thanks bureau and I guess some people thought that and already use in the some weird stuff they had no ability to about their like they weren't surprised when they found out that other guy playing Barney the dinosaur for over a decade David Joyner. It is now charging clients about 350 bucks for three to four hour called sex session. He's not as ten through guru is a prostitute and he's making brandy my area do it three client to weaken it takes Gerome 34 hours of time he just puts a different spin this but in the end he's a prostitute our question today it didn't shock me to find out the blank was in the blank 8449990. We and wounded just called and said she discovered that a former roommate of hers was into. Terry dappled call war correct. Yup it's my Shockey but a few comments came and it says you know it never fails there's always something on the show every day that just makes me go why it. I met one of the third article porn stars he came in and thought what might human sexuality classes. One of the kids ask what was weird sport he'd ever been an international porn was it another kid exclaimed I've seen that one. Third our divorce I've never deleted my browser history so fast. And it's almost as I know people get in a weird porn. Here's some guys talking on the radio about a gig there is looking up a boom you're hooked on a day or anything that we bring up is already available we talked about diet and a lot of people would not look. Authorities mayor Ed you were you Fuller were terror American born before today I was Knoll as powerful that's all men like we heard the guy talk about it I don't plan on going home looking it up now wherever it goes perverts exact threat. Already an Abrams I'm gonna find out Bly was in a blank gave 44999. Hello. Hello Keith welcome to the men's room. Oh allowed big kid oh. Hey yeah yeah. Jeremy ware store he bled. I. Or it was my ex roommate are yeah ex roommate and I didn't even know he's cool guy knew. Known for a couple of years. And all this stuff Rendell oh we moved in together you had a bunch stuffed animals. It and I doubt I thought those kind of weird you know we're you know. Yeah I want for any adult grizzly dude down. Yeah yeah yeah I do it I'd do Doug did an OK that is especially Teddy bears. And Diddy had like roughly yet again summary stuff than I. Elude and well you say about a dozen. It's weird man with a big ones little ones Levin what do what they were all cited C added he had to beanie babies. All the way up to debate what good did you ever ask him about that. I hate it did launch David talk some people goes strip club he goes a Vermont Teddy bear. I guess the locals are all glad about is still one day hack and guess I don't hold that position are but didn't do. I'll get into it but. One day you know we're we're display video game thing you know he's all like come let go and taken out mum liked. We'll do we have any and then drink and Ernie they're okay whatever. And so I just. Display NBA games for about. Thirty minutes 45 minutes you know like you know I need to do here. I need dearly gotten and encourage. I didn't have a car at that time. So IE would play. OK I need him continues for two out. Last seen walking into the store so I Z. Didn't knock on his door. And I opened the door. And he had this Teddy bear news. And a particular situation. Rich. If you ever seen like a little dog hair in two. Care and do like to stop. Dead animal nor did it quite as they say turn. You have jet well he had his hand on the edited Teddy bear. No. The end. Scans were about half flare down to his knee. And there's like I contacted. Yeah sweet yeah that's the part of that whole thing right there as a hobby is merely that hey he looked up at me and he turned goes slight. East the I dish out the door quietly. And a walk to sort it didn't walk did you guys talk about this yeah well I thought I walked I walked just probably I walked Sterger a couple hours before you bought back. Can. I ask which is typically the Blake is he cutting holes in the Panthers and Dallas did. I don't know man I did not yeah did that I did not want to act as an ever stronger when I was never spoken of again. No I moved out three days later reads hey well. Yes did you move because little disturbing to me you know it's just you know I have a lot of fun stuff. But do. You know mental blow up doll or so much today ten Internet Teddy bears don't clr ever dig I'll shut the door but. A Turkey and Teddy bear so you could say and that was it that was the deal brain I did that was built in your dogs and that is. Now it's an arena until. Now OK and dressed no FaceBook no nonsense. America don't wanna know. Am I don't wanna know you live your products are good we'll be shocked if you're in a mall you walk by bill the merit Mary was like the general manager. You know that I'll never forget detonated burn in the back in my head. And Jeff do you think you go to might just be a full on furry. Right under thirty probably ask Helen hill was this. Yeah polished now I'm 44 now also deemed point three year deal. Now that announcement as a that is a now when you think is now there is I don't know how to let go might have a thing for anybody Teddy bear ice Teddy bears. I still old dogma do you give it did freak me out concrete yet I hope there is nothing. Until now America creeped out right now than him and actually look and see if this is ardea thing but he hit it right now surrounded. And gallery got to eight Edinburgh born for sure man oh god here we go oh no I can't believe it here. Okay now a OK. A. Yeah I thought. Loan. Well. Oh boy oh boy you wanna ruin new trial. Wow what other this this was supposed to be a serial killers. Then there's this show is supposed to be about like where it's very disturbing that the dude you know doing what he was doing to that Teddy bear okay. It died doesn't jive me to find out blank was in a blackout to clear the cookies again on this thing is four point 999 all you see this giant Teddy bears and it cost him. If oddly I just all one of the picture there also. Apparently. It seems that way yeah I saw doing things that I never knew it was intended for them. Okay. I demons. Hello hi and welcome to the drew. Follow up. All right so time. About and maybe for about seven year study that he pretty strange people in my day. Love that story comes around I think you do if they're 2013 Tony fourteen. I'll allow it on eight play smaller ship built the destroyer. And we've been out keep her maybe like two and a half weeks. Until fidelity you don't know. There's a couple of watch Beckett they're underway and do it out and that I was responsible here. Basically you're providing on my lodge where the pound men which of the guys who drive the ship and then the app look out who literally. You get there at the Watergate I'm appalled overboard during a news LeBron Zorn for hours. I know I thought we did five art that it Donald fired not at all but he maintained 24 hours there and yeah yeah absolutely. So. I'm it would probably like. 3 o'clock in order adult how Oldman and apple look out though rotates so it's just not one guy spit out there five hours getting bored. I'm still on the weather gets really bad they go any outside like gotten into the ship they'll go up today helicopter control power. Those are training to the guy called me Nazi you know how the gag off pat. So and at that make sure you ought to establish communication with you want to get up there. The about twenty minutes goes by and I don't carry big problem some you know call them call them I'm not here and everything. So I tell the guy Jared yeah like I am to go back there and you know if this guy back there it felt sleeper what's gone on. So walk back to the helicopter control our. And opened the door. And I hated I have to get tablet and sell side immediately closed the door and he'd you know I opened it about two minutes later needed. You know tuck it back into pants. And some light did Blake. What do you do when you know we aren't just had stayed away somehow thought outer. Like I know like try not to think about it like up there and guys let it get Leo yeah spot. So. Because it's kids started to drag this ship. And I try not saying anything on the I couldn't help my thought let's go up to him like you do it like. What are you Dylan. And he's all I was watching node corn. And I. I kinda looked dead and I'll make you know a ballot nugget corn and he explained to me is his favorite type of porn. And it involves. A girl. Who has no arms or no leg. Iraq hello. Parents domain and evolve delicious chicken now and I thought to I was only like I had really important yeah wow OK. Can't. Well. I'd I kind of looked at him and like I said that L thirty weird he would spend like all three time. On this what I think that it would like Betty dot net or something's. It's huge oh you don't like. But he had no problem and a guy driving number a billion dollar vehicle on the high seeds. Yeah you saw that may be behind the struggle then but. Yet it was just an I started thinking about it. No where else in the ocean and spent urged several days so that and pumping that he did Google notice that something that you had to. Like save on its own for one that I did write you know. Well no surprise to edit his favorite I do think this guy was on look Alan all these ships keep running in daylight cargo ships and stuff like that. I don't go a little bit before that put up yeah I don't know probably not get watched could be. Not yet or not. That's I was asking you those point four ounces of a go to all these safeguards in place so these votes keep running into stuff. Generally honest I'd take you into the race you've been there twice right correct and maybe even bothered to study. Any knew Bob pretty much anything you wouldn't. If you wanted a quadruple amputee is that available where your mom of the nuggets more and I and that is the bunny ranch right is that even a place I can go to satisfy. Well I didn't see one. Guys but I'm sure one of the girls to put on a music is whether you're an hour ride our arms is a part of the menu order against this probably you don't need that an iron nugget par for the first time in two minutes ago Debbie sue I'm you know I really hope and a (%expletive) that I hope. Part of me is happy it did. Is that a guy kind of ruin a childhood thing Teddy bears yeah I don't I mean what that kind of ruined childhood things is the nuts. They were doing and nuggets are for like a weed chicken that is seventh Boehner gold Doug is right there at the little kids little nuggets. It cam if you're really hunger. Cam Cameron or from my guess then jive unified now Bly was in a blank gave 449990. La. Hello why I'm welcome to the mid drew. On average and okay. Have we need this plateau now one how everybody. Allies and I bet it's you did you pick up up up up. Kill you let me go eat it all meant. Are you aware. How do you are seeing very arrogant on the blow with the means to pick it doesn't it's not that I don't like the idea of a pesky kids. And I thought we'd take him out of the equation be do we still burning house rules. And didn't hit it there are glum. I wouldn't surprise then my my cousin. Were gay. Two guys that one girl. Did a win win well. Did they think you didn't know I did that make you some big announcement coming out of Claude. The big announcement coming do. You know my uncle's mansion. Mean my but it does look agent and take okay and they are expecting it to be up surprise late. Mobile because what my cousins. We're playing hopscotch with our other what I girl got them. And jump rope I had a cousin though there's with a slingshot breaking bottles breaking windows. The government and they go so that would let us deal and the guy Clinton would build their it'll jump rope. Mean hop Scotch involves. And the. And an aunt and uncle big big moment to announce I don't normally you know hey man on gay goes out of the closet right. We were actually insulted that you think we didn't know you lived with the same guy for 24 years. Grammy you live to whiff of the same guy. For 24 years you've gone everywhere to what we know we figured you knew that we do we do you go to write a thing. Yeah really you thought your McLaughlin make you understand and I don't know the parent rumors subtly you were in the closet. Yeah I'm with ya. And then you visit does do you visit with your board for a yeah it was pretty well established and it was a that we throw my entire childhood and I'm an adult. When he makes this announcement on what would. Is there anyone sitting here who he think didn't already know written and I think. I think he was let down but you need to be response expected Raleigh north. Yeah no kidding do doesn't water's wet yeah everything else didn't jive to find out blank was in a blanket 44999. Nolan. Hello Zach welcome to the bedroom. Yeah. Are huge. Oh yeah it did not shocked me the bite out what do you do export. Our. Move curry why whoever you accept what was your way to do. Well. Now. And I found out I was not a Wyeth now we don't know. By the way comic Kaman and a government Marriott's dance as guys who are not your former players of the amputee boarded this guys says. Does my six year old daughter will no longer have the pet named nugget of fact I'll ball activists say that I started Moehler pumpkin where we didn't know maybe not good notes say pumpkin as you know the font there's gotta be pump fuel pump people people who are now being born I over the right now it's gonna be incestuous. Now I think yeah I would check and admin group on the kid. And come on good old film and narrow down your right now who. I think this is Jimmy's our energy I get it could be some guy cartel are pumpkin I think it's going to be pumped get you guys are don't think we should Google anything else we'll do the management miles through this is Google hungrier for an already. I've seen too much. And it's time to find a blank ones in the blank at all there and say that they are far far 9990. What did you expect more calls on the way you are listening to the men's or radio network. Smiles. About birds are whose size class and learn it goes fifty slang our question today it did not shock me if I'm on the Blanco was into blanket 8449990. Hello baba welcome to the men's room. Oh I thought yeah. You do a Manila I was there how are you. Are doing great job alert check. All right so how do I export a little bit and you know there comes a time when you start getting notably up. She tells me you'd end this year are you ever bet millions. Well its Japanese and by age. Japanese rope bond regard what separates it from other rope bondage. Well apparently. It's like an art form as far as. I eat I someone out there don't get hurt and are still good bet they and I am. Well. So I'm like our goal you know I'm gone and that drives that I airlines do and now now now and then get better. And I Amazon gives you like he got a special dup. So it like it is still broke you can get right to even make it a hundred years. So I did so well. Well let's just say whenever you guys still quote and Jabari mammoths thought. You have to Internet point 0% to. I look at how bad they are. How was your bar is of the let you would I continued to do now they are not with. Honestly I gotta say thank you voiced doubt you know. And stuff alone not Damon and yeah. Okay the last I did worded she learned about this weren't previous boyfriend was into it and is that how she got to know it. I didn't dial back the and just go back now know it. Yeah I know you're pretty dangerous thing like. There's even like somebody they like shocked out of jail like what Michael B silk and make it out diet but not doubt there was out. Okay tie Nancy does Muslim world at bat. Social borrowers aren't. I don't know anything about them. Never heard of either again I just feel like I'm way out of the loop on most of today's show we're now living man we are not living that's a problem I guess you do that sounds safer than just tiny each other up. Sure it is and it's an art form and all the rest of the mountain Boy Scouts came and Blake Lewis and I think if you said that to Boy Scouts at the time. Maybe a lot more have to learn amounts we really thought I was gonna be like some analysts found like a border of buried in their own trash and write down the road a garden variety weird yellow as he had no idea whether some was gone didn't die saga definable I was in the blank gave 44999. Alone. Hello Marvin welcome to the men drew. I don't all die. What are you discover. So. Part of our our buddies help law I mean a lot on how well. I won there it goes boy everybody and do you hear about the car dart on the cart guys. By the I'd love to make it but I loved cars. Old you know racial with a video on YouTube or the other or looked about die and go to the video there might our man I totally know that our. Well armed well that would do the outlook make up your card if my buddies they've and that explain the possible you. The classical music what he deeply classical music when he had sex with a car. Yes yes he did actually. I love. You could say on the radio. There are. Speed up work at night. Yeah I know F bombs there but then look at the car was an army wasn't approved the. Oh lead cars. Are. Herbie the love bug and it would appear no matter what or like the beige stripes and color light into apple like this place or. So I'm here a red pickup truck was a 1990s. Ford pickups Erica added blind he'd spoken about feels like. And also on the like my home. And then we'll just tell him we're. Why now days to it's really weird. They didn't shy made a fine now blank was in the blind. The show and many games continues. On the men's room radio network.