09-12-18 Seg 1 Mens Room Isn't Shocked

Wednesday, September 12th

Mens Room Question:It didn't shock me to find out ______ was into _______


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He would sure love to hear is real and. Trying to offend anyone. There's our. He invited to join the party. This is done. Other than secrecy. It is now. They say. Or radio more than three times. Audio and Arizona where 2755. I. Along with Stephen Drew hill. Each day it's a good long ball match to my car. Good car and demands a in return a boot socks flags. Still wired returns with fifties my name you'll read my profile list. Plus headlines and entered Jonbenet fumbles or emails everyone's favorite TV time would take a class Germany guy and I knew ago Houston homeowners shocked to find the previous owners dead body. Behind the attic wall. You'll Toys 'R' Us to close 182. Stores as the retailers begin to fall. Still in Saudi Arabia as Campbell odd camel pageants takes out twelve. A fake iPhone battery explodes in man's mouth when he picked it up off the shelf and read emails every single Claudia and down after accidentally swiping left. That is all coming on today's very special episode of the bedroom. Here's the question. All I've. That is good day to you and yours all right now we talked about this briefly yesterday. But 54 year old David Joyner he is they tend trick massage therapist AM a spiritual healer. And apparently for the low low price of 350. Dollars if you do all kinds of spiritual things for you including and I quote providing you a cosmic. Mind blowing or that you. Now we've all of this comes up before but nothing that makes this guy notable. Is that before he was a sex guru David was Barney the dinosaur that's right if you or your kids watch Barney the dinosaur from the years of 1991. All the way through 2001. Just know the reason that purple dinosaur smile and so betting. She knew how to do the sections that I tried to together used to be Barney is now apparently. Intent church. Such master and I don't know why you would somehow does a little of that no Bob Barker and powerful to Bob Marley I'm outside but it's. And some weird way I just feel like it makes sense I mean lesson in the last fifteen years we fought for a lot of people and astonishingly high number of people. That new or interacted with Gary the Green River killer bridge right. We have gone through a working but we thought we for the deliver pizza to a house and everyone said. There was a little oddly he seemed nice but not one of them was shot. Not a single person we've ever spoken to didn't do this guy I was shocked that he. Was a Green River killer. And with the best of the lot but look let's face it. We all know also one where you're just kind of waiting to hear the news whatever they do you think they might do probably. Murder someone. These reality who the helmet so that's what we want to note today. And that's what we call the men's room double Blake or. It didn't shock me. To find out blank. Was in the black kid brother Joseph caught a four point 999 only you can my commend her on FaceBook followers on Twitter meant to my answer your emails to the men's room at meant to live dot com you're listening to the men's or radio network. Did you know you don't have gentle man he's grown Johns and I go I'm gonna show number 2755. I have brandy guaranteed to be a future reap major gonna you're gonna hear this wanna get. Returner both Sox last the word as awesome fifty slang and a lot of these fifty slang words. They are still in use in operation today blogger and others stood the test of time others have not but either way it's it's a good time to be alive as far as the English language is concerned. And slang really started pick up in the fifties more so than it's a license in another decade so before that global more serious things happening. As far as the wars and everything else is concern in the fifties eventually things begin to chill out a little bit enough people started using well we get more people getting in contact with each other. Jordan even disputed through automobile anything like more people can congregate somewhere than slowing because and the military brings a whole slew of good slang in the equation as well sets gonna look at these like right before ordering a toast. With a shot of the day and say we're a talk about that. I knew it moment that he had and we've had that I'm sure you have a few times with what people in your life and it just depends on the situation certain things just flag things do you individually based on. What you believed to be true about a lot of different things people's actions obviously were we we talked about the family from California. One of the early reality should talk about them yet bush is trying to talk about the yesterday the fact that the children were not allowed to speak to the neighbors. People thought that they were cult like in a religious way they couldn't put their finger on all the neighbors any different theory. On why the family was the way they were either way either if they were right or wrong on their theory no longer a shock that the cops showed up bright and when they got another deplorable conditions inside I'm sure they were shocked by all of this information. But it didn't surprise them that this family around the streets were the ones involved in something. They you know without was they speculated. That we've all got those of it you know if it's not. I don't believe in you my neighbors are particularly bad and I really don't bucked. It's a cop showed up in their outside of any one of those houses I would have my first speculation about why they might shore show blue TARP house. Yes exactly now you don't mean this I'm crazy. As fought like. It was pretty decent house in the news blue TARP possibly just have to blue tarpaulin roof and apparently. They have zero interest in doing about it but it turns out of all the neighbors of government there were probably the chose to turn the probably. I would I would expect the cops there at least a bit about his place. On thing that's all the news like when you meet complete. Like they're just not gonna do it is nothing. And going on they just don't care. But aren't we aren't live harmlessly that would be the last neighbor's house and expect it looks like the first woman cop should go to. But it is the last house out expects money that are good every once a while the neighborhood he lives up pretty close to me. Who go outside to get high outside the bar smoking out there and I guess mankind talked about some publishers like. Pretty sure my neighbors serial killer and I'm like she's destroy why you believe that he's like. She got all these plants and things like he's got all these plans and grow lights in his house is that that is now we don't think he's gone all these travel plans and but I see him in the hallway as that hey man how's it going into General Electric plants into stairs. And walks by and he looks at me as he puts his key in this door as he walks and he still looking immunity slams the door I'm Mike. So your theory is he's a serial killers like. Is justice creepy demeanor and I'm like I live in whatever but he was dead serious he does on his diatribe about all these different things and all the reasons that he believes that his neighbor can be a serial killer you have to score we brought this guy out before and you move across the hall essentially US plays in Baltimore. From a guy that all of those 100% agree is probably actively trying to molest. Except you can't call the cops know he hasn't done anything not the week but everything about this and you can have to explain username and guy grosso holes gonna weird in an immediate one day in and out. I don't know if he's nice you normally does for its surface lies in the hamstring and we talked one minute and he goes in his place oh tomorrow's in my top analyst but I'm not a knock on my door a guy I wanted to murder route not anything that I wanted to interview me for an hour about my neighbor I would know what the questions pertain to but you're gonna be and I wouldn't I'm not shocked and I'm sitting here answer he referenced there. Post stuff you could be not shocked. But generally. We just normal people don't think that horrible thing is not it's got to it's more this right so it's not that you think. This person is these serial killer or this person isn't a molester but there's something about them. Ford robberies amend your compass just can't quite focused on an agenda. And win the cops show what ever it maybe you're just not shocked at all that there at the center tour. If you're not young we start to the crime what our head and paid for this third and it is an event. You're not shocked at that pulled my beer guy broke his back now eerily like say they're certain OK I'm a working theory and I think this is from taking public transportation for. A number of years but this is more of a style theory that a working on. And look you know when a guy's not when he's getting on the book tour I mean you can tell crazy do rightly like all right well there's certain things you can and we're league crazy for an hourly crazy person and then there are people that you can tell so this is my working theory and it's only a unfortunately plaster women based on the fact that it's a fashion that I. We've seen the big puffy coats okay me in the kind of headlines on and I mean they they look like Michelin Man looked like a big down jacket okay the one everybody is where that's correct now. If you only go out a true I think cuts are right. You're OK. If you have eight cuts that covers your dairy year and you know. If you buy the one on the goes all the way down to the needs. You nets. And every single person that I see wearing that coat I can look at and go I know it. They're crazy because I don't lie animal I have this working theory just the people that I see. I'll tell you why don't they don't you seasonal whatever goes Jesus Christ my thighs are cold. I did that several people bitch about the idea like I could have cut it off at the asked but I'll know that now on the dig down the knees and I you're wearing this thing that looks like I don't know. Like you're a big gas robe. You know I'm saying it's sort of the bus or public transfer transportation is never the best late. Listen I guess I'm not sure I'm not sure the pillow along just not a normal samples it is yet but I'm telling you the longer the coach the last year the individual where it. Maybe maybe in that style home. I don't know I have an amateur and we wonder where all the me on this Eritreans singled her right where's the exact same thing all the time I mean like every five your board of wears I'm graphic and so. Yeah I know I know judged IDs judges jacket people overall. I I have some people I know that had those jackets like four years ago. And I give them credit like are right there has been terrible and I still aware enough right until after he could benighted us. Tendon back. So our question today and it's a double blank loaded into it didn't shock me if I'm a blank was in the black we had this a story yesterday to hear some more of the details. A full session with Chandra massage specialist and spiritual leader and healer David Joyner. Last from three to four hours and costs you 350 bucks for that price the amount clients the only kind he accepts. Which is a bomber. Can expect to receive a ritual bath. Aid chock Kruup balancing Chicago opera balancing ten million. The shot records got take crackers you wanna barrels. What is in Djokovic I don't know what you see in the post all right sort of be opposed to light in downtown new yoga studio I. Attitude was conducive to a crisscross freaked and applesauce what are we how what is in desert cross linked. News that. Inventors. I don't know you so these big circles incumbent on the body in the noon Saturday circle there is some image yet there's like right in there's. There's different shocker there's this new different things your body control how I shocker content. I'll put a price 350 get that the math the balancing a massage also and I'm gonna let you get today ritual that. See that's a different kind of back then cosmic mind blowing or rich. Not the latter can be achieved through massage alone with a goal of the session he says is a fully release a woman's blocked energy what do you say the goal possessions for me to have such as you remember what that is that's exactly what he's saying when building them and that the only. Johnny you only tender yelling at other penis and vagina me. There's a physical he calls it the rolling them in the Yani yelled mean is that Mario and a regular guy a shot around me. I don't know does that shock for me gobbling up U doling them I generally and she's got Leone say mama. So they're going according to according to David you'll be love charity there's a certain energy that takes place the hands of a body alone cannot create. And Joyner says is yogi like presence is often accompanied by a warm smile OK aria so. This is this is a vice reporter Ari where there's our own. So they go to interview. And basically all they're saying is every time maybe Joyner he is smiling eager to hear about it I don't mean for the first several interviews. Today Joyner centric massage practice those thirty clients or as he calls them goddesses. And he unlocks the energy of two to four women a week. It's a tad different from his work as a software analysis at Texas Instruments and that's all so if you're more if you or oil as a prostitute. Instead of so late in the girls try to busters like mom and look. This guy gets paid essentially to have sex abuse it and you pay him thirty to fifty bucks and then. He loves such review and if it doesn't cipher if you did a master me not a threat to listen to what he say well my hands and a thumbs can do that Islam which is masturbation right or you know says so what is the difference between what those cats don't write. And then emea hooker on the street because in the end. He's charging you for the privilege of having sex with him I'll tell you why just they shot grows or they other ailment Clinton right now I know yoga and I know a lot of people who do work or shocker it's the they're not had sex with a client well better not do well and so there was a difference there's a couple of differences Karen Lee Anderson she's a sex therapist professor of psychology UCLA says. She's all for people. One generating in their sexual experience but she has concerns about Joyner practice of having intercourse with clients because he does it most of the time unprotected. ABS practicing shall form and says that before or during his initial consultation with a client if he feels they're not ready for it. Com or can handle the spiritual experience or are simply looking for a physical release and he's done and so Barneys in jail he's under water Cleveland well that's what this is that that you give me compared to fifty Barcelona before I have six who do. I'll give you big long massage I give you bath and by the way I'm gonna try to convince you that no way is has turned me. That's right when I tell you that you have a David Joyner. The tension man up from 1991 and 2001 he was Barney. Of Barney inference the purple dinosaur on PBS at it's I don't throw me any energy I brought up while in the costume is based on the foundation of tantrum. Which is love everything stems girls and also love of god and love and heals a lot of pedals. And then he has when you go and do karaoke on a woman who should be just like you're saying grace by blessing the food you're about to receive. That's from Beirut all of only when we wanted to get him Barnicle did an excellent suitable. Gotta love Barney and no food in the world can compare to the gun as an actor because spirit is involved. Before you take the goddess nectar give thanks and grace. Hello women to understand how powerful that energy is a familiar place energy with a couple things here was so he basically wants to give women or. Eli stone additives aren't so bad his reference. He's going to target what the hell's the difference between a prostitute in this guy and I'm uneven knocking the guy that is the point of like wait a minute. What does that abroad seasoning I can relate to. They join her very much believes in his practice once the link him. Is inside teams in this is inside the tender young and I. There's a technique where you don't even move and I have perfected that technique is like it stop right there don't over it's over. Look at it it. And away Y all are get a regular just given that there is a very remote so that's what that is I'm glad I'm a feel toys that we spend it's. I like Del Mar man is spinning this Koran on his job basically limit to pay to have sex and profit and that's why they whether sale at all over illegal in the state of California massage with the intent of causing arousal is considered solicitation. Sober checked himself. Joyner. Says he had a police officer friend tell them write a contract that he has all potential clients signed during the consultation process the lawyer you're or you're atop that they are not law enforcement are part of a sting operation. He says that the first session is free and without money exchange he says she is legal consent. Then he contends is his legal loophole not according to California defense attorneys. If I had sex with a patient it would be criminal and I would be prosecuted and lose my license. So there you go that's that's Barney and what did you learn from Barney kids while they talked to the the writer for vice talked the head writer. Stephen white he said I didn't know David was a very spiritual spiritual guide very positive he seemed to radiate energy. He was a positive person to be around. But when I found other detail what's involved in Chandra I wasn't surprised. I thought it was an interesting transition from morning it's kind of still be I love you you love me deal but different. I'm attorney thing but that's decided David I'll be asked of the I didn't know. So that's that's where Arnie is these days unfortunately happens a lot now world. Like this spiritual realm and it's anatomy you have a lot of stories about people who. And he might have started our rapidly now that you're having sex with people India and mainly before marrying somebody actually believes in Richard do we mean once that kind of thing they. Don't do that and am allergic to keep your serious gigolo in your basically kind of covering it up with this whole tendered and wondering where the leader or priest or whatever you're reputed position of power are so rates of these people lake dry weren't so easy legitimately that's really an old when I want sex. I mean look man in outlook were Smart enough to understand my man stoning her California Smart enough as comfort or to do but obvious comedy came in I'm assuming. I'm assuming that this is said to be Barney thing again. Those few you move assume those go try to be the the osu moved the world cameras and a river grocer but you also include dirty slut Barack. Yeah. And still rose one point it was only seven shoppers guys there's only seven shocker we should do what we don't know home and on we're Cody what I bar leaders talking about. Yeah nobody at all until I know some of them but I don't know law okay and would you people touch it but you got that you that's right after the ritual bath. Did the ritual the ritual bath this first and then the shocker balancing is after that I really Barney is an twosome my Chuck Berry style stuff. And Jesus do. All bring him lazy and it's a 350. Dollars you need a lot of this stuff for you like a lot of people that they're gonna work for shocker is whatever it's like go and you know it generally they'll be like. Is it okay if I touch you mean yes guys with feedback. What a business plan. And that's just been it didn't shock me unified now blank was in the blank gave 449990. Although I decals on the way you are listening to the men's or radio network. Klaas Jan dead end job to find out the blank was in the blank page four for a 999. Cola hello Russell welcome to the men's room. A lot our top. You you learn of these. Yeah if he loves everybody for 350 dollars for four hours right here only learned. I do things those star was being. Prior to my childhood friend news. Almost sporting around that I am particularly. In the year in and out all of the means it is the most studying. And he sobered him. He's still very. Zero Joyce. Is this my choice. I really love I have me. Possibly not very kind of way you do not gather. In these in their wrestle oil and grand. He's been here. You know altered near east burns of news you know. This should be in his life and when you know I opportunity imaginative way it went over here and just. Mean doesn't exist and I can't I mean hurting people like 61 thing animals too polite to say it. What are Rosen like your own business as my guy I don't know Rivera Mendel comic honor heard the rumors behind it there's a lot of sex gone wrong. Yeah well you on Mulder and you know. Yeah. In regular and post up so similar as you read the girlfriend as he did anyone ever think. Nothing nothing you'd never guess you never. Nothing does everybody know he's a virgin. Yes but I love. Ya. I think this might actually could you watch the forty old virgin as you like this is not funny. Yeah it and lo you said long and our allies are kind of gloom your mind you're not gonna Nevada Victoria transported to us because he doesn't want to turn and imovie. Kyle yeah. I think though they won't salute includes elude authorities for does he go out much you know I'm not saying Aaron does he live at home. Not anymore is a place is always is not a closet okay. It's easy easy in easy to talk to people easily. Yeah and I ask they there he and we went to Portland trailblazers game and here I you know there's some cute girl there are you and he's just like. Couldn't do nothing came out and not blew me and my. I is he attractive guy. Yeah. Yeah yeah yeah I. Would you been friends ruin your entire lives mend and so they're great did you think that he will be the guy who never have a girlfriend at easy a sexual. You know ambassador to gather up some good news here in and you know I just have higher standards are just. I thought they're okay thought man you. He might have bystanders most people's fears is don't. Brent Mayne and didn't get an argument that in there and it leads you down a dark path sometimes sort of like come on you standards are not that Franken. Why standards usually revolves around relationships not. Being forty in a virgin site. Okay well hey man good luck down there are lovely Carson City. You know I'm not a commercial and no I'm saying if you're gonna go to a brothel you're probably gonna go to Carson City rumors or eight years old are you would vote if he goes you know practiced and played obligation not. Guinea and you have to sacrifice. I had them do what you know now murders ones and actually shooting at food is the other you get other things. Demos and I had exactly if if if you don't it's Fries. I did not shock me to final the blank was in a blanket 44999. All. But think about how well works out like guys who just called absolutely embodied what every doesn't wanna turn forty and still be a virgin battered I've never had a decision to order a brothel I hear you are like. Yeah man you know my best friend from time to do to got to go live on have to yeah I must tell you can try all that way by himself absolutely. Love plot that friends got to get these so glad that you and the birds gotta pay for. Hello Tyler welcome to the men's room. Oh yeah yeah. All right guys so. It didn't shock me to find out that my wife flew. It well liked can usually that you really and in related. It Tamara toys. How how real do you relationship where you before should prevent him. How how how long did you guys been together before she broke about that. I'm the last six intermarriage here together for almost two years and get it she broke down after you were married. I this year pretty shy about it. Almost an embarrassment. Well known. Did you have a feeling that she was kind of more on the key gear side or not get here savages you know enjoy that countered. Yeah I would like shuttle drops where you want slow let's compare at all winner. Did you find it. Will you guys in the middle of it ever having sex issue brings all of these bad boys out what. She is kind of like solo. I cannot have a requests that rich very cerebral mirrored or mature out of you know. You indict her so the end she pulled out. Eighties aren't in my article. And whoa that is different that is what that is. The curve ball. Yeah yeah as simple can you move Whitney and then maybe I can would you rather. Well sure if such a shore and you know. I am not a problem until your life thing can have sex with you a few months. Yeah I had to you then take my strap bombs. I'm not saying nice and drag incited our knowledge of politics is not good dragons and I love dragons as Ireland's dragon. Okay. And how long does have a Norman BC you're married to six miles version breaks and have been Jimmer how long ago was that. A three year earlier on just how hot as your wife. All smoke and it's yeah local about it. Italian Australian and and a gorgeous low lying down and. Yeah we understood that it does bring up the strap on my take I'll see Ohio outfit that he is I don't know ours now when I was a kid who got it all joy until I caught a vibrator and alienated you don't I K you know if that's correct policy that would curtail. We Derek does when she he said pulling hair on my current look out of them were here let's get real there. We get rat tails. They abstract but ultimately are aware of incidents. Says he's. I did not shock me if I'm at the blank. Was in the black people are Fareed 999. Cola. They should many games continues on the men's room. The radio network.