09-11-18 Seg 4 Mens Room Cracks A Cold One

Tuesday, September 11th

Profile This, TV Time with Ted and Headlines!


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This is the men's tour. It's gonna say my car 94 point 999 a little play profile this coming up in miss. The better headlines on the way one hour from now first quick check in my cock for some of the stories and headlines he has not working all right for the second weekend in a row a Philadelphia Eagles van got arrested for punching a police cars she's just perfect party catches the Dallas thing in Philadelphia. I think it's always a fee and deliver if you ever been to Philadelphia you would not be shocked. That a person ever want to believe and I've heard of their fans can be a little. Rowdy yeah I mean I anomalies that I think probably. Then that guy punch in one week before so I had he was in the skies played right. I feel that remember those East Coast cities have a lot more. Police on horseback and other major cities like Houston Chronicle an honest look I know the thing university like golf course like in LA treasurer for nothing I mean the East Coast cities have the horses is just part of what they do. Oh police force that course they do but now they know the Phillies idiots over there that are punch it up. Revenues could go without a blizzard like ambush you have to go to him in well for. Good job sitting on a horse and then you punch would come shortly what do you think they're gonna do they're going to freak in a rescue right well yeah it looks cool but having an unrelated. Don't really know punching the horses and excessively you would actually. If it would make more sense to me if they were slapping the horse on the ask. Coming in and take off from my right trying to screw with the cot the slap on the as a horse takes I'll be falls off the back ha ha ha you're going to jail. Punching a horse. I think the horses they've divulged. Well yeah we're gonna let me yet and the horse tries to what the hell that some drug nineteen he'll do just punch through to review rich proof if you yet. It just isn't in the phase. One source legal and once the horse yeah. I don't yes. Adorning four year old woman recently got cut stealing from a Wal-Mart in Wyoming and tried to claim that she was doing a resurgence for a term paper on cloud to maniacs. Good way to get involved and act. I think it's in the trying to get inside the mine have been let go dude from the looted right. Oh yeah really went to number that wasn't a child porn comes here confident he's like I'm a bit of the research for a book. Look I didn't buy it becomes little ball well good Pete Townshend but I. Is his book character that we want to do disease you don't hi hey you know all right good point this was a year ago in his argument was I'm doing this researchers books bill but. To my knowledge he has not released this book that he was surfing child born and Michael res or even more disturbing it was a pop up book. If dammit. I did put your enemies around referral packet with the grades but the but it seems that the you know I give I give us we'll regrettable that they that's a good excuse. I think they were 3000 right break as creative at least whatever. Fans of the popular HQ trivia apps are angry about us section in their terms and conditions that makes it a lot harder to win money. So fate as the best you have to win at least twenty dollars. Before you can cash out and most prizes are less than that but if you don't cash out in ninety days you forfeit all of your winnings. So you basically need to win at least twice in three months to get any money and that's pretty ardent defender are you so hard to do. Lou of course and that's tough I don't know revealed back Joe's gonna like gambling I think it's a daily. The daily trivia question is how is why that's a difficult otherwise all right you're right they would just keep on going yet but I think it is a daily trivia app and hate you win a dollar this day if you get it right. I don't know for sure I didn't researchers in all I didn't know organize a bit I haven't got sucked in their scheme flies. The union coach probably Palestinian and that's fix this I love it fell away from cancer out so much I hear questions like I have no answers damage. A bar in Pennsylvania created a blue white and orange shot inspired by the tide pod challenged at all she's been FaceBook removed two of their posts about it. There. We really. When the shot just looks like what shore. Right which. Yeah isn't that bad MI the only lawyer did that in great America all care and an obvious well I can't say obviously you would assume with. People legal drinking age are not so stupid that they that I thought about what. To be fair I wouldn't do it teenager who reached Smart enough not due to time so basically there are a lot of dumb people many times times. Well I'm glad to look delicious I'm glad FaceBook is shutting down these tied blog posts thank god because that. That is something yep that is when this wave people's. Detergent buying way. Thank god they're filtering that material actually this is somebody as suggesting another challenge that I really like to see implemented. Is the 24 hour rubber band testicle challenge. No I don't do that just don't do don't do it at all don't do stuff didn't have to go join testicles to drive wouldn't fall for things. Which might apparently by another awed by the very alas. You know and I'm right there with the defeat it that is good good route route route to school. Another case of the hospital after somebody completed yet again the toy for our jobs. A man pulling a flatbed trailer with a truck got arrested a Nebraska the other day after he failed to secure 120 pounds of pot he was all engineers and the bags filled out. On that I am a little. Hey you can't expect expect ordinary yet. Under which one pound it's a hundred when he found so my guess is there's about a 150 pounds that he was actually holing from what an idiot I guarantee you man there is every highway road crew out there man every Zhang ya know I've I'm a big Albert got the letter. I hope they get out. CME that general direction man I'm gonna find anything you need to I think we'll president. What's the technical sense. All right Nebraska Nebraska did you write it. I just if your hole and pods are you not really secure mellowed. A 120 pounds man right at the most secure rip my kid would he be in a seat belt but that we would be absolutely secure. It's just you know when he hit a story about the bucket truck that spilled all over the place the truck tipped it didn't not have a secure low bracket. And it I would do you think you trafficking large amounts of felonies in from our opinions rejects simple things like you might lakers where things have you Christ as my license plate at today it is the load security. Says breathing in car exhaust can Harden your arteries and cause lung issues. And a new study Obama jogging in busy neighborhoods with lots of traffic can do more harm than good barrels of famine exhaust is pretty localize those if you Donald Parker somewhere less with less traffic. You're OK so we view stay away from the cars that have the exhaust. You're less likely to breathe in the ends up exactly. BC I have a hard time thinking great overrun in the city. Guess that's works for people because doing all. Steve on smoking that day and that seems there's reasons aren't I don't know if he doesn't Lieberman did Smart out there get it Democrats that global. There's a new line of Star Wars themed sex toys out including three of their lineup and what led light sabers. Well of course and that's the natural sex today and I would you being with like twelve with the long imposed on the on there and there are big field itself all to see if you can get into that. Because I don't know the rule. It all all our. He got a call what I Darth Vader right now or later if the really slick black went. There are good doesn't like black aren't you need to I think Ruben himself message Francis I thought Israel for the most cruises. That is why the does rated did everything ball. Career. I had that I think with the quick hi I'm. There was somebody re like and I couldn't focus. Their commitment in typical to duplicate that the it was really really. He says the entire I've lived in places like yes I'm not kidding you I view it did under the so. We're kind of like you know what if things are getting pretty it's getting close you don't say like. And then also on. And I'm I'm due it's a little firmer right right okay. Life here and now. He hit fifth and got a couple of this will visit I have. Is that when you grab your house do you have life could have gone against it are actually haven't stopped twice our answer likened Amanda California has an interesting explanation as to why he was driving drunk. I want you right in front of sailed on a one hour now they've got him eyes are on the way one hour from now a former student loan. Presets. Prohibitively journal now profile as this plaintiffs are Dan piled at the simple game where we share with you real life news story. Something did happen right here. Our planet earth or. Or are gonna do listen to the story based on the stereotype you believed to be true of people. And the decisions that people like Willis who wouldn't do you think makes the story a story. Hello Alex welcome to amend drew all oh wow I doubt can stand up mr. gainfully. Yes fantastic here is your story. During an argument with his girlfriend a Florida man he threw a piece of fried chicken at who we're getting hurt in the fates. That triggered his arrest for domestic abuse he was. Bosnia that the dispute with the living girlfriend turned violent. This is in the couple's Saint Petersburg home another noon to six foot 2220 pounds. First he stepped on the foot than he threw the piece of chicken of the victim of striking her on the left side of the face and glasses. He was subsequently arrested rosters deputy and both in the county jail 305000 dollars bond. It should be noted this is the first I was at a run in with the law. Court records show he was arrested two years ago. For striking the same woman. Who was pregnant at the time and before pleading no contest to battery he violated the terms of his pretrial release. By calling in visiting the victim. In spite of the no contact order anyway do you believe it is fried chicken or pool as black white Maxi or June. Moved low light because they're excited nobody went and looked like there they can. I really think that. Go ahead say. The bridge it and if not I'll tell you what really changes though I know I know he's making a mistake of hysteria I think he has to buzz it. Well he's the stereotypes of black people love fried chicken and why would his brother be thrown at. OK. Okay. Blaze first of all it's not a stereotype fried chicken strips can deliver what is on the first of all the skies and media for wasting fried chicken here that's what I then let's get this out of the way right at first and foremost. I think the key here is the violation of the restraining order. Multiple times just the one time and I'm based on what the sources. I'd have to go black belt I'm against Mexicans. I'm going whites whom I. Didn't see which portion of the chat he did not say OK Alex you know which final answer. But little black you're gonna go black final answer we'll find out videos like WiMax pure Jewish Max. That was fatigued you are listening to the men's or radio networks. Well Thomas thanks in Florida and Saint Petersburg and a couple gets an argument they obviously had some delicious fried chicken. And on the men's side of the well. Instead of eating at my most no people he was quoted as girlfriend and their energy which basically amounts to assault but he and assaulted her before so we called time on Monday as the rest. And that they usually has few rows that you believe this guy was black and white makes you view and I want to see you guys will lose what you said blank you saw violence. Miles you want to make I would makes each Edwards wife Alan white. One of who's correct. Come on. How much time. And my car probably back story and other. And we giggled good dude you fried chicken thing doesn't do you think people will go wrong because you just can be scared to say it's a black gum project. When I've received about those guys like I'm guessing black specifically. Because involve projects iMac without us I don't think he was a real black man he he ways to stretch there. I think anybody that waste fried chicken is just not okay well he's not even if you made them so yeah. You waste a piece of fried chicken I mean you are out and never thought in the again I don't care who they really are recovered you could be Matt Matt my next of kin. Tellem got a real black think that there could wait how proudly double hop couple or you gotta do what is wrong with yeah I think out of my had a cut on my mouth and now abroad TV news though it's not time for TV time a day. Countless hours in front of a talking. Presents. Now how would you think Philadelphia sports. Figure out all the symbols Eagles have won that. Content over I mean there's a few people with state and out you know and Charles Barkley would be one of them sure. For a lot of people you probably only know Charles Barkley is a commentator but he was a round mound of rebound. What he Charles Barkley was a great NBA player grew up and ended his career in Phoenix but he started his career and for years he was a 76 certain by when I was a few local food opened. Yeah usually one of the baddest dudes there was really use. I mean yeah how it Charlie's bar who has done it yet he was to Charles Barkley I was it is Charles Barkley says some stuff that I would never and a hundred years agreement. But I do think Charles Barkley euros giving an honest answer for sure. So basically. Ease of Philadelphia. They win the championship game seven funny that this after party is doing in their view and then he got adds an inch Charles Barkley signed. There are. Well you. Before your time I know these guys got him. About it is it. I don't know if they just like every single other person in Philadelphia deserve that after that drives though yet you are watching illiterates of the mention faced a page gets most of CNET this a good term to Arnold than ever use that. I got to finish it there drunk and enjoy food when you get drunk. Hit the finish line it's really. Blurry but if you have your awareness night you going to finish sides of the barn and go home your fridge full beer. Start drinking and act the windows and Atlantis. You know besides sports by the way I asked this earlier off here what is the over under on fights in Minnesota when you have. The New England fans hasten the Philadelphia fan base. I would say twenty. Yeah now are anything today were people are signing on to be over drivers they're gonna think it just for a couple nice justice in Philly fans in different places not drop my off the right locations. All right and I seems like Erica. I got a wild theory there. Now some of the you know New England fans rightly see Graf and stuff they got to have a reputation as a B approach right. And then you look like the Philly fans they're kind of famous for being mean but also current approach I sure. So it looks like this would be instant street Carolina excited trump people screaming at each other. But what happens if they don't get there they just have a deal to the broad down half. And they. You know turns up manually like he maybe they do you know I mean it in my experience initial chipset that is hardly has any problem bro state Pennsylvania's concerned you've got to gets in his day in Pennsylvania's big stable like you say there's there's. There's a city on one side there's a city on the other side enough and we and you can go two thirds over toward the east and it's still steeler country. Still okay football still all that in in one thing that people like I think really forget. Just geographically about Philadelphia. And I mean this in the most sincerely possible but from. From the southern part of the state Philadelphia really is the state capital of New Jersey. And when you go to the Norris third there could be another state capital for the commuters to go to new orasure. But New Jersey itself is not that their biggest suburb is Cherry Hill that is any Georgetown all that stuff is over on the Jersey side so. You know Philly represents. A lot of different areas as far as is what there's there's sports fans and in Philly that that also love the the of the doubles the Jersey doubles. Just because you don't mean like it's like well we're all here and they would have thought I don't like supplier we're gonna doubles duo that's great but it's more like I think. And no disrespect Montgomery County or anything to the west over there but in my mind when you talk about the Eagles took about Jersey taken on Boston. Yeah basically I mean just population wise fan base wise everything else is just seems like I know more people from Jersey there Philly fans that I do from actual. Pennsylvania Philadelphia side yeah with everybody I knew from Pennsylvania generally the Pittsburgh for it yet it even on the pence per side of thought I just don't know those people everyone I know from that area lives in New Jersey they work in filling in name but they're they're eagle. Boom boom it's gonna be excitement from people they're either way either way if you're in the serve a lot of junior yeah in Minneapolis. You're doorman you're anybody's gonna brink of a fight server B air it is going to be an insane week. Oh yes you'd have that Carlyle cops yeah I mean everyone them. Those guys Reagan national are you kidding me. It's besides sports and other big thing that happens this time year Odyssey is whether dominating stuff so you live in the south you're probably not used to tell us now okay. But it happens probably do you live in North Carolina you. I mean rightly will they be once a year but I mean it happens I made a levee right okay and understand when you have a quarter inch of snow predicted schools out. Yeah you're done for release today at school without yet ruled the ones who yeah a little bit old but there's gonna be I think only two to three inches down in Charlotte, North Carolina. We go to W ccb. And like the lady at the end of this interview there is asking him what he would do for the storm its auto weekend book. Our Lisa Graham didn't cook some scene then. He Marianne and dessert she didn't just give all the patent things. Sounds like a great league enemy combatants at the plant and lastly you know maybe a half sacks. I guess that's the part that there was not the sassy sex bad it and say yeah. You know like I wanna maybe in Connecticut and right now Martha I think there's an early voting is the man who hit it. Yeah reach over over on you know I think they awake or not but it is if it goes camera and we have got to lower the bar. I think he he he now gets along don't similar play that get decent man essentially act as if you if you didn't that you're going to be I think if you've been in touch going to be. I was left with and we think did we know who he's ordered a pizza when there is a slew of York. But as an adult and how like. And really look at after the I'm an early night tracker in the snow I wanna go like unified now we're the restaurant is its opening go there. Yeah there's different stuff when I I I told the story before but I had a buddy that like he does he bring in the kitchen. At a bar worked at the restaurant in he would always gripped Sousa started snowing but if he knew was and is still at 2 AM he'd be like me in my house of four. Work real moon and then the other checked out he's like you just ripped open the case of beer and throw this now. Yeah and all Taliban in Baltimore just seem like the only thing that was open was the neighborhood bars. So and you don't even after you when you shoveled out a spot like. Being an handed her some place like that there's one bar that's open. And there is never been more packed every one every single person in the neighborhood is in there and have a good time it's almost like. That I held them to do I didn't talk motivated best neighborhood bombing experience is the year. Well yeah I worked at a liquor store. That was half liquor store half bar bet. And then when I got my first Barshefsky was ago Wednesday night. It is dumping snow like four or five inches they're like you don't have to comet but and I was nineteen I was so excited to actually get on the bar but it ethic. Actually doing an apartment that in your right there was maybe five people of Corretja but he that was really like well my first shifts army. Point drinks feeling good messing with this nova you channel your cocktail. Well no he's done it if you order so then liquor. Okay I don't know you bring us oboe though they've put an adolescent or Laker ever. Unlike the media can be hosed down the floors at the end of the night while yeah I'm I'm once charged a guy the wrong price and I went back to miss that payment. I apologize I ever charge she. I don't know why is the whole brother came back probably about that it is stupid Irish neck yet keep the change. Think they know we thought out Irish and they don't tell but not any insult to me it just me I think definitely you would still smiling needs like a god this stupid I restricted certificates. I think it's really just pick bachelor. Thanks a Condo on the new equipment equipment equipment. We were talking a little bit about that eagles' go to the super ball with the people are fired up there Jimmy Fallon has thoughts on it. Pick from scores here last night the Eagles will. Eagles moved onto this Super Bowl after beating the vikings 38 to seven. I'm telling got beat up that bad in Philadelphia he had to move him his auntie and uncle in Bel Air. This Saturday Night Live this. I did all the crazies get about it the fresh prince went off the channel a bit so to speak. Yes so pretty dark it was super dark but I both hilarious to receive this thinking thing if the opening a fresh printed out when he gets to. Eight. Began follows him and then make another gang picks up what the bounty on his head. Added uncle Phil's shoes and pay people was shot she's just recruiting goes against first personnel to those are pretty good way to to start the it is the host you know the guy who did the video. The guys who play the fresh prince the black dude that was as you are familiar has is the first year the other associate OK he was also the rapper in. The movie and stuff to even on had a double double double bird flu and other pop star you never stop. There's an unstoppable who believe we didn't believe in never stop stopping there where analysts. Sad news here. This came to me came across my desk early today thanks for us. House Democrats just aren't and Iman and I'll I do what I do is you start the story I bring the news again at the appropriate point all right. Sad news everybody came across a earlier this aura sounds as if it's typical for giving me this went. One of the guys who played dinky Weinke. The help educate teletype. As I eat the. I joked that that's. The biggest thing. Their parents with the it's it's. I. A. Who didn't keep it for TP Wiki. It's that. I didn't realize you can did you feel educate them with a bit of it it it EP. He is purple grape from the gay pride color in his that tenants should put the triangle the gay pride involved. There. My health puppy but the biggest opens up the whole thing yeah the reason it. I guess Jerry Falwell type can consider convince everybody that he does. Did you think any of the vote those are having sex. Imagine it to us live Layla to admit erode the boot goodness. I told the ground and as wouldn't there have moved to love that one. I will say thank you freaky yeah it's. The little one on the other day we'll know won't blame Jeff I don't know I haven't been particularly used to. Well he's one of the actors to play to keep thinking heat and the Pacific open you'll. Trying to figure that out this place for almost exactly who's there for a lot. I've got to believe he did he formed characters that you know to be ten thank you mean he is beating you link to what did they do. The calendar alluded to go cubbies were the things like really giving you hide and I know you didn't want to. That's what the main characters for supporting characters US government against main character kid thinking we teach the Dixie. While locker. Pope Pope important. Well. Support compared to shore course where she knew knew. Her voice traffic gets signed baby. Rabbits. In his own thing who couldn't. And pony show great did you watch it of course. But just what was I told them is boom Bob Wright I've no idea I'd label until it's obvious whenever that comes up now targeting the elderly mom would know how did you know there was puma will. Remember innovative and then flew back. Yet your kid with little at that time and we were talking about it he kept playing so I guess maybe I met them violence known as the big blue ball. What do they do things that went. Did we should probably go festivals. I just keeps you know really drunk he missed that be meant to keep our game what I heard. Eight. Lately he he. This class and how sneak chips. But the books I'd say he's a lot of families on TV right. Yeah that's what they think it will at least. These families did strike but how are they living this lifestyle. It really just your average daily sit com reality show or I don't know I mean like sitcom shows right Erica this sometimes they people have jobs and stuff that they lately friends is always one of those great examples or worse going broke which you have wait suite apartment for you guys I 2.5 million dollar home for a if it was the same thing with. Back in the day that the full house house right. Like in the right area San Francisco that is leading multi million dollar or. Every single show that's on television it doesn't matter what the show's look the house of the green burgers or in her. And animations and has Curb Your Enthusiasm is playing Larry David he should demand some money outside Dublin. I'll god black issue modern family every single house in any of those shows is look at 2.5 million dollar he was black edition. He actually black if she makes sense this traced those to be an advertising. Executive which means he makes somewhere in the six figures. And his wife is anesthesiologist. So that means she would make around 400 cheesy you give you flip side of it is this is Susan mobile's in my neighborhood device went back repeatedly to people working to drive through hardee's Manny get home on television you'll learn and a good enough. Yeah yeah seems to be that way I don't like the Brady Bunch which they say basically they kind of meet the vault dot com mark and Brady used to sales arm for money. When they when they do when they poured down to show he was he gave Brady got the poor devil would make it more realistic for people who live normal lives who showed normally does pretty well totally yeah right yeah although shows that just are just average people you don't mean to make him not average they're just not multi millionaires in Hollywood with the all the families that. Yeah but that's like when you look at it emerged president of France amber lives and redundant go to Darren there really emergency services right. If you showed what cops and firemen shouts are like. You watch cops don't know how paperwork in tackling and you Monday firemen drilling. Over incorporate a Covert it's like waiting for something happened out of you can modify an idol 34 alarm or is every goddamn night a lot of we will proven from all that coffee just their way couldn't. You never see that. Yeah forever you know season goes on god god dude you got a matter of field a prominent ago frank. It's so let's look at the Brady Bunch there's sand I must say Tom Brady and to him that he's not a member of the Brady Bunch because they don't prevent you give us a good month. Tom Brady. They're saving dad who associate architect. Would it make about 9000 dollars to heat here. Back then man are you ignorant liberal world I mean my guess it'll live in housekeeper. Under or even Florence Henderson rose know what was the main it was broad list Alice wasn't our Dallas. All Ford sinners who was the mother area. Yeah I can remember the Cameron and Alice may have done or it was Allison show what I mean I used to know her actual real name can I couldn't. How about the Cosby Show the original plan for that one was the ups taxables we're supposed to be a blue collar family. Obviously we know that didn't happen he's a Dr. Phil and right isn't that the bill comes with the Dodgers in Illinois they're right there you sit there and you know do they were yours okay they play it right eat his character always went to our program. Oh right that's been obviously they weren't blue collar. Because he was a factor than this for a practice your clip was so he's a gimmick to fifty year. And clay are the wife. Felicia Rashad. Was a partner to offer not only that but she was married to Ahmad Rashad who is an ex NFL athlete the pensions a lot of Katrina thousand dollars a year yeah. And games including. And I on the family that was a realistic show right tour yeah well that's because he was that loading dock Foreman. Don't say nothing extravagant about their map you'll remember what the Jefferson did. He only on general and an up it was a dry cleaning business correct yeah man. So there's sale might look if he owns a dry cleaning business that's about 30000 dollars per business so he owned chain of seven album. They'd like to urge easier to look at that it's a lot of money into Manolo. He can he keep it upper right. Everybody loves rain and he was saying he was an 89000 dollars a year that used to work at a newspaper and sadly. Newspapers don't exist at all you know he's unemployed tonight via an actor that's company in level. Thank you dead area minutes I would then we got through headlines gallon of what might knock you are listening to the men's or radio network. Lisa and Swiss miles. Now let's see what's happening in the real. Go apple may Alter its iPhone lineup blocking your 1000 dollar iPhone next to the curb. In the other runs job hunting dogs are skilled and can you concert which is super. Good times and LA is elementary teacher takes up close and does this streak yes Chad we'd might have drugs but not the ones you seek. And drunk driver L scouts all those fines as Carl was on auto pilot is that your headlines. It's time day. Here's might call. Our job starring California drivers stuck on the Bay Bridge called police about a man in a test lamented passed out behind the wheel in traffic. When police arrived on the scene they found the template and the man inside. And stop the car to investigate I like to thank you called it says look. It's has lent Tesla to Tesla Tesla to Islam to George Bush hits the economy is just an example case. It tells of Venice test as the Tesla. He was hesitant in his blood alcohol level was twice the legal limit but the man explained that he thought it was OK because the devil was an auto pilot pungent. Yes there ego thing about the bill and driver area as they say if you have a Tesla and you. Wanna put an auto piloting and put in the destination. He just kind of have to be alert behind the wheel yes to make sure that your control the car always a good idea but the idea of in the future a self driving cars that can take you home in those situations. To me seems a hell of a lot safer right. I'm glad I'm glad the car stopped on its own in the car was driving the time this happened because the guy was completely hammered he was knocked out yeah exactly. Right and they may even say that here did did did did did. The exact words. I'm in theory this will work once. One just not right now. So it. It is bad that so close so that the auto pilot function on its cars is not meant to completely replace the driver they advise drivers to pay attention and keep their hands on the wheel in case something goes wrong. So to me it's like so why have the auto pilot function if you're advising me in my auto pilot function to still have my hands on the wheel. The federal we ought to apply now. And even though it's about like for example you go through construction zone it shuts off so really what would you yet that I mean you have to be alert yet you're paying attention right. I mean now okay. I'm staying in if I had auto pilot I'd click that thing on my rebel book. I'd much Netflix added that ideally you could do but you still can't. Pass out in the middle of the bridge when your car stopped warning you five times the cars and stuff finds him fumble I thought around the world I tell you out of our. In Russia another case of animal homicide is under investigation. While hunting why does with his brother of the man and had a dad and resting in his lap when his dog jumped up on him and set off the weapons. The shot landed right in the man's gotta he was killed as the went to jail. Dahlia shot as at this hour. My mother good you know hunting dog kill you right. That's just stand. I don't. Lol I had it in your practicing proper gun safety how and held at that point and if your gut I'm guessing he was not rented Robert I'm saddened me in my guest. They use him as soon as soon. Now he learns. We go to Torrington Connecticut where a man has been arrested by the name of Chad we'd. And we'll never guess what Chad we'd was nabbed floor here and we narcotics possession com. Jacqueline private school if that's. It extends to a shocking the charge at provident companies and seventh trip aboard live for us he was busted for. Heroin not marijuana off the ground over and that is why you are gonna carry out there and I was a somewhat another road constantly looking behind him and checking his phone this topic are that he out didn't do shortly after they took off without signaling. Where he was found with the drugs and unless and also go over your shoulder style market does decide what little paranoid and thought Gary you have drugs Chad we've stance denigrated turned. Really all sure they'll get him off Torrington Connecticut did of course who have gotten in Los Angeles and can you know you can call with death. It's like get a bag we'd like but it's heroines it yet well yes that's and a jet may have already been down this path before probably yeah in Los Angeles a PE teachers making headlines after he'd chase students around completely naked. The school went on break but down the parents rebelled after Easter completely naked and chased second and fifth graders around and police are still investigating the incident they should France's. To make some sense throws kid's a man there was never resilient now today they hired a mentally evaluated for these kids could lose what you thought penny wise and creepy laugh. I'd rather do that guy named Y our nominated him to judicial reprimand. We talked about a news he was a part of our question earlier today a man Miami is digging glad to hold himself. He was involved in domestic dispute in case that police were called leg yet not tax the guys all know that's a trend line. Yeah I am not really wanna know more there when about the luncheon. I'll tell you your version of Mike I'll see you next time their turn to lose socks like authority is back another round profile list yes indeed it is all drew we'd be all about the bench but we shall return until then. Do do do best the world because they lost page views.