09-11-18 Seg 3 Mens Room Feels Old

Tuesday, September 11th

Emails, Ryan Castle is in to Sit & Spin with 10 Songs That Turn 20! Plus Ask the Mens Room and the Shot of the Day!


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This is done men's room. I'm listening to. 'cause did announce an homeowners the craziest thing there's ebony you are someone you know 8449990. La hello Sylvia welcome to the men's room. My jet shell on. Had a plant. And it let me six. Hey girl. You know it's true that girl and I know I CL a did I let you know I love your lawyer who know this is just. Species shank it you don't need months. You pet and I wished us could be years yeah her and her. And true never never never blaming and get your head very demagogue who knew that a German like titans were too soon as at least the vehicle. I ended I'm very Kenneth doesn't you know he got out there and you know I know German that's nice. And you know and I get a boxer. The dilution should believe. I select only went out and home. Okay egg managed gadget Davidson I'm her blog right now she saw her rugged chill that my client that he can and I counts aren't gonna. And then maybe I don't they Miller I'd field they Hillary should want a huge Alice Cooper elect debt as certainly thought. Did O clock doing wrong and there was a cup I was just playoffs and now was the most major what I thinks I was even admit to marry yeah. And everybody who are lucky early daddy Renee and John came out well. I don't hang yeah remember that night Scott. Anyway I have AE. An air war. All you're playing with fireworks. Are you get this dangers if what happened. Bad day I do that while Baghdad also. And and neighborhood deli led did you know they had houses were built back in safety. So they had that cloud goes. I would got the big net and yet their client it's and they heat do those square. Those where aluminum baseball the way. Get out of yeah it's called the central air conditioning and heating system at times you know they wrapped around eight. There's a round heats. In someplace usually in the grads who can and you say me and Kevin. Were in his strategy and we decide to make it bottom out all of aids drugs scandal. So we PA are lost Roman candle and then we get the budget firecrackers and we all dog. Gunpowder out of Dublin. And play in the Roman candle so beg me Brad idea okay. Like he'll let which lack. Well I'm Elena would act. It started out entire blow up right in cued that Jiang. Let all cure all look comfortable out there out now like. Salter of Enron lags. Concerns it and head down don't get too. Israel has been nearly out of there I'm guessing it. I know I got to churn out. I did very hard every single day. All India a game I did you go all entered every single day I can imagine this as it is now candidate at again either. I don't know Golden State gave. They still don't it's always great talking to you Paula Newton police say anything what happened and peppermint pad. And this is that they are now both the crazy sitting here haven't you or someone you know 8449990. Man my body just. Hello Jason welcome to the misery tonight it. I have not had missed their first because the thing I'm. Yeah I'm actually take place less Asian member in Germany. You know I'm really gotten out work out of my body Gordon England whose house we were at their dinner or as. And so well Pope didn't jump up on the line but bookshelves. Looks down at the ground looks at us now. Looks back down at the battle until now little dog items. They established in the war. OK. Do you live. Let the quartet core results. Also are remote it's about suicide Vernon. Yeah pretty much a little trip data could clearly Lou it he did little to the diet. Well may down from Y a a member I know you think his didn't chose to date news and life is due selling the cooking and households gone up. I don't think it was the crooked they didn't get acquainted Jeremy got stock that was the horrible place to be here and. We can't news or kill guys that I'm not she says is that perhaps those no one has more has often on the radio amount. Of the owners and those of us are perfect are doing radiation now it would adopt what wouldn't gear by the dog committing suicide. So my dad for when I was in high school he didn't live that's right you live down South Carolina. So easily and made these new French come visit right guys got a lake house so we'd go there and the guys that look at. We got late Bulldog right look at. And the dog's real nice that I would always say I'm a substitute the word here so instead of he'd say let me get those and grabbed the dogs genitals okay what's. Yeah so wait why. This dude would like would like arrest the dog Billy let me get those putts in and grabbed. And grandpa how often did he do that I mean I was only there one day he was the Derrick. Ten times OK this is not what really does not bode well. So then you fast food concludes later talk to my dad I think and look at that guy on the lake council listened and use who do understand. A dog judges took a walk off the deck one day and called himself a place. That's not shocking I don't think you can grab and he's joke oh I I'd GoDaddy about it. This is not how their friends go I have never heard of anything like that you don't the bone gilded though popular way of crumbled Graham says it's an accident. But I saw what was happening to that dump right I think the dog to get them like this fight I'm dumb but come none Lagos. What could go wrong miles it was as bad as you think it is. Plate it's South Carolina war all your auto lake everybody's got boats and there's alligators. Tests and there's. There's remnants of forty kkk stuff down the street if only Jesus is like a rock with a confederate what they Leslie get us the hell out a new ground rumbled home festivals. Since AT and doing. Ramon out and visit the idea that I eat this gentleman did not do it time for the south fifty homers and couldn't go all the people took that they get their butts. Now so it's crazy thing that have been you or someone you know. 844999. Hello hello Michael welcome to the midterm. Year old or. Yeah but this. Twelfth quake side diversion. About dragon's gate no knowledge human women spent probably one of the beamer saying goes out there there is chloroform were so good. Well we mystery did not want to know I don't know how do I don't learn to live yeah do some like Cuba and of you might know this. I've seen him on what. Anyway and and deploy and anyway. So most. And I think particularly along I don't know I was a kid. To go back in the day. Our family well and you know. One of the rich families are credible portable sold don't you know LeBron to the sprinkler and claw during the summer and Alec truer now. One day and our pre war and it was exactly I could be. Brilliant idea to trying to somersault over the sit on the sprinkler. Always a good idea if you see you can kind of see where there are not a well. Long story short. I don't do the somersault instead of what happened is idling and on my let's play it in essentially that it actually toward the blood vessel in the poll. And Jane. And I'm still have this and you know I haven't received Boys Don't Cry it you better ball and I was Brian and internally is gonna point. I don't see any way that it could national life threatening. Luckily you on in my childhood friend or mother was registered nurse slow. Do little to laugh. At me out before he got. Really don't have your life. And a change from a car will in the yard when you're Ted. It medical relief is almost all summer so. When everything is somersault and I'm asking myself how will you do with your arms the somersault you just to the ground kind of flip over you know Paul I let it tumble and some thought OK again. You learn a tumble in school and can't worry you while Italy about the story that I keep freely speak its foreign fuels houses ago. And believes that maybe it's in Spain was open. Enters Jesus statue that was that Alia but I I think noses I think it was more of public area or slows. I'm not exactly sure what the deal is on the rise but that door definitely. Apartments above that are rapidly while they slowly into the as far as don't think he's act as a result though though the water is there's water dripping off of jesus' hands and basically the statue of Jesus and his and it doesn't make you didn't know initially it's just moisture and it's just getting wet and then all of a sudden it was like. Drops you know everyone loves this kind of dripping off of the statue stands and people like oh my god what's this. American and this must be their marriage drinking and then and doing all that and it turned out to the toilet that bus to look at three floors up and had a small. It's always a miracle in this in the league was coming down the girls coming down it was basically coming under circumstances like against the wall as the prize more of a mural statue like it's part of the wall they're hoping is part of fruit drinking toilet that the drinking don't. I mean most everybody would love with the America. But it just seems to me of the statue surge dripping and I don't care of the statues though. Don't assume it to her now would they assume it's a toilet for part of this way whatever you think it might be don't drink that water because he's famous for holding water. He's famous for walking on branded in the line if Shuster then why an idyllic but wow America and a third one desperate and don't. But instead they're drinking problem. Hello Nate welcome to the men's room. I had thought. The industry's. Lou. Talk to you can't go to the kill it in Arkansas. I just bedroom at the fires out as big giant ultra probably only be ordered I want the giant I don't. End up one night go to bed. When it got in the middle of the night because you just quite flash please note that. Darby looked around don't see it fall to direct it. You got the next morning when you go to school. Why didn't come down a tree and at just right it's and let the whole thing. That's sobriety test us. I doubt I could implement the Guadalupe state of the interstate especially at all thank. And did do they have to take this thing down on seven. Yes it did take three down. The next day we thought we want outlook jigsaw. Pick up truck had to clear the actor Ronald. Diluted modem or Porter believes a week at was it out about it yeah do it out. Weirdest one I've ever seen with a tree close walking in the woods in a tree fell. All by itself no Americans found it expired it just went. It. And it. Boom and I was like. The trees front and alive Reno and seventy you know there's only I just saw a tree dot recognize you. I don't know man it was a darn thing yeah it is felon and nothing nothing just did just Alan I was like I'll be down never see so. Trees and woods do make it sound when it we're in this period. I know how to withdraw. There's now we get your emails and away from the men's room and mr. buyback god you are listening to the men's or radio network. Which is you. True still got tired John strikeouts on the house coming up Wilson's been with ten songs that you cannot believe our twin DS that is correct twenty years old that's going up along with a return. Of ass amends in my first time for a few emails here for the manager a manager buy dot com. And again when your homeowner's insurance uncover a skydiver falling through your roof I MA insurance underwriter and most. Previously a property claims adjuster. Post any homeowners policy would cover any falling object even if a person is falling out of a plane they pave the damage your home then your insurance company. Will look to recover what it could pay. From who's at fault in this case maybe the skydiving company or the parachute manufacturer going etc. etc. etc. And man oh man as far as in the home the house was crazy thing that seven you are so many know this is a doozy you know try to edit this as best I can. Now only guys. Back when I was in the navy I rented a home with three bodies all of us were in the navy relatively low ranking us so we were in our early twenties. We had to do call a topless party and there are a bunch of girls there while my roommate is holding up this one chick in the garage. Apparently she was married and told her husband to pick her up from the party after he got off work so. My roommate is hooking up this chick as her husband shows up. Her husband significantly higher ranking than assault he comes in as were his wife is we all try to keep them away from the garage for as long as possible. But he finally figures out what's going on he gets over in the garage door sees my roommates having sex with his wife my roommate says just give me a minute. Is this guy flies off the handle and strays does start beating all of our asses. One of the guys grabs and we get him come down a bit leaving a drug Smart NASA said it's not our fault that your wife is a war. So that's started another fight we finally got the boat to leave but a few days later she shows up to get a bunch for stuff that you've got to the house or purse her coach her underwear. And till my roommates are home and they both have sex with their quotes allegedly. The husband by the way winds up as my division officer at my next units he was still married to that same check we never spoke about that night. Thanks yes that from Jeff and yes. That's the crazy part is still very tour. Yup and any texts that are lower than. Now I mean it's discounted mortgage can blow more it got John Wiley College roommate and I had never really unlock the door the home because we were good guys with guns. Well we always used to tell our neighbors have got locked out or the other placing aggression our couch. One night I came home from war 3 in the morning and the neighbor lady decided to take us about our offer that night. She was only a year older than nine and luckily she never found the right bedroom that night. We've been married for years now all the because of that fateful night that mountainous and how about that bit dumber viewers your emails here for the men's room and injure my back up. Colleges did you log isn't a shot onto my husband Jason bush and had a birthday he's officially an old parts Emma loved ears internal sags and your penis. It is too small thanks guys that from Malaysia. It's Arizona shows modulation and congratulations to John AKA baby big head. Foray another successful trip around the sun is turning 23 today. And can use a big old bomb rep with the U like bats and them dirty dirty Ozzie dead thanks guys and rock god. I. And Dan if Melvin and it's a very fit in under and you Aggies yeah it'll be unique state if they play with a twist face. Had they go big team needs sticky showed me earlier looks delicious. We still don't the most famous thumbs up from. At confused and make the meat stick on a stick memory sure gonna meet all the cough. Yeah how can we get pregnant but the future talking about the life of a Jersey earlier than they don't third leg. And so I'm like we didn't have doors on and off for the record I know he's only three delicious and three times removed if hundred dollars in high dead today's ever day I don't think anyone is going to call in for resell pleased. I take me out with Roland dead German style fan of the show BJ's and Bellingham. Yeah well through that such an above thirty we will break the citizens. I'm where your mouth is confident. Yeah. You gonna call Mel Gibson is the governor of with a load of web yeah. Good thing is Phil's birthday huge LA rams fans for his birthday getting you know look out at the dirty Germans talking about would they do or rams fans things guys that from Ben and end up oh look at. My favorite part of most of rap music all through the home. Die can so. I should rams fans that you throw around some banged heads. I nobody Johns covering his toys editor of around the sun to start his night of the Marjorie. Getting its internal lax with Mike Cox bitter butter over top police thank you guys that from Adam. Anybody about let's just look better if I voted him about a memo about have been as of about a bit about a butter play to your better better better better better. About Baha. Are a whole. Sort of like that around. How our guys replays as my thank president happy birthday with a big old bomb hit NS I get up go okay he is thirty today Chris is a long time listener. And shared with me now others never damn my way home as well thanks guys that remain case. Oh. Guys please push my wife Megan pronounced fund's size they had a birthday season better make sure you enunciated that were clearly a thrill might get mad she is a Nader. And I almost one of those kids has to dirty Germans talking about knitting let you guys that from Bryant. I didn't do would you do that we shouldn't we don't need to Phillips. At the yeah you didn't attack who kimono and check out my young. Since synthetics that you emits a little. Cuckoo cuckoo in the this last night. Love being meticulous. Am I. Licenses. Dogs with the distilled do. They need to look do. You can call will be. It's. Who with screaming my name. All given two minutes. It's a penis. This is I've always enjoyed my silly wacky he'll be husband. The best friend in my life I have be sixtieth birthday that would be Mike. We didn't have a gag radio a great radio station like visit Shaw's bill umi is already Jose sluggish. All the problems he won't do you won't even while we probably yeah. I don't normally cool. And Iraq Suzanne we're stuck Paula Marti you're I don't know how to volume doom just when and how you go about actually he's. Honolulu residents. Home our Reynolds earlier you don't. Couldn't beat it. On the third 2011 and listening ever since he loves eternal thanks in dirty German talk could be out of Baghdad and Kristen and skeeter his pop. Don't you get although some people want to give Botox instead of the few bucks. Connecticut. And then in the end he cookie mix up love looked at all. Our guys serial stabbing I didn't I didn't think I had it's. Added have you added I. I had I could see you. Beds yeah. As a did you German drug by men's. Also available through news and world sings on men's lives doesn't come another sign retailers. Know him shoreline fly do. Lou is we're joined by the drug charge right gasoline since been. How does a comes from grizzly kin. And he listens to us down another formula and GG oh in these guys live better yeah I'm really knew that about grizzlies kept in his Ramallah first time mostly of the Tampa grizzly kin down in Portland first I shot a shotgun guys memorable four mail six in my desk and outshooting. I had my little octagon Merrill Tony to having dad to just 3030 grabbed his old double barreled thirty gauge shotgun then I took turns. The targets in granddad finally set up a cam blasted it. It tore some stuff off and I was in love last that I tried granddad told me know that I needed to eat more beef first. I started pestering which is not a good idea to even in the best of times. Finally grandpa asked dad what he thought that didn't say anything it's just walked over and looked at something by the creek. Granddad noted that Jack and intended to mean he awaited son and I had to work to level it out. I didn't know that I should've pulled back trigger first so I pulled the front once they kick push me back in it was hard enough that I had the second trigger. That logically backwards and as the barreled shotgun came up I saw a grand dad's hand reach out and grab it. It knocked me through barbed wire fence into a patch of blackberries. When I finally got my air back out untangle from the stickers and back on the right side of the fence Graham Paul loaded a couple more shells into it it was gonna hand it back to me. Lord it sure heard me to admit that I thought I should eat more beef first I don't bruise halfway across my body of what my belt line and defense. And very breyer's didn't do many favors either. When Mossad issue was on fire. She denied ever happy face on I didn't break anything but I sure was moving slow for a spell there. All of the show they scares that from grizzly can't. Oh look good as a drug charges announced what had bad is it time to sit and spin. Yes friends it's time once again dogs lose six and spending. Gather around the old radio and listened to some sweat a. Analysts figured out what's where were you twenty years ago let's just what I was gonna say music it has a way of transporting you can I to a time and place that are reminds beat you up frightened for these songs it was. 1997. And I was. Doing nights on a radio station and to Moines Iowa the bowling night I was nineteen years old doing out nights on the radio station tomorrow. Ra I was I was doing drugs and war is also Palin has not ISL won't let go in 97 like I was in New Orleans doing a lot of the Robin or you don't twenty years ago. Would be the seventh grade seventh please as well I have great Ted are you doing twenty years ago you remember. I was a junior high school junior high skills are now. Sophomore sophomore my pocket it should managers believe I was in the second grade this second grader listless and east second freaking great anger or not. Our lady was I was doing and mornings in Baltimore I'll be low four point three. I guess I. As Steve Austin. Steve officers who won a four point three people four point three the most abusive boarding chilled. Felt that a lot of these songs I think some of us are gonna be shocked to find out are only twenty are are already twenty years old because it doesn't seem like that long ago when her this time does fly. Playing the song on the radio. And there were a lot of folks in Iowa and probably across the country this crap is that we're all well and Hillary you've played around former rock station. If a community that got guitars and drums sing this kind of predicament sounds like a rock band and didn't get Mecca and I'm available and I remember we would like drive around and listen no more rocks and he's here. Right so I don't remember the song get this album with Houston would you say that on this album go platinum. Influenced turning twenty years old. I'd take time for your classic rock to a new metal why can't we do double guarding we do we do a double shot virtually you'll want particles which are terrible. I don't know which were to do it I'm so confused to try to flee to block 42 doubles out. I don't know what to do riot I did other new metal is now owned it is good Coca-Cola knew that it could well but it smacks. Ted solitary twenty years old I fed. Bed. Forget how long time ago. That's. They can make money doing all your thoughts. Pretty fly for a white guy definitely with one of those moves the other one bottle to get a job he was a kooky offering songs into arrears or go to tourism there near recouped the these are ten dogs during twenty. I did not appreciate this on fire until about five years ago since I was 150. What I decided that I finally there's a losers in the musical elements within the church and all that just the songs. Great for one reason he diva Eva Mendes she shows up in the video the first time we've really seen here. These are perfect closure of a man does not ever land and he knows her right away I think what's most kids yeah. And if you don't win it all you amount of course I bear. Numbers say. I had to move into. That is gonna the ability to go to the bar I feel I didn't play was and Morris and 1827. You know I used to I I like the bands in the sun has semi side whenever I never liked the song that probably still play in Minneapolis they've really played the song that the and the vikings game that we can effect us though yea that's you know like for the season yeah. Lesotho disguise their from the so these are ten dogs turned in to a tickled twenty years old. It's been. Taking refuge junior said. Who's this. Fairness to where they can flare naked Mike and my brother went to CNN he came back together got the Solomon like graphic content out to. With the Sudanese army and second grade and I know ladies and think it is as if I would do this show we're expecting Barenaked Ladies that Canadian rapper who should dog very to a New Year's all time. Her fall. Aerosmith biggest hit from almost scientifically. Accurate movie ever made. But I wanted to fit in with an Armageddon army did wrong and big dishonorably and it is the latest news isn't there or that's the most insane yes. Genzyme started I. It's. So don't have been twenty years that we care about puppies. That's one good numbers are new man when he years ago the ASPCA was founded I don't even like listen to what you could lose to most commercial do you do you are but I don't know that all this earlier it. She's tidbits he graduated like the idea gadgets on her own own children don't just use the commercial I just love. I think of all of the Lou fair artist see of that era air McLaughlin always had a special place in my heart. Jim. I want to save this album sold. Like a million and a half copies of person he came out from continuing with his own millennium that was back when that an album still did that sort of right right. Yeah that's actually put on the soundtrack. That's this high school. Yours is ten songs turning twenty years old and Magellan. We manage. Greg Brady had a fax plus back. So why do you noisier years ago last year for music Hendry gas deliveries is still a calibrate itself slowly south today the return of as the men's room is coming up next you are listening to the men's or radio network. Men's room was miles a thrill. We'll bring you those dog day head mentor about Carter's kids instead that there are no stupid questions. We disagree. Because you'll keep us get over. Yeah this guy. Passion ST do you. Is my mom whom are questions that need answers and and yes. This is ST yeah. I want to get press metro got a question for any of us here in the men's room to shoot us an email to the men's room amends or my back out and oily gulf. Hi guys hi there on my girlfriend wants a sex weighing what would be a good way to hide that from Collin college I know the answer this question I've seen a number far. You need amount dead bad boy on the hook right above your baton okay for ideal usage five from there. You attach the harness to the look. Although it doesn't always have to be hanging. I think that is something that mountain did you hang like a potted plant gathering is why I wrote if so would you do you have sex you've seen I gave up a play to that covers what would be an electrical switch it's no longer being used like. A circle so to speak their daily death. Wasn't putting two screws and they're just the one and then you slide that thing open drop out your hardest and attach said six wins or looks like. And while playing time maybe have like up and ceiling fan of the love not anymore it's golf. We Jett allegedly covering up the hole with a harness did you catch you know he came to the right place for I know the answer is that not a lot of people like a man who I admire Obama did that. We've already run on time rob for the Democrats for anyone here demands of issues and emails the men's room. And injure my back down and make the subject as a manager Omar item admitted to during intact. They dared to zero X a pure again. Did you have an advantage there's only heads is entering desk and Steve at trial find out nortel's yes indeed today we've south 54 year old defeat and joy and this is what you need to know about David basically. He is a ten trick massage special specialists in spiritual Q all right so if your 350 dollars. And you're a female client because the only so if you Oakland you can have a three to four hour recession and you could expect to receive a ritual bath. Shock were bouncing and the massage but also on the menu. Quote cosmic. Mind blowing orgasms. And that's actually the appointment authority says. When the legal that would be your pianist in the only that be a vagina when they meet there's a certain energy that takes place that the hands on the body alone. Cannot create that is from this guy David. Under so essentially he is now intent treat sex messed. The real reason we're hosting them as if his name sounds even remotely familiar. Some of you that are younger might remember him as Barney the dinosaur let's drive. The man who played Barney the dinosaur from 1991. To 2000 among the is now. The massage specialist and spiritual healer and he wants to sleep with women that are willing to sleep but there are armor you move your view. Me the hardest turn purple TV on. Off mom for eleven award. I've been deliberate. Report those boos imagery has moved freak who's going through consumer Nowak the so relieved to move him down the throats of party in our tummies. Dow not allowed it to oh my god I'm now a scoreboard 9990 last night shenanigans can continue the mainstream radio network.