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Friday, August 17th

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So men's room. Are standing by color 9844999. A little played profile Lizzie and minutes. You have your headlines only one hour from now first quick check in my car for some of the stories and headlines the end. Not working out all right our Nobel assessing some new menu items including a spicy one called three per ranch Friday's. They use the world's hottest fast. Like Carolina reefer and that's why are we still messing around Vista I don't know oh. Predicament diet didn't apply those same people might buy so much I guess but I think it's just the challenge don't want a man Willie L says they are ahead. Overheads are like chili heads. Well like peppers a lot there's a word for it. Should I want to live in their grandmother only the problem is no say in the summer winter money in my. You decide you love spicy food moments. He's in Vietnamese and some of the spice man missing for vegetables less than you can they taste good doesn't just hurt because everything here just the pain notre. And he said look in India he said there are a lot of super fiery scotsman that actually tastes good. I said there's a war that is an absolutely not one but they do taste good you just can't get on the ground. Darren yeah I mean I think every time somebody hard decent phone because I don't know you lose just errors in many many things happening arrows or 3%. Ever bitten into a pepper that was good enough and I was like you know what this is where it needs a fiery. Not a day that I know that I'm an American level part of it is because I stiffed tournament like any did you grow up anywhere in south. South Asia you're like yeah I really determined and all of the error deals is paying him. The Iowa state fair has a new item called cookie dough spaghetti. You do speedway and what's been dead when I did you know it is it could be no dentist again need. And I'm now working on because. I was discussing. Now in their minds and instantly know role is may have a good you know it's just the weird should go beyond Darrell man right here because and if things don't matter because they tell their Forsyth country. Tonight Lorenzo insurers is the dough right right it's always forget how he had even. More people work from home these days and from bad. Now let's table that fits over your bed and makes it easier to work eat and watch stuff on your computer is blowing a bunch take sterner full course and it's. And they said hey your work from home you can stay embed. And meg right. A man in Germany pepper sprayed his barber former how bad haircut while staying home. Again I don't know miracle workers we've talked about somebody that does throw someone out a window. It's we have our shop right. We have threats with the knives now we have pepper spray. What is going on with your hair that is bad bad boy this reaction tomorrow okay thanks Andre Barbour made earlier. Blaming each in the barber around the turn the barber threw him I don't remember those early historically is a Brooklyn tomorrow your engine of the army goes through the window right because investors Erica rice answered yes this is Germany got to remember our. Sprayed them. Mike he's releasing new words I do match. Sesame man I'm finished second one and I will say this don't stairs your barber when you're getting a haircut increase some outmanned there are similarities are met him. No lakes so people manly when they're getting you know again haircut and lined up early from our camera right there and trim like Joseph stay here. That's the Bartlett don't do that every time the barber Iranian lake. Everybody and no one really I don't know man did just look the way you felt like when Mangini and him. So don't ask them what my dad's right I don't throw your eyes out for a window. Some and in Fort Lauderdale stole man's mail last week and came back two days later just those dogs are now no organized because I already covered this yesterday. Saint Louis recently sent at least twenty women emails saying they wouldn't be considered for a job. Because of their general assembly to do this well man they've proven that a million times on finite. Did you have a good time of the company might didn't happen and I pay it back back back. The company is director claims they disgruntled employees may be responsible. Well I mean the thing you look maybe your maybe now that they've added them thousands surveys CEOs like program. You're not gonna be an eighth hole by its sound. And we've received a distress in Hollywood and a look at. A woman in Canada watch how I. Woman in Canada logged out and a large bar mill on Wednesday but left her idea behind. And then she went to another ball walked out on that mailed to and left her shoes behind. Fishing crashed her Mercedes trying to leave the scene of the accident and got arrested. Now I'm big couldn't cover in the bell she just chose not always play. She returned it eighty NM our. Well why would you game the national aids. An amazing Murray have you instead I just threw out and out there for an hour and I'd rather random numbers you'll have an eight year old woman. He's an old problem do really bad intentions leaders used to end an eight year old woman would know you have your shoes are my reason for our. Are wearing Zhu. And their shoes man there's a lot of money for special shoes take care of those needs new shoes. Flooding Remo. Ceremonies. This Sunday is national potato day and according to a new survey less than 1% of Americans don't like French Fries. About right the French right you can imagine Jerry need to be he doesn't matter of the French rival militia that is a factor now. The nanny nine point 2% of us who do our favorite times are what is the favorite type Carlyle. Curly fry absolutely that's lawful standards because I and then wal formalized. Where's your critical side comment list my IS's fourth but I don't go bad part Melissa he had been pretty low now gone and I'll yeah assassins. Our windows Condo for the record track yeah. It's not just the United States and French Fries started Belgium like oh yeah look in the world for blood pressure and a potato but there Friday the point you paint the walls and heavy fighting like Steve Robitaille bring find me a culture that doesn't use containerized. Fries hash browns random and you served OK do all details universal. For more afraid of having a personal data stolen than anything else according to a new survey. 55% of people say their data would wreck would be the worst thing for these take you 43% save their wallet and 10% say their car. I look bad makes it's a raise your whole life right rock your dad I'm home. Your bank accounts your emails for work everything man. Yeah you should just be credit cards and money usually are proud to announce they are not your entire identity and exaggerate. And for similar deals say they vetoed a baby named because the domain name wasn't available everywhere don't they gonna. And I know yeah real chicken seen in Shawna dad John is available. Todd and they do good I know he's got a caller okay. John and I not now when you've only been domain name for use as a material from the license the entire. Some more in just gonna run out. Thanks. Also late you have no idea which kids can do more than likely they're not and you know things domain names and name right now behind me when they get. Older and married had a better we're distressing names degraded like Sharma 113 at symbol right. Clevlen Graf. And is there may have been what they think of gender revealed party's job after yeah 35% so there are necessary yes they are certain presents a trendy. Which also Jimmy says unless I'm. Toys and presents a self indulgent again yeah unnecessary. And please. Just throw a party if you wanna have a party. Gadgets I would say June 10 grade but can you say this is what it's about time. The door I'm feeling you can just sort of like I'm living goal you can say hey man Robert party three weeks now where you need this food you wanna go. Original reason I believe your body your friends right indiscriminate and I'm gonna make it fun is going to be Boozer is going to be food and then there's going to be betting tables as to what the gender isn't that we're gonna figure out what it has done nonunion employees while they're still. William I'm against you bad stuff right. But first in his late. I got I'm blown your wedding dance and I go to the engagement party for. Then there's no limit maybe Shaq and women have shouted you automobile lorries showers for great night trying to tell your buddies out. And you're making all right yeah I know is I believe me I'm I'm such revenues are trying to do hard. And other words you have such. Haven't imparting a mobile somebody offers so much good as these undulating it's got am and I'm tired I'm gonna NASCAR. Price one man on the sixth through your wide margin. No way. I don't know and guess who's the daddy you all time. You know now gone oh yeah one of the football night and then you'll see I now hear in just nine. Nine months and 81 year old woman sorry I just I would love to go to this party. I I didn't the first one debacle obviously I would love to this party I was the only one person and maybe I. Oh yeah and any one year old woman in Florida was arrested after awhile nights what did you do they'll about a one hour from now. Thank you my dog can live normally one hour from now Karzai gay man. True precepts. Drug to police are on how profile this is playing much or ten miles into a simple game where we share with you real like news story. Something that happened right here at planet earth. And as you listen to story based on stereotypes you believed to be true of people. And the decisions that people make LSU and it is you think makes the story story. Hello Alex welcome to the men's room. All I'm. All allow wow all right Allen Jim stand on this your name's place. Absolutely. Fantastic we go to Newport News, Virginia where police were patrolling. When they intended to speed when. Two individuals on an apartment shared porch. Now the police were speaking with them when a male exit of one of the apartments with a large bag we'd hanging out of his transponder. Some man values advise that he was about to be hanging when the cops almost. She wanted to do he jumped up and ran back and one of their apartments try to close the door on the cops while they were able to get inside the residence. And then of course are the physical struggle and he was told Dan K ma'am we need to rest you're good you're stupid enough to walk outside and we've hanging out in part. While he kept struggling went all the way into the kitchen and they pulled them back into the living room but he managed to sort of flushing his weed it down important. Don't lose standing there watching him doing now another altered and arrive on the scene. And as you know gas began finding that only taste is fast so. Is poised and companies charge you two counts of assault and battery a law enforcement possessing marijuana and resisting arrest. And conservatives in delinquency of a minor. Mansi. Was also present at the department anyway you believe in this fight he's finding guys from what should we know employment. That's why quite a Maxi you're Asian. You are in Newport News, Virginia that is correct. RI RA and oldest black hair. You know you know man I I mean yeah. Do you think the numbers game and its Newport News and and then I was so it's sort of an argument on on on different paths. And Monday march live in New Orleans at the back yard par and a loser and I'm saying please share important chief among the environment and it's. Yeah I mean I don't. How hard they played Newport News she orders she. This is something NASA changed changes I'm going out like it's an odd contact I'm definitely carries in Scandinavia nowadays it is. He's given me they're both important thing in final answer that. Don Black on black I'm gonna find out who's black white Mexican or Asian next. When fatigue or listening to the men's are ready now learn how love changes your. Through its upon those things through Newport News, Virginia. Diana man knew a lot of guys around apartment complex he comes log now with a manual we have windows live and so it sounds like come on some they gonna arrest the meat ensemble vibrant area news. Was busted there ended up flushing some of the we don't talk anyway was dazed and everything else before he was eventually rest. Anything confused today continues to confuse. And Allen's nephew was this guy is black white makes your Asian the first thing you say was. Did you say Newport News, Virginia I'm and I'm the same thing Els basically you said black. Rock around. You girls near the 2003 hours away thinking why does everything again and this is there's so far there's an easy day stand or fall. I'd wanna lose my job my grandparents my mom's unfriendly and a lot of you still look very important humanitarian news. Tidewater Norfolk Newport News, Virginia meat imports and they're amazed we've all one place. In years ago. My phone. Making fun of my grandfather when you're from north funky Bryson joke goes into my grandmother what do you call so welcome north return to ignore a close eye. My grandmother's. And I called an embalmed nothing there was its. Breath because it's yeah that's. Oh did his old time TV talent Dan. Sure. As hours in front of a talking. Everybody in here ever watch is thirty for 34 just couldn't. I tell you watch thirty for thirty. They have a very like their music unique and in a very unique way they kind of talk about the story then a lot of times it's like. You know what if I told you miles Montgomery could throw a football across the corn field. You know like nobody believed it that's got a thirty for thirty does these things and doing very well. They do a great job or so years ago Aaron Carter who is Nick Carter as brother Nick Carter Corson bashing bush those either don't know Aaron Carter a solo artist this year's polices solo artist so he had made a song years ago about how he he's going to be beach shack in basketball and keep in mind Aaron Carter recently. And you discovered is a heroin addict do what the American rehab I know he's goes back and forth outright one thing I know him forums and goes back and forth from his addiction to spreads we had this whole song about beaten Shaq and that's a lady kind of a spoof twenty for 24. You got any player initially at the peak of their power always say show H yeah. Like I told you. Superman's Kryptonite was five for zoom yeah long future heroin addict yeah well. Hey and a bottle and gain their cars more news. It really didn't beat Goliath but until you lose weight and he didn't champion Joseph. Pardon me she. CN it's unbelievable what I'm told it's sold was worse. Yeah I told you. And ordered. How do you Shaq. But it's okay if each people think it's up there and as we went to the original songs he figured if you never learned by. I I'm just and I don't know how bad. Praise the government to MVPs and openly solicited to twelve I'll put into files could sooner or later become a heroin addict. Didn't do. Gunman wounded we should be doing. I did Stephen David Shaq was easily broken shacks house and was trying to is ex wife. These ex wife writes of in the yells play through security system with slate and a pay I didn't see you guys like Bob Bob Bob and I look up they just deadbeat Pete Negron had. Now I managed to do Reagan and jags house in the years Obama know Shaq already and he's familiar with few or you have no idea that it's is that the that she put OK with the differences when she comes on the the speaker system she sounds like someone who just called her girlfriend went. Day I can see use. I guess it's like Dell me all you better run and since its product as it doesn't mean unemployment on the red dragon player what are you doing the Philly when he got to go back there is seriously in the bushes. I can do. URL into a house your eye camera you can hear similar honoring Sherman baseball bat. You know the owners woken up and it's for attention Q and then there's this seven foot two. And would you almost. In effect Shaq is so. Big bill like even if you had a bat I believe he wanted to do which is sort of arm. I mean I would add a fear I would run I don't know that I could hit his head I don't know what it is yeah this seems like I guess I lead Hillary sentiment behind every news release old blue. I think we don't you think you did you get him with a bat like he should feel good in my very little left of the the salute the only that it really agenda. The Marlins ended a medic there and at what happened to step back I don't look that there aren't working this season and it is yeah. So it's a you wanna during the summer usually when you enjoy watering thing. I know anyone who you are here aren't going for humans are distracting listen to grow you know shots of water and no noise at Colorado senator. Aaron Davis a former. Hopefully realize some noise you weren't you start coming into this room we know we'll hear you earlier you McIlroy well we just don't understand the general level allow most. There is one thing with my open every season like a look over there as you can hear you can act and exactly. Ask this in fact but. To soundproof studio yeah supposedly. Geez I got it down for good I had white. Ground yeah we all know grant you. Why do I Disney its long run council. Well Ron gronkowski greater honor god help you need these are you know I'm down there we don't know Negron otherwise Steve Brown tells Garrett it's. Drunk. Described. Surprise isn't it now I'm rob Ron you rowdy dog Kathy in this thing Gary does your caddy area as. Other U grandpa did Steve Murkowski I can learn the US TD garden or immigrants died in the new day and today is Steve Brown does he. The other though I know Steve ground to a ski. It's a rock star wrapped basically kind of watching his money this and that but then I recently he may purchase any that's good what. If you have that kind of money. It's just a ground by and ice here plus. I might senate deal last year my friend had a change Al's okay let me whereas last year at a party elsewhere. It made me feel because of so then yeah. And back my had I sort of I have on my son is if I do everything I need to do. Your on my bonuses do put all the work and I got to finally treat myself as Kennedy years I haven't really bought anything in my career. I don't really have anything luxury like that so. Lastly I finally went out and bought myself a chance and under my first thing I ever guy and I love your image. He feels good news now I know I know I didn't know. Now I understand why. Yeah auto white about a man he said that and in his I didn't write it like to party he hangs over the span. So he hasn't spent any of his NFL money. He's like look but I'm lucky where I get to the endorsements because I'm one of those guys that they they like it up to give endorsements he'll spend his endorsement money. Knowing that eventually that would dry out but all the xenophile money man he's just under way some new tires again. So the first thing he bought an endless all the headline I thought for sure like. In his parents a new house or something might command monetary. I'm also proud to announce that. There might hook up in another place India yes yeah I'll I'll soon have a gold chain to relay hello sorry. I think a couple weeks there and if remarked how long I'm. This is a big but remember you bringing this up earlier this human voters who sent the way you getting the gold chain for many did you hear an instant offense stacking cash who's leading the country. The world is a weird if you like everyone else and I know I knew and I got a dash in India for a lot. When he comes back right what isn't right you'll you'll endgame cheaper entire parents. And traders said they. Yeah he is pulling your leg man well we'll see I'm enjoying the money. Not yet come to Asia has already acquired are dealt a lot of dealers say it was a bad idea and I'm like how if you. A bold political change to get up to get one from Iowa resident of Benedict Morelli was changed so weird place that I wanna go Jay didn't know jays but now people. No bad idea why. Wanted to didactic. You know I feel like you Beagle changeup like yeah. I am ha ha ha ha ha ha I don't care yeah whatever they probably are not on there aren't and then every time you see me you'll hear that old little wings on a blatant lying. Everytime I come around to setting this up please do that's. I don't drink my very own. How are you gonna say nothing with. You've got a lot all right but I want some of the most binge watch shows. Tony eighteen so far for every state. In Kabul that. Mike what sort of the shows you've been been watching lately if you can speak. The gone through castle rock and who Lilly but I don't let's not going to be on there. I'm good by the way regardless fantastic okay I'm hooked popular funny show you've been watching. The office number one in twelve states Arizona Florida Indiana Iowa Kansas Louisiana. Massa he passed New York Ohio Pennsylvania Rhode Island Texas. People have been much binge watching me off still money show an emboldened by arguments I mean I know they had some subplots. The generally speaking you go watch any individual to suck and you're still gonna laugh and as a were supplanted panel when Irish priest and like the show's fans government. It is still actually the army national in the office you can re watching is pretty funny and it's always sunny Philadelphia is that wait till. Eight over number two on the list was thirteen reasons why that has seven states. I'd like more for a teenager who's a veteran I I'm gonna probably yeah I was even thinking that never heard of those I don't parent I want I don't know that's. But the show does a good job because he gets the big states in the little state California and Delaware Bob on the ball and you know it is really big amongst teenagers is about eighty girl's bicycle to commit suicide and she sends. Thirty to thirteen at tapes out to individual people. Blaming them as the reason that she can also as I rebellion. Okay and based on the backlash of just the idea of the premise right it's tension relax. Greta tonight about about then no one hanging. Oh my god man read it it's Spencer Levin don't. Again these are the most binge watch shows by each state Grey's Anatomy still guns in the third six states there won't be surprised and if you like that show. I'm always surprised and relatives coming into like we're gonna go by the hospital that they show on the outside of the building. Serious you know there's not take people by the build and that's infinity grades jello he's at home I don't know what you don't really blood wouldn't go crazy (%expletive) hate the okay. Good big praise. The blaxploitation I'm if it's evident that the my career because rain this morning hey I'm fastened my. If he thought for. I don't think you're crazy series Sherry yeah but trash somebody on Twitter tonight through with Billie Jean will think he can drag and it looks ansari and me. It is not a single Webber isn't an upper I did expect it and nobody in his movies way Johnny most. It just supernatural five states of that one but then your home state house where estrogen yeah you know. Crowd of friends. Comes in fourth or fifth force states like how. Why do you think in November or December as far as friends go do you think this is people revisiting it for nostalgia or that other people would like to implement the bench the office it's a lot of people who didn't want some officer for a better enjoy it right. But to me it's still kind of always funny as does friends hold important I don't know but framed his sleek. I'm a circle anybody out the buzz he talks a handful hot. I think it maybe there's a younger generation aren't I we don't want to make an imprint investigators against the French is simply one of those shows and why do I watched him for better. I'm that the at that broadcast at a premium brands and if it has been on profound need to you don't have now another minute summit obviously is going to be five C I while you entire run of it. But now about what China Washington simply to show sucks doesn't mean there are several move. Its stay in North Dakota the watching pretty little liars and you talk survivor in Virginia. To fresh prince of valor. To Newport News to get out. Here's the weird it's one thing Nebraska at that they're out watching a lot of this obscure enemy show called follow full metal alchemist brotherhood. What might you know about the show I was I know of Michelle my sister and her husband our own watching him like crazy eyed I haven't heard of diversion that you just and I only heard of full metal alchemist but he isn't a very very popular anime and got it does anybody in this room enjoy Brooklyn nine not. You know me and I am not watching and I really haven't I've watched so it's pretty funny but Brooklyn 99 number one in the state of Maryland in the seat of Washington Coca. Address Dennis. I'm an outside amounted to having lived in both of those places. Yeah that's when I thought well Montrae got them at the epic and expect. Let's see here the sad news going around the entertainment community is Aretha Franklin had passed away and I Jimmy Fallon actually does a great story here about when she was on when there is. Franklin come on your show you have to turn the air conditioning now. Like you am so you couldn't tell you is that the vocal cords so no air conditioning. The whole day and where you can freezing in the CN. So I don't sweat and feel like there is no air conditioning so the show comes quite some moments fans and people in the top rows back there at 515. Degrees and there they they all my jokes bombed the show there. We have very different. So and it's so we get to the end of the show and I go in Germany in the quiz show restraint and then she wants out. In game long fur coat. You're in here. Like I hope they go you can change your mind. It was so funny and so charming and nice to every single person our staff top to bottom edges. I can't say enough nice things about everything Franklin and as human cost my team you know tuned last year just causes they told him they mustn't show. And I'm one of those seven it was a good day and I come with a smile on your country segment but I just limit so much and there's things happen early afternoon. My original news. So besides she's been great singer who. And then she was a very good cook too right down through and it was earned yeah and errors evidence to support but this. If every store you hear it sounds like she's one of those women that became kind of like everybody's mom and someone I think that you're using I don't wish she'd like if you met hers she was. Instinctively maternal blood internal war it was like tough love. Oh yeah I love that and let us joy has down but would he do well like they said look. She was sort of the original deed goes and everything a run about a delay and she met when she truly earned a reputation and its that is different than your quote unquote divas of today. 'cause you're more right here I knew they invented so yeah. It was the way she was trying to be a deep that this is that Aretha Franklin was our retail price who's gonna be so as the word went around like look. So you join our man whose clubs she's got the Cold War world but do not baffled as well. Right at the same I carry no reason to say she's super motherly everybody. Is now not at all yet. Everytime I picture and I know this is due but I was for sure weren't quite firm device sitting casually I don't know why did you say or write cared yeah. Well I mean members are thieves have sort of cribs years ago but she was like shown everybody around our house or crimp. And then she got on her stair master in my makes six inch he's somebody you punch does that. All right Chad has that you and your right she sits in a bubble bath in a powerful rogue drinking champagne. Never seen or not laying down like irritability is the guy cares designers sideline over I guess if I picture her in amaze me up in my got on the Norwalk. Yeah. I am in the hunt they can and doesn't say anything bad about nobody who when he got married once like silence the silence is is enough I think he was a grand don't know. What rank and Brad Brad Pitt didn't say anything. Prices that he'll be d'antoni just kind of money what. Oh man that he's a great I mean this is peacefully or her young man who. Is peace yup but I still say they came here humor and he's my age drinking and she's a little bit older Arnold why the American yeah she's always talking and your way. He don't think we also let honey video. But the remake so bad boy thank. You know I mean I think he just solid but he was famous enough and cool enough the good yeah hominem merrier to dads are words yeah we're all threaded up the same terms of Leo right let's jump in the pool they have. Yeah that is what I Aretha Franklin everybody loved her. If you ever wanted to see your life. I mean always drummer for honestly have been singing part in The Blues Brothers and they go in and she's working behind account have the decency and respect going to be tracing the path. They do everything I might get headlines got a beer and just a few minutes you're listening to the men's or radio network. Timely dirt where miles. No let's see what's happening in the real far do you go read a Florida where 81 year old woman is busted for drinking box why not report to their boobs hanging out. Please stay in Florida where a 39 year old man in 78 year old girlfriend didn't qualify agreement shelves. Sixteen year old one's job mammals so he hacked there system multiple times. Iraqi ex fighter who inner US as a refugee extradited for murderous crimes not. This is another man's life thanks to well I think scores like it is time for him I. It's Sunday. There's nine irons out. Story and Florida police responded to a call about a woman behaving strangely while sitting on the bench in view of the local hospital. When police arrived on the scene they found the 81 year old woman sitting on the bench with her breasts completely exposed to any and all that wanted to witness some. I was drinking from a box of wind that she held over her head while she drink out of the spouse motherland he's saying any and all who want to did you see in the late. No one is now why you moved to Florida. But you can birdies out springboks won on your part of your moved Diana and I mean I mean I limited the fact I'm sorry. I mean how bout them golden god and to me that's just like a postcard that's largely flat day. Was as well as a slap the bad I don't own mortality B I'm your locks of would you take it out and just got the flatter and an urgent piece last at bat Garcia at all. When police tried to classy we have our bad what please try to come to get the why the woman attended to splash some of the wind and the Al deserves. She was a resident Botha local lock up bird disorderly intoxication but you drink and shop means. I don't I got back Saturday at Jeffords as a recently by a bomb went right. Chambliss campaign. If if if the in other news Mort is serving as out of Florida a 39 39 year old man was arrested for battery after he has opened his girlfriend. He's 78 year old woman eaten through nine incendiary time. While arguing about unpaid cable bills the woman attempted to leave the house for the man pushed her on the bed and held her by the match. Come on man there wasn't until the man's mother Sharon and Jim from the other room that he let the woman now. Farm is just a great story all around you they naming your mom's friend. You know what I don't understand how all manners or friend the way you days. After the arrest the woman clarified the man was a limb and ex boyfriend while he considers the woman to be his life. Cowboy. Right how does that happen. It's 39 and seven VA did mrs. Roy goes back. Our she's probably well to do and us I was still or throw down I also don't think marvelous play this day. I mean crowd does have a job. If you don't blow job this woman that does look like the guy and I went down come on that's the guy and the mood is awesome money you're right you know President Bush's numbers monarchy goes through the drive through health clinic he gets his Dell is her pills he seals have never felt good news this guy may be good mood job your mom but they're there is no old woman says blue yes that's my and that demand now. If by some that you see under the microscope he gets are really good drives yeah. Amanda Minnesota's still alive today and into the quick thinking abbey beer vendor and the movie inside man. The vendor was driving a struggle this Carter when he noticed a man clinging to the mall inside of a bridge. Well as Carter called the police the man front quickly and use tactics by Denzel Washington in the movie inside man. He developed to report with a man before offering of fear and talk about what was bothering him. The vendor destruct command long enough I'm pleased to run on the scene and closed the interstate into the man came down. He was then it's. OK okay. I've seen the place I get a man I didn't I think if you wanna go all right all right. Yeah I mean you're a man I don't think that if that is evaluate the radical right under the oil and it's a great commercial for cores like like yeah yeah. Bell and we save lives on her and right like the values of bloop and your life social drugs still flow and I'm all right you can see the mountains of blue you know what's cool. Said. Sixteen year old Australian managed to find the back channels into apple. Over the course of a year that kid stole about ninety gigs of secure finals and access numerous customer accounts. The breach was bad enough that apple got the FB and FBI involved which also got the Australian federal police involved. Making this an international peace and giving him a job he says stolen content take the boy fully admitted the crime and pled guilty he said that he loves the company hopes to where we're home we're going number one day he even store all the information he stole a file on his computer labeled quote and I hate that I love and I'm going to miss out. Pacquiao hatch act like it's tacky and water and it caught he woes in defeat kept all the stuff that. Trust me that I would hire him in the heart DF. Yes Taylor from the opposite back in the spotlight again and her nephew is to blame and Angela kinsey started blowing up on Twitter after more and more people started sharing her nephews your profile. When said quote you can still call me a fireman because I'd turn the hose on. And yes Angela from the Alvis is my aunt. After an FBI. Ohio and I love bull crap why you do and I intend to improve farmland lawyer noted debut. Why should I get lazy and then get a new intra ASEAN famous and earth yeah. Did you use every angle you can intend to start. Oh yeah now after not people syndrome profiler Angel posted an insurance story quotes nephews do not put me in your genetic profile photos K things buying yeah. Adds a little strange ideas will ever secret lives and for one danger in Pennsylvania and almost ruined his day job. The man is a teacher and the local school district and was investigated after a video surfaced of him in his other job forty parts it's in the wrestling world under the not see Millen character. Blitzkrieg. He's appellate and is now six. How did I say they'll vote with breast cleanly he's obviously taking on the knocking things people want ATF guys didn't have Dennis superintendent came forward after the investigations and did you did not violate any school district policies and he could keep his job all right because he was rational and army half an hour each that he did apologize they pride stubbornness getting used to and that's a. Realize that my god I. Brazil's CNN's John for your guess is as good as mine a random question question asked the men's room and we will drink Intel's with a shot of the day he hasn't even in the meantime we re all about that back. So until next time please do what you do best and for elite dissect. Beautiful. 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