08-17-18 Seg 3 Mens Room Goes For Two!

Friday, August 17th

Emails, Ted goes head to head against the FCC! Plus Bad Jokes and the Shot of the Day!


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This is no men's tour. And back down earlier on his bad idea 8449990. Karl this. Are from the beginning yet there. Here are Karl. Dario here all right god this guy just turn things in the beginning. All right so. I'm 33 we're glad it happened about twelve years ago the remote first grand. Real limits how much time. You're. Actually you're ready you're playing you can't control group known. It was a Friday night you're gonna go that next morning bill championed. Only Lakewood tone setter did you go see a movie we shouldn't right there on my initial actually not. So outs away. In about six cops closed door fly by street lights won't oath. Wolf the schools and thrown off so that's my goodness. It does about that would go oh yeah oh yeah well I have to tell you know being torn did you lol yeah yeah and they've done much in war only then it's in our area we believe this you don't want. So there where we've all their own and we get there were couple miles out of about a model and we can show you where they're adults own child's skull more that all the mobile home or and we go in there. Local drive into the Earth's. You know it's everybody's kind of looked enough but well I mean if this were weird show wouldn't keep my word and my buddies 8812. Bit just so don't come guards on the can we don't hold dear those virtually all mold shaped troll or just one three if you want. That's why if you look if you will you ever your driving and all. It's hard to natural reaction to go all look it's an unmarked cop car economic slowdown right Mohamed drones. Foray. So that you were boys and a girl Bertrand through a mobile home park they are in talks. Just came to area apparently you shouldn't call. Would surely you know this. So I love lives of people look at us we got this weird film so what let's go live we're going to lose let's go back to ditch Michelle was there. So you're driving down we give our house ways. You know between where we're at all 96 and where we are you go to a political counselor her experience I know there was. RBIs so there'd been almost most mobile home park on mark caller who's really good old Camaro. They're looking nations. You know what could be a culture so we get into political tone our leader in the movie theater I said dude go all the way down the parking lot with the big club to beat incumbent out. There in Washington holds us. Sure enough. Great win we close. This guy. This car behind us ditch where young there's been no actually no there's about ten golf course swarming us lights go Owens. Sirens in this you right in the middle of the town's center parking lot in this year. And I think your part of the shooting conjure in the area. I'm yeah exactly so that's sort of worship never got the windows down my buddies windows actually broken nose in the passenger seat in the window ought to be broke no one knows Oscars as. We had taped up. No students read stuff grow older and I had Barcelona my hair and won a bomb belt that they somehow remembered those girls are also in terms loosely on the one conditioning we. All along our economy around this segment. And you don't want your hair white your luggage hold tonight's punchline handled the local plastic bag your boys. Is this class it's the road speeds wanted to go look if they poured salt. And there were like oh they're ensuring does Millen still marry you you know no additional game you know you guys. You what you know all and some. We looked all we live around you reached Jerusalem known around these world you'll stupid idea yes wants. Me 10 good morning guys what do you do do you know Cuba or how do you know we had Melky is all we learn we are involved in any way. All we got some people coming down here are some windows it is so they seemed headed American I don't you guys she vulnerable could not done. All cable mighty wind and so we're both champions. Then. There. Our elders are used to await each of these into supposedly didn't suit you see these people who their search and our bid searching the vehicle. The orchard at the discussion. Soon Bryant would launch in the top blood is under the first what my body if he got potential. But no adult league I don't listen now. Can relate to yeah you know to be the guy. And cold the cold all of you go to your euros bolt. Still every other gun turret light oh. So this is so. The way did she show up there and they had us on our needs and Dioner about chasing another talk to our fab. The well the floodlights on console Conchita who's in the vehicle. There and obviously the people who are trying to identify as soon. We're just chamber was so good now emerging balloons were about to build more jails for some isn't a little more action and ultra. Yeah. He's flown in years. And I guess the New Orleans they designed you. Yeah they good mother god so they're coming out to us how blogs work they can neither were there and cuffed and stuffed or Morgan actually. And sure enough they stand or something you know you're one of them boy does bill. No child I'll let my emotions were actually out don't feel as though she goes. Are you better make this a lesson learned on over all of sudden large envelopes and direction. I didn't do enough to tell somebody anything so. Yeah I think I'm curiosity though you're young just wish my neighborhood that he too yeah I think and if you're. Fourteen and under bite like maybe you write down and like I. I want you to look man I say we can't simulate the you're right I wouldn't follow but also like well Amy they committed a crime follow the top. I would be curious to know I don't get like sitting in my neighborhood bar currencies come cars go by and we all know each other areas in my neighborhood I'm going to be like. Are where they don't you know I don't I'm not gonna no I'm not doing but Ted US I questioned them and think why if I I don't know. Knocked over a local KFC and have a bunch of cash from I think composure Muslim blue on FaceBook. It didn't look so stupid book. Unplug what do sailing if you are so this is always there once in a fire whenever it is ma'am people are dumb enough for the final compost patient themselves Robin plays like. I mean if you're god you'd probably like to think people are not bad stupid to jewels and although they are. Slight and all I would just incredibly tough. Is when I was use every day I had a really easy postal don't FaceBook like you're an idiot but you're trying to brag or something I. You can imagine commit a crime and followed the compromise kind of my he gave guys write and I his pictures up but he's been really dumb and BMI is the best idea ever. But I don't think it's awesome we just follow the path that's the you know I generally I would say don't follow copyright C area Kennedy and I hate it. This is the general rule hello Travis welcome to the men's room. And I don't know off the there. Go up my story kind of start you're dressed well I've he steered some I think about it though it terribly hot it's pretty nasty stuff. Page it is it's bad so. Our David got high school and she tried out when they go into her great great drama about earned a PH Burt pared some might bet 95 there's sultan. I didn't really wanna go back go of the anger at a red eye lap of the whatever but I'd be a really good idea to go smoke some weed before I go to. And we get there and I'm fit America I mean quiet usually never. Okay. On the radio. I don't know what happened. Defender rolled all the mom's my only guess trying to think about things and maybe they weren't Romans and all her what it would have been if not or maybe that was the whole thing the whole person and want the almonds. Percent of scarred for life. Other reasons and guess the man I'm Verizon wanted to hear. You if you are proud newsmakers rat who. This is collected and a bowl. Does say they put those who don't live there for comments I don't know. I don't know if one really wants to know and I got they've had to be good GA golf balls right it was a 98 place manuscript and I NBA if there. Right if it was late he has she's not be moments man let me see if she doesn't have played spiked Almon threat of I don't McCain H iMac hasn't had asked that I could Marty I think you're crazy but she sold for about. Hey hello and now welcome to the men's room. Oh. It's. Are you guys doing great thanks. If so little back story I grew up in Indianapolis Indiana. And then you're not familiar we had some aren't out there and they get really hot really humid and there are mosquitoes or day. Go back and I'm I think about fourth grade. Me and my brother decided that we are going to dig a moat around the clubhouse that we had. At Allen our backyard. I'm we dug it about. I want they would win and I'll put how do you. And probably about 015. Feet. Around when the third a little bit and tight circle highlighting it with plastic and I told a local watering everything ninth. Drawbridge. On Canaccord sunlight and a ninety is quite. My mom didn't really care earlier during a bong and you know we are outside flanks as he had no idea what we were dealing. Outscored about a month. And we don't have to work with few problems I am courts have no idea what I've just done my mom's. Hat. I do like trying to not wedded to coming from and mosquitoes they later made any standing water. The fact that I gathered moat around my club house just chill in the air. It'd create a light in the field are. And you've heard it I got in trouble and I had to do pretty much fill everything back. Yeah then none of their employer. I don't know if you had kids a comment on you as a guarantee. Up regarding Travis okay I so not these comments are not from him and his people guessing what they think the situation was a dole doesn't just aren't so. Travis to be denied here he's going to girlfriends. In the early 95 or 98 birthday of her great great grandmother but the story traumatize and relax and scarred for life these are his words and he showed up stone insurgents munchies he's even the omens out of the bowl and everyone saying look. She's sucked the chocolate off the omens and you found this out after. Everyone is saying look man I mean this is the repeated cinemanow I was amazed she probably soft all the top twelve films from the bowl and he finds. That guy. Given him I can only hope that. I guess it's OK guys this. There's nobody did demo legs and Graham I was just let them if every saw my pillow letters smooth if it if it's if since the I recommend now. Yeah I've got to tell bad Jonestown and I'm you know banjo suicide he's been doing emails the men's or mad men's in my back on devers is the FCC is on the way as well on your emails coming up next you're losing some banjo radio network. How did you know you don't have enjoyed the men's room. It goes on the way as well first time for a few emails in the men's room women's in my back jobs. Could jump right into the her days as we have a few all the men's room model which are very happy tenth birthday to our son doctor Digg and he loves the men's room. And always gets a laugh listening to the birthday emails. Out of her original face sandwich and a Joey chestnut please ask for money hammy money Hannah and will. I hope today yeah today I was you I am right now original face shown on the German Joey chestnut. I guess yeah engineers. Wounded ten year old Burton Matt and migrants Tristan blond man I'm a Muslim kid's birthday he's some believable. Always my son Corbett and having Tony birds they were you pleased human Allen think I'll look out and I know as Sherlock gone beyond one of those things guys out from staff and boat looked around. And now. Sure her aunt. My fiance is Tony's birthday today at any given journey Germans I love the show and yes my birthday and my fiance birthday are only two days apart guys out from Jordan because we care. I'm now. Q on the show itself but I can shoe on the. Jordan and jump and. Oh boy I just energy doors on Anthony pronounced Anton. He's back here in the states from Germany where he has no training to be part of these. German Olympic track team. Well space and own and love and window while in space dirty German as well good plays out some. Dirty Germans talking about being fast Doug Shane. Some history in the bedroom I MP. Some people's sentiments. Yeah multiple runs and domestic. I think he sprints and the maybe beautiful people on this team. Yeah I knew there. The ball well known for Jones when it's. On the open. And if you. My birthday and I'm look no Jeep faced sandwich in the dirty Germans dodgy about baseball go Dodgers sent from Sheehan the poker dealer direction. That's when we play gruesome good. So stick and ball. I heard they shout out to mr. Wagner got a Boise I know medium your penis is too small and some Vince Neil maybe a script is a story not a sprint. Things from Lance you guys rock thanks for an awesome job longtime listener here. I don't storybook guy's name is Melissa and my husband Dresser in the Big Three L today he loves losing to show on the road for working Emma they salad and the dirty German doc thanks guys appreciate it. How workers hours. Are we both DoubleTree Jamaican gone. Am I mentioning on the it looks a lot. Those ads are the Big Five 010 thank you guys from the word go with the Fisher house great Beers who lesion and the fun on the radio from a Neely arrived. I'm gonna get a good old LeRoy Jenkins and may be big old a bond hit a VR one of those two. Thanks guys that from pacs and. And I dims they unload the ball you don't in this. In the real sound. Oregon it's something. There photos all those are numbered thanks judge my son Andrew AKA big lead to return Swanee today you make dad proud of the man you become album original face and much. And the dirty Germans talking about going back to college as we head to Phoenix this weekend to move him back in the school thanks guys that from Larry AKA Marky Mark. Too arrogant fish sandwich and it is funny you're going to Phoenix for the times 200 retrenchment penis does. I was supposed to go back. Cons especially. Top ten ER in feet. Can only. Well absolutely with you big lit it's you know there's a bullet yet taping. Of the show me the problems plan. Guys ever just guys celebrating her birthday today she hates those us Maggie critters so can Shia month thrills double against maybe. Oh some shotguns thanks guys ever Randy and sandy. And Randy. And Tylenol and that's on them dig it's. Only has the game. Good buddy and I go artery and having Tony bird day has been great for years where this guy you were loaded you guys you know what that evidence that. Appreciate it may be in Andhra penis thrown in there as well thanks guys keep on rock in math from Tyler. Crawl and broke in this dominance are on main man LeRoy is birthday we dragged him here to Washington all the way from Maine and got mugged on the yummy men's room Brad can you know broad Jenkins. And the journeys of Germans online dark meat is the best. Thanks guys for all you do that from pads and brandy. I. And black my moment you guys don't need to the Pentagon do. Enjoy a nice. I don't want to remember tonight. Our guys are losing do you since I was fourteen. Today I turned twenty eights and do anesthesia for reliving. I get the attorney Germans and would thrill and now Mickey Mouse Ted talking about anesthesia. Thanks guys that from Manley. You don't want him on the mound. And anesthesia does momentum on the heels she promotion women's figure and I. You don't have what I do know my girlfriend it's the boy anesthesia cool never forget her. Cool morning none can. More if you don't really sure I got home compelling. Sounds only took a lot of time but we got me. Gold mine to undo. You know they allege Katy brown box damage the managers monster had replay and I want to say it again bodies everywhere okay he pronounced mocks cabbage the masters and the mantras monster had between nine bird she's our beautiful. She worsen the hydraulics industry. Maybe hydraulics. Associates mention how much you love to hear the dirty is to Germans talking about pumping and he transfer so maybe it is on drugs. I give a classy you'll pirate hunker down from the one and only hot dog. And our own songs like I can to make insurance fund she. Like dude you. Masters one day until maybe December or proud. Guys they did emerge as John's boyfriend John sure induced an ally against. Can I get a little did they say only damage dirty Germans talking about their love for fishing thanks guys appreciate that from Sierra can't buy you. This sandwich. Yard run on gold. All the assembled new dissolve. Just one small room to get to. A woman hopefully not a skinny yeah do they want to play to. The film about. My sister Stephanie 35 birthday she's a gold Jenkins you're Monday the Germans are about meat balls and black cats. Maybe start her off that Al hitting the window thanks guys kibo the good word got from dean. And Al hitting the windows OK Rowling didn't know it. I would not talk about some of these things are combined blue. Until now do something to. It's you know. Guys always having 32 birds in a veteran Mike. A barbershop or dead face salads and maybe the dirty Germans as well thank you guys that from him now. And I again if he is and okay so we'll know oh my god do you draw. Other can nine enemies end okay and she's an Amazon Amazon. Rain. You don't know what's on doesn't. Most fans throwing. Obama and she's checking out weekly. You're amber deja on top money change for his 36 birds say can you may be little pennies for miles. And maybe Shannon sharp throwing in as many as words as humanly possible. Love you guys that from Josh let's see hair. And please. This led to prevent cinematic install infinity symbol for both of the loan. Guys my buddy Jeff Brown's old schools 59 today and was one of those crazy carnival entertainers who light himself on fire. And dive into an ice cold tangled water. Any chance he knew and own look out and Ali in the window followed by you all talking all over each other about diving thanks so much that from his dog grooming life shoreline. Look at okay. OK okay I imagine how I broke onto a guy on fire on the bonfire. You know they're doing it doesn't go wrong and I don't want anybody who's got there I think is important from an hour to take care of business. That's kinda having like. Today is my grandma then he's 88 birdies she loved to celebrate those dirty Germans off his own James. Oh yeah I think she. Some loan. To Ole miss. I'm resembles the Lizzy grant. Those who beat. Yeah you'll find things you can name. You know I just have a car. OK I had a better car okay have you had. I do you do and you don't you. But and I. I came here. Are available through these we'll stay on men's room and I'm does come another sign retailers. Him shrine inside yeah. Lou go to actors here subject is people who can't take your hands. Guys what is double the listeners who cannot take your hands no need to ask Al everyone is doing during every single phone call we all know your fine and word games. Not out enjoying the sun or just off work or blah blah blah are on the way home are gone to dinner. Oh by the way when the music comes on that Manger either going to commercials are your PodZinger for station identification. So either wrap it up or cause or stay on the line. The lady the other day on your guess is as good as mine cart barn. Love the program and a little miles loses his mind and yells. I attention people. To be fair man it's what people do they say hey how are you people are nervous we did it. When did it and their defense. Again here today and music that's one thing and on the phone now I know I know you can hear you Campbell right you right and we knew listing and reaching here from forcing the people we need to now you're saying not honest to god we did not know this for a while okay and and parlors and we did to music. Obviously it's an indication that we need to go to break blab blah blah but just like when given a speech at the Oscars we assumed other people unlike us here. And then they would know to do all the things are asking and then we discovered like. Yeah man I really did hear that mean like tennis and so that's the thing when you're listening to someone talk about music players. I avoid simply of Astoria because you don't want mom they don't. Policy would tell what made the fun stuff Bubba Joseph Louis. I work on third shift at the operations command center in Los and you guys around midnight on my no way home. The other night on the show we had a random question the question was what made the fun stopped. Immediately I remember the time my fund stopped well many moons ago I was a young Marines and the movie jackass had just come out. Well me and my buddies used to go and donate plasma on our non paid a weekend sparked some quick cash. And against strict recommendations from the plasma centers staffed. We were pulled together our cash received and had to Wilmington and hit the clubs. Well one specific weekend we decided to use the cash to rent to full body costumes and reenact the scenes from the movie. Where they're in costume and run around beating up each other. Well a few details Anita for your knowledge first my costume was a full big bird that would be off that is unlike an already full big bird. My buddies was a full body kangaroo real. Second it was mid July so even a night in North Carolina it had to be 85 degrees short so me and my body decided to go nude under the costumes and commands running around downtown Wilmington beating the living crap out of each other. For a long time. Well a moment I was about to talk these two checks into a three way with a big bird my body ran up behind me and kicked me right in the Jimmy. I was so pissed because my Jimmy hurt a number two I was 99%. Sure these chicks were down. So I'll wait until my buddy walked up to next to us too willing to police officers and was messing with them. I'll wait for just the right time and then I ran up and Jimmy super fly snow could drop kicked him right through the to find cop strive for side window. Needless to say we were immediately detained and brought in to the fines jail downtown. Well when we arrived we told them we couldn't take the costumes off because we were completely naked under them. So they may just keep them on. Well when service members are arrested if they require you to be released to a member of the Comanche well I was lucky enough. Now my hard news first sergeant there was more in about 3 AM it's and I had to drive 45 minutes to the jail. The look on his face when we walked out of the holding cell and our costume Hans my worst nightmares. He made us go straight to the units which was waiting in full formation. And have explain why and why you don't drink after donating last month. And blew it why it is wrong to drop kick your fellow marine through a police car window and three. Why you should not go nude underneath costumes then he probably had to use. I had a run of three miles down a back to our you know motor pool to assist us in sobering up. Thank you guys you're a show racks that from Joshua is listening down there in in Fort Bragg and believe it's our rock 1030 my guess is Rockwell if that is not really threat I don't know North Carolina so appreciate good and bad right. But it's worse than good I think it's kind of good because they're just gonna drop you back off with the military but it's bad because it's the military in your dress like being murdered Nintendo isn't everything. Like if I generally get a rest of their life we'll give you somebody else you'd like all right price were right about the double edged sword and got that first sergeant just staring at times demand around it's really good times audience and the we go back in times the last time that we played intent vs the FCC. So we go to let's go back in ten. Oh earlier gained fame and survive. Fires are funny ducks furiously to clean funky Turkey's frolicking down to run fast dunking the fires. Fun fun teaching a funny docs from Alex fearing the flying ducks. Does that became fans find buyers for funny ducts fiercely tickling funky Turkey's approaching downtrend fast. Doesn't apply bond fund to Jane the funny dance France fearing the find out why. They came up fans find buyers for funny duck seriously tickling funky turkeys the rocky downtrend fast doesn't have fires. Bond fund king a funny ducks' front experience find out hey Virginia fans five fires for funny doctors we tickling funky turkeys the front they don't drive fast. I think the fire spun by making a funny ducks' front spirit of why rock. When I'm sorry to ever since this season halos Julia and. They need time. Boy who. Go well anyway. And then kernels Laura Denver's as the FCC went along I admire you courses that I did not want to get out of bed this morning miles good Daryn back and tap the bottom aren't we weren't you must get dumped the leader now we came in today and there was actually a a listener a cement its members of the FCC newsletter earlier but once the well I ate a little off and legs that I know that I would not then insulate. And you know our rule here losers first. Honda drivers NBA. CC outcomes from Khazei who says rock Ghani says guys. I'm a longtime listener I worked up a little rhyme for sir Edward here and hopefully you guys like it and it goes something like this. She auditioned these Shelley's since whether it's huge runs QD Tilly. She carefully cuts and runs until these kitty claws. Chile's kitty claws are now acutely cuts are about his very way that we do Ted vs the FCC is he gonna say that one time through and then three times fast. Let's birds you start he should write children's books affect. Yeah no kidding right. Shy and shifty Shelley. Sits with her cute run Kitty Kelley. She carefully cuts right. Chile's kitty claws Tilley is kiddie calls are now acutely cut Democrats shot nation. Runs skinny till she carefully cuts right Philly king please call balls. Phillies kiddie calls are now truly kind Barnes Sean shifting Shelley sits with her cute runs giving Philly. She is carefully coached run really good cause. Chilly chilly cold there now do they thought tunes I should be showing since they're cute run TV chili she carefully cuts right chilly chilly. Claus doing killing Kenny calls are now do they got. Holloway and enjoy the. Find business get those bad Joe's ready to go 844999. Hole you can email Matt Jones goes in the men's room and bedroom live dot com it drunk in charge. Ryan castle as governor David armour the rules gentlemen Tom thank thank god. Those bad Joseph is right after the break you are listening to amend or radio network bad jokes I made four par 999. All first go to ensure that the bad jokes lasts for generations to come. Generation as we first must bring you these rules. Six is the official men's room that jokes rules a bad joke isn't all bad. Unnecessarily. How dirty June gloom for instance a guy walked into a block. We know how that one ends and yes we all know about the man Fernando again. Iowa do you Hindu men still a bad joke. In essence of one I mean we all know that Jews don't Hollywood. And what's better than winning a gold medal at the casual look. Similar rules in mind before you. Georgia Tech got the bad jokes what's the difference between a hormone and an enzyme. Numbers when a hormone and then inside I've never heard an enzyme and. Head OK for horn I'm not. Listening to the men's room he brings into the men's room went for my. OK oracle 9990. Land away we go at a better jokes. Hello all my goal welcomed the bad jokes. Didn't you are not. Saying what does the data are most comedians read about talk crowd. What is the iPod what is the one eyeball comedian. Stuff that I called comedian what is the bad oddball comedians say to the look ground. Up crowds umbrella. So while. David welcome to ensure works. Okay all and really not going to do. You know me man I'm all about it. Slowed doesn't do it deeper and I know the question where did Heidi got a little why all. Yes you are good loyal wet would that would require pat what. And others. Okay how did this battle and it's I'm shrunken heads oops it. Oh wow oh wow. I played good last week Mike we all saw it norms and no leg on the sidewalk guy would no arms no legs on the sidewalk blood. Dirty. This. Is Larry and I alone here. Loves the bond while good the bad jokes. I. What are the ducks smokes. What is the dark smoke what. My good guys are doing it now. Have you read. They're better than usual way ahead Susan great gas cans even throwing Al find out nortel's yes indeed and today we jokes 46 year old Derrick Blankenship paints bill Kentucky. Last Tuesday police tried to pull them over. But he kept goldmans and we've got to his house not only got out of his car he wouldn't listen to the car stolen tank into the ground and stay where you are. Know is what he said why because Darren had a group. Indiana too bad that's pretty told the cops becomes however distracted by the gun on him and the fact they matched the description of someone who have been fired a gun in the air. Earlier that night and we should also mention deals and came from the cops. Luckily he was arrested garden cop car. And as for Darren ended up to being in the back in the copper hand and then on the way to being a dad and I'm his way to jail. If you do get a folks know that I was a line. We lose imagery does lose because we think it's young male actor of the tongue and down the throat do you party in our tummies. Now wow I'm Daytona. Since then again. And you know men's room radio network. I KI SW.