08-17-18 Seg 2 Mens Room Didn't Think It Through

Friday, August 17th

Mens Room Question: Looking back, what did you realize was a bad idea?


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This is the men's tour. The city and 989 Iraq Kansas city's rocks facing a boring the last guy not good for seven K easy Indy Alaska's rock alternative in beautiful downtown Anchorage and our friends Iraq well five Chattanooga is rock station. And Tennessee are questions they are looking back what do you realized was a bad idea 844999. Cola. Hello shaggy welcome to the men's room. Or I. So what do you realize it was a bad idea they're shaggy. Well yeah my body is weird being here we go out when it's related nowadays because that is really big huge hill. But with the fumble led another buddy LeBron do get bored and I gamma log book Greg Jennings. Well well. They're going to be street during the day. We've had to hang up her a lot of we are really Asian it is important study lady. Oh. If any at all. Stuck it up and head back home pretty soon afterthought it's gone down hill Brenda Davy it. Well I didn't get much handed over by eight older ordered. I don't. Or does resent. It all Luke or current hunger and you get your hand to run over. Yeah ha. So. Along well along we'll decide what is it. If he's really reliable hit off. So. We're pretty confident that we really never wrote on the sidewalk because you always put on the night. And at the end it really really trapped sidewalk. And look at each night of the legends of bad luck and come up other grounds like career hobby. And I would not let forward in my hand landed just now into this bit with Islamabad it is enough that I took my hand got ran over us. What did I heard and it is Saturday Adrian and his use essay question how big I mean they don't you would think I don't know what do you don't would you I told her I don't I love the navy just because it's flat right so it's there's no impact for your kids are running the oldest 10 really fast probably. Puerto ways blocked it does and I'm wondering over that splits and then I got stung by bees took billions I know thank you can Gus Lloyd and sat down I'm afraid I heard I don't know as far as I'm not sure so under her rent. Yeah I heard this thing that's and it did to act like NBC analyst. I can happen this still led in July 8 it into you don't Opel staff that it didn't break anything. I just got huge huge gash you are leading Arabs are. I'm a lot and I'm thunderbolt met but I do look weird when they're like do you eat it's good doctors and Holman. Either on now might well restrict a parent and I live look at look like any signs of her parents. Only area around that everywhere. And let's see. You know how to bunch of Plato has emerged into the yard boot. So I think they're they never did they can help. Death other guys that may have to tell you don't know that don't currently on hold another career I tell me get a new thought right. You will go gonna deal literally have real people of the Mayfair if you go by the name shaggy that I mean those are so he moved and about the speed I expect him to go yeah. Commander shaggy and the story takes place along more on my pros find this is just how does I'm sure his phone was fine I think he physically is coming in and out and we dream shall I preeminent arms yeah he's pacing was right on which shaggy should be. That's sad that I can adapt the I think there's maybe sag I don't got a location north and her talk into I don't know you know William yeah back when he realized it was a bad idea 844999. Alone desert named William don't suck. Hello John welcome to the men's room. Oh. Yeah. Harry are doing a lovely. Yeah yeah yeah at a younger month detector that led to a new oil in the event. Any who is a job my story that's as it was jobs. Now I'm big man there who are just got back appear random city. How how how hot out in Austin, Texas. Really how hot is it in Austin thanks almighty god it's triple digits where you we hang out loud and a career instead mart is well account or learned to do out there and done that can be managed to play this women dependant. Ali Al yeah oh yeah I used the word go led by there and fun screenings. Cities and everything else around. So you can Gandhi was just bag all right yet but it's it's. I'm playing really bad LG I live out lives nonsense and got very go to a day. And excel you can lose employees see. And I I that would do it by yeah confidence. And no doubt Ryder Cup and you know I'm going to bat or that I would potential concert. Hello I'm up by the bands. I don't really wanted to do it you know take your ally ala have been locked up a good you know its spirit between limited and a I'm gonna show we go shoot up reality series being displayed called you know a bad word they used to have you yeah Baylor and a lot of people would go out. It's not anything new way. I just moved. Alan Goldberg you know to the wrong place and going down and pillage and look I realize it until upgrade its flat. No computer guy heading into wood in the air wrench to. But that our motorcycle. Accident this. It's. I'm just blew my rear tire out a Manhattan bar and I had to rebuild their earnings. Billionaire under the unclear yet if you're right it's absolutely. And I try to need to log in and that its spirit and police are counted to show up though I knew I'd take the up. Well let god take out a way to cull of course yeah compared dot L. I ordered you an issue unlike ROL. A losses like the whole nine yards and it would have been worked. Will it do I do not the ball could have five or edit station. I'd call up and do you have believed you go I've heard that ought. I didn't have what. A boot and Eleanor Odom are pretty Garth era so. Up. I. They did out there Ed they had to toe drag so they lifted it they drain your entire your honor you guys the maligned art. So. I then yeah if I'm by. Make it back let he had no moon didn't look around the lives. Oh god we are broke up and have is that the attitude taken off. Most I'm OK very good for the country they remain in the state first. Texas Austin, Texas now my buddy moved into Austin and he said they we always kind of joked around about Texas people loving Texans yeah. Any anti freeze if you think he's still in place right being relayed the hype each other on might just get hyped eastern Texas and I think they're in how do you do it. It be like where do you think is when you go to other states right regular golf from Seattle IBM wakes me of this event but Texas people sit in Texas to be like. Texas also important that I had a great that they might each other about it all right. Texas we will love taxes I'm from Texas to Austin like aren't you know it is wonderful home is that California Texas like they get all these things I didn't within the least in ten seconds. Californians let you know you're your they're from there. But they'll talk about the stuff like Texas people get real guy who's never brought it upon as a negative ads it like Abbott don't near the California thing it's for the other and my guess. Cousins to autism superiors and like you know I'm from California voters are gonna start Gerardo I mean it's like that. But it's definitely California and Texas within the first ten seconds. Yeah I don't know terrorism though is jerseys are already better he's closer. Like I was and I don't know all the while he's another one. Only tell you how your governor Wally is your same difference at that point but I remember being in a long line to the bathroom this is multi market it's just a long line and unfortunately it's one of these are bathrooms does want to what sort of goggles Hamas nor does business chart. And herbal waving its sons. And isn't turn for reasons I gotta go I'm a broad. Everyone's standing alone and as I once was a little while we're standing like every once something is double gold in them Palin why do you think we're here bro that's. I did it. Does a damn mad really got to go mark while you know and they walls takes about fifteen seconds later. I'm from Jersey a short GAO's release it as Canada's out of the venerable and remind. What does it mean why do right now Amanda Carpenter so cold they let you wouldn't do this Jirga Grand Rapids lake. Yeah but you're gonna wait no matter like what would you do in Jersey would take down the door appealing don't understand. Why is that important right now looking back what do what he realizes a bad idea 844999. All. Just an hour and staying amateur and as I don't from Jersey are OK I hear that hello Betsy welcome to the men's room. I'm. I've done well trade I think today we're globally are you bouncing. I am loving the amount here and Bellevue and you connect it speak more than a kite day you know like the guys they're not. Yeah that's nice actually it is nice don't Breeden a forest fires. Death to America where people in Beijing look at the Pacific northwest and oh my god alludes formal Wear them because it does. If it's an apple and they might story is. Kind of an interesting one I was a sophomore in high school it is quite a ways away a long time ago. And. An American MF recommended a high school you know in between Clancy glad my 510 minutes and get your neck costs and I was. I'm young I'm not very bright kids. Yeah I mean I know the capital circumvented but somebody dared me. They now own and found I could I'm forty pounds of old English smiles a. Did not okay. I'm not gonna go gonna go or go home I guess right. Right OK I'd never drink a little vulnerable. I'll. Look at I think are I had no idea what I was getting into it now very minor but Monica aren't in it to him between classes in high school. And all found out why did you get all down. Most of that I believe that I can recall most of it and the look like on a pair of kind of a bad is it. Kenny I mean I was glad maybe I Daryl you know under our form of a July. Downing it in and the bathroom and I'm my class but I was going to put a lot of thought on my aunt does this by and I got that final appeal warrant an out. I didn't care and it just can't think. All I remember. Is kind of an a look at my taste good and pulled my second thought about and I'm writing thank all of my pencil I couldn't. I remember I couldn't believe the data and felt like I was gonna fly in a month or anything like everything was moving I don't make them worth. All the kids around me of course you've. Yeah automatic anti school. And then you threw a good man I'm sure in retrospect. In my sock. I think it's fantastic. I love match looking back what are you realize it was a bad idea 844999. Cola more calls coming up you are listening to the men's or radio network. Men's room with smiles and drill. I'm matchups on the way the drug charge right Cassel really big we bad jokes right before we drink Intel's win these shots the day our question. Looking backward you realize it was a bad idea 844999. Cola. Hello Goldman's. Hello Kelly welcome to the men's room. I don't know that. So close back in the eighties when I was about ten and ash. Democrats stay bunch gold mining stuff bout your brought rib belt and his Jason dynamite was that a bull case is public support stakes couldn't. I don't let the bottom of its arch. And we've got to be a great idea to see if we detonated. Corzine is around my. Passed off after it took one of those you don't of those fourth of July orders got dialogue to use sonics got that use up. Stuckey did it and wanted to stick to dynamite let it ran. Europe and happened. Carol I've gone on air my body gets and it lives put everything on top of it. So we take sometimes we just another little blog if you lose today at media day at that may be on top of that past. Did the trick is that it's zoo closes. Oh well good little. Would building that was back in the shrubs. Brightly were about a hundred yards away any closer read it probably didn't Charles Phillips. So. You know we get all the records all now only heard two very you know and every Paula Bennett was that stood out modest step batters are you okay you look the law. Stern out of touch EnerNOC and yeah. Silent and children but the results announced. Yet father like I'm okay did walk away. I dictate caught on events that I had something to do. Does your what what happens the other states and dynamited ginger easily Mal Lee mount there. All it all largely due we were Smart but I was like child take that looks gross they pledged stable backed up and find out later realized that dynamite as it ages. Nitroglycerin. Backed peace you do it bleeds out that's good data I get shiny look into the Maurice. But it actually that the nitroglycerin and if you take it like. Drops on it it'll explode. Now is grew hazardous dump a lot about it but I do know that but come across began. Wolf people who weren't. Do you come gripe yeah I'm gonna come across in the den. I can Mariano railroad tracks are still an ally man your friends and Mario and made probably a little later deleted. How. How about half after a trip and I think. In all though man adds. You've found the one thing I could care if you are a little boy right in your pyro years late if you found dynamite there's no question you're gonna find when detonated beneath this battered and ideas it is and we did that now but it died aged. That doesn't always dream last found dynamite little flooding backwoods do what he realizes a bad idea 8449990. Love. Hello Carl welcome to the men's room. Hello Carl. Any job goodbye Karl the Karl silly girl hello Laura welcome to the men's room. Almost could cost on the category of competing Leno loved. I I was back on the high school I decided to make cake. And new questions basically so I got a hand mixer out. Try to billion. Put the deer aren't aren't. I was trying to be here are a bunch something's slipped and I turned it off. My fingers start caught up in the beer parlors. And dilute my it to Peter Bartlett. Who wrapped around my fingers because I was stupid to plug it and people are able to beer bars. How mad how bad you mangle your hand. It was pretty bad where my brother had to go the opposite direction she's just icing period. How it's. So how is that it was tried so he totally. It already dealing its. Well just understand with a name like ignoring it only makes sense that you would injure yourself making your case you do the mail and I. I thought you earners on the McCain making injured and of course you do it. D.s yeah. I'm going to hurt results with a kitchen and how do you still use those Cunningham Susan do you do do you think about that every single time. Every single time I've put together and I'd like it and ended aren't annihilation. Yeah it's amazing volumes of news on the what did you learn a lot of nice kitchen aid makes us. Claim back what he realizes a bad idea 844999. Obama. Those things you've got an expensive dude I got one of those things it was I promise of my my my stuff on base lot of bread he cooks a lot of and does not strain in his eyes his ability even bragging I mean spread. Is why they sell at times if you gotta have this you have does the rest your life. You use and anytime you want to make cost eagles' starting. Links or Bob I'm never even I never even plugged in did you ever make you have never plugged in it like. No no no you used up if you think yeah you need right now I don't date may be a I don't know you and Michelle Obama I know people that didn't make their own arsenic and maybe. Once in the thirty years unknown they've done leg. And myself partially thanks dad is coming because pilots so spends trying to in the that's the thing I won't know on rods in the basement incoming college cost isn't an initial lasagna I would never think to date did you make it nearly is always noodles. Out here. We come up mentally it has that a test of the big flat violent. Now I'm thinking about. It's everything Sox outfielder. Love of ABBA. Yeah I'm Arnold and kind of super she could no idea he had to ask you want to go back when he realized it was a bad idea 8449990. That's great though he obviously your brother more doubt it's to make lasagna Google's privacy well like his brother morning madam drive me. If you ground. It's going to come out and Rosa diverted unit number is going to be about your Brothers I'd seen in many showed it to me did you just throw in make ingredients and now hello I'm young Jimenez who am I. Alicia. Hello Jake welcome to the Mandarin. Yeah. So it just a note I you guys were mentioning how people living in New Jersey earlier I grew up and accurately. I can't. I sheltered me about fifteen minute but I've Atlantic City little I public order. As so Jersey is beautiful and the other day may Atlantic City you know isn't serious stomach Palin reality cinema. So I think ailing cities nice wellness and I'm not us but everything around and I think they do win is that these that it's. I know I've heard them but Abbott has done a nice already write better. Are we were we write about New Jersey. I I don't know anybody that would willingly admit that their credit currently. Top groups it's a black hole there really just. It just opened or are much time and I have to stay. He ran a better I don't know anywhere you like the New Jersey tomato now I see it and I got no different then I'll only UN New Jersey our role. Now I cannot get so I cannot get cheese steak he Seattle I know that there are places that I doubt my can't get into that they don't get amorous rolls. You can't. Did it. I've I've had to do any man I gotta go gold only man disorder from gold belt and your. Yes there are unique but. I I could try a little harder but you know when I climb back and ended in failure or. I opt out I'll go to like Atlantic City shop shop or work you know White House's something Atlantic City and end at some. It is the old I guess I'm kind of into these things and Bronson. Is all they engaged golf. It's an emotional level. All I know I I'm Bret Meyer report no doubt that it. So yes. I'm so my story is. These first shot I ever to shell out. Your pros who. Yes I would look Gary yeah. I averaged at the time dating a girl who was much more experience. She spoke we did not stop. She wouldn't Philadelphia I lived up dirt start there and we got. At oh like I'm gonna try to play catch up. So I did my research. You know I got all the sum up this era it was legal I think she'll I don't. And she helped prepare outlets are up high you are adding. Don't got everything ready and spoke it and it. A second. After her I held my breath and started leaning a little left and I don't remember any light. I woke up in her face and it was about she said about an hour later although I don't know why these. Oh this is she quite happy I'm. I started. Flailing everywhere. I knocked over herb on the got all of water all over the place. I hate ice started throwing the first stop and then it really got. Upsetting her when I started tried to crawl. Into the bathroom and buried this like open table if you ask us how this and needed 1000 piece lost puzzle. Okay. And yeah. No I didn't you or is she she was so. Pissed off at me or attempting to act and I think I woke up in the path. Problem. And and the whole the whole thing I like it would be scary thing in the world up to me because in my hallucinations. Like everything that I ever knew. It was a joke. I like everything I have earned in the east crackle that law and spacious. Up and and afterward I was like. Are right I'm done not doing that. No no not a millionaire who learned he's got me did you did you laid out we did. I don't care Williams I don't get resilience and match exactly like I can't go in and out of Inco offer a few nights after that things though. Can't I. I can't drop it she would create each Zoho. I I. Still ahead you are doing drugs through a. But all all all natural stuff like hey I I crew mushrooms that was quite a trip to. And chocolate examples so every once I heard I'm like 36 now I can't I can't do that as much more. Oh sorry Dan young despite the earth than you used oh man crews to and happy that you'll yeah. And they're the owners I do Baghdad yeah she was crazy do you believe it's yeah that's that's. So much agreement on how knowledge you know exactly what we're looking back out what you realize it was a bad idea 844999. Cola. Hello ski welcome to the member. Oh oh yeah. So retired Marine Corps can be years ago and my first trip directly to your initial invasion in 2003. County had a memorable there's a big sense from that happened right about that time NASA news. So I mean my marine. We bedded down for the night on their old Iraqi airfield we couldn't go on a third because there might guild next look so you sound good night. Put all Mario circle Y digital are packed with stuff together. And security and then we quickly realize that if anyone of us had to go wander off that big a leak or something we've never lie to each other. All other in my mind and I mean I admit I they might be the minefield thing I don't know the things start since. Right so we have we have to market our position would have a couple cam white geo political ideas now make below. And so we'd we'd get down for the night couple. Big Marine Corps helicopter about. Five to ten feet above it. And in hindsight market our political camel I still look like a less says yeah. Okay. My god I know him yeah that he has gone on to copy any. So we waved them off seal frantically and he he got the message he landed about fifty feet away from our own minds it's. All our crabs. Because they're the rotor wash blew our packs include abdominal I had broke and didn't die Omaha is that there was crap everywhere scattered so yeah I'll just. Pretty much does her breasts and morning the next day we're trying to final aircraft was building and find everything. Oh let me ask you this will make us a story. Kind of funny but it because you know a minefield on the side there's still a sandstorm going sort of grabbed blew into where you think there's mind do you just letting go. Yet a tad bit better right up front you know I need you that's pretty much sleeping bag that bag now right right. Tiger is amazed drew laughs. Yeah yeah but we never did that again. I don't imagine the numbers in Helen got drill in my head yeah Montana. Flip Murray has always left oh man I don't doubt the okay Brian Lenihan Bryant this then I mean they had a healthy thank the guys in the chopper was declared as a cool thanks guys. Looking back though he realizes a bad idea 84499. Final. Hello Jessie welcome to the men's room. Far. How they got good Jesse how are you plus they are has sunk a might think you're the dog you but everybody else is pretty good. I was assistant to a better as a sister. To let him catch it pregnant. Oh my mental health I don't know long. A lot he's he's going to be and maybe. All my early and it Q pretty people make an ugly based on an ugly I am a little weary trying to get ugly. All Internet devices consume probably unique things about babies should be drug did gore how's your you're Hamels who aren't. You know my hat. Until I get into our honeymoon from Muslim these guys are talking dirty at a mall it's its. Aren't going on what nobody realizes a bad idea. It was a bad idea as to goes through Jack in the Box drive through backwards. Why why you why he didn't third backwards. Well I am a senior in high school on the match or cinema and it's like a very and I am with my best friend and her little sister external. We've probably seen it on a movie or TV I don't know but like you know look scooted backwards and be so cool let's. I don't rule my old friend of the passengers see and she gets to order you know and laughing like. If they had no idea they're gonna think it's so finally get to the window. I'm a drive through people. Don't think anything's gonna. Nowadays and they were only because. There's still some dressed him it's just a straight line a little little little occurred. This one wrapped around the entire buildings and and I am I mean obviously my driving skills. Can't be that great and considering my gender all. She's a little while you say you're a new models out there and hi hello I. He stumbled female I'm I'm I'm getting thrown under the bus for a reason we did not think there should lose by now he lives. And upper third I don't see how Mormon. And don't look a little bullish for a loser and I'm in what I know I can't drive Grassley doesn't easiest I'm more black Kremlin cheese you're right this minute it's highlighted your report drivers he went backwards. Practice. Hey Larry I now drag out an Olympic 1000000000 yeah also I am in the middle block current and all of a sudden I mean I'm stuck my car is like sideways. And that there is such a long line units in the Jackson off the weekend night it's kind of like Black Friday I mean its place. Did you ever write that in the witching hour but I don't think it's an advantage on. I'm in a Barnes and drive through yeah it's doesn't it's like yeah I. Oh yeah I'm stuck they had to get an employee they come out and links stride as he looked and barely contain. I encrypt and there and that at one point my we'll get stuck on the curb Iran and upload concrete blocks like Anna lake. And my car and can we. You lay his head to drive backwards through drabs of there. Okay yeah yeah we've suddenly even doubt we're going we're able to pack up all the way to the window makes sense. Of course this you can talk to appear one to get the food she'd like to go which is goto it believed only worry about it but unlike more. After all you can teach your milk shaking their own. Did you know. Yeah I know we stopped diagnosed. All you ordered the notion that I. And you're going through all whole group of people in the lower as you decided to go through the drive through backward for a motion path forward here OK. Obviously you guys. Ever since the FCC we have Matt Jones on the way as well and more of your calls on our question looking back now we realized it was a bad idea for 8449990. Left. You are listening to the men's or radio network. He's seven no one. Without cutting dandelion for the ninth when an employee of the Boys and Girls Club. Called the police telling them that the woman refused to leave she's old so she can get around too well said the employee and on the 911 call. Officers arrived and responded to the situation by holding her. At gunpoint. Shocking her with a taser and he beat her in jail for hours according to the Associated Press. They departments police chief defended it on the officer's actions claiming that given the situation this was the least aggressive use of force. But the woman's family says she presented no threats they claim she's simply couldn't understand the officer's commands to drop the knife because she does not speak English. As she's now a nervous about going outside. She is still repeating the incident over reminded telling us she didn't mean for this to happen and apologizing that you didn't want to bring this on us he's having trouble sleeping. And she has stressed that according to our great granddaughter. Another relative pointed out the officers could handle being down there without the use of any force in a way. She is 87. Years old club to be fair I mean look at is do besides one and I understand she's 87 pounds probably did not need to do all that all of that sent. It doesn't matter what language you speak there's a knife in your hand it. And can't seem I don't know uncomfortable around you. Justices like I don't know any Japanese I don't know Japanese at all but appealing about a nice from my handwriting the content how do you Elton but they seem agitated this whole thing you're right they seem agitated but you kind of aggressive. I don't know the same but I'm just gonna drop the knife but just seems like the thing to do look back what are you realize it was a bad idea 8449990. Love. Hello bank and welcome to the men's room. We're at it until it's actually exports bit into the path. Probably I have always came polo add some called on the back of their own so I know static and a crappy why. And we did it once. Good and it changed. Glad we got him. All right cool so all my bad idea. Candidate being was probably the worst in NATO's Couric I could possibly you know Benito. A home so after a local bar close. I know that came out with age group. Pacific islanders I don't know exactly which I do it. I'll say islanders otherwise we would say it. Right practice and basically what is that they were. Asian mirror let's see no camera specific and Enders you know the area you gotta do an idea what I'm talking about you know we get a glimpse it if it can't. I don't kidnapping. Armed. So being so one particular. Those are particularly where birdie aimed another description purposes and we won't show is called herb now what you. I enter pocket error in if I take your PC need government Ursula get fired if I'm kind of country you lay I don't mind getting aren't close duke. Arm she apparently had taken quite a light in June 8 and basically well long story short cheering them getting a hold of me alms. So poor like I ain't trying to figure out how to get away from where she keeps like she grabbed east keeps. My kids and you know I try to keep me trying to look at my own number. Former one dollar well let me go. On being YL. I her friend is standing next door has no idea what to do at this point to the panel I don't know and does he thought nobody or hurt the and there are other words they are and who are you going to just. If you put the smaller scale they're gonna make the bill we have metric tons. Are all Carnell lake in the background. Just kind of stood staring at me not sure to do so I'm trying to figure out just how to get out of this situation. What. Al in hitting you don't look Judy it took I look a bunch of other quote stupid idol there's. It's generally well I just cannot you kind of isolated it is Margaret you Malaysian and I finally got to kind of look leave me alone. And there. And since I don't Miguel does have a guy there's levels will oppose oppose or slows a bad idea worries that were to recommend. I get. I guess they're just going out dale can induce Ito just kind of getting a you have been in particular but just. No way to handle OK you made the diamond can make you know the like Pacific islanders you heard it right here nobody. She doesn't trust Pacific islanders don't matter to the island looking back what are you realize it was a bad idea 8449990. Look. Hello Carl welcome to the men's room. Oh and all our. A whole. So by a bad idea was virtually all involved my best friend to turn the smoke or do Lugo. On the maestro and he's no good. So we'll decide balls and cops videos we're we're losing so much time so it's going. You pulled on. One minute we got a new little station and an eye on that Karl I don't get right back here. Are unpleasant looking back what are you realize it was a bad idea 844999. Hole is still accounted vs the SEC. And get those bad jokes ready to go as a drug charge we indicate all the bad jokes right before we bring Intel's. This shot of the day. Since then again. You are on the men's room radio network.