08-17-18 Seg 1 Mens Room Made A Mistake

Friday, August 17th

Mens Room Question: Looking back, what did you realize was a bad idea?


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You like tour. Here is real. There's. Did join the party. So he's. All gathered in secrecy. Drill. A radio morning. You're gonna lose another 2887. And I. Along with Steve the throw hill. Age heads yeah and good ball and abide car. Okay. And Enzo a. OK here comes the bad jokes mentions the return of dead birds is the FCC. You're a player profile list. Plus headlines events and shot of the day fumbles three males and everyone's favorite TV time with Dan thank. Back into good things are higher oil Florida where 81 year old woman is busted for drinking boxed wine on her porch with a boom sound. Please stay in Florida where 839 year old man and his 78 year old girlfriend get into a fight captains agreement show. Sixteen year old wants Joba Babel so he hacks into the systems multiple times. And I recchi ex fighter who inner US as a refugee extradited first murderous crimes and a man saves another man's life. Thanks to a cold cures like. That's all coming on today's very special episode of the men's room. All out offensive good day to you and yours. All right last week we told you about this briefly a guy in Nebraska flipped a car. Fled the scene when the cubs came to arrest them. He took hostage which seems ridiculous but unfortunately for him the cubs completely unmoved. But mostly because he how did you joke was a random fraud that he found some ground being when the police got there. The police show up he's he's a fraud pays about says you do anything to me are the fraud oddly enough he's got tase the fraud absolutely fine. Meanwhile an Alabama 74 year old woman she was jumped in the parking lot of impatiently weekly she's trying to make her car. A guy Acosta yes hey we want me. Now mentally she was rescued by some good samaritans another portion grabbed her attacker by the testicles and as she says quote. I grabbed him good. And vendors Cody troops now kodi he's one of these snake handling passers and the full gospel tabernacle in jesus' name church. This thing can talk to. And during a recent sermon Cody was handling a rattlesnake can Reynolds make this either. And shore blood poured down his face and onto his shirt but Cody insisted on carrying on the sermon because as he's led. God's dealer. I'm not worried. Blood Abraham has garnered and smiled and don't have that same level of emotion because Cody started choking and slumping over on the floor they took him don't massive hospital. Now we should point out that his father he was the same kind of pastor and died four years ago when a rattlesnake bit him. I know the thing I inside just one funny we all live and learn the least we hope we do and that brings us to today's question sometimes you instantly realize you made a mistake. Other times many years had to go by and we don't know but today's question is this. Looking back what do you realize was. Bad idea for a big joke by a 449990. You don't like the men's room on FaceBook follow us on Twitter and mr. Graham amends in my hands and emails to the men's room have men's or my dot com. You are listening to the men's or radio network. True and what's. Always talk and away they don't want him as number 2887. Program categories they are guaranteed future re beach as you're from the bad jokes he drug and charge Ryan cancel the indicate I'll be bad jokes right before we drink and tells. When the shot of the day return of Ted vs the FCC coming up and you think to yourself boy I'd and it sounds like that's something that I could pull off well good news. If you download the men's or map you can play you vs the FCC. Are honest and god there's probably a couple hundred in there. I I think so yeah. Robin is she's in the Gaza is putting a budget she's about halfway through all so if you're in the barn. One at a little funny to play you vs the FCC when you download the men's or mad Ted vs the FCC a brand no one. Is coming of Steve and I we Europe are brought to 33 o'clock last night and it is a gray and finally we didn't have a listener submitted once or actually use one of our own and you might be shocked Biden who we know hero while we're gonna or regular world today and to vs the FCC. Our question looking back how would you realize it was a bad idea 844999. All of we'll start with a Muslim and it was a story that you brought up the other day Steve. And unidentified dead guy in north plants in Nebraska. He flipped his car early on Wednesday morning and he fled the scene. He did have someone pick him up and he called 911 said he didn't even wanna talked to the cubs even threatened to attack them if they tried to find a but they tracked him down anyway and they pulled them over and that's when the guy jumped out of the car. Any picabo fraud get any try to use the fraud is a hostage yup I do want to. He won respond to commands and started throwing trash the cops they had to do Hazen to get him into custody. Now's not clear what kind of charges he's facing what they think drugs and alcohol. Probably are a factor probably the good news is the fraud was not hurt the idea that not the brightest guy in the world Taliban movement death we've actually believer now we're just talk about snake handlers the other day where words are crazy crap and Nawaz describing that. Near my house my hero of the volunteer fire department would have the snake feed. They would have snake handling all Yale and many of these other guys who would get the snakes were snake preachers and they would come up and they would. They would basically bring up bags and bags rattlesnakes because they were the ones out there getting it right and that was on the competition but the this is these startling moments I've just been cooked chicken barbecued chicken money right it's right I mean that would be about Dallas firehouse after us I'll make. Grossly it is legit and Ted about yours to today's like chicken. Ticket legislature could have continued you know like at the time it seemed normal to me then I honestly I don't know I didn't really I am here at this accuses animal lives I'm from people and I didn't go to those as well people dead. The sterling moment a controversial American pastor whose father was killed after being bitten by a snake and is himself attacked by a serpent. Katie dudes. Is the pastor of the full gospel tabernacle in Jesus name church generals also don't believe in middles Borough Kentucky. One of America's last remaining snake handling churches. During his sermon pastor truce can be seen handling a snake as he preaches. To his congregation. Or as he preaches to his congregate there you ago. You see him holding the creature. Add add up in the air in snaps its jaw at the preachers ear causing blood is splattered down his light blue shirt and unconcerned. Pastor goods continues is based on members attending the service to keep playing and I'm not worried at all gods say you heard I'm not worried. Yet as soon became apparent that pastor cute is becoming increasingly. Affected by the snakes by. All of whom were in Florida as one is now rushing down his face is vulnerable. Blue water how many times he wipes away with a cloth. Then he begins to joke and has to be carried out of the church by its members he was a lot. And where doctors told him he could have been killed after the sinking closed severing the artery there by his next Kenny is now reportedly a started to reevaluate his life in the wake of the incidents. One of the men to take into the hospital named at a big Cody. Did you break your may go to enough disease dude. They got it right opera that I saw was still the sky you for a large people out there was supposed feeble bid in the face are dead and 510 minutes I mean his own dad got bit in the hands within seven minutes was dead. Gastric juices father Jamie feuds. Was only 42 was handling a rattlesnake in the very same church during one of his sermons in 2014. When he was bitten on the hand and died. And the sun just picked up the George I guess and the reason why they do this is the belief of rattlesnakes and church and all that stems from a a literal reading of jesus' word in the gospel of mark. And these signs will accompany those who believe in my name they will cast out demons they will speak in new tongues. They will pick up servants. And if they drink any deadly thing it would not hurt them they will lay their hands on the sick and they will recover. So that explains everything. Roll around speaking in tongues holding snakes the whole thing taken literally from now one paragraph mention amend that and say and an additional that we have doctors anyway there's still does things it does anyone wanna guess what pastor drew Suze wife's name is. Our win is very close to hear about windows born. This is very close to the area where my mother my grandmother and I just say it has two names that's my guess no little humility you but you're dealing you're the first person beyond and I'm sure your absolutely right. This is exactly who you think it is isn't like Tammy and Tammy and the AMA Jesus out of churches and no it started with a family in a school on down of their family mean Cody didn't talk about our religion to we got married allies says god. What and I give myself an incident that's costing us well for quote. Our job seat looking back what are you realize it was a bad idea 844999. All our fellow man I give pastor Cody there is at least after being maiden grand and the blood running down his face and it seems god to his credit. My main kept plowing through right as he believes myself congregation little brighter than he has let's just say Mensa dad do you believe him. We're gonna take to do doctored up I appreciate the fact that he is now reevaluating things it wasn't nothing his father died doing the same thing. That wasn't a big enough for your miles no he needed this to happen to have the simplest example Noah is still under an agreement at least in new knowing how much time until for his father in the past yeah. But he got a little spark a low Phil welcome to the men's room. Oh wall bitches on the let's have a listen you guys century Earth Day on both. A lot of arm has filled version I stop listening to us down well I didn't I miss most of those. There's nothing none of that time I'm going home court anyway. I don't know you'll really early Marlins who wanted to do now where were the answers thirty take home an exact if that. So anyway in retrospect. I should have been married my second act like you've been my iMac earth. She built new and Mali and didn't tell me. Now wait women. When did you find out if that's fun look and find out how do I don't know how long had you know only three found out. I had met her at a fourth of July party. Only certain Chatham mission occasion come out to the after party are they okay. And I come into the kitchen and she's corn Jamison job you do insurgents and assure due to shadow but it was terrible lies just eight games into the crowd actually. Oh yeah Graham Amalia and that but I went I've never done our drug in my life's a well let's see what happens. Okay what happened. How long did they are. Where you're willing to unmarried man and a now I'm Obama and anti back to the Molly I'd say he'd take shots and then and how many people are just party. 8910 and how long this is everyone doing this or just you and her. Everybody I will I was the only one though not informed that the entire purpose of going to accomplish this I say what's on tomorrow okay and does it after a part. Are all right well I don't again Ted I don't do drugs I felt the pain if you're gonna see Google doing drugs it's usually at these after apart and so for sure. You know her partying turned into. Every once every six months to every three months to every month to every night's. And I totally chase I know we're into the dog legs. You to check yourself and your rehab place and she's like go F yourself I wanna divorce would sell now you live under I ninety with the rest of the almost folks I don't know and I stumble are. What's the job ozone hole is a level drug usage was getting into. And I found out after the divorce that. She would buy a lot of her instead and Ritalin medications from people an audience on the you know they were able money disappearing from. Dread my nose goes and goes until game what did you think of your experience some on that night muscle like that. It was very interesting and slamming not a gonna go unconscious for science shaken those curious. That's good it's just a little curiosity. And just all an inch independent studio with you yes. Are your what your ex wife says. Enter an hour remember Roland I'm Molly you guys are gonna let me ask any more disillusioned one of the genetically you know last. Tahoe OK okay this very well you know I know low Jose there's another brief direction she was very nice enough. For sure so are you still see her ever want to wrong. Our she did call me because now I actually work in the and accounts or serve. Methadone clinic in Seattle needs she told me that I dig into treatment. On demand laments how long and 03. Months ago and I was Obama get to a point and then she sure own often went up on a Bender and her sense. Aren't you don't. Go down that it happens. These guys let's measure the needs unfortunately we both know I just the beginning and it got really weird the end. Yeah I do not see this story can answer your question when our web with your first wife. Almost Ursula didn't like the fact that I was in the army and Posey is Immersion. Yeah the first solid I don't know it's only 11 down on it. This could connect boyish we got married I was thirty saw article would you re married against. Yeah I don't like to actually have a hell of Stanley and do it the American dream things that. I'm kind of let alone Englewood Aaron I guess according to both my excellent. Oh did you know they are here and I heard they didn't want the guy who called them an X eighteen holes you can be part I thought. Crimes. I want to put extra Vernon and we're all passes to some degree depending on what the situation on the definitely and so you're thanks try to look overall nice guy obliged nobody's nobody's perfect all the time and I hope everybody has their moments everybody knows somebody who's had some you have bad days and why you bring you over because they were wonderful I think senator ever to do the nicest person I broke over the birth while we get along the mirrors too nice and certainly when I made whole. Yeah she was never meant junior number may all right clock. Perfect relate of course looking back what are you realize blows a a bad idea 8449990. Look hello and welcome to the bedroom. Yeah yeah. I. What what I shop around to be a bad idea at the time is I went to the fact a parody. And I'm and that you really don't wanna mix aren't alcoholic horse tranquilizer that shamed us. Could. You take can mean. Yeah canyon and and Madonna or every time I'm going to need a guy all all I'm doing a good interstate. You're trying to tell me I would have they know most people out there haven't enjoyed the a wonderful experience of a horse tranquilizer other than a horse. Who's going in this. Don't know do you like to introduce again and what. Could you well you gotta part of doing that easily people get stuck in my A holes like that you still a bodily function and drink while you're doing this. I don't a lot of how should I repeatedly just kept falling down my guess I was I'd like wants yeah became more. More coal and to a boil it won't tell it's gonna delay never achieve many of them like I don't have gone quiet nice new. Am I now I just did not only our newest earth and it. Yeah you're and I equalize or many are horrors I don't know. I get a little tired and want to chill loses some glass for though this experience a lot of. I doubt I surely mushrooms don't mean like I can't remember it like I don't do that we're talking Italy act out of bed I guard story later bench banana. I'm caught right in the morning 110 and let me know where they don't walk. I don't know it was OK okay but all of them don't get a bang it can be quite an early drug match I didn't. Yeah just. Yeah I was doing you would never do that he had learned. Yeah I don't golf. What more albums and Percy I didn't say OK I don't want you get immediate end. Don't lease Kevin Meehan and I'll go see once you said I don't like he'll do Rudy Gay and you may think. A good thing about it they didn't like okay. This is the shots size it would get you drunk which is regular shot. And this is the size of the show I'm glad she would need pro horse to feel the effects of threats abroad goers you know maybe what coming out thousand pounds I'm sure well we don't. Address the RC a bag as well beyond that I smiled and he's not doing the dozed off Brian you know I don't know dead right exactly still got delayed Darryl is yeah very good man for the horse. Cars can Wear anywhere between 802 point 200 pounds okay Tony 200 I mean obviously it's big in Canada and your debt at these days. Our man we wonder about as much as we have some of the other options. I just kind of hit like grabbing kids and they can mean otherwise when he got everything in. Everybody they tried it. Let's say in the desert. The guy and he came through with a different on this music now do you site where you stay and music wherever they are gonna sightings they can buy fair now. And like sit down for you all know you don't report on that you've got so anything was walking around drinking like I've never done that every story I've heard is that you need to sit down and just your lose out again you've. You have another curve you're kid adult if you haven't done that in spite of people warnings. You just don't know why they're saying into the experience and I guess I'm old and I demand would you do don't need all these mushroom caps. I'll be fine I just don't know Sean O'Donnell wasn't really fine I got her but it's like you know I'm I'm I'm gonna grown ass man. He told me very clearly what I should not new and I did anyway and yes he was 100% correct. I was still unbeatable functional like a little ambulance or drug Greg I can move around do I wanna do you don't know how though I think they should just got to sit down I mean this whole I dressed like Canada. They wanna do that crept into our new drug. And and then Brian manhunt taken home wouldn't do bear won't walk around like are the elements and all right photos and NFL football kids like daddy Okur garbage blooper. Looking back to our usual as the worst what I hey it's. We're we're just very alarming dark here and there are around poacher on course are our true worn shrewd move. Looking back what he realizes a bad idea 848 or 9990 I love you honey do our own role in her. Don't you logical. I hopefully this don't you get stuck that other part of story is I went by a group of people once there's slain in these couches. And I mean my body are talking are finally some news everybody here is on K I was to do what. Walk away differently because hey I'm sure we'll see how much energy EO we but he maintained you can now some of them don't and that the man and I'm just so you know aren't enemy and tell you you're not quite right basically it's a little cartoon welcome to the men's room. Yeah look now. Okay. Yeah. What did you think was an idea. One thing that while we're talking about. I didn't mean yeah. A Maryland chairman announced. I don't wanna and so you have to remember how well. You know getting younger agreed hard boom marijuana debate in Seattle yeah. Of course right just a couple years ago. All I decided not to get my medical card. And I went down 20. He had doctor and Seattle Seattle. And after about an hour I was able to walk out with this. Decided to go get some weeds. And you can hear me and since it's your first purchase until we brownie. And I ate the whole thing yeah. Milligrams is as bad war. I don't know man. Here's the funny thing. I had to go to the other guys because I want you love each other and and when I was shaking and can't believe. It is kick stand. And that's when I realize the talent. I was the person I need some help for the next three hours I wandered around the streets of Seattle completely paranoid out of my mind and. Some good good good time. Putting bad guy when you realized it was a bad idea 844999. Hole although I'm wearing calls coming up you're losing to the men's or radio network. Pitches you it's true. James Oliver. News Tony Favre here on dissolve waste removal business on BBE clearances and he was good cleaning out my house clearing announced. And found a second World War II weapons as a laugh. He chucked it is ward made Connor mayor who caught it and throw it back and enjoyable game of kitchen sued. Do a little later they learned the grenade it. And bomb disposal expert had to come and actually blow enough. He said he found many outings while working including our guns but he never seen a grenade before reason we didn't even think it was real. We were driving around the damn thing all day we throated each other many times. It was only when James chilled the grenade to a friend who is an honorary police officer in the area. The alarm bells began to rang I jokingly said oh my I think I might ever grenade in the ban it and think I was being a real first. So he sought he put cones around Bethlehem call the cops. And the bomb disposal officer which was a good thing was a bit of a shock when I realized hey this thing is real. The bomb disposal officers said he had done the right thing to kolbe said taking and Exxon and not island Tor was not a great idea to have a picture of this. Our league and managers are live. I guess anywhere it has angered a little yes the pineapple grenade and that's the why would. That that's key swing what do what did you think you want us. I don't Mon disposal officer Stuart Elliott to blow here as you heard C expert he was dispensed this he said it was on the front seeing the man goes in great condition. I got a day job to make it secure our moved to another location but a small charge on it and blow it up. James has since been and does for the owners of the house inform them about what they had done discovered in there are questions. Looking back what do you realize was a bad idea a form for a 9990 look it's not just say he didn't recognize the anger and whose anger they boldly through Joe's friend. The friend looked at it also didn't recognize that this is clearly alive I'm gonna throw back player game scheduled good I mean right when you look up late. It's these sacker needs you think that you see in movies wherever you're picturing that is exactly what it looks like god I don't. Hello Jared welcome to the men's room. On our hands here is the so what did you think was about looking back there. I go. It would be broke into a no joint. Cool until around June. Where do you buy into drugs and. No I. Oh toward Gary as eight Eric being. All of a little bit shocked you hardly know and it would have low error on one of the stable. All eighty. Pick it up looked like wait a lightly and I'm not I'm not exactly is it really well like all right all take a parliament that there will be. Some but later you know that's really unpredictable out. Don't we go a mile and a box of chicken is England here summoned like you set yourself up for this moment may be a little small side mashed potatoes and gravy I mean you are prepared got older I all I am so good. Talk you know you can do that sounds great yeah. It really just. So. Your home like you know like too much of her lower I don't wanna go but I all too much ever ripped or outcome could look at as their. I littered our. And yet not a minute later I am having you first read all of my life. I have no idea what the Republican that I had no plan to ever find out. There's there is I read do you think it was just another or do you think it was laced with something like PCP do you think that you're drinking aerosol NK two Laura spice or. Don't know it was barely I barely a week. Well primarily we both wouldn't win didn't realize it was not all we what was it about your trip present okay. There's something in me that's not weep. When upbeat left. Sue I'm okay I'm on the last. Oh. How to coordinate a great idea to let it out administrators bits. So that I might look all right there's direct. Oh OK well here's what you're the thing that screwed up about that OK I know a guy who's been in a very similar situation who maybe did coming at them as well. In a different set of circumstances and his name is probably morals they probably looks a lot like me. But. The thing is when you're done and you really don't know when you've done right and if you don't you know you think you'd. I'm assuming you don't know what you did either so easy you just don't all right. I know that what I started. I would argue it out. And somehow two hours later I know authority. My bed is okay. I would only check out my leg off a bad iPad two on the courts. And I'm wondering what happened. A guy aren't you need a lot of case and assuming. Oh I don't got to obviously you know what this time as prime Melamed days prior and abandon logic doesn't know a man though they'll to a mill waste a lot of case. Proud this would listen until they're one what do you think you smoked them. He's I don't want to know what you think you smoke like to end up losing what you were very intense salvia. Now our own god miles lest they used Dora dipper. Well it would PCP in his are viewed I. Yeah debuts today and joins an embalming fluid brow oh and I aren't paying for a long time. I don't like to give away. Now Mel Mel items on the table. Six KFC playback what what did do would be realized it was a young man idea 844999. O line. Since many things continue on the men's room.