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Thursday, August 16th

Profile This, TV Time with Ted and Headlines!


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This is the men's room. So those are standing bouncing collar candidate for far 999 hole at a player profile as and minutes. And we got your headlines only one hour from now firstly check in in my car for some of the stories and headlines he is not working out all right a woman in southern Illinois just turn a 101. That. And she celebrated her birthday at Taco Bell. Taco Bell Taco Bell means. She's been gone that time about twice a week for the past eighteen years and now she's quote thugs on the noon Huntsville France and that's why she's still the yeah I do yoga guaranteed start before I would. So are ever had a bad experience at Taco Bell sorry I mean I don't know him and I'm an actor yeah. Love to talk about the agreement it I think I think that's the age of most salukis with tough. She's a low key southern Illinois right global influenza it right Gonzales thing man while I. How fast food join Maine just switched from critical god Fries just straight Fries and save money. The understatement since then they've been dealing with quote. Disturbing and how style customers that's as they had those Fries since the beginning of the time. Surprise they just took over this mom and pop and I'm only ten per year right oh apparently you apparently at this gimmick thank you think with the Pringle Fries did you just get frozen whatever. They have eight cutting machines. Specifically that made Hancock Kringle fraud I don't number I was frugal Friday night meaning I would he be critical Fries don't move and I can put your hand how high Pringle got thrashers cut drive and I Rangel cut form affront to fry they could go in the blades can break it down on them and they couldn't get the parts and they were expensive it is the instruments they're like man. You know when we go. And then Ellis got back. That was that a crap beat out of the hands is all going to be dressed. Still this area right there that he's trying to kill the eight at Heathrow and about a month I'm sorry if Reza frying crippled cattle are not that bad yes there are more important than our guys write him and struggle Verizon curly Fries broad front most of them young from what. I was so don't like critical cut in the last in my hand and these are pretty good they are they go. Make him a little bit on the flap as you're feeling as good shape they always used to be the least favorite Friday and the more you have another Mario like you know what I appreciate. The critical cut Riley showed up faked. The dead man that's all right you think the hash round is truly superior to the hash round. If if if if if if if if if this was actually question a big dummy today some themes in Georgia stole 98000. Wore the dollar's worth of Roman noodles out of a trailer a few weeks ago. Mean that we usually minimal like they bought the company can only way. Roman noodles are so cheap right Julio unloading these I have I'll do you are you ready. Six for a dollar how. All of the price point is so low lake where it does very brave got what you anybody is sort of 500 are not enough to get him out of my junk six. I think he's just given me forever on the fourth and forever and all they don't like war and they can go out of the go man. Around a little background it's got level I got a thousand yourself like thank you for 1000 years I don't wanna love. Then you know choose what's examining. Little salt icing on the rise right the concert term drag them. A library director in Utah was busted earlier this year for embezzling 89000. Dollars worth of library funds to buy stuff in a mobile game called game a war far. He was just sensed a thirty days in jail has to pay the money back. You can have thirty days not so bad enough money back from the toss here. How do you still from my card for. And wonderland is that a lose for new phrase do you become a library. Libraries are you from librarians really guy you might study was a grab a colony and universities and Danica. It was the last thing that you look at before you go to sleep your significant other or your phone your penis penis or ma'am. I don't know matters parliament and what they might you know my answer I got your dad Jimmy Fallon. I don't know and I'm real IRA is a good so I'm no dark. The dark Pelosi according to a new survey Tony 5% of people say it's their phone and more than 13 of couples say having their phones and ban has had a negative impact on their sex life were. I sure. I think he's throwing something else and having sex less than I have no intention to make its own Bruce Q that's on the freshmen had to grab. I and you know I'm resides inside condemn in the bedroom. If you wanted to watch everything new that Netflix uploaded last year it would take nine hours a day for an entire year according to understand all individual when you lose lose. Right things and I never do I still haven't dealt. An officer in Arizona recently got fired after his department found out god. That he used a body should. He used that money can make a sex tape and watch office at the White House. Why. Why do you think you would not because they don't McLouth yeah I'm. As on the while November 1 million new local law enforcement agency now wants hasn't merely enough. Storage space for cops. 24 hours a day and everything goes to some Big Bang get a grip we can go back in November 2007 do you do way image and on his body to know why they have that that's gone is that. I mention he's that is that's when my town gap closing like she didn't. Like 85% of the time you make a sex tape anyway nobody and I mean nobody including you wants to actually watch what's on my footage. Yeah until whatever you do your job and rightly gives the go those properties I. I don't Rudolph have always there but I don't feel bedroom he wants half of my son saved and extremely stupid. Dad's dad you don't ovulate. You've come out all right to remain silent. Have a phone. Regularly make everybody can record anything they want now. Please put your hands behind your back in your head on the hood mammoth. Number it's you have. The fifth. It's an abundance selling into ice cream sandwich for both loans are made sure those. Okay I'm down the left I'm in an ice cream sandwich gasoline and donkey show bowl bunds surged euros says. Forms and I know a guy indeed. We talk we talk about this at halftime sporting events you're gonna make an ice cream puncher who just saw mission to Venus Stewart's third day. And we Sanchez I have and I did a 61 year old mega man and Georgia broke into liquor store money and so one can of soda. He's even momma gonna jobs. I'll answer your brother do the parents don't close go to bed probably weren't ninety minutes from right. How annoyed eurozone airlines that is the real question you can find in the Coca-Cola I use that and figure out. Oh right yeah hell yeah we'll just put your star looks like jokes are selling single chance to sort of yeah even yeah I don't. Here. Am I way mind so much garments come in a woman oh are you under the weather because you sound horrible yeah hi. Clinton actually sounds cool sexy and good. Do you want to know. I don't know I've been now. And I'm comfortable as well. My daughter iron and then there's an iron I don't know an umpire now there's might just be actually called Hindu women as the Marlins Mike so I'm just imagine factor as well. Company and that. To have you and dad. Yeah I don't have a whole list goes on in his big cloud. And you live on the woods. I do today is so good and I'm absolutely brave and that's OK you are. As a dear old man again and got a DUI the other day for driving is riding mower down the street he was. About three times the legal limit. Please I want more can't write them and if you could close the blazer on man. They may have ever be the ones you know no doubt in his lawn in room. At thirty always interested fast I don't I don't even without wheels like this 133 year old woman in Maryland got a do you while on Saturday many friends had turned up. Drove her back to our car and she got in another. Day out. Damn that's an hang time I don't know loosely here. She got another do you like twenty minutes after being released for the first one from. He's Amy how would you still he need cheesy new teachers are no it's going to care they won't even end. Just go we'll begin after. Stupidest thing. Right what would you take a graduate are right good solid points she's just got out of jail ever I know we can do it was really GB and different coupled. Day one minutes twenty minutes she's in jail yes. Twenty minutes from the time she got arrested. A rested than when we we just doing it. A six year old girl you don't pull one over our parents which may get her grounded for life possess a Salmonella are now. Yeah I knocked him I've only one hour from now Karzai guy and I'm. It is true reasons. Even throw notably journal now profile this is playing a surge and miles it's a simple game where we share with you a real life news story something to happen right here. I'm blended her her purpose and as you listen to the story based on the stereotypes you believed to be true of people and the decisions that people make. We'll ask you what it is you think makes the story the story. Hello Taylor welcome to the men's room. I had thought wow I tell you understand how does your games played. Yeah all right we should talk about the story before broad few months ago during headlines from my heart. Medea or does he get a South Carolina man. Who has a giant gun tattooed on his forehead. He was charged west. Weapons possessions this after he was spotted. Disposing of a firearm following a car crash now the forty year old idiots. He was collared campus when Toyota Camry into a power pole near an intersection. Firefighters responded to the crash and until bullies they saw the sky and also a handgun into the grass officials. Subsequently recovered the loose with the wasn't 38 caliber revolver. From the area the DO firefighters descended you've got remote weapon the suspect by the way he's convicted felon and he's barred from possessing a firearm. And his rap sheet includes multiple narcotics commissions. So this and do weapons cords he was charged with reckless driving and driving with a suspended license in connection with another recent rash my question is do you believe that this can I mean genius is black whites may see or Asian. Hardline and how wonderful white because white people's eyes you know weird stuff on their face all the time. So let's. Do you think newscast and Hulu Brinkley and an Olympic. Onion style means you have more I mean before I lose them one of those things where our consumer because some of them I'm doing now. Taxiing out. But he had the gun tattoo on his face he has aimed guns and two on your forehead. And then he got good results with guns right. Everybody has gun show. Do you sometimes think why do really like their guns shown so let's see tattooed on her forehead yes how many things I like. I would do I know my size when Gonzales and scenes and I want tattoo. Mostly cinema for it not yes there's a wraparound Miami's terrible things stitches. He's got a tattoo on his head of a gun in his hands he's twice in his life. Hi yeah. And randomly just to have a tad too on the Don your forum like you don't care I just seems a little though why I don't know what do you think Taylor it's. You. Are gonna find out if you black white next generation next. It's easy you are listening to the men's or radio network and until you have entered the men's room well. One of the things you South Carolina and. A man who actually has a tattoo of a gun on his forehead and he's a felon and he shouldn't have a gun gets one he had again. As correct has involved enough I guess chase whenever but he threw the gun into the bushes they found god he is felon so that's not good until we as you did you believe the sky was black white makes your Asian. You'll grievance and then agree with you and get multi Assam whites. You got Tomlinson now on the forehead as a sigh well I. And although the gunman Powell's with the Muslim. He has in nine millimeter on this forum Karen. All Hollywood guys hey look don't take a look there really is he looks like he's got a lot going on okay period society of white version of twenty when Sam and Texas to crawl through practice John. She's nothing like twenty ones that. Now abroad student loans I sat Jimmy down CN. Sure well. Those hours in front of a talking. How might call a new. We we can argue about this Tiger Woods I've said for awhile is done and never win another major. After the last few weeks I have to back off a map obviously he looks like he's got this out swinging against them. I do get kind of annoyed with the incessant tired tired had to retire. Like golf people love tiger what's the overall. I love Tiger Woods back in the day I understand it. Over it now. But he still he met more banking than anybody else I really enjoy and I have five guys and like now when I still like Tiger Woods like he was like the one he was the one guy always a phone councils they Nicklaus is the best golfer ever but tiger and he's the most important golfer. So Justin Thomas who is the current. The current policy PGA player of the year he won the PG. Was called champions shirt change your friend its fourth major. I guess technically yeah. So he won that last year and a couple weeks ago he was claimant tiger is only Jimmy Fallon Jimmy Fallon asked him what it's like playing in now the tigers back to. Did you I mean this is how the crowd reacts and different game when Tiger Woods as I mean. Until I mean look I gave lucrative played well the loser that's now. No I never heard a golf tournament compared that I yeah. Absolutely but does it is also in the back you know we kinda like passing always listen tiger I wish she came back and just let him play with them and that is bad like I. I wish she would have play and I. Think this could. It's unbelievable I have had a I had a par putt on seventeen on Sunday about a five foreigner and you know that's quite an have a chance to win and I made the putt and we kind of walking off the green and everyone just would not sound like it's we're like why are they on some crazy like it and I turned around and they put tiger made another birdie up on this. Lol okay not here amazing how. Unmanned. Kind of funny you had a putt you think you're cheering for you know they ships underway now you want to point and you payments of the uninjured FaceBook page. Yeah. And luck. But he like tiger or not you can't deny he brings crowds he brings excited actually end up. Was this oh so earlier we are talking about. Todd Bridges. For you to Todd Bridges though unfortunately you've probably heard. Mrs. Garrett died recently. Yes right his real name of course. Fushi Charlotte Craig and he was on different strokes and the facts of life bills don't go right facts of life with the spin off from different strokes great. This is a beautiful out of school some of the differ are our backs like people showed up and kind of hung out there so that was just sit there day and today. We get news that Todd Bridges different strokes. It's really serious miscarriage or the different week Jesus Christ. The blast Zach Hahn says Todd ex girlfriend Tiffany wolf. Got a restraining order against him. Yes he threatened her several times of the cross bow and it easier she's crossed all right see how were on wonder where he acquired across though he doesn't do much to proselytize guy I was suing me because he's been in trouble before eking out a firearm right that's what he's a taser and across spoke and they. Odds are good or they get a good working there I'm just guessing. You realize so what Gary Coleman died young Dana Plato died young Todd Bridges is a lot of good Blu-ray young across most. A drum and household did not turn don't have little blur he's not allowed to go within a 110 yards or her or her path slowly chipped it could be a crossbow I need more than a hundred yards and Judy and Joseph showed up for the funeral though of than I am. To just. As she says she met Todd on a dating site that during their second date quote took out the taser. It's happened several times inches from my face. Although they incidentally. I don't know right I guess they it must have been right because these days together and eventually escalated to where reported crossbow at her. And pulled a gun on it and pulled a gun on a dog who he thought was intruder. OK I guess my eyes cuts that aren't well that I get. An illusion tour in my house ever gone are coming up attitude and options you know what I'm gonna do crossbow. On the second day people about the taser is nabbed the front and got made them. I'm with that should be ad that's I know I know that. Nobody had done the can kill me immediately. You know I mean there but I am still more free Dowling guys that the cross opponents all caught back he's putting a big is just done my library it seems like it's going to eventually hurt more. How can that damn thing out there you know and I mean. And as an arrow an ounce like yeah inches and in my chest. Miller you have a dumb but I feel have a better chance of negotiating my way out of the situation with a version of the gun but I do with a guy with a sword like certain things to say. I'm beyond her beliefs reaching an enemy and yeah Honda sort guy would be weird to me like I don't know. A lot of sort of tanks lately they've really picked up boasting a cross swords up there they are good in someone's gonna use of yeah what she's weird that I never got in any of that stuff. Like that yet collect and swords and all kind of stuff is always I got the Arnold has soared. Yeah I was I digital comedy you look at how to act how many. 123. I don't know fourth class so you have resentment when we do them. I look at the don't fruit on the you cut fruit or anything like that nowadays these are like bad apple in the area no different than the importance on your wall you can't do anything cool that he can't draw now all I can do things and you can slice and apple in half in the air. Probably didn't I didn't give me ten minutes I opposed did you open the champagne bottle near. Okay because that's who you know I shouted I I got I've done we always tickled top but I'm not okay. Just your benefit and say well you know it Adam Frick and more of those one place is revealed that champagne and colleagues I'm hungry are you doing I think they'll go and show you everybody gets a chance to do and I hope that basically you can just you can even use the back to the blaze as far as how television you hosting live is gone. I don't know I don't know when was like I you're gonna get you want it's action. There was little isn't literally you know there's an opinion is that many aspire away. I'm okay now put on the Shia violence for Romo wondered as a New Albany who you are an editor and yeah. My zags and I come over will treat champagne with your sword will do so not satisfy some watermelon. It sounds safe MI and the street first the good food absorbs. Michael Shea I'm really fanning is he's one of the he had writers on Saturday Night Live along with Colin Jones. They are out postseason awards shows coming up so they've been kind of doing the circuit here now make a chance a pretty interest in take on the classic movie pretty woman. The USCB UH yeah. I really wasn't until I was plain old movies like I'm finally song oh pretty woman. I'm doing just now. My two days ago. Well you don't want to and that's why should they. Overall. Now enjoy a pretty good it's a more smoothly. It is unclear. The truth. Yeah they're they're drunk and then leave Manhattan hotel. And all of you know moral objections are pretty remiss here aren't so she wouldn't kill us. The ball. Feel like he has until I mean with the homers since some days. And they go bug finally. Gets a kid has been sort of sweeten. Processor. Family time. I mean he makes a solid point guys that are yeah yeah. We did just that mouth. I am up. Yeah Mike. Look man you know the holes you are boring montage of like rocky three and instill a weird thing a minute watching something for the very first time and you really taken into the open is has not gotten if you're gonna what do you think about the scene this is. The blogs about more than a thousand kids. Yeah that's a long assortment I don't butter on the board Andre went and here and a bronze due to do most attention and they finally does get this only got married today. Kinda happens with. Based insurer pet detective for me. Things I saw on finds that easily. I just a movie about a guy being scared of food transsexual person from a sleep desperate lunge dad has pretty much and that's a move. At third is spam based insurer Terry to kind of person all the while. Trying to remember them. Oh bumblebee tuna. Don't remember that when they go to Africa. There's 10 that's the Guam okay Aaron yeah. And it's kind of like we talk about birth remember when he's in the robotic right now and comes out yes yes I do our ads I don't remember them anonymity because they're lovely lovely time. So I am out your right if you go back Marshall movies. But it is Andre some are. Somewhere else just not they don't all look I think uses way to find out why you lose subplot to the ones and hold over the ones whenever they're on you in the Washington. Yeah well I'd like we said before like regular the first rocky like the first Charleston when you re watching the police are show I don't really good movie and then. Mike sorry about this earlier. If your watch everything on Netflix. We're really saying so new city in the look of this possible watched every unit comes on Netflix. So with 3274. Hours of new contents to watch for nine hours a day every day you're paying all that out the year. Okay all right there's quit my job can be I have a lot of a lot of content gore came to mind at the end of the year amateur content is c'mon I'm Netflix. Well I do I always had this conversation and he might get casts of the currencies from the time I guess my castle and I have this conversation. Don't remember them I know we've Netflix. But it's kind of ruin some things. Because you just binge watch your right eye and I think so may make it. You can watch a series of Michael weaker to Brian but then you forget like it takes a year and a half. Half for them to make new episode yeah you have to wait that's only now is I'm sick like you kind of effort I I I forgot to mislead. How is he taking this long ago dude you watch three seasons in two week price like they can't keep up with the way you're doing this. I thought those something nice about just. Every week you have something to look forward to whether it's like Monday Night Football parallel and you know the difference now is story soul men the options on TV you can still have meant to lose but do we saw something to watch every single night of the week and still want to eight episodes up. And are still shows right on radio TV did you have to winter or whenever I spores is the only exception the rule obviously do well right sports is good job. I don't think it's gonna be in line and all I guess you're tired all the Steelers employer or British. Like on the same token is what you're right like it was nice sensible unfortunately those who prefer to just go home and like I put a lot of ask watch it right and I wanna watch a movie that's out right now in my own home. Does shirt I'll play well I'll pay 25 bucks for. It could take a long now is that you bigotry towards a must learn how big movie was my yeah are independent reserves are saying look man there's nobody would get my guys maybe I've got young kids whatever the dealers I don't want an unmarked holes similarly there's some playing in the area why can't pay for like paper view. And much like Tyson fight you didn't like war wrestle mania a lot of them man and even during opening weekend though Bob well bono's from an opening weekend but one reach into and even some debate as Disney figures. When they made money hand over frozen every kid wants to see if I did OK there are but yeah we'll and we trust me and I I discovered this. My daughter she's ordering these big hit movies. That are already know she's buying dollar ring that's how I figured it out when Mo Wally came out because I come home from work and I'm staring at the screenwriter and I don't know the movie. But it does bring happy watching this and my. This seems vaguely familiar the reasons seem vaguely familiar it's because for the week leading up to a release they were on the full media blitz so I've seen the commercial million times so. That's why Doris who don't know what is the strategy that owns more and again I'm like why does this movie seems so familiar to resign and my Disney movie Witten. I did a moment to do just came out I have. Look for the low cost of these guys you are as bad boy I now opponent. Now Dana vet said Thad said they have watched that movie enough where it probably calls no lead to much watch your dollars and forty cents a. I watch I'm the last thing I bought on impulse was the first season in Atlanta. It's a new look like it's awesome and the second season was RD underhand the first season was embezzling. Did you mean I'm not I got to watch it now. Michael J. Fox you know Michael Shea five expert Michael. But. Sure Padraig but I think like I have no inside knowledge or Michael J. Fox IE yeah he's aims to keep you can't. What's the he and his wife Tracy pollen pollen. PO LA LA in two matches but I don't break so they let the summer of ninety or 85 when she auditioned for family ties. Eight. He without love at first sight for her she told People Magazine that she thought that he was funny the quote very cocky. I Tracy did have to put you on the show they remained just friends. Then they reunited for the movie big lights big city in 1987. We just easier players and I Yasser out they started dating. Got married a year later than any other ever since. Yeah I like this as for what makes things work after thirty years later traces his quote just give each other the benefit of the doubt he assumes I'm doing the best I can't. Turnover it's only ask for anybody so I used to reduce I didn't rang Michael I do want to drool on the corner of your mouth. Mr. fox says that quote for find the best things about you the best things about life and celebrate. I guess that's gonna have some edge. Very very easily remove them from load he's right I'm usually grim through these three get money Mike Paul. Mark Paul Gosselin. Do you guys and that is a screech. Now oh back Morris. Who I had to may care drugs they've other boats Illinois show yeah those are okay dad who has close enough I asked him if I was up for union and he said quote. It's worth everyone's time. Chernoff is show me the money but I doubt that well and and and on busy I just get a good Franco law. He's on a show though so one thing. Yeah I remember don't forget I was seem upon gossip was the last detective on NYPD blue a blown after shoulder OK let's try it seemed weirdly vigilant after Broder. We have Schroeder marriage all the regalia. Frank is Ricky when he came magazine Dolly's a number it's I'm Rick. I really well and I uniter he Schroeder did Jordan two million dollars known on your friends and change the way because you name. Yeah well sometimes guys to a Mario Lopez like I know most from beyoncé by the bell. And I can be used to it but I forget he's only shows like capture something might. I don't watch those shows it's like oh yeah he's been super busy lament I don't want the guys doing so. Every. Mario Lopez is out there is to enjoy what time consuming ambition. Power player like that where America. There's really no effect. A little. Didn't do that. No no no man you're thinking about I Wilmer Valderrama on. OK okay there that's not a right there on the field and grabbed the head. It's XXX XLA it's like I know you're talking about filling day days for seven Asia. Yeah oh sorry I mean he he has evidence totally girls that are low at exactly eighteen and then damage Gingrich moment there at least four weeks. Let's see we've heard about maybe some free beer from Brandon Cooper from Brown's hands. Cynical Blair had some thoughts of that. A light has announced they will give Cleveland Browns fans free beer or. Round fancy Dampier for when they don't win. And they need a lot because Cleveland 10 in sixteen last season. The previous year won just one game. That means the Cleveland Browns. And only won one more football game of the past two years than the New York Mets. I do have one question if the browns don't win a game what happens of those coolers. They just sit there year after year I don't know I don't know what do you do man additional month till later. Now you open a mobile and everybody during a miserable. Carl you know one here no big deal for Bud Light well OK you've got to realize that dragon. They don't do anyways and those bug like did you seemed as won't win I think who'd be funny here and there if they don't play games it violates troops say it is like. We don't want our product to go bad three change goalies out and then lock it again yeah I and we got to wait till next to your son Bradley here on the dealings you have. Have to win a game won the game in the last 32 when they make the playoffs from his doctor. Thank you very brazen and my command I'm going to be here and just a few minutes you are listening to the men's or radio network finally turns twenty miles. Now let's see what's happening in the real. Arterial one of Canada's biggest Scott McCain decides to also sell pot. Meanwhile a fight over whether Halle Berry played Aretha Franklin and a movie leads to a man getting shot. Florida man steals a man's mail comes like today's Writers Guild resolved soon as play narrowly misses the fans crossing a runway on the way to late friend's barbecue and tiger has moment of course Mandan thanks machete point because she is unfit for trial and understand your headlines. It's Sunday. This scares might call. Our top story about a huge hours six year old girl pulled a fast put on her parents. The girl had been granted permission from her mother to buy herself a Barbie doll on Amazon for her birthday when she did. Later she asked her mother she could go back on the website to track the package and see when it would be delivered. Push her mother allowed now some parents already know that this mistake fold so well. The girl pursued to run rampant on Amazon racking up 350. Dollars worth of same day delivery purchases are different toys and then deliberate allied just name day delivering. The birds and realize what had happened until a truck arrived in front of their home and just started promoting box after box after box light under the porch. They allowed to go to keep the original Barbie that was ordered but don't into the remaining toys to less fortunate and I'm sure just like yea yea and then said that's an Indian and do. Sure Vienna's they have heard cousins say as interior presence of the damage done to address local Children's Hospital. See. Caitlin quote wanted to give a little joy to those who are well because he says solution and a person who hey. Hardly dimmed for the blue ice sheet dead yeah six years old shouldn't care. The says to me you. In other news in Virginia the stupidity level just hit 100. Which are called about an argument ensued between two people that turned incredibly violent and ended with one of the shoe getting shot. When police arrived on the scene they talk to witnesses said the two men started shouting at one another. Began to assault one another and then one person seemed in doubt produced a gun and shot the other putting the bulls in the hospital one in serious condition. The source of their arguments. There were debating as to whether or not Halle Berry wants for train Aretha Franklin the following does anyone know the answer to match. I mean they know oddly no yes she did not. Perform as Aretha version was all from the role or a real time England. Even said I would like Halle Berry to plainly in a movie calendars and look again saying you shouldn't be over dubbed I don't deserve to news. Fan enrollment and an hour and shattered. He and Jennifer Hudson I mean how many musician movies have come malware and it's still the recording of the original artist. My dad here yes Alan merry way thing are real and wanna do yeah I changed the last few years. Freely and lets you know what was I like lacy clay ms. rappers on the move every little every nude like he's the game Ole miss is is and Sheldon tourists regularly you know Jamie Foxx sang all the parts of break deeper on the par there aren't. Good heavens I think Johnny Cash and are sorry Joaquin Phoenix and offered Johnny Cash and then. And yes Johnny Cash incidental damages unfortunately I don't think Dennis Quaid connection to a Jerry Lee Lewis stuff. Easy though Carson and Jerry Lewis he did. Jerry Lee Lewis is actually the singer from them for oh we're able okay time yeah. Let's go to Canada or the company's second cup is seizing an opportunity some analysts second guy was a popular coffee chain in the country. Well I just partner with a company called national access Canada's and there are currently reviewing some locations that they plan to turn it into retail stores and the brand name men act Canada supplied all of our. Like a big fan you have cup of coffee and sit back and relax just like well Amsterdam yeah. Yeah. Coliseum had gone through Wi man and then. We all have. Overall I don't. And bolsa I don't know they're going to be doing both coffee and we I think they're just gonna show into remission doing an about face from jail I do I have like out of room where you go and year old high. And then I'm gonna serve you food. Neighbors say yeah I mean I mean like I can make whatever they allow a lot of news coming museum. Yeah and again any allergies. Think almost shot down Colin Campbell top three stay open all everything's bigger issue jump to do crap and Malcolm. They don't care. I read your high. Let's see. Pulled up priorities and Missouri we gotta look at this man's. The national airport a jet plane was flying down on the runway about to take off with his fifty passengers and three crew members when out of nowhere a man and a van sped across the runway missing the plane by mere seconds please upon investigation the man was making his way to the employee barbecue across the hours that was good barbecue I mean now as soon it's. Right here aren't you obviously put his life on the line exactly I can make this like the guy just drives gonna with the training he was given permission from ground control take the path that you did so the airport is now reviewing their policies and doctors or somebody who troubles and then nobody you know. Guys go to a barbecue. Florida where a man has done probably the most terrible thing that you can do to a person. What's that surveillance footage from a home economy and driving isn't Paula slowly through a neighborhood before he stops and steal the mail from a nearby house platform and on the in the world. Two days later the man that was in the car is cut again by surveillance footage walking up to the cows busting image and walking back out with the owners. John I know I do and I'm on. Police are still on the lookout for the man by an. That was that. That was the last day under considerable love little pit bull puppies right here. Just feels a man's dog the guy who saw when he got their most illness mail the first I was like I'm going baggage that dogs. That hasn't been enough form to break in the house again yet again another case amendment is not a good thing you probably that the bug problems in the wind Elaine coupon you and I normally does anyone. Harder to Juneau are rude American tag bad. Nobody north mum and unrest. When oh and let's rewind back to the story of the woman in Montana who forced her ex boyfriend have sex with her by threatening her with a machete that she was reelected yeah. Time has come for trial and after being evaluated by both prosecution and defense doctors she has been found unfit for trial at the moment is anybody surprised by. That's really why is Illinois on this planet like come on man did you hear the crime. She's been committed to Montana state hospital to be rehabilitated so she can face trial and they look at she's. And again I'm not non sale and save the game away here I thought. That is played here don't come. Essentially it's. Brand line doing that well that well I. You're in Brazil as an experiment turns Emerson the FCC Matt Jones there we will bring Intel's with a shot of the day yes indeed it's all true but in the meantime we re all about that that. So don't like families do what you do less import to leave the same stale. Beautiful. In this room as the day before a live studio audience wardrobe and makeup provided by Manchester limited. Presentation no. The man truly feel that.