08-16-18 Seg 3 Mens Room Stays Cool

Thursday, August 16th

Emails, Ted's Meat & Potatoes is all about Cool Foods and Crazy Foods! Plus No S Sherlock and the Shot of the Day!


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This is the men's tour. You're listening to the Ford Explorer 9990. Oh another great thing I've found a base of the comments they do in fact have luge Donald Powell variety tour shirt do yeah I'll look at it I'm an important one because inevitably comes as the only got. You would see him and Microsoft. No what do you think. No no I don't wanna you know unless again now do you how much do you think the figures are CNET tech to see no more than 350 buck I would have to think that they are not chief. If you like and I there they found okay. So we did we didn't think you've been. I do earlier today nobody is British and you're young ones opera. He's got to realize eyelids get back to while will hear hello well welcome back to the program. You learn. Man brother beside him I will hear is your question in 2009. What good does Chicago's Sears tower of change its name to. I. Here's our earth. I. Do you think you. They said we the president Johnson had a sponsor's name of the company ER it is what animals are those companies so we normally change the name. They tried this wind but everyone still going to call the Chicago series we call it anything you want owns gonna call this loses its net. More ago. I'm permanent doubts. I like the randomness is doing for the business. What can talk about from Willis. Sharon Willis yes well I have nor nor will also anyone knows different thing bottle like you know I'm gonna tell us the Willis. What's your name Willis our assets and Andrew Willis tower. I hear your question. Traditional did you read dues go which I'm sure your very schooled. Are made from eucalyptus trees hollowed out by what insect. Oh. Yeah yeah all we go to LeRoy and your mom and rural roots I know woo yeah. It's hollowed out by London and a minority. The our logo. Is termite. Okay Israel defend them tomorrow and over they demand on Google grieve and I want guru Gerry McCann Willis. No that would be a real I knew one Wheldon as you would think they would just be destined for a life of just just just bad things. Also knew when I met him it was a heroin addict OK sometimes I'm saying he has simply W those low one person a man who's been hit my car Bennett I saw him and I was I was guys embrace isn't Jeff Bridges are number Jennifer hi Todd Bridges get a tiebreak. He's well as bright as the guy he's nothing else grew up right right OK you applause he was but he's now he's not he's not. I don't know what he's still his name on TV was well as I know I does that remain a threat but I mean my senators Jeff Britt when I think put that seed Austrians abrasive. Oh brother Garrett Carl Brothers are related unleaded is now so we'll side bridges still gets in trouble or weren't alone later. All right all okay did he Lewis told jam home because you can Willis he screwed. One less thing it says barely Bob Riley died a photo are all we miss kids well first says Pomeroy is dead you bastards the losers say guys love the show what I've already got about eleven years ago fell away he died in 2007 we're gonna miss that tour then yeah there's and its legacy Bob Roddy would probably be extremely spend some consistency yeah yeah ha ha ha ha. But if you wanted to see Pavarotti mean we all know where placid no Domingo people. Oh ya. And simple way you look the other ten are always they are only know to do you know how to broaden my name is a big dummy for 4999. Lola. I hope he's alive really who has been able to find out what I'm running. A Clinton nutcracker stations send out hello Deco welcome to the men's room. So Rebecca. It's you know. I don't fully apologize. America. Men's room full use it through one is going to be an opera ballet of the tabernacle choir. Let them my mother and I think non mommy gone announces plans which premieres Sunday and have to go about when are you are. 20. Oh yeah. Wireless U. I meant Rebecca your mom knows. Well how did you know. See I'm. And I think it's how many. How many shows did you see if she was an effort to Amir's brother at a C like every two or they did every performance right. I was a little child so I didn't have my say in the matter. Let Adam. You couldn't down. Given he's saying well look any say at all like Monroe in my. Until it into them encouragement element wonder about god is. Probably I don't know good scares in your eyes I tell you will go big tears of rage Beers and don't understand how will be crying. Mean I hear your questions multiple choice to believe this is an actual news story in this happened very recently. Okay you just in Georgia isn't Jordan they stole. Nineteen 82000. Dollars. Worth of rom a new groups think about just 98000. Dollars. Worth of Raleigh North Fork for a dollar which adds up to rob a. I went into this bill that would not be my first day. And I'd be anyone's extend the spurs Labatt is essentially your question. 98000. Dollars worth of Rama noodles as a drone fleet our packages 500000. Or 500000. I don't fountain. Later in the. And now when you he had nothing here. We'll off. Joy there's another wrong there's nothing wrong you could grab him and make it better but. But it's not so good that I need 300000 packed the taste of disappointment it's. All right here you don't think now. I don't know ma'am there's there's no need for the taste of what happens. There is your question the global equinox is the beginning of what. Who. Equinox Bunnell and equinox learn all he needs an old name for gun in her own. Bradford can learn all tell us that don't equal amounts and a prayer I don't know oh. Wow burns Jamie Arnold I think that he is as you do 30 Corel office. One main command of its and I stayed in my room. Yes Hollis. Please. Thank you thank you do with a lot of animals. I think that it's just do you have Murray that. That you would not too by the way our spring and all you solstice is our summer and winter yeah. Yeah and I don't know now. What LL what is Graham those first name. And they. It. Until I had store. First rocky a little slow down no worries that is injured in an environmentally inconvenient or let it. It's his first name was rocky a Rocky. Balboa. Very jealous just oh boy this is. Not gonna go well I go unquestioned number net. I don't think it necessarily her bra if you can't remember rocky drink in about Mo way you liked and character better in the name of the movie is rocky for Rebecca no offense. I don't see going well for you. I got faith and I think you guys 0500. Faith and I will find out we're gonna find that path. I believe her when she says that Chris Summers right attitude are unbelievable gross income no doubt about. The group painted the Sistine Chapel ceiling. A he also really know and Leonardo Da Vinci. If they really like. The yellow or red band just from. It's storm brought films read the fresh kills red blue news coming down from members and a blue dot talent. Maybe. Raphael. On we said that was read Gonzalo Michelangelo's death Linda orange right. Am pretty sure was okay yeah. Thank your children didn't lose a little wind direction right. Yeah no doubt we are no clear and the hill and always she center. There's your question. And what movie. Here you are puzzles are Riley say you can remain at the moment. And what movie does Marlon Brando yelled. And it's true I did was point oh Fernando. And are remembered. Yeah I'm handing out. I'm pleased that the French Quarter she's on a balcony. I am not come into me I don't know. Read this week I'm. The drum mermaid on where. Injury there. You meet you have lots. A lot more importantly implying but I don't drink gonna get mouth and would ever imagine it has. Into. It's gonna diplomats and round and you lose. I let me. I am they look like today. I made sandwiches. They. Are magnetic rentals aren't. Could you pull your her hair back any tiger. If you look like we're getting married. I would like there's two times a few more than haircuts at the valley when the performing. And when they get married not mantra of course they didn't get out of the water no also within their hair stuck in my teachings on this point okay good. It's the look of command my taste I am a smiling Obama. I went to dinner once housed in a pretty good dinner party yeah. And there was people on the ballot there. I they're more in control my life crook why I had no idea like I know when the conversation they're talking ballets and people are falling over the amateurs grow I don't know. Any television thinks he's got a little Fella right. Haven't trump all then. I was tonight they're Rebecca and know maybe your last tournament around time on your and brilliant you have 5050 on this true or false. Got a drum roll our animals undue Moussaoui originally you hired a drummer no we act. Guy's unbelievable. Bloomberg that halo great joy in India. I thank them for. There you go on big dummy. So go ahead seven out dead meat and potatoes some who's an employee job. And some crazy new foods new venture emails on the way as well you are listening to the men's or radio network. Men's room with smiles and well. Illinois has made everything else is coming up also ordering Intel's with a shot of the day first time reviewing emails in the men's room mad men's or my doubt job. I don't run into the birthdays and guys Illinois say I have you Tony seventh birthday to my husband Nathan and he loves the program and listens daily Guinea and you'll like that. And the dirty German. Thanks guys I guess again leave us twin brother Tyler either happy birthday boy is that from Jesse. And I do know how was she doing so is the sun go down at noon. Job and you come over here and once that blood out soon realizes not a tiny dancer. Yeah my music can zones. All my email from Dallas Texas for my little brother Isaac story seventh birthday and get a European as is too small. And miles doing music and addressing rams are on the show guys things that from Sean. All can talk in a ranch one. But although I do is my brother Casey had a 27 birthday a little know that I'm proud of who he has become haven't given them our original face challenge and no LeRoy Jenkins please thanks guys bad from Riley sandwich I bit. Those days my coworker and friend had dozens 32 birthday getting into a German thrill and Ozzie Ted talking about drummers to even the meat. Rock on guys that from Alex. Yeah my favorite thing about from a untruthful no wonder then like two cent on schools and truly to be students and. It is mem and I knew I was telling a German Rihanna sex and the rhythm is right. Symbol. The senate and the mistakes. They do the angry little anger my Big Brother Niall I'm a blessed to have him alive couldn't have a greater best friend has since I can't be there within a day. I just wanna send you lots of videos my cats instead. So could you please give the original they Sammons and the dirty Germans and from a Libya and silent banned in Okinawa Japan sandwiched. I'll feel both ends limo. I'm rude comments that religion you can see how well. Experience an investigation gum. 34 birthday today could you please announce my birthday like it did awhile back fellas have a love the show listen from the beginning thanks guys them from Joseph give your penis is too small please. They show and I guys to my girl Michelle she's 35 we've been losers for a week now love the show did you get a suburb of us I get a cup gig in some Germans. Cheers from it now meth then the New Zealand fellow. Yeah. Normal with the losing and I'm like that's how we can and breakfast together. This kids with whiskers and a new ground. If you've often do send them to show him. And so phones and on my. Any joke it is like machines from. Five C. I don't even dream inside. Yeah it's. Taken care rove. My mom's birthday she loves you guys really matter to celebrate the near a nice big old bomb around. You guys rock that from the lovely Rachel. Brother Dave Byrd today gimme your peers is due Somalis are gonna come gig and Jolie just nod thanks guys that from Chad's. Found my mirrors way Jewish wife they gave mu had wished me happy birthday in December we lose your show every right dead every night after work. So I would love to hear you guys wish her all lay happy 41 birthday. If you could talk all over each other about I heard double b.'s. AKA big bucks and breast lobby hammer out thanks fellows for all you do that from just. Well. That's another problem. They're talking about it for a movie about the call to help story and I. I'm really think labels whose Obama I'm Cheryl defense out and I'm it's a feel our girls feel. A man and a lot and getting hammered a shot to a friend Chris he is 55 minutes and all around great person. Let's see here we go again Allison dirty Germans thanks guys than from Dave shout out to double. I'll remember what you want to. Hamilton threw for only. Immigrants consultants. I'm Robinson night before. My right knee and how do and take it low and slow yeah. Our guys Syria oh I mean I mean I've been. Okay yeah yeah yeah OK okay. Yeah I mean. Very good and you pay you know. But they are okay. And it truly is well we saw them through London around another sign retailers. And China plus Hulu. You've got guys that I had a friend who just got an affair and he had a bowl Snickers by the cage where they've got nine again during that rustling sound like rapper being opened. Another round humans go I we start hearing it again in Albany cajun look in the end of the fair eating the Snickers. I'm the perfect name for him. Another guy's this and he knows Snickers. Guys uses a one from I knew someone who had a good well my wife and I was deathly afraid of snakes a one day we are depend store where I turned around and saw her holding. A pastel boa constrictor a look at snake looked at her turn to the store keeper and told him to wrap this up and we'll take it. We had the bad snake to a got to be sixteen feet. Until three LSU out of its cage I knew we would eventually either have to give it to a zoo or something similar. Aragon guys that for Mike what he has today answer. Palomar is now above that was rescue animals with many different times of animals in our house throughout the years most memorable one has meantime my dad words on tugboats. He would ship barges from one waterway to another. When they were ready to be shipped out his decade and was trying out dynamo large barge and they moved to a new waterway and found the nest the bags. There was no way the bird are gonna find them again so we scoop them up and put them under the heater in the warehouse. When they got the port while dad warned the car up and put them under the here in the car when he got home he put them on the mantle above the fireplace where they stayed for six weeks. A one day one of the three hands and it turned out to be a Canadian news. The other two never hatched so we named Emmitt Lindbergh earnhardt's he would go everywhere with us he loved to go to the lake can swim and he really love going from car rides. My dad even had a right out in the local paper with a picture together with him. Only problem. He would as everywhere the patio was covered and it. So we and a spot from a mouse at nights we didn't worry about that coyotes getting him but as far as the car rides I came to an end real quick. Until the day when we were all away for a day and one of my mom's friends came over for a visit. A Lindbergh of course ran right integrator and she didn't have time to stop thump no more bird. Everyone came home and it was a big tear fest. I wrong. Wonder what who have been like it when he started flying for a guy who never got to spread his wings love the show. That from Jaber you even watch top gun. Time you lose you just say let them and take your bag with him. There are Caligiuri Intel's web based out of the neighbors they had agendas and our family emergency damn day now I can tell. You know sometimes a year gives us. So generally don't hot day what do you think your body to cool you down. On the ground. Ice cream. Watermelon how watermelon actually is a very good one because. It's mostly water. That's the name lemonade. But also contains a meal after the helps cool you down by dialing your blood vessels to help from the circulation I. Learned I'm so watermelons are good like I just don't forget consulted ice cream obviously good. Italian ice any cold about it you know I mean you're when he that. But here are three weird foods that can cool you down and hot day some of whom are just kind of mentally. Messing with your mind and this kind of your body. Already be all right. Are fine until cooler remote realignment it's all right. Suddenly chili peppers I was gonna say I was going to guess if there was foods that make you sweat because when you switch your corner money you know we have a good feeling about how really hot pepper. In theory eventually even your mouse on fire future majora come down right. Basically yes chili peppers treat your body into thinking it's hotter than it is they make you sweat which ultimately calls your body to cool down. I'll write up on him under that and I Atalanta hunt I. If if I'm sweating when I'm eating. I'm really really liking what I'm into it and I'm Il is I don't that's I don't stopping like I need to stop isn't sweating now I'm just like a minute I'm sweating learn barbecue do that early spicy food I don't care. Yeah there's the matter I would say that's what his meal I've ever had was eaten blue crabs won some like fourth of July or something. Outside Dallas growth we are now all I buy is anything but slightly triple off your nose we still item are. Now we should onerous struggles sweat he's like what I know is good that that's all right. Call supports. So give these three weird foods agreed our hot day number two spinach. Now. Your blood pressure when you shift feeling yeah whatever. It doesn't come on he likes I know you'd only eventual you don't put lettuce and I think Tito he's been mentioned often come on the lousy let's finish I guess a lot I called spirit I was going to coach anyway yeah I can spinach salad everything that's pretty impressive gonna spend sounds like only because I thought they were really green minus the first and got. So we have no new life. May I don't know I mean I probably still but I've seen a guy I didn't buy you know what I would have did a random put some blue cheese and there may easily and I'm very eyes alleged house and put down for a green this let us how can pump gas at Spanish. Again we're going back to center making sure your mind super. Yeah don't check your body and taking your you start sweating the moisture on your skin and a cooling you down. And it. Yeah I know god isn't chicken and who loses nothing worse in July he's not on David Silva I don't I'm snow brings you the bad decision I have done this I have been indefensible when it's like ninety some degrees aren't in so many made soup. As we are sitting there in the soup also are we insane but it was. And it worked but it just kind of what lake is good so who she's got a wild lakes is what I did you now seems out of season. They're eating watermelon a Christmas. I mean I'm Wu. But you're right right she's upset that he adds it's not shown up there I this is bad news out this terrible news. Generally when it's hot weather what kind of fruit he's thinking about what I got not cooling you down just in general how hot dogs hamburgers Barilla. Two things to avoid a hot day our cards in meat. That's a problem your body has to work harder than just the attempt which tends to raise your body temperature. But I honestly who cares I never really got any doubt into hot hot dog murderer and I'm beyond that who cares what kind of a double edged sword too because late. So we will grow in the wintertime which I get two or the ball cove of grilled session though are. Metals bread doing smoke on the you know look older mothers who think man my coming and I know David bird. They murdered and I all right let's get into some crazy foods crazy foods. Well. This what's gonna blow your mind you might heard about it a little bit but you have others like crazy through Minor League Baseball yeah so now the Arizona Cardinals. Have. And Ed basically made a challenge it's a 75 dollar burger. If you. Are now kind of I mean come off as challenged as gridiron burger challenge. Anyone hear what's on yes. I'd give me some drummed up some drummed. And I are you ready then we get that guy and Iran's human bursting out. Mind sometimes violent third pound patties. Good inside one guard patty you know you need that getting huge amounts are they. Are the cheese sauce how come out soda and there's all slaves and would you want them Giuliani has never know when my worst. Well you'll be shut out then. And she's. Is this that. I knew. Hey Mike is now maybe girls want savaged by and the wind. From day engineering right here eight chicken fingers and he's the son the twelve days of Christmas damaged. Wow wow eyes oh my god this is for its good play. Estimated somehow splitting up with a fork from bill that no way you can biter I again this is every five dollar highway murder then. On the gridiron burger challenged. I repeat the Big Ten inch by and stuff with five. 13 pound patties five hot dogs five bratwurst twenties slices of American she's eight slices of bacon. Ate chicken tenders twelve ounces Fries top of lettuce tomatoes and solves. It was a total of seven pounds he could finish it under an hour. When this line you get a cardinals Jersey winds and your picture on the Jumbotron okay. That's would you give for killing yourself somebody on Redick calculated this and thinks it has approximately 8000 calories. It's not as bad as as we thought it would be. But come on man and it's just one person it's got to be one per okay that's impossible. Social understand Mike I think what I'd love a bratwurst bright unsolicited. That's a lot. Yeah and they had five more hot dogs and 53 pound patties typically I'll go out his life is different she was eat chicken millions. Ate chicken tenders and twelve ounces of Fries eighth place that they can eyebrow words precisely American geez I don't know would tell you guys know about going and take a cramp and NFL football game right about the third fourth quarter man it is not a pretty place to be now the idea putting myself physically in a position where I might have to do that. Would now be fun. Let's jump into I don't care who you are after he won those food challenge you have Kruup. I think really your sickness seen much at 300 RJ and you cannot possibly feel good if you from December. Heard another juror if if if if if if at all more rule you and your. All I'm fired for talking crazy foods here. Here's some of the year at least help healthy means least healthy new restaurant meals to twenty team and droids. We'll start at the Cheesecake Factory and so does. Cheesecake Factory has a breakfast burrito which generally I think breakfast freedom villages including healthy since they have urine right thirty day president and Chief Justice what. 2730. Calories a lot I'm Benji in French and also it probably pretty big too. Yeah that's the thing yummy cheesecake factory's onshore it's good bright abortions. The fortune and as you normally don't you know good she's big cake factory for breakfast. Brad I would be so that's my only thing is just the times haven't you seen a man you are you doing it doesn't matter it doesn't writing daily about forty page menu if they did breakfast it would be tremendous anything they would do would be fine. I think man I think we need a name through your Cheesecake Factory like ETJ mash UB Max in east. The guys your kickers on the an acre Shea barrier that she shaker and then later she's shaker and some Jaeger. And yet this Sox AMC theater soft pretzel. 1920. Sonera pretzel and I didn't do I swear I don't doesn't I don't calories and not all of on the calendar well so principal means of sailed well assault pretzel. Monitor your doors and again I mean didn't. Chile's honey chicken and I mean chipotle chicken Chris first unlawful spoke OK I mean what primary guy again yeah I mean look I like you to waffles in every Daniel think in moments of Contra. Should. Pizza pizzeria or oh. Our uno pizzeria and grills deep dish buffalo chicken package is again and there's no way you or events that really deserves a lot of calories all Mac and cheese deep dish you're tired and who's a bit yeah they've really of the game. Yet they do not have about when I was there. Five I know you beat in every day and not gain a pound that is the wrestler Cheesecake Factory comes back in with another thing here on Amazon he's at least healthy new restaurant meals. Cheesecake Factory pizza they use is fried chicken instead across its shoe and we need to act and ghost something 1870. And and how the last one is that I shake she acts which is hard to say fast trajectory shot. Change shafts roadside double cheeseburger Fries initiate a trial on one given another room put into it tells us or Rosen well we know. I murdered I'm frightened to shake jet sat. Check back they tell a British say burial attends meat and potatoes still to come on surrogate tells with a shot of the day you know as Sherlock is coming up next you're listening to the men's or radio network. Great job Saturday. Go around profile as dominant as well but first our own Steve the thrill hill Colmes the globe. Including birds started and then I'd include well. And sure are locked. I was gone Mike talk and I'm looking in the story yesterday and I couldn't debate whether putting deny. It sucks less momentum goes no Sherlock here is the headline. Country says say Jules Breton label won't hurt my reputation yellow. Sharon knock this lawyers say it would also heard the screams comedians relationship with the strength kids for a life well. Not content you can have forty years drug raid through it. And you think that's the only bad can ruin her okay grand and is going to be hanging out alone you know we're. By the way we will keep asking he he's due in court for sentencing. September wonderful. Good morning it is in jail when you know I'm it's free continued. Experts experts say the teams are hiding drugs and alcohol and every day places. Oh yeah. And Coke bottles yet your kids are like you. And that normally you can't you kids are doing the tune. Banks and retailers are tracking how you type swipe and tap while browsing online. Computer and here's the warmer if you just say it out loud harmonized sales and shown all of them at all. Cleared me seriously doesn't know my bracket I can fab if I type financiers I don't know I don't know it's insane my ultimate best ones all right so yeah. Yeah my new car. Where you buy a new house and the next and you see our for more new cars mammals and one know if I made a big ticket item Vern is like a car or home. I'm an interest in mind another one point forever if on the other hand. Every Muslim and he broke and it makes sense Leon as for frisky party that's coming up. Manageable and eventually death. There it is and there's a cynical enough I guess sometimes the straight guy we just talk about stuff I murder we're gonna Graham gets CNN. Let's see here are Maryland men's football player died did not receive proper care the monkey's uncle. Sherlock who go on record as a Maryland fan they need to fire all those people yes they do I agree Catholic priest abuse a thousand children Pennsylvania report. You will occur she oil and prayers are you kidding I cannot believe that notion. Sherlock. No would have been fewer but mentioned the last twenty years to when to investigate. They leave the church thought America is also ahead now. America has stopped being the civilized nations. At no. Sherlock family DuBois who last one study says eating gross and deeds not good for you yeah. Sure if there are noted during that. Do you regular. Israel knows. That is very measured you'll always had a very very best dance Steven broil find out George hosted yes indeed and today we told the burst any. That's right the birds and I don't care what you hear in the media several wall bald heads about stuff you might remember a few years ago and beat the Oscars are so white thing people say there's a lack of diversity at the Academy Awards while. Now we're hearing similar complaint from the ABM awards. I'm from those of you don't have children in the car brands and you don't know the Indians are. It's the equivalent of the porn Oscar but thank you Marty news happens enough Vegas I described anyway I guess this year's aliens according to some an industry. Just more of the same. However in spite of this year's seeming whitewash and the Indians the rose one ethnic breakthrough. You ready for this. Winning this year's champion award for best comedy is. Jews love black deed and yes good Brian good it. Congratulations. On breaking through the whitewash. Bringing some diversity he's. Today Avian awards I wish I was joking. Does the fact the Avian award for best comedy Jews well black. Last year in the porn industry I cannot believe. They have comedy and pornography I had no idea that this John wrecks even makes absolutely and bring that person in my life did a lot of wacky and or regulations don't. I would for the smoothly during this because we've taken yeah may I bags over the tongue and down the throats and party in our Tommy's. Our knowledge I met John I. Don't know I draw profiled as a 44999. Alone. Since then again. Can you on the men's room radio network.