08-16-18 Seg 2 Mens Room Enjoys The Show

Thursday, August 16th

We play the game known as Big Dummy!


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This is the men's room. Yeah enough art in New Orleans classic rock 93 KGO. And hard shock. And good morning Anchorage Alaska or not people are seven easy indeed Alaska's rock alternative and our friends and 0103 in Lexington Kentucky welcome to the program I had just gotten a Disney and potatoes as cooling crazy foods and into the market in the last couple weeks here no I Sherlock is coming double drink a toast with a shot their profile this and in the meantime the game is big Demi we know Mike online Mike's playing for team. Sober and working on question number three yes indeed here is your question. And the Star Wars universe. Who killed tone duke duke by cutting off his head to. Attend it. Requested that I asked this scheduled shuttle Powell saying the same guy who found to also killed come chocolate. And really do coupons. That are scheduled have a big releases what you need to do coupons. And clearly I'm sure you would you do Grupo. And any jobs at all who we can do bottom bullet in the head I could act. And I thank both. You guys and I really look on my big goal chances. Skywalker. My aim and aggressive. They got Lago was the name of the first what's in space. Oh. Okay. Okay okay so that's the one and they do fill up the dogs please forward. Space. Animals are under my Yemen and then right leg is still there there might be among dip down to secure is. Animal embryos float around for all our own Obama we are Pluto so I think. All right your question who is the only presidents of the confederate states of America. And it. First piano black. Only natural and that would look like atop the one you see it oh lose a battle flack yes. Aviation company produced the DCE series of aircraft. Boeing McDonnell Douglas or Airbus could almost an Arby's. I'm right that very clearly aren't. McDonnell Douglas. And I'm okay yeah new military side. And you're almost. And Potomac River I did these guys I'm pleased that I remember earlier I was condemned the DC nine. DC and I had an idea what Morrissey. Right exactly do you know. It's six. Again as big dummy is far far 9990 lose our next contest and right to play the big game. Both of them hello Gerri welcome to the men's room. And you saw. Very very US open it's over. Okay Jerry look. Hi Gerri I'm glad assuming you're just saying in the opera on our men's room Poulter on the opera about. Oh on a local high yeah. Where on earth. Okay and I'm like opera glass every year in just pain we will live humanly do have to go dancers Zoubek and it's really good. The heat you have the new mom and now it's. Now my newly earlier nothing. My teacher there and they both proves you were there. All of my pop right into her shirt and he actually saw I am sure aware of that and I didn't even question what you always split US state built and sold the land of enchantment. I don't put that senior amateur. This is really. I really address how do as a matter ringtone feature demonstrate how much. Yes I don't know when they aren't. The mantle channel is New Mexico human rights and our New Mexico's an urban didn't. I'm damaging memo it's cool to look great I love green chilies. And a little slow and stay with shall run and Al Bloomberg. Like three days then the big hot air balloon just say I do that and I'm down there for this this is the thing that they are known for. The first problem is that starts earlier in the morning that I compared force about Osama woke up. The balloons buttons no problem Obama says he's like one of the main things they do after this thing is done when the sun sets this is a massive. Fireworks display. A problem. Ron highway driving back we see this big explosion of fireworks some like all right all right it was literally the last woman. Okay. I was in god damn thing beautiful country beautiful country. Art is your guy in question are worried. Mr. everything. This is the Dick Butkus played for the Chicago Bears. As importantly bush Margaret. Gross linebacker we'll. Very well done. I just like classic middle linebacker. Younger overall not fast but sidelined the Simon can cover a lot of space and then people if you can donate 844999. All of doing and they knew contestant and played big games hello lease welcome to the men's room. Barely pays over and. Michelle yeah interim goal. Closure rather sit through an opera ballet where the tabernacle choir. No shiny smooth isn't pretty high school and good looking do. Given some to loosen. You'll lose due to be interest. I'm signature contract. That's exactly what he's saying yeah no no I'm not that is the exact you'll not use the name I really don't think you're look now you can younger. Not saying that's exactly where am I mean that was Martin ride that was all Steve where in. I agree and I I agree we'll settle this a pain in the grass I. I need these next few questions come to us we had to listeners and hey man do you mind if by some news Washington hasn't. Do drills our currency less obsolete no Ohio all we have is you would subbing affiliate there. Have been affiliate just keep I'll continue for. The Ohio that is are clear we are rock and Ohio in the IK EI NT HD theater is at. Here's question number one for Keith what is Charlie Brown's father's occupation multiple tours doctor dentist barber on others. Is ironic and it's your kids play. I would backbone of the moment his dad was Barbara he had no hair no no Lisa about one weird humans were here. All right what animal has for us forward facing me. Lord needed you. And always include. I'm in my dream girl I'd sure. I. Are all open. Or blue or face Panama through it's. Yeah. That's not true. Are going to number three for Marshall in Toledo Ohio okay I see each. What is the oldest branch of the US military and established a suburb thirteenth since his 36. This is according to the military sponsored dot com controlled hate comes my way I don't newscast today trying to keep thousands of NATO 98 good momentum there. I just always somewhere I think frank is emailed us. Yeah. They don't get something it's. Yeah everybody for the wolverines. All right we have another multiple choice questions and this is ridiculous and so by law. By law and state of Kansas who is a few rabbits may not be shocked for motor boats. True party brokers. All one may not catch fish wouldn't bare hands and so I've always known New England this weekend total them all out legal at all but here's a question if the pedestrian. Is Cora single highly good night. They must. Where tail lights carry the torch walk backwards. In stable and I don't mean Ali. It was weird little clock backwards and any. Well its highway again. Finally yeah. Don't feel like they're. You had told how way to win soon to allied. Dead bang and members. What side of the zodiac is the only one represented by a mythological creature and hence. People of design were born between November 22. And December 21. Are you lose you lose. Logical. And mythological creature. Who represents this sign of the zodiac. Said they did you ahead it is at least wait in the last few days your favorites mythological creature and. The fans are. And is that there is I can lead content and mentioned something that's the same time I got houses and cars have to send top devils are. Aren't there New Orleans memorial illnesses she did so fast and then there are finishing up our target police won't book. We don't whether they actually quiet and organized religion or even you know when Oprah is ultimately. I only mean they're human would like understood Jesus aren't. What color game what poker game includes terms like. Bag amounts. Aero news eighties bed and breakfast. Or blank hat. I am game. Start. I have led very well O'Reilly is perceived failure as. I'm more big dummy coming up if you like to Higgins has an 844999. Hole you are listening to defend your radio network. Just concentrate on potatoes as cool and pray easy to lose my head chef is on the way within me and tell right after we play the game known as big dummy for a foreign 999 Paula C goes our next contest and ready to play the big game. Hello Eastwood and welcome I'll amend her. And show you know we're not. I varieties when our. Mens room cold today yeah which one would you rather sit throw address and through an opera ballet or the tabernacle choir. Among women and girls before the. The whole issue what about all. Days I ever ends June the ballet is totally new experience. Run came through Ellis and you're only nine years all I had a guy who was taken down and never finding guys you know most LA he's. Okay and why is this a good advice we'll have a. Can't you can't punch army air surrounding future they beat you up to knock down the middle of the street on sentinel southern Utah or maybe two but don't them and holding on both sides dungeons. You realize you don't ever try to don't know LA. I heard the exact same thing I or for worse. That's why nobody goes well I think he'll learn on the show it's as Samantha elite June he needs you to remain holed a resent it. I'm totally and like they can actually beat me from the corner of the street isn't a little history of the manhole cover got a long way to tackle this national pride and what your friends tell me bad news channels. Anyway. Before international also loves me days. And disease. And we're an industry over in Europe are. Are you really need be replaced I believe. All right I know Larry. Oh what a day that every day's Mimi didn't bring his dad it's only limited and gloomy day are EV EOK okay well you know I hear is your question. What's they located on the East Coast is the only state that's the last three letters in his name does not contain an hour. It's. I know you're. Question from our affiliates including. K I eat little. Earlier got a your dad do it and that's now why why learn anything about that came out about anywhere else than where you're from trust and our country at this early malware or I don't feel. OK okay good doesn't it just means when there's there's a lot of people who do think I'm glad. The Italians they're not alone aren't huge question much birth signs spends the most on January and February. And what Simon's zodiac expands amongst the January and yeah. Little thing in February and got a wonderful children. Revolutions there and you're a pardon. He's got to play queens center in. Orbital. Okay. That was my ears yeah. How close the settlement right in the middle of an excuse or smoke queen. Here is your question to ask what is eleven square. Calling. It. Clean and oil and okay I'm on the initial any alone in order that is being. Emotional on. They are not crazy. It looks familiar it's like going. Yet he answered the question correctly and and there are mostly true. How these things and with the letter and not. The question and I'm. I don't want you sure. There isn't an either or there Dorian. All right. Michigan Michigan that was Correll accident. Washington Washington Washington yeah. And key take shots at what does god or god. Our guns and gave the game is big dummy for 49990. Look who is our next contest and write play the big game. Hello Cody welcome to the men's room. So we want to show you on things. Trying to get samples Georgia John seems so let's go to. Men's room pole he had to sit through one will be an opera ballet or the tabernacle choir. Yeah I can Gould and I don't know it tabernacle. Why are all. Learning you know. And then there's. I'm Melanie. Well it's. Good sense it's not a requirement that is. As you know believe you heard you understood your singing about slowly lose Joshua in the battle of aircraft. A hearing on the instead. It's an outside. I can't tell you sing row row row your boat and I are gonna not everybody comes all manner that is that I use them as much every time you leave one of those shows you free tickets narrative across. Yeah. I knew it was and what is the deadliest jelly fish and blue moral moon are. Remain a war I don't know what more golden man or the marshy villages the mock best worsened. I obviously Tyson back then see deadliest jellyfish in her guests. I showed that one big payloads and Tony is the only one none other than to close don's has been one of those kind of days big dummy it is a 44999. Alive hello Josh you are welcome to the men's room. Ontario on a Josh so that's over. Problem crowd loves. Oh for God's desire you can. Hello Luna welcome to the men's room ruined it. All oh and I. Bruno used overnight sober. I am actually on my little word lions and the former are right room eyes elemental and and I don't know no room for me so much just. It's our youth and is. Are you any feel as emotional wounds through an offense silent H like tomorrow nobody gives you the right now limited to loans you are okay and the love my moon you can relaying a guy whose voice please don't read them out there. All right rune men's room Beaulieu has been through one movie opera ballet or the tabernacle choir. I gotta go out there. Ballet all right man not tabernacle choirs and even heard yeah I mean there's no. I'm bland who lives on we all summer home. And people stop by the tell you right here or there LA BI tabernacle choir that anger because of what you think if you allow us. Right introducing the Illinois. Let out to be during organism is a big deal I understand your well. Think all hell yes I'm bad it's. Exclusive and it's something for everybody is but that's Mount Vernon. And I don't think it through watching that is sold out something else has gone only an auction for your shirt but it is impossible to write fat Bruney got mistake. And I'll read non an automatic. Or yeah. Okay that is in question. The March of Dimes was originally founded to help find a bank seem for what disease. And. Earlier on the turn to now say. Totally totally. How are guys that made the rounds today. I do question the great too big chore you desert is the largest desert on one continent. The European continent. And make it makes it just and really recently do our. I got a wrongdoing Canada and and. I go to kind of put god in diameter is called I. I have a long and when you improve. And elegant look. Nice job in new did you know better did you just guests. Well my I don't want to a lot of women it's too bad I I don't think I've gotten that are just. I don't try not to my dad trying to do him good and I was just cause I'm let somebody know from Disney tell me 844999. Alone. Coach Jeff welcome to the men's room. Okay. Look the southern deft. Chris I'm I'm happy birthday and so they're I don't know. Or am I allowed my shaft. Jeff you know since through one of the opera ballet in the tabernacle choir. Thought about it for a long time I guess I'm not going to play out ally. Oh man more ballet it. It's unbelievable. No I've never been. Okay adorable daughter is horrible yeah. Horrible isn't one single worst moments of my life and. There are serious could have been there isn't crap yeah. Then they left mad man I go who was pretty good yeah. And a ballet will learn from that awful. I do you guys do what musical instrument. Is sometimes called in nineteen still orange ten Sam march oh yeah. Cold and what musical instruments is sometimes called a linking this to work or intends sandwich. I'll blue as. It's okay. Downright. I've benefit and then maybe sometime around and is there a sandwich. The best and I don't even sometimes it's all right fermentation is the chemical process. Like emerge from watched them alcohol. A lot of I don't know all of us. When you are sure yeah yeah. I'd have thought I was the yeast. The east Florida woman fared and now they've turned to sugar and alcohol but times are almost audio lost Searle drunk right now. Is it time for the fermentation on all the buried so there you might just hammered. Is greater now anywhere at any form for a 999 Motorola. Hello Sergio welcome to the men's group. Sergio Phil. Why even have asked for the names like Sergio your Brothers and through the opera and ballet at the tabernacle choir my guess would be operative based on your name. And yeah I'll take a look at the. Okay. Yeah. I think we've there's a market could like oh I'm sure this is not about why you go to an opera now actually. Just from hearing us today I'm sure is not what they intended but my kids are into Captain Underpants and loses Johnson. But every time returns and redemption number and she basically dozen or so I'm sure a lot of right exactly so how they think it's a cultural thing now do you commissions and onto our whole all. If it's if it is why your makes me laugh and I know that probably won't bode thanks to Captain Underpants that is now what I associate I'm Brooke. Hariri is your question. Who is the first big dome of the Madden curse Hutus abrupt retirement in 1999. I had no idea I am I did that retirement. It's. It's a wonderful. And whatnot straight into whatever comfort and don't I don't think. I lion. Barry Sanders and it's going to lions thank you could've gotten something for him you gonna gun for some sort but it's all right they proved their point knuckle down all the championships and so I was so overall appearances. Could. I know you question not excluding Rudolph excluding Rudolph how many reindeer pull Santa's sleigh. That's not a euphemism. Coale need. It is able last night. They're wrong call but we'll go nose so bright they so they got so they goes on from cakes and put on Christmas download all last night. Take a new name only rained and we know who's I don't know who knows you. Are rallying. Rings. I learn. A little insane. Comment Q Vince. Blitzer in Britain said that again. I'm Aaron go through the RB IR hey you know the song you know what the president like you know dasher and dancer and friends there and vixen comet and cupid and Donner and lets them. Those you know who's the most room. It all. Through bulls could lose learn about them more important role. Demi is the game a 44999. Hole I think I know I got his red nosed chicken in my way and I ended up it was wild and refuse to if you did. Where progress in Israel uses for the million didn't keep. Did you odd since it's easy to do it had been. Common Donna he. About the bridge and he. And then you'll welcome to the men's. Yeah okay. I used over the summer. Anger and Philadelphia Phillies. Danielle I think whoever it was only a yard. No sadly yeah I'm normally normally have been hammered since her one night and then you'll be out for the ballet already tabernacle choir. Well I gotta go where you guys earlier I'm I'm no watching. Standard gong show I'm gonna go opera. Heard it. It is a. It's going for me. Yeah. It's coming back. Mash potatoes and I didn't hear an adult it's okay. You don't like the tabernacle choir played. And I'm human then we speak Italian Afflalo who cares no matter I don't limousine. And broke. I have a lot of pork have they break out okay. There's going great dummies gave me 44999. Only if you would like to be a contest in more big dummy coming up you are listening to the men's or radio network. Pages you. True. I'm gonna send me details as a month cool foods foods that will cool you down man to raise. Includes coming up with the head job and heads meat and potatoes in the meantime the game is big dummy for 4999. All out. Then you'll know I'm all their usual it had no. I'm miles is over you hang up by about three months and hang on our young yeah car yeah. There's your question would former presidents autobiography. Is titled dreams from my father. Oh lord. It. These. Good guys move so it's the most Sandra. We're around candidate Barack Obama. But when bush dog anyway I mean he's done an excellent yeah. That went caddies Joseph how are you are not made up but I'm cold and wet dreams about fatherhood. And ominous after eight David Copperfield this. Tiger question. Sailor Jack and his dog bingo cook them as gospel like candy slash method could. All of it. It. And I guess. Oh well I have a new hello hey look this thing I can really you know he's an obese friends. Well I would go home on its. Good mr. Johnson Jimmy I don't enhance our that would be owl don't you cracker Jack I'll drag it makes an anger and enjoy and kind of jacks in the same morrow Mary pretty much our man. I can question. What is the usual age for a Jewish boy to celebrate his bar mitzvah the it. I miss you don't know yet thirteen happens and a blow it diamond one you have the Sunnis and how old this practices and he's my New Orleans sooner than later this. Miles tell us that the Jewish celebration pretty good food business all of bread and then you wanna they always have so many Sam I'm excited and so they're not they're not it is not one of those punishing you always Ambien doing men's and the bad and the celebration cram for an actual celebration usually. Question how long is one round in boxing he. It. I wish it was five minutes turns out you. Oh. I'm amazed months. Just remember the slowest man to life than the fastest man in your life great price he. Good question what color is most responsible. There's no. Dream dream. Let's go to load. Should note that. Green blue green red they've kicked the season. Does end PC. Stand for an oral and video gaming and PC. OK. Okay. And net PC like he'll be his point of view and that also applies to born isn't god if only I know it. I guess you and I. Leo hey you know I do anything else I love these pro yes but yeah that's that I like a dog you are humble can we don't pop style Arnold Palmer. Our. Did you means you LPG underlying. Blasier. Summer inside. And I'm good feeling about this question. Once I don't show him this horrible joke. There. I'm very you know red siren packs in a big dummy for 49990. La. Hello will welcome to the mid. In the show are you on team over. More objective alone didn't. Chris you know. Well I. I met your bulls they got to sit through one Bolivian opera ballet or the tabernacle choir. Yeah don't miss the blow into the united. I mean yes may I mean it's they'll both the Mormon tabernacle iron down there yet and emails as I'm Mormon and I love the Mormon Tabernacle Choir I've seen them six times and from nexus is my dad you know a guy dead head on the ball around you're good someone they opened a fish. Actually I coming Jamie I'm gonna read it. As it as a threat that. I heard the pole today and doesn't want to say among concert level pianist pianist and composer. And it's huge for a living so I'm more than allowed to say the following. Opera songs Harry's friend Obama lost a pass I can pull back on the blue ball back well ballet right now in the league playa. At least as far as our contestants now if you go vote on our 230 follows a mastermind that might be completely different I've no idea but I can't believe would be. All right here is your question what kind of way of when is usually makes Indian dishes like mound and chicken to to. I. Call me armed men was directed me OEM and hopefully we. Really get our own look good how they do telling them they grand. Our and you. Are is called. And a few more shots. Employment. And no person I know. Am sorry did not attend aren't aren't the parents. I was the one car. Okay yeah well you know will agreement that I. Yes morrow among big Demi come and updates or Ford 999 Orlando headset is on the way. Tens meat and potatoes has some of foods and employees down and some crazy new clues that is all coming up. Since then again. Knew I know men's room radio network.