08-16-18 Seg 1 Mens Room Goes To The Theater

Thursday, August 16th

We play the game known as Big Dummy!


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He would sure love. Here is real. Springfield. Invited to join the party. Your radio more than. I don't know why they go on who's on third 2886. Columbus Stephen Drew hill. Please red snow and Limbaugh and my car. Okay. How and Emmanuel. They want to really play big name. And meat and potatoes as cool and please. Seafood. No Sherlock is back get ready to play profile list plus headlines and they're Jonbenet bungalows for emails everyone's favorite TV time for. Nor do I go to candidates biggest company James. Designs can also sell books. Hey Molly fights over whether Halle Berry played Aretha Franklin leads to a man getting shot this is more. It feels a man's mail comes back two days later and steals dog tool. They play narrowly misses band causing runway and always late barbecue and shocker as woman four man to have sex a machete point is unfit for trial. And it's all coming on today's very special and so both the men's room. All I've mentioned is good day to you and yours today is the day that we play big dummy. The game show about rewards you for your spending ignorance. And here is how it works. You call us. Real and the last group question from a category by the way congratulations to. You just mentioned for the last four months and been lobbying in an updated and we open arrived today. Grandson knife fight the man allied bacterial enjoyed so yes indeed. It'll make a noticeable difference that was a fight well fought that. So both men and category we Obama has no question from a category. But here's your big dummy separates himself from your average more reputable game show we will continue to ask you questions continue gets one right. Because there's always we want you to leave here smarter than you showed up. Debate our biggest dummy ever is be lovely and talented Josh. Who read the book of dumb for dummies and then found a way to answer twentieth consecutive questions wrong. Can you knew better of course today and so it gives it all and all. We go on big dummy thing it doesn't play a big dummy call 8449990. You can like the men's room on FaceBook both sons Warner and Lindsey Graham amend your mind and send your emails in the men's room at men's or my dot com. You're listening to the men's room radio network. And O'Reilly on the show number 2886. Well. Card program we have Corey today guarantee future repeated once again we have the head chef announced heads meat and potatoes as food civil cool you down the and some new crazy foods crazy food crazy that I did the market here in the last few weeks and ship is on the way would ten's meet. And details no I Sherlock is coming up another round profile this and of course we will drink and toast. With these shots of the day and as we do every time we do little big dummy when Doolittle mens room cold. And a last week on the pole based on popular demand of a conversation we had her agenda just a single out who is in fact the worst driver. Andy choices we gave you the the minivan with the Prius. The German car and the bicycle as most of those were basically presented by you was under the progression of before that that before that aired and we're curious who who's the worst driver out there. According new hands down no question it is in fact the bicycle as clear cut winner that if there was no doubt about that Prius came in at number two. Followed by the minivan in the German car in last job. As far as the cars drive so about bush and the road with now keep in mind if you do follow us on non Twitter had to amend through my and we would put up the pole there as well you know there and I'll vote. And now today we we decided it was it was a tough one for us because the true mother another many painful things are in the in our guys unveil the sock. I think you did too. Thank you and I don't know if you already if your parents or your aunts or uncle and you've ever taken young ones who out. A Disney on nice to whatever's popular at the time whatever that I've seen dragon tales of seeing Dora the Explorer all these things that happens is Kevin pagan doesn't endorse their popular my kids were that age so whatever was at that time so. You go to the you go to the children's version that saw Clifford the big red dog I don't need the bears know how did you go oh man I just saw Paul I think over a 30 man has put a commercial on all the time and the moment do you don't come into the Baltimore Reno general audience knew you only. Take Asian kids disappoint I was only gracing their man it was so hot and had to be a hundred and so I mean just Baltimore. Hot they have this old arena nothing wrong with this whole lot wrong with antiquated it's an older Arenas went wrong that Baltimore arena aren't among them from completely and must have seen some good shows are either way it's all good show good inside they got like a hot dog and a code colleague other concessions enemy and they got nothing. Maybe in my view what I here's a look like kid. But it's. And this is like a Saturday at noon showed up given my and the way these kids stuff goes Manning up 45 shows at night. So especially Saturday and Sunday Manning a 45 shows well immediately man you just start seeing these puddles and are all the skaters the ice is melting. And an unbelievable play I mean it's unbelievable as its worst in the planet right now I mean it's just melting in front of your eyes the point where. Now they give move they're getting stuck. So they have been calling and calling for the entire weekend for a soils on a barrel on the only had to really be there about twenty minutes right but is still it would you listen I'm continuing my hand and do under the seat so then I said maybe a musical. And you say no because some musicals like rock of ages right OK if you aren't a new model you don't know. You can file don't mind apple they don't you can find the musical Tommy get through. Teams how. And uneven Obama should be done I love hell yeah crazy like that it's The Who ranked. I mean I am and rode it. But like you can find a musical you sit there and that's why I was trying to be specific. Like me who came to say musicals too easy it's just too he's OK so so we've got isolates music we've got what we believed to be just the horrible. Horrible experiences but either way you're gonna have to go. And even had to sit through one of these. They are all equivalent on the same amount of time because you might all operas can last for three or four hours ago we don't know the mail you right choice number one is an opera so. Kansas bureau. Is the main guy. In my new home. Yeah. It's. So mind when I'm reasonable. All you don't move okay. There's always been one of the opera yes that do that I could sit through it that's that's sad that George and Ron number two the second choice is the ballet. No no no. Thank you mentioning my. This is terrible. I'd rather easy. Experience in my life I was very close tonight and early next week. You're like me lasted for months or maybe I'm a bad person it's just amazing people. This traumatized me this mission I mean so pissed off balance the. How does that Rihanna. What does this tragic. Do you on the Taliban. May no sense anyway. Choice number three I mean this this this is easily guess it is those. You said choir and I said ma'am I failure but I'm telling you you can bet. Still like that don't don't Brooklyn whatever cards will be out and throw it down man but this president specifically. Just in my opinion as far as choirs go but I think just. I put this way. I don't believe it is physically possible to like this I think you guys say you like this you're got you know why anyone knows any of these songs. I'm acquire depth probably OK I bases. So choice number three is the tabernacle choir. The hormone. Why CNN. Cameron a. No reason. That's like twice and we shared the balance here. Really I know. Okay. Don't feel the same. I heard right now. Here man it's got to listen we. Thank you so yeah. Barry go you gotta sit through one of those will really opera. Will be the ballet or willow BV tabernacle choir US is our men's room bull as once again it is time for little big dummy 844999. All I'll. Hello and welcome to the men's room. Do they don't seem so virgin. In the show man all right mr. Williams is the one movie beyond broad the ballet. Tabernacle choir. You know all over the ballet until that's elemental fire families about played into the old dance around a little bit. No matter but man what Montgomery music moves you know what was going to amounts that removes a torture and hell yeah dazzled got to live no acquired. Really got rid yourself I don't know who or when you don't win you want if you had considerable number one of these are trying to pick the one no. Oh all right no we know but you're a big one to sit through like you're gonna take your ticket and go to one of these things so I don't know I Italy's ballet. You can I I agree if you don't tell us because they do that little. Don't plan on their toes that's terrible. The whole thing attempting hairdo sucks. Art is in question how many feet long is a bowling lane from the foul line today and tomorrow. Yeah. I normal and this 66. Clothes they pay. I had no idea I went around because in my. Think fundamentally have been more. Six inches shorter than distance in the pitchers. You mound for the moment about. I don't glimpse into not a long night in a wide Taylor yeah. You've blown your trailer you can now walk. Good thing about Bard to Kitchener tiger question what is the lowest in The Beatles drinks and over. Close and that it is straight in poker without can easily be onslaught. And I you know I knew he would know that engine by as a what's wrong but double wide like I don't know that you guys. It was big dummy for 49990. Luck I'll learn math and study in the paint some of the bull bulbs. Hello stiff bum welcome to the men's room. And I'm. Full. I think. Then your home unicenter one of these movie opera ballet on the tabernacle choir. I agree with the luck last Christmas I had to sit through oil and follows LA have you been in the ballet girls. We'll get in even the ballad. I have not obviously not it's a lie the luck that's obviously you don't take them we don't fly on an unexpected penis. There's days where it's a tight pants. And the outline is very prominent why you know there's a lot of pins going off just say you know if you like penis probably love the ballet. But not the music. It's just hearing it is the worst part man poses people dancing around I know why I silly but. Whatever I considerable what you play the music go right now the Sox in the mangan. Are your question what major river runs through rule. All. Of the open. Man I don't even though I had no idea. Yeah hi. Florence or Venice and as far as being flooded rivers and you know I mean Ghana. Venison or rivers are just seawater that's in the can else. A basis seawater OK okay and now I'm among our urgent question hepatitis is the inflammation which organ. Am. Hello I got a little and I don't know enough. You know why you. I just question I did not know the answer to. Because I do not care about this New Yorkers but I'm 101 dalmatians guard to adult donations. Polo and who. Oh yeah. You rely on limited them to be no doubt that it. Yeah whose owner old brother I got three legs and memos and what am I definitely washes his childhood. Barely have the miscarriage. I know a nuisance. Well okay. I don't intend to say no relevant element in yet passing from 101 domination of I've seen and no ma'am. I was glad you're childhood again what did rumbles still skin spin into gold. And making the remote area schools and our C. May have a straw yeah. Electric hum. Gold just. Ball had long had she can she get her and Amanda. I don't think are crazy maybe isn't there will vitamins customers are all business that's a while and I really don't remember upon a question five. They gave the questionable for those are now stronger. Decades old the first ATM. School there. The FAA. Eighty. They were mostly thanks. I commend Elin for cellphones and we're surrounded by an act that are offshore. And an aging and probably helped grow the Coke trade the blow from the eighties. Immeasurable pride. You have to think you're a late night drug czar is only hit the base open say Amanda you know I'm one of these snazzy a GM a Miramax. Thank god for India and truly help the drug culture and strippers. Daniel right now I think about all he's got the industry's man just because the agency a number one made a little more money. Aren't there is your question. Luke is besides Jacob what cartoon character. All live. Boom boom boom boom boom. Hello hello Lou let us. Still a value added you can't. Barack Obama are good. Our number one Joseph somehow I don't know hardware was just OK I didn't I didn't I didn't elaborate detail Barbara Iraqi Bowa who. There were some of those kids draw right Flintstones. Jetsons from Wilson we do out there. But as blades. They do and and I gather at the bananas and less credibility and legacy it will come about phone whereas Leo. I can't remember is just crazy like the banana splits are going down giants like McDonald's and I was on the show you saw how you can use this yes I don't think our creatures is like a yellow one and my blood money into the ring any bells. Cigna publicity monster when that oil rose at a different giant I'm telling you and keep it. I'll find that song will put our Emilio Miller oh I thought oh that's our mind games they donate 44 at 9990 look who's our next contestant ready play the game hello Matthew welcome to the man. I've been through volumes and threw one will be. The opera and ballet or the tabernacle choir. Obviously. Through the ballet black war. Go in non yeah beer and maybe it's five shots. I'll be back in about fifteen minute sit right here. To lose some power portable senior and a lot of guys in I was like I would like like. The louder movie theater popcorn where you can hear the milk jugs pulling it down the box every time someone. The I won't allow this to. Lousy food possible just enjoy and and just. Are into question what is heading is into Reno mayor. Oh yeah. Well. And Iran. It's great for the imprisoned there doesn't do. Ma'am I and they send Paul Byrne emblems like chess you to configure a just peace and pioneer and yeah actually yeah condemn them into the welfare they're. I dare you question what animated Disney classic because the first she was movie to have a soundtrack album. Cinderella. I don't believe it. Email us and there are. Thank them do my thing. Well hello we are you question does sound travel faster through the air or water. Matthew and I'm thinking about it I don't think too much as the mayor. Along. We got more OK Johnny lightning intensity four point 9990. You are listening to avenger radio network. A big chill you don't have enjoyed the men's room. Jeff going on Fed's lead and details as some cool and crazy foods in the meantime we've got a big dummy or for a 999 all Matthew online working on question number 414. Not sober. Well imagine the show Matthew here is sequestered. Used to complete the first transcontinental. Railway the last spike was made of what. Well that the light is the assault does metal available on Trent if you think he's still there and sort of Stillman I mean come on I'm not gonna probably ceremonial than they probably yank it out dads that's half the game is big dummy for 49990. La hello Andy welcome to the men's room. Clearly are men grew slowly at hipster wannabes including health. How will be an opera ballet or the tabernacle choir. They're there's no word in the LA area. I don't know I know no man knows one thing I didn't know docile and are grander feel like guys don't know they'll want oh and I'm saying then. Although not much is your fault we don't come home now let's. I can't believe. I'm clueless. Anyway you lose sleep. Your on the Internet. All right here is your question. What country has the longest coastline. Country. On the road as the world. I'm on my go to America could see what the. I after my problem lakes and bays and everything else that. I was glad it. Where is mom Judy Zhu. What country would find my true future. He's a local college goes on Peru and is fruits are aren't well I don't know that I actually below the Foleo look like no he's not there aren't there will try again that is why and I hope names welcome to the drooling yeah. Maybe it's over now. Number and they want. And they measure home. It's true ones we'll be an opera ballet or the tabernacle choir. I'm. OK number no number I guess I lose my. Number. OK I want to play dirty words. Okay. Yeah we're. I'll answer. Maximilian reminds me among my mom told jurors they remind you more movies on June. I can make some nasty today in the practice. Desk. I answered question my opera and a friend in what American city when you find telegraph hill. I'm an MIT and that's. It's. An okay. Oh yeah. And here. Yeah New York. Hi nice questions. I'm October 22 at 169 DT about marred the last time a person in America was hanging from what crime. It's. Yeah. You know correct stuff that was the last which I was the last time my overweight or how he's never had refreshed. Gave ms. di goes back to 16928449990. Look who's our next contestant write play the big game. Hello Donna welcome to the man drove. Now when she went into the two on this program. Maria it's over now consumer. It's in absolute. Our guys. Nice it's I Don we wanna sit through there the opera and ballet of the tabernacle choir. So I just won't soon blue bone completely local close enough for doing good aren't you gonna offer. Poundstone is it's. Better allies. Blues is all yeah yeah there's in the ballot malice. No I knew when I ended doesn't matter it's. Really. Insurance market and here is your question. Sue play and it's are typically synonymous. With men and women. Who. Are there. Goods are good they are very Euro aren't just big dummy is a game made 44999. All all the room hang on hello Monday to welcome to the manager. A miserable there my caddie and I think one. The operative yeah and that's. Although he's trying to break here comes up right. Outside downtown in close to lamenting the melons. You every time and all the offers a loving and close friend and knows one. Okay. All the music and I'm going to be drilling have been introducing. All right so to Boston. Yes yeah. It is the question what does the TV network abbreviation. CBS stand for. Saying. That the call me I can't. I should all move on doping agents. After one final voice of those. Those very same people. I could give them a smarter more. Golden years. Ingredient provides them paroles. In global seed. I don't reputable place not. Gordon. Good girls in the bubbles seek. Think she sucked through mr. yeah I can. I didn't. If you like to create consistent play big dummy. 844999. Cola more big jelly doughnut here in seconds. CNN news. Can you on the men's room radio network.