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Wednesday, August 15th

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This is no. No men's room. You're listening to. He's thrilled. On Thursday about take 9844999. LA and you will play profile that. And we got your headlines on the way one hour from now firstly check in my car for some of the stories and headlines he is. Not working out all right Budweiser is trolling browns fans. There's been stalled refrigerator full of free Bud Light all over the city. Glad they stay locked the door open until the browns win their first game no friends space semi. Opinion in my life I would hope it's like last season. He'll always think seeing that. Just gotta yeah it's unlike any kind of funny thing women the first game or something that night. There are no matter but imagine you're in a park tonight. And they hate when that team. Then they amber and her life. I anything nice and I'd go crazy like free and it doesn't the guarantees no matter what Mars and they put those refrigerators and their full beer. Every Sunday or every Monday when a well I'm glad monetary Sunday. There's a new and browns game is on the bar's going to be my. Does it going to be hoping that they can get free beer so at least as far as what someone might not want to go to a bar lunch browns game to stay at home. Now maybe they're in people's reliance on aliens. My kids there's billboards are gonna see a few more people as the browns do better throughout the game. Brian is there at the games come out and end the game for grass you know that is I don't know I don't know third corner. I mean our thumb on the schedule Pena is here. Tim and generally it's a bright talent available whether you don't mind. And they got to play well I. It's for her own New Orleans you know a jazz. Maybe. Even raiders great amount charge moon rock Steelers it's. See it's I'll go hey I do sweetener Forman and there but a lot of my friends and everything he joined by. Fitzsimmons demo got a million baseless argument about politics last week. Then why don't throw tomatoes over to the other man's house and shot him in the butt down. Did you ever doubt that answer. How he was an argument. Where throughout the entire time you and I would shoot let me ask you grab your gun get in your car drive your friend's house. NN you don't want you actually cooled down around a noxious to him and yeah welcome what do you think Madonna looks. How whose gun control the pet. I'll show you that hey I have no idea I hope this can I was sort of demented you know another proof point. She's you know about life and unregistered firearm. City safe. I have is that now logged into store near Toronto last week it's all about 250 dollars worth an axe body spray can. It's unclear if you play in the cellar where nobody lives at a base when he did John the New Jersey here at all. It's story about the guys doing Cologne and put me in the folds of skin. You know I have. We're all that white Fuzzy stuff lives. I mean what might join hands free would you stay yeah. Grow Cologne is not when they like legit models and Cologne do enough food tester into the hand of the mall itself. I think there was this whole. Boy oh boy it's sure she's never my man oh man about a fifth. And no game until four year old birthday party and Jackie she's a New Jersey this month I know those horrible. So they employed at bottom a bunch of presence in the newsroom another party a week later thank god gave Kerry did four years old man. Go Blue Jackets Jean what you know unified body on budget get to a point and you know. It's. A great he got to know. Not only of their parents and they know what you like everybody in this class. Okay desire classes invited to go to Chucky cheese season he says just four years old son's preschool I know everything how can you did come. Your parents know in their kids are going to be don't want the dismantling whatever comes of the party incentives right have you throw that party guys when the Helena let us. Should there are kids who knows thrown out then it's. Oh and then there's the tricky thing. Does send parents the golf equipment into the best friend and its citizens are and they do now. I don't wanna know how you push peace. And my job day even better and I hear years and years and we did you use. Camille I don't know if you can do we need to party. Lalime mandatory that you might add Norman play you're right direction run the numbers read romance I love you knew you get invited Alberta that in doing. There yet but generally the first then might you you wouldn't know whether you tell you why you play and you had no expectation like. I don't play Q why would wanna give you some of the go to your freedom house thousands of frames are members names you might everybody. We're. Your being affluent high school. Play for the suit was never invited to a single party I don't. All come oh OK the title for the great. I fell zero or someone pulled over 11100 radio hosts across the country. How many of you would say that you had a good face for any. I remember when food and are there is no catch. 48% said they have a good quote unquote freeze for radio. I don't including 11% who strongly agree it. Man I'm so that's about right information savagely when people how you try and really find you know we'll have more idea you'll meet someone more humor for what I'm saying when we're going to be free if you meters but. Are people I've heard and you need them really isn't like you know we vote another. Did they are do you you do that in June insurance it's insurance guys focus on though they'll look guys. We dancers I can't think about it is everytime some new ideas they are you raise 40 yeah. I don't know I have news for the news or who doesn't move Tony you have Dana listener. 98 yes. Yeah I wanna say you know and a trying to think back up 39% and did a listener 7% when she married one pound fungi. Don't listen and an American. He's my man whereas today where you can meet the Monte game on the ground. Zero million that god gave you for me I values that I AA that I flew a new study him. A new study in the journal of sex research suggests women who are emotionally unstable to every veteran then I'm kidding well. We are oh. Those who are you shocked me yeah. Okay how well you're a stripper right side is that his legendary newsman study. We had news that they that I remember that before you should it's memorandum. They do so far no tonight you know news study water when. Under the New Year's series have been removed a small cyst from above a woman's eyes and inside consistently found an old contact Glenn Miller. Then she lost 28 tiger isn't doesn't surprise and another human contact you don't know where you look you may crawl around on the floor of the new luster might be in a bacteria. My mother actually had to help a coworker Fisher contextual data design because you've lost in ten CN fingernails and she actually went into. Today. The city assuming impairs installed a bunch of sidewalk here kernels to cut down on guys pain in the streets. I mean girls now they are influential in open journals so it's. I have the Rezko and a semi circles aren't special guests enjoy your trash can you find on the street. Gone an happened Baghdad sustainable wolf. But the walls maybe five feet tall so if you took the lead. You're standing Imus I want everyone can clearly see you it's not our privacy disk disease not directly PM eastern that's literally. But I am people in clear view of view and all new goods right. You're just not mean currently on strike first exactly what you're doing on the streets but it. Are identical I don't let him if you can afford trash they provide your address changes to 100 rooms are great I think it's fine. And Hillary don't know what I'm looking at the guys being into that box there and he's right I remember me looks friendly from. I'm going to be in the rivers and producer of 46% of Americans like the idea now come down oil and center on the fence about it. I mean I still wanna see dolphins. I don't know well widely known but but look it's only gonna happen and it's only fair I don't necessities. Encouraging you to use. Alert heard you use those from people like me who lost their big guns need to do and fairly easy right now wait for a rainy days. So what does a woman on Brennan says she broke the with a boyfriend on Monday and he responded by. Stealing her toilet. Yeah. But today own beds they're here on the island make sure that my eagle. Okay instead have to take decades ago learn. Guys and announced an agreement yet another good disclaimer what does that up at all about a one hour now you might knock semis are on oil one hour from now. First game in oh. Drug to please everyone how profile this is playing a surge and miles as the symbol game are we sure do in real life news story. Some women have been right here aren't limited or. And as you listen to store and made some stereotypes you believed to be true of people. And the decisions that people make molest you when it is you think makes the story the story. Hello Cody welcome to the men's room. Oh I thought wow. Okay Cody understand how this you're name is playing. I do fantastic. And I'm getting married in Lausanne dude just like c'mon we. I turn on my iron and we. Won't have. He earned. You know we I'm sorry I think in my leg and if I'm not a nice work congratulations now I do thank you. Summer in my column called the story yesterday news place. Here it is again that's 17 year old man he was caught trying to shoplift the want to stall for more wal mart's. And Dana Point, California and one Bob whines about CC miles of the coast from San Diego beautiful like in man. Your face and I know that is comes right isn't that beautiful it's great man hang on mark each token. Well when the Wal-Mart there he tells all star b.'s stance in the bag and drug walk around with a but security Graham the man from him he takes off Ron. And he shouldn't just I'm going to do on long before the cops get there. But these designs no. I need to go back and get my mind not only did he leave his Bible he left his Bible in the bag and than through all the stolen goods. So security hasn't been. What does what he goes Bible back. And then left again but bad for the cop show mount San despondent walking fast and I'm quite a panda express your mind you these arrests. You believe that this man than me. Ease his mind probably won't most of and why quite messy or Asian. Sound like cat sound like a white guy thing to do just came. But he did he got away with that again. Like I think other people will be profiled or die down and ordered doctors don't like I can only mean. Oh my god the top job there as he was trying to leave the second he would've gotten away within. But he went back literally moved back to the bag and security office to grand final. And now the options again and black white makes you already know black white American. Mean I I am angry Asian Christian churches in the three lost my home all you really honestly guys. No more hours you know I'm thankful. But yeah okay I don't know I'm thinking and plenty of people carrying on finalizing a black and our message are usually more. I can't. He had and he handled by the way and I don't yeah I did now ballpark DC. He's lost anything on hunger this. Everything you know I just got I don't do with the best judgment had an entitlement and ultimate and final answer. I don't. I would put a new black white Mexican or Asia next fat when the team you're listening to the men's radio network. And smiles. I don't profile us takes us to look California we have a 127 year old man who was a stealing from the Wal-Mart on southern imagine. In the bag he actually had his own mind what the mother why he was running out there security snatches the magnanimous and he's done their own realizes and day out for my Bible in the Magnus dump on us old. So he goes back to Wal-Mart and does get his Bible and then gets arrested a short time after his police saw him walking in front. And expressed suggests brand new strikes so. Already we as he knew believe this guy was black went to make here Asian and had not only man Jude in appointment is embankment that won't carry 31 bucket a Margarita the ethic markings but I had the. Okay. Wow. All whites. It's really stands funny coming to a man who said. Initially I was thinking maximum amount of father mostly Catholic taboos don't read the Bible whites. How broad do as volatile as amber he reads now NCAA. Countless hours in front of a top. Great engine gas in joke like Europe Africa and after revival. Speaking of religious stuff I'd do did you guys my house you grew up going to church correct we have our act all the time dearly cherish now know. Would you go if they served a beer. Well. Oh inside it's a little bit different than when I was growing up it is. It increased their own it just I think got a bigger front rivers and something that I mom probably not a not a part of the most beer when you don't consider funding a beer and try to bring them closer to me. Yeah. They're wanna you know I. There's a pass down California and he's talking about mixing in some fierce there's nothing in the Bible that. Says you can't drink alcohol and responsible manner why not serve beer when they're writing reading Bible verses I thought it ways genius. You have a glass of beer glass of wine in minutes a comfortable atmosphere where people cannot only listen to you if progressives take on theology that they can also engage in conversation. And I found myself I'm gonna degrade the search for your way to make products where they split the profits from local. Can service organizations and we were like hey we love beer lovemaking here when to a brewery are here. Manufacturing of the mere need to closely decider is going to be downstairs. They can have one or two has an effect they have to my sermons always better. I mean I like this guy elemental choice immigrant as if you watch only interview with the man I mean so it started is late the church they were using in. But they eat they had to get out of there is something silly story use it like this kind of community place they had beer on tap. And it will be years and now they're opening up their own church slash Perugia to brilliantly don't. I mean even I like to he also says the game and interface to patent a Marshall think he talks about how like but I'm not trying to assure people. If they get into a church but he's like now it is a church has beer. They indoors or do community outrage of one type or another new U Sunday when my front door slamming a magazine. You can Obama burying the chance you might soon be another whose curiosity you try your beer death and I'm under Obama your house I was when genocide what. My good friends are grownups pastors and the has big barbecue pits and he drives with kids that are having a difficult time address to get them into the church through the power Barbeque and beer. So barbecue all day invite kids over minimum drinking or getting their outreach to young adult solo drink beer and hang out and you know I just don't get them on their feet get them back to you the GD is the stuff that goes with. Yeah so Panama not and I mean Niagara Catholic right. I thought all priests were just losers yeah well yeah yeah that's a very unique thing with your religion yeah I assume is NASA's overtake get the news. Get the whiskey. You know I have seen a priest pull out a flask. In the back of a church play he'll have some ideas clues are back of his church and degrees 112 in the U have a community center back there. And we'd have you know Yemen spaghetti dinners around any. It's primary I do when you so I think he's doing that for ten years and let's see here we are talking a little bit about that crazy story about a guy who smacked a hit though on the Bonn talks. And then of course the he got a lot of trouble we talked a little bit about two inserted a job or no on The Daily Show. The LA times reports on the please investigation of video showing someone just popping him. A pain. It's funny but also very dangerous. Those could have been hungry hungry hippos. Seriously the police and I'm looking for this guy and I don't think you should go to jail for this and angels are real proud and I think when they should do this and they can't go to his house. And see how he's like six. And I still struggled this a little bit. Well I happened to hit well I think our paper that much usual task nobody's like eating at Eden. Yeah they have spoken of death and definitely yeah I know that little problem there in his. My mob wanna do like a man that I used outlook. The resumes of safety precautions they got to pay and severance and all the stuff they assume any any configure alliance there she's one of them can't. It's mad they're both very dramatic betterment haven't sorted out loud not a no issue I. I now. Just think we unit charged a breath. Well abroad trespassing yeah Arizona do you go to jail for eighteen years general American goods the second we'll worsened into rampant but it would be bad for Aziz. Looks ahead. I don't know how about you start messing with the animals you following he had eaten they've set the tone. Thus I don't know. OK okay and you don't need the Celtics are already indicated to my assumption is that you have them and indeed because they are dangerous people that can't figure them out like the what are they contributing that we mead. Yeah you don't understand why there isn't a great program or wherever element really cage. Don't leg I don't know we needed. Come on man I'm in the Jennifer tender from humans and there I got drunk Brosius on homes Jackson got his own video and does he survive. Let's see about things that I garner. I'm with president trump bring down. Lot of it is racial stuff there's Amoroso is wrote a book. Suppose it is a tape of him seeing me and word. Amoroso by the way isn't the only guy yes apprentice personally gonna talk about them present moment. Magician Penn Jillette he's got a backing her up to a point he says trump oversee racially insensitive things that may be uncomfortable. Said he vineyard museum where a camera as he did but. It now I don't know it. Well yeah how how one does lose and talk now meg very Dara. What yeah OK yeah subpoenas relate. I mean I can't believe anyone is heartless you're yeah I don't. Brilliant whenever races you go okay thanks to bring not a bomber also if I don't always shore camera Cisco and on the tour of every show she can and is she easy got to go and how another round I'm just saying he's racist she's also talking about his as she says interest in relationship to his daughter I'm bond. One that note of concern on the way he touches hugs kisses Monica which she calls him daddy. As she is saying my god knows that it seems a little weird. Again on regular that we are the only unknown foreign delegates none of this is where I live my eye is blue and you know. Well do they Donald Shockey is usage based on market uses a third branch. Again yeah. I am now aren't the banks. And we have the White House is why you mean what do you mean the favorite child who played the favorite child they're done melanoma. I mean that's a good look daddy dies tomorrow we get all the money we know only look comments he's RD doesn't mean she's time that she's you can tell timers in the pines like Kevin craft. Americans aren't a lot of analysts I don't know what you don't know me I tell the breeze didn't you know the person is going to be the one behind like Democrat who's the taken early and I kind of all who talked to a new 10 OK if go figure. The ratings you know America's got council dominates the prepaid a sixty minutes second round sixty. Sixty minutes I just found that hard to believe brain caught him in the grave. Whatever wonders goes tonight there is a good chances kernel because you also can't admit he really wanna years commission of inquiry. To see if laid out a muffed the I won't give you know if refused and you guys I would get on sixty minutes not just having all the celebrities it seems like they're kind of getting back to doing good news staff I think only I think the times did say yes to a good time now they're good Ray Romano. Ray Romano welcome Greg genius tonight it's what is everybody loved him on sixty minutes solution rolls everybody's heard Obama turns out. All all of bootable lol where were a normal Al Gore massage fired at at and collide. I think there is and yes of course you know that's a repeat stays the top 10 AM call and every that there I still think the NC IS crowd in the sixty minute crowd is kind of the same ground a lot of the same people. Well you as the upper demographic they would of want to murder she wrote to classrooms and yeah we remember growing up so world so we're and that immigrants. Is NBC's piazza murders and he's been on for everybody is the other thing to it doesn't matter but it off but no matter what age you are on news overseas amendment everyone I'm a shows old. It even all right did I still follow through these same number of years old woman. I'm 49 north little 1020. Yeah I would bet no one younger lady did then she kept flood and stories say the fire mortar round and you know you don't know him. You know I think also too late it's weird like. This spring in the fall right temperatures look around that you are doing more stuff but thank. Whether it's like the dead of winter for the Dennis summer I think sixty minutes and and CIS are going from rating there isn't much because your insights to call the guys around that adrenaline. Let's amount there were people go on a new stories and try to tell stories you know embed themselves whether it's. You know don't PBS no are from I'm saying were. Vice news or look there's still certain layers to that level of broadcast when you watch the CBS evening news or they've got people. You know in the bombs or flying or Charles gonna still they still are journalists so they're doing their jobs. Yeah an enemy of the people I know why journalism's that those permanent takes a lot of time for the stuff together. Yeah it's cool I don't know death did it go is there is there's other web site. Stuff coming up to donate and help a lot of fun in a newspaper journalist might find themselves and Gaza with the newspaper Staunton and luck. I am far I I cannot write I'm a terrible writer but I do respect for raiders do. And whether it's entertainment or news or whatever I do need writers and work on us sort it out because of their place of work stuff. This faced with the upper right. That is Groupon users my friend's opinion he's not exactly. Let's see James Cordova watching him a little more lately he's very funny and did you guys know we're sent a probe of a sudden I didn't. NASA has launched its first ever mission to study this some up close over the course of the next seven years I've proved. We all witnessed some to study is Allison atmosphere. That's how bad things are on up right now. Massive drug. This opportunity. Minorities so I'm certainly not an. Our message is like oh my god it's so hot you guys. It's so hot that. Brett Myers showed he ran for my birth. 430000. Miles from probably the Foster isn't really my main object in history. In the Greco that was just that hard trump trying to distance himself from a neuroscience. Did so corn does some funny lake weird little games right guys. I see one where it's like you either answer question you got to keep something really groups through Seattle on the other night where whiz. Basically like. Like miles and I would be on team and then Robin throw beyond team so one of us is blindfolds they're gonna bring down an item and then you Gracie got a nudge it with your face. And figure out what it is right. Sounds like this a good idea right. So it's kind of funny at first to make the first one to come optimism that MI cord shockingly is really good at and I and I believe we says he doesn't know what it is. But the last thing we brought out reminding me unify our producer Robin as their blindfold and murmur you got to imagine with your head yeah. It was a snake. Gone. All out of the woods. Ten and like when this statement can be. Corn was thinks he'll be endgame scored but he looked over soon left for half a second in just a slight that was not funny and chemical wouldn't actually regular and and I was late. Yeah I really don't know if he had a no he's gonna do you know even know when he needs column I'm like dude don't do her again. You know so I'm seeing and I can deal with put my face and dirty mop I wouldn't put any. Okay now those lucky enough to think Danny is freaky but alive you'd better find a new job like that's up. Right Mindanao Dave Gordon down Ryder. I'm unconsciously. Is the whole thing which is also the that's pretty good public opinion on I'm optional add but then I was like I'm playing this it seems great. LeBron that's making thousands at this game and socks yeah accused deuces are mean people. I was gonna start. I am now thirty every day I mean here I'm telling you about a reboot of some show. I even know people liked things. I don't even know the people who are watching these removes that they have been talking about for years that would go to my argument you reboot so the days of let's talk the first summer Ramsey being right. Everything and Mike. People like golden girls charge you hear people talk about it right. Heard I only did yeah but it does feel like it's silly said oh they're bringing back the golden girls I went a good. All right I hear people talk about that shelf there actually working gummery about it. She's Chris Simon are you have like eighteen. And everybody knew him I was American children not bring him back right. And the crowd was just a deuce has been doing a movie stars Tim Hudson militarily if almost friendly. Yeah you can do Malia. You don't on cable which Kundun a network. Well. Designing women. The apple I now the original show ran for seven seasons and CBS and 86 in 93 its star Dixie Carter. Delta Burke. Any pots and Jean Smart along with a name I can't save Taylor. Okay. I'd hazard and boy I tell you because my mom talk about the. Should I always thought not a women's about a mad scientist and I finished creating hot women these Shaq and let me share I was in Dixie Carter don't convert the any pars genes spewed from. Me Shaq who I don't know what a horror in the US HAC's. Mad Shaq missed acting as cash Taylor and Taylor Matt. And Delta Burke had a famously gain and lose some weight guess it was drama and if you all my other Burton Burton melodies there I and millions of races version her coach sincerely distaste when she's around. But inside their own TV show for a minute and then the rocky time you knew them is because they gained or lost way more. No no and all the dean's fault again they say this will be a reboot not a revival but there's no clap and revivals. And Dixie Carter she died when he 100 no way and Taylor dines when he fourteen diesel is right happily they both died of cancer homeland. But you know wait that's I've seen it agencies in addition any show you can name their regular reboot. Basically that's it if you can name if anyone remembers and then they can to a rebound you'd think that somebody would have an original idea. Did they have one person. Don't want to know how big amazing how do they they go to cable because no word play isn't safe I mean I was Leo look there's no portion know what works for them because they can't do a lot. Yet there remains just not a lot of things they can show or reduce your most creative writers I suspect probably go to cable well I know if you could know Walking Dead and NBC. Now 200 blog you couldn't do game thrown on ABC play tons of people watching these shows and I'm sure the networks wouldn't load to do it but the life. We can't just reboot designing women got the team is also a reason to that like. Generally the creators of tech companies like rulers that are going to be younger people. But right to a certain aging and business people just don't wanna you go with what else are we got this really giving you this what I said yeah fight usually make. This much money but they don't wanna do that so I'm thrilled. I'm sure there snoop scripts coming in and out but there's somebody sit mayors from man or woman just go on now artists think what that's plenty. And wife Martina and I England and you pass the time I loved that child you will do again with. They do we appreciate my schedule and I've got a very just few minutes you are listening to the men's room radio network. Truly tires with a mild. Dell let's see what's happening in the real well I don't know are bad in India takes Viagra next morning kids jump up on the bandwagon dad and breaks into. Meanwhile police in Ohio or called money ball G man who obviously had quite a few. Illinois that is ahead your home fans know your back a Mexican restaurant in Boston for serving eight carries fighter that is big and black. No look it's another flavor of girls got billions and you know you're gonna in my and it's time for your headline. Sunday. He's bidders might call. I'm sure it goes government out of the. They created yet another cookie flavor of the boulder rolling out soon. Boy Scouts they've promised there will satisfy even most diehard sugar consort. Get to the public that it would not be available for purchase on line we have to wait T get that lovely knock on your guard. There was flavor and that played a whole lot then used I'm assuming use so the people in the know go online and order because he's ahead there is no limit there's somebody in order online yes. It was not bad enough everybody uses your camera on the common and get online and owner should these guys when you need to reevaluate. Right right then and there there's a lot that aren't available online. It's like it's very specific people ones you can. But when it look I'd say that's. You get online order cookies take a step back give yourself a thirty seconds to determine that's the best decision you can that I yes. I'm no gonna place in our bodies. I remember after the shot of the day a man and yeah. India disregarded the warning on Viagra now is in the prize for. Men's and the drug the night before the album would marital with a wide but the erection persistent when she tried to get them here at about resorted to quote vigorous masturbation. When that didn't work demands editing and abandon hope that it would just resolve themselves. Unfortunately the men as they had a small child then they would Bulger little and simulate the father of my jumping on him while he's left. It's how the mistake and they fell over onto his father's business pressures upon landing. There really load yourself while you are poised to affect fine thank you very real well and we are marina Hollis does your mere days smoking. I'll face him again. Your new name anyway but you always be my car and I'll lose Williams sold New Orleans when your loyalty and give your bike you're like it is today what does steadiness of the wildfires and you lose. Change your name is dog lover. After today the women with the new form CNN is a man's side medical ailments that would be fine now. Again today is that news. You know as saved from a member away the only really dad yeah I don't know if Venus says Mallon guardian near me understand me. Go to the doctor tell your brand new back. I didn't. Trillions in the Australian correction system windows and gangland murder trial reasonably going on it was up Linden herself then you probably shouldn't have been put them. He would play into the cell occupied by the very man that he was testifying so you know how. Mediums you know where they go out and I read all of the men with a Jackson's son always okay the witness was totally or injuries fashion things don't change. People and help no idea but thank you seemed unfair interface the court's opinion is just never know for you. I know when and how. I know massive I didn't need to sell you overlook campaign and I wish they did. I don't think I would really came into came home me you know every other thing about all the banks and everything else and you don't know that one beef. Are you that's why you had someone like cock fighting an okay new. Okay you know time will tell their yards and on the fight and ASEAN members get money like this. Vision story in Ohio and local resident called police after hearing a neighbor shouting obscenities and even bargain. When police arrived on the scene they've done a man and a T shirt short mowing his lawn when things weren't as to what the call may have been referring to demands of the U. Was wearing headphones listening along with the wind and what did you learn. No no yeah. You guys know me I listen to music is rather aggressive. Yeah I wouldn't start shouting and growling and you're sending them that you might. It really enter my bad guy was the elegance and demand is often drunk so. I Palin is Lindsay and our Clemens goes any restaurant is getting a visit from the federal EPA after the timeout what the secret ingredient in their strange looks not those of us. Heavily on FaceBook advertising the new menu item and even showed the video of the trains was being tortured into a black and you'll wind shield the dreadful that they're using sorry for these. Okay. Dad had to realize that my god it's there we'll see an exam for the return a big dummy ahead jab is back went dead meat and potatoes no I Sherlock and we will drink Intel's with a shot of the day yesterday in his old German and means I'm we'd be all bubbles that. So it's nice I'm pleased. Knew what you knew less import leaves us. It's okay beautiful.