08-15-18 Seg 3 Mens Room Ad Libs

Wednesday, August 15th

Emails, It's another episode of Who Sucks Less! Plus The Word and the Shot of the Day!


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This is no men's room. You're listening to the men's grill. We're. Gonna until until the deadline for about eight point 4999. No love. She commented just. Amen. Brother raised to shameful before age and became the Pentagon she was tasty. Oh okay all the hole. It hello all ten game. Sure I mean I guess at the brother and I you know slumping man. Yeah and I don't know but I saved my daughter every time shall she's at that stage every decent year. Did she doesn't Madson bribery Troy Shaq. Social zeal I am sure he doesn't give a Marty it taste as good as a much better. If it lives up to the hype I'm going to be honest with the aid taste every bit as good as it looks hello Brendan welcome to the Mandarin. Old garbage it's all it. Oh I've had I've had the typical record it really are suddenly. I don't know it hasn't without having to Google ran due to blossom as a pet that's all I'm girl Labarca. I'm tempted to go you know. They want to come home and be sure it works. On black belt but why call it because that actually have. I am scorpions over in eastern Washington and captain is there. What do you do with him I mean other than that look at them. And has nothing else Ryan. I'm pretty much you know our eight after awhile you can hold them that there's always kind of nerve wracking to hold on your clothes or big. They're not they're not big enough to really do any damage they were all pretty small and they're not not super humans but. Yeah they're got a cold guilty of crickets and and things like that the dollar kind of neat but yeah got a a couple of awed. Awed being grown up my dad actually right now has a possible at a pets. Why I mean what does he really does this give you rescue it in no yard it was led by mines mother like hello my choir possible. So they're having problems my my cousin has had a problem with the possibly get Nader chicken cute. So they try to get and then found out that it was Obama possibly with a bunch of eight. So my dad took one of the eighties and as great staff over the last. Dark at about two years there. You know I guess turns in the thousands and house at all times. Litter box newspaper what is a possible about it. So it actually either big bird cage. And if you could differ did you have kind of our secondary ought to certainly do is build on the corner. Commend every so often you slide out that little Beltre in the bottom. It's OK okay so it's gonna grade is among a metal grid. Yeah I mean waffles downside down and you just collective Ben Curtis Cup and the UN on the phone okay I'm not so I know it's. An American Laura zoom unit here. Go to the apostle while he's gone into today's play does that tell. Life on display on Tuesday I guess it was now up. They don't get a full. Little nicer golf it's done and we've got the better regularly you know regular and about a year and a half. There what happened to be yet dribble at a for a little while ago what happens at the end of the year and a half. So once he got into breeding season. He got a little marker tips on the morals well go figure so we can't simply kept a big dog kennel. And you know would we try and implement much as possible but would be aggression memory produce a longer hours. Do and I imagine the water is no longer. Cleveland is a little longer. After awhile it just looking at as friendly as you look in the beginning so good news. We Carla to keep open and he'd come and go as he pleased in one day and urgent Barack. Is there any group of animal on her to Vegas more pleasant once a discovers once you have. People certainly don't grant lake. I'm not I like that yeah do you. Look usually don't wish you there's they don't fit right now when you feel competitive and a different way and it's a complete change your view view of the world right and in turn everything right towards a good morning things change man. I knew someone who once had doubling from Betty Ford Ford 9990 look I mean just that time a year right. You don't mind. Now to welcome a summer following animals get Iran to whatever break everything changes and yeah just bad season usually. Did you have finger this is safe he's undertaking taxi right now. Hello Todd welcome to the men's room. Lol yeah. A little boy it's on thanks for an. Right on so I once knew that guy was co worker whose name was Donny Donny was bad guys with a singles titles Obama goal scorer said. He had to have the best everything anyway. It always look at this African Serb and nobody believed and nobody even really knew what to walk. And never heard. What is likely have. It's a good. Overly big cat it looks like it she'd yeah there probably only about maybe two feet tall weighs 5060 grounded somewhere in there and turns than you can go. Everybody was calling him out one night will work in swing shift got a hospital Lebanon thumb. So we're like Google co created just going in a bright clothes that on the golf course records of the bully him tomorrow I go be your cat bring it back and most check it out. So golf when I'll warn you pull other parking lot there was this little local bar everybody went to girl will be easier should change com. By the cab back and it was everything he's got a world com first time I met it I knew it was that night at the bar when he brought it there I never knew. Any agreement BJ I never knew who BJ would he clawed on the front. So he's fighting furiously with Thea. There's a lot what is why did you did you almost drop a load and brands. Oh duty old team GA brought it and it. Rules were to lower Rio Carroll played quite so we had to be detained at all and also BJ at all of Burmese someplace instead with a tennis ball. And I tore across the bar he weakly into the pool table and ways than one jaw and grab the ball electoral wild and he kind of got tired of intention to play in their well. Insulin 1820 years ago before. Picture phones and stuff so I had my little disposable camera the look pretty prevalent back end. Since our granola vacation pictures now I'm laid down in front of their land taken pictures all the outside looking camera to dig a little picture and he's not there. And right about the time I realized he wasn't very glad my back and smack in me so how did he like. 1830 times about B sec. I knew he wasn't decline of the lead flight data you guys screamed like a little girls jumped up old beer ball Michael Laphen under way to laughing. So. This is now. Thumb they turn out pretty good I got ambivalence. It's too bad there doesn't exist without love to see ya I guess that's I got it seriously all gonna bar Americans like him and I mean in my attitude town Africans are called we're a virtual. I mean listen if she'd a bobcat and twenty Joseph voter pool table against a few cool cool. And Indian Country bar two and I'm guessing probably not now hotel lobby it's hello and welcome to amend or room it's a all. So heavily on I needed some work over in Saudi Arabia. And there are a couple of months we can analogue light sweet audio down on the market and think of how. So you're walking around down there you see a guy with a monkey for sale. And the monkeys and all this guy's shoulder and just hanging out not doing some tricks. Menendez isn't great on pet monkey see Palin about 200 bucks. And I love the monkey the exchange and mother Judith she's acting department. It's actually part of lust a monkey out. What you're restrict project are meant updated terms and stated the problem is curtains streaming I'm just open honest straighten this. As I don't mention the smoky trying to learn don't wish Max I loved to water out. Aristotle did you note goes turns per week just chat history and and making a bigger much honest curtains. Talk about a big of those. Neither across a Hulk and the knock on the door goes hey I'm I've actually got a great recipe for monkey barbecue. Is solid staunch advocate is actually more handsome monkey Margaret you know. I don't yeah nobody made you a little do you you know not getting anywhere and show us out of our smoky it's monkey bar you out of it. So let me give us very straight to your father as a job Saudi Arabian Sea and lonely samarra as a monstrous and for you eat pray at a monkey groups I was curtains and after this it's. He sells until coat. To keep the Monty and Barbara your form. That's. Okay right there and that's the third who liked out of Jesus as a Disney movie waiting to happen is that. Miserable I question I know someone who once had blamed for a debt. Hello Kim my welcome to the men's room. Yeah I know I'm like oh wow it's. Not on. Have a chiropractor in canned dog dramatic. New used to own tigers. And they've sent passed away he had been established. And now during Christmas time you bring them into balls and McNair made an imminently Larry keep them home and went in there because constraint token. Other loud and how I know hey you know I think in the white Elena domains christmastime we need room for the Christmas tree you got to you the tigers somewhere I don't think he can they go men's club. I gotta bring in the office because. I mean that's phase for my Chris you've got Fisher this thing. I actually introduced a night Louis series there are I know you'll as the men's are meant to amend your mind I can't give us permission to share that on her FaceBook and all that stuff. I'm tired I'm going to like the men's room on FaceBook willow let's see that bridge I wanna see this policy is stuffed tigers took a lie if I go to the doctor I like the idea that it's like look man and a ring easier to impress you. Brought them here actually the room does not my dream isn't sure yeah I don't I can't even though with the Gibbs you know by what what's the proper date do you think and a late decision every Christmas tree up. January 10 aren't so that's fair about it on January 14 Segui then the tiger has apparently officers collect home. But Ted also based on your Christmas decorations there those tigers should never show up before. I'll thanks you agree okay apps over the holidays they don't even with tiger in the office he. What I'm one of the Christmas tree but the tiger and office as a Crist needs to me that's the best I just I don't know. I'm. How's the next time your own baby decorate the tiger there. Yeah I think gun puts on the tiger is your dad. The whites only tiger. Okay including the polite reindeer antlers on them you mean like really put lights around a little bit like you can grow for the Christmas I want you put a red no it's knows clearly in a clause that that that doesn't move yes so you're. And tiger as the magic Christmas I hear when I was a kid that tiger made all my memories still goes on plus one billion dollars for the shot today Alan get your emails and number there request coming up men's or mad men's or live dot com you are listening to the men's or radio network. True when my. Wow man. Military and other so they first time reviewing emails here from the men's room and undermine knock off. And from our question today I knew someone who once had blank for a bad guys my excel wives parents were looking for pads and help keep his wife occupied home. And they look for bad throughout two weeks when they finally decide on the that they wanted a call us two over and see it as we're walking down the drive to the back in their house cleared up. A piercing scream at. And their lows. It is a Vietnamese black pot bellied pig. That's where the squealing was coming from start laughing and took two grown men almost thirty minutes to get a body harness on that pig. That from the Bonny Lee cal boy. Guys are all manner of crazy rescue animals but there have been a few lives said no to. So those trying to find a home for a crazy rhesus lab monkey. I always want a monkey is a child saw want to take a look at them. Little guy would look is in Locke is crazy guys on mine. And master may with a creepy little bread and all I know pretty much is all you would do little dude it's snapped long ago sad but nothing I can help with the under going. To love monkey rescue. Mug here's your calling out Panama again it was a mind after you monkey rescue. I'm a bearded dragon named spans the little guys about seven years old and now my five year old son upload spaz on his toy trucks and digs in for right around the house. I also had tortoise named Li lo but she got so they found someone with a huge heart to take grandmother show from Josh. Guys friends and company just want to spend squirrel monkey for a few days coming a monkey isn't that isn't that rare. But what he had been feeding it was terrible he brought the monkey over in a dog kennel and said there's this food it was fruit loops and dumb dumb stunts this. We thought that had to be terrible for the monkey and looked up what they eat. One thing was frogs this was an Arkansas and heaven to be the time of year when tree frogs are all over the windows. We throw a few of the monkey and you have one and each and eating away. Good time veterans act fruit loops and 1000 dumb bombs yeah that's. My dad and not his cousin growing over the Colorado River in Southern California what in the spring go hunting for baby skunks. They would cash them d.'s dunk them and sell them as pets. They do according to my hand for nearly five years is how they manage cash to flail summer by a great so great and and a pantry full I mean full of tomato juice. Two. I urge their request guys old until today's my son he leaves eighth birthday Feliz. He's been losing the rocks inside he was born as well militiamen and bird they can get a little kids fish sandwich. And a big old LeRoy Jenkins thank you guys bad from Lee. Merger closed eyes shot onto my beautiful wife Tricia we are new parents of twins were born on my birthday two weeks ago. And we listened to the men's room in the hospital to kill time so thank you guys the last how to suck it up cupcake in the dirty Germans talking about twins. Sorry boys it's a boy and a girl not to twin girls banks that from DeVon. Oh. No room right to be booed but I have twin torments and confusion to. Mean you know we are assuming we don't just brings. He men and women. Although I go our customer they shot out let's see here around Newfoundland and two are crazy. Pronounced Christie Nikki. Could you give her a LeRoy Diggins is all she wants her birthday was the new World of Warcraft expansion. And may be a Gator to from thrill thanks guys and lob and it now from Terry. Things. DA. There. Guys bullying and please let her and amber I know she's named amber a birthday wasn't a dirty German talking about polls look you guys keep on rock and then from Michael. Com and countries in the past 300. And pulls somebody teaching but Shannon who. I remember that Johnson I guess I love you may you change eleven batters and anyways does a maternal lies with the European is is too small thanks guys from crystal. My best friend Lobo I Savannah on the money head she's 23 got a double think Sam is thanks guys. Chris yeah thank you. Movies and we're into the men's room and love and a smile hot wife moves fabulous 26 birthday again there's just out of their personnel there please do the dirty Germans explain the benefits of getting hot and sweaty. That from bear. You are back plus some new woman may move must be sexy no. The animal. I don't know bathroom with his moves have been allowed to vote. Our I'll tell my brother Dallas do you guys on time as birthdays today could you please give me Hamburg they shot also really wants to hear intent from Melvin. It pretty good thanks guys that from Corina. They're in Atlanta. Denver Melendez. Ideological moment and maybe even up a new challenge. Bedroom bathroom wall. Friendly. I never did they don't my friends lose your shells I had a myself gonna get I'll look out please thanks guys that from our Alden go look at our guys birthday our get a podshock. So I just in my own request because of lazy and forget Apple's donors. So I get the attorney Germans talking about wade thanks guys that from Suzy who says hi Chad. Yeah I bones in my own initial week together and I can talk. Branches and strengthen. You can see yeah. OK okay someone else. Guys on demos from your Baltimore days and it is my fortieth birds a dragon the birthday song that would be great thanks bridges that from teed up. Listening in Baltimore. She says I forgot to mention Els once pulled into the office and a admonished for my random outbursts of laughter when I listen you guys a word go where they had phones you guys rock you're a traffic jam Jimmy. Original face and we simply good. She is in a week and yeah and I was a child may face damage I guess is they games that's all the lord Diego Booth. Guys I complete my birdie on 41 orbit around this big ball of glass. I've got trifecta granddaddy today. Ladies first Gillian pronounced Jill is turning twenty something today I don't know exactly it is impolite to ask the lady about her age. I was dirty Germans asking her a couple of inappropriate questions please. The only thing I can ask your nation is patient information and you have to know boost food. Questions about your age I guess. Did you know you wait. A natural I. Guys thanks so does Chris Johnson my value marine combat veteran co worker he is 27 give him a barbershop or sit down accord dead fish sandwich please. Is it to other people all around this and wins. Seasons under on this. Television cameras and he's in jail really is in the morning and bad news and news and I cannot. Hey guys pilot for me man I just wanna hear ladies man. And faced sandwich thanks guys in Iraq gone. Now for a birthday messy Susie was a majority Germans a new guys that from my jazz BS best radio show out there thank you are. I. So emotional very true but tell C. My time thinking. Just gonna replace that. Jazz. Now they will be hands. Guys as my husband's 461. Let's see here and I give an original face Ellis followed by an Allen think. And maybe some dirty Germans thanks guys and rock on man from and that AK handling the road trans fund. I'll come through and very happy birthday and I wanted to blow my. I'll let you know when you go to out of new questions. No Johnson and Enron returns Big Five oh today just wanna know shown how much we love and care reform so could you please give my journal lags of the Montgomery in the Gaza may be your penis is too small in the other. He has been a dedicated listeners and show number one thanks for making just thinking about Iraq and that for me or kick ass family we love via. There's my dad's 52 birthday his name is mark couldn't ask for better dad my dad and I both enjoy listening to your show I got a big old Monroe please and thank you bad for march. Oh. Yeah yeah OK. Yeah yeah OK. Yeah Niemi. I pay him pay you good you betraying. Young yeah. Yeah true is well on min and nine doesn't come another sign retailers. Him shrine fun gloom. All men's room Paula. The first time I heard your show and house around five or six years of cheese Kraft was on the cool music in my dad's truck turns one today. And it shows till the last one out there thank you for all you do you guys make me laugh with gamma Ray Lewis that's from Jordan demographer. Sooner minor one new cannot send an email. Tell us along and I'm a summons kids and we need him that's what I need to hear. Going back do you guys like crap while I'm I'm I'm not a field and a hard fifty years has been roster lots of drugs. How the parents didn't you know I'm going back in time ten years ago two miles above ninety my parents got to get to see the Australian Pink Floyd a very talented cover band. There are going to be playing the wall in its entirety financially I decided to get some psychedelic enhancements. I really tried mushrooms once before this in an end up eating an entire eight the magic mushrooms in the bathroom before the show. I was trying my brains out sitting next my parents thinking the walls were breathing. They have this giant inflatable pig come out of the stage right when I was speaking and I'm sure the band in the army Ellen. All my god it is Godzilla is that needless to say had an amazing time my parents never knew I was out of my mind how. Good times guys. Let's see here what else dozens of radio reception in my car totally sucks I'm always a day late and a dollar short for your shows I lose yourself. I'll feel good podcast while driving anyway. As far as bad drivers go this goes back to all those cars are similar bad dry yeah yeah it's not the model of the car it's a dead give away. I think handicapped driver designation if any vehicle as a handicap designation rest assured it. It's a reflection of driving skills all the joke few of them are down from gate. If I don't know how it works but I don't think doors that way long grass have PSE. I'm only real mistake island you know our I couldn't believe it's a month off was normal as my coworker. One day during the disgusting or dog this guy says he lives in the front. After he takes a dump you like sitting with a through the front of his legs says he's his wife's to a feels he's done also said the those of us who stand and leaner smaller wrong. I'm Lori learned why it I think maybe his mom. That from Stevens and they're the very healthy debate about our white dress I mean yeah and the only console my hands oh yeah. Real hostile. And finally popular challenge alone shows you guys are talking about how you like your peanut butter sandwiches are my enemy is something from my childhood. Growing up I had a friend who lived with her native American grandparents one day I was over for lunch and asked me what I wanted. And a set of peanut butter sandwich so they maybe a sandwich with peanuts and butter you they had no idea what I was talking about and probably thought I was crazy that from the Mexican mailman. I just don't come on the program we will drink Dan tells Luciano daybook well. Newsroom wants to know. I. Three of them equally sun for the outdoors through a figure out which of these three stories. Suck the least now I feel like the men's room on FaceBook or follow us on Twitter. And mens are lively debate is already under way on who sucks less yeah and indeed we have about three winners today as we do every week you know compete against each other of course find out. Who's isolated so in this case. We go to Oklahoma. We will go to Florida and moved to Indiana we are all the probably Oklahoma. That's where is school clothes after Paris declared and I quote hunting season on the twelve year old student. Because central real student as a transgender. The state of Florida the shooting match between two groups of people. Outside of it ended with a seven year old girl getting fatally shot in the head with a scribe Melissa was sitting in the car with the thought Clemens sat. And then we go to Indiana where a young boy there ingested 180. Times the lethal dose of bad. That was left on the camera and his house and in worst whose father refused to give him help initially because he knew when we go to jail. We'll go to Oklahoma a little school very close following violent threats by parents and social media. It gets mad at losing twelve year old transgender student identified as female and use the girl's bathroom bathroom starting a business. So she had been using the staff mathematical old school for the GT gold baton to new school because she did Nolan staff back must. She was then accused peeping under the bathroom stall and wide open the threads began on the price of the parent FaceBook group for school. Parents called many it's the plumber famous Justin Leonard Jim tell you you related to make sure. Officially female quotes a good sharp no a good sharp knife a good job real life. Remember these are adults on my kid once and it was quote plenty season I'm and kind. And said there was no bag limits on an army goes I think you get the idea in deadly about it. I know if go to Florida where police are searching for sales basis until seven year old Florida girl Jews and shopping wise. She's sitting in the deal we'll. Father on Saturday evening when a stray bullet struck in the head Kilmer the shooting happened about six tonight. And send Jacksonville police and multiple shots rang out from confrontation between quote. Two unrelated groups circumstances matter not a new clear about the gunfire erupted. Event history book and striking her man while sitting in the garden at general hospital when she died not long after. Now go to Indiana for a boy dad after investing methamphetamine. According to Jackson County detective Tom baker. He's sending Curtis Colvin the third about a new child eight years old. He had nearly 181000 nanograms. Of methamphetamine found his bloodstream to give you perspective balls. The lethal amounts to 100 milligrams there's kid at 181000. Man grabs. He's got the house of his father when he consumed drugs father neglected to seek medical treatments for. Once he knows he did was not quote unquote feeling well so we drove through kids grandparents' home instead he tried to prevent them all the maximum one but eventually they did they call police. Kim said to them medical center in died moments later. Schwab was charged with a blank to the dependent causing death. Those European stars of that school and Oklahoma where parents. Only transgendered kids into the and all the rest of mass saying maybe it's hunting season. We shouldn't as the dream to emerge Indians in Florida stray bullet some no girl takes around. And then more in Indiana they need his father's mustache and then in the dying from a notes. I mean. And a Latino you know look at the when Oklahoma Ngo community stories about the death absolutely. But I would also say Clinton beat Indiana one sucks the most is the methamphetamines. And if it doesn't really get help Brandeis. I'm makes me the Florida story sucks the weekly. I feel is terrible that somebody got killed. But that was there wasn't even I don't tell it was a stray bullet. Where only those say the Taliban and Indiana had no intent to doing it and say just kill you see right at you that's right we're man did parents in Oklahoma. Think that's sitting Sanchez. Bad than the general kid brightly at another day kids that endangered bird for a long time. Nothing happens soon as they drive by shootings are bad between groups of people and he knew who the people loyal green until you dads I think that's pretty I know we're desensitized to guns and I'm still gonna say that such a lot because seven year old slices and another boy in Indiana his wife was up. Hopefully I got menu would you just in people like money slick and you know I don't know going to school must summon you out there and minimum. I don't know I'm gonna say that. I'm an Oklahoman essentially it's wrong but amazingly desire to face an exact same principle you send one out was his strength is nearly died. I thank you know right answer ma'am I'm really the TV here's a horrible thing about this thing was segment with Elsa. But at some point you have to justify. It goes on salacious some small amount of fans you have to get for someone who Sox entire family. May tomorrow I mean I'm feeling like you're a school in Oklahoma could figure a way to settle little what do you do man. Do you like. Do you think they you do that beautiful and usually the guy named grown as a bold swim in school FaceBook page. Brand name. Well known child. Right on maim or would you hold war like to be battery out washing away FaceBook is really a funny place and if you like demons are my FaceBook the debate here he's on there on Yahoo!'s sites last. Although I don't know we'll bring adulthood the eyes shot of the day and the return of the word as we go to the movies for some of the best. And most popular ad lib lines of all time and some of the most famous ones. Of all time has come up with the word on the way next you're losing to the men's or radio network. Pitches York. Mets proved you don't lose out they both are. I've learned and I hear you okay I'll leave that. Never worked and lived. Now it's shocking to me how much of the stuff was not a part of the script initially but some of the most famous lines and you do remember believe it or not. And lipped let's start with what are your favorite movies way yet to do me one favor man. I you do your best imitation of the line there is anything if you look at bone due time. It's Casey. Shouldn't anchorman anchorman has drags. Will Ferrell improvise that's seen as he was trying to make it back to the anchor desk on time they didn't Veronica cornerstone actually got her first time and she did and didn't have the team. Here's Johnny talked about now an earlier from the shining. Jack Nicholson shouted here's Johnny. About three times he did 59 other takes the knocking down doors trying to get as seen correct. Here's what we all know I'll run all around our eyes and Al dazed confused and confusing economy and live that entire scene may is the director decided to straw men say like do your thing man he's well I went out row right. Can we got the job I don't know barn Austin is gonna hate me with comment. You're gonna need a bigger boat. At all. I absolutely. That was a big Lyman actually wasn't the original Lima Lima something of an onset inside joke about it too small boat. The production team was using the they toss it out and Wimbledon there's one hump from empire strikes back. Another one Harrison Ford standing there right before he's hard to be frozen France's Le SS I love you and the line is supposed to be I love you June. Harrison Ford said that someone has alone would say so princess Lance says I love you and he says I'm now. I think I'll do my attitude and. And finally there are Janeiro are you. Talking to me this and be yourself look you know mayor what would you say he's local and himself and put him back really nice. Priest himself from the mayor are you talking remain there you go on the world are prominent women's entering into. To be ready. He knows those guys. Usually heads of the very best dance even throw find out nortel's. That yes indeed and today we tells an unidentified 36 year old man from food to our friends each India. I believe Mario might call or communism more detail on headlines but inspired to bad this man deserves a shot I believe this guy truly truly. Well put it this way he deserves to drink a shot and his gaze into local 100 milligrams of something I can't pronounce but essentially it's branded as Viagra and so as ever die as he got direction but instead of putting into use he fell asleep Doby dale. I he fell asleep but his penis to not in fact the next morning his four year old son. Tripped and fell over instant penis after jumping on him to wake him up now and his kid hit it. He fractured his dad's famous. Dead waited two days before contacting a doctor and at that point it was and I quote the color and shape of an eggplant. Who charges prepared today aaron's and the man is expected to make a full recovery. They get very grad from what they swam and I mean I was a bit armory in the story this morning. And I realized my knees were touching all but the more I read had just like instinctively. Started protecting all my junk. Freshen penis. That really bothers her man can really really bothers me. All of that said I don't think as follows while Hong and his kids tripped over his erection. I mean soloist on the side of this due to his door and are right right up bomber he went to sleep yeah as a man I just think he adds size of one episode in Norway. It's a lot of milligram Gibson good. Sword for those boos from a great move because if the museum and got back to the talking it down the world to party in our Tommy is. Doubt now I Arizona. Conine Illini now for profile lives 8449990. Since then again. You are on the men's room radio network.