08-15-18 Seg 2 Mens Room Walks Their "Dog"

Wednesday, August 15th

Mens Room Question: I once knew someone who once had ______ for a pet


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This is the men's tour. O Carlos there's evidence and New Orleans and by you honey I'm salmon also nice things five WC NF Rochester is classic rock. And for the little five point three to bear in beautiful Blacksburg Virginia welcome to the program whose sucks less on tap the word goes to the world and living in movies as it turns out some of the most famous lines in movies. Where and lived in our nation out of all of question no amends or blanks our news someone new ones and blanks for a pay 44999. Cola Southwest Airlines is the reason for our question. They business and one dog. One chance no crap that's right nothing else qualifies stony mask number and a peacock you're going to Turkey to duck when they're rational. It was an area off a few months rent them out. That's our current debt numbering that's fair because I think you don't like if you could put these that people who want there was probably be a horrible idea and I think about it and you might waiting for the play and I'm Juanita dogs don't like each other beside each other capped by a dog browsers they like you know like if you got if you Donald's good idea to have the kids so much I still thing is a good idea did you ever. Maybe than the pencil that don't probably end up in the and a fighter too. Good enough to be nice to each other once they smell each other don't they decide they don't the whole flight mammy and I. And I don't imagine crying babies still hot dogs on flights have never seen a park you want. I don't either girl feels OK I couldn't move. I think I got also generally if you're gonna bring that dog on a listen you know jelly used to being around people yeah there's a good sale I don't know they're around people she knows. And I'll be careful to leverage our best one was a grows at a time anyone. They just got out of the back only came over us that no less. Is all over the place is a good idea the goggles on and knows well how is that guy tapped air she's gonna sleep cheesy yeah Mosley is your dollar and I'm so sorry. It was my little dog as his go to school crews in men's Burma blank question I knew someone who once had blamed for a penny for 4999 hole. I got a few comments guys is growing up in Texas and is subject does is that a pet rattlesnake but no more to destroy the net I'm just surprised no one died. What do you do what ever else they can hold on you tell people I'm about rounds and nothing else you can leave them a more direct pet rock. I agree please don't bite my barber has a six foot monitor lizard. My barber has six foot mom who's a big ass loser dads and things please. Well my roommate Steve Ballmer raised for baby. Old Parsons and dorm room for several weeks before she's under rescue that would take them. And don't door. Listen my general animals like you'd adjust your little lessons and another company and the ugly things don't turn off. Look he won't put up some loose its best. It might be the ugly as memo on her friend also underwent always help with as a mammal. Yeah just did you shoot your ugly Mandel when your compete with as far as ugliness yeah I mean is it not for Paul religion don't comrades is better looking than this is what I'm saying my sweater looking solo part so anyway not only that are unclear when their babies don't say hats off. Because those won't do ugly is staying. On earth that is a mammal particularly one of the baby. She still took the time to buy a horrible I would not wonder what I was closest to was one used to live in our backyard when I was growing up. That I've somehow I don't let the past anomaly don't have that thing but. It was a female jokes and had a litter okay who and he now like you do like when your dog roles are redo the dog braille all the temples and like I don't know I can't argue and I know you went and ambles onto the young ones in the moment. Apostles have mourned the polls they're certainly knew I'd ever seen anything into the anchor it is he and I know our team like all you see is nips bright as likely as retain our legs in ninety minutes. And a big pink tail. This looks like that cigarette and its its ugly not everywhere but nipple was something uglier than a female mammals on your nipple coming into selling the war call them rent. It was all right but it's a more off. The power simply put awards aren't you still might put a wart hog I'm a sports emblem somewhere right but you are indeed there are some exactly. And are going to borrow through my Dudamel finally they don't feel more. You wouldn't use that they're grill don't throw your head force ten more ahead guys and until we you can tell a lot of the sales territory the board isn't ugly animal what are your drums so we meet. You now on you Kenny boy who writes it is now dead people don't we bore no easy pass them you can't you know the thing I do. All they. Well armadillo armor don't ask pretty ugly animal is ugly but the still some cool about it. Yeah they're completed mammal. You know every human traffic Richard armor plate remember partially due June 3 she nobles and uglier than now. And growing and that's all I know much in the toilet scenes and I mean I think you would say stroke on it. Yeah 13 February retail and figures down in the U Kerry L also out I only go to is very implode and just does say that unfortunately we just missed this the 49 annual. Awesome vessel that was enough historic wants on August the fourth. A little king and queen pageant possum king and queen contest. There's pancakes there's entertainment all day upon some parade hog call monster Perot went in and cal low and contest horseshoe pitching. Cross cut saw on the gospel bluegrass old fashioned Griese polls. Whose backgrounds guessing this is a low around this is in Florida. It's about Florida at the Brooklyn relief right no that's how I cannot go fast and it doesn't tell the real bad happens in Florida. Do you buy 92 flab of W path removed from the WW PA PS a terrible and colors yeah. Yeah that they don't why do I am Hamburg prescreen every Saturday. Nobody combat got to do fat of the bat. But do you girl's smear campaign. So those are good guys. That. I'm tables or moles or uglier the blossoms. I strong guy and our little tiny element of doubt Devin in my nobody cares. I use Illinois send a blank for about 8449990. The path. Loads they lose than welcome to the men's room. Oh I bet he's not. A well I'm well out of the middle school there the third the played down the road from the school in the human body guard got there there might have been apartment complex things. I do duplex is may had a courtyard. And we were gotten they're trying to buy short so in my head of the body plays spirited they got a dog kennel thing. And we want to do it in there and then I cougar and her hold on all sides to urinary would probably like sixteen feet by. Quite a few wider open. But the gauge of the girls they each okay out that oh my god I don't know I is that they don't Marmol crap. I'm guessing you did not know this do you look I mean did you have an OS moment in the scare the hell hundred. I know Ed good data and it it totally look that's like yeah you're at a boy credible you might be a little bit too much of a meal. It is funny did you growl or anything. But now they did it would pay back importantly detailed and stare out but it just awful looking at diamond. Can't we all know those who look at hunger. I didn't do it so he's still photograph like I've read Hebrew drop and more and I would be curious okay the animal does this thing right pacing look at Nate you'd be carried live alone and then you throw like one piece of pepperoni. Next thing you know that things in front synergy Cal's wagon you no matter. You know if you can ever known me whenever. Whenever that's a better idea but I think a bunch of people I started on everybody at school you know they're displaced on the road where they got a cougar in our backyard. So after school I'd be taking groups get down there are shown that you know you're doing a tour. I did and didn't take a lot of them by now that said you know Dale Earnhardt junior. My dad had a nice run you know I've wanted to home they know Mangini did curious about it. A weird you know we don't like thirteen you know both. Cures critical negotiated power and eventually it was Don are now. How many times did you actually lay eyes on this thing. I didn't I'd probably went out like by Richard. And and didn't tell you the same hunger look every time you showed a white wanna look at these every. Every time did it was sketchy like. This your shirt disabled and now there's your cat rainbow like these frisky party makes. Frontrunners as not my dad is my daughter's Dag one I would not name my camera and move on to win when it's a blanket and cap mode whenever. I digress we tried these yet party makes it I'm telling you Marty meant unto you you would I lie and would wouldn't followed up and I don't know what the hell do is say I'm out earlier in and heard god Jim mine over these things chicken liver and Turkey flavors and okay REI freaked I think you could tame a wild. With these party mix crying I'm sorry it's from frisky. I told by the what is golfer skis part I'm telling you how my Frist he's part of me so see what rainbow jammed until that was your first name of the French food chain SL worry about is bringing the Janet no rainbow Janet hill all oil settled last neighbors are you say smiles. Janet Jeff Millard Janet come and my daughters and use of cell on the left. She's no Janet. I'm like there's there's an a four year old Jalen earlier and I love there's a habitats mainly kept. Hello Scott welcome to the insurance that's. All I. Yeah I shared a room with us. Friends in Vermont I was actually true it was a semi. Pro snowboarder ends. I shared a room with. Hermit crab named Willie Nelson. How it was Herman Graham. Just seen it like it's available legs. Yeah so I like it was like a big moment it was always in that room no matter who stay there. Yeah well actually ENN. And who have not so comfortable fiance and didn't like the sound of scratching and it would get out of its tank and you could hear it at night. And so it put it up the net upstairs bedroom and I'd heard it night in and friends I was there for like. Maybe a month and it was a free range hermit crab managers get out of it and didn't. Crews are out on the chlorine in here experienced. As weird I mean I know I have. Hermit crab I'm sure growing up once or twice in I don't know her crap I can compete for your game last fellow know and anybody smell many good guys were and how that thing go I don't watch one wants my buddy mark Novak I think it was a late third gradient going town of only three days three do the things I am I watched. I'm a lot more father replaces reason I can only honest guy and always felt bad but like I'm back in the day there was Lindh the only thing like every three days and as a kid I'm sorry I didn't Rickie doesn't do anything. I know I someone new low ones at blank for a penny for Ford 999 all of born well I've got another word I go into the world. I'm mad money as some of the best lines. And now movie industry believe and where I have lived some more is coming up right before we'll drink. And those who shot of the day and articles coming up may form for a 999 only you are listening to the men's or radio network. We're gonna Belleville Illinois and the kind of rescue you don't hear about every day has is one involves a man. And his pet parent. The Belleville fire departments and cruised any water mud rescues Sunday afternoon any dreads lake in the areas bicentennial park. As they had to assist the man who found themselves stuck up to his waist in mud. The fire departments of the man who went into the area to rescue his parents after it accidentally flew in that area. Although the fire crews were able to save the man and his bed with a special rescued rescue technique. They said the incident was in fact dangerous and unusual they say the pair Dan the man is doing fine. Our men's in my question I knew someone who once had blamed for a pads 844999. A lot of. I'll double diamonds are great concerns over a dozen animals whose parents. Alligators Fossum skunks and konduz Doug to Bose five phones grows I'm sure there's a bunch more than they don't forget. And high school I had about artists living in my locker. At a pet crawfish the I don't think Robinson and tiger my dad hated them and the news what is in the Padma miles as far as maybe for a piece of the apple only talk to learn occasionally. So no one to the Audubon Zoo in New Orleans. With my girlfriend my brother and his fourth and his boyfriend now my brother was teasing the Bob Campbell the stuff draft. And the thing boasted through the cajun twirled draft out of the hands ripped to shreds. We it's a golf game back around later everybody got was put away and result in it a little stuffing remaining the crazy part is the cougar was in an identical age food. Good times. Allows the bum welcome to the men's room. Up. Yeah it. So. The about forty years ago I ended up rescuing web of five year old wolf. From Fred Meyer who lived up to the Beverly Hills. They. They had a bit of small cage and I fell in love would cut. I've for a night I was at a party and everybody is Bryant on actually including me. And I went down and out with Don and sister he was should we need is Swedish boat creature on earth and couple months later. I don't know I each got to tell me that you like OK our until five year old wolf is a full sized lol yeah okay that's an that's an adult side by the way how big is that if you injured averaged six foot tall guy and I'm things stand now. Instead his levels on par reminds him of your waist. About. Okay and you go hey wolf how are you contraband on S and I was down here and hang out yeah and incomes are relentless and I really had to get out and I get your mind you. And more you see here. Cleanly alone let okay. People kind of neglected them because they the wolf Scott launched upon them and they know what to do with somebody you wanna kill their camels. Yes. Candidate you know I at one point he challenged. The woman that lived there and she got afraid of them. And so my other buddy who torpedoed party said if they don't and all forms soon they're gonna put him down like all of you know. And so on the I was just moving into a big house with my girlfriend and I illuminate. And I convinced them that you know I have a friend that knew the place to live and if you get a part of bushel live you're gonna die. And the choice Kennedy's seat him and I could yell Mike Ernest wolf. And they were like oh. Oh okay do and then they were like oh no no no no ought to go look Alberta committed to reduce gonna go we gonna shoot backyard. Unlike old built an apparent on the side and dumb you know they've come I won't let me say this goes. You can and let them you can't bring the wolf in the house he's not he's not anywhere near that level of of the investigation I guess. Well no he Buccaneers. And every became so and they fell in love with them after a while they're like okay you're good idea but. We lived in this city. And it's it's hard to get the own apartment earnings saying when you have no way of full tribal. Oh probably yeah how come you don't symbol font. Yeah so anyway aren't likely to I don't know what do you have the hobby shops there now. Oh yeah oh yeah he was usually a naturalized and everything but okay my favorite story about this and Hollywood and downtown San Jose. Thumb on eleventh street and you know after a bad break out. And I'm Lou with a buddy of mine and she got out and he ran down the street and I'm like oh my god and a 100 jungle and Peter Peter and his name would goodwill. You know more on my god. You have you heard them again as bad as they do well Pete I mean you just how well I didn't income regarding it as good food good iron. I didn't look at any great I have I shall I go went on the street you don't know what the name Peter Peter were you and there's this lady out in her driveway. So inaudible Roman screaming and I don't like taught. What did he do then sort of run down the article what's going not she's like oh my neighbor over here there's a big dog in their like you know attacking nurtured game. And I would put a runner over there went Peter and it becomes watered over jumps over five foot center comes up to me he's got blood and bile all over his mouth. So I'm freaking out because if they're called animal control the police if he would have been put down. I do the bigs are Google don't know what he was he was hungry they're like real well founded and ran back nearly a lawyer and. Big anyway I get them back. To rub my place of our rundown they're should try and get field placate the lady there was an air. And I'm standing in the backyard looking at the chicken it's still alive. I don't look at the chicken go oil oh man I'm so sorry I'm so sorry. I reducing usually do this but he is you know big dog and music are just a dog and our armed I'm talking tour de chicken moos. About five or six and Joost and don't leave behind him moved about. You know about twelve feet behind him and I went oh my god you dissident golden eye. That this that don't usually do it's I don't. I'll tell you have a full four. Years OK it just passed on nine natural wolf causes. Oh he's got a horror Juan and I had to put him doubt it was enough that I could do to save on an emotional heart breaking bank and she was really sweet. Except don't learn their kids do you know. All it's. Maybe one of them. What no no he bloody bitter try to lied cheated because we get calendar of homegrown terror around without meat there. And she went behind attempt at an event that goes out and get out she got it's not viciously Ernie thank. A little low wolf by them. Well it is more being in the pack animal you'd like umpire in the pecking order than you. Soul you know it was like oh god I don't luggage. Rude or but the thing is when you're not me out of wolf that by Kurds a little more. Like I know you know each other but there may the wolves like I shot you only get one kid brat what did you feed the wolf. Are well I mean at first I used to do built the whole regiment they told me boiled chicken and and then mixed in with some local you know some skill and stuff like that but then I just went to a high approaching diets and yet he was good weather. Cause he's new he's. He was about a I don't know ninety count. Big dog okay and that's kind of strays towards the dog that the ball Angola carves. I proteins I don't know if you knew this because Peter Wolf Lucio lead singer for the you almost famous then well from a book out now may I do there's a lot of faith and funerals something like funds. I knew someone who I'm sad blank for a pay for far 999 Nolan. Jesus Christ upside down again and then I got eleven fainting goats may one billion committee because we both of them beards and I have narcolepsy. The others are named after doctor drew characters. Hello Guinevere welcome to the Madrid. Not a slow go immediately available as I've just breathe in the commons the common man. When they're welcome to the program. Thank you. So I knew I had this crazy aunt in the court everybody at the creepy right. Oh that and would cull lack weird animals. She had black candidates. She had no I know racquet and. This team I ever did she find out why tunes. CC. Weren't I don't she actress Katie connections you'd we're live at Chicago and she would have. Actually it's eighty in excess is. All day on CNN dot net now anybody entire exotic pet thing is shady connection when you go and buy these trust me if we go by tropical fish tuna and pet store. Do you think they come over. Here somebody like diamond with a sparkling goddamn saint Charles going under the Maggie your vision in my gets. And exactly like well my only let. The lions I'm an albino reckon like you might know gaffe. Everybody I see out and she modeled in her younger years and he would model the lions and tigers. And with the shady connection. What was your bodily poses a private collection was that in. And I'm just Arab profile I mean her portfolio she talks would be you know this high end you know model. And everything and Hewitt take out these pictures in what are these exotic animals I'm a white tiger regular Siberian tiger. You see all these reasons yes. And he would out of it by the you know she would have gone a chain and that's and it was easy and I don't feel weird with season. Yes yes she adds she would have like oh like a leopard print keynote. This is Iran is ironic that he's modeling you when you say my legs she's doing stuff that are good skin guys off or into the stuff. Yes model. I'm sure. I am sure she has had quite a few let's just stayed boyfriend to court to be a prize Iraq. I know I. Okay. He was resilient and also kinda of try to give me weird animal like what does all grew up. My mother would always say no to bat and out but it. It yeah. But she hate me crowds want to try to add three crab and fish bowl or it may soon it's. I mean. These three current and up crawling out of the fish are dying one guy behind it our achievement behind stereo we never trying to start 1000. Yeah. Crescent. I. They go exotic wooden bats an eye. I had gone out Alice. We are they now have found the other kid yeah. And bear it achieves that. I add content GO she's had. Dog the court of course should go she'd just collects weird. It's so why is still the CI. So I haven't had a really hard worker at the top. Twelve years against. She was seated there really aren't kind of unstable mentally. You know it's. Okay. And a woman and who really did run. I know you might look now but yeah he's an older I can't understood to see you wears off Barack. That's how old are your children find great people interest frankly you and the real slowly lower pay when they get older I realize why they see some gold cover like your imaginary friends push instantly boyfriends does that draw though this thanks is great image she's crazy. Johnston got all of us. I here's some new ones and blamed for a dad's 8449990. Way to earn a living now. OK I throttled looting and exotic pets and a large amount above it to London for. Hello again welcome to the men's room. Yeah. Wow. Are you guys are gonna day wonderful treat he are eight mass. Tokyo. So this is not so very idea I ever heard about are you running into a giant sneak people. That's one the other day is a matter of fact there was a guy walking industrialised ran by and I realized when I ran by him. It was it was a yellow and white ball yes and you know like all like oh well I lose a brother that's necessary get. Employee unions my instructor. Why are martial arts instructor actually had one of those you call the concepts. Corzine does. Well anyways. He might try and find it obviously going to go into it at a one point. And find block until a couple days. There anyway to Jerry is like a balloon around your neck. Mostly anyone out there whose leg and is there any disease or loans they guarantee the drummer yeah I saw a snake at their brains around the neck yeah. I mean I think the convenience of an under is wondering is anyone carry different file is that no other gonna die theaters carried on the arm. A lot of weight and how does a mother wants a blank for a Betty Ford Ford 999 no mistake I had to sneak her bite people. It does or doesn't it well it's a depends you know if you if if this thing gets out. And it's gone for more than a week and you can't find the damn thing he got to feed the snake every minute about talk about snake guy he seemed like when we rented prayed. But there's a guy walk around the safe on the short slate. I don't know is it just to see just know the snake and bite anybody until everyone's used to look billiard ball away might not bite anyone remember if you want the Braves who dog. At least three I'm very brute right Reynolds good. Bringing up the Yankees back in line guys I'm Melissa snake my experience is this from what I remember from the snake living years that I had. And all the snake doesn't like the impression it's kind of like you like when you need somebody pride and I. There is a Andre I think there's a time when there's a window. We're like a woman is really furcal is shores ovulating and you didn't there's a chance manager and that window. It's not gonna say out of print centers are now so a snake is they might like it when you can eyebrow when you feed off. I didn't and I'm sensitive torment they don't access the I think people only have former warranties and now they are raising. Alma lane like a good bet that a I'm in the towel it hit it. And encouraged. Did they do so I don't I don't so you can you can when you feed the snake you can't really mess listening for like a day. All right I am one motive yet but once the snake is kind of settled in. Do you have like two or three days of fun time. Snake Don the snake needs to be funny how things I think he's we've been about once a week sure so how did you get closer to those feeding days again. So like let's say day five day six don't you stay away brown like there's a very small window of time so that I did from what I remember that you should be if you don't used to handling is they will and handled this thing that's that's the least what I remember. From the guys who live it. You accuse the government is paying those guys that was his nature rules result in the donkeys sleeper the other way you woman and she gets mean and damn him. Yeah gas like 23 days then she says. Action is now I know you can't say anything in. The if you think you in trouble with you know is dangerously rapid but basically you're gonna get bit he is a path of I hate you got beat her but it's the with the does someone once said blank for a penny for floor and I and I and I don't look just trust my friend snake bites for a baby if it didn't get it. It's conventional path wisely an update on the baby. Coale welcome to the men's room. My current cars. I go out there are you man. I could get out there and soon as you. All right. I don't I you don't. Lower grade restraint and not eat. Didn't know what. Alina. A pair of tiny room were African right that's all that's it or else I do. And I was on Australia's Nora Laura why you haven't really average okay Aaron. How many acquire hi Nina that's nice well I don't know about you. Know. In and try to get real friendly with a gathered on the honeymoon. It. Meant they take down just about anything he's human thank you know I'm definitely a 45 of those bad blizzard there what one is guide due for a let what was he like other than the guy who owns I mean I'm trying to get. And I'm you know what I you know owner is light. I mean he was actually pretty friendly guy you know you similar. No alternate head but he was pretty friendly. If you walked behind you know like doing the higher hi Ian walker and I know you make me I don't want to highlight your bags and then you know look I even food. I don't know what part do not eat with. And again back all the budget volatility are. Gorilla in Canada act into early. Oh seasons gripe I do so high you know and that's why I knocked her own and that's what I used as evidence that you're asleep on Laguna is terrific and these 300 intrigue the I thought he choked up or down and then again why do the high youth group. Yeah. All gonna and a well run I mean in my in my and I did very Heidi may oh my god passed he recommends they do they museum attack when there's another 41 guy got Alaska when guys get the other little rabbit and when I jumped up on the back of the neck you know on any link there's 600 tons endowment whatever Little League and pitched he has a lot of times can't eat the hyenas or animal to kill or you don't load runner up that that the laughing hyenas are not all laughing hyenas. But it's awareness and guzzle soul man. In my case it is ravenous and they shred things apart and recovered the blood in the league how do you feel and you not yeah. He cited killing you from the inside so we weren't doing political rivals but hole right certainly includes the it's it's our data from the inside half. And I think you can bet nobody has called walk you deny you. It's. A as a neat guy. There's some new ones that don't like. You are losing to amend the radio network. Loved until you know have enjoyed the men's room. Dexter. The emotional support peacock who captured the public's attention when he was denied entry. On united flight earlier this year. Died unexpectedly. In his quote favorites Cubans arms you don't have the same guys should be guide it's like saying Oprah. I don't know of course it must be the support animal peacock. The empty cup revealed on his Amsterdam accounts specifically created for Dexter. That the 22. The story continues. Its passing was sudden and unexpected attempts were made to save him but his doctor confirmed that nothing could have been done to Alter his fate. The artisan caption to photo that appears to show a shrine to Dexter. Dexter defied stereotypes. And brought joy and magic. To all the encountered him books is starting inside the gym about a peacock were going what's Stearns said that anyone as about a begun Ted. You know what there rather geese. Thank you people must anti GAAP. OK they are French Fries McDonald's parking lots in the south. Very loud and outlets is starting inside this Dexter defy the stereotypes so let's say easy feat if I'm zero dollars even I get up early he brought joy and magic to all who encountered paramilitary elements are for this country to have a discussion about starting times and I think we start with Dexter the I was there magic was gone it was honored an element of privilege to share this life journey with him. Dexter made headlines in January when United Airlines employees barred the bird from boarding a flight at Newark Liberty International Airport. And T gold claim she paid for a second ticket for the big guy but the airline refused to budge. She said she spent six hours trying to get on her flight to Los angle leaves. Photos of the bizarre scene of the new year Jersey airport soon make the rounds on social media making Dexter one of the most talked about passengers of the year you don't say I united spokesperson told Fox News at the time to the peacock. Did not meet guidelines for a number of reasons including its weight and size and it's a big guy and they had a that they explain this to the traveler not once but three times. As the airline tightened its policy on emotional support animals nearly two months after the incident. The NT co said the peacock remain the same loving pets despite his rise in popularity didn't change yet. Do you say Eagles on this story didn't go to his head and I think that's where you started sent to law had about peacock right the make a little bit of money they abide network and they call must see TV at NBC one I mean he was a total. I'm Reggie never checked and he loves. Working the camera with grace and humility. He is survived by his sisters he shot a job. And hunger on something else. Pondexter quote you'll forever be loved you'll be missed and remembered with fondness muff. The most success go to his the wave in Chico and instrument in 2014. When she. When the Arkansas. A Craigslist ad for peacock hopes yeah. Yeah so. To purchase them. Yeah. I've followed a Bordeaux and long gone now Craigslist and I think that if she. Probably among come with you Arianna transaction as they bloom and I think I knew someone who wants a blank for a bad 844999. Nolan. Hello Lisa I'll welcome to the men's room. I yeah. Yeah. Kelly yeah. What grade are you sir. I think that I think that not a I know and so would tell would do that did you know someone had. I'm I am actually in the head early 1980 he's been out for a red bellied alana. Okay how long they live. Well why didn't teach all those bad. I had domino my negate the other three. Okay so bad that you can't do anything about me that's amazing how they crowded tanks though they are together as a school like they turn the scene at times they they can't do their own little thing in there. Yeah they do this big school and I mean that we all. It's not the same as what they show on the movies where you dropped it to me ignorant they applauded and they automatically go after it actually pretty paranoid. I yeah I did when they don't call them what is the it was a loud they have teeth in the either an NA NA NA her when they buy what is that the how long did say the domino London finished eating all three right how long did you have the new format that. We have them or. Bullying or years. CE RG I finally started the other three. I won't ask me now it's just a change domestically we'll just get out exporting to the next thirty days isn't so sound card. A lot of the time brought an agent starter as the sneaky lifetime. I'm moving way of doing it here you're limited crash slow poisoning Matthew downloadable greens in this. Since then again. You know men's room radio network.