08-15-18 Seg 1 Mens Room Brings Home A Stray

Wednesday, August 15th

Mens Room Question: I once knew someone who once had ______ for a pet


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We want sure. Here is. The real. Lord. Invited to join the party. This news. All gathered in secrecy. Or radio more than three times. Enjoy. I don't know I really don't want to lose our lord 2885. I am I. Along with Stephen Drew hill. Please and smell and Auburn ball. It's a bar yeah. Okay. Okay. I demand Bruno. Who's Sox last. Word goes to the World Cup had loving and ready to play profile list plus headlines mr. Jon Benet but lose. Three males and everyone's favorite. TV time would take the classes you're gonna go I hear it go man in India takes Viagra next morning big jumps on bed awake god dad. And breaks it into. You ablaze in Ohio or call money barking man who had maybe quite a few. Apparently delirious fans at your home a tattooed on your back. A Mexican restaurant has busted for serving your hairy spiders and as big and black hello love kids another flavor of girls gotta go be free to five. All coming on today's Perry's special episode opens room. Oh not bad is good day for you and yours. I listen to what ever is or might be wrong with you. There's a service animal for you everything from monkeys can tarantulas to turkeys. And ducks contender ruse a miniature horse to turtles. To head home to these are all serious are these animals. Then Obama on the plane but would ever service animal you may need to. If it's not a no glory intends Southwest Airlines simply does not care. Airline recently announced it will soon enforce your restrictions that basically say look man. Maybe got problems than take one of the girls on a marked difference not a dog or cat we just don't want to downplay. I said. Amortized into a different types of pets but don't you always more in your favor. No woman that owned the monkey the one coming in Iran do and the monkey wants the monkey big slab we won't. There's a guy and they don't go and Allan park he was told be about his pets. Alligator they found no misconduct maybe he's not license maybe it's illegal but he says I thought it was legal because a mother from an Islam we in the name of the place. The critters shock fresh. Firefighters and rescue man in the mud and was trying to rescue his pet parrots. Double and no face painting a lot of slaughter house now the momentum in slaughter of the best thing we knew he's a moment ago you don't they get even. Or is that a threat to the village well. Look Dexter you know and invention no doubt the serial killer I'm talking about the emotional support. According to the story rose from saying when it was rejected by United Airlines and bad news. Dexter be support he got. He died recently and they say understand. But you can't afford that extra. How the boy I really am here is that a lot of people have had spent most of most probably would not have as Spencer maybe it was you maybe it was someone you know. So today we have women from golden boy in question. I know so moon. The ones and blamed for a pet her brother show call 844999. Alone like the men's room on FaceBook follow us on Twitter and insecure and amends in my hands and those emails to the men's room and men's or live dot com. You're listening to amend your radio network. This is your. Through. John battle are no limits on number 2885. RNA based on a return of blue Sox last past we get word earlier that this week's who sucks last. Not nearly as bad as it could be so that's good news of before this segment and no one examined there whether it's. I mean that. I don't know man it's still not great drag it is a must straight owning dancing dad is always worse than others. This is not nearly do worst week but it's not going to be a pick me it feels like we're all getting dumber. On the word goes to the world and living in the movies and believe it or not some of the most iconic. Just memorable food lines in the history of movies when they were delivered the timing on them. They were and let them and it's it's it's incredible how many of those lines that you remember that you quotes. Were not in the script aren't sold via the Academy Awards aren't they announced Arnold called category. People are pissed off about of their happy about it either way budget. This year at the Academy Awards I guess this would be the first time that they actually a ward Warrick. To the movie that made fans happy you know enemies or maybe it was I don't know that they do bold try out who the hell knows right motor removing significantly Mears like month. Yup so it's gonna do that doesn't seem like if you're going to reward screen right trench you win you're writing credit. But look look one more thing I would not walk and this is what they say and write and think about this but I'm listening to what you say about this right so. I I got the outskirts for scream. Screenwriter of the year I wrote whatever room okay. Screenplay and go back and give her speech about what you're telling me they've really got the award interest in that movie I delivered to learn my quote. How did anything liberal blog thing there remembers mileage by basically peak ad lib of the year who are some like everybody hello my living well. This actor came up a bit of soil legendary movie the shining with a line. Here's John here's John exactly I have lived. Fifth he. And anyone knows from every movie below zero you guys realize that he destroyed. 59. Doors in sixty altogether were destroyed one the tape was used which means the Jack Nicholson said. 59. Possible different things right kind of repeated a couple of them but when he figured out what he wanted to say. He instead a lot of different things a lot of different doors have been destroyed were he put his head thrown depending on how the door broke down sometimes he came through this flood threat down he came through this thing is sometimes he barreled through the door running I mean you got to think they did this sixty times saw him getting in there. Was done a lot of a lot of different ways to bang down door so shouldn't he have some kind of hostility that is that's who I would remind us from that movie no not the best actor man he says only live from the movie and one remembers and tablet right well here is Janet wedge if you don't know tonight shows hosted by Johnny Carson at the beginning of the show every night. Ed McMahon logo is window and fears. Johnny's of the time pop culture wise that was a big term saw OK give the ouster and Ed McMahon being away yet so one should include. Right exactly recognize though that's coming up with though with a word as we go into the world of and living in the movies and then today we're gonna talk about pads and not just regular old pads but a well that's. As we get word here from Southwest Airlines which a lot of people love to fly your Southwest Airlines and many youth you love them like Costco you're knows that. Yeah just you see yourself kind of thing or a blue pat. Passion about southwest man they are they are there really passion about Southwest Airlines and around bad blood on subway they're friendly deepening got a lineup they've all right I can't act motor again I grew gonna like this man every flight number and I'm landed safely home now Greta Bethlehem a runner you know. Well beginning September 17 only one dog or cat to either any carrier or a leash will be allowed to. Per customer on Southwest Airlines at four customers who are traveling with emotional support animals. Updates based on careful review department transportation we get all your news. Their emotional support Hamels provides for a friend's day. You know as a religion I was I don't know again he and his check the box and I agree all this golf emotional support and serves today and Syria or the bottom box and you just check Norman OK I usually the idea that's just an all your cat bounds on assignment in terms serves. Odd. Take a hard road on this because the thing is legal a dog or cat this is the pet that Muslims Serbs and women go like we did that the problem is and is okay well. And goats and turkeys but as we went through part of the Lisbon and people are turtles hence all the math so it's like a man and we don't have to just limit this to this now that we include any thing then people are just gonna bring everything and we believe that because people already bringing everything via the problem right this is ruined by other adults that that's good right I think it's because I do think there's people there really need this report found. Totals but the permanent fade quite easy just it's a the boy cried wolf. Well at SP up the mirror put out the storage up I was a I was a really cool story they're just do enough a flashback story a legendary pop. Which was very poor club which was an oh Wales. And now they say some pubs and and have an update on the story all these things in just a legend that was this bar which was legendary in the area. It says some pubs welcome pets with open arms other may even have their own bed dog that lives behind the bar with the landlord. One that you probably wouldn't expect to see if your local bar however. Is a lion. Yes correct exactly would you embrace the bar of one Welsh club. When the aptly named lion then was the home of one of the most unusual pub pets you'll ever find. Yes the lion and had a headline. They club dates back to the seventeen hundreds but as recently as the 1970s. The public and they say a majestic larger. These beautiful beast named Sheba was at the bug start very Germany new engine version but at the time the landlord Bob Heussler the locals are thrilled with Sheba but I fancy though farmers will be counting machine more often. Although he not only eats beef. I'm Bob was known for his variety of interesting pads are ranging from badgers. He had those two buddies which I'm not sure what I but I don't know how hard she's a budget gap. He decided they should have a pet more in keeping with the end she know they got when she was nine weeks old cost 300 pounds and came from a zoo supplier. And she was said to have settled down well with a family of two Labrador is Bruce and lady as well as the lions in customers. When you come into the end up customers recite them when you came into the pub the lion was on the floor is just sitting there. Those terms about a problem. The regulars didn't seem to make a big thing about that's while the regulars I suppose the farming community here are used to big animals. No I'm sure even though they and they were well past keeping that say it in they said that initially it was thought to be again like. And then it became one of the legends of the area for the you know so dumb of them feel like yeah I believe you're on the line in there used to be aligned mysteries of the line like now and and another system allows him enough. The lion actually existed. Why. They do say that as soon as she begun that of any great size. She was a little bit more difficult to handle. Don't lie Endesa. Dave thanks Brad Garrett. He gimmick or not these wild animals when their investigated if you're never gonna tame them properly people were bit relate. You're welcome included the line and I'm par dialect yeah our guys and as an wounded as I must pay and sensitive. I lose so why do one sat down blank for a bed at 844 or 9990. Look by the way a bug gene. It's a parakeet I'll get our budget early everyone else on earth knows this accent got smacked I'm glad I didn't know that mean you know. Hello and welcome to the men's room. Hey guys Italian you I'm. So. Well I have a passion paired them god didn't bring a little off a and I actually take her everywhere I go out. And there are a lot of weight battle letter and a lot of things one. Most are you look pretty cool but I think it's in the not seek international content and they just loved her. Why do peanut and only one caused insist on day in and listen all you follow me on this all right. I will give him a call on my shoulder parent person to break. How did you break because ever since childhood as best I knew the only people been consistent among you and Brad somewhere. Or people who know Garza would does that as had a crazy cat lady. We just accepted that don't apparently grazing in the got to bring with them whenever I amateur final but now. As I feel like you guys broke down the door than the flood gates is stupid have opened. And now every one brings every kind of pads. Everywhere I go and it just to know is how do you. Do you know what the bird groups on your back to people who Montego Bay dude you got some cock crap on your Mac. Well I usually climate pretty well they usually it's bound and a half hour. Every half hour and hour a good thing I am gonna think you might call out every half hour the amount of the cage. Very glad. As if she not my army unit into OK and sometimes I'm walking I can I guess I kind of arched my back in and into my back. Give us you know it's. It's really deep talent they're about ready to do. I would definitely begala Joseph Louis winner pension output that it. Does it make if we think found yeah. Out of her mouth and blocked. Out of the 00 all doomed because hard. I noted people who want a college and I and then what it would do is come out. That's our farm and the squeaky sound sound light to master your who knew what does that sound sound like one of the call is about to put you. Gras in the age can play against. We have almost. I think it's a good news out of her brother ground it's a relief ground. Because I only know how long how long can now McCauley they dig a little long time right. Candidates they basically have our life expectancy Elgin and under how old is your little Milan and Aaron so how old is your pet. She's only twelve OK so your theory you're going to have this bird for the rest of your life. Yes. That's an interesting though somebody are losing and I haven't it's like it's an interesting dynamic on a tablet is normally we don't tend to just be there for a window period of our lives and it's a good to great time when the Pentagon you're devastated everything else there's damn thing. They will not shut up it's like it's like oh yeah you can north I don't know saying like you are stuck with this thing like a bad ten to the. Yeah you definitely an infant can number I like to see all you definitely have to leave it in your will announce. Hello yeah. Oh walk a mile or doesn't wanna move on anybody ride until I'm like man I in the united skin's own pet but lake Buena premium pet that speaks. And that doesn't even today and on and actually it right sort of new she'll actually army note I think America. I don't mind like dog sitting for some moment of under your dog's life I don't wanna eat data Laguna Margaret once you don't. In my buddy's parents happen and I'm their friend had one need to do castaways and now they have and what's going on their place every morning. Morgan. Did you interview having a three year old with the vice grip and a blow warned her mouth and Brad studio. They don't understand fully what they're saying brides and Al Maktoum but he just he's gone Carmona and I think CNET. And some people they don't go to some of the things that you merchants say that maybe other people birds cannot say it. At least you have I don't know love and other birds cannot think she can not an optional shall not come along and they not not shield he could do enjoy pretty that are the real issue. A three year old vocabulary. All it may Aramis schedule margin was three all I did they dished out. So how many times how many how often does the birds get on your first emerged. I'm pretty is beyond turn surely bring into the windshields really wants something. Or when a stranger comes to the door. And I. Painted a little it's the. Over as you urban Annan mail all of bird loves McCall. Yet she has. But I had a very thin they usually don't make all called off an inmate they opened up. No you don't let you turn your you know I Jim Gray Maynard just so she's not so little. Think things can't isn't it purity like they wanna have sex and things change as you can have a friend ever ever you won't. And she can't even hello Burt ocean totally on the bird trend I actually our plan in my neck until I restore my ticker every Sunday. Keep the bird and like it. As the only regulatory news story today all right about hey Al Mal mine the broken oil home through screening Colorado. So I would I. Whether he will also story Obama called parent and he feels good to know how Nolan wouldn't be able got home all right. The mound lion had eaten the family dead cat. OK now we all know that we both don't lose vcast now I stick your McCollum a cage with a political. Introduce properly probably yeah. A guys all right okay. I improperly introduced birds and do this to be in separate cages and keep them close are we want. Out banks. Burglar really don't know just take each other with Obama but Eli gets them acclimated to each other would end applications thanks to each other. Okay and I'm banners up there because your outlook on early downs. Actually I want to tell you guys to my dad had one as when I was growing up and you are right around town with her on this and keep arms and motorcycle went around and that's among girls. She counts of land about. Hey Al aren't as good or you are doing enough to make they AARP. It just don't call do I get done magazine. They are the original take my pet everywhere people write I think I heard people I don't mourn them Brenda Bernard. But many of the way burn people say it. Groceries but thank the people break Nadal who grocery store almost like well. I don't personally care for but also I don't care about much but I do recognize this as a reasonably new development right. But the burn people ever since I was a kid it was weird they were always friendly and probably creepy bond. There were always there and somehow they got past they say no pencil out but if the bird person came in the capital during the original people that we call us and I know even knew where and how we have all seen adult. So leave you bring your dog it is always exuded a no dog okay all right are you feeling a bird like dude what is at all that's supposed to do it. Truly and also before you know that you can talk Greg de buses out back in our economy and environment for I don't know because we're work. Is it coming Kamen says I'm an African during paired. She's hilarious and sometimes creepy when she changes voices when talking to you won't think about it or harms you or are there. Inclusion she. It. Some balls the bush I there's someone who once had a blank for a penny for Ford 999 a lot. Hello bill welcome to the men's room. Photo did you all back. Yeah yeah Gary Koehler and let you know when I was younger. Establish why squirrel name pilot. There number word yet influenced. But little did have a mother had a good not in my mind does it's. Though I asked though that no. Well I kind of wake him home back in the day shall center shopping mall used to have attached or it's. And FaceBook or magic when I was younger. And I'd always go to a store which emperor of course doves in that kind of thing and it's been over a course rabbits and. Oil oil anyway I'll let not a guy you always look at whatever you're releasing the dogs did the trick doing what about the rabbit. What happens all these other rabbits and dogs. Well I I would have won but I don't always look through our usual. Different tests. So I just tried adding to the collection drive my mom know. I NN I Nazis who would you would you by the dobbs right this is the one shot deal. Like this triggers gonna yeah and some of the UK and around on the fact and we know how much this dumb trigger it's gonna cost right. OK tomorrow is the average price of Khatami you have to have a three or four. Now I just said to you do and how much fight does Imus that cost. I'll shoot back then and a group like the public record book is. Well that's our country for dollar check your top stories now and then on to the cost of our Foreman and drive more dollars or were you you like in a package you only if you're you don't learn Julie yeah argument you want that triggered an article don't go mantra if you. You get the pacers dealt with a guy. You put it but anyway so yeah I'd bootleg this applied squirrel home on the metro bus it's us or seven animals. Of course. I think decade it was pretty expansive look like twenty bucks when I was. I cheered and so I'm bringing this home does or squirrel home on the bus and it put him in a little. Small little blocks. And the box is an brown bags but I just remember one of things I did as well and I had I was on the bus opened it up and looked down in there to check him out to accused you know to intercourse or reach down and dirty bit that crap out of this this is sort of got a whole Michael I motor cross world's auto and that night I China. They don't use amended. Started get used to us being handled. And was he was the Pentagon's and that he stick around. Oh yeah they're they're they're super colder nocturnal they sleep blood during the daytime let's. Once they get used to lay out at your house this stuff. They're just like a cat they'll go in and out the window I could let him go up trees and I could whistle formally come forth you know sliding on down to me and there are super cool as. That writedowns also memories aren't going to be wild and usually I mean that's right I'm miles seals flags girl who. They're my glad that I knew someone who one sad blanks from Betty Ford for a 9990. My whole lot more recalls coming up you're listening to the men's or radio network. Was smiles a thrill. America won't spend their nights and bad cozying up to an unusual fashion. There falsely raccoon. Destiny's swindle her husband arouse rescued the Iraq soon after she fell more than thirty feet from the top of an oak tree in our garden back in June of 2016. And although the couple from Russell bill in Arkansas spot on the one we called reckons mother in the tree. She did not retrieve her baby and my nightfall. So swindle a professor at Arkansas Tech University scooped up the raccoon who was careless and the size of a baked potato. And named her June and sugar in the Czech over the net confirmed the June was not injured in the fall. So those window and her husband who was an electrical supervisor then fed Juneau on milk design for cadence. The couple NO two released June back in the wild but now the two year old has become too used to that comforts of home. And she really likes her owners queen size bed and her favorite snack. Of frozen blueberries. When we first got there she was so little and she barely had any air. It was two weeks before she opened her eyes so are bad things she was just a week old when we founder. Describing her as a mix between a candidate dog she's playing for instance she lazy is around like he can't. And won't come when she's called it but she plays rough like a dog. She just she's a raccoon who cheese dog if she likes to snack on fruits or phrase favorite is frozen blueberries. Always try to release her when she was strong enough we've put her cage outside the door open I know from experience a lot of rescue raccoon big curious and new to urge to go out but all June did was. Wanna come back inside. She loves the home sleeping in our bed eating dog food and snacking on fruits she'll do go like this is something that Presley for record and ever every other rags to rethink the I had my car errant error happened but then in September of last year the couple landed a new member to the family when they brought home a puppy named. Waffles. Waffles in trouble despite the differences and species. Believe it or not. Waffles are in Iraq tuna does bring. What people do make clown around so much and always other thousands really sweet she said June is especially bad in love nothing more than a good rundown evil was strangers and hang in with waffles. Everyone loves June sometimes a burger and work and everyone wants the holder and take pictures I don't bring her in a class because we never get any work done she's so sweet to. She has become part of the fans like a good start in June the record you re examine its. Are miserable lifestyle I know I knew someone who once had done playing for a band aid for Ford 9990. Love more tools to. Coming up and sent. Shenanigans continue on the men's room radio network.