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Tuesday, August 14th

Profile This TV Time with Ted and Headlines!


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This is the men's room. You're listening to the your results are standing about six dollar 9844999. LA and you play profile this game. Other headlines on the way one hour from now first a quick check in in my car for some of the stories and headlines he is. Not working on all right the New York Post figured out how to get people to buy newspapers again. Now that my running a full page ad for the reigns supreme on the front page yesterday all things while what is the dream right Qaeda and audio business. I mean it's a clothing line make bags. Mary Hart began to super expensive people wanna say that it goes well with your Gucci belt I believe your brother I knew I had no idea so it's. Back and they both the front page of the paper. Again people wanna have that hate. Okay power over my body went to a supreme shop Darren LA and when he got scared I was like defense preservation. Well know why I am and when Mosley was right now from the outside for you you're crazy people who when you week's preparation for weeks to get. Jesus Christ guys I know for them and they feel no supreme is probably the place. They knew a solo albums and very possible they immediately celeb neighbors and people who losing the building collectors items are already buying them for up to twenty dollars on the they amaze I like to slap that on anything he becomes expensive brand. A woman in New York since an. MTA yesterday offering sex for faster subway service. And whoever was running bmg is daughter Kim responded to this letter asking for her exact location. We're trying to but no more than that they're trying to be helpful like query would train you looking to get some lovable I use your greatest news yeah yeah yeah I mean here I have this daily rate in June and a look. We call ahead for employees who they don't get smacked you in two minutes. Hey Brian experiment is no freaking way that the Mets rule of a major city gets back to you and few minutes he's your said the maturing loans family. Really looks like. Man I'll I'll perform karaoke is you can work. It and I have. I did take the Mac app for just. The man Buffalo, New York let a woman into his house to use the bathroom on Saturday. She grabbed a decorative sword that he had by the door used to just deals wallet. Always. The last I was gonna do something nice for anybody in his life ever guaranteed would you at random person you should toilet rally I mean if they use of in your home I mean they give you some respect you normally find in my backyard. Storm did when I was a kid. Does knock on anyone brand dormant under the move has served well it was I want my sister brilliant go to the bathroom so we stop due course Dan went with her and nuns and there's like hey she's we've got an emergency she said that. You know she has to go NBC is going so. And good imagery he's made him hobby number two. Go over the trees well I guess that's on the idea when I was doing door to door sales. It was it was and nasty things when I walked out the guy who's homeless he looks so match. Oh LSU my home drop faster on the floor and yes I apologize. seven year old man was god shoplifting from a Wal-Mart in Southern California last week and got away. Glad then he got arrested after he went back to grab his Bible let he left behind I so you can read it. I guess this name wasn't there something like yeah I'll continue now shall not steal mark it's a new testament just I just know OK don't mess with us and from there. OK now it's cool dad. Ask him Matthew. 2518. Is okay steel and I don't believe that if you surmise to. Thought he should he made today as they got your marks just kind of racism or. Studios in Florida recently donated kidneys and ended up saving eight lives while. How all that's right they both won easily to a friend. The one getting change no nation where they donated to someone else and their friend got a kidney in return. That saved more lives than the other Gigi was so inspired by she donated to a total stranger we started another change donation and for more people got transplants. You what's sad is that really says things. It's more likely that I wouldn't give it a perfect strangers in need the most improved from my. Well I think that's because you don't have to be in the same room. Aluminum and Sydney ma'am yeah but you're gonna go to sleep they're gonna put Joseph a table and gonna wake up and never seen a person he's save on all want to see continue to live without it. I'd rather listen to. And ideology needs. It amazes me I looked like and I. Kabul didn't didn't invent if you need improvement in my entire yeah like I'm donating kidneys has turned into christmastime a Starbucks. And christmastime disarmament had no fly into the Carnahan about behind him. Those are huge things still losing usually when what do you remember go to Starbucks who do well at Christmas time in Starbucks is you go to the drive through Starbucks say hey. Given the channel the person behind me. How would you know them and order. Yeah I have I have been waiting in line for a long time OK but then the next preseason Google and they're like hey no worries on the diamond just left them like okay tool give Millen and guy behind me. Loudly and we are doing God's gonna win or the most expensive thing in line. It's a great. Get in the car mojo doesn't just happen and be back and right on your computer you're not gonna know if the person for you to pay for her dad until the problems and the million sort of went yeah and you might like to see stories. It's like I. You once on tollbooth produced. Nice yeah I don't know as the favorites you know there's two according to reduce their heads out the kidnappers got away. According to a new survey an artist jobs include police officer or soldier. Doctor social worker and teacher. Okay. College well as well. I mean. First you have to new fears like dvd killed doing George and every thing helping out a lot of teachers social workers are often out and right and doctor and they're not in the best situation plummet on. Our social workers the. You can nothing you can do is because things are good. And you learn a foreign language just by listening to a tape in your sleep I'm dressed me personally held no please tell me who can't. According to a new study I'm not work. A little. I'm dreaming about this for years he doesn't probably eight or nine. So this is probably not this is something I. The awesome go to sleep wake up speaking Spanish I mean well and I know both your game was just. How many bruises Fulham were the way I mean you're always Greenspan battlegrounds Fraser and kind of dumbed down though we all can speak more when. Oh. Researchers at the University of Maine and created a set of chopsticks that deliver an electric jolt to your tongue finally. Why you say can make food taste salty delicious even if there's assault on. My guess is they're just fried your taste buds you understand things and it's chopsticks probably would you even assaulting delicious. Yeah sounds easy your food is really good chance consultants. Now look at an and then feed grain or you add insult to insulate yourself thirsty when you get home and and then they would only very hungry old ones are always in her food than they need to have learned from our electrical shop fast. Gap from Dario miles McDonald's is testing a new French toast may griddle locations in Minnesota they used French toast seven mini ten K I read all about does things. I know you did that we'll make an honest they put sauce and John and they'll put an egg Donna. Domination. It's that it's examination feel good message that. There was a man cleaning the grill years ago and I'm on floor of the French films. Been waiting males. Did you year old man in Maryland was arrested after he showed up for his driver's test wins drugs cash and who loaded handgun in his car. How only. I have no idea amounts once you get those and why you Tony to a Jung if you're driving fast and I'm trying to sell us something we'll get a driver's license later unlike my all right well thank you might. I use other than setting you don't even gone so. For anybody we've lost. Please be able to drive trucks loaded gun legally fight mixing with Indian airliner just America says Mallon ten are sweeping. Right next I'm remember me I'm a Montgomery and Brian we know or that 400. Mr. Clinton earlier please call one Dominic Moore you're not nor Montgomery mall lose but do you remember the riots broke out Baltimore won the fifteenth. That's for mom Baumann won't feel won't go next round. I nuns and Missouri recently flew to Australia and got caught with two pounds of cocaine in her high heels are ride as the storage drive provides a safe. Someone in a nun get up and are you ever gonna you're gonna feel right and you DNC chairman feel of the nuns. I think Ryan's teams ready bag in my need to get a free scholar citing his back after just feel like a drug mule you don't name. Galloway asked are you sad man there's a little bit older and might sound like I think some dude he's got out. Fisher online all when. Oh yeah okay. Ali great he's not a criminal she's never been shown on her life she's an iPhone loving this and that don't know yet in the high heels. John yeah. She's not just Lamar I want our season nine I just know when the storms that overall you'll cut a Slovakia woman has been a resident or putting a spot. What is there. Grand. And so they'll let alone now I'm not penalize arguing a one hour from now again and it is true represents. The drug to please everyone how profile this is played a surge and miles of the symbol game where we share with you a real life news story. Something that happened right here. Unplanned occurrence. And it wasn't a story based on stereotypes you believed to be true of people. And the decisions that people make molest you when it is you think makes the story a story. Hello Jessie welcome to the men's room. It's not that they did Lohren hello Lauren welcomes the men's room. Thank you certainly understand how this username apply them. And it all right here is your story and is k.s an eighteen year old man in drag. He appeared ready to repel all men are opposed when recently arrested for driving an unregistered vehicle. Now before being both into the manatee county jail and that's a different port nos. Does the Florida man's personal search. And he yielded two cans of pepper spray AM two cans of farm spray. There isn't a report does not indicate why this guy needed almost not just brands and why just one or spray would not suffice but this particular guy he was wrong. There's a ray of sprays which police marked for safekeeping it was 340 dollar bond and he's going to go to Portland whose mom. Do you believe that this guy is black white and makes you crazy. All it's gate yeah I am floored. Our bread. And have green grass dries you can see it. Hey you all. Eighteenth agency Mohamed. Are stranded drivers Bremer now so much against the law NPR pulled over for driving an unregistered vehicles. That's this stuff happen Biden's purpose. Well. I'm leaning and leaning whites and I looked at data about the big gallery. I mean I'm Conway and feel like. Parts Frey never mind its history why or why do you enjoy it and everything you and I George Foreman yeah. And also cross dressing for some reason I think he's right. I had nothing to back that up I'm not concerned at all. Here now for a final enjoyment. Don't bad bug button but I got a bad. What about that now if that's glass that's so bleak. Yeah it was awfully. I don't hang on every find out a new black white Mexican or Asian next. And teens you're listening to the mantra radio network it's and true Wednesday. Follows days of Florida eighteen year old and drag arrested for driving on unlicensed registered vehicle I had two cans of pepper spray to Cannes on the body spray out of the stretch is a free on 120 aren't fundamentally had to go defensive end Jesse we ask you do you believe the sky was black might make 08. And women whites integrity. Wow are now. Or active. Although I don't let the more and we fully intended to myself man is honest and Israel launches it's hard. Not his real war okay. He went full command I'm given Matt oh yeah there was. That's a smooth. Road to apologize to our CB seventeen. As hours in front of a tiger. I think we all know sometimes you try to think of a word. They re tough frank truck. So the if you are show late today for instance I've been trying to say a word for three hours I can't do it one isn't even trying to record our commercial for three hours play. I just you have no idea I just can't say that the more footwork getting your head down disputed overworked. Now this is the name of Caledonia Vietnamese and he's got thrown in the action right yeah I'm trying to correctly see. Tradition no matter how old traditional no but it. The Spanish and excellence and tradition now oh did you tradition after this imagine any definition and an Allen diapers I wish I now I couldn't get it. We had tacked onto its stock auto merger break or doesn't work. A lot of tradition now problems she's been IQ you got this. Tradition and then out like how do does that Al Bundy just have a voice over like they do bad Kung Fu movies and this is dead or tradition now how. That you don't it's her or DBS. I'm quite sure I have a little tradition out from T logo and I said yeah you deserve it I don't rely on other I'm now and I'm down there never get that I know we are in November. I. Suppose this guy's a 100000 dollar pyramids he's the Tim meadows who. Alone Brian is right. You hinted that there are down by youths and his family that is right hey. Ladies man one of the most under rated movies of the S and l.'s spin off here's a movie for you can tell I'm nursing home movies but I check in desk that is go against Tim meadows is on the air this guy confuse the use. Barack Obama and Osama bin Laden. I am for a sixty. Thousand. Moon. In London. The group part of strength both class dame Obama Obama and he said Osama Osama. Osama Obama Obama Osama. Suppose some people the Internet economy getting after this guy like he's a racist have been out Alfred Dodd's seat period in the guy who think he's a puck. I'm on national TV there's something going on a family like I just messed up yeah look I'm the city or not I like. I messed up those words before you don't want you the day he was the number one terrorist we had to hunt down and we have the president lake. In an island I assume it happened a bunch of I am I usually is. Yeah I'd like to come up even though yeah Illinois trying to intentionally be races there. Trust me there's enough of that already what I tell the difference you can deal. I believe races right now we can see that and determine which is which in which is not. Making it pretty easy. Right hey it's not a growing need Matsuzaka the videos have been basically drug CNET now for something. That really is not that important in the grand scheme of TV. I just when she hear this audio this is from a child he's in the Little League World Series he comes up this is a regional tournament he's from my ailment same outburst. Alfred de Lia. From Middletown. New Jersey day. I ingenious. So purpose. So who listen to downplay what he says he says his name is at home they call me big Al. And I hit dinners. Now he does managers and I'm it's just. The slave like any other rescue boy I think it's local team brought their disappearance you know starting small and he's just a matter of fact and I think dinners. Beyond the Little League World Series of pars and falls in gyms this was one and done Jack abusing snacking and that was just one real. He's a senator children aged thirteen I don't know I think both of the Internet so they'd absolutely think somebody superimpose that yes OK what about when they see favorite actor in recent Johnny sends who's a porn star rises and the kids thirteen years old. Tell me that's real. I wanted to be re also back I want it to be real I went there is the conversation sound guy and ESPN while demo all. Today editor of the segment was like. Hey Brett his jacket don't report stuff that's a typical tech campus at Kansas Oregon and spaces is his favorite actors Johnny's. And to be fair. And thirteen. He's quite like yeah yeah he's wanting more and more I know I know I know Ron Jeremy from being thirteen fourteen and any time out to. I've known only no I read it did not matter to me before them acute asthma then relate primarily for sure. He seems to lead a life I would like to live right yeah. And nowadays it's hard to know names you just go by descriptions. Oh yeah that's the beauty didn't study Al's wife adopt a more OK now if the breath. Also those descriptions like why now I have to watch Lou this is saying is to. That's true on the phone number I watch the house myself now they look closer to my age it has reared lowers consumer weird though you can talk about just click on the picture down and it's like. The stepson in Mali. Yeah I know you follow that. He's done so well as I doubt I like this floor. And what they title that way. Vulgar talk a little bit about body parts and stuff and demonize was on us Steven Coburn to demonize probably famous number one for her music the number two. I would say her post your here. Plus fighters she's got to its posture thank you I never called that the trendy thing NT IU posting area. She is even fit right in if you put your post that it's very nice to have people have been talking about for years and he's even been gosh I've seen a so called where basically answer about. About Joseph Biden and Donald Trump and whose baby books. I can only as soon I'm clean I'm guessing here and I would eat. Fantastic demonize the what is the obvious reason. Like a big bucks and analyze why. I mean. Anytime a white person and can't play in the past and they can be like invited to the cook outs that means they probably like big bucks. I now realize they think he showed up until you know power and good luck. You know a mom my hand and they want Phil welcome any also doesn't know genuine guy and I signed in January and then like. Big bucks. Lobster all the best meet the tail. I'm never heard about Oppenheim for Stephen Colbert. Yeah. Let's or weird to Alec and I spiked and you only think about it but. And sometimes you know you talked of her own public I don't have a blocked. I know little moon in the normal. Aren't you got from you every got an enemy and he's involved and stuff DO moment she goes I know I'm cool I'll fight to some cards don't afford to resume duties or do. Yeah. No one cares you I don't know like you article I think it can I touch it yeah right I don't know Jackie here are yet. So if you don't have the bat and I put my hand methods and Juliette I'm mad and I'm just go in the basket your thought I don't know if it. Kids and their man. George. So nicely so many asked him Blake. In a recent interview he said hey Whitey white and you're free to kill off so many of your characters. Amazing the way he explains it going back to Lord of the Rings makes a lot of sense. And again. When and the impact that had on me in bed and through him. And Conan didn't die in the Conan looks beautiful. Okay just broke that rule. And the London forever. This amendment if she'll Gandalf the suspension of everything and follows it is a thousand times greater because now anybody can now. Members and a profound effect on my own. Willingness to income characters and to grow and. Let them asserted while. You try to mesa opens you cared to look if you watch any movie. Especially the Sunday were you know people are gonna die image is based on star power or whatever it is you order kind of know who's not going to and I. Correct and it's such an solar woes the deep blue Dolly ninety bluesy with cheers and wild jags and why no he's not gonna die and now I'm old slogan snapped an Arab from my knees right like for whatever reason you just pay more attention. Now nobody's safe. About a local do you really know he does well. Early member of the first screen. They were yeah it was a Drew Barrymore is and he's clearly in the first season and it's kill or the dollar slate see her easily killed awesome really she's not in the movie and a lot of the and I agree with him because I was in game difference to those characters all the time. But even like in Sons of Anarchy and it sucks and your favorite character enticement like but you pay more attention. Yeah it can happen any time and nobody for a guaranteed muscle idea and I he's right you definitely they do like to show you pay more attention to your favorite character whacked. Even I mean he doesn't say even with a I like that I do like them and there's somebody right it's more due to get a cent per week remember when you're watching some I am RT I can't remember who else maybe it was might. But like I guess. Every season you guys stalled by Camilla Martin you don't domain mother. Sherrill that's like our no matter unless you go. I hustled us this day as I talked about when we have something they later cholera yeah. Com and just because you can Benjamin had to understand it probably lose my radio I easily DVR pain and isn't spoiler alert those in the morning show either through until a lot of things where it if it. You guys are Polly correct. She was on and CIA Dahlia she has since left that job and my heart whenever there's a lot of retirees is looked on from the TV at oak. I guess she's been watching family feud she kind of went on our rant on Twitter and that I love Steve Harvey of the game shows the point in the major program so filthy. Even the children players. There's no reason so still family feud. Yeah I mean family feud has definitely in the last year's may consciously did it. They can ask leading questions they ask leading questions you get there you Guinness book argues that there Mikey and I looked. It's like anything. You kids don't get it. It doesn't matter under the plane and you think foxy indeed a new story on this map but at the same time like big kids are gonna get half the jokes in my frankly I won't family feud late. The ratings are up there are gonna changed their I'd tell dirty joke for your kids and I guarantee they would and I didn't understand why do happen. Get busy and sometimes when you watched children's cartoons. And I mean overload right there is little side comments they made were I laugh out loud and I'm also doing a good gab and Israel appears joke kids I've no idea. I do do you children still watch track. Yes are as they still want Tressel next time you watch track as an adult I watched it. Sure three weeks ago OK 1 or 4 o'clock yet his slain in his head. And he asked to see the princess one part time and is it pans back jump Otis his own and does demonstrate there no way I. She stood if you watch red thirty. So dunaway. Oh yeah got to give won't notice though but only do you think he's compensating Bryce. And I if I never notices so for some assault when Emery came out but you want my kids a few weeks ago I'm gonna chuckling some white. OK I can get whose movie there's just no dirty humor to keep interest. Barely. I think it it it it. I think a lot of people of your rich and famous she might do the equity rout of well just be including you have to spend the money she can look like him. Nobody who might not like he invented tequila company is he likes that Jimmy Fallon had on Ryan Reynolds and he talked about Jin. The whole things that are amazing learning experience gracefully and trusting god guns and stuff some improvement eleven years ago I remember reading in dental comic can feel like this is a once in a lifetime. In connection and then appears they are now my wife and I was like I guess that once a lifetime connection can happen twice. And we had our children and that's when they realize that I. About any solution that. That's kind of funny. I need to use a boost. And not I mean he seemed like the guy who might drink a little but I would've thought gen but he's a good drink beer. But not now and Abdullah in my can be shredded right I'm sure he's a pretty. Yeah and you know what most of the sprint most people on that level are. You really seemed to and probably why they like Jenny duo gin and tonic it is not probably that bad as bad that I am in all of carbohydrates can be tonic. Well also out of Minnesota water gets so that was a harsh reality for years ago when do we found out the top of it is my sugar is a soda. Seems to me that's good news but did soda water which is called soda water has not seen it doesn't is quite confusing. This. Is a lot of confusing bigs in the bar that I just don't masters given drunk yeah. Stop look at that person she's as you've confused the idea if there interest in it you lose. If it. Let's see Simpsons movie came down to our 200718. Years after its first season. And I was talking family damage do the same thing after twenty years and it's amazing family has gone for twelve years found innocent deaths. According to a new report in the Wall Street Journal is a Family Guy movie in the works. And a second Simpsons movie might be coming to the output not a tiny details. Family Guy one who makes animation with live action. Okay I'm in maybe you know family they'll deliver I mean whenever you like family guy's schedule like the movies both. Yet there was also talk clashes there's via Bob's burger movies. Miles you'll agree I still think one of the more underrated adult cartoons but I question yeah follower of people love that show all I mean all all ages really surprising would have broad spectrum of people like that you guys should they have adult cartoon like it's blue humor I mean I don't like adults and select the gas right yeah I'd say they address some pretty good stuff they they go beyond the Simpsons Family Guy Beers a joke you know a very very big in some stuff which is good. I mean Seth MacFarlane and so many movies as is your name. At just ten Ted to a low and we had to try to forgot that was sent him a bear walk around and stuff like that I have to think he would make a good Family Guy movie. The granite. I like Family Guy and it's a half now are. It's a different story for not only ask yourself did you get through a ninety minute 87 minutes whatever will be. Yeah yeah it's kind of like South Park right with with what was the team America. Yeah yeah I don't there were different because it was puppets in this manner they may know that. Basket they skip all that again won't decent moving. Just say on Family Guy Simpsons. I wanna might not have I was part of a big enough fan base they're gonna go see it yeah. All spurred notably earlier talking about a three or four episodes. Right the Soviet you're right now would you set to keep them in close family Gary does those crazy with our lone Star Wars ones and do the Halloween stuff on the Simpson yeah. How much exactly where they're give them a good friend say tell embrace stereo TV time a dead mice going to be gadget headlines you are listening to amend your radio network. Only turns twenty miles. Now let's see what's happening in the real high aerial offense goes where police are looking for a man who's left a four year old hit both paths. Famous and demand is not is now talking about an alien abduction 45 years ago and they polygraph he did better. Please tell women stranded on a giant implied an inflatable unicorn on a lake and angry woman blasted the same opera song for sixteen years for her neighbors say. And a man argues with his wife so man flies a plane into their homes it is time for your headline. It's time day. She's OK okay here's my card are mormons Slovakia had been arrested after bring little off right. Turns out that's this is a retaliation for the constant barking up her neighbor's dog. When I was parking the woman would blasted out of the window at all hours of the day for sixteen. Years age. She was eventually arrested on charges of harassment and malicious persecution which I'm fine and fair. I knew the moment mark. Usually do it again another bargain I'm glad I'm a dog she won't play in this get more good luck with a no man's dead and buried inside. I'm Doug and mark. There was a lot of side employees murder shares DeVon in Minnesota had to save a group of women floating in a giant inflatable unicorn after they cut themselves stuck in a nearby we wean them away this week looking and play well. Sorry it's. You know a lot of people in there I'm never seen an inflatable there was that big plus why some people behind above. I think I knew. I guess I'm just and that's mostly crummy water to be kind of challenge. Thank Alabama and Cortez and Murphy. That's what I l.'s best and the way through. It's weird bounces from the sheriff's office posted close with a handful of laps and the mad rescue roping skills that enabled. Back to. Okay beautiful as I wanna see him dinner last Soledad unicorn emboldened. New electric motors is a man that's no me unicorn women's draw going towards. Examined him does that for another episode mental reasons do. Today we go to Los Angeles in the wild lands of the LA zoo where authorities are looking Vista become a viral video. The video shows a man scaling the fence and they have a one cloture and climbing down to complete this jazz and slapping their four year old hip so rosy on the behind. Or climbing back out and running a zoo. They're currently on the lookout for the man they did say that this is no laughing matter and the reason being because valuable it is not like you not even a little bit of lows are incredibly aggressive you know I have found no reason why the Chinese tourist. He was killed hours from Taiwan Mandy he went on safari. Joseph Mullen and voting on your. Your clothes we're trying to get ready as ever seen the video of the hippo who's coming up behind the boat's bow women and about I don't know it's like oh I'm miles an hour or pay down inside all he's OK you're like oh my god this thing yet. This thing is a mountain in swimming like Michael Phelps. Just mandates it's amazing. Talk about how as one of the most dangerous animals you can go out early in just a limousine pulled. Does need let us Albemarle police you know we'll do remember utilize every would you watch idol in my gym and it doesn't despair and on Sudanese women. A strange story or use our man was arrested on a charge of domestic violence and mere hours after he was arrested. He posted bail and that's officers escorted home to get some of his belongings when she did without any incidents. Not long after the man took off and says the plane owned by his employer and flew the plane into this house. I am when his wife and child inside an animated and he did. Exactly what the guy who destroyed the man announcement to crash the wife and child escaped completely unharmed. OK okay Abby and again exactly seekers. You're about to make its way under the celebrated by and tell the story up the men that 45 years ago was allegedly abducted by aliens and for a candidate Sarah may yeah it's coming out preliminary not doing join me that's every headline that might have been out. Tonight in Brazil see an exam there turner who's a less profile list and we will during Intel's with a shot of the day it doesn't need it is all true but in the meantime we'd be all about those that so next time please would you do best. And Orleans say. Okay.