08-14-18 Seg 3 Mens Room Finds The Worst

Tuesday, August 14th

Emails, Ryan Castle is in to Sit & Spin with the Top 10 Scientifically Worst Albums of All Time! Plus What You Don't Need to Know and the Shot of the Day!


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This is the men's room. Listening to. Thrill. Itself lives out there aren't around a low profile as he is on the way as well our question what happened did you enjoy your parents at the time in 44999. Cola. Hello Daniel welcome to the men's room. Top. And I know you are. And he's gone is yes hello Alan welcome to the men's room. Allowed it so I thought wow. So what and regards. I'm here I'm okay I'll get right now what are you would have these are your parents the time. Critics sixteen at a time and and I would go to my friend policies Kelly huge backyard. You know and we would go. Rallying around. Her backyard with our cards. Well I burn my parents Carly should they golden like it's great golden key speaker there. Are there. Because I thought I thought man what do you how injured who were your growing up was an okay guys it's. Okay yeah it would Gary is a limit them and I think when you make an error when you make that decision abide PT cruiser thing and says London England gold guarantee is that now I know that's like eliminate an additional. Married eight peres' statement as a statement maker read them unsure what the statement as an as a statement. Yeah you're trying to say that describes as I was underneath gold PT cruiser. Yes though I would be a good idea at her rally around the yard in the PGA it's very elegant and that was my friend you know kind of going a bit and held whenever. Well you know about that I drive it home. I didn't realize as you know anything and how then can the next morning my brother goes outside and Steve says the whole front and their cars helped create a I understood the radiator replaced everything in the trying to stick to try to you know there is no love no I didn't notice that at all. Does then you my dad find out. Any legs. Puts together the poll ES dilate. What you believe happened to the cards Q but I think you've backed out hit a lodge here and they needed that he did that. I'm like yeah I don't know maybe. I didn't. Half. He visible while I realize that and I'm Leslie and everyone stars are right there's one key component which as a parent I'm now marking down. Don't you give your kid an option of what may have happened because so many stores that realize like. One guy very easily dim emergency house down mom says are you burning instance of that moment yup that's from under your dad says I think you did this ago. Short manned you know what you're pretty Smart gentlemen deserve our mind and I'm skills they've what happened. I've been dead though speculate right do me good to be given an option information is crucial holiday down to man is no doubt about it I was just kitchen. Now man this kid was just seeing what's. Whereas like what avenues you didn't tell your parents that I made poor poorer and I know mentally value buyers walked in your session somebody who met. If they said you guys wrestling though and that is exactly what we're don't when OK you can reserve fund and so does this shock you just can't believe you're seeing elect her as. As bad sex you have maybe that's what happened out another car acts Allen. With how this happened. And obviously he's got rear and that that's why she might never end of it from the from hello Curtis welcome to the men's room. Oh. Yeah. So when all of about five years old baby six solid Lebanon and a quarter is the time. And every Friday Saturday night they went out Serbia but I would go to Brooklyn New York. Well I've been bitter at the time wanted to go apparent throughout for a summary don't. And it's all regret the botched I like ten minutes and urged no labor attach it. Well we live close to due to refinery there. And this notice that there was. I train on the tracks. And a light on a doctor Bruce. So I didn't understand why they're here. Because then cited talk speed guy inside. They're organized. But don't let me be brought zero cars. At ten didn't he talked me into a one look box Ricardo the open. Let's go retook the train from at a quarter to birds had about 11 o'clock at night. You can go robust data and roller skating. The hobo life the roller skates. Yeah. How old were you again. About I told and if you burns and come home that night. Bob we talked about the way back to the bus or bring it back on one it's route it would drop a soft. We were ever kept it back but we were able to catch Richard Burton got out who would send Megan home. I rode by and check it by about 1 maybe aren't morning from getting the U parents and got back. The bare their particular look and mission under article and I relented and he has and it didn't have like you're an idiot Khan Yunis. Now. Am I out. Go get the budget military is closed down a little bit we've joked this stop this vote out enough to where we can jump and we want to roller skating break. That is I am anxious as a lot doesn't it does get in kids they're tired. And that's exactly I think I'm going to let you know good old days man oh my god I'm trying to wrap my brain a little bit. And keep in mind I was a teenager. The stories that sound horrible never give us. But I did once when a kid who. Watched my ball before a football right. But I am a driver's place engine I was my other friends and a pick me up we were gonna go to get I forgot my body was playing football in I didn't have a license he said hey man. Do you drive my car wrecked your passengers leave here and I think short tell us screws in metal casings and then my other buddies who picked me up later so may have had like. Three years ago that I never shows up so I served for economic and get this car over there. China to drop in the car urged the guys football game parking nightmare run into his parents might like tossing the keys and walked away no longer yeah. Did you did fine and wants were saying this I realized I had never told a story to anybody much less my parents. I think Emily you have accomplished what it's one thing look Greg grove middle West Virginia and the car on a big deal. Yeah raises the roads are I don't know her mindset and I got in the middle of the nation's capital. They are now where no one of the hardest 4000000 and one little one of the hardest cities to negotiate and navigate to drive then you know how you're blurry or go bad boy and Georgia and not enough computers city manager that is like that would be the worst physically present opening doors please had to do that. On the New York you know I think if you were my drive. That is impressive wow what happened did you enjoy your parents the time 844999. No downtime I'm on a story tonight. They go answer should I am proud of this club for a hello Tyler welcome to the men's room. Okay. Don't lie. About intense period I thought I got it's been I gotta fight. In the middle class and I got to execute day's. End there that you do miscommunication between the the principal and my parents to where they've done has been for two days that he's suspended for five days. So for three days I have likened the bad stuff wave but I did you of the where can I walked right back at just had a house. So about day five my brother may under about a hundred elementary school I did from bats he kind aren't. And you do have to tell unused chase them around the house and I was like yeah. Did the crap out of them and I love Che MI grab it bring him. Like mid spring and I just ran the Bellagio grim. End I asked I didn't bring him to keep them from shut the door. India broomstick slid into the and so when he slammed the door they thought the big heavy door off the hinges like balance copy them. So I spend from him. You know friends so I need to keep you wanna get in trouble and I didn't vomit just find out about that just thought oh crap we gotta take this adored. So we both don't get in trouble. And then down you know we kicked the door. And might get delegates only China shut the door and it's sliding against the car it is good what is up at his door. I mean him just got to look at each other gun I don't know. And still to this day my parents never knows he knew that I was suspended for five days. I think probably appreciate it now well I don't know. Does not only an easily use I'd walk around and be like well well look you've done normally like you gotta kill like. Seven or eight hours right well no the nice thing mentally. You gained through. But a lot of Jerry Springer to that was all I was on TV back on the best. I think I think it could Jerry Springer when you're supposed to be at school always thought our brains right it always feels contrast just get real still and watch springer it's awesome it's not disappoint we'll be it can be any say about Regis and Kathie Lee just since it came on like 10 AM and I do watch I'm still home yeah what animates you I didn't tell your parents at the timing for 49990. They did that and I still do an Alpine vacation day like. Oh man is a work in the afternoon number watch rumble or the lord. Yeah you're right don't foreclose my pick up a break hello hi hello Roger welcome to the men's room. Any old guys all Iraq all the jobs. Totally out fourteen I drove the smoke don't use and this girl I was gonna Amro she opens Christie. To Christine and you don't moment. And they're just buy a brand new should repay definite distinction there. Entertainment has been sort of double and a bad that my little brother I am still struck pushing down recently it started just I go over your lays. Abortion Rebecca Corpus Christi and a lot of next morning it apartment yeah I can't even got started I completely current entire electrical systems. It was just content and I know I gotta go mainstream community should have been your retirement also known. And the only people didn't think they do and then and now there's a little bit my little brother anatomy and I looked upon. No huddle of the like April right there on the screen you know of course she lived on me complete opposite side of town and ethical and believe. You in the world who don't want to get you don't walk in the man got the job unmanned and guaranteeing they are bad and a woman wants drugs I should do this she said are among the free can space station. Within 24 hours you would have built arrived and found a way to dock you know vote. That is larger Obama mom I'm going out of than an hour here in Denver but it won't see. Right then and he's already a little longer must learn and I loved Australia or south and thanks and Democrats know they made him. I don't know a lot of bus routes the suburbs from Dayton girls lived in the summer all man in the only one reason you and it doesn't match. It's a matter like he can be like dude I don't know how long gone twelve Karzai had a lead gonna do it looks like I'll be in there at about noon tomorrow I'm ready now dog and painting into another country meet in the lake is still sucks doesn't matter it. Doesn't matter where you are usually what I wanna say should use like. But you know child I mean it's just it's what's the solvent borne of I would admitted in mountain. Considerably don't know what they're doing ads labeling an overture. I don't the other one was Iowa off and I know home. Schwarzenegger you know when you're going to have to get on a Greyhound bus and you can do it doesn't matter yeah you wouldn't you did so I will hold well it does it doesn't matter got another drug charge right castles and then we got the ten worst albums of all times kill another and your emails humans are mad men's remind dot com you are listening to the men's or radio network. I see what happens inside your parents of the time and here come those emails on the men's room men's or live dot com. Honestly you're lose his jump into the other bird there because we get volatility so today is my friend lose birds AA birthday a gay Luke the body Ventura. He is hard what do guy he plays a one all day could you please give the dirty Germans to talk about blood I think you guys that from polish Peter. Are you familiar with German. Started approximately true. I know. Jim and good show. John stand no woman I'm email. And for myself because I know and I know school not to listen you guys sort of celebrate my quarter century can I get a Homer Simpson faced sandwich and and and grow pianist. Our rock on guys and thanks for telling me they saying on my 135. Mile roundtrip commutes. That from Jacob listening on 989 in Kansas say crazy and knowledge base here. Am broke in miss all the good and while Wednesday is my beautiful wife Kimberly birds they see love to hear the original. Barbershop face now is thanks guys had from Eric in north Vancouver British Columbia. And I can again if it is an email so you know my god you run. All began dying and he's okay. Want to geez man a stunner on Amazon. I had a bullet through my fiance is from Fresno man U fans and miles apart and on his Christian girlfriend could could you give him a birthday shout out today from Orion is on Armey thank you give me your penis is too small on my behalf. Spends womb and want and I saw how wife moves famous Tony sixth birthday again they're just isn't a better person out there I really don't couldn't a news whole damn thing without her pleas of the dirty Germans explain the benefits of getting hot and sweaty. That's from bear. And I looked and how is this what reduces friction so when I won the Nomura. I'm content when it's. Did you know okay sweet Jesus lives and. All you need. He software initiative. Those jobs it's my daughter Britney stories and a birthday did you get the dirty Germans thanks guys loved the show them from Bob. Output above them dangerous stuff I was into something more comfortable and let Cubans signed. Happy birthday Britney. Musical moment an awesome in my. Guys that my boyfriend DeVon is 281 not gonna get an extra long bond ribbons and dirty Germans thanks guys that from Olivia. Johnson I don't confuse your well thought social you can. Pound home run. And if you have any trouble and make easy operate consultants and yeah. One if you need some of those trust the most to make they have. We have located a body non cash. Guys it's. Yeah you know he's still lying. All I had the husband our jurors Monday night he's big fans to get the dirty Germans I know could be well appreciate it guys thanks from Shea. The windows booting and went two for the hell out of him. Job and that's the incidence of Indian medicine you just don't know. And a stronger. And I was told her and I found on today's 36 birthdays are wondering if I get a big old a bong hit below internal lags thanks guys PS candles a case in which is this is that from Jesse's. Paula told viewers my daughter Mallory had a birthday with a stun gun got big in maybe ten talking like a Mickey Mouse about doing bong hits thanks you guys rock. Though it's. Those who would phone hits the finish the job done feathers part of something like you know Baltimore Sun can. I think Morgan. It's. A different person and it's funny and let me talk. We'll talk about don't get there. Sure I can change. The ordeal. Yeah I don't think. A. They delay even if my master brilliant my good friend Johnson's tone it Byrd today. The dirty Germans talking about the word of penetration pleased. Enjoy the web penetration and things are run make the saturation and and attrition. Adminstration. Master patient and keep the inflation. The saloon one other women campaign when things started to eat and yeah. Coincides with. There's my wife Carly Thursday's verdict please give him some dirty German dog she loves the show Muslims every day and drive home things vicious. I want you to prove my pig and then I was squeeze just weird to intimate inks. I'm what you're thinking that dominant and discriminate on my coming along so estrogen used. No wonder how many jobs in this during the big 40 we know each other since CEO we are sixteen is friendship means the world to make these huge fan of the show and we can't wait to see you guys a pain in the grass I'm an original face challenge. And a LeRoy Jenkins thanks guys that from Kim face yeah. I remember doing just happy birthday do the dirty is them all Germans the man lays them all men on the men's room the fox used them all Fox's the most to production of all producers. The Robin fox. Remember divert then blows and Martin rides very very case. I Helio. I mean yeah everybody happy. I guess it's okay. Yeah yeah and I do you David you. But OK okay. We'll truth is we'll stay on men's line doesn't come another sign retail. Him shrine fun. And nearly as good and do to Portland build a kgo in. This is a love the show live from Portland woman gets a men's room geared around down here on the non missing Greg talk radio show since leaving Orlando used whose real radio while four point one. Are you got small amount of water best radio station never I've got my 67 year old mother. To losing your show daily as well in Orlando. Gunmen from a Ashley Ashley thanks in his grave registration form and not in Orlando. Another one from a kgo and guys that worked on privately owned passenger train getting paid a hundred dollars a day on the one week excursions for each passenger in the subject is based on tips because we and our demands are talking about dips. So my cash tips at the end of each week. Totally exceeded my pay I averaged 700 to 1000 dollars a week from passengers plus 500 from the top pool off the credit cards. That was one cool job working living on a train traveling everywhere in the US Mexico and Canada as a five star Butler Porter. Rule American orient express. Not a business since a major hotel chain bonnet and literally drove it into the ground keep rocking guys maybe smile and laugh out loud for some good reasons. Couple extras here when we got our guys. This was up my roommate back in the early two thousands of this is about done being a naked. I should live within. Oh with him and that is what has transpired he would always a go to the party laid. Into the night out on the back country roads such as you do in small towns regardless he was gone having sex with some lady of the night on the front lawn of a house party. That was happening at the time cops were called eventually due to a noise complaint from loud music. When they showed up deputy saw them having sex on the lawn. As they get up the woman's frantic Iran but the man was sort of a stocky guy I guess Friday the officer or make him feel uncomfortable. And the cup taste of it did not base my friend he pulled out the barbs through them on the ground that forced the cops to re load his days are and give them another jolt. My new he's new during the entire encounter. I heard the story many news times in the papers and enough on my articles back 2010 here's one of those articles found. Most of those have been deleted. All right damages that from the gangster Glazer I don't know the program will bring it tells whose job today and what you don't need to know but first. Yes friends list I want to get off and sits. It's ten minutes gather around the old radio and listened to Arizona's. L a meta critic if you remember the website here's how it works they take. Critics' reviews of albums. And movies and TV shows and the like and they give them a score. They compile that score and that's how they get there. Met a score for a certain movie or album or song or what ever so they have a list of songs on the website. I totaling 111375. Songs we could have. Very well give you the ten best but Maine sir now. Miles and I picked from the bottom of the less than we have with the worst songs I do not as bad a critic has come up with so I know it's always gonna sit. What about this somber brown I thought that album was great. It's irrelevant shot up they've mapped to just stuff there's no you know what what about this one about a these are the worst. Albums according to the scores on many credit now and then there was a double on their door a little bit obscure. I ran into and we had to pick it usually don't of course there's going to be some garbage out there and and their garbage because no and no whenever her because there. So and and you might even like some of these bums and these albums. The the user rating is pretty good thank you there's one member there's one particular where if you like that man no matter what they do is going to be great but the critics hated it and therefore it got a terrible score are you up criminals didn't sell well Tyrus and I did but I was so I look at this time and a 1996 from Metallica's load cannot say we will lose in 96. 95 C we will not Metallica's load right. But there was a review in the newspaper for Metallica and they just beat the hell lot of things beat it to death but the same guy that review that review like this Star Wars read re master of a score that came out game like glowing reviews all of this means that Israelis are even more Hershiser anymore more dues she individual in the industry than a rock critic now I don't think how can you gotta you gotta kind of hate everything and and if something's popularly got a hated something's not obscure you guys this is the greatest. The vendor's down multi thumbs. I'm very. Supercollider around eminent member. Number 111350. Cinematic tradition metrics for about 41. Both users give a five point five if you like mega that you like. I'm making themselves into its own remote rural how old beyond reality show yeah Denmark download times on thin. I don't want me. Remember when it was a matter of more than 111340. Unless. There's Mariah Carrie OK I'm the album was a charm bracelet but again if you like Mariah Carey was finding users scored six points for sure it was really. You Bryant. Sweet I wasn't gonna show you know listen merchants still 187800. Yeah they won't tell the whole. Yes right now hello guys. Do that in a nice ladies living room and I think what's in their shoes off. For the good food maybe one little surreal experience in my someone's house shows that the results were reported that many in their face and they invited to send a pattern could take their shoes off course and in this nice Canadian couples living room just do all of our socks having sandwiches some photos you're gonna lose out there was bizarre. No we shouldn't put her on the camp I don't know about all the right reasons number 111355. But again they sold like fourteen million copies of the albums you know you only Al Unser certain status and I'll run paid about a critic out there. You hate me all the way to the bank Genworth down both times on. Album did on. Amendment. Outside of I think what Fred just happened there was days. A fifth in the kind of music the same name and everything after that it was sort of goes downtown go big. Movie chorus stuff and rally album fourteen she's a great NFL and that's. Users likened six point nine but sound medical brigade put up 41 and I'm a hundred this would be number 111356. On the way. And his men because they met Erin moves. That's also took so here's what I forgot about this for years with the critics and another dollop of rocks sludge with remarkably honest with a remarkably honest title. Which was fourteen states and grab. Your valuable time. A 1359. I even recognize that occurred in the number forty out of 100 the critics that. It's just status savage lest you doubt that. This is grotesque. Long wears down small time Johnson. Alma legendary best. Acoustic version that she put. A couple years ago forty got a 100 number 111361. I just did the album acoustic and this time on him into well. She could just played some may look back and rightly so much like meatloaf to back in now diet doesn't so much play this fall out of the speaker with a long. Won't the sound of a towel being thrown. Olive. This round woods now being grown in multiple stickers found. Well. All my Lamond plus on the play number 111000. 3674. Point nine years this course but number. 37. 37 out of a hundred on not matter credit. And they can refer to the miss third rate runs retreads. Who. Our rebel offense truly I don't drive. Always rebirth was stillborn number 111003. Hours fundamental hope and little irritated with the Philly cheese. There now though. Okay. 33 animal. I think the music abnormality closer Reggie all attention is focused focused on the cloud jumping up and down and screaming and. I don't know if it's slap shot right straight into the Bruno there isn't a generous sound at all times do we have men's and number. Eat out of 100 is an important issue didn't recognize and this is from Kevin Federline. But I assume Kevin Federline tells you sunlight on the one side of 111335. Out of 111300. Nobody thought man she's kind of enjoy that Rick. I graduated Brett did they go on nothing's been the tumors found some all times I don't we will bring it tells us down on the day. What you don't they know the job training initially is coming up next you're listening to the men's or radio network. Did you know you don't have enjoyed the men's room itself. Where the shot of the day about par. We're all useless information. Then you have hard too many brain cells. Men's room shares. Would you do. Jobs jobs and Ernie Johnson's work. You better jobs and jobs so have somebody pretty interesting in jobs skills that you probably didn't know when this comes our way from EM forty and he has a writer Ed cracked dot com and he's put up a pretty good list here of of certain things that maybe job. I'm like oh god that you didn't realize wrong one long day. If you. I didn't know Doug came with the territory for example. You read a story about a guy. Who is getting his penis stuck in a weird place now but the law practice and maybe as a model maybe could be applied. Avenge a vacuum a subway gate is culture stories how dumb bells. So when I need metal a ring were in Bedford out there right we it was a inevitable the guys would constantly be confused about what diameter was necessary for safe extraction as a result. German firefighters. Are now trained in the fine art of C ring rescue of the firefighters are equipped with what looks like a tiny high server be little tool loosely between the tender flesh in the middle man. While a jail all the gums or intense heat. Is spread all over your man. They supposed formalities to be banded so I can avoid those parts and shrapnel. A small grinder has been used to covering the way while the victim's entire lab apparently that you go to support from our identity. These dogs are learning guns semen Carolina police. Dogs trained unseen in the benefit the spend a training is obviously canines on track down sex offenders and other criminals but. For a moment to consider the trainer who probably never imagined that there and have to teach your dog to learn. Just think it's human shouted. According to this article from a Dutch magazine first you need a ready supply weird sauce and varied sources of that because you need your love to be able to drag stuff in general not just from one person. So Dutch police who pioneered this kind of training enlisted volunteers at a local hospital. The trainer has to take the dog on the world with a very long tool to death semen hit are you on the maybe drop on entries down pulled that some of squirrel. Happened hours so you can marinade and you let the dog out it's got to go find. I don't know about volunteerism this is crazy. Our rail and iron workers what they need to learn. Suicide prevention. And regardless of the reasons for doing so the fact is that people frequently commit suicide by jumping in front of trains in England someone does so every 31 hour cheeses tomorrow in the frequency. It is no wonder. Under the British rail workers are trained in suicide prevention they learn to watch for warning signs keep walking on platforms are never get on trains on those who show them the job. Jonathan hospital gown slippers and rail workers are trained directly confront those people to sit and talk to them. So myself between April and October of 2013. 31013. People 313. People were stopped by others who notices something seemed off. And they Linehan kept them from doing so very warm likewise in the United States and we will find themselves on the Golden Gate Bridge they might be a psychologist to every other firefighters know. It's iron workers they're the only people who have the skills necessary to navigate the bridge climb most dangerous parts of her super high and pass safety rails. And they're not required to do suicide prevention. But some of them volunteered for the duty simply because no one else can. Most famous these volunteers in hopper personally rescued over thirty people between the mid 1980s. And 2001. Well there's I want I'm on what you don't need to know I wanted to imagine very exact. Do you rank. I'm never usually had to very desk and even throw vilify an outdoor tell us that yes indeed and today we toast Jesse just Jesse. A blue and yellow macaw parrot from London England. Not just he escaped from a home amid spent three day ease on the roof of a random house refusing to come down so there's concerns obviously but the bird was injured you can fly back down but finally. So called the fire department decision making did this thing settled. Well this Molitor Blatter with the bull and a towel mold food in the towel. And an instruction from the birds owners and is a look tell Jesse I love you okay and this shall encourage her. Tom don't ever start to murder went smoothly purse. Telling her would be rescuer that she loved him back an attitude and the right after that. Jessie launched into foul mouthed tirade it's only be entire fire crew among other things. To go F off and ask themselves. And the whole list of excellent news came on discourage mouth because that's what the parent knows. And then after telling the fire department's fault you flew away. The good news is eventually they found murdered them and just he was in fact caught and returned Jauron. And noon. So important the boos grew drink the booze because when they get yummy so over the tone down the throat to party in our tummies. It's down now. There's an. Oh not a lot of profiled as 8449990. Should anything. You are on the men's room radio network.