08-14-18 Seg 2 Mens Room Will Never Tell

Tuesday, August 14th

Mens Room Question: What happened that you did not tell your parents at the time?


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This is no men's tour. You're listening to grill. Our president and on and WA AF Boston's rock station also and I'm in Iraq California's rock station in Sacramento California and prison while I examined the X rocking Peoria Illinois on in the program big show for half as a drug charge rank castle coming into C fan. And today we get what science says are. The ten worst albums of all time today what do donated know the job training condition you'd be surprised some of the things that depending on the job we need to have so much training to be able to look to pull off for in certain situations that's coming up was once you don't need to know. Question what happened at did you didn't tell your parents at the time as we have a new survey that asked people about everything from shoplifting to murder as far as. Out of ten crimes would you rat out your family or friends right so our question today what happened that you didn't tell your parents of the time we have a caller on the line and your dad's is that sports cars as cold as more guards and then wrecked the spore scar which Andrews we understand and change the plane that you had. Yeah sincerely. So after wrecking a car. We had no way of getting and home so we left did. And we decided to try to play it off that and homeland. Like their blue gonna go on the garage every day after work. And see that a beloved car will Don we know how to explain that we got there per couple hours trying to figure out how he would explain the car magically. Disappeared. We had a great idea that her boyfriend always comes in takes around so we had a Canadian saying that he would bear driving a car and that's all we remember. And savvy they'd end up finding out that the car. Was a wreck and they called my dad and my dad went down to you looked. Coat protects a distraught and he still Tuesday thinks the baby sitter. Okay. How are always good today and man how many years have passed. Near Lily and why they did react soon be you know things didn't go ahead and by the way when when your car crash. It was not bad bitch but really hot baby sitter it was us. I guess I would probably be on I got to be on your show actually be in the guy that. Was killed and he'd be walking the pilot car. So I was the car total it was a complete loss. I mean it as part of the money that might get put into it it was a lost or am by the car is still now hole. I ticked back up and ride it. Your red faced and again. Yeah ironically he still has the car I am and I don't recommend changes the game a little bit if you totaled the car. Graham brown wouldn't brunt of the bud stay up I wouldn't bring that 11 Taliban and they didn't tell your parents the time in 449990. Look. I'm somebody burning once you're playing easy going saints this yet so we just get drunk and just do a Google and Samsung liver whatever the I'm very upset he punched a hole in the wall. So he's put a picture over is my dad's house and us like I gotta go I mean it was going to worker something's to have parental help picture over we'll figure it out. And I don't know why that he got no match today in moved the damn picture. Another good drive home I won't obviously how could you know. You have pieces together now aren't really the picture was that the African issue right which really got to play there. Play or write that. Tomorrow. OK okay and then you move the pitcher Braden who moved god dammit. If I had a lake fully auto was still slick I like the ideal man yeah but. Yeah he's figured out what how quick it Smart hello Mario welcome to the men's room. Yeah law throwing them. Date guys. Paul Martin Luther King Day. Like 2003 or she doesn't shore. About chick about through my buddy's house and were up the new broom and my buddy breaks out his dad they are you achieve. And there were playing with a gun a little bit and Ross sitting in a circle and all done you're done you go law. Sarah never own ears ring and it won't stand up in the bedroom window has got a big bullet holes drift. And it ruins looking at each other mark my buddies looked down and all the time bludgeoned scored on his arm. All earth 1610 years old in pre K now I think my belt off wrapped around arms and I'm like we need to get out of we are held are walking down suburbia and wrap a towel around before. And about three blocks away I'm like when new Jack Welch went out and got pulled down the armed armed garments. So if you just pinch the sat on your forearm it's literally went through that much skin so entry and Agnew who were liked. In ancient. Apart to show us. So I said hey this it is that. Lenders don't like flu like this is an at bat mobile I'm here because there's not me. Right right so we ran back the house and shored it up we said the blood when a driver who brown we can of Coca-Cola. His window we broke out every crucial falter it's and then we ended out the end of going to the hospital told the doctor with a long dark. That's. There are banned. And I'd never heard alarmed our shore there or ban. Okay what do you know it's even though I like Bridget did Edwards like world. Were all really didn't trouble could be less trouble it is Coca-Cola and football the news that we fired as you do audio Renault one of the hospital to get checked out anyway. You did OK we reserve long dark Alley are OK okay go go get there how long did take him to heal. I have been in all honestly got probably two stitches on each on the exit and country and it was you know it probably you'll straps have been hang now. And did anyone ever tell who's dudes father were really happy owners of just let's just agreed to let it go away. He openness in Dallas Clark I mean if I am I gonna ask okay and I know the sticky tacky when I got as good job. Does that qualify as being shot. Yes yes OK guys there are okay and you guys know as I got shot and help with sales kind of like you got lucky. They can get lucky kids you still got shot right. As for me certainly got back to the help you said. It you know at man I'm a statistic now. There is consistent as we left suburbia I was only again wasn't carpeting I'm guessing. Yeah carpet all all the blood. Landed on the carpet and went by trying to drive and we got to reassure him through Dickey was just brown. And Coca-Cola and cardiac optical do not drive that way. Does it dried blood he's very good it looks like dried blood that's why I'm just I am amazed. That groan as brands like broken Coca-Cola. You know sounds like nobody died you know that is. I just like the fact that you like locomotive engine trouble but let's make to see him just look a little worse than it was and they know it's something that's a lot that goes on after the fact like and kids in my life are now we cover this well enjoy your as a kid that's your first thought it was like all right. How can recover this once you accept the reality of oh by how we cover this what do we do and it's almost easier and a lazy and they you'll go through as a child. You rate your parents finding out anything but if you don't do that as an adult well you know me like are paranoid Macau's again hair better Reggie just don't get me thank because you know better you know why doesn't kid most of your sins fails like oh yeah. What evidence you didn't tell your parents that time in 44999. And there's not a bum Rhonda irons and all are awful yeah. But there's a difference a day third massive evidence of what you've done as a ball you'll accept it if there's a chance for you to escape as and the gumption coming on my hear goes away. Run Lou I don't know about you Mandalay look at the catch me you got me but I was my chances are it. A couple years ago I saw a giant fight outside a bar. That's kind of drowns us are watching and it was like spilling into a lot of people friends and then all the cops showed companies do is doing. We're recalled two and we both just turn right. It's an ambiguous and I think he's right I understand it you. I don't know man get out. That's right kids to run like cattle and it never stop I will tell you liberals say don't do that good responsibility but the truth is me. Your father your mother we all hall pass if we believe we have recently I had the denied any help relatively little attention to news. And Bob Jones denouement we should go hunting right right man for out it doesn't they brought the other. Hello I'm just welcome to the men's room. Our last. So when I was. Of X 1516. Like high school age and I've smoked pot and I and my mom would always like really really anti aids I. And drugs and drinking all that up nice and easily against IRA and for the most part I was pretty get I mean late other than smoking weed occasionally or whatever it. Well I want to ask you this though when you say your mom's like anti pot drinking drugs. Tore you as a parent horrified for her life or adults and everyone. Current everyone at lake specifically me because I'm like her only child who really like I mean it probably didn't bother her that I hung out with people does not do you know about the machine like. Chanting Joseph I don't know though I you know entire world Blake I didn't do any of that stuff and I'm pretty sure you probably like had an inkling but. I had some lead that I'm the urgency day and I permanent if packing it in Kigali on. I never tried that before but I figured other people can do they can't beat out tired so I know a lot I know there's like anti. Well what am I friends she would say quake. Fish head and very imminent oil because it would like emerged at the Oilers. Or something in them and I don't have any fish head but there is scary here I have I didn't like campaigning in there it did I they have lake and really made lake. Landscape like that graph really really green and it you know. Larry yeah do you think in this because this guy will be a single body when you lose that. I'm actually was like I don't think rally for a little oil Blair okay customers around the go to the cemetery farm produces. I think I waited until you know later when he's being. Went out there. You know really dark out of wherever I didn't die like a five gallon buckets filled it up with some oil went back conch. And I actually got Atlantic ground and it it would gain trying to talk on Alec really impressed like been hiding in my car lived her like a couple lines and I probably like. Maybe effect but apps are displayed. And I had like a little achy LA with the extension trillions and I. And that's why they give an ultrasound. We are still way. You know I come home my name and my mom wasn't there. But I the first thing I thought I would like some dirt comes on account or an inherent my plant and a guy for disposal that can clearly did. During a game. Lara and it's like all capital and she's talking for like a TD is basically she's president she ever or had any like the agenda I laid consuming pie are trying to grow it and her mom or anything like the issue is. Genetically fed to cut me up for adoption how can you try to call the police Q and they're like well. You know it's not really didn't actually know made industry didn't do anything you know I was. Our parent bragging I just don't know how. You error you this amount slowed down. No I know and it's funny because now I'm an adult and it's legal blow. My mom and dad aren't they being worked together and we younger looking at getting back together and they are the biggest donor and I won't know everything finally issued the he's totally I would doubt good. Well yeah I dream big and he's changed. And our fans in the same way I write your Marley are my honorary. Still edible apple which he certainly doesn't care for. Fresh snow and have a did you enjoy your parents and the timing four point 999 all hold the line Morey calls coming up you are listening to the men's or radio networks. Pitches York. True. Your turn and a friend. Our family members if you found out they committed a serious crime news survey asked people about everything from shoplifting to murder shoplifting 33% family and friends determined. Among many who is shoplifting. I just I can't believe again I truly believe that his parents turning in her kids is decent kid less that's amazing number 935%. We talked about dealing Ponte 44%. I was skimming the government out of business of benefits. Probably not. No I mean you I guess piazza now I'm from. That's a family business under the symbol that's I mean like look I work for the department human services. Those files those cases go back. Years and years and years with Sam right they have their they have been on systematic stuff for. Years and it and it never the cycle never ends because. That's what's that's what's what is known and that's what's normal and that's most of the game you play so. I mean am I saying that they're scanning but it's not always legitimate you know Zoellick. Sitting in the grand scheme what are quits gets spent that that's not that much money now it right now trust me Asia it has no impact. I drunk driving at number six how do you turn some I I guess you you call before they get into the car and you. You say that they did its head earlier I don't you turn somebody in Ghana in the way yeah definitely not cool but 53% said that they would downturn and the failure for our friend if they found they committed drunk driving offense. Illegal firearms. I 64%. Again probably not. How oil. I mean I yeah that's what the exact gun illegally isn't registered Brett I don't ask me questions and I have certain there's certain people I know that can't have one. I totally like that's a terrible idea you shouldn't get rid of that thing yet make no mistake a lot of these things might offer my opinion it's unlikely Internet alleged grown up right grew up like illegal firearms missed a legal legal tomatoes is like whatever men at its best prevalent everywhere and I don't count salt. Assault and defense to it depends who said the wind situation there really just. Austria and whenever I Goldman about twice a playwright and I mean it has improved this alternate anyway with the fights about it do you isn't always why you like he had the chart or are you confided to Barbara notified the bar like hey man show up at a Little League game drunken punch out beyond the right thing. And iron from your brother in trouble. Animal cruelty 71% of they would turn and a friend or family member if they knew there were guilty of animal cruelty I'd give them an option. I can call gob try to be dressed and announced yup. I would be disturbing now like it there needs to go to an end and I'm gonna make sure this comes doorman and some deer I can be sure has articles thousands spent by you want to do. Number two on the list dealing hard drugs like heroin. 74% would turn them and if that was the case wouldn't every Carolyn Manning be in jail right now because almost every night for a very sick every runny nose at their loved ones is using most the timer has had problems and they know in the fall of that trap they don't look very I think they're talking more like dealing you got people dealing airline railing that that's GD. So dope and the number one thing that would would make people intern and a friend or family member murder let's hear our murder 87% said they would turn and a friend and myself down. You guys know anybody who's been in Malden milling gone to jail and homicide or murder. I mean and I know one guy who wins per year in high school there are. Big but that's about it brilliant I don't I personally I don't. Well no longer a dead now so I knew two people long guy believed to still in jail yet again anywhere Igor offense. And Baltimore nine murders like buying a natural causes of the army or natural cause or friends like mrs. This is how you die here so it's so weird conversation or was he went to jail sort of knew about and what I said you know you know I mean is there any. You might not you might have a friend that did you don't know old do you go to jail and I'm going to jail and you know. Yeah we've found guilty all right so but that's family like it's OJ did she say what about a stranger I guess we had good. We're moving to our respective home I'll get my you know we have blame. It's a moving company in you even called me to warm recent look ma'am. You guys are gonna show our owners of these guys normal but there's a bigger guy with them and I think you might be a murder as well miles tells me how much come from an early look. That's a really believe we spend that we spend a lot of time together. And work every single day and you know probably even 678 hours where. Plus with each of the five days week. And for the most part we almost or some other families we do our own thing you know I mean we did we need to get everyone's lives beer some like avenue and not all the time. So trust the call each other. And says I got I was like. Hey man you know I mean I don't you need to know. I think he might this guy is a murder I didn't do I get I know this sounds crazy but he is. Els played it OK whatever and then this there are just all first of information is solid you say hey man are you a murderer to make killed some months. Lows and hey how are used this is the stuff a little bit and you know a man came from a wide she died were number was but every time he took a load down when he returned back up the stairs. He can't continue to story putters and different places 50% of the time somebody killed his wife and they seldom found the murder. The other 3% of the time has a feel bad because they killed my wife got her daughter identity you have one person yes exactly. And as he's only does our program as he's tell me listen once almighty god I think the skies of murder. It broke one of my dressers. Is hey Matt abroad and drove some disarmament in Norman and very worried about how can you the truth that your. He's sort out when you are until noon yeah thanks god one don't have a that you didn't tell your parents at the time made 44999. No luck. But on the same thing about it but I had a school my. Hello cold welcome to the men's room. All the time. To go loser. Are so. Well without geno called it a great and I got a bit of our maniac. And in my bad I. Decided bad. We're gonna go. Write our names of gasoline on the patio and backyard and I don't fire dictatorship that don't you know that's a great idea. And out and we did that you bet we do about these folks like oh Bradley in the gasoline. And then got a ride there aren't the command and by the wildfire and I'm right. And I'll end. We did that. Endowment. And did it in the dark and so we didn't export it I'd giant Kook. And gasoline. I don't need so managed and then lit on fire because he wanted you would actually like on the night I don't get it. And it burst at a claims about an eight we expect a crowd got to meet. And I jumped back into a gas can over and it also meet and I don't fire. And had second and third degree burns. Are they down my leg to my chest and never aren't about it was fine arts. I did I would check. Has always been at one point that portion during. I didn't ever talk about and I. Are these guarded. Not me out. On you you can't really out. Well what about then when you're thirteen years the drug reverend heads around your parents never know how proud I can call unearned degree murder news from your leg dear it's amazing the knowledge and it was a murder was your head and face Trent. Good cholesterol Porsche might shed not a bit about my leg but my cat and I admit I and then over there I'm like I lost. Okay I'm and nothing happened in the house housed in gets umpire nothing like that just. OK at best safety first miles I'm guessing you've never shared this with you Bruce. And netbook. I wouldn't want to why do you look I've got all aren't you don't I don't. Don't tell him yet man who. But Teemu Baghdad that that is keep one I was beaten twice this bit sorry that it any age right you guys now would you happen to be like. Well my house my rules about dad's still gonna be best guys you still live here's our demise is like going to kill you right wing Teemu back land what happened did you into your parents and the timing for 4999. Ol' luck. A load Jeremy welcome to the men's room. All our tournament on time. So I actually actually it's a story that they kinda it's your job it. But it is also the story of why I no longer enjoy red line but that's what I would EO didn't. Outweigh the short drinking age I. Had a reason to celebrate that's a whole another story for another day so I. It balanced old bottle my mom red wine and GLB that dumb kid and you don't know how to drink I'm just like I'm declined to highest alcohol percent of dark and quiet and just get. Wasted right. Killed the whole bottle myself. And I ended up the kittens so. Ungodly pick that night I'm sure it probably had alcohol poisoning sure. My mom has had a friend over today I think she had like hired to pain or house or something. But she was stands for a couple of days. And my bathroom and I had to go to you were to. You relieve myself and what is the right next order is at issue is going to shower in the morning and it's. I don't remember kind of mentioned the toilet. So I I didn't think that it would have added it was and I threw up red line up all over the walls. And when she woke up in the morning to go take a shower late date I'm sure she felt like she walked into like a murder speak you guys to begin with a letter. They see it doesn't matter asking did she know Lejeune drawn up current. Ploy yeah out and I mean I thought I picked cleaned it up and I just got inevitably smeared it all over the longer. You know in a drunken stupor thank you I would be all sly as dad yeah. You can do that I I you know Stoller Obama why didn't and got winder out if you go over she just to see him die out the glue. I'll carry out is normally well I don't know the men's and I'm a slew mom. Depends on the Vonage you can smell the alcohol and until like right if you go warrant to me and some maturity defendants now. You can smell the puke but Joseph is a safe and that's why tequila you condense all whisky you can definitely is well. They don't change the smell ma'am. Well thanks Louis he's still easy to Errol for you know fifteen years and say just now saying they're damn thing in your stomach for two hours free throw out. I think it's far few doubt fruit punch out as they once it's an Ares I as the nicest on puke ever. Thank you everyone's right in his view delay I've never know one federal borrowing can't cool in my Obama. You don't you're wrong manager and a lot ballads and rock in my house what's what happens inside your parents at the time 844999. Nolan. O Randall welcome to the men's room. It's. I got another pirate story or a guy. And so. My my brother was visiting home and he got this like RC helicopter thing. And as exciting about one. I was more excited about the box colonial empire Australia like trying to identify I think we just want to burn both Condit. And I decided I was gonna burn those talks. So later that night I built speak about it under in this part of my room. And in the back might call that they're just tiny little door and went into what door that goes in this sort of storage area only have like the the water here and electrical box and there's like explode inflation so it literally the worst place to learn anything. So I figured it out of the way in normal now there's. My fellow vets know when we'll see. And does he got hooked on that. So I had a metal frame from an old computer case or whatever that I put that box dominant O gold a couple called and if you had starts trying to lay this thing off but it's laminated so it's not verdicts. So I keep trying to keep trying to keep track and until mammogram like well you know I guess it's not an M. And then into the person that landed a huge fire ball knows no trail and I might digging out. But you got the trade and Mike I have to get this done here otherwise. Nothing is going to go but it is quite. And I somehow get it through my closet too much alone down the hall into the bathroom and into the paint and I don't think. Slowly came out I don't smoke poured out of there are new deficit. Yeah. No no no I opened the window on my anger about and my mom of the downstairs so I'm thinking she's gonna knowledge of the day I'm home it's it's just gonna go along remains. I've lo and behold she called up there that you like. Thank you very intense out there I was like. Yeah mares yeah and OK how old reunion Dennis. Like. Oh my god I'm now I would never let anything on fire in my house muscles in my guitar players. Yeah that was his fear of god for rectify I don't burn the house that. Like I mean I think I had a little light. You can't go on to a crawl space attic in night and catch things on fire but did your stupidly I was stupid in real reason I didn't do anything like that inside. It's because of the rules on my father Dave wasn't like the love my bird how can I personally don't start fires and I. No we needed tells about Gomez is is well earned the Arab doom and look everyone so why do you have to have the BC alum who all because apparently digital. Don't be shy about recession she maybe got an obsession she while bother is clear about the condition of the house by the time he got home so. And one thing about through trial and error of other little things we have done. The site. There's no way he's not gonna smell smoke right so aren't for me it wasn't about well it was self preservation more instinctively he won't go you have to murder house dad you Disneyland some environmental that's all you need to do because he's one of those dudes are open the door. Wouldn't you say you. So we don't sell them the most volatile food and all of a meat he would eliminate all her possible lives and is like a metal one of two options. Yeah. It's how you new York new vehicles are way. And I have to admit to it so yeah I mean that was my whole thing don't do anything in this house my father would kill everyone here what tell what happened did you tell your parents and the timing for Ford 999 a love. Which is very effective parent. Hello Shawn welcome to the men's room. Actually. Yeah. Dumbest story begins in 1998 or when they're living in Los Angeles there. An earthquake which is really closer we're lit and it destroyed many parts of the house. My parents dead than they got a trailer parked outside the region devastated and always got repairs done. I was seven my sister is still. And of course since I was seven and dumb but hey. I'd like Richard my sister and getting into the yet about them that trailer and locker and and so did. And she just started and it being in freaking out. And the beautiful nice marriage which I didn't DOD accredited talkers insists opening the door and lock yet. Eventually my dad had to go and take the door also be the bathroom. And it completely disassembled it. And iPods the day that my parents knew then I don't miss. Let a few months ago and I was losing my mom I nonchalantly brought it and I first response blues that was you'll. These together that the races I know did they just on the Jersey is joins use bathrooms and I'll get herself locked and couldn't get out. Yeah exactly yeah Artest or they didn't know that it was me but and so on and we started talking about it you know obviously this. That far forward in the future they didn't care that I have no idea that they had no idea. Did those be amazed that things are parents don't know. I did know a lot more than you ever think they do but then also there's so many things he just assumed they knew and Americans on my parents know mamma look a lot. If you are used to guide you know and but while I'm saying that I'll see my problem the background the smarter like I knew. EMI my sister doesn't make. So tell a story and my mom just horrified. I honestly don't nineteen bold and I lose you yeah LA and in another refresh. Tyler I'm not down explaining. Kind of the same tradition and its adult old story about you like I'll write. Yeah cry you eases. Yeah I mean it really light and senselessly misdemeanors. Chairman parents later if it's still if it was helpful. Really modem of the time like I will never ever say anything treat them about the mortgage super dangerous because no matter how old your parents you are your parents to parents still worry ease us. I guess if there's a story that. Just were in danger sponsors like mom does not. Need to know that they don't say the guy that those guys who have in the neighborhood and he was just an ass who was not nice to anybody 10 my god and pray all labor Rihanna and here's an adult or my good friends who have pretty close to him and he was just I mean he was never nice he was always that he was known to be that guy. They've got a soul. We we started experimenting with some four of gunpowder and don't slowness of skins reverse pivot and eternal one night we are gonna blow up his mailbox. OK and so we went. We blew off his mailbox and it was just fast Florida guys got a and as soon it would blow Isabel looks and it was just I was it was fun to you got a brand new big bigger mailbox I don't mind and it was on steak and those around my spell box it was a bigger when I want a bigger sized boxes. We blew the living hell out of and he got pissed. Don't sick so he decided that he was gonna build a break I mean a brick. Well like stone. Structure. They had a slot in the front for the mailbox and naps brick structure completely. Encompass things and if they don't the mailbox pretzels and a big pillar in the mailboxes and side. And we got three different pieces if we made three different devices. And blew the living right. I mean in this day you know because some mental went on and we blew my back then. And I mean it's so mind my parents thought that someone at work or maybe they they got so many things he worked last. Who hated them for some like that was out again. And we re just like dad. Well me I honestly I'm really I mean it was I would you shoot a scene it was amazing. China's did you like. Why and what have that you didn't tell your parents at the time 844999. All hold the line Marie Costco and up you're listening to amend or radio network. And drew smiles and you're darn dried capsules coming into this man we'll get to the ten worst albums of all times according to a science there's a mathematical formula behind that coming up. With a drunk and charge as we will send spend a renter emails on our question what happened that you didn't tell your parents and the timing for 4999. All love hello Aaron welcome to the men's room. Although I determined. So this happened. I think you'll like this girl knows seventeen or eighteen. I was are trying to find my first vehicle though you know via. And I went on Craig's list and Obama really nice deep. And it didn't run out of time. So. My dad's been long we get it. Mom always liked it to be a deal would be indebted to engage Iran and it'll be a good car so what are our goal. So I get it on EB 22. Of April would do my sister's birthday and NIA was working on at night finally got it running on my birthday which is may first. And I use actually read this and rolled off a cliff spur hill about EE eight or nine times. May second. Good god man the next day on. Literally not even a full 24 hours what is banana yeah it's. I'm bull what happened was I was with my body shapes. And we would. We were rolled around and he's building up like that in. Seeing you know my first time. Driving up there myself. You would like Ari you just follow me solitary goal no big deal and my gas gauge didn't work so I had no idea how much gas blue energy. So we have we are in the dirt road and needed starts going for a you don't probably 5560. Mile an hour down these roads. I can't see any you aren't trying to readers are they old dark cloud. And I was like you I don't wanna lose and I don't wanna get lost a beer would no gas no cell phone service. And he screwed so I didn't wanna do it so I just kept. Going right behind them. And no one point. Thumb. He got too far ahead of me and what happened was. I actually had to stop because I couldn't see him like come on blind corner I slammed our breaks and I realize I'm on the pollen in the backing him screwed his Jeep. So I just decided to try to go around them so I went around them and aren't around side. And I tried over record correct it to get back on the dirt dirt road and I overdraft and I went right off the side in this box loose dirt road. I guess you're out strapped and needing a thrown from the Jeep. No no I rolled down. There was talk about a good forty or fifty feet I was down in the right. Embankment and or whatever and I got stopped by industry. And at this tree wasn't there I would have literally roll all the way down until the other connecting logging road at the bottom of the hill god damned if you're never sure isn't close. I told my mom about it when it happens and she would like she was really matches. Despite this she wasn't like really concerns for me since I was standing right the first users like you need to get that's thing out he's now see. As a stain actually sold it to one of my friends so it's owned farms. So when you are my body made my body doesn't wanna get these agencies daughter Airpwn improperly used or. You know men threw a. Radio network.