08-14-18 Seg 1 Mens Room Keeps A Secret

Tuesday, August 14th

Mens Room Question: What happened that you did not tell your parents at the time?


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Can't believe what sure. Here is real. There's now. Lord. Invited to join them. This is. All gathered in. Radio more than. I don't know I regularly delivered 2884. Hour. Hello Stephen Drew hill. Do heads yeah and Limbaugh and bar icon. And I. It's. No. They write down those Enron and charges inducing day. Good enough. Today's science says these are the ten worst albums of all time she's. Which you don't need to know these job in training addition. Get ready to play profile list plus headlines mr. Jonbenet homeless or emails everyone's favorite TV time. Going to be drawn Mario little Daniels we're police are looking for a man who's slapped a four year old hippos asks. Ole Mississippi man is now talking about an alien abduction 45 years ago. And a polygraph he did pass. Please help woman stranded on giant inflatable unicorn and allay. An angry woman blasted the same offer songs for sixteen years bird neighbors say. And it argues would fly so men flies a plane into their homes and a song coming on today's very special episode of the men's room. All I've been good good day do you aim yours. Are there in the old saying loose lips sink ships or for these social media generation. Those things they should them yourself committing a crime Boleyn you in jail. Now let's say and almost everyone I know has committed a crime to some degree an amount a crime they believe that was something they don't want or need anyone else to Norma. Hell growing up my brother and I would probably get about any other written out of the famine will so to speak. We ran into each other around our parents but most of the time we decided that parents kids didn't need to know. And actually there's a new survey ended just asked if you would turn a family member in for a crime. Eminem provided ten grand can choose from everything from shoplifting to murder. And some rumors all through probably surprise you but I got to thinking. All the dirty things we know we're a family member. Or members has done through the course of time sometimes children sometimes as an adult but it was just kind of agreed. Let's just keep it quiet so today this is what we want love and only arms don't remember us. What happened that you did not tell your parents at the time. And other shall call 844999. All you can Mike commands are on FaceBook follow us on Twitter and mr. Graham amends in my hands and your emails to the men's room and men's or live dot com. You're listening to the men's or radio network yeah. Until you know I'm entered the men's room. However going this November 2880. Volatile. Are guaranteed victory beach as the drug and charged Ryan castle be announced this in Spanish and today's science says. Critics say there's a bunch of formulas they put together and they determined. The ten worst albums of all times do you know this formula is or scandalous when stores here and explain as far as there's a credit score right there is a listener score. There's a sales of parts of that as far as units sold so yoga or riding tomatoes like an aggregate score of no one like this crap and then there's the subjective stuff is there as well and his comments from you know various critics and everything else but. Some of the that the list itself is of a 41 north 41 altogether we nailed down to ten. This you basically know based on the fact that a lot of these albums are sold secure the bands are so weird to shore should just William and one half both of Lamar but these other ones from artists that you know okay Brian and albums that you probably remember and their own gather the ten worst thousands of all times coming up with a drunk and charge and since then. What you don't need to know today. Is about things that you wouldn't believe that you need to know in certain jobs for certain jobs have certain requirements that you would never believe or just bizarre things that they. On an everyday basis you wouldn't think I was that bending necessary be trained up. But apparently it is. I don't know explain why eighth. Professions yell out firefighters as a whole group of people who are trained in some really really weird and bizarre stuff that they need to know how to do the god and believe it or others something that if you are a if you are prostitute and none of and a all right you need to be trained on a very specific thing probably CPR. You pretty close and a you're pretty cool to get that heart rate pretty close and that's and that's what it is is just an hour would suck man I. I can understand. Why if he's OK look on the new logic logic doesn't always work all right. How many restaurants you were kids they can not someone that I did they ever teach anybody how to prevent someone to get the energy stocks Hamlin to the staff. Now that I know the there right then would be a good I got a a nice little more sound like having fans who do not wagons like all right. That's a good point now I mean maybe somebody new with but it's one of those things that people grabbing you'd have to ask you know somebody you know I like. Tomorrow and hope somebody does but that's a camping we've got to come out strong point what you what you don't need no I think we will during Intel's push out a name profile that's coming up and that's they wanna talk about. Things that you did it. It may be waiting a little while to tell your parents about or maybe just decided that it was probably a good idea that they never found out one way or the other shore. Job mom lives there I. And all of the whole thing but it didn't it mulls the kidnappings. But just know my my parents basically came home and Mimi Mimi things that they were exceptionally angry at me about bread and and I got in much trouble but the one thing I realized there's. They don't know the felony that was committed in med fast lane fifty an hour ago there were some kidnap victim and a closet in this home so my thought was. Do you just tell him now like hey man get a good already angry or do you say you know web. Let me just keep this to myself and I decided I'm going to keep this to myself yeah not a war those are gonna throw away. I'm Margot Muslims and I try to think I you know I think that. Although we knew that much and then I was like you did get we can really do a lot of terrible stuff you don't remember a lot of it because you didn't get control and he didn't get in trouble did you did talented producers have vaguely remember this was this is kind of a double whammy. It was aware parting it was a weeknight. And allowed party the cost just drove through that neighborhood all the time because that's where young kids lived sharp as for the parties happen they come through that area. They tell us durn music down Milwaukee and there's a big bomb on the table mood you know everything that bit but the one thing man that they were just. And you can see that you got you see this loss is gonna look at each other when you think about. We had all these stolen street signs whenever I leave the arts of our part we stop site you can also. Yeah you drive by these signs and do you get up there with a wrench you don't know how big they are you now heavy they are massive they aren't they are a lot bigger than you think. So and we had them I mean every you have. Well like right well okay the prize possession was a deer in the area side which is a I yellow old the most they've they've they've people look at diamond and Delaware with a with Iran and Afghanistan but this thing had been shot out by people Disco we are parasites right so you know. Hunters and stuff at 3 o'clock in the morning we'll sit down and pull over man get their sights right in the gun to shoot those the son and so we had when I was completely lit up. Like basically the dearest completely shut up and blood there are places 9000. Ireland stops I was good high street. And we did have we had to science. When main streets which was main street I mean those right downtown. I'll get a cup one guy's name we would we still know his last name I was just instilling a sign of a C minus Monday and you don't diet now. You survived but oh. It's time it is high. Are you think it is a supposedly sometimes you got a boost people can do but don't just pop album no they don't. There's a big gas screw their men's long drought for a long time to get that none off and you really. You really need the right time the right time to do this is like between 334. Right exactly and I mean I think you right in between the last drunk coming home you know I mean in the last person is gonna get up and as a really early shift them and that's the way it was a must for genocide of the time we did it anyway. So the cubs are guys. It will work or all besides from and it Los suns you know like you're like oh my god this guy was her dad designs the signs on guy and so then that. So the guy writes number of Florida's annual we'll be back tomorrow. So sure enough it was like 8 o'clock two more different also the sun comes in May have one of those signs are that there one of those trucks and as the blinking lights out but the road worker. And they came in and they took all the signs. And leading gonna take good note no nothing was said it was just he never came and got the size and they left. As is so weird and bizarre you know I can think you're going to be thinking about it now all right I think like come and we don't as we did. You know we're all under age were all drunk were all going to you know get in trouble for this and it was just like. Guys you can't seal. Did you know I just think how this all lovely weekend. You can't see a roadside and come back here road signs like all right well okay see my math is it even on the sides of the new guys have gotten popped for Louis maybe engendered a I don't know I looked at the door is not Jesus Christ let's let's deal of this you have a good one of these things we have Bob. We have the ten. Basically we have the ten crimes. That you would turn in your family member four so a survey asked people about everything that's going to be dark from shop closing the murder. What would you turn into your your fell I don't really have to okay well that others can't believe in your family and you know. I'm just saying to me it is likely murder might the other horrible thing but I think that I ordered the zodiac but LSI shoplift and guide goes away. I don't pay you every shoplifting and we've all shop of the right of course we have. Robbie your job listen. I don't think they're okay script says nothing nothing nothing in that did not attend I think nowadays I think there may not have had extremely sticky fingers at age thirteen now. Oh god. Mike Cox is going to be curious as L eagle scout I know. Every night I I can't think that you have ever done anything go back to rise as ridiculous is steals them. Now why I measured he's my. India now around. Nightmares are now I am yeah nothing new for real never yeah real legit man how. Now you ever just stole our stuff with that something new. Never not nothing New Orleans is a man I want a mega scandals the hell of an important my aunt tried next month parents is they shops and in pockets otherwise and get my ass what to talk. Okay what about when you were worth your parents. And I guarantee you an email to bring him to remember episode analyst at home doing homework. Did you ever get in trouble. Sharks 41 what did you do to get volunteers are allied with black guys. I do wanna get in trouble an accident you know I broke some playing time and I grew so ice cream and I'm really sorry that I still ice cream sandwich is far ahead as girl and I rerun the Grammy John. I'm Wendy Lewis Matthew Graham with the man had no real exhilaration and this is set up. Even if the guy Ernie knows we want them pay for a headed directly intervene should I think good call does that give you dribble every bad publicity they're really good stuff. Avenger don't know what's in my work but dad and my words you never know how the industry us so okay itself. Dot is that good of a person are we just bad people. Remember no I don't like to think the mice is really good about that mind is just a really good person I yeah I would not like the things I CIA died stooped to college class of two dollars and college Omar and did my patent counsel tired and feeling gone on how no way you're probably out there gone straight to hell my check your probably a late watching a movie or some. Some as what about a great. A great turned pro recession is entirely within days there's a very good days of record. Only if I ask them if I can try it as you can taste sometimes some places if you ask you can Shia villages have won a mini contessa for you know if Danielle you want you guys are very unit that. They aren't they went out of bounds in the early when apple I do my daughter but it's an option under an album she was younger. In go to my programs and at the moment that you are paying for it right you realize like she has bitten in a four or five different Apple's cheesy no tomatoes signed content Palin ma'am my wife get. I guess I'll pay for those two now. OK so we bring and we aquarium job living just so you know 33%. Of those surveyed members said that they would. Turn in a friend or family member. If they found out they shot with a that's one and three. I believe would miss Verner their man I'd rather than it back and read that stat and I think you'll agree with me. I think that 33% of our parents who realize your kid has stalls opened. I don't know. Gentlemen my brother until we look I don't care who my mother's Augusta almost I don't care boy did kids' lives under your roof. If you found on the shoplift did you have to teach fellow but if you take them out of the equation. Should be you don't hate this family member I can't imagine. You need badly you might say dude don't you can probably called cops and my brother and Michael Smith of ball from right me my money I but he was he loved though Dallas is such a cheesy yes cloned polo by around and green model and I gold cap yeah. I they would have been at the equivalent of a Macy's Nordstrom and we are in our area is called bonds on the Bonn Marcia is and always different ones they're almost the same high in the barn storm that you know. An F testers. It's a jolt deal was you know I mean my. Unless they always testers so he would just that was his failed a test is used human testers he was still with us is from the globe and section. And the African Macy's houses goes is that let's look so bad W demands someone knows and who I know them but you still always feels right he's a hole and I look now like Jodie I got just from our like god damn it. And that's a great and nobody wanted to show dispose of bad. Like earlier they centuries old polo sport OK so we all look as if they demand we've all shoplifting or know someone who has shot the shore. My hawk eyes so I tax invasion. I I don't I mean I can't imagine anyone in my fifth element really don't know do I knew filed Tyson's Manama Mason of Baltimore and I don't know the schedule limitations are himself but I can say this right now. When I was young. Would you like television commercials and stuff OK so I just had a voice of stamina didn't have a lot of money. But I needed money to buy we. And so. Let's just say that there were a couple of production our whole our house is they call them studios. And you go there and they would pay you per spot chore so I think I got 25 dollars a spot all of them are I was just kill him back there are thirty seconds you know while I'm real in the money it. But anyway they would pay me cash. You don't Chancery now on my and we are you know if you've ever called Oregon bar are in a restaurant there's a good percentage that they are blaming all your but as Kazaa that's my man. Nobody is what is it all the words okay you know I got kids to keep them from being suspicious but yet the mayor adversely cash they would know least putting claim I don't even got me out of pretax an agent asked if you like quite a bit more serious IR Bryan yeah okay I ought to be doing like you know anybody using ammonium I think of my sister's a hairdresser. And she. Whoever did your taxes didn't do correctly with the tips and stuff so she got hammered. And had dead payback a bunch tax gosh eyes but also that's what happens that's tough when you're that she was she she wasn't trying to evade the no no no she just known say don't irate didn't beat. Her job to not take the money out right route Ericsson. That the numbers that's true friend whose business is in the caimans. I'm for good reason. No well it's not because openly and legally let you do it well I know that but god damn well if you're writing checks is urine and he's got a lot of talk I intend doing all Africa GE mentioned earlier until every Alan loved its credibility has its own world business and don't put your comic aim of the call you'll fool because the thing is. They made it legal all the big boys do that to a boy okay all the credit you could yeah you're putting Texas but legally. Yeah I think we'll know anybody rich enough to be able to do it's like posting bond but basically it's an acceptable at wrap it broke out to get out of jail your man mentioned that they did you figure Colin mom spends only sleep and you got 35%. 35% said that they would Doug turned in a relative or friend if they knew they were guilty of tax invasion. Yeah I don't care who can't. I'm dealing pot. Now now I know now they cost more doubt. Come I'm almost 50%. 50% said they turn in a family member or friend into the cops if they were dealing absolutely want him I think. Great that we live in a state where it's clean coal so all right I feel like I don't know why you're doing that split second why exactly I think the family member again depends on where you are in the family. I gotta get it throws if you're a parent you find out your teenage kids so and we you probably a teachable intern and then. I don't look at the laws then I would teach my kids do we that I do smoky stuff and we need to stop. Obama concerning this can be a harsher and you issued a much worse from pop and a doctorate ridiculous but someone thing. Then I have to journey and good luck I know it's going to be slap on the wrist injury amerasian your stupid you don't know them today husbands and scared the be Jesus out of you and you know. I will take some responsibility for your actions. Unless of course. You're selling Wii two which data are an underdog here really loudly yelling some coaches know him Brenda seemed very easily loses deal leave their whole life like he never dull not deal we have been my dad's dealt Wiedmeier and guidelines aren't there was a basic knowledge he's always and we know cells. You know as Francisco couple different guys again and again and in my Sweden since they're you know all learn they're in that group where like you can't tell me your peers based religious smokers are all are 67 is by no guy that always has we'd. And he knows that I know it he knows I'm going to call also around you just kind of become the dealer can feel like look man I'm five bodies and no I got a hookup. Would you think would be like this guy who's say 1817. Are you feeling we do do dealer regular guy Manning had just done in the visited the 77 year old dude got them. It was a huge marketplace or people she ran us like that I know people in my family that are older and have had gotten sick right when one guy and horrible cancer. But so use a chemo and all this stuff and I mean nothing makes them feel better. Finally I can say in a few animals get an animal get an animal now he's like you are crazy and isn't a preacher for weeks. I don't know I don't know how. I'm losing normally I don't want to dig a Kravis kill them exactly and have for the hundreds and hundreds of dollars and that's more important no other way around. Moralist coming up your question what happened that you didn't tell your parents the timing for 4999. All the posting a record tour for seven years something already retired. A deal with the umpire is right. That's how does this fit the land of fish shoplift so yeah. Do they want they earned it what does that way manager can't really elderly person museum pocket something new employment run overtake my own store but I'm not gonna call the caps an apple and between ages of about sixteen. To sixty. But you won't give him a harbinger and that Adrian not like but this way if you can draw as poorly Cooper pans than people give you passed. You're pretty much safe to say anything you want and do anything you want right. That there to have a little chance he says something horribly inappropriately. Oh it's OK and all vs doesn't he's just old fashioned. What does somebody out there's like man my grandpa cells we can stop us all the time. I'm nightmare that I didn't ride I don't remember the first go home alive there. Come out and activation. Until I have images tell your parents this guy made 44999. All you are listening to the men's or radio network. True you went to my. Are charged Jonathan Prince alienates endorsed albums of all times. Frank castle on the way our question what happened that you didn't tell your parents the timing for 49990. Hello hello and welcome to the men's room. All of you do in order. All right so long story little about clothes lopuszynski news knows. Okay and you know someone out your old well I'm in a behavior can erupt out in the month I don't know how they can. My dad had your father. Brand new painting. A couple of PKQ one not expiring over. This German actual commercial on I. I know little by. Yeah. So. When they got bumped into that endorsement. If they shattered the glass. Lower. Yeah exactly. I and my daddy nations pretty much everything you reformer. Joseph instructor. Menus are. They ask you want when I'm doing that there. All. Or creek and now he's my body is like hey we paid no apparent shot. We could probably call one of the came off the wall you donated a match up. They don't they and then he shot OK go euros 45 minutes. Connect Karen. Got a piece of glass stated they tied it. Our current bid for us and then I noticed there remain a significant scratchy India. In the paint all right don't crowd couldn't. Mama I don't know where he called others are excitable bunch of colors are well what not just on yeah. And so we get all this can we have to I mean we are looking at some highlight of my dad Bob where'd you come home. You know he's gonna I'm usually not the complete picture. We raced back we beat him by about. I tend to maybe it would have been eating right where why it had been out. Never noticed the number nobody told him yeah I told them about it. I don't buy ten years later. And Perry he's still hasn't been you walked into the training and I Sean video wow good job. You didn't he didn't tell me when they're well below what Americans and. Think you know I'm from its early from a father's point beyond thinking that I only my supplement like you're you're Smart not to tell me because I would have killed her new recognized only. But you were also crafty enough to give this taking care of Britney did a good enough job I didn't notice and maybe people tired for ways but I try to encourage my kids like look man if you don't think I know and you think he punishment for which you've done is going to be severe. Don't all four of the information Gary and I find would you darlings like are you getting intro you don't need to tell me. Once now I have an incident tell your parents of the timing for Ford 9990 Le hello Andrew welcome to the men's room. Later in horror as dirt yards. I don't my story and long long time ago we had our baby sitter. And you're so mean but yet so I. Mean glove side where are out there aren't taught there and we didn't doubt it. Well in ninety L but you did me in so we crafted this idea. Did you read or heard using. A car that my father also indoors as much as she did. When she got the job. Again edit anyone's to bail out that that he would spend. Well look or Mike I'm. Fixing and repairing. And see absolutely adored it. Loved it so very much so. My older brother just you know I need thirteen. Decided to take a car out for a spin. We were only gonna like parked outside in the I go to you know lewd. She drove it ha ha. Well my older brother got squirrelly with it and the wreck the car. Okay. You're. A yeah. It's okay on top ranking yes blank. We didn't know how to get it home so we last year. And that we ended up going getting all clear there's like three or four hours of businesses sitting on the couch doing nothing allowing only didn't you. Do a station and then now when we got here in the rest of the story it's your. Now now if you can tell your parents in the time 8449990. Since many things can. And you know men's room radio network.