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Monday, August 13th

Profile This, TV Time with Ted and Headlines!


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This is still. So men's room. Listening to. There's there's still a sitting around think how are nine and 8449990. Lunch went profile this scene in minutes. Your lives normally one hour from now first a quick check in my car for some of the stories and headlines he is not working all right sour patch kids just announced the beginning of an eye candy corn game this year. Oh yeah and basically loans are they making any car man there's our powder stuff to the question as. It's a candy gourmet none of our bachelor's just sour patch in the shape of mechanical. I guess our passionate she can't even remember yeah candy corns mayor I remember I was an outing on preschool daycare remember real real young. And some Eagles super. Was was the march vendors you know and women in dead in this is that page was hey and bogeyed the two men should you get to candy coat. The way the Phillies Avian winner Brian William Beebe is a means to me and the same appeal of one of the fact we think I don't like guys jelly beans. But those star burst lines entirely different I think same thing with like candy canes right flake flake sweethearts and other companies are just free started making candy did a oh yeah all of awareness yeah a lot of things good work 'cause our guys here you go a woman in Texas was arrested and her makeup looks great no mug shots. So much in tune in a few weeks ago and went viral and now people are bombarding her with requests for makeup tips. Out of an amid the owl so of course she starting an Internet camera and they love you shouted hey look man I don't know however you make it difficult. No one do had a mug shot and I'd like dating billionaires I wish Xavier good looking. Thousand guys Jay Leno billionaire's daughter trying to got a modeling gay got a really does know I'll only play. Tell me Jeremy needs. Now everybody's got a little way get there I guess I just there's already a surplus and make a tutorials on non UCL a but she looks so good in the mud sound money yeah yeah. Shot drag you Wear makeup right now. Maybe I have I think maybe you know how many tutorials or whenever it. I was strong I just know there's lots and there sure isn't just don't know people who don't Wear makeup we should decide there's too many but they see as too many sports shows. I won as many as. An employee at a Seattle Tacoma airport stole horizon airlines plane on Friday night jumped up and flew around doing tricks for an hour we determined this earlier today. He wound up crashing it into an island then died in the processors assignment he was connected to any terrorist groups seems like he's just. Clemens left. I don't eat I'm I don't know I don't work for Homeland Security do you listen to the tastes it's pretty obvious guys scared. There aren't they darling yeah. Kenny understood that before yeah. Animals southern Virginia recently created a bucket list for a ten year old dog would terminal cancer than they console but all right coming doing it. You're SC what does dog he's a man things are good you are ten things you wanted to do might be like man cowboys won humpback lady's leg. I'm always one assist man that's across streams I've no idea Greg. Does they just got the biggest item crossed up he's got a forever home. Instrument sending adoption okay that's that's out on the list items inside that well in the dog wants to go to that home like I hate those big rage against Tennessee where your. All in all I am not against the hair because limit underneath. Haven't just been Dogg Serena tried passing weird sense terror well and I don't I get it is that in the wrong way intended really did you begin though with the hair feel distance uncomfortable. That's against the head you can go back and forth you can do damage already done the right down to them every day and there. Headed the wrong way has made the big but she messy angry animals. Compliment to do 7% of hiring managers have rejected summoned for a job because of something that you found on their social media. Soriano anyway you look. Well what what is the first thing somebody will hire somebody when they gonna do now these days on the nobody knew the owner Transocean the next thing you got to do they get a look at all your crab and basically have to go and look you up on the Internet see what they can find. A crummy down. Kind of an inventory don't hire people on their personal lives you hire people with her resume says women and all for your positions that's what we say we do yeah. But I mean I don't you prayer day I couldn't be like hey miles you do this and that your private life in the lake Stevens. It's like I don't need not apply for a dime I don't I don't prince's most enduring elusive I agree that I knew the difference is you put it out publicly. If you all did is that I don't like black people fans now that I thought I mean if you pointed out on the Internet. Mutually delight and Leo I won't be the most lovely lady right obviously get more by you how much I might lose their jobs and the PayPal manually entering an era I think that's that's right my business that yeah he got me here at the game mystery who cares about offense Jack but he's the top. Candidate for engineering job we like this guy's a one you can use FaceBook page areas continued towards Charleston. Wow you guys really qualified blacks. But it doesn't go as expected another argument of why are people losing their jobs this alleged. They've done in the front in their first life. After they've gotten the job because someone goes out and has a strong night and they go and act stupid now suddenly have to get fired. Because for some reason we have to attack their livelihood we have to protect their jobs. So we have to ruin these people's lives because they made mistakes. Some people do my coach. I don't know whether I am sorry I think there's a difference between being found out your member of the complex trying. And had a bad night I think there is still better than the reality is if you keep winning and our veterans. I remember all my holiday is you don't have to put an out and nine yeah you know that's moving to right you don't mean to put all that stuff. If you made a Republican may choose to look into our role as. The business she shows do man. Top things I can ruin your chances are inappropriate photos or videos you don't know what I'm most about drinking or drugs and Ollie I'm aren't exactly why people videos driving the end mom don't do any favors for anyone okay yeah. If it is not. Here's designers and music that are most objective and online dating country. You know organized for men on our nominee for women power and how. There's a brewery in Ireland Illinois had a new growth. Has come under that info is countries look at Italian veterans and to do. There's an Arian Ireland ministry in the nuclear that's specifically designed to lose people's sex drives yeah and inadmissible column a watercress and apparently has a right maximize them. To get you don't you have just why would you do sea water grass. I I hear there the one key ingredients like I know you've probably Malcolm should be finger and had fifteen times as much every category Larry slowed by around it's I suspended from pop out. Call you up now and I mean more to address get over here over here. People are breaking complete strangers at the airport by putting stickers on the walls that look like power outlets. I was just rude. Strange Ashley have seen a video journalism the casinos now blues great loves. The sixers first and you. Unneeded amount of time trying to plug into a suit might not harmless good talk about French people on video and says OK now this guy but he's freaking genius. He's got a remote control shark fin TI find many just basically. Fired that thing up at the beach you know we will be Grossman in the ocean come to find out he's gonna alligator one as well. And check out this guys video it's. Is for your towel I'm miles and they're great value loser with a price level. You think you're your panel morning. NIC is our friend racing toward her and say I don't. Sometimes I see some some prank videos for people are doing stuff for certain neighborhoods they shouldn't make any of the select I don't know what the mine is on the Franchitti. Yes I think his is about as far as you should go. Yeah controller whose mandate you when there's enough relief in the and that's okay you're going to be eaten my share the same bargain brands is now uses this as specially trained close to pick up litter. They're called groves. Actually a great idea yeah grown cold night. If you play any better endured tragedy and do what the problem any Jimmie Denny Hamlin or just you know closest friends trying to rubber band around along all Bruno has gone. Coming up next singles. Yeah okay no problem with how long crows to pick up your stuff is for you fly away. And it grows but his letter today. I don't insane if you remember workforce you don't know when they're coming back. And we are working no reference only case you haven't schedule they're pregnant and for anybody throws leave their news. Paul Healy can make all my Watson and a especially chart it's. Amanda messages and Bob good to check the clothes on his car and found something else was wrong with the start because that's albino around now. You might knock him I don't know that one hour from now first again it. Newsroom presents. The drug to police are on how profile this is playing that's our ten miles a sensible game where we share with you real life news story. Something that happened right here. I'm planning her of her. Earth and as you listen to this story based on stereotypes you believed to be true of people. And the decisions that people make the last few would it is you think Mason story story. Hello Max welcome to men's room. It's. I'm many met you understand how miss your game is played. I'd do. Fan asked me if there's there's stories there's a man who's accused of doing his warm coffee and soda and fast food restaurants. He's been arrested in charge. Multiple misdemeanors assault and felony police were called to see you. After the man started the fight with the restaurant employees receive 48 year old man in front of the loop water car. So then the restaurant news confronted by an employee who told them you wouldn't. But an absolute. Now when confronted. He refused and our league because left out the front door. They employ fall the room told them he was not welcome back that's when the guy got mad turn back to endure the employed by the take that personal before walking away again. Defensively and the rest from on the on the council Ryan when they spotted them a drink another restaurant nearby followed him into the restroom where you know on the high end. I shouldn't surprise you million in revenue days used to subdue the guy. Anyway he was arrested and booked in for misdemeanors including resisting arrest criminal trespass and is really coming up Paulson charges felony robbery and premiums and and and is being held and 50000. Dollars bond. Felony robbery museums so cool anyway do you think that this guy is black wife makes you or June. OK Campbell painful or do you have the states. I believe it is is no bugs in Montana Missoula Montana commune. Aniston and I think if you blink yet it and and and you know what kind of go to snow. I don't agree when you're on your program go or surprising wasn't Pepsi they don't. Don't have men and my wife Lira or why would love I don't know if that's an orange. And I think we would have been an arm on our way dude it's done hula need. Because I guess it's. So manned base on the area I. I'm Vanessa don't lights. Final answer. I would you say yes I think a lot of people do miss the employees follow him around and follow them out. Absolutely I mean black and I'm. Quite violent through and find out who's my wife nice dinner Jewish next. The team you're listening to the men's or radio network. Obama has phases of Montana and a guy who tried the only just need to Kumble water drinking and now goes on to the sewing machine and Sony America stand my employees on one knots. Jared you adapt and I'm trying to think Leon restaurant in Denver on the other guy loved him and came back and try to take him one. Saw you was arrested on felony robbery and home until insurance and that we have to do you believe this guy was black or white and makes you or do the sad news or use we did not have the information about what type from Sony purchased. We jury correct. Would be an absolute movement in the end is an element alma white. I. I know he's too obvious scandal but that's played the number but she's my new. And anyone really know me don't I don't know who's come on you know our it's our Virginia sandwich and you're a. Countless hours in front of a tiger. A lot of times you watch athletics you see some amazing things. So we go to baseball. Raymond. Mariano. Closed quotes it's here now I don't think glory on helping him make that way to attach a Japanese yes intent. Basically he throws out a runner from 300 in 21 feet away. Then I'm ridiculous yet just when you realize how is double play happy and do you hear the announcers are kind of washes over them like holy cow and I'm gonna kind of tells the story. Grows. What did not. Got a movie army was on the money rush the first baseman hitting and to reach from the left and the right it was in front of his face that is unbelievable in my. If you see it and just like me it's a two foot window in our bronze is human to feed them and you know from that far away 300 simply because there was immense fairly pleased sort of the this is a before delta field and then summarized by a store and target you have to remember based on his momentum and the way the ball was it was coming in though and a left center. He's coming that way so when he stops he's thrown a ball off his back foot right so he doesn't have time to step up he's kind of on his back and he launches a small. Like you would a kid trying to throw an apple over a tree it's breast do you bring along and then have that it's unreal stuff thrown received you don't mean he's just throw on the sale married. And I mean he hit a do. This justice to eat right there yeah it somewhere there's a saying what the video the man from FaceBook page you can see for yourself it's it's pretty loud and binational some things Tim. Like crazy things in baseball aren't going to be solved the Mariners came the enemy of the good ten top of the tenth inning and indeed Gordon is on first easily steal second ranked but then the ball is hit it almost asleep it's now so Gordon as he rounds second he slows up for like. A couple steps and then turns it back on maintaining a play at the plate he went from firms that fact is they. He is so fat down yeah it was it was shocking to some emails. In every sport yup I am always Lleyton and you need other stuff for the in the behave like speed kills and it was a big below or yeah. And in real life knowledge people how I was doing it and I don't know you know get a big kick it into. Drugs over faith that your heart's OK okay. Let's see here. What they sounds like Jimmy Fallon is always a steak you know it's here's some of these are. The last. And she's you can run blast caused a bar feels like. I am. Some of them reaches far. That's there in paradise for premiering just one day answer the finale of the best friends. Good luck to him red clean them out some last night. Arizona iced tea. Well I think we're fresh and no one of the hottest driest. I think the best songs are excited children has increased these are just you know I'm never ending. Okay well tonight. And really never opened humans simply checking for anything whenever and my phone. With the glove compartment are compartment of our Reynolds from the love department crash are your hands cold we knew it. I think that it's yours pockets they're weird moisture on the ground you don't wanna touch on some bluffs. The glove compartment should be the net can department initially yeah do you imagine I think that's what about every other car again I'm just putting gloves in the you're the you're gonna actually use a little gloves and they aren't actually use your blood doesn't matter where I'm gonna have been there someone wants a pair of next pair of them think it's fair to brush you know. Bless them some borrowed gloves for. I know a lot of young lady that ML SU somehow learned in your garden very close a month while a matter of fact I do love compartment. Actually not my can match scenario but the last sensibly bar gloves just because they were woefully unprepared from where I'm sure okay and it could. That's the only got a change of name. That right tissue like in Zambia and fast food a snag some new magazine stuff from them when no probably should remember late. You know if you watch old time he shows hometown I well like I can keep blinders strength. And it's like gangsters in and England don't know why she's tired writes a threat for war or wind so like it's kind of crazy that they have cars are supposed to ride horses. But you realize back then everybody wore glow he loves it when they threaten us it would essentially. Well he never departed for these gloves most most glove compartments and nobody uses in this way the smartest way to do it's it's is a TV tray essentially. It folds out there's a place Frieda said your cup there's a drink caller you're always the same company that we don't have failed to we all know. So here I they still got micro way about me something useful read the governor of the lighter and put them like used before personal and yeah you gotta be something we do that pressure cooker. Lou yeah you'll start Kokomo tries to accomplish your little minor but don't tax but your cooking. Yes sure to send it to dad attend and they think if if if if cap once with a but the Krakow that was odd. All you have Tyrod OK you're OK I get outta there yeah I was already cooked and we were gonna win somewhere else agrees is funny. I choose my buddies crock pot and he was stressed the need for uniform of the team he was. Cheering for the OK just two guys when got a uniform we're and hold the crap I'm just all of you think a guy who are part of it app. I yea west instead of the Hindus. Within within a week ago he was only Jimmy Kimmel. There's a lot of talk about he watches porn hub so yeah man. And many here you don't want it actually and every is that one or something. Basically this is Scottish and I'm not that strange for him he's got a news Hong Kong XT ECY. Thanks to sit look at what's final eight years ago he originally my boy band was ski closet yeah I mean they stole your name me DB reserve board. I knew once it. Do we really get a guy can say okay here in dance behind them all and put you know how when you blow into an empty beer bottle makes that no yeah that was going to be my thing only. No more demand on. The. I don't remember every moment now. You know is true. I thought I need you to be man because he. It confused so are Iraq what it was weird thing is he got sick thoughts I got more from you gases from all you would smash I got up for a vote. All. Alone. Just to discredit the old guy who I doubt I'm Adori stands now. Yeah I mean when we do you remember. Still so sisters don't look alike to the card this sheen's all look a lot alike this is seen as things that I Lebanon music unless I go Jen. It is injected into the fifties Mary don't want a fun. It leads. You would think they tell again how would he be attracted the sister to push me to imagine like being married to Angelina Jolie's sister. Q thank you continue to move Bruno know that we are noting when you with a girlfriend. And their light show and families and friends and you think maybe excitedly go Bruins back. Have held death that don't do that don't do that I now that tells you CD I don't know either regulate what is up with. Who are all these PDR Berlin. Yeah we need an attack on the blue. I am old and I enter the grandmother those inflation. The matter say. Yeah I think you know for the recital I was like wow who's that. He really. I don't know who don't aren't they don't go go go go right it's always follow what do you think my cousin is hot now right now how soon. That way. Why did you show mr. Sharon granite peaks and if if if if if I want you I don't know. What movie you'd like to see if it's. Also a guy he was on Jimmy Kimmel. Yes to that question about President Bush and and trump now. Anything I need an M answer and then he just went to commercial break the ice is and the answer is that time to think about it and actually Kimmel came on kind offended them. So they may and we went to break he needed little time to think about it. I don't the other guys get Gagne got. Clinton didn't have like you know that's that's a question probably requires some thought especially your public figure a public you know he'll come out you know very. Depending on him I mean what is your opinion in any really good wherever you're Vivian is how long does it take you decide fairly he's inflicted on what he wants is a ragged. I I didn't think I would we're thrilled about this but it's also you listen to segments B and like I say whatever I want the smack. When I know we know you have a pretty big debt down. It Obama in Indiana as you are glad she did defend the rich a bit. Because he's rich I did bad would it look that's the thing right if you're rich and I didn't Maryland to limit the wrench right whenever somebody says something like a money just doesn't matter who needs it you've got a funny yet. I hate but those are rich people thoughts to rest say things like rich people's costs from money no matter what was so important in the volume passionate disliked. He has made and my and they get a ton of money you can worry about the here Richard of your life now right we all worry about the original eleven a lack of ability to do so I would you worry about it is the decision that may well we worry about it it's like a pipe dream yeah. For my buddy by that time to meditate but he's also drab and Coopers. Did exactly that. That's the way I like more like Castro as the gonna separate the employment and meditating but I'm driving bluegrass oh wow where can rent that's a toy depths. Anna Kendrick that a lot of people like Karen in she's accepting an award last night and database so I think she's gonna talk trash on the people who category okay. I just want to put. Angry. Yeah your yeah you got them. Meaning you so much they mean the world to me and I felt so lucky that I get from me. It's perfect hanging. There and I know that the Indian female ever nominated and also know that rain Reynolds was nominated film. And Brian. Ryan Reynolds always out there talking trash from Twitter. And thank you can put in his place yeah that's a it's due out all the time filler but then at Hendrick and put him in his place. Madam and her horse. Really it's crucial somebody know it yet I don't necessarily escape again Amazon coming out his wife and all the pictures and answer Graham's great. Is Iran and don't ever do that because they could figure him and his wife exactly the Gunner obviously. He's regularly and I had a great night and my new way piercing the daily dose so did he sold church is black and I get it. But you know he's been on black excellent track slow page. There was something and there's a couple of the cart bashing to many describe the mountains are always right yeah. Ha ha ha thought so. I'm pretty sure that the couple took a supposedly he posed once there's a below the photo is all of them but Bilbray easily right now I don't blame him to have Jim black excellent point I don't know everybody know that picture. I'm at the yes our own little luck little thing. That's absolutely. This I was that he silly awards there Richard Rick Hendrick tend to be a little bit of younger crowd. Playlist of the top thirty stars under eighteen crowd Jesus and some things that you feel all of that's what makes you feel stupid because I don't know I don't know any day now we'll have. I know this is under eighteen. I don't the two kids from black issue both thirteen okay are so I know that you noticed a stranger things miles brown and. But the patrol and it's it's the I don't know but it isn't like yours and Michael's turn around and then they're like our success. Garcia Marten. Marcia. Now and they are at a young as soon as it must say markers are a must I don't. What. You do for young Sheldon. Okay so another drive. I don't know his reply needs not only looks like Laine LAI and you don't blame me hey pit lane Emma Emma Emma right. But I remain in the right it's close and Iran and eighth. And it's arbitrage of Armitage okay it's on. Millie Bobby Brown an iron or she's from stranger things. Dayton around so church Caleb McCullough. You know Shaq. No I had no it's OK all I know in fact it's a memoirs. Eighty sink. It won't cost us tries any way a normal part. Will fared a little harder and far in Istanbul hard you should just makes you don't fit into one is general Omar these funny wind and then curly haired kid movies yeah because I don't know I've ever seen the show I'm so he's I don't know it was then Mubarak wants to Arnold won't aren't our good friend I wanna say he's the main. He's the main kids' college like sort of beating Millie Bobby Brown's okay primarily to all of the characters in the show but not enough to go look at their real name. Well let's say our infant car that would be weird fall apart will Mario. Multiple card yes boulevard aren't. Call Kono and walk hard it's like you know we kicked out of our family a little harder Fiat would you come we kicked out DN. Week I note here and what are they and what part was the first thing you don't mom's always more bull market. So I guy's name or it. Lower my current contract through what he's only what does family is French in his mound as wrote his name out because it's like end pregnancies over the right fit but. So. Confidence and almost. Yeah I already did yeah you're right I don't know most of these there's a girl on there from dance from its. I don't know also show. Stance from salty thing you surely he's shown crucial at a dance moms are in due time yeah in fact she did well hitter yes so all they. I you're glad as he left dude it's always been on forever is implicitly agree either yeah. The beauty queen mum bitches you know I'm so I'll just let things that you know I mean everything is and I never even heard of this I was so happy unrealized might originally was late like honey boo who was on the pageant right right right which meant ridiculous right in an airline well but mr. Cecil says now they're just going to be represented stands cheerleading as a bunch of kids who look like John Mayer wrote what I'm gonna rain yeah exactly yeah. Professor this creepy weird it is really make any super crystal with the makeup also we're. Failure per share my schedule headlines don't appear in minutes you are losing to the men's or radio network finally tired twenty miles. No let's see what's happening in the real world I'm gonna go idea Mendoza what he's over the on the glass down there and start checking out porn of the worst kind. Meanwhile Massachusetts man not Jenks is such cars fluids and a four foot boa constrictor he defines. Family comes on the fire America has got a lot bigger since they were gone Heyman breaks into a fire station is feels a fire truck to the breaking dawn. And Amanda Stewart uniform tries to sneak into this huge practice facilities. It sent on your headline. It's Sunday. So here's my car. I'm going another additional American Bernsen lose. We got a Massachusetts where men possible. So the discarded check the. Fluids and was greeted by a vote constraints there inside and his car AMA found animals like dead heat they don't end there. I immediately called police who regularly animal and seventy animal control worry will be closed properly cared for the thing isn't that one thing in Massachusetts. You have to worry about wild bonus. Nobody in Massachusetts is Rory out while Mo here I mean miles you're absolutely right this makes enjoy the heat that's why you know you can again take a look at these areas that. Plug in your mother and grab the Jews since. I'm not worried about back I don't know why do you limit an area where I have to constantly check from. Creditors in my stuff do you hear about around the Arizona New Mexico you've got to. Found your shoes your execution before you go to bed what do you Jamaal gonna do when the idea that maybe open nor the Mountain Lion or bear or the scorpion. Our rob I know I'm right Venus Obama. Take a break you forget about those gallons and my parents. Close the crap they want to stay alive and it will be very kids just dump well. Brilliant finish you've done here and there you. In other news disturbing story out of Indiana this is terrible man was seen by patrons out of a local Wendy's sitting in his own boot from the back looking at explicit images on his laptop. Police arrived on the scene and got consent from the mental through his computer and can be done images of underage girls seasons crisis he was arrested after police found more evidence that is. Us your reception in jail tuna. We're gonna bid former Steelers fan had the perfect place to get all the practice field. The man dressed in football pads and even had the yellow football fans a match where you Iran was when he put on the Jersey number 43. Guess where he went wrong species act and I know because everyone knows that's one guy that's right it hasn't been one of his first since when he fifteen. Good Troy Polamalu Polamalu and that's I know Mac daddy then why would he do that. Why not mental I don't I don't know I in the ravens field I don't Wear 52. Right I mean isn't certain things like hey man if you were about memorable and those values. Yeah its own stories kind of weird to me. But I like his efforts and until these creek didn't create this satellite and I had come out there may want to be in the homo you're grown men. But at the same time I wonder if those numbers don't just start disappearing amongst all the people that are out there that tells me that they are paying attention to each and every moment. Nobody already intuitive here's Steelers fan award from still it's 42 of them are married ordering forms very. Must say okay. Continuously having silverlight or one that's Troy and Julie gets a big and bright. The other animal lives I'm vigorous bust we've heard about the story from firefighters get off off off off all you go inside the room and around the middle and go out. Everything in my stomach contents for the free moment rueful look I was shown with muscle movement and a big initially big league guys come on. We've all of the stories firefighters get a good Canada's dream no we've had to do I didn't catch out of a generator. But while firefighters monitors injury yes. Firefighters and Florida were called to a local publix after someone noticed that the kid whose head was poking out of a hole in the generators. The little blue pretend they were able to get came unstuck safe and sound and it was taken to local shelter Thomas breaks and tensions. Over the memorable home. Dude all over I wanted to do today and understand my I don't know what it's about it's like there's some way of Florida. Everybody goes there and go to Delhi India sandwiches. They're good if you don't they understand I think it's the strangest thing ever but there's a go to San would you go through the African supermarket you go back guarantee you the best amateur and everybody knows yeah you are there manager I don't know why I never heard anyone else going to run just our first challenge fried chicken yes. Chosen and an Easter breakfast sounds. Everything got good stuff they'll go man they do. The governor's earlier in the day homeowners and Colorado came home to find many cougar had made its way into their home Colorado. Well it's. The Missouri. Any animal push its way through the screen and was unable to find the way back cal wins. He pushed through the screen you saw something on the other side of the screen you push your way through. Monday Brad you get about maybe it's smells fresh air he knows right outside his did for him 100 Campbell I mean how does what they want only. Kimberly how quickly that cat just killed and eight in an attack. The last two world but you know bad luck we've made it was in any other recent months you know cash I know we do his thing you need to be bud select set. They weren't hard throwing me around the now hasn't gone all of my house now welcome into my mouth Sony may. Probably just don't like Santiago had a boot out. You mean contents of the staff who got a big it is helping them out lines like look man you have smelled and heard around the properties in the you've key numbers here you snarled at me incident would you say now made through them so numb so. I'm sorry ma'am but I had bad days. The homeowners all authorities but unfortunately had to win this philosophy but can they animal before they arrived on the scene just carried out. A harder now. They didn't they shall be made them for hours dilemma. It's likely you hear the guys worked almost twice as though. The lawn outside and like how long do I stay asleep before that we've lowered guys. Exactly. All right and then they realize that money on tonight in my liver jails. An example and I can't guard him to sit and spin the word is valuable during Intel's with a shot of the day yes indeed it is all true least I think it is miles is a liar. So nice I've please do what you do best and for a lead this thing. Diane.