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Monday, August 13th

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This is no men's room. I have plenty good today for Florida 99909. Brad and went into the men's room. Well not right. Hello I'm ran very and I download in the program John you'll lose friend blessing question Gloria. How did you find me and just how the funding and MS and good times and the right. Happened yeah. The fun and their guns. Hello and gotten their diet now I don't know thirty years that they've gotten Jennings. Obviously holding up pretty good for you have been married thirty years is does give enough. Says Linda area they got he got you know did go to great while I feel all have a great time every night. I'm happy that they're gonna be any better here on the net not a good time and people. I'm gonna think you'll be glad that we change. When not I know he blew up the logo and old legs and they slimy thing on my faith of my dad's biggest. And downs but all that out I'd love suffocated him overnight. When you heard campaign would mount saint helens blew. I don't know. Ben. And what are the I had Mandela bottom Timberlake arms Camby and the mirrors is quite historical reminder it's a boy am I suppose than a dozen in the face the man I surely your mom was worried like you plus a blue and how close three Utah mountain. Now we're pretty early error that data out now all long way your. Stuff and I'm always download cards that both. And out there is pretty happy woke up no golly guys what ultimately. And all the yellow ball that's crap and it did not include last night you have to have you know party. The country IE. And that is pretty well. Did you guys I mean. Did the delay you getting homered in Everett is kind of scattered about Paula. Do. This delay you getting home regularly go back into the documentary is a meat just passes covering the streets and centrum centrum. You know let everybody you know what I like to really think back then there was just might well stand up when you go milder Darth. You know I agree let everybody. And week out we're gonna lay off great doubt about the cars compete on the outside he's got in an engine and then. Yeah Delhi under his nose so how many other girls who can come call someone go on the Internet finals where there was journey into ash where you are how deep did get. I would like double digit lash out there. And it's so weird AD and like so. These are thinking when is rain eventually coming got rid of all I mean I think I'm Daniel I got street sweeper you know I mean here and all of them. I don't have the momentum back in Seattle are putting out you have bad if not really that they laugh cause all of doctor I kinda numb right. Here come down and it's just they're just blow it. Out at the sound good and yeah. Okay I'm reasonably asked how the funny and there's a good news is a few more of these volcanoes out here that I'm so little time sometimes stick around. I have fun and a wooden boardwalk collapsed during a concerts in Spain. Injuring at least 336. People who were attending a festival this is a huge. Wooden boardwalk type peer type deal appears to just have collapsed out from underneath itself and it looks like when he collapsed and collapsed directly into. The bay or harbor in the area. Rescue workers say there were chaos when the boards buckled and concert goers began sliding into the seats off witnesses reported scenes of panic as hundreds of people fell into the ocean around midnight. Some falling right on top of each other. Under the boardwalk. Boom boom won't. Somebody order a mama here and via. Including two who were still in intensive care and according to the regional web site there are the police rescue and emergency crews worked for hours to get people love the water. It is and besides makeshift hospital. Before they got some two nearby hospitals other collapse occurred shortly after the concert headliner rails beat. Tried to pump up the crowd by telling people to. Now all know. Job. Aaron John above and down NASA broke it that's what broke it. Do you monitor dawn and ever gonna do our. I am. Many of those attending the show were teenagers and as part of the emergency response organizers made murders of their reunite them the parents because they came down their freaked the hell out obviously. Officials say that they didn't know the cause of the more large class and obviously you do the guys telling people to jump it's old wooden and that's when they don't have the exact match I mean what are you don't know you do it what do you think if you're not bad how bad do you feel minor under the plan the crowds are you all crazy and that's when you feel good to say jump right. And you just watch this happen well. You realize there's nothing you would not have happened with even during the course of the show but the fact that you said job I was not one impact that that was the final straw man I just it was but I mean. Do whatever it. They're paying to play are no you don't understand how you feel we look boom I guess you guys in the water you feel bad air I may I don't know. It's just to say I had to watch porn when do it once or everybody was leaning against a railing and that broke. We are now I was in I think he was. It wasn't wasn't a mass sporting event this is but it could spell yellen that railing gracious I went holy crap I'm guilty that happens yeah yeah that's present. We know Greg Lauren I use out there and we are now again and we are good for a little building alluded unreal and I didn't remember I never say man oh man. This thing might break and I applaud. Afghan army and about the people we love with a double crossed my little Walter little wooden pier and everything. Man oh man I have on somebody's dad. They're bit on some things out like DA. Build this yourself right into okay until my early yeah I'm I'm like bailing them or they'll know exactly. I am the only man to do you go inside the only an umbrella. I'm pumping our phones blown out well that. She goes around ground can kill the scene here I'm. I okay dead zones for you. Explain and tell us the last time you saw lots of public nudity. I'll. I just a bunch and unfortunately or any unforced I guess he never really got into the details on this hello peanuts. And per email and there was a lot of peace and there was also a lot of blue pressured globally trying to equal to how. But I also went Ulysses series Long Island loses enough and that women are wearing pants I'm assuming that the powerful make it okay are insular than. Yes I a lot of pain I just can't. Places like the last time just like a little more nudity and I wish they usually had seen in past years crash and then we were on the river so the biggest problem is since he's new dudes. Yeah you may end with the water right. I don't know what you call or write about your penis but that flat area right there a guarantee you everybody knows if you're in great shape he had the cut rate Iraq Iran and so they know about that ending with the water like right at that level every time you kind of pay and bio you can't help but almost look at their junk and doesn't look maggert of the the wall or do you see another ought to happen just like to take a step back into the water a little bit deep breath just a little bit and is there live. It added somebody that wasn't a lady kind of just out Simon. You know like you lay on your back they're getting on blue but she had any problems on you can see it's a lot of got everything. I think yeah but I thought the fifth TR Knight I don't do those experiences and luckily I don't know there's a lot let. And the festival sure that no last time I guess I'm I swear to this day. The hottest woman ever seen me it was at the port of bodies and burning man that sounds like I I know I just taken a poop in a warm quarterfinal. That's how it's valuable you can write little movie semi erotic fiction but this right so there's just. There's just like polls that sympathizer and it's does that running on Iraq so abusive to sanitize or my head is down and I don't talk anymore laughing and for the when I looked up to the hot I think the woman ever seen in my life and just like keep talking don't make an awkward Brad. Do you both good I'm part of what I mean yeah I mean I know she just took to the cash you. You today and I just couldn't come up. I'll let you go on another tarmac. I need to feel good that billion new media siege in recent pan Alley nudity I'm gonna say man is a lot downtown yet. Got her on the phone once inside of a bagel boy is relegated to an argument. They were all running corner to. Let's face it wall labels for usually facing toward me you know several parking lot and I sort of got it looked exactly like Arnold. Yeah Reynolds who he was just holding a hot dog and I'm Lamar Odom on the phone like. They hate our men and I'm out of those guys painted as being this man like so I'm not I saw as a pianist. This is like Thursday or Friday afternoon at one point in time they clearly there was something going on with the reception. It kind of vibe and I work events or it's in those raised in married maybe this is the rehearsal dinner I don't know. So I'm want command Enders as bush in the bushes move in my book and health on bond. It's inside this building and this guy band he's gonna look there's a guy in there he's he's an astute. He's a he's in a suit like it's nice shoes and everything just an iron in these old is John please stand but he's kind of pacing and more likely to the don't think he does we have to turn and run around and he's I think there's so bad. I think what's up. Guys who'd been in the Lewis's legs and this is weird because clearly he looked really dressed up. So likely you'd think if you're really dressed up individual. You have access to write the Massimo shoulder made the plays fairly heavily on yours your somewhere that dressed up where I should be able to piece okay I am I just not as nothing in my. We're how does he not have a place to go. Other reason whereas last time we saw a public nudity. Arlington police are looking for Amanda exposed himself to another man. While wielding a sword on Saturday morning that recent crazy old the other man told police that he was a sitting in his car. When after he got them walking his dog. Win a naked man approached him those are really manned the naked man's family unsure of the drivers I never know with a sword. Andy 26 year old grabbed his rifle from the vehicle chasing a man in the woods. Police have a generic description. Of the naked man. And one more command now donning nothing but a capital footwear and told bag was spotted making several loops Thursday afternoon around the town of Burlington Vermont. He declined to identify himself and offered little explanation one reporter got up there he was just walking around you right there at the cosmic grind coffee shop yeah it's very hot he's had a freedom and Burlington along with all the Vermont and part of northern New York. Was under a heat advisory that point in time the temperatures were in the area of 100 into degrees. All he would say is that he had previously strolled around the buff and no one bothered him. He was apparently out there a few weeks ago where people saw him as well. However he asserted the walking around on clothes was good for once tell them by the way as far as a Burlington instance. Learn how genuinely cares they don't they don't have anything about noon right day by Burlington Vermont I had you know and I'm doing nothing but enjoy myself. Hey you know on your random question quest is okay and your guess is gonna finance and Windsor manor emails. From the men's room and men's or my knockdown coming up next you're listening to men's or radio network. You. Try again those live shot of the day another round of a profile as is coming your way as well the first time reviewing emails in the men's room men's or my dot com. Hello from today our random question questions of magellan's a couple of your questions and they really hit home what happened to you with a condom. And what turns you on the question on the situation was as follows edited for radio. A girl I was dating at the time was rather passionate about the love making. And part of her regular nightly workout including key eagle exercises and win the G rated reason for these exercises do according to the Mayo Clinic. A strengthen the pelvic muscles with the support of the uterus blender small dozens rectum and help control urinary incontinence yeah. That's not the reason why most women do these exercises but I knew that description to identify which mussels these exercises target come by now. The pelvic muscles in question can gaining considerable amount of added strength during times of excitement you can during one session my girl became extremely excited a few moments before I became extremely excited. So excited that I lived out the lyrics to these sublime song as she had developed a tongue fu style grip. Which resulted in the loss of said condom PS I marry this girl. For us into what turns you on like women who take the initiative to get things started especially when I'm asleep. Stay with Folgers answer and that's the best part of waking up. Well shore who don't wanna wake up to match is right about those muscles but now with one girl like that I was like this is unbelievable shoes agendas what's going on like awesome I'll ran out that this anonymous because my wife closes the show all she does notre. She knows the term behind me. I'm Adam strongest but I know what Islam is McDonald a little mommy what's a funniest thing I've heard kids say guys I was pregnant I was a preschool teacher. I got ass all the time if I was growing a baby is it a boy or girl. And lots of other questions from four year olds well one nap time I was trying to get a little girl to sleep by patting her back. But she just kept staring in my tummy. It was super quiet in the room and you ask me. How will your baby come out. Not knowing how to answer a four year old and just leaving it be for her parents answer I'm told that the baby will decide to come around whenever she's ready. You can ask your mom later very very loudly this girl setup looked me in the eye and said oh well I just let dried out and my mom's vagina. The contract couldn't control my laughter she says my moms and it's okay to say vagina Paula because I fell out of his hoax is. Brock on that from back up. All comments. We had a question. Are are there so the rugby guy was an agent in Vermont. They're angry everybody does walk around and so issues standing pat and I don't care. Reporters go dorms around them. A majority and we shall submit its Vermont I can't believe in him americans' social comments they say I live in Vermont and you're legally allowed to be making them public. If you leave your house snake. But oh you cannot undress and public. That's illegals who do plan on being made it from Orange welcome my house may did you find your before commit a bright red as the loophole everything in Vermont is full commit to when you get better and shares he got a pipe it right no one needs part of the price. Until I was emerge imagine dear guys I'm happy birthday today Brock in his smaller right now on the commute back up hands bail. Others lemon bars waiting for it all we love you have for America and the kid's gonna get an original face and which any such an outcome gig please I'm for America. Sandwiched. Guys as my friend Austin a danger dudes birthday today can he get a couple of gifts from Corel and maybe some dirty Germans talking about. The dangers. Thanks guys you rock hey. Yup the best thing about the angels for. And Lisa Daniels do you. I need some places because it's coming back a German the most news. Guys please push my beautiful wife Christina brown skew Bonn now low guy happy another trip around the great ball fire this guy she's been the best wife mother than anyone know you can ask for. Could you please get a big old among grip guys things that from Chris. I lowered my friend are Tommy and emerge infamous bunny neck of the new love the dirty Germans talking about his superior how training skills. Thanks guys and keep on rocket and our do nothing to take his skills. Rea is she mental group patriots face why. It's very painting skills. Music player. For a long time listener first time email Illinois my money Xian and emerge a great guy a musical innovator. An all around good guy turns a milestone of 21 years old today and will be parting in his apartment losing your show law and it 965 WC MF Rochester is round rock lighter request to drop the big eight. And a big old bomb hit for my boy thanks guys that from Toby drug great. Leon here mazzola's please get a shot onto my cousin Tommy. He listens to leave podcast every night in the mile high city hall of Denver Colorado. Think he would love a little kids fish sandwich guys in the dirty Germans talking about pizza thanks guys in love you Tom from cousin Daniels. And our emotions talk about the performance she is on the pies that it. I loved the fight for. One. And Santa. Today my heart. Taylor co worker I Jill is 33 house holding for once that happens that may be a here comes a dope pusher and a wholly asked Jay. Thanks guys that from James yeah. But you love your show and listens every day saw the dirty Germans talking about things that are moist thanks guys are rock on that from Johnny AKA DQV. The other thing. Doesn't moist and tonight we'll start for the 200 and spam and I'm. In the back of your. Sexual malicious hot outside it's just another more (%expletive) about those problems at lunch and introduced instant. Yeah and the Caribbean and yeah. Yeah do you know just how did that is I'm gonna. Okay. It's okay. Yeah yeah. Add that I could even be until you but I. He's chairman. Yeah well the home and I dot com another fine retail. Moon shine on. Blue here we need to log in a contestant there for a little your guess is as good as mine hosting color nine right now at 844999. Alone. Your guess is as good as I can appear in just a second time for a few more emails from quake there's not enough my cock. The says dear Mike. We have similar palace I eat everything on your meat and details. Try this rice and can all of cream of mushroom so come on blue if you like mushroom top of the onion blue room salt and pepper. I had a scholar does a few days before payday years ago and it's very bland and why he'll love it that from now that's sounds incredible Osama Sunday even prison they had your rights you get a can of cream of mushroom soup. Maybe chop up some money in the mushrooms or whatever basically just salt and pepper and pour that other ice well I guess they go next time and if they pour millions in tenths. Wrote. Rose soda tea and imagine Arizona if I was like violent I have one's own talking onion soup there on a stretcher burger should stand little dry I did see a lot harder to lose grant. However provide extended shutdown I Tianjin branch. Subject is hairy finger Jerry finger right. I assume when I was a toddler I burned the palm of my hand and I had to get a skin graft while they took this again from the Fannie is part of my body which was my groin. So guess what when I hit puberty. Pubic hair stunning drawing on the draft on my hand things I got to carry finger on part of my palm and then lease them picture and that's. It is to her. I had a friend here everything to lose the fat is for everybody was you're growing. These kids that would your ass. He's fast growing. I don't try to draw on ladies who can best parent fingered really steady growing guys as far as he native subject I was stationed in is in Bonn Germany Robbins a sound correct send box on the link up. I'm dating a German girl. One night we went to her girls friend's apartment had a few drinks with her boyfriend. After having had no way to renewed drive we just decide to fresh air so we does have some wind it's on the floor. Our host went off to the room and we decided to get busy right there on the living room floor without Kaymer girlfriend wouldn't stark naked. Apparently her boyfriend had passed down on before she was able to satisfy her but he was able to satisfy her. And she was still low ready to go into vinyl like my girlfriend was more than willing to share. Brain I gotta love it that from Chris enough Portland Oregon losing on JG ON gangs and every Amanda hang out and you can see you know gratitude Jones or political guy living a life Yahoo! most of the German videos work out that way you know there's never just to you don't know everybody does that in the I mean that is the thing nineteen people in there including like your grandmother. If your grandfather like always in the right now as I mean it's insane miles of me out of the I don't know the last someone made it to the end of a born. OK aren't I while I want to for the plot. And Omar. Is such as got a Y actually and still an important yeah. If you don't sit girl born lately is just the scenes but does a fast forward to Syria and OK and I eat. And I carry all guys play and now I was seventeen I Lulu my dad and had they are serious boyfriend. I came home from school and saw my boyfriend's truck in the driveway. And on my dad wasn't home I assume he just be hanging out there and waiting for me so thousands and up with a sliding glass door which the living room counts faces. As I comer on the corner I get to great ideas smash my boobs against the glass door to get my boyfriend intrigues. As I smash my moves I make eye contact when my boyfriend's best friend big Jake. Tuesday that might still be the most embarrassing moment in my life we had a good laugh that from man's about to do so nobody loves that so. Are there dusty tells the coolest jobs are around you know your guess is as good as mine is an easy into play we give you double categories. I promise you try to get as many arrived in the same category before three strikes. And you're out see whose are consistent and play your best isn't good. Hello sir I know welcome to the men drew. Are all up all. Hide channel your categories today on your guess is as good as mine if we have the world's ten most valuable sports teams. In 2018. And that is just a number that they give us from Forbes or money you're one of those magazines are good. Come W I don't and then we have. What have you hates but Jerry Jones can quit we have had some sports on your desk is good mind what's the category and there. We're all glad. Bars easy charm and Argentine. Downforce seems and a the world. There is a new list of the world's fifty most valuable sports theme to 2018. Numbers are based on calculations done over the past year for the NFL. The NHL and the NBA Major League Baseball. Formula One the soccer and NASCAR. The top fifty by the weight is loaded with NFL teams in fact 29. Of the 32 teams cracked the top fifty. Hey there's only three teams done to make that list any guesses what those three NFL teams are you don't you make the top fifty clearly proved so incorrect. Real Cincinnati Cincinnati they know. Jacksonville and Detroit Lions who and the Buffalo Bills yes incredibly Cleveland Browns did make the gun they are fiftieth. Anderson now worth one point 95 billion. That's into the ground are worth one point 95 billion per win over the past two years. It myself. What you need to do is come up with many highs many of the top ten most valuable sports teams of 2018. Before a three strikes senior around. The game is your guess is as good as mine when is your first guest. Well my first guess because I've been a die hard and burger at 35 years and I have to face Seattle Seahawks. Seattle Seahawks have nots is yeah. Yeah it should all Dallas Cowboys as a matter of fact as far as the top ten is concerned there are one that soon. Ray. They're only four NFL teams in the top ten. You know one hour on my team cowboy millionaire and then traditionally the Washington Redskins to be named as they own their stay right there now are much higher. I also put in Manchester United yeah gap. Okay let go ahead. It's cool. And I think a black love ice hockey coolers soccer team. Flew here okay and here's bastard you've ninth tenth here's guys cavaliers LA lakers here's my hands Gloria no NHL teams in the top ten. You know NHL teams in the top ten. OK okay. Cool. All right yeah and shed a few nice in its path down the cowboys. I would know hey all I could get a big cowboy but let's go away Ed very NFL at all. What about the Steelers. How good Mark Taylor it's these are the most valuable sports teams in. Oh in the world old ideologies then maybe I'll NFL you know. Well you know the Dallas Cowboys got confident. That's good good one have a bigger guests are what your next yes. I am always glad to answer and then tell all I'll say it. I heard the numbers next. Well worth three point seven million they are these X rated most valuable sports team of 2000 AJ did not make any less just you know. Imagine and that's grown talent or he's still boxing you guys is trying to sell you one categories. Or on the job than what I mean they're notorious we won the most viable franchise plumber. Beloved. Cubs play I grabbed my bullying and Mac yeah. You don't do. I'd be just about exactly. If there are there any doubt about England and down. It's about being them. He's now do you live there on fire and beat the detective highlighting millions. What LA lakers. Words LA lakers are in fact number eight years somehow gotten into out of its sandwiches are freaking miracle by helping her feel like he's still on Tuesday trying to. There are eight teams remaining outstanding world's twenty most vital force in the 2018 month or next guest. Yeah it. I knew your day. Nice they are worth four billion dollars as the original problem and they are the highest ranked Major League Baseball team. And the top fans in the yankees' third biggest against baseball lives. Are we will enable. All. Vote no. He's yet. Judge. Your New York. Yeah ha. Sire a season. Cries. Three straight and let me ask you guys question now. I'm not gonna do you have any you have any hour any guesses always and we certainly don't hi would you like to try not to mention our. You know made a mistake made just how. Manchester United comes in at number 20. Four point 12 billion dollars. Are the highest rated soccer franchise in the world yeah I'll take your Dallas Cowboys are the number one. Oh style towards seeing how we shouldn't hold home and more are we going to have a four point eight million dollar I'll go to a Red Sox. Red Sox okay now ahead in the Redskins game Redskins number ten and tie between the NBA Golden State Warriors and the NFL's Washington Redskins both worth. Three point one million dollars so far you guys have gotten the cowboys and menu. Our contestant got the Yankees. The lakers in the patriots. Also Julia Redskins from any other ideas it's. A menu was the highest rated soccer team right maybe. Barcelona Barcelona is number 41. More of big time soccer club at number three. Or shall on the menu. He Rihanna drift that says number 34 point nine billion dollars the highest most viable. NBA team believe it or not he's the New York Knicks yeah. How are you billion dollars ILA lakers Rondo the New York Giants edged number I. Going into the lakers. Golden State Warriors and as we said the Washington Redskins all of the notes San Francisco and up forty niners game and it's number thirteen with 3.5 billion dollars. Chicago Cubs in your wondering are worth two point nine. Billion. Dollars. Giants on the town Tony Chicago Bears in the top twenty Red Sox in Houston Texans believe are not worth two point eight million well why I ago. I don't go to real drink until they show today as an interim is coming up next you are listening to the men's or radio network. Room with smiles and drill. Caliber again those who is out today among birds. And then there are no two big questions. We disagree yeah. Because you keep asking okay. There. Questions that need answers. We can now. Question for any of us here in men's room to shoot us an email to the man. Her momentum by doc Cummings is subject to ask the men's room and half the way our guys some guys. My own family is going on a trip this weekend and we'll be out now for a couple days. Simon and the place on myself. My plan is to finally lose my we'd virginity. And tripod for the very first time. I was planning on going to apply their place here in the Tacoma area my question is for you guys what Jim's advice would you give me who has not done we look forward. And what are some things I should be. Maybe prepared for what kind of we should have beginner again I'm thinking of getting an Indy got thanks guys you have the right word got from the donor virgin. Man I don't know most of us maybe pop bad cherry smoke and Amanda's sobs they just go in that way right. And just ignore the fact that maybe you're aware of your outraged to know did you fair knowledge about the value your controls. Yeah I think never minced silvers and we just don't deserve the usual thing to juror no danger yet. Its chips. It's an act we will invite a friend used to smoke can I make sure you know I mean I didn't really make sure you inhale the smoke in your lungs lot of people who don't smoke initially there are dissolving around. And you know you gotta get you gotta get down and Aaron also how's this for anybody. If you go to your local. We do store. And you just ask somebody and you tell them straight up. Throw truth those guys those guys know more about their product than anybody in the world there's a lot of people come here and they're Taurus and they don't have legal weed and they have tons of questions. Those guys the experts if you poster of the guy doesn't know anything go somewhere else but his most of the I'm sure everyone of those stores are very educated people. School gets you where they need to be effort event conversations with senior citizens are there memorization of people who were in pain when you name it they can then they can answer that but I would say Ted is 100 cigarettes load up I'm munchies and advance let your you know you like. Yeah and he's. Taking time. Here's a guy has ended and the you will get high. So would everyone doesn't include no third down the right making smoking slogans and knowledge of Watson just trust that I will come. Is a complicated question but here comes anyway all original big fan of the show plus number ten last week attendees and if you're worried about paying for the tea. He should be going to a restaurant summoned to that effect. Well having on the Europe for a large portion of my life for the wages and taxes are included in the price you can see on your bill I you know also starting at 830. Twenty outline two count now live TV can't afford to pay your staff a living wage you have no business opening and running a restaurant. I'm sitting in a restaurant right now looking I build a base most fourteen dollars after tax and tip I'm paying eighteen. That's 29% over what I actually ordered him last week I took my wife to a place for an amber trio lunch on a whim. Not only was I surprised to see there's no difference between now fancy truck stop in that place they stuck in a 3% culinary tax tell dedication and support staff. We're just going to end this has always seemed like a stupid misleading way to do things. Can we fix this weird system that from G money now he's right yeah so they should pay them more but they don't so my point is the server needs the tips. You can't afford to tip don't. And remind a lot of servers don't wanna face to the building where they are they make more good news is got a lot of money some of them right if you are they a question for any of a Syrian amends or new shoes and emailed the minister amendments or might not come at the subject as the men's room and ask away all right Bob and and we manage and again that. Have you read. That is better. Usually heads of the very best games even trying to find out nortel's he has indeed and today we chose to. Anonymous people I do not have there. Identification I'm sure our listeners and Sacramento are familiar with the storm it's not particularly upbeat but we call this the car make circle of life. Yesterday in this case it's another instance of broad range of California Highway Patrol base. Received reports of a collision is about 4 o'clock in the morning and they continued to receive reports but now there is a fight between the two individuals I've gotten the collision in the first place. And amend or fighting on the freeway obviously there are both involved in the collision we don't know who's a full point one of the members say. Was the other guy will some type of weapons and remote weapon was. But he hit the self regard and dagger right into the dark. I he beat this guy to death so what to be a man do. If sarge walking down the mistake he's gonna walk away from his responsibilities while he was walking. It was take current hit my current. Honestly I'd been a man to death he's walking around and stay walk away from an all Simon doesn't see him. They hit every that's my only driver of the cup the car until the suspect that they're cooperating with every match. That is some things there's karma. Good god. So important is blues imagery does lose because winning Indiana national over the hole and down the world do Barney in our tummies. Town hall an honest guy. It doesn't live for up profiles and PayPal are nine any form 4999. Hole. Shenanigans continue on the men's room. Radio network.