08-13-18 Seg 2 Mens Room Gets A Little Explicit

Monday, August 13th

It's time once again for the Random Question Question!


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This isn't some men's room. You're listening to the men's grill. Oh my friends showdown now led by united fans and a New Orleans. And I made five K five C south bay is classic rock in San Jose California. And prince of dog 97 point nine yeah I'm Joplin Missouri plug into the program and a big story today your guess is get his mind other categories will be absent sports. Ask the men's are gonna we'll bring it tells with a shot of the day and another round of profile lists in the meantime it is our random question question 844999. All around. I don't know it's magazine yeah remember friends who don't breast. Welcome to the men's room. There's a. Our phone. Oh boy John just get this show started out with a win here on the exact hour when we got here. Go dear all I was doing this when did you when did you steal. Or what was stolen from you think this might be the story of the year you know as we don't. Cool did you steal our lows still in premier. She's used the word this is big. Video best. And he's a major city in Washington's. All day just got a couple weekends ago and you sort ticket Booth there. Plus I'm really kind of recycle ticket. Instead you give those tickets good guys the second time and if it would catch it put in the pocket. How much how much money would you make on average during this big of an annual event. An annual event right down on the water there. Tim cross a out of a 1001. We it's. I had all right well that was a that was that was pretty strong you know do you know or give them because you got caught you just don't work to do anymore. I just don't work anymore about. Got this in all the years ago worked. I got married meanwhile what good does mortgages made a note I hey look GAAP measures I don't think it's. Freelance what did you steal or what was stolen from you so the story goes the friendly tone of the 29 year old airport worker. Whose stolen commercial plane Friday night's. Performed acrobatic stunts before he fatally plunged into a think island forest. He cracked jokes complimented the professional demeanor of an air traffic controller. And apologized. For making a fuss but the friendly tone of the 29 year old airport workers so the story goes. I think I'm going to try to do a barrel roll and a bag goes good I'll go nose down and color tonight. That's from Richard Russell from the cockpit according to a recording of a conversation with a controller. The pierce got a medical Examiner's office confirmed Sunday that Russell had died in the wreckage but whether the crash was deliberate or accidental. Was one of several topics four investigators try to figure out. These Seattle FBI office said that it had recorded and recovered the flight data controller. Tragic is Russell's death was eager and inflicted they say vastly more damage had he been so inclined. Potential targets included tens of thousands of fans assembling in Safeco Field. Opera sold out Pearl Jam concert just as he took off. I have to be honest with the als also concerned about chambers bay that he was flying about anything. Beautiful golf course please don't crash on the green there. The plane was a bomb and bombardier. Q4 hundred turboprop C 76 people on my horizon air part of Alaska Airlines it'd been a part of the cargo and maintenance area for the night. After arriving from Victoria British Columbia. Russell was 83 and a half here Verizon employee worked as a grounder service agents can and those responsibilities include tolling pushing the aircraft for take off and get approach the icing them handling the bag did you see those guys Lara come and ended due earlier this thing. Authorities said he used a tractor to rotate the plane 180 degrees. They've positioned at so that he could taxied toward the runway they said it's not clear whether he had ever taken flight lessons or use flight simulators or where he gain the skills to take off but he did say that's. I'll be perfectly fine. I've done this on video game. Your program basically the peso crazy yet I think also this ball and don't think you know probably a flight simulator and everyone seemed stunned into a slowdown in repeated flight. Since you played the plane did not require a key I'm not being a pilot myself not knowing these things I didn't thank you Ellen they're nursing but movie like here's the keys to a brand new plane running play I don't know like how you get in the door and there's a look at key into the Dora. I'm never even thought about you've never seen occasionally throw a pair keystone Colorado. Again don't drag you take over as well payments recchi and when you walk through the plane the Gately and the horror of me you don't seem like our doorbell and I think it was in Somalia not a Aaron way to open the doors are not shock you to play and do that. I mean it's a small plane is gonna keep at the elegant really different from from two to paranoia. In up. The other 75 minute flight during the golden twilight. To the south and west ordeal of the mounds as a flight controller tried to persuade him to land if he wondered aloud about whether he had enough fuel to make into the Olympics. I talked about how beautiful view was and said he had a lot of people who cared about him any apologize for when he was doing. He told the air traffic controller you're very calm collect employees he said he says flying was a blast and that he didn't need much help I played some video games before. It thing about Lander successfully Alaska we'll give me a job as a pilot he joked. He also told the controller he wasn't really planning on landing the aircraft would be a described himself as just a broken guy. Authorities did send fighter jets to escort him and the controller repeatedly tried to direct him to runways. But the plane slammed into our key trunk I won or got drawn island small island of southwest of Tacoma. A Russell apparently went by the name be boo on social media are Bebo. He had one or two he says I looked a lot of bags. Like a lot of bags so many backs Russell spammers and statement that they were stunned and heartbroken. They said it's clear of the Russell did not intend harm anyone and he was right in saying that there are so many people who loved. And you've heard the audience yeah yeah I mean it's it's disturbing just because he's so kind of nonchalant about it price on this amazing I was like you guys he's shown to be your house for the party of six bank. And he's just asking you feel room fridge like hey man. Got a room afraid for this core that's there is like chilling part of it's it's it's insane and in no way you house about this actually my mom but we were just same like when you look at that guy he had a job legal why are really just. That's the supplemental whom she just never know who you don't know a little crazy pills and they just percent hey if you if you want to live there's I think look horror or whatever error innocent scandal in the McCord I think I'll I think air force base in there in the even the guys we can relax when he we just when you know late in the tennis like maybe I'll go to jail or you know I got to may they probably thought. I know I'm Sergio I mean you would have to get jail time but it. In digital base and the nature I went out and what they might it would soften the blow when they could mention them to release from the animal you know album was wrong my commitment to do a barrel roll first of all he's done a pilot right he gets in the commercial airline in the that that I'm assuming is is that a prop plane I don't is okay Domenici doesn't run well yeah okay well they'd. That plane is not built to do barrel roll. I'm ready JR he's not a professional pilot but he still gets up in the air and somehow manages to pull off a maneuver. Which can be doesn't and I realize this whole thing ended tragically but when you look at the situation and how this went down there's a lot of bizarre things regal like OK let's Audi get up play and how he's gonna get here. How do you fly that much you know like all those things because he didn't know then again do venerable. So we had no problem but I never get a little barrel right it's kind of wait to have you here about a car I said two people get injected one who's drunk and handsome person I was fine. Like if you don't know. But I don't think demons are and 780 sevens. To do barrel rolls here Jimmy Page Haywood that like if I may passenger jets at no point do any passengers want to have a better now so. You just as a pilot unthinkable cross your mind even drive well you don't know like. I'm flying a plane and no I don't know landed so whatever I'm gonna try to do whenever man if you are there I'm sure the people who make the Q4 hundred did not know that it was capable of doing that either until a story came out well because it would test that could try and now it's not that regulate the important role these tests and you know how things work wearing. They probably knew he would stay and doing you know role but if anyone asked do not if you say it into a barrel roll. Everyone is going to do a barrel writing if you say cancer most people won't try that guy that's I didn't play. You tell your kids don't do this you know we gonna do it but is dumb and advanced on him who once or twice if the pilot came on and say hey. I feel confident that I can make this claim barrel for all we're gonna do vote I move barrel attitudes. Uncle I know they're almost more than one plays that I'm I'm mentally goes I'm companies like. Yeah I don't like I would take questions like why are you confident there's only fifteen people on this plane was to take lone grove and I looked like an hour Oakley team and our unemployment what is. I think get my family and I'm glad I'm not imagery to let's throw it was still drinks take up your colleagues to do this then you add ten minutes to finish your diet pill were doing overall brand. I look Garland movies do your own brands. Friends and pull up all. Hello how are you loving random question question you got against Allen feel now you're remedy kids you know Gloria I think I got. Now on an only child my parents that I do not allow. We have Nolan. Okay. Oh is a great story would have been your pat had to get up early I got it here and your bad man. I'll men's club as a Google Mini style this. And he always take fight with the neighborhood that bowls. Monster nightmare. Dad say a bit of news but probably more time would I wouldn't do the base all sorts stuff OK but he but he still hasn't chairman he's he's game long. Isn't learn and no matter what you automatic good shot I mean yet. A mineral temples is like seriously dude like come on man you know we're gonna take it has got an app. Yeah they don't want fight big east. Indicated. I'm Karen isn't that the proposal like Jesus you're given us a bad name like we could kill you but we've seen choosing not to use the Google thing or bad. And did you keep bringing it back over here. Oh I'll bring him now we just are very good at least she's. All right well then he's gonna he did that man those dogs are very underdogs that's for sure. Condition elders yes oh god yeah also will for brewing yes ma oh yeah I'm innocent unborn regalia. I guess what have your pat Petit family Colorado is in morning after a visit from an unwanted houseguest. Kayla slaughter said her roommate returned home Thursday night at 1030 to find a mountain lion in the living room alone home they share. Slaughters in the Mountain Lion looks right and her roommate. And licked its lips. Her mate took off running and called police. Yeah you said it was terrifying slaughter believes amount line snuck in through a screen in an open window luckily no humans were inside the home of the time. But their house casts. Klondike. Wasn't side. Yeah I do Obama picture of the Mountain Lion playing on our couch looks like he's watching TV. Slaughters an online and looked right at her roommate in late to slips through self. Charlie after the roommate discovered the Mountain Lion had eaten Klondike the more. She was nine and that is hard that that's the end that she had. When wildlife officers arrived they had trouble getting the uninvited guest out of the home they had to shoot a bean bags in the window intending to drive beeline now for hours. How amazing it was sort of looking like it is zoo exhibition but you're looking in your own home. Other online and I did walk right up front door walked on the street and back into the woods. Sauter says the whole ordeal those daughters who have these certain to close and lock all doors at all times and your windows ninety especially in her area. What would you do for a blonde guy Mars. Channel I'm okay dated eighth Paul Byrd rule you do it again around a little boy uniform on you don't cats drag your dad okay. They do. What's going on air. Lynn. Grant in question was an 844999. Alone hold the line Mario golf coming up you are listening to the men's or radio network. Big chill you don't have enjoyed the men's room. Metro man's on the way pleasant for any of us here in the men's room to shoot us an email to the men's room have been your mind back comic the subject gas men's room man ask when we got. Right now is our own question why its may horse barn 999 all hello my welcome to the men's room and friend. EU woke up today at all. Hello Larry my book. I was doing yeah Korean air. Aren't. Yeah what's your dad plus. What a crazy thing happened while you are working. How crazy thing happened when you're. Real estate broker I did a lot of crazy things. I'll tell you what flat so. Holds its I mean I try to do an open house at their home. And on an hour how can we had about like shed any people and how real interest did two of the more. And Rome. And the word I had no idea who are these people can bring up from the basement. I didn't watch the nineties he. And so maybe you wouldn't wanna open but turned up I would opt out of nine arm walking around naked eye doesn't basis. Well it's. I. Don't really well I'll I'll tell you what did you see story can we go home so. Let's get this so we knew when you see this naked dude and well two questions one. Did you recognize when you Solomon too was it you were discovered a network of people looking through the house. The people who compute how observation and Lerner it's always do. Are you telling good dog when I went down there he was watching on how she edgy and coming out of the dungy was laughing so a lot of innings apologizing meat Turkey. These make it was not what I kept salas plays a unique what do you use our what do you think you resolve. I usually can teach Eli eventually get all I've whites he probably knew how much money was gonna make up the cell that holds. Mean nothing in a long Al myself just not sour there was loosened enough to recognize that I mean didn't he when he saw you do do you remember like oh yeah I was supposed to have an open. I know he wouldn't he was totally. Estelle every house again always been good news sold into one of the people looking led then. I don't know I don't work bias myself. All but one of my associate cougars did the other week old that you. I think the whole thing was just so funny you got into an arms threats are really got to just happened to Tommy didn't cheek we value about how. An enemy does know why they're not. When you with your eye since they associate I feel like a monument these whacked. Yeah you know man you don't wanna know why associate you don't want to know what happened in any place I ever lived then in any hotel you've ever slept in this is you don't wanna know it's happened before you because if you did know you probably wouldn't need there to visit this is an honest to god they can you say in this than. I'm the second person to live in the home that I live now right. Some guy built himself in the seventies whenever but he owned a lot of my hand and landed owned is now what I call my neighbors and goes so. These people Norman it's this guy Tony and I guess he's like in his mid eighties now nobody was fresh off both from Italy about a problem Obama. I always you're really good things about this guy in the world tomorrow. A random person drives into how slice does Tony still live your life I don't know anything about this guy who people love themselves. Older woman grabs a minivan a tree given them outside of the kids as she says. Excuse me does does Tony still interested to know what he doesn't I believe he's still alive. But he doesn't live here and she's like well I used to live right there and pointed to this other house and she's like Tony move and he was so wonderful all the she's she Rose Garden on my guess I've heard great things about Tony just like. It was awareness thing he would do as Warner his roses every morning with a cup of coffee make it. And just stop oh yeah. But she's saying this like it wasn't weird or she's like and just seen his beautiful boy so when wedeman didn't play he would do a naked she's like every day. Every day and his wife who has polarized because that's Tony of every nation well there are no dog. Yes or should I do I want to see if he's okay and when Garrett go I don't know these aren't happy. I just got a little sorry Tony was these uninteresting dude man. All boy the reason we ask what's what crazy things happen a work not how man this is a crazy story the New York police department is investigating. These scene of a bizarre attack and an upper west side restaurant. So the story goes the menu and offense the upper west side brunch spot on Sunday included eczema opens preserves and a heaping side of crazy. If me say ten screamed a wild man is or in the freezer as thereabouts. And 11 AM the threes are all happy employees players and the man tried to attack them according to a waiter at that as. At a restaurant next door. Someone called 911 which of the incident as a report of a solid progress. Employees try to calm the man down but whatever bothered him most fatal demand that the foursome had a heart attack. They had first responders are they wield commands from the restaurant in a stretcher. He said that crazed man was. Sure it was yeah yeah he was apparently in bad condition. Medics rushed the man to say Luke's hospital where he died. No one in the restaurant was heard police sources say the man carrying ID indicated he was from Arizona. There are releases identity then because they've family had not been notified or anything like that. The incident did rattle the workers at seraguso. Which is aimed towards jams and preserves. The waiter I learned of the incident when he stepped next door to ask for some changes on the employees were agitated and upset I asked him are you okay. Although there are busy the place is always busy they don't know. So when try to attack this indication. You just don't expect isn't your job you go to the freezer when you see someone come out and scream a wide cronies say ten and I got horror movie gets scared. They say that you know handled the situation bravely and ethically bizarre and got a missile walk in freezer playing wry humor works for a fresh pot hole more. Long has he been then them premieres today today just as it isn't an old starlet somebody who's in the period before or lightly ran it's either a door guy or the cooking their stroke at all and I don't disregard the rules of truth and I won't pay scales can get to drugs. A man and one speed by Q did you drugs. If someone begins or conversational way for me Satan they said the protocol on them. Yes you can't calm him down if his first words are waiting for me Satan language he's going to stay at I think it's more than he's done in my humble I say this I say. If you're not at the beach or you're not in a pool the kind of and someone is not wearing a shirt. Pool hole you know the right environment where shirt or not we're sharing it is not the right environment he should have assured on yeah more than likely. There's something wrong with that individual if someone randomly walked on a plane without assured on you go hey hey somebody somebody right. Who makes you who makes you less comfortable all right. They're shirtless guy and I agree. Straus got downtown last week it was ninety degrees. Into our record Roy as he has on his trench coat any shuffle and up the street not far. The bad guy to me is more trouble. Journalist god might just be angry yeah. It probably had huge but he might just be angry guy in the trench coat in court right now it is nine degrees outside and he's guys I usually don't know guys it usually he's on. Stage. Most of the time I show I just tough because sometimes you go to an event and it's right on that line but yeah like eighty degrees but if you're in now and see you back in water so I think. He shirtless guy he beat did you then think Baltimore. Right but if you are then sent concert in his buddies we're adrift code Goran angle immensely guy and keep my I'm fine go to a Buffalo Bills game. And it's five degrees even in the front row in front of me is almost a shirtless dudes it's understood I get it. Sure you don't like there's certain situations where I understand why you're sort of ya know what the time usually it's when I have assured this guy is when it's the strongest unit in the backyard. It's not that it's not performed quite. Nobody else is taking off and include think it's sequential lets guys any. TN TE around journalist guy has another go at these I know they have aluminum like about one at a target I don't know there was guy wants and what he's learned flip flops and you can tell it is gave from the pole stolen bro like. You atrocious to what you see Molly Gloria and I just feel right in this moment when you're picking up meld them Starbucks coffee maybe what do downtown shirtless guy. Let's please go to impeachment think we're downtown guys in the past I. Our man if you if you look like just like you ladies and well when this hot until people that live in the city. You know what it doesn't matter your it did their Charles Prince suburb on his backyard studio city the guys how they got talent and make the shirtless if you live in the cut Bieber shirtless on what I think fall baby Sunnis on the beach only person really mad. Is I'm either going or coming back from golf and guys walking downtown typical tactic does the okay churn the site Jean cut off guy. Please don't short of the life to the fullest here. He's very well I'm glad he really don't care urgent thing is from a friend a glass glass and 8449990. I want brother. Aside he's going to be journalist I. He is sure doesn't guarantee you're like yeah does not believe it's can be sure those guys they want to. He refuses to Wear them and less on resume tomorrow I think he will not and I'm sure. Hello Jason welcome to the men's room. All I thought. I Jason was there ruin every night. Hi Jason. Have you ever been. Followed. For and somebody. And yes or no way they want to kick your ass. Poland is creeping down. Syrian ex girlfriend you have to use I was told my job at one point pretty much told that the dial it says for an ignition their little company. There early but bulldozing card you know when you get. Although for programming and their clientele. I'm very friendly day. They like. What do interface. Well we use so you're you're mandated they have to have this to drive them and they don't say you're not the person who made the decision right you just a guy who has numbers for sounded great coming out who don't understand or do you you go to them how does that work elegant. Place of business okay and then they're Manning you for what installing this thing. It's going and having to pay Fuller is. To get service order February I look at that they're very finicky. Like the mouth or set them off. They are there are I like let me ask how much how. Mouthwash can blue chip and as a widow hands sanitized when he oh win at what is the what is the full deal price. I get a DUY. This afternoon blow Longo I've come to you what or how much of a walking down the door well what is gonna cost me on top when our priority and appears in the New York. I have Ares I mean it's it's really up to some extent that it unlike honored humbled a month club about a month but every time violates. Yet commanding get serviced the dam is about it. But let's see that's the day it's not that it's that expensive instead image you're punishing India weather observer and ravage her punishing me. And I'm giving you money to do this I mean I think that's a payment history will not those numbers relative who wants to gives a 100 bucks to make their life miserable listen I understand that it's been like we have children understand based on what you said previously about the if it isn't thinking machine room. And I blow after putting mouthwash in my mouth or something that's gonna (%expletive) me off the bat come back and conservatives usually enormous cost me sixty bucks how ever. If that is not the case. And I got in my car again drunk and blew into that at all and then you know what I mean. Then you should pay the sixty damn dollars to the promised you from another 101000 dollars due and should but the problem is next do you live that most people that I know on the back and almost three people not a bad blow go there. Although well one of them no one of them actually atrocious but the other two. Does it can Bhuj mouthwash and there's like Dante Milligan of Iran's straight Merrill which you can be trying to do the right thing not BC bay go get anxiety assessment or. I'm refi change he'd just had mouthwash or ram for Lister you cannot have pyramids doctor followed a man Germany called the cops last Thursday while BJ spy. A wild animal he told them he felt Stockton under threat. So they sent out a unit to help end the animal was still chasing him when they got their body may have been able to handle on his own because it turned out the ferocious beast was a baby squirrel or. House trailer to catch it at around energy and lay down taken now. It's possible to guy thought he had rabies or somebody that's like all those Berkeley L they they just think you're going chasing him just got separated from its mother and thought he was this new mom. The man wasn't hurt the squirrels are now being cared for by an amorous. So you want a man wasn't her. Because those baby squirrel. I can't believe you call the time. How so I don't know what I would do with a squirrel thought that I was his mother that would be a very strange that the most look if I thought it was rather than I would answer don't make it home you know knowing her are. It's only right. What yeah I mean like I was there on the Roger and I are right dude you just keep it together. Do you figure out who knew they were beautiful blonde whatever you're just not she can hang up that's the problem unless I can take him but you're you're. There booting situations conversely don't wanna nobody in the animals and cats are no goes to litter box the dog and our got taken out. The squirrel like. One of the late news fame from a formal like if you can use a little bars we can probably find an understanding and and also what led take you to the bat. By William sound. Clowns like look man we you've given sound too good. But I believe you me and I'm sorry baby squirrel get out here shore. Yeah really it's early new holders are many like hey you know he wanted to moment that's girl you know you don't like come home Australian Open and her Olympic this baby score around. Debra infamous mom forward emirates and how you all the way home from work right on the mile. You're not gonna do it on the hill that it's probably knew do is rush hour would you leave the real people while Bob did you dead. I want do you think you did mama if he stayed overnight scrolls are all minutes over that you got a best world. It would be just weird like I'd be afraid to pick it up. What did you tomorrow Libby go do brave I now I feel like I just he's going to some weird prank show I think like inside played a role and I knew they had a ferret. Everyone I knew that willow likes me but they want to buy human why do the Pentagon wants to bite everybody who walks into your house. You know I hate fare too I really do man for that reason alone. Brands brands around the hotel room Bobby welcome to the bedroom and Brenda whole La. Our. Sorry I honestly hair and I remarried he has to wife Brenda stuff. I girlfriend though not married we'll go round goes when did you got a girlfriend man. Play any game doesn't do you think Mo Williams session of the body is really close. Finally when one turns you on man which isn't I don't question these days for some you lose the pornography was friendly email. I'm never going there's all kinds of different categories UC smarmy MET the engine and there. So what are you gonna put it. Honestly I think that I would have to say pig tails. Good selves on the top of the head I would say that's kind of my weird. We assumed Menem's over the head and not a pig's tail so were dragged him with the Atlanta didn't. Know. A lot of guys I don't pig tails look cute Miley issues I've come to realize that just means she is a wash your hair and a few days. So today for sure yes. If you similarly when you see the worry is that a festival things and you go oh dude somebody isn't he explained to me how like the process the little woman's hair makes certain days of the week. We need to go I would like I'm Aron Embry right now is definitely wins a pig tails I break it looks really cute didn't think it matters is filthy that's why it's like you know what it's always better. If you are downsized and chick did you pull out of an oil spill she's a loser right now ignored aren't uncommitted dog right and pairs uttered. Don't care yeah I can ya I told him a body and he readily easily I don't know what Liz nannies and I go to the grocery store I don't want to come here man was I guess sometimes have had to walk out I get so excited. Just a grocery store the you know what I think that was weird the last two times I was Hillary's sore it's been. The grand in my defense I moved to an area with a Hershey store is a lot more attractive people and that's not why he's. I don't know I don't know why isn't common but I'm most excited to grow I don't know Arnott who then demand I think in my so's new version stored there is. There was a period of our life for him. And I have excited to people so yeah I don't know. The only englishman the soil walking around Muslims have husky people I think now we're gonna scrub still probably number one that you do ice guy. Those crowds all of baseball caps it. Yeah and the something about it ma'am you know whether it's like a little. Very curved or you're gone for good I'm you know flat bill only Alex. We have regressed Dylan turns out on there's a Drury in Ireland and just created a new beer in the specifically designed to look. Booster sex drive elevate all that beer they say it's up thanks to one of the key ingredient. Alcohol Bagram. A vegetable called a watercress. All across the border certainly has a right mix of vitamins you do going to reload. I've heard of watercress show they Lincoln wasn't an aphrodisiac. All out. Well what are what are you. Have you draw you out there and not. I'm daylight as one consume watercress big east and I'm salads or ma'am yeah a guy awards and got Barack release recently got a watercress sounds like Laura. Whatever okay you know until months thousands is discussing what maybe they Newsom but I didn't. Right now the beer is only available in Ireland but who knows if against popular. And have been here they can make its way over here what are news ladies guys might start guzzling bared the bar to make the morning here. One no one quick side note here just simply because we've got to make sure your news we want to share besides the beer that so booster sex drive I think it is great news I'm atheist but I don't know prior relationship stingy a brewery in Iceland by the way now has a beer called. How polar that is being made with the giants wailed testicle. Not now that alone isn't discussing enough before they brew the whale testicles they smoke them in sheep craft. What. One review the beer taste quote like a reporter with tens of caramel and a smoky almost media after tips. Again. It's made with the whale testicle. And then never smoked in sheep craft. That's just but the bill does iron ten minutes a dark dark. John Warner. Why would you tell Connecticut for. Brad a question was an 844999. Alone library calls coming up you're losing avenger radio network. You're just isn't good as mark none of the categories of the since you love day's end the most valuable sports teams around the world your gas. It is as good as my gallon or more other random question guys in the meantime a 4499909. Brad you're welcome to venturaland. Brands only and all. And I tell Patrick yeah. On the home is the funniest thing if you ever heard kids say what is the funniest thing you've ever heard John McCain's mouth. Nephews. Would do yeah at least why might feel a heartfelt horror. Let hard you're crazy employers. Said he lives in New Jersey. So just based on Darren okay that's another action that just is an immediate trigger that's the nose to say that. So everything is as a license and got caught off and I figured I might actually. Good number of open very well done that is. L instance there's you gotta I believe I have a learned behavior based on a sound that word is simultaneous that's awesome but I don't like you know some profanity that portals like little song this is how you react to and that's great because they're gonna do you know crap at. That's out there now whenever mob hits the war and he always says the helpless feeling good thank you enough respect right. Also. I'd like I do love the fact that here earlier after you well could be anywhere but New Jersey absolutely could have been much worse yeah. That's a consistent standards to educate Jersey. I did this just this is part of protocol man. Beyond the reason we as a funny thing did you kids say your kids sail west Chester chiropractor once a serious adjustments. And how the TSA operates after he says. He was groves during a routine pat downs mark Frey who was 61 was headed back to New York from Palm Beach with his girlfriend and two young daughters when he claims. Hey Transportation Security Administration screener at Palm Beach international airport. Begin funneling him the screener had fried who has metal prosthetics in his neck lift up his shirt to his head and ignore Fries request for a private search. The worker then put his hands under Friday shorts and was roughly touching his generals for so long enterprise. Eight year old daughter X. And a look they're touching daddy's this. Yeah according to a lawsuit he filed against the TSA the surge was so out of bounds of fellow traveler filed her. Own complaint on behalf of fry hey you completed phrase supervisors tell him as the procedure dragged on. They took from. And they took away my child's innocence he sent. Don't that I keep pumping your kids ready bouncing in and an advanced placement. Collins as if that is awkward to begin with muscles of your daughter but hey hey but I will say this man that's the ones I'm really glad. Let your kid just be some filter. Don't like it you yelled at people wouldn't believe you're right usually does it guarantee a saline peoples and to be in a male would have to give my dad did that he's been as. Then you know like yeah forgot about and that's the group at Merrill we let you know it if if if if if it ran. Randolph. And yeah welcomes the men's room. Hey don't go to guy. Oh wow. And I have a fair gym once. Where were you stunned or where were you this then there's a better fit. They didn't miss Maria sung a where you've been. Well my buddies out of the data old apple orchard and had a budget is not that bad ball sidewalk they're very afraid it's. It's doubtful begin at 200 bucks it's a very important. Though. Nausea and Bryant yeah well they get out there are on the ground we're talking not he's got. Ed. I didn't connect with want to avoid that right now what exactly get Larry get more important. And I ran out dog might hear it did me all my dad had achieved you say my head back to back out. Did you did you donned a bucks. A guy and you gotta you gotta have announced that our man on man those things are very terrible pick up some relief to ironically what you did yes there I was should go to my son and I think onto my third shot and you beat balls and around. Start we have to MacWorld. Just I mean for no goddamn reason I think I'm unemployed are there are jumping around so and that he's like. Doesn't hurt among our mayor and that's this is why do you want your studies have egos on this sucks man yeah parents house of a scooter and so I went through my face masks I had an open and glasses on the poetry and figure out of the guy in my cheek don't mean like our guy and owner and I figure some kind of bug. So now Obama more than store I get out the scooter Allen damaged areas he's being he's a big gas being he's just sit on my sure a lot of didn't sting me I was like thanks brother because he was in my face you know I think he's in a crawl down I let you know as I think he's done not your face when he was the initial reason you know why don't. Man it's just like yours and weird yeah I do do I told you minutes of the bug to that Adam's Apple Mac one like 5060 miles now. Try to free these are going to another five or 600 yards. When I was landscape and at the end that you got to blow off the grass they get off the sidewalk or give walkway in your backyard. Somebody Bernice in front I mean he's watching you blow off this walkway and all the sudden. It's a backpack blower gas pinch are just written off Mike's claim it down start to take off season with a helmet we don't they quit and but I blown over these. Oh labeled a little reports the goal now. The reason I asked what areas under business end of the year when loss look dangerously close to drink they find some new ones sometimes. It's for so you know I'd wasps are now getting hammered they fly all all drunk and angry and guess what they look forward there drunken hammered gas. They look for people disdain also and they got a few more weeks back BC news Los. CNN news or continue on the men's room. The radio network.