08-13-18 Seg 1 Mens Room Has A Snack

Monday, August 13th

It's time once again for the Random Question Question!


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He went sure nothing here is real. Offend anyone. My name to join the party. It's. On the other. Or radio more than three times. Enjoy. They go in Minnesota in 2883. Year. Along with Stephen Drew hill. Use heads and a good odd. It's my car. In the men's room. Any random question question your best isn't good news bond categories apps. And sport. Specimens from his back get ready to play profile list plus headlines manager John made fumbles through emails and everyone's favorite TV time which is a car. Negro I barely know Indiana man goes away news opens up his laptop and starts checking out or not be very worst kind. While Massachusetts man sexiest cars fluids and a four foot boa constrictor he did fine. Family comes home to find their cats got a lot bigger since they were gone. Man breaks in the fire station in steals a fire truck with a break of dawn and in a Steelers uniform tries to sneak into practice. And makes a team that is all coming on today's very special episode of the men's room. All you have good kids good day to you and yours aren't there is no shortage of news stories about. Human interaction with animals or armory on my Paul can say. Matt and most and least. There's a guy in Germany announced he called the cops while he was being and I quote Stoltz in under threat by wild animal. This is true it turns out why available. The baby's World Series. I know stop stalking him good ran out of energy both liberals and got a guy called comes on some I'm just I don't understand. Why you called the cops. For that now on the other hand. I completely understand why famine Colorado called the cops for Bayer animal encounters. I'm gonna baby squirrel they came home to fund a Mountain Lion sitting in the living room couch as bad enough. You remind us they Mountain Lion and also even a pet cat. And pointed out that when they opened the door it turned to look at them. And what woman swears that a look at the world may not her look to her roommate made its lips in roommate took off for a conference from Stallone Tom. And then there's this nationwide mourning it's not any area in particular but you know like Wallace already. It's coming angry by nature put another way this summer is unfolding with some drowns. Yeah apparently there's drug washed out there and are worse than just regular whilst because whilst they said now the drug. And into the kind of stories you've seen them led to many many questions questions we'd like to ask you in the form of a random question question and this is how it works. You call us we ask your question a complete random. And after you share your symptoms leading story. We'll show review the news story that inspired send questions brother John Moran question question call 844999. Hole you don't like the men's room on FaceBook follow us on Twitter and insert random and your mind. And to those emails to the men's room and men's or live dot com you're listening to the men's or radio network for. Men's room was smiles and thrilled. With our panel are going to summer 2880. For. Today your dad's is as good as mine is back. And the categories we. Be dealing but today we have some of the most valuable teams in sports around the world that includes all NBA. NFL pro am league you name it for our Major League baseball's included in this. They are the they make more money and work more money than any other sports teams in the world that's one category. Also. Apps that we love to hate and just can't quit. The most popular ones around her that we use and they're always going to be there on her phone one way or another so those are choices. In your guess is as good as mine as a man's arms coming doubled during itself was shot a day and another round of a profile that's coming up as well guaranteed future repeatedly things is ensure absolute. I don't know man morrow hello legal Obama was saying earlier that people ask all the time and every show is a reboot and in fact Michelle is it has the potential to be just depends on how good it is the problem is it's been assays every show repeat in the main they misunderstand how much work. That takes seems seems like we're being lazy but truthfully what we're doing is we're putting so much effort we might not be here today content and nine he put in the effort already see. And then you know Sony shows. That they don't all don't make it will we go on you know vacation whenever. Only the best only only only the battle yes this is this that yeah I have this they're guaranteed. A future. Ryan that is true random random hero retains tremendous size that some are bad we are not warrant wouldn't hear. Our match and I got an area. Hello rich welcome to the men's room. Let's go to the whole purpose and I. My heart wrenching. Treasury there will be out for me today good oh I did I heard Mike's all over. I'll get rich this seems like once you get handled. One was responsible. Or who was responsible may lose a certain kind of club members your drug for giving you really really messed up. Man I don't know this should do Libya. The 151. And it got me. Okay. Also designed to do that is designed to hear. Is oh the onslaught and sort of birthday and I remember have been yeah just try out the door off from reduced child care. While they got beat out because I'm beat up a little bit well I kind of got you know god you're out. And you cannot only get one guy even still look at the time now I've had one bad one through tonight. Roughly the same age did you just don't know what I'm. I'm not included. But our good iron and go to the next day would hang over there and while some my head. That's and you had won 51 cents a. And maybe once or twice let yes that's that's it's out of my category anymore. Yeah I mean is that yes I don't do and any fit right saying roughly that they've had a ribbon car door offerings and long story short and went to bar the nice night. Everyone seemed shocked to see me and we kept saying. Are you all right to a dar responded I'm far and remember falling off the bar stool that onetime guerrilla war. And then they filled in my knowledge no one hole yeah Jesus man losing about 151 is is that it's not there most of bars don't have won 51 you have to make it a point. Yeah all liquor store. And by that specifically. And taken all important unsure whatever the hell you're making it goes bars don't wanna deal able of course and it consumed 151 I was tarmac dividend housing camera last time I had a shot one for two months and that was it. It's just gonna yamana I don't know I did terrible. Today's terribly your ride past regressed. What was responsible for getting you really messed up here a Tony a year old Saint Augustine, Florida man. Is accused of screaming profanity is in deputies after leading them on a high speed chase on Sunday. Gregory Johnson was clocked going 94 miles an hour according to the arrest report Johnson refused to pull over until he arrived at his home. Report goes on to say he smelled of alcohol and had vomit all over his face he was also wearing pajamas. When she crap himself. Top deputies allegedly discovered it almost empty bottle of vodka and marijuana inside the car they said the Johnson got out of his vehicle and again then yelling expletives at law enforcement sergeant Harrison wrote and there is neighbors and nobody wants to have somebody that's doing illegal activity living near them rather report says Johnson minutes underage drinking and he told deputies. Yo that Tito's got me after a I'll get this out he knows he's surcharge would DUI reckless driving possession of marijuana and possession liquor by any person under the age of 21 but he asked. The Tito's got him after us our man I go and I say it all the time with my there's no stop you see on the news. There are certainly television shows that he convinced young men and women that you wanna be a cap. And then there's real life and a special thank about this right like you do watch TV and a CSI Miami like my hobby and I can believe this first day on the job. We defused a nuclear tomorrow and we stopped the bank high screen and high speed chase and jump on how. All this great stuff frank real life is yeah there's a draw computer asked himself. Right then he's going to maybe government you can newswire examples like bands my days and then I just don't understand deals gap brand. And friends Lorenzen Wright and slogans and Andrew Brown liquor law and current cars. Andre Derek Brian let's say here's here's. Credit question question Moses smell what was the lows this now. What was that now could your kids breath you know you walk around with viewers are ma'am my dog around the when you visited she smoked sturgeon are sleepers on the. Obviously and no worst moment in my house is my girlfriend's cat litter box. I ask you not I only got 5 o'clock in the morning and go to work I'm like why is it that Athens now oh my I'm not sure what. Earning it it's the bathroom. And you just now all nothing but chat keep. Yes see that's that might turn turns red cat. It's the world's. I don't know what's worse chat cheap or olds terse compete in now return home and really Ari can. Older you'll generally don't pee on your couch my generally generally OK you're vegan help cats generally don't bode into what does your really pay I can't get enough spas and your Larry when you all personally can't show that the cattle or liberal person he's an attempt threat. Turn this thing sooner or better show a good and better chance to get you when you're announcing cat urine. We don't just you know yeah Kent County is the absolute worst let's put into the sometime and I guess in your Larry's Maine coon who is a bigger tune earlier as saying hey well you say that the bug and you do let's containment cap I don't know if you know this everything like that heralds can't know what really did. I have applied does have a cat. I would also VW breed bigger than was ever a guy didn't get annually would have been left may include you know you don't you do look at all times you know and Fiat PI know what I have you real anger I have ever told you ever made goon thrill this thing to me that I made through the room right now think what'd he also easy. Groups human sized herdsmen I mean you don't like damn Larry. That is impressive like it's just I guess is he eats a lot man society you're kind of person hustling one day milestone commons I do do not simply this. About others and do living my crawl space and he was the guy down the my dads who would surprise remember that understands. Israel opposes smell. A strong smell outside of California supermarket turned out to be smelly. Someone who had decomposed and one of the store's entrance columns. Police were called to the window foods in Lancaster after a plumber. Told them it was likely a septic problem so he helped knock though brick from the column and they saw issue. And a leg inside by the way it's been over 100 degrees up there every day according to the LA county sheriff. I can't imagine being inside that column and just baking is a strange development and if he died that way it's a horrible way to die. Police say the victims may be a man who was stopped for a fake license. Played on Monday night. He crashed his vehicle he ran away from deputies he got into the supermarket the man ran up the steps where the managers are. According to an eyewitness and somehow we got on the roof last thirty got away. But from up there he could reach store area where he descended in that column and fell whether he died from the fall or baked inside it is unclear. He was found on his feet within arm's stuck behind his head movie I saw some gooey liquid and it smelled real real foul it was oozing out Biller on the payment. It smelled like death. Welcome to win eco I. They don't normally go make one thing about the smell of death and I was on human dampened certainly animals like. You can walk in somewhere and events you don't wonder what the smell was you just wonder where it is an intermediary and feel like I don't know there's something dead. In the house man describes it like wintertime for some fired heater. When LA you're cheap apartments like resident Nelson event there. There's a dead mouse in the fridge inventing the Arizona first time you fire up the heat your teenage house I Europe and I was always like. A very unique like burning smell smell attorneys that Saudi they want a week and I. Rendell Rendell friends some random random friend hello Aaron welcome to the men's room and brown hair and down. Okay that America Daria. You're right and I didn't do well man Fuzzy here unpleasant question. I was gonna lose and I think everybody's got one of these stories what is your story about condom. What is your story about comments. I worry about it on its okay yeah. We only need one do you probably running through fifty different stories. Well you know apology that's out of service and concentration over and out Korea. And I did to have. You know I'd be magazine exchange today unlike Thursday eager to date the bailout bear Syrian. So yeah they gathered straight out like deer born amanpour while. Right it's. I'm going to actually out I didn't out. Al logic direction and my buddy block British media black right in the face what is watermelon right well we dot org waterborne. And obviously blood and a lot of Blair and let you know our bears are right next the army guys don't what do you expect. So he got hit in the face he's of them with a blown up condom. Yeah why are really kind of break this case. They brought I use it for sex rather than been used condom exactly. Did you don't know I don't and a dog when shooting used condom. You don't realize that when quizzed the dog going to go over memorandums like oh my god. Because you stick your hand in its mouth like trailers what is it like all right guided. There is these hurdles condom in the palm of my handed ultimately can slips like I hate you right now I hate you. As an animal I know you don't understand how we got Graham. But I'm gonna call ten and pat solutions yeah that level. Did I had a buddy. Asset freezes we've gone to an event there was some other friends there is some women around. And then he had parked basically like right in front of my apartment and to have so. We kind of lost track for him for a minute and a really thought about it and then the next day I called Mosley hey did you hook up with. Follow live music you know why I think is there's a freight and use condoms save your car was part is a sorry I didn't I. That's the weird whenever I use common just out like any open when did it have. I think they're very good third round when no one is like all right good for you man you already are and you know what yeah. I. Remember the first time I saw used condom I was excited because I was like eleven or twelve loses a element if you had sex here. He'll be all right my Brothers they know that's discussing. How we. And the level things like Igor doubt there's always spirit is always gone the number one she wants to suspend its blue man and everyone's why do you wouldn't hurt. But somehow authority used condoms from both of those as far as come on man. Well I didn't until I get what you had to go if you've proved on a sidewalk got to slash delude deep you did know be like girls but the common link really land. Really. What do you wanna step by our engines don't wanna earlier down and just seen the ring of the economy that's all the slump. And you wonder are due where Sandra deserved the rest of the smartest so whenever pregnancies yeah Zach but prison as soon as Shiraz story on economy British condom maker X is withdrawing summits products from the shelves after determining major nominee quote to burst of pressure standards. OK first pressure standards. So they can break. Com assuming the big guys are and and as they neared their expiration date they are breaking more frequently than not. The recall all of these certain latex free condoms was posted on the company's web site in Germany we can go similar recalls in Britain and elsewhere in Europe. But was first reported on the Tuesday. They say if customers have experienced the condom failure of the company refers their advice on its packaging doom. So a doctor or pharmacist assistance as soon as possible ragged they say you can sandbag your unused condoms or return them to the store where they purges for a full refund. Information on identifying possible defective condoms could be found who directs web sites there and let you know Deneuve and other defense tonight what are your kid yeah and the French do like a man though as you re like that's that's an that's an expensive recall. It is and I like Elisa what would pose a live on our website I lose and I know a lot of really use condoms are normal in new woman goes to the direct website you'll have a saved under control Brennaman says it's not topples I don't know I think the brain and you use normal life but you're right I. I never visited the website. Now right they don't need one that's exactly go crazy go and darkest you can reach out among players of LA Condoleezza one of those things that work still by word of mouth. When you're still single and using condoms like eventually have a buddy that hey did you see he's he's trojans. Right arousal is a vicious piece he's the best. I ever since the December and add to think try this new one another do good they are brilliant campaign. Our own room and pay random random random Rambo around Jerry and welcome to really know random random random Brando right. I dared hung programmer and a question questions Jerry holier. I mean 22 point two years old James. Let's see here. You know when your feet short and I want to college your last time bathroom emergency ended. Tundra last met all emergency and. Gold. OK okay. Had a little problem first sounded about him. So to let it go to our basic anyway. But I understand and right after show. And so we I had children need to need to go. Unfortunately it Chandler who are Tillotson go. Beyond just energy is clinch. Yeah yeah. Did you polluters oh. OK. Then move. The only meal. So there. Oh. Brazen way I asked manager alas bathroom emergency end. As your pants so the story goes OK okay I completely dumped it ended in his pants that horrifying moment when your. Our panel and yes feel the rumble in your stomach to meet romance. Minus I have had the worst luck lately was just like being complacent just threw the ball the worst place you gotta go and when I have to go. Portland what places to me like I think our kids dialed like Ocalan to a concert the other night they are great and eleven elect a man like I have a really rotten somehow like I'm glad to go. It happened to me out of Cecil two weeks ago in the middle of this massive set had to take a dump right in a Porta potty that is why breeding. There was no toilet paper are. Booing you do push. I walked across to my RV. I had toilet paper and there I cleaned up and then I took a pair of underwear and I threw it away OK you got restless lost her underwear that fassel now. I believe that walled room. All full and how far was brief instance is and that I used. Pop out like 11 PM and my buddies and what's wrong mcqueary is a trash can they get it over here what's up I don't think I'll. Tell you what revenues and I ask myself then I got to go to I don't know. Where you go you really got to know like they had the most popular answers from the news surveys say you'll find a public bathroom. You find something maybe you buy something from restaurants you can go and use their bathrooms so people sneak into the restaurant use the bathroom now buying something. A lot of you just knew they say Helen and head home knowing that they can hold it. And no 1% of the population says you don't want to advance man I'll find a private spot outdoors in and just go there once they know I'm 1% read a question was an 844999. All Morey calls coming up you are listening to the men's or radio network. Your dad has been good my guns categories will be ams and sports your guess is as good as my go to right after the grand question question may fourth or ninth round I'm I'm not around all the way in my grave side note a lot of other people that hole or have owed Maine who's actually dad got. The old saying. Lieberman gas cans one guy let's see up to 3235. How long he's a big cat how does your catalyst he's human like way. I don't know. Dies man I tell you what though I realized how big ideas please just my desk wherever Tennessee another kind of my mailman Myers there's big big catch compared to. They don't realize how big years until he and his I have Farrell. I know Mike Hillman let's go man go ahead Gomez is what the vice North Carolina video Mohandas but can we get our program. Those of these are cracking me anyway hello how are no match welcome to the bedroom. Audit saw all right I. All right man Matsui got here for real on the random question questions go this one. Why would you say is your favorites. Non snack kind of snack food for example our own my cock enjoys a delicious and Arizona rice cake apparently from time to time. Guess something that actually enjoy he's got a taste is there anything out there you read that others would consider a little bit strange or weird. Oh I don't think you're weird but I. Are screened. I like eating just play you want me better than white salami sandwich sometimes it might ask well it's it's easy. Just now down out of love with the first opus. Download the only leaves like that to me they're designed for you. You eat those while the refrigerator door open and you determine which really wanted to eat and the Mel my plans and items that are eaten meat out of him and got the look feel my granddaughter. She comes over and she'll eat an entire package of my pepperoni and I'm gonna make impedes or somebody make a little delicious pizza bagels. I don't like god damn you need a whole pack of our own yeah Uga heartburn or nothing you know wow that would Friday does the media be it young man exactly what I. He's ran Salameh had been way more slimy just as a slice and on the sandwich absolutely sure absolutely it always have turned deal are going to some of that is a look for somebody else to eat. What's what is your favorite non snacks tank this is the unusual moment they say a commuter in New York City a spot on the subway taking it. A giant shop about a lone child out of a block of butter. Video or their daughter social media this week shows the man on wrapping what appears to be a stick of butter before casually taking huge bite out without even flinching. A alabaster wasn't too shy about letting the community know he was filming the man while he gave the butter as the cell phone recording shows closeup shots of the individual. The man takes a bite he casually wraps up what's left of the butter bloc and places it back inside the box without worry of the other passengers staring at them. Other studios initially posted onto an Lindsay Graham account. The video is shared by a looks like over a million people so far. One party coming erodes even butter be careful that's not good for itself. Another sad maybe you before he got on the trainees some biscuits and forgot the monitor. I'm some more empathetic with their remarks and suggest that the man may have been looking to bulk up on calories for the day a lot of budget one person that'd come back and what it's all you have. It's great. People don't realize how poverty works yes he's on public transit. But he may not have money to get much and butter. Is cheap. Mother is not shot range she moderate is not. She know well first of mall America a broad you are at it for the price of butter of our million amusing you'd buy and eat. Before it made to slice the amber won't say you can render web sprained an amount that I do you do urge you. Duke I don't know how I line my finger now is a great amount you are you frustrated and out you kind of a little manual draw your finger I don't blame a dirty fingers and airmail alana how hard that we are craving that Arizona pulled directly in my mouth of but it certainly did that I'm subway you stole my thunder sitting across from regrets is admirals who they put under newspaper we dramatic. But I met you still find strange in spite of the fact that deep down. Do you wanna hit it's strange it's not as we use the butter guy it's not. As we. Pretty ample address serial killer and a guy that I was gonna we're doing painful dry cereal men Tulsa milk gas ha ha ha. Lou it or not it is like if those like you get a below zero but except I'd stick it isn't even doing this or let's not Swedes. I'll play out of place it's just is a book would you still with only and I know you snacking on agreements shredded wheat. No corn flakes no. Frosted flakes yes that's true I didn't raise the brain really yeah iron and Jeff. I just but I don't like raisins in the idea of putting them in cold milk to meat. That's just my blog I know it's popular and OB will do and I just cannot understand for the life of me. What they want Jews to do that yeah just cause the makes I would about when we are sexier to grow around. I don't know do you sound and sometimes you wake up and think why is there seems all over the floor. Lots of my job here live down exactly on hold there we just lost just because our phone lines just let downs and you like your partner and question question call us back please ignore or 999 Paula. More on the random question was in coming up here in seconds. So many things continue on the men's room. He'll network.