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Friday, August 10th

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This is the men's room. Right it's almost any balancing color and I think 44999. All of my profile Lizzie. Are your headlines only one hour from now first a quick check into my car for some of the stories and headlines he is. Not working on trying to. Says it is on between the makers of Oreo Cookies and lookalike high rocks the new MDC to blame and hide drugs he claims the Orioles folks. That's clearly beginning grocery stores about high drug studies and heart disease spots so no one will buy them. I transfer gone. They're not they're just hard to signs in and they reveal an original event and my guess here's my my family was split half plus Oreo people have less where hydroxy. Vivendi has moved out of our remember right shoe. Jennifer Hershey Angelina Paul Lindsay team Jacob may end. All new guys and twilight held a database that Andrew Andrew Anthony head. Edwards battered and thank your husband read an original little boy Andrew my actual name. And then we moved on the buffalo vs vice problem worse vice that is genius or family. New studies you can improve your Internet domain host punched a. Well one can hang another break lake. A new study if I need to improve your dad held by eating crickets. Oh all right we have crickets in the in the studio yeah we use our backed me off sorry were you sound actually. Should we tell somebody you say you've tried them I have you actually having Greg and I haven't yet how many of them probably nobody's available you know and I just eat and diva opens him to hurt him some new what does this Sunday Lee Curtis. Thanks for bowel movement of these days your pal woman sure miles. It's a nice record period and you'll you'll you'll see movement downside. A burglar in the UK originally got Todd after please re able to find traces of his DNA on some seem easy well. It's what can CNN I'm I thought it did this so it looks look she's beaten. He just take a bite out of the G melee got his life. Thugs and send them our economic. Damn why you ask questions you and them cheese. Drop the ball out got out of time president Biden she's messing your caddie Steve he just had to buy into news. He's on the many left and she's it's. In a there's a mysterious voter at a dairy grinning Calgary has been solved. You might remember that they are pretty years where the free lose to anyone you can find the source turns out it was they gas leak in this ceiling geez. All right wow that's going to be good thing gas company sounded so it's not clear if anyone's getting free blizzards now are not. Guess somebody only find it when the offer free blitzer just a good yeah that's the British do this place is like 25 team. Somebody must have come by. Think now the draw for free blizzard breezy this series there's another three year gasoline can for singling out one area. Element because it was a gasoline to gas company is like you know we won't. Tool pusher for the free freak blizzards. Helms. Assembly in New York recently did a alone to get a 15100 dollar dog. How the company and again Malone is secondly Elise and if they don't pay the final 338 dollar lease payment they'll have the dog repossessed. I am. I mean there's dogs in shelters and NI CU. It's got a loan to your dog and your fans are ready for strong outing during born 15100 dollar not one but I know an animal shelter they're considerably cheaper. I'm in some calls some paperwork raised do you get this may think the same you know I keep you can't afford to have you don't go out right thanks. Can't afford dog don't get don't get the damn know. So lonely get a Nall. And I always believe also that her twice as you can take a loan for anything really very make volumes payback. OK everything they got a loan you're about drugs like well we don't care and have you repossess the dogleg is there. De Vito drug becomes frowned and it's yes but don't get onto the back from a broad front and a dragon comes to remind them. Precisely what they do it might have been horrible sight for the day and making your own dog since then disappear isn't the only thing we do with that solution are. So blue yeah and Paul. Mo re po you're gonna put our dog fusion also noticed when you order because solutions solutions is in quotation marks. I'm sorry an editorial control as nothing they can do that they will pop art loss to negative effect. I'd just get in the dog don't shoot the messenger. Above flood here's everything is good and controlled explosion on the suspicious looking box that fell out of the sky with a parachute attached. OK fair enough turns out it was just some can science project. At all. It's. But like I hope it's Obama that's what I had to finish the trauma juggled Sammy. No they tell me I'm so moment that is so cool now. That is so cool man. Well my conclusion is if you throw bonds a little hill and compare here. And those social science experiment and end up being balloons rose detailing what clue about how this is with adamantly and every year due to win. What actually happened was the cops showed up. The blue and there's 7100%. Of the times I would recommend it. Demanding and recently got employees because his wife was snoring loudly and he didn't know what to do. Heads are no. How much out of luck and find. Extra no not yet been seriously hurt calendar club is close friend Ayers. Very good he's not just ahead. Depends on the suns are not what you know Orlando and Eminem Medina and Eminem and I. Patrolman assigned. Unreasonable. Right progress and I just came back a little bit I mean it depends on the size and who knows maybe I don't maybe blueberries you just need to lean a little bit. Out until many then they didn't count as an emergency and he should get her some medical help would you exempt. We love you may have to write it. There's a big way and Mario demands of the car you have grants announced at noon okay let's go over her face the red and white red or white. Okay great Sunday. And I you need Redgrave go to Safeway now. Amanda Nebraska split is Carl Wednesday and fled the scene and one police. When Torres didn't. So we are you talked about this affects the frogs are uses a hostile while back now I'm brilliant at what point do you think this is going to get you out of your situation felt advanced. So like it was a fraud in the police low light it was right in the thrall with armies of bugs on the side of the room and hopefully got a money animal cruelty. Just that and the majority Rollins has all the WBA games right and I'm tired. Obama not end. They lower priority or wherever I need to. Why don't Bremer answer I had a nice land mines were oh and I found an LA guy. The only time you. Almost got a month to have very little man who drag and you lose. The Obama we're all. And nobody says. It's. Just and it's not much room. In the eye and more lol okay yeah I'll pass it. And then you went to the problem big ticket and sit in the I have it before you actually sort of I think that's a good. Automatically think I'm three shooting is and I can't. We don't go always guys you're not gonna believe this I'm Verizon's jobs you can. Mr. Obama got a bunch of cats and I'm an elderly goblins six. Well I might literally just died out there. I'm hopeful young watered. Still there. Obama to catch it on an elderly couple in Saint Louis this week by claiming their grandson was an accident and needed money. But the owner of a courier service that was hired to mills an envelope full of cash from got suspiciously called please and saves them 151000. Dollars. I swear okay. MS heard I mean that's being alert siren mama gave. You for being like waiting your job. Amanda Dorgan was trying to raise some yellow jackets put you in the grueling a lot more whoa that's Zell about what I'm. Now you might knock headlines are doing a one hour from now cars are gay man. Newsroom resent this. Throw beautifully turmoil now profile press is playing that's our ten miles it's as simple game where we sermons you real like news story. Something that happened right here. I'm planet earth yeah. Herb and Susan's story based on stereotypes you believed to be drew people. And the decisions that people make well less to a to do is you think baseless story a story. Hello and welcome in the men's rooms. Hello all you just leave he shot and a young continental to mean you lose. Students and Brendan Jones Lang I'm you one thing on. I in this case we go zero Melrose Wisconsin we go to the financing Kristiansen and strength. More Burris is accused of fatally cutting co workers stroke. And a circular saw. And claim that he did it because do you tease. And drove to work yeah. Editorial face charges of first degree intentional homicide and mayhem and the example the 37 year old victim. Suspect the locally county on the man with a song while unbelievable home and removed falls Wisconsin so. You've paid for Rupert around your home sometime it's. Happened in June gloom nicely you know your confidence goes well roofers these guys. OK. Okay and then the victim fell onto the grounds crews. And witness said the suspect continued going to make the movies or do assault after no way. The victim died on the grounds crew food pyramid sharp force injuries across the face neck back in the extremities his jugular rail and car I'll. Carotid arteries were both slides through his music for she's leaving absolutely then my question did you believe the angry roofer. Is quite quite Monty Ortiz and John velocity on me senator in the story earlier so I have to back down. I would amount of one I don't wanna win in cheat like white men series. I straight up routine yes and you mean in a little Max. It's very mainly job. But he and chat and somebody and continuing chops until he knew that. Mean cartels. Do that stuff. When this even better for a cartel right not to root for so I feel very personal and Malia and he's getting drugs seemed to work more. Yeah that's forum when he accused the bomb anyway I think that makes me think this guy is on math he thinks they're secretly sleeping in math. Any slight to any kind of this. My final answer. Might finally. Find out here is why why next in order these genetics. Fat when the keys are listening to them and radio network it's. Your. True violence exists it was guys and we got to root for who's getting into an argument with is a co workers to order had been a teasing him for a while our contestant Louis dropped off flying so low tech news and you're gonna go for a I just accused of plotting a co workers throats with a circular solved tonight on the roof of the home and killing. And then and continue coming on even entry drive then ten. Official wounds listed ten reasons why why it makes your agent. Your newsroom. Salt was mad season roofers they manual labor we've all seen and understood business and on the other hand. One of the accusations of the guys level was bad. He was being drugged to work more news or do you let somebody why do from my math and things and someone else's fault paranoia and all. On. Out of here I heard that caused makes you guys for MS remembers who you may see it doesn't mean you're not on meth. How appointees. Oh did you lose all the time it is time for TV time we do. Jimmy Kimmel does it's kind of funny things that one of the funny things he's doing for years is I mean tweaks need to sometimes it'll be like. Lately it's rampant dram NBA all star game it'll just be NBA guys are so that. This could guide different and it's going to be mean tweets that this is the active competition. So you'll recognize in the famous rappers kind of I didn't call out in the yeah I mean tweets. Well his taste Iraqi lol I need more. Next my rising tide until. Is this when you think maybe you weren't gonna be okay. Big shot turns out they knew these. Like many miles is that these fights are beat. Like she can't wrap on meet the save her life meanwhile also physically I think that's. And whether. Folks are hitting it fat and shady guy. Bob it would be great when you have machine and years. You know I'm employs about 58 year old divorced concerning. Alfie they're my half I'm there early twenties Ferrara does have a an old sounding voice so yeah. I'm saying. About the way you watch the full I mean tweets say you're watching with an engine FaceBook page that's always good man but I see some of overtures brutal tale of oh yeah. Indeed it is but the fact that. Macaulay Culkin. We all know him from home alone and nothing else yes well and good son. Yeah yeah I guess I don't know why I think I would I think he's a wonderful. As far as how people know them. I think my daddy you know I'm I'm William Schneider you earlier TJ hooker depressed I think that you didn't do it and people are not your problem is way. My kids Ngo from gall to call him to actually beating thing but they have been faxing home loan of more times a man I cared to admit. But they've never seen the goods up. I that's some as far as the universal as far as the pop until long lasting appeal that's a mighty that is science has now my personal life. You have no idea is densely right now Amanda yeah. Yeah well and you know and to his credit right he's. Yeah for awhile there he's gonna purposely stayed out of the line my short Panetta came back but did. It's our Joseph wrote on his podcast and he said back in 2006 and they were cast in the Big Bang theory. He was up for one of the parts. Basically he's got a Sicily I wanna do it. And I heard like the audio of him sane and he's kind of like a I jetted think he he dudes and hot chick across the hall. He's got an ass is on but I also I don't think he is listed I have hundreds of billions of dollars now I don't decade at the same time I'd be bashing my head against the wall. Well he's he's honest to what he would do his art. He is very Weathers is going around doing build an underground songs love pizza where I want to do many don't want wants to do yeah I would I I beyoncé I appreciate garrison there got to Dubai I thought I was stupid show I didn't wanna do it yes I could be simple chore grumpy right now but I'm just glad that nobody does bring you happiness you know I mean like that doesn't make my life I learned that there. Is a home alone things work tournament. But he's only going into syndication and every passing legislation that's still making money off a hundred dollars and thirty. Yeah I did dozens if he makes money off home alone he's so much a lot of money Obama. Actually this point man is just become a person's movie and mug again kids depending what age they are. There is a very solid chances. Here's how went down for me this is an artist seen every movie but I hate you know Christmas Tom's coming up quite a mouse into this demos and do this again. Seem to find movies for kids here's home alone harmless fun c'mon they think it's the greatest thing ever but and I understand why they do your kid. The movies from a camera you know surround by guys Bubba was so but don't want to over and over I'm like yeah that's how we wants this thing was no barrel would make him miss a couple years ago you watch jaws yes for the first time a dozen a dozen Mittal took an error an and you loved it. Yeah most of her movie I. This is a movie. That plays every single year easily when you look at them the mountain moneymakers on the Roy Schneider and does make money out Joseph Houser still but this is ever guaranteed every year there's this holiday where people watch holiday movies and listen normally you probably gonna get a lot of people who watch every years I think from a syndicate are not syndication revenue alleles damn well like. It is happening every year. In on me I got you probably make a lot more money on. Stuff like I would get it right there's only so many this Christmas movies ranked I'd love alone Christmas vacation. Ralf Christmas story Brad Sana. Yeah that's what I've been a little more but then darn hard jello and jingle all the way that. There aren't any good husband. I. Let's see on the Oscars every brand new I category and I Jimmy Kimmel had a couple thoughts on Matt went. There's a new category at the Oscars outstanding achievement and popular film I guess some are over their head and I did he said what are we honor some movies. The people actually seen as everyone has great. Very well here the words and the Oscar goes to the fast and furious eighteen never stopped fasting never. I mean I think it's about time they do that they are. I really don't see their cause some evil RD calling it the popcorn Oscar as they think it's not this highly sought after. Also. Basically people aren't watching awards shows is much they used to with bats and again 26 and a half. Million people watched it writes I must feel terrible so they're trying to lay condense the broadcast is that now a part of it is. If you give away ward to a popular movie million people care more. I think it I also think that and I get the seriousness of a like a slum dog millionaire whatever premature but I still think that in a way hear it Harold and Kumar. Just just have a comedy. A war union like that there should be other like good burger should be off or my breath. Four in the comedy category again there was anchorman is always great movies they have house in the back they let you have it I know. They call it musical slash comedy. Which is ridiculous because you get does something like when ms. Iran which is not funny by anyone's stretch of the imagination right people died during the French revolution but they send. But somehow that competes against a movie that may have been funny but it but I do agree to a hot dog that I'm usually in Oregon sometime we don't want. Did well normally don't forget all the guys I mean our time machine like that I now realize how dumb as a businessman Kevin Rose hot tub time machine measurements were just an axiom of company. God so many great move Friday whenever. Let's see also they're cut out some speeches and seventy awards are going to be given out during commercial breaks there ya go away earlier mode yeah. The only ones and there won't decision he'll amend supporting. Grass is not in the picture director and everything else I mean it's not that it's not interest in the Sox did. If you didn't see in the B wards only questions and wanted to mass what won best movie maybe you won best director and an actor actress and supporting actor actress Samantha that. But we're really Ted Kennedy come back from a commercial break rules I saw I just wanna say thank you all I'm really got to get as good night and like prozac he draws more interest of the financial loosen the cramping you knew what was. Well that's the Greg that's the one downside is somebody's now. Maybe one for best short film or whatever you're gonna make this speech sites I wouldn't they're gonna cut together I would Giuliani says it's given me a loaded whoever it is you really wanna say hello legitimately they do that stuff the night before. They have millions sermons regularly if you global war time. Let's see I got a list here of thirty legendary celebrities who do not have stars on the walk of faith I don't. So we're kinda interest in by the way other walk of fame has more than 2600 stars. I like that actually a lot of them are big name celebrities. But there's a lot of these slivers who don't have when it like Leonardo DiCaprio. Did you would think you'd be on the right now. Right big big names been. But let Carrie Fisher. Yeah it's a big name. I mean yeah well her and yes I mean it like you don't from star Lauren and basically and she's a character she's a very uninteresting person I know she is the astronomy and Star Wars was it Gary Mark Campbell should be their he has no other reason to be their other than Star Wars yeah. I've kind of funny too late Julia Roberts she turned down Leon. She clearly is not alone he turned it down and then there's people like Bruce Springsteen he accepted the star but he's never set a date for the ceremony. So. Basically if you didn't set a date within five name rules you don't that'd be an online if you don't get it but you don't get your nomination is out. Same Denzel except the honor never set up the thing. Clooney Alpa chino. Hit this kind of create this these these are people who accepted her schedule with Brad Pitt believe it or not government nominated and code. Think Brad Pitt Angelina Jolie's novelist. She's also never been nominated. Which is kind of insane. So I mean there's if there's boy bands they lose. And everything. Originally floated into pop culture in new and in fact it doesn't mean you're remarkably talented doesn't mean you're not even just point your significant when tugs on the ground were more pop culture you were beer somewhere and 5% are men and then that's great and we imagery ghastly you know what can you know exactly what. There's only one reason why. The epic epic serious yeah there's only one reason there just are forever forever. Yeah they're like Robert Redford George Lucas Robert De Niro Will Smith thank you know kit said Jim Carrey. The original Batman and Michael Keaton close sorties have. Now sent a must see it's I don't trust. Myself c'mon man. Guy goes. I think there's dinner Corey is not on there. Sean Connery Edison singers sing Whitney Houston to easier Gagne may see beyoncé none of them Oprah does have a damn star. She's too big for it. I guess she wants all blocked he. This little. God. Liberty must be nominated by anyone anybody can can be nominated in the celebrity must accepted. The committee gets you know hundreds of nominations every year they choose third or should sort of be honored the celebrity. Must agree to schedule a public appearance and also paid. 40000. Dollars for the star in the future upkeep you kidding me now. So not only do you get nominating you got to give them money. That's got a mom that's Liza but I'm trying to show us literally and armor example if I'm paying you for an honorable to business Josh and I hate to be that I I appreciate it was the Mormon nominee Lehman and we barely calls reporting grim and where will the norm is ten million magic had him in the sternum and release 'cause here. Boy it is just I mean I'd argue that any amount of dollars a guy like Lewis calls they spend an hour right I mean that's a terrible place it. Historic things when Jesus was only restored there is but yes I mean come on it's nice calls with the it would it would problems I. Lot of these people to do you have that much money so easily 40000 you have to starry night nice her arms yeah. I would it. And a real proud you know of all the odds for a Democrat guard are debating valiant OB I thirty years I wanna start so no more government frogs Kermit the frogs they're governed fraud. I'm Jim Hansen and he paid all out today I mean I don't know I don't know if it's just criminal fraud by bright red ball real team problem isn't as transaction happen. And there. By the way there was little postage went crazy numbers from the it at this we're talking today about the frog that was held hostage that is correct and then either Damian the story about the guy running around story Jason people who alligators yes bestsellers of Gator jokes today's court did pretty good job. This is a crazy story I'm not in Florida was recently arrested off to running into a McChrystal. Within nowadays. I'm chasing people who was shopping. I'm just gonna say. I hate this emotional support animal thing. Amid this dawn. I'm I'm I'm I'm OK so including his mother nature needs. The Florida trifecta. It was pretty embarrassed. You know the next morning M Steve Crocker Shane. Every report also told this guy sir he's getting swamped. So I thought I bet I know what he wins this old bull. Gator right. Ayers story there's Gator jokes inner one and I told Reuters every joke you can think of venom balls dictator branded down. Yeah we won't market in the period no scaling back. There. Gone off an injury right that one Julie and I know I'm Amanda I don't really stolen from. I guess the gators. You know us US and losing his mind he went on Jimmy Kimmel but he. Also talked a little bit about porn habit feel like you're attitude towards women has changed since how. I think daughter's not still look at porn hub and. This study look at what category. Lacked is my favorite. I'll. You don't feel that. And you want but then again what's the point of being famous did you have a breakdown. Black or white obviously. Hillary your own. Hero's situation our reality yeah. And I don't committee lost his mind and oh yeah he lost his mind I don't losses right. Analysts say medal meant. He's always lawsuit I don't think he's had his mind for five years. Well I agree but they Kimmel asked him some good questions. And just seeing his reaction he widget just didn't have what. I think he can eat and he was so I got a course you'll you'll you'll still going off on something ending to a filing does what that is in the U support trump when he famously said George Bush doesn't like black people like Larry trump likes black people well and then literally he stood there are looked at an informal one. Are we'll take a break. Because he didn't say it's poisoning and as you like he's lost his mind it was weird watching somebody physically like he is losing a lot of talent and explained that yeah you know. It's certainly a Brazil in my car gender headlines go to here in just a few minutes you are listening to amend their radio network. Only turns twenty miles. Now let's see what's happening in the real. I'm new York and there was still some yellow jacket so he ignites three acre fire instead. Meanwhile Turkish woman files for divorce from husband for what he's bored to bed. Federal backstop more there's a golf course and go forever go to. United Airlines pilot does something important to you never showed up until man wanna force pushing hard drives were played out. It is time for the headline. There's Mike. And I'm sure when the ports. If you really dry area one needs to consider multiple ways to remove the past. A homeowner in Oregon has as the yellow jackets on their property that they wanted to hear read them so they didn't put any logical person would do over. And poured gasoline and oil on the NASA live and on fire yeah. Now while it did destroy the nested presumed destroyed three acres of ground as well. Firefighters were able to control play in the one I'm getting attacked by the surviving Ella Jackson process on the edge of their business here. That's the gap. They already the firefighters already know wanna be there to put out that supervisors should never happened strides but now I'm getting exactly yellow jackets oh yeah I know here is the host Jack. We're Bravo put its right to turn off the Daddy Yankee person. Another they agree got to bow down in Florida where do marijuana after skimming at targets. The zoo went to the store and bought a few external hard drive they then took a drive home. Replace them with laid out they replaced the hard that the hardware and played no never never mind you never know what the receipt then they got away with it. They got in the building returned the boxes Melamine got into the Len Coleman thankfully now. I don't know they did great last minute. Bring Arnelle that that's the way it's relatively the same. Sure absolutely love them like man this just sounds so good but trust me and my boy and put their brainpower is something constructive maybe something good did. Straight ahead. Imagine getting a love the law involved in Turkey. A woman finally had to know Linda Hogan and filed for divorce and even filed a lawsuit after he wouldn't stop parading around the house. In sexy song then sandy. Boon for. The woman said that she is suffering from depression and demanded the equivalent of 38000 American dollars for her mental anguish. But the man is firing back at Linda's own lawsuit saying that she questioned his sexuality and gender attempting to blackmail him with a claim. Which as you might know over in Jersey they're not here's a sampling and they almost a community as we are. Or anything and that's our CN ballot asking women on the map when it comes most fresh cash. Perry got great stuff for me it's exactly what I thought. No underwear New Jersey dude it's an hour of free flowing though you're just south of another for the world's. I mean I guess my layered and somebody said your free miles. And I can't believe that's for comfort gets there is a you can even though they weren't videos and also saw the villages. Brother and I remember I'd even feel my man about one air out of my house I just get naked. And I'm in my house I'm gonna go I'm bubble and he's not gonna go out Republican the phones and many house. Ever cocaine monster gets enormous flows Oscar and an hour and he knows. And then these bums my. Newman yeah my friend I mean these girls. Some of the guys they knew. But he wore a look includes very friendly barbs are using known as the German in the low lemon rings. Drive a monster memento where Victoria's Secret hardware under the she's. And make sure about the conversation. This guy can kill me because I don't mind did you did you say you weren't so he's so I don't know where he says he's but there are really comfortable margin. Okay Nelson gives amassed go ahead and whatever you do Edelman and you feel like I never knew all about comfort you can pass you around. On Long Island and apparently someone had a bad round of golf because they made their way onto the course in the middle of the night and analyze a few of the greens. Employee got on the course in the morning to find someone had taken a pickax before in the greens on the course in the middle of the night. And they dug it up for your hell hole I only made me and scooped up Jones again I'm a symbolism goes the city's pulling together funds to get the damage from. Compared amounting to roughly 124000. Mood. This is still on the whenever there. Again that's the only thing that I can think it was a bad round of golf Gaza City came out the snowman or some of southern Baghdad. You don't jam and allies of golf course just managed like this screening test your game yeah. It's invigorating the that's angry they're different green yeah girls to have them be in drug company makes it. Again the greens keepers green aid is getting dragged into this after three now. Target ones that were really low light in the middle of the night I still all this feels yeah. Get against social media old media knowing him a moron NYPD is tracking down the people that pulled the video online of themselves and a couple friends is they wrote on top of subway cars. The video shows the three running jumping car car in the ducking down to avoid being decapitated by over vast. Well generally have labor authorities one major Bozell is sound of the camera I would expect an update on the story in the near future cash. How can people will be in the dumps all that good I don't know if it's extremely irregular Lama baseman main mall my info about one more thing before we yards one pitch one more time to run freely thing going on on Saturday August 11 is going to be from twelve to 330 S managed high schools. Feature in the founder Kenny Mayne who we had nearly a member of the man dies at all there's also have to worry right isn't. Yeah about Steve Martin Gary Payton Jamal Crawford as Ted said Lenny Wilkens and I take your chickens and runs really done or an NF knocking on the door they are raising money to get veterans to start walking and running without pain again in some incredible event there generates money into a great job restaurants are from twelve till about 330 tracks a man inside schools to stop by and do some good veterans and breezes. Those braces are amazing I have friends text me after you heard any talk about a big my friend got one completely changed his life well. Don't think any city cried and we know is not. It's death benefit. There's also people to go meet an agenda of dryness can deliver on our unity Don dole RG run freely now ORG you can make you can donate there. As well thank you Mike Weir Brit. Except for random question was in your dad's is as good as my main room amend the rules and we'll bring it doesn't really remove or more million. I nonunion all permanent stay nice and easy and would he do best and oral Lee could say it's. Day beautiful. Men's room as the day before alive studio audience wardrobe makeup provided by the majestic limited. The presentation knows. The man truly feel that's what.