08-10-18 Seg 3 Mens Room Is Back In The Saddle

Friday, August 10th

Emails, Ted goes head to head vs FCC, Plus Bad Jokes and the Shot of the Day


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This is the the men's room. Listening to. Thrilled. Adrenaline pumping through your body for 49990. Look back to the gulf yes. Grayson wins continue this is the story that turned you into an adrenaline junkie. Yeah you can't do it forever felt very capital law and burger so go out there 120 mile an hour Jesus. So I put them away Chad valid about 1213. At the time. And until community service report Orton we were cleaning out some meat on the topical bunker. Well there's barker live about what eight feet off the ground. And it has this pitch on the side that was about 45 degree. Urge clean and we love you put the edge and I split. Felt a little break trying to get a house backlit the land have heard directly in church thriller edge. And that's that's morning's slipped off I swore Turkey years. Everything just load down in nano tech at ten. It just I didn't duck and I don't care out but I do it like wild let her record. It is a little cynically times time slows down in in in those moments I mean like this yeah and Julie Guy pulled out from me I was on the house drive and into in the Baltimore. And I was on an old highway one of the older highways in the original I always go and on the East Coast. And so they considered having a meeting you can actually turn your American you can go between whatever so I see this car in front and I'm blown 55 miles an hour. I see a truck and a truck just pulls right on Friday and Mike. Our homegrown or news news out of breath genre right now. In a strict in. Room. No I mean it and I'm sure it taste for an army of finally. Boom I hit man I mean might as soon as I like sat up like as soon as I sat up from the impact. There's an ambulance and a guy Amador that is kind of how it went in on me like that's the core and obviously there's a lot of time missing their rights. Okay your window was and how that happened but I just remember vitamins you got your facts from there was a the only. How might do and I I I I realized that despite the fact that I had my C Milan. My head went into the into the when she'll joke anyway because it didn't lock. Upon impact. So Mike my glasses my glasses cover my face was so bad about my face was too messed up my glasses dig up my face all of some believe you know someone like what is the extent of this damaged annoyed that the kind of I Timonen got Charlotte 55 miles an hour. And he's out throwing out the company still drawn up his hands in the air you like Tommy Miller the math act rather of course in dynamite oh my god you know he's picked saudis meant is a brand new Ford too good to a total that. Get to 54 I'd give you an idea of the impact which is a big ass for the big Ford truck I hit him with a Nissan centrum. For all who are over I totalled his fellow I totalled his truck. These are short and totally I mean I completely total list and if I didn't it is wheel well. He had that. African thing jacked up I would have gone either drug in the day on and off yet completely let me ask you this call you said that you only twenty feet bound to a trailer hitch. Is what made you an adrenalin junkie isn't because you liked the fact the prime slows down so much in the moments. Oh I love that feeling I mean. I've taken this no drill off the jump that it did not knock that jump up alone was probably took only about five seconds. It felt like its thirty year at the trenches look there at kill oak trail. What about yourself there OK what about an avalanche ever start a one triggered one road one now. You know I don't know I don't do that. I don't I don't want that now I think the audio about a plane. I I fly planes that I have I would just truck jump out of a perfectly good one and feel pretty far I think that's gonna take ten years there are relying about it. You know a man and really doesn't it though I will tell you that as as I am now diddley a daredevil but. Did jump out of a plane and I do not like the moment we first left the plane. I'm Bruce what it's just different man it's like he's in your city American legs hanging out of a plane. And I'm honest some of his duties like hey man I'm in count three we're gonna jump any disarmed county and as I'm about her my head to say I don't think you an idea. The moment you leave the play late you didn't adrenaline rush what is different you portable reasoned if nothing about a feel scary. You understand what's happening you know you'll fall in order to win it but. You feel OK likens. It's fine I still like to be scared to do what you said in the repelling entertainment snowmobile whenever it is we you know the guys that like to go up now and say not to go but just adrenaline junkies and just short again but you ceremony crab boat that I met seemed to be an adrenalin junkie and another they can't come down and I'm an underwriter fired up and ready right oh. In this strange enough I. In a more conservative fired up kind of way. And he said he was a pilot got. Where and when I'd attempt at Rainier. Three of the guys were pilots and it makes perfectly good sexual markets are up there you're flying you see this stuff and I'm not sure world above the clouds and in the car world and you look down ya I wanna go there. And does that mean there there there there adrenaline junkies well I mean a lot of or imagine trying to climb Rainier so in my mind to a degree life. That's not assigning him to do that in the sense that it's fast pace of NAFTA thing the whole thing's adrenaline. You say you are Cutting Crew bosses like hey man dropped into an abyss. So try my Ballou of friendly a death threat it's such an feeling all right avoided valiant and ice in an you know an ice palace here is really like Superman or somebody like he's any at some point Benadryl your soul like. I didn't know you lateral play or do you know car wreck like assignments. It feels like forever true visits 51015 seconds whatever news and you did this adrenaline boost an adrenaline does kind of make you feel good and Harvey described a blank. At some point if you're trying to Solomon mountains and the possibility. Falling into a pro Abbas which might be directly under you feet in the regular mall late. That's adrenaline to reduce old it's. Because you'll Heyman and if true days right and is just well and one because I'm constantly worried I'm gonna die Eliot there's a couple places where it depending on the time of the year and how things are melting and everything else is later in the year. Things are melting. And rocks or just false teeth it's over a lot of people are doing well a lot of people. A lot of people. Don't don't make it because they get hit in the head with a fifty pound rock is just bounces literally bouncing down the no better than dove it'll dead but that's the burning drilling to me. They'll likely do directly. I chose to go out and out for that that is what I mean it's too Lawler and not an adrenaline dump. No break easier but you're ginger you're always scared you're just yeah that was a big girls are all islands and the boulder played flashes by your body that's when that you'd probably you'll shot I don't. I felt that I thought and it's it's stupid he'd be saying bolder ideas coming down a mound want to bow our balls and miles and you can feel the same. You can feel the vibrations of a bouncing. I'm a mom before you even heard it right if you slow you slip you basically send down a hole and adds a whole half from a mound with the news here's my people rises or like. Our road to screams and up and you don't look for with the elderly people and say look out your first instinct is to look around to see which are trying to avoid. We need your people screamed up at that point you just get up and it's amazing you realize that you've you've elevated six feet you can swim now you've done your. This they are doing like the size of basketball it's just a solid rock but I remember watching a bounce by and one hole what will. Why the F are we how traditional or no matter who's got them idealism that is not only Davida as grizzly bear territory. Things and so when you got like this was the dangers part of the world we tell our bottom I was like thank Debra for African mountain and things like jump but now war and were in the grisly beverage and all of the area was grizzly bear for. All of it an all time column man you guys play. Who thought this is a great idea hey look. Well we get the grizzly into the mind there's been some holdings recently but we have couple doesn't just a few in the last couple weeks but when we give him that it's just scramble. The new guy is scrambled ultimately okay well the grizzly bears are really good motor book the big fallen rock that is that bad then does that does that does make your your blood dug a little bit faster yeah I know you're in an area the bears are all the time. It's it's like dye eggs are all the time hikes are just there are a different way you it is thought huh. You're looking for real new heights you're talking to you then he's getting into like. When did you send like I was agog that looters would bares all right guys and you walking hoping not to die are my new loves a lot of hype you up. Are you the type of person that says something new situation there doesn't so for example. I was hiking in in Banff up and Alberta are in Canada there's a ton of bears there's the point where they put a bear sheet out every day to let you know. And updates on apes where when what bears and here's a grizzly bear Beers Blackberry here just know these are two campsites is trails a moment spot and all the stuff. In about three or four miles at least in look at this tree man it it has just been shredded. I mean shredded it looks like man somebody took and and just shredded it from eight feet you know all the way down the road America Roseanne don't don't cross here is just you know sharpening his offshore gas so sure that's always does but. When you're with maybe like your significant other you don't go like. All it would do big bear did you betray the home. You know you gotta. He's got an ally I am I was turnaround. It depends on the person you wish you could smell fresh and as soon. Yeah I guess I would just say look I'm not walking in from the C write about it it be known as we wireless to a before he got. Yeah I am agreed to Julia I had friends I can be walking with private home in a couple of set perilous for I've done it went on fresh air scat. There's probably a bear down on the out of jail right there's certain other people right definitely not feel like all the bears got. You know I will say this Ronald and me you know full disclosure as we were doing that height and we get back into the bear part of that I didn't think to myself. I can outrun even one of these two guys right so yeah. All of the info out there by myself this is truly problematic when a really sizeable Muslim money. I think if it's just that's not distance right. Not this then crush me both from a distance in as they're called are spread ma'am can you just have to get better but you have to do. Might I guess Adobe mean doesn't he get about 150 yards from one of them to be taken down by the Bayard mending you slocum finished this was my strategy to get out. I'm so slow like whoever I'm with is the bear shows up on the the next guy and I'm gonna go face it I don't know how good good okay catch me if it must take it like demand after I call the above all past and I think he's probably you know Larry become an invigorated the mayor does ram my unit is just like this group is definitely removes me becomes trying to manage the bowler madam chairman and map. Yeah I think you have ideals like de LA day yeah I. I run the thing it's like it's just. Don't break it even poking out eyeballs miles you drive rock spirit and I thought what a blog edited out if you run a slow week woods. Five minutes of the car maybe we'll Clinton Mostar about great fighter flight they can forget about freeze. Brian what. That's an idea and I did well there I don't kind of crouched down and wrote in slate and you need her on your tent yeah. So this isn't tell you guys are gross abuses LA is doing Blair was out there are so I figured he around the test let him know I'm here yeah. He never gave Mac. Not that I saw okay you word things yeah still. Imagine I was only ten vs the SEC and I emails on our question why was it adrenaline pumping through your body those emails coming up next in the men's or. And answer my dot com you are listening to the men's or radio network. Question why would the adrenaline running through your body in here come those emails in the men's room and then through my dot com. Job view from today all naked ladies coming years ago I was on my way to the store when I spotted the Los dawn. I'm taking classes on how to tracking catch wondering dogs unfortunately didn't have it in my equipment ahtisaari for trying though. As I grabbed a little food from the guard trying to coax them out closer ball around the neighborhood trying to befriend them. Until he eventually laid down and that's when I approached him and tried to grab this color. And that's when he went ballistic on me. It into much damage as I was able to keep them at arm's length but he managed to take a solid Biden on my other hand I'm sure in two places. I let go the scholar and he ran off fleetingly bleeding. But my adrenaline was pumping so hard that I don't think you quite registered what it just happened. Walk back to my car drove to the store wash the blood off in the bathroom finished my errands. It wasn't so I got a hole and started telling the story to my family that I collapsed and started shaking. Never again is I never saw the dog and always all right from my Belinda in a span away. Good time. And ask at times. I made a sound out when he hit my when he bit in my hand a cell like he was biting into an apple are Colorado's Larry Baghdad's. Let's see here guys I wish I could always at your call and on this one the adrenaline was flawed because I was airborne. In a Dodge Magnum flying Dukes of Hazzard style. Cheering you harm over a police cruiser that kind of a long story in the statute of limitations has passed so I will tell it. Basically there was a road by my house that if you exceeded 35 miles an hour you would get a share so of course every time we had a different car testing was required. One day in my body from San Diego remedied Dodge Magnum which had just come out and of course the first thing that need to be done was the jump. Saying that there's a local school about a mile from the jump there was a police cruiser coming the opposite direction. I don't remember the exact speed we're going but it would have been felony reckless driving a minimum. Just as we launch the guy comes around the corner now we are about five feet six feet in the air due to pageant style and we freeze. We surmise the cop couldn't have figured out what the car was due to the fact all he's all closed the undercarriage as we flew over the light bars. We all aspect to my house parked car on the street down the road just in case the next day we return the car to the rental agency for a convertible. I'll show would have known with a couple of the situation because that can happen to a very often. I'm some level he was impressed. Guys Monday when my daughter was about three. Our landlord had a bringing back go into our yard opens a broken water line or workers and take off lunch I'm home watching the kids. I got engrossed in a book for a few minutes Osama dollar gonna call him she was going downstairs to screw up my computer again and went to look far. And she wasn't there through a one ounce of the backyard and I heard her crying when I saw her she was standing near the back old and had blood on her face. When I got to hurt her right she was open and she was helping something under her chair and I asked what happened and she said the neighbor's dog had bit her. I don't remember much in the way of details from then until we got the emergency room somehow I gathered up all three kids grab the insurance card loaded up and drove to the hospital. As soon as she was in the doctor's hands and it was nothing for me to do the adrenaline stopped and I turned into a puddle of jelly. While she got 47 stitches I was pretty well useless for explaining anything so what I told the dog catcher may have been coherence but I couldn't swear by that pro mod date. Here's one the we'll finish with today as far as our question the journal minus. Guys it's my sixth anniversary today. And my wife not only has forgotten. She's also going out with a male co worker from the military deceiving. Summons or red would have felt right about now wish me luck the shoals that from Ryan. Wow man that's I'm wary if so Brian I'm origin damn man I mean. I didn't think of some positive spin lie to tell them after they may she canceled at friend date. Yeah I don't think she realizes maybe that it's the anniversary you know I any comments today otherwise if you hang on their let me see our father and I. Lot of BitTorrent telling me that if I didn't I'd run from the Bay Area and you guys are slower to me it would make more sense for you guys today and drop employee dead. There's a good chance the bear be distracted by me. And she's redone anyway a guide our someone else that throw you realize you don't win black guy out there or do you think they handled her motives which are responded absolutely. I'm 100 senators Sam policy we have guys who jumped into BC poll earlier image guidance does look Yucatan peninsula is basically a giant chunk. A flat limestone river system underneath it creates all these things first and blew holes you can do all what is called. I don't think I'm old now ever worse say no today. Something CEN. Owed CES I attended many ads pronounced. SAY say dash in no no TAY it is like all the different holes aren't going to believe this is all that's an okay markets don't jump on them yeah. Well that's why I think the it was at the as tax write them down there yeah yeah so that's why they believe there's so much stuff going on in the values alliance hello. All right yes that is unless parents send if I would do until those items could emerge days Alison is having a birthday how may we wish her happy birthday US quell. Alli would start urged wealthier all the best way hearing from our favorite boys is Asia is part Taiwanese and parred German. So our love for you to say happy birthday to a Chinese let me try this wondered. June he's shown that rob choir law. And a little a German happy birthday pleas from Robin as well thanks guys that from your dad thanks for being the best show on earth. That from Steve and the awful leaking oil. And I sooners to welcome them. All the time loser for Sammy Miller today's my birthday gonna you'll turtle wax when did things Ozzie is also me in the bonds thanks guys that from Evan the meat. So he's also. So Zaza. Overzealous galas a year older you're you know we just nod and a little random Ray Lewis thanks he had them from wall lying. Salute all this my friend Jerry Brown's brand whose birthday and you know we're all intents and an owl hitting the window. Thank you guys appreciate that from Lleyton. Oh my son Andy's Sony birds birds vaguely human shadow we're headed to the Brooklyn tavern. And give them an and drove pianist maybe and the birthday song. Let's see here and the attorney Germans talking about what you should do 121 birthday from his dad and Cheryl. Thanks guys been listening since the buzz days appreciated and protein and this. Are they above. Yeah I think you should go back to listen to some games there specifically. Story is NBA. When you bring a proud. Yeah anybody's winning one run and recommends songs. There's been surge there and Tony six I'm driving level were trying to George told the Wenatchee river would love to get a birthday shout out. An attorney Germans talking about how much bratwurst in German beer I will be consuming thanks guys shows us a map from Spencer. God I'm Osama bid you will be consuming and count on getting ten inches home. Yeah I mean something theology. Changing gears of the moons in house okay you know around them. More can you imagine. You can and then when. Inflation yeah. In my from Whidbey Island bong neighbors heard today thanks from a ball Mindy and plugs. Hello guys the third order Jordan pronounce seventies birthday is Tony good to Yemen no G base and was because he needs face and your penis is too small. Because it is a thanks guys that from the install crew from north Seattle cards oil prices averaged. Have you join idea's been begging me for years as an interim quest that I finally remembered to do one. Better late than never thanks guys have a great weekend that from Shiloh do the dirty Germans. God I know you assemblies in the the two and also be having a. Guy who did come across insured. The storm you'll be. I used in a birthday shout out to by I eskimo co worker might get burned to strike a murder assault. Video by European as is too small along with you all talking all over each other about how bad airline etiquette is now cheers guys that from the original captain home brew. Normally I'd like there aren't you guys get our whole airline every regard ma'am you're gonna Giles. In order moments like aliens that are coming up and Tylenol and I want John can seat up from people who mean hello Joyce my buddy Jordan pronounced during the Jirga very happy 31 birthday love a man you guys did give me your penis is too small. It may be a big old glue that would be great. Thanks guys that from Jesse's. So all guys Lou can you give off my best friend's sister from another mister Cadbury had a 31 she's been my best friend for eighteen years wonderful mom soon to be. Some of done as soon as soon to be at to some authority and amazingly strong woman I love her dearly. So can see is them turtle wax liberals saying how god. Bong in the middle thanks guys we love the show that from Ashley. Yeah. She. Among. Collins is always my husband Patrick having 31 huge fan of the show also new dad to celebrate how do you know hello Allen think in wedding puke. Thanks guys that from Brittany and Cole go look at. This guy's no onto your birthday shout out my husband Aaron AKA pit. He is 33 just wanna say we love you Perry homes he needs a birthday surprise. Oh love your life Kristina getting into space Sally Jewell thirty German talk thanks guys appreciate it sandwich. You know slowed to about how they've. Black. Thank you know calling it. It's a new kind of do. It's a surprise and it can discipline. Goes no mom. Boys but I'm most sultan. His birthday in mr. Pitt don't miss a game college village and arts my thirty god himself on earth. Mickey Mouse Jimmy journey we always see me happy birthday much appreciated that from Jason queasy. Oh did you squeezing her church and hopefully you know you can't change this spring stuff. Legacies includes climate talent. And this is your dirty. Her birthday shout out for a my man role dog on his birdie per hour the first half I thought I roll out each and not only you. Love other lovely BB. Introducing you to be eased myself and one. You remember a few minutes and everything. And it was. I though boy friend mark had a fiftieth birthday you know they don't all. RJ gay and then your penis is too small thank you guys appreciated that from Kelly. Are you emerge Asia Johnson ignores drunken golfer I know he says the show is his biggest by some please give me dirty Germans and Virginia miles. Talking about his term. Are you dumb. Emotional welcome in my house. No cases of people. So you know boom is tight. He's always in I think he's gonna be all why. The Virginia and go play. But so can you guys wish me happy for these are emerging today was a dirty German thanks guys audio from Ira. I'd like your name is screaming for a Mora. When you say it's an older and so good luck to miss the. Dumping them. Can hope on better. Evolution evolution because I guess you can. But blows with the and they Spider-Man. So sounds the smells it's. Some of the things. Like you won't. You don't. Yeah yeah. OK I doubt it's OK let's you know everybody I. I tell you I guarantee you. But name on okay. Also available through these we'll stay on min to nine doesn't come another sign retailers. Him trying to fly should. Uzi. This when guys eye catching up on the on the show I'll be in the podcast. On the radio doc comment by god the story segment we were talking. On a road trip the story to my family always tells. And we saw that Arby's for some lunch every one or the curly Fries except for my sister who's an 1112 times. We also announced or eat my sister takes a bite of a French Fries in his the most disgusting look on her face. I being helpful brother asked me what what was wrong thinking maybe they called the wrong whatever. She's gone she's ever faced in this part confusion part anger applies matter frankly these Fries taste like potatoes. Species doesn't want us into our Jerusalem. And she says again when our tables in the table behind this are lavandera is on the G starts to get pissed because you understand why we're laughing. Until that all Fries are made from potatoes to assure replied McDonald's Fries don't taste like potatoes. Which of course only made everyone laugh a little harder Porter OK go anywhere yet Fries on me being a Smart ass asking if they taste like potatoes. Every day guys. That from Robert hi I didn't see new monuments for some had a real wind it was like what is this indict that's the onion and I did decide how do you think the bag of frozen ones you can get. Justin had no I believe I was in the end yeah exactly how do you go back in time the last time we played chambers is the FCC's only good. That's a bag in panel. And dying or any shelling or. Dallas city she's now or shells IS CEC. Shore. And the short city sushi shop what's the deal with the cute can't cut. Don't practice Shia city Shelley cells city she sells by the seashore. And the short. City sushi shop. What's the deal with acute can't count on site Shia city selling cell seashells by the CDC shore and they short fitting sushi shop. What's the deal with that huge tax cut true Shia city Shelley showed she shows by the city she soared in the short city sushi shop. Quick to deal with those cute Ted. Yeah I was on for the windows yeah. Boy oh. Go way way. Yeah season. Old fashioned charters even sit up all night last night coming up when new runs in riddles for Denver is we have seen enough my card joins flat one mile long night yeah it was true and all very good news release ten minutes. Pablo bowl. I don't know what America really never uses lasers on overload by William juvenile move. Isn't there they say we gotta tell one from Bryant today and I'm Brian submits his opponent goes something like this. Can fans five fires for funny dogs seriously tickling funky turkeys the frolicking dogs run pass to ducking the fires. Fun on the king a funny dogs Rollins during the flying ducks the way we played ten vs the FCC is you need to read that one time through within three times fast. All right. King and became fans five. Fires for funny ducks furiously to clean funky turkeys the frolicking ducks' run fast docking the fires. Fun fun picking up funny ducks frolic steering the flying ducks don't back. The kings fans five buyers for funny duck seriously tickling funky turkeys the frothy downtrend fast doesn't apply bug by making a funny dunks. Rollins fearing the find out why. They came up fans five buyers for funny duck seriously tickling funky turkeys the rocky veteran fast that the fires. Fund fund king a funny dumped from experience find out who became a fans find buyers for funny conspiracy tickling funky turkeys the frog don't run fast. I think the fire spun fund became a funny does throw a spirit of why are. Where did you Edberg. 084 record 9990. You can email the bad go to the men's road map men's remind our job. Bad jokes coming up. You are listening to the men's or radio network before. Into the men's crew went to my. Yeah man you're. Bad job saved par par 99901. Major Matt Jones last for generations come bash first let's bring you these. Listen this is the official men's room bad jokes rules. That joke isn't a bad. Unnecessarily. Hands dirty gym for instance a guy walked into a block. We know how that one ends and yes. We all know about the man from Nantucket and the man who want to prove still a bad joke. Not necessarily an offensive one I mean we all know that Jews don't Hollywood. And once better than winning gold medal at the Special Olympics. Simple rules in mind before you. Pick up the bad joke do you think the unthinkable. How do you think the unthinkable was an iceberg. Eight hours are 990. Yeah. The little spell. And as then Sharapova and enjoy. Hello arrive here and welcome to read yeah. Yeah you. I know. I hey guys the about figures it's Pearl Jam what should I expect. Zigzag three hours to get your ass kicked. I guess I don't you cut an allusion to help you got a notion and I. He thought. I now banks. Hello Ian welcome to bad jokes. Jail. But wasn't so don't let the where you finish go when they get sick. You know why they're so Smart ones are always in schools from. Are done you call an alligator that swallowed a GPS system is from Daniel and the talent in new school okay this election and navigator. We hear about this Newman is still a calendar. Now they each got six months ago and a half. Don't forget your your mom is so dumb people a quarter New Jersey she was losing to fifty cents. And one mark your motor coach dungy Bud Selig was something they smoke aren't really integrated fast. Have you read. How did they usually had to bring gas can see the royal find out who were toast. He doesn't need Ed Abbott a little torn on who we should toast today originally was the man who's gonna flee from police. They had him surrounded or took hostage the reason it didn't work skills hostage total fraud it. Southern cal state address some of their negotiations in thread until the fraud. I lose in a frog and a fine and the guy was arrested. But federal procurement. Chairman their lives broadly based and I'm like him like he drove golf side of the road comes Shays and we just found if wrong side of the road. It's about guys back. They're laying low. I hope I don't see him in spite of his best ever since an eighty truly year old man in India he would see help. Billions something wrong with his thesis all right they were saying bad things suffered from a huge ulcer on his penis as well as severe swelling and the this image bore hole Parker. Settings. Did all okay Saul. Don't work miles on it gets worse obviously yours I. Hospital to find out exactly what it is that's going wrong is about two weeks and he waited. Well listen look man that's you you have this major all certainly give him some medical advice he Joe's club followed the advice and just letting go. Jeremy goes up goals are basically through appeals his penis felt all oh I'm its own it rots in the all of his Baja. And dropped. To the ground. About a 400 Saudi first family all served as minister said he's Jamison and we can do some emergency stuff louder as the dome. How does one know what's wrong nothing to worry about they do best they could offer advice he did that follows you and your and the an eight year old man's penis felt all due to the old serve that he let go for just the tools to look at. Man I just you'd already be into the doctor I don't understand why not stay let them help you bathrooms in penises and Dan. Right it shedding instead. They tell you things are bad. But he letting go. And now I'm telling you if you really luxurious. If she did that's that. Reading the details of the story is almost disturbing things I've done in months but I could not stop breathing. But I really wish I had. I had to Sarah. If you so strange with more those boos him entering this booze because we think it's yummy guys all the tone that down the throat do you party in our tummies. Downed power outage out back. Connecticut does not live a profile of who think color 98449990. Look. The show and many things continue on the men's room. On the radio network.