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Thursday, August 9th

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This is the men's room. You're listening to the men's room. Spread the result is ours Dave I'll take color nine and 844999. A little play profiled as the end. And under headlines on the way one hour from now first quick check and oh my gosh for some of the stories and headlines he is not working all right Jim their offerings fort night dance or a big classes for gamer kids now. So would play in the game and exercise from slim game for a little while exercising between us I don't my guess is I'm nauert OK okay. I don't know puff up off. It's still an annual. There's inherent in Calgary and has been dealing with a mysterious owners since it opened in 20s15. Now they're offering free blizzard for you here I don't want you lose an unidentified words come as well you're really into the bathroom hold on they're saying for three years our restaurants don't two point scampered out so they're coming our food. We'll give you. Cory Booker from our state Diaz restaurant if you can almost figure out why our restaurants over. And I probably won't buy it. Following an update here Caribbean these contests for people could win a night on the Great Wall of China. Is not happening after all and one I was about hopes and first ladies Chinese Government say you know China backed down. Our hotel and tigers live finals I. Guess they're there. Great while Hilton is under renovation. Temporarily under revision. The hole and a new study found more evidence that eating unhealthy food after a big data drinking is expanding our waistline. Cuomo everything to him. Obviously given you Alan that remains comfortable is there anyone who didn't know whether. Let's raise an average heavy man crazy you really don't care after. And it doesn't matter what round one pizza and greasy food man I have looked at nasty food before I went out drinking. I fully plan to explode myself that. Oh yeah oh my god I'm so hung over stimulate some broccoli okay right. I'll get right and in theory. I don't care who you are gimme the worst of which are willing to eat American community everyone agrees scenario anyway says the researchers coined a new term. Seven drunk munchies they're calling it the right geez you browns stopped. Don't do that what it thinks so much he's that would mean your evening and night when you're drunk as those seen in the next day and I agreed. Seemed a drug and stay out of what we do as you know discussing reasons maybe as many as opposed from munchies are said. I don't make a stop sign that comes from much. A forty year old woman in Florida was arrested after she did a bunch of drugs ran naked through public bargains and she was fleeing a giant spider that they say almost definitely did not exist. Yeah China's violent mode I like a big relief almost definitely didn't exist almost definitely sends. We're not going out big this is right elbow I don't believe he had cracked she had done a little crack meth and a spike yeah. I'm all at once all attention once he had honor miss twice and never heard it's a terrible thing it's Altera its nose is the worst. This is the worst since it manage people lose their minds like you do ungodly things do things you can namely human beings can do everything basically bass also need people's faces a no man's I'm like I'm alone and who is he that is fast. Is that he's best dance so late I mean they're gonna say no drugs are good for him and also. How quickly affection for what inspires someone to do. Here this guy until he started eating someone's face and I got to try to make the spice and some of those things knock off wake. We. I don't screw up by the state we can't drive and endorse her leave your friends crazy yeah. Satisfaction when you include temporary cannibalism like I heard that there there's no product for that's okay. 41 year old man in Florida was arrested after he propositioned his girlfriend for sex and and and threatened to burn under house when she said no it's okay why our men use your girlfriend how bad your proposition. A assuming that you've got sex before I would think that would probably happen. And embrace the whole set of stairs we're coming from how easy amber says she says no I'm burn the house yeah. President responds to. Number one yes. I possess romantic towels or else elements long. You don't take in my fans who didn't move for instance should new plutonium could you know everyone wants some of this is. Well I god and got a new and other new news. If you want to call and this I am conducive for a freer when I'm gone I'm gone a few days rooted in you when when I mean moment when advanced to the peanut butter filled. Monty and some say go in Houston was running around right around on a bike the other day won't pleasure in himself. And then tried to break into homeowners 69 year old grandmother. Why is why they considered weird. Well the fact that she's accusing me she's got a gun and she shot it good. Should go and she will read it many times you really get the hours yeah Susan being in Houston just tell you I'm gonna yeah you're not 100. Does it it's hard to know when Houston where you can say all right you're driving around naked on the bicycle I got to focus on trying to break into someone's house and they know. They won't shoot you no question about it. Yeah especially if you're grass remain standing on the front seven front opened a doormat that kind of makes you wish you win it's. A new study found online bidders. Usually go after people who are 25%. More desirable than themselves and high full course of this reporter wants to figure out how they found that somebody is 25%. More attractive than themselves agreed. You know are you measured the Padres played the siege and somebody that is about it right. I go out she's economy but only 25% of somebody they can make them look bad or some more light you show them you've pursued. And I mean this thing for the mean averages there about 25%. Even. Then it's it's so huge there's somebody for everybody out there there's somebody who looks at summons and they're the love of my life and and you look at them save your control so. It's the well it's not something that's so yeah something that's better than I am new noodle boy 08 for old people like different things are really only you can. Make that assessment. Might I hear a word to say. I'm in the building we used to work in the players we have though is to make amends for. And so on this immune Menem if you Robinson Crusoe is we've found out today. Trapped on an island by yourself from 28. And is the first woman she's that I am here for you would turn her back to pull pull pull pull pull the ball I am I didn't all. I'm not even 28 years in new would say no that's an early and was George Washington how about little else. Now because you the president moan because you look remarkably. Like George Washington. You lose and everything else and rap and some. That's that's just. You wouldn't do it. People are using their vacation days again according to a new study Americans use an average of seventeen point two vacation days last year. That's the most since 2010. Boy we finally get a tiny melodies are crazy like that helmet and. Where are you know. God dammit you ruined my day. You know my family and Jared reverend. Kids wanted to go to Disney World. She's a new study found 50% of college kids who get extra spending money we already talked about this we sure did a one in Louisiana. I attacked I went off your hope is selling Teddy bears made out of broad. Chick and I meant she didn't get around noon today about the lunch and I don't understand I mean it's literally you making Teddy bear lover Roger in my life. It's funny you knew that who are you selling music news that and millionaire instead America. Governor Salmonella. Who do lose this homeless now do you manage some forever NFL rod should contending there you can even cook human genome but now that her chicken bears have gotten famous she pulled down molesting. And other people if they want to by the number of things can find enough I mean. The crossroads in each did you conveyor that I'm into colonial budge chicken for less money ma'am just share for the fair. So. A moment and Florida if you have an enemy and angered Chinese leftovers last week and even though she swore you didn't do it she threw a nice and it hey don't. Fourteen is this since he was arrested for aggravated battery place and in the the only guy and a member member house that I let's turn around any updates on what the flavors of the leftovers look. In general so I'm sure he'll what would get me fired up enough to donate if somebody could be a big even while I'm now working on it and that would make someone I think Jewish. Yeah. I heard in Cal's lead in the resolute woman on the run. I'll give you ladies and there's no members of bees one hour from now they might not headline Carlo I want our. Not ours are dead. The real reasons. Susan prohibitively journal and how profile this is played Georgia and miles of this symbol game where we share with you real life news story. Something happened right here. I'm planet earth or. Or an newest the store and made some stereotypes you believed to be true of people and the decisions that people make. The last two and it is you think makes the story a story. Hello Derek welcome to the men's room. Allowed on wow. I'd Garrett you understand a loser game playing this is fantastic here is his story we go into new current state of California. Bradford has sold some one mural sikh man and hard. She from a nearby community. Helped drag down the main suspect. The unusual part is that the suspect. The police she's only song I can call home you're kidding me now words can really describe how emerged injected not. My wife daughters and I feel right now Union City police chief Barry rope and I was FaceBook page. There's a strange seventeen year old son wasn't rested now the Modesto beat records so don't Purdue showed. The guy by the name on the site he was seeing Max. He was confronted by two young men as you won't come along impart this past Monday. Didn't speak English but couldn't quite communicate with the very front walk round them all down the street in Harlem Rome and not knocking into the grounds. Take them a few times did armed ABC and knows I am not you I'm on wants the united now you're here is. The candy was this guy down so hard. The back in his head bangs off. I mean to a point where it can kill somebody just that he tries to stumble and get. Doing his best he gets up big push him down harder in his hand I see where I mean it's just. Its range work. Absolutely if it wants in an engine car god yes I'm one seeing you again. I know anyway that he was thinking hospital been through these blood they drag themselves by the suspect wasn't police she saw him. He's Alan Jones eighteen who's facing some very serious charges would you believe this kid in his bunny. Both attack this guy a black white Maxi or Asian. And what is wrong with people users ask my question just now this is the first day you guys think what's now I'm. Definitely not an imminent never that is coming into the world you'll be repeated errors and every day's rest July's. It's what do you think you had a real hot streak a lot to order everything. Which I hate crime. And maybe one phenomena maneuvers and like I. I now think black. I don't think I had about an instant they're still debating it. Connolly and towards what. Danny because they're baiting if it's black and then also there was an incident in LA if we fear in his prime minister and older gentleman that was. I'm Mexicans now runs flat to use. That out of your opponent unless. I gotta go attend a black violence apparent. Retirement finality if you as Mike Weiss Matthew Murray Asian banks. Since he's euros thinks the men's or radio networks. California on profile of classic story of two juveniles growing I was eighteen MM among those in the high school but they they beat mania OC who was walking home from a park. Bush and now a couple times and fortunately it was captured on the home security system camera and and they're looking for the U suspects Fergus couple days then turns out the one of the suspects the eighteen year old was in fact. I'm the son of the police chase that is correct ma'am and because we have do you dare you blank white may see your season. You have with endless praise it was on a hot streak few weeks ago and you went black. New Orleans. I didn't damaging. As your life. Those hours in front of a talking. You know oftentimes parents don't mean to or don't try to Bennett sure they always do but if your teenager. So there's your parents to be very embarrassing. Absolutely. If they exist. Right so we're gonna go to. Judge noting when he. And basically they adorned. BBC breakfast frightens I think their morning show for the good I'll see an error or as an interview in the east and I I forget the kid thing a teenager I. So basically take these tests and they're getting the results live on the air. So it's again positive things you've done wellness test it and you don't well sure. Right so they asked about that he's fired up and then you can feel the awkwardness when his mom shows up on my TV. Cute golf because we can tell us all play it more huge goal because we were reaching but the create anticipation about Heidi this really suffer I'm really pleased. Just click a glut of being an upgrade mama Allison Alan I didn't think going to tell these are what you things. The Eagles season Allen by does he ignore. Yeah all your life. And yeah hopefully it will be inhibiting the complexities and goals either I think we have it we should let the kids Golan and a bully to their resolve the filling. Like city hugs I can't sit there luck. From your mama not smooth TV. Mostly and not a sin you know I. I had went through and you get my faith is a Minnesota. Yen so people who played and the possible. Losing. Quite the better than the oil I would list. Who watched the video right the only two dimension there's a basic I don't know of nobody else is parents are around but I mean the mom thank. They interviewed the reporter just as we can't get over there and she goes over and you if you watch a video you can hear him as she goes to leg. Jason and he's like please don't press there's any teenage girl next door but he's trying to be cool and that's the Mac and then not. And then you almost feel bad for the mom isn't he anchors Bacchus to your local polls you embarrass a lot of. Got to know. Let no man they have married they'd like plug my words of a Ray Lewis of the day and feels for his big thing of all faith in the world that he pointed to the wealthy families just this. You know things about you kids that you're not really gonna share with an alumni and the result leads you to hold your parents don't expose about you and your Ray Lewis the nursing his kids. I'm glad Jolene does the best of my kids so much nothing wrong about your proudest are very loose and that's the last he'll do some on the mouth. Well this point the camera goes back into his adult children and you can sell to life. We don't share of this 11 welcome our sons and a shape as I please I like dad do not bring us our money you promised when talking about us Ali I I didn't watch any event howdy do you did you crazy yeah I mean 33 minutes of brain he was less crazy than I thought he would be bug still infinitely presume everybody else. Only draw that line normally those kids are mortified and you can see all of them just. There's weird Youkilis who has a blood remember the face like almighty god. All my friends every day for the rest of my life is going to make a salt the pretzel sticks. Think it's the only millers and it was an idea of the birth gold. That's why she's come on the mouth I don't you give some of the father figures to the point he's making the sounds good right. I probably got about what a dumb dumb and also. I'm glad to be a problem of children. Have a public figure and eleven market as a mother that they do at duke and that's why I still get them on the mound. Although Blu-ray nobody needed to know that made you say you love you kid we believe is just crazy right and water is waist and when it comes from the revenues into the Indy isn't in the ocean front. Always. I actually draw battle dynamite here. Just did destroy her Montrose road. Yeah I think comfortable very dead. Do easily consumable that amount double file it is is Malkin and there have been. I especially awkward. At. You know originally because somebody with a disability. Guilty about Ambien enable. Melinda generally not well Michael. RC has parkinson's and now he spoke in front of variety. About his battle with Parkinson's disease in you know what he's doing to raise money in this Mattson and asked them. Basically about playing in an eight holes on Disney to Byron is that he likes this I love the Jewish vote are apt. I love to show that people with disabilities the fuel parkinson's can be eight holes to announce the plan is that you. Rarely hear that cup I. The movies to look represents more urgent and all of you as a whole yoga mat. Everybody like me I am old Jeff stated on CM CGF. Yeah it may only I think disappointed about is I really led many you don't have to feel sorry for like I don't have the latest yeah ministers have character like someone you should feel bad about like if you don't think this is a little relief like when it comes every time Michael did file shows Obama show right and I rarely watch these shows do you see the commercials. It doesn't matter what it is for some reasons. With very special guest Michael J. Fox he's the second coming of some but I but he shows up as best I know. You know he has parkinson's or maybe you're looking for signs of a but I think Lleyton. He shows Obama show and is scared of my own home party like the east is playing a character breaks and that's not pointing that's address Lincoln's death. I have parkinson's what my character it's not about pardons of I'm I'm just made whole pregnancy thing they look I'm part of disabled community feel part of that. They were fully rounded people we just had issues that we idealist. And the they do a nice person. Really doesn't know anyone that's going to stay in our behalf or whatever did you consider disability steroids some good in that moment because you're trying to raise awareness. Bolt when you're not doing that you're twenty your day to day life. Be the biggest A hole you know. Yeah yeah he's like hey man when he's not talking about a charity even deed. It might make almost a command and yeah I hate the guy but yes we use he'll probably go and hope. Saying the good stuff shore that's a good moment but it is an a hole that it expects. Anybody in the last. That is right kids there. I anyone all of you just oddly Tierra and I'll you can be able to work hard their degree in all costs. Is that guy back there are delays yeah I even feel bad bargain you can be in a hole. I think you're born into a breath I mean I think it's I think it's like she can't. This is an eight. Both up and then I knew this you know this kid growing abuse and asked from the moment sure that I know know its born and ask you will never not me in there as he is still doing evangelism today. You can't and ask if he's never stop being a complete they won't. Well you are born and as you're asking me. I mean you're just a RE a breakfast of he would. I maybe he is single no he's been married like five times op while she's in shock or that idea and then we can't be you can't the. As nasty this I was gonna work this time there. Jimmy Fallon had some pretty funny you know why I'm single tweets. In my favor why I'm single story is for me as three and the first ones for Matt. Ricky. He says I'm your girl to movies firfer stage tuning in for kids finding intent then ascending sneeze there. Plus from ads sweaty Betty. She says that once vaunted new guys really messy apartment sell clothes it's just like one of those plays and for breach of it's fun is from and Tidewater girl. She says I was running great blind date whenever turns from the restaurant Santana resume talking I gotta diffuse them and avoid fines and restaurant table I'm. There's lessons firm ads. Graham I'm birdies on. She says the boy advance our one's panicked and eight as though they only. Paint if at film that's pretty embarrassed and I was pretty barren and don't do brave the forwards. Yeah you like terrible first they once I guess they have found some bad feet seven another bad day you millionaire the whole way I think is truly just kind of sooner now has he got a me and I know marriage eggs and I'll be right back but you know I think sometimes you agree it's like lowering your team and and guys watch the whole thing units and I is that you manager at movie theater. Yeah. I think it's also like Vista release from a guy's restrained him and I believe this to be true and I've made a mistake I cannot stand the solutions about Murphy don't agree on anything but still my tutelage I mean essentially that Matt Williams think about. Yeah who graduated cuts while Japanese and legs a reassessment never date her again. Until I don't leave it on the it therefore you're going to. Whatever would you say you avoid. I think. But I like to wait till we go on to the full on dinner okay we're locked in for a couple out got you okay I mean to generally you know you Musharraf did and I know each other. Then also you know sometimes as your lead for drinks for something that would be in this. Do you do get a bloop. Now I'm not to more. At a previous time Arabs larger fart and we're talking about dating and I still growth things like a month and I thought was so slick don't just to stay and if party now the slider and he's like I know you're far. It's it's trying to be nice about a guy whose day of remembrance and told oldest fire those still worry the lows I guess it's you know what they're like yeah. I really kind of art he thumbs a thing don't you stay an analyst Roland is proven that story and I'm. Tokyo and I'll find out there and I was always stand like this my hand in my. Just never very NF. And I. You know we are you are now. And I am I think it's obvious that your party do. It's. If you're a fan of the Osi back in the day. Does not Orange County this before they have lake Laguna Hills and lake. The actual weepy before this I still scripted this right is like asking and I'm like who won all right when Wright is yelling early 2000 it was a big deal for me that's three out Misha Barton from. You world's not to be crushed a lot of the Chanel bags Misha Barton carried. There are knock offs. I. Dear cannot ma'am. I yeah I guess she cared she nobody knows. If if if you think that it. I don't know though I don't know what Blake is back in a ruin the show for their ads is one for me no but I guess if it was that big of a fitting in it but also I should mention that they were all actors. A lot of them didn't even live in Orange County. Probably never even fined and money is spent not real cash yet but when they got those fights on the beach was a real dog. The other bags that crash in Austria with Spencer bags. A British just study says they consuming materialistic media such as that car dash yens in a few cold hearted towards the pork. Well that's what interest you to be that kind of news and good chance that's gonna happen. Yeah but the problem is legal fees since late. Some people it's kind of turning them anti pork but they're not rich brat that's irony of rice so it's likely what does all of the garden as utilizing. I'm like I hate homeless people who is on the encourage you'd hate people. But as I gave my mom's an album my sixteen year old so I stayed because she's a war threw me out there and Eric Wedge I mean that is the entire shoulders nothing more to the Babineaux. Good gap I hate poor people. Well I think they don't save that I think the issues that are started as a lot like he. Yeah I mean it's like. I don't think so many locked the door strength and the person of color walks I think that's pretty great so they also with this just seemed like we go to certain section of town might be a homeless person like oh my god should be in this area. I'll earn I had guys part of town is grossly inflate. Yeah it's not brand spanking new her every part of town is grows like approve it is there's no place you'll go a little sidewalk. Yeah no kidding. Just there's a ridge never met Lincoln sidewalk gather when the barefoot walking with a thing for awhile people like you and your feet harder she got to run and walk like barefoot like. You still live in a major city try and figure heroin needle lately for needles glass lay. Doesn't if she's out hundreds of but I also. Have HIV bureau walking downtown today it was a great there and on about five or six cash from needles stuck denigrate Islam play a major area middle isn't play tennis and I still playground dads in terms of god damn man come on yeah disposal boxes there every I don't know whoever is there a clipboard and amassed through political question. That area of them. That doesn't shock me now so it doesn't we said the same thing with me I'm never in this part of town knew the Sox do away holes but. Andrew and I can't play in waiver armament Amaro sleek look. And all of the guided her own cash and oh earlier today. We talked about the grainy right. The grainy should sit at home there's a guy right around Houston info about rating on the buy gas mile bike in many came under gore. Well she gave an interview to local news station and industry any gene and person is geez about that business. It felt good and New England game playing in an admitted I didn't deny god didn't name will not notice it you know what I know that. I would Helio that he can't get out and generally I don't mind. I know yeah nobody made an immediate me look at it and you know I've gotten into it outlawing Arum. Did you say she shot him in the nipple. And regular. I think she said she shot in the leg wherever and introducing a state like I don't get anybody's business which is mean get them and Amazon does at that and I mean this August she sounds like half of my family. Who actually women used to entice us I think about a bunch. They called Dora dole they're going to shoot you officially what should. Yeah aren't aware from my door maybe you can negotiate it away from I know. Brother of them how to shoot your ass downtown this might have had a summed it up earlier accurately guess Houston. No offense to anybody in Texas. I just assume you all have got Stuart I do do I assume everyone and thanks everyone in my family has your grandfather started some problems mostly raised by his grandmother. He tells the story he was walking home some Jeep Cherokee was impressed her a neighbor's dog big as dogs he says they're very vicious kind of chase them out of their point being. He's not humiliated. Because it wasn't a good looking for a little while and so. He walks to his house Reynolds how's walks and grabbed the shotgun while smack on the house and she's like worded or newer Argo issued the neighbor's dog. Now she managed to talk amount of it wouldn't understand he's in the middle of cities how would you live in the gonna forty acres like he was walking down a crowded street the shot down. Everyone's a little word is like yarn she begged god damn dog. Every one in Texas as again and if they say don't begun his future. Oh look I go a great way of Armando. Graham motion stress of the eighteen year oh absolutely. Unfair and weigh my grandma these days she's awaiting their whole lives take care. Mad men I know I'm gonna get a loaded 38 special she's sub what's on her bed her entire don't know that's the bam she's trying to. If I learn group marriage just a governor new miracle here. You know you I don't lose it and loosely is the key word got ninety. Thank you Delaware president might get a live got to your eminence you're losing to amend their radio network truly tired Swiss miles. Now let's see what's happening in the real. I don't know Oklahoma mowers are looking man under arrest feels AW star and then crashes it. Meanwhile in Ohio a woman gives birth and emerging bands for a while just over till the middle whopper junior. And not seize steel balls Monday so man takes the seal popped into his hotel room with. Florida woman runs into a pastor of gals gals laid down the boom for thirty years a man visited the grave of his daughter. And just found out it was the wrong grade just under headlines. It's Sunday it's. Its. Neighbors might cause or the another episode of mash and vs blues. Clues okay. Rubio Florida. Or a woman was being chased by police after being caught in a stolen SUV. Committee made the rounds online is footage from a helicopter being used to aid officers with a thermal camera. The woman eventually ditches the SUV and makes her way into a nearby field and while sneaking around the field trying to escape. A herd of cows can be seen and literally chasing the woman around it out. Where police eventually catch her. Rumor rumor mill. Reduced Giles Monroe movie you can actually hear the inside the guy in the helicopter and got on the cameras and if you see a larger than cal they're literally falling currencies here. There was one that just goes kind of deal in my dad's. College with the birds due to Eagles look at where they'll die Obama it was kind of in the same thing coming out and Amanda yeah I just never every time meant literally. Our common ground by just look for the balance. You know what I mean right I guess there's a stampede behind exactly and I never seemed cows do next. I was so you wave when does that ever happen I really couldn't care less about right or they don't you know they don't wanna be near you the kind of Brian jump out one way I've never actually heard these himself and I have had good guard cast did yard cast. Another news Tuesday in Florida and make our way to a local Japanese steakhouse where I'm married couples enjoying an evening out all yeah when I know next. When out of nowhere a wild drunken man appeared and began this ribbon dance in front of the trouble remembering the one I guess he basically Kim comes over to the table. Worthy of a woman named iron in the right in from the woman's. He starts doing mr. Burnett yes yes yes. Sandra Wright are like what they hope good things like see what I don't lose as many catches shrimp boat tragedy exactly anywhere around. When the woman as the man to leave it became belligerent called her fat and boasted a loyal husband. Stop while I make it's you came on and yeah. Easy for analyzing the in my case asking the senate from my girl and he added right. And then London police arrive and he was arrested for disorderly conduct that's I don't that's where I want him to wake up and realize what an idiot he was. Your bad guy. I we've discussed it multiple times on the show but if you're gonna commit crimes clearly Smart about it. I'm in Oklahoma was arrested by police in connection with a home burglary and we couldn't help but notice that the man was about 80% covered in tattoos and was wearing literally just prepare shorts. Speaking of these things. Exactly I mean I can see if blacked out. I always look at losing Aurilia hooded and he's wearing life. It looks like somebody just went to down on his face that sharp right there I just learned and I say in this alive don't complain or you look. Remember you walked good go to another ground. Getting in my face as soon. It's just what you're really easy the argument goes it's Baghdad the very kind of buying things one arm I mean god for a lot of different did you like that I'm a vendor Jesus still do that yet again miles journalist got. After he was and fabulous journalist yes I am sure those guys as well yes but you sure on. After it was end up he would play and let alone in the front seat of patrol car then he's probably stole he actually got that comes out from behind it all up and behind him into the front of them installed dark and I didn't last long before crashing he was apprehended by police he now faces multiple journalist Maria and I don't like him now. Please don't count 'cause if you lose I go big or go home anybody and ten tiger managed. But that's sad story in England Amanda losses started shortly after she was born in 198800 merit at the local cemetery he would visit the grave and pay his respects multiple times a year. Recently he went to the cemetery to visit his daughter and found that they had film was missing. After little investigative work he was directed to behead those new location and learn a new new numbers I think and so was placed in the wrong spot at the very wasn't sure. And with the children being involved in our town hall had to realize that my god. Now. They're a good example alternative vs the FCC banjo Simone bring Intel's with a shot of the day hasn't even sold Germany in the meantime we'd be all about it. I've always on my son don't do best. And horribly for the sake it's. Okay. Beautiful. The men's room is mentally before a live studio audience wardrobe and makeup provided by Manchester limited. Presentation knows. The man through radio network.