08-09-18 Seg 1 Mens Room Hits The Road

Thursday, August 9th

We play the game known as Big Dummy!


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He went tour. Here is real. There's. Did join the all gathered in secrecy. Radio more than three times. Enjoy OK and when they. I don't go to Arizona or 2880. Watt now. On the Steve the throw hill. And Ted yeah and a little bar. In my car. Half moon. Beer in my throat. I don't think they could do away. Dead meat and potatoes has enough create a new Marlins style. Oh tasting. I know I Sherlock is bagged and ready to play profile list plus headline the president shot of the day fumbled the three males and everyone's favorite. TV time but there are factored in here or are you go to Oklahoma where shirtless man under arrest. Feels a deputies car and then crashes it. Meanwhile an Ohio woman gives birth and Burger King bathroom gone wild overdosing events. Cecile bump on the beach so mandate seal popped into his hotel room. Florida woman runs in the past your panels and cal played down the moment and the sad story of a man for thirty years who was visiting the grave of this disease daughter. All the fun out of the wrong grade and she that is all coming on today's very special episode of the men's room. Here's a question. All an adventure is good days for you and yours hide today in the days that we've played big dummy. That's the game show about reward you for your spending ignorance. And there's no works you call us. We movement in category will. Were Leo and noble has moved question for meg. I hear what big dummy thought for a consultant forever more reputable game show we will continue to as few questions. Until you get one right because I've always we want you to leave here are smarter than you showed up. Now they are biggest study ever is the lovely and talented Josh. Instead his fingers the stupid and entered twenty consecutive questions wrong. Can you do better of course you can't forget the goal at all we go on big dummy. Bigot doesn't play big dummy call 844999. All you can like humans are among FaceBook follow us on Twitter and answer Gramm mantra my fans and her emails to the men's room at men's or live dot com. You're listening to the men's or radio network. Smiles. All Soledad however you go longer miss universe 2881. Now hurry and I guarantee future rebate. As a headset has announced its meat and potatoes we had to New Orleans and I take the and and get some great New Orleans food with the head chef coming up as the fine folks in a bead of beer. Which is the big delicious popular beer of New Orleans. Have been kind enough to send us some of their knew were of proves that they have got to come out with an a in a seasonally sort of sample some of those and we're gonna have some of beat up. We might as well I have some jambalaya gumbo I believe we have some po boys as well that's our friends that don't Jameel sold I was worried about the pro war that is into Israel and he wasn't making it to the segment it's our look at gitmo we bought the food today is a month on food for this but then we all into the barn ourselves launch because we new wave of we don't eat and we had the stuff. Morgan even longer afford to his lead to tell you I'm going to send the one important thing out what's gone now known always that we all kinds of well headset so it's a matter fact we got food from New Orleans coming up. Doesn't religious leaders are gonna eat and drink. A New Orleans style with a head chef and ten's meet and date of knowing Sherlock coming up will all a drink until the show today and around profile this is the usual crap. And today's they would play Lee knows big dummy 8449990. And don't. Could be doing so I do little hole. Remember a moment there. Few. Thought would be a great candidate next TV presents. Right now. I'll troubles on the apprentice suffered in Bratislava and you saw on TV is a TV president's oath if you enjoy figure if this trend continues we might get another TV president. We asked you don't as far as presidential candidates are concerned it. Which you'll Dr. Phil may be very. Air can guard dash generals and other joints and a Judge Judy how trendy young guys ideas remember how this went down any ideas how the voting went I think. What Judge Judy which Judge Judy I'm salute landslide Dominick well yeah I mean at least half the votes would tell you Algeria. All of a Jerry Springer and Dr. Phil and Kim Garnett Hume leader on came in fourth place it lets you would do better on us why didn't come and I just how why. Did you know I mean yeah. AF that you know if they know exactly got to still face is the best we just think. And played a realistic shot I mean I don't know what my god I mean come upon content anyway. This week's men's room bowl and things fuel. I conversation we had a few episodes ago we decided to take this to a different level and it's an official a polling on but we wanted to what you believe to be the worst driver. In worst driver on the roads. So here are your options just based on some of the suggestions that we got from our congress and I don't I didn't really mean when you invented in screamed encouragement that he specific groups of people out so we have tried to do our best to put this into four different categories so we do have the minivan category. Oh that's going to be one minivan period. A the next whom we just went straight to Germany caller. Rags officials could be that he's at Mercedes and Aaron yet whatever it is well I hope I don't go German sure. How Rory is absolutely was the only make and model specific. There was a mean time and time again brought up so we had to go back and up bicycles. Brown come out three there we're gonna go to bicycles because let's face it man when we're ever wondered drives bitches about buzz in the guy and pretty is reverend bridging about him he's still bitching about the bison is so those are your choices worst driver on the road you know go minivan. German car. Prius or a bicycle as that is our men's room Paul RD game is big dummy 844999. All who is our first contestant ready to play the big game. Hello Steve welcome to the men's room. News feed Bogor. All right Steve on the show men's room full today revealed worst drivers. Tiger and go minivan a German car the Prius or bicycles. The problem elephant. Other filings we think specifically. All of and I don't know. The big. My minivan just to bring up the dryness and it's the drive in level. You can drive whatever ultimately been giving exams and I'm going to I was in my picking which one I would be a witch when he's the worst when we're winning the U Boris are you views on it you're already angry before they don't you think this young men finished he preaches to a lot of crazy stuff but I use a lot of Prius is site and a lot of times I don't wanna vote them out. Why finger grip on the party mile they have some of the tab of the prince I'm finally grab a cab drivers are all different I mean anyway but they Democrats said. Here's how to god truth and may be this is not found in anything but as a fact. When I see the Prius on the road are already angry at the driver a vast. And that's ridiculous and I know need to be able light. I got my eye I knew I'm anticipating you Newsom to Israel and Greg may or may not vote for whatever reason that is my do we newest all of these things. Free is actually speak anger and Greg Carr. Oh that could increase was just make me they don't like Ed Begley junior and I try to be environmental yes dash eight and Dave junior. And inventories are gonna put us right here is your question the it was the only one of the six main characters on the show friends tonight get married and anytime on the TV sure. It tells me they'll have problems. Oh. On the fun and on the owner Knight averaged one of six names and say it's all right well I'm guy Delhi's charges they had a big dummy 844999. Alone. Hello hello and welcome to the men's room. Jesus Christ like hello my. I felt like I can record this is new things that what is going to melt hello. Gerri welcome to the men's room. Obama saw. Remember losing billions. They're both flu then nothing will be. We newness everywhere. Jerry are you saw how are you nuts over. Not overt I figured I'm so glad that's the answer your love Amanda B says so this is bad news Jerry men's room bowlers driver eagle minivan German car Prius or bicycles. I have to say it. Ocean which thanks. Gadget goodness Gary hello. Hello Jeremy. There are based. Any doubt I mean all of bicycle it's good cheer again many of them. We've bid but he didn't pull out the rules of the road no there are red light through other dumb stuff. Yeah that's why you should do the same thing in your car. Our era answered questions. What fictional town. Where hands sending. Him dish. The bad guys don't know why we know. I've diva okay. New data back do you think Jerry you're gonna Jerry added not restricted to get back around. A good job. Terry you have you ever even seen sponge Bob. You know. These guys they acknowledge eating in the background but no I haven't watched it back the back of my client. As legit. Mind to it wasn't even on when you're Jim and Jerry believed you Julian if there was color. That the are you questioned many credits. Is the son of Russian broker is an actress most known for her role on what's TV sitcom wasn't. The Jefferson and his family matters from good times. I. We love to jump. Ramona overruled Romo moved into. A danger to do you love most in common in. I'm wondering if it's a movie in our own oil. I thought they have been it into question. Jerry what blacks it comes to the needs strengthening of the guys is down on the job with. We already know. I Gerri there's your question what character on the original Star Trek TV series was played by James do it. To so much about the years. Gary I knew her back and you don't know and the baseball arson. Well yeah somehow I knew he wouldn't know man they don't as the game a 44999 all of those are nice contest and ready to play a low. Lucas welcome to the men's room. Hey hello loses. Pull up. No it's not beautiful day. Good grief over not over. Look good source driver out there are men's room Foley you'll many men German car Prius from bicycles. They're unified school Chrysler. Hello I'm William become basically Prius drivers and bison who is give the least amount of love. And in some pleasant Land Rover drivers on that look it's not because you don't know woodlands Newman driver which what is important is saying we museum made. And model car or you see in my eyes and we'll. Which one are you just automatically. Irritated with the different thoughts about everything you see a Corbin a brand new Corvette Hummer brand new Corvette I mean brain of a nice. Who's in a car. We all have the same as my card to do drive he's over fifty years old right team is kids around the house will likely be drive a Corvette now what do you think immediately when you see a Hummer. What do you think immediately. Dude Beverly drive and the tiny groups I look we all have a perception of some in Boise and towards school and Garland who are yet with the worst driver. Our energy questions multiple choice Scotland England and Wales or Ireland which country in the ancient Romans Paul Caledonia. I leave doling out. As the meet we've but I. I. Multiple choice Scotland England Wales or Ireland which country into the ancient Romans called taboo don't doc. I. All right here is your question. How many US state to begin with the word that new new all of MacBook. Shock. Yeah boy syllables myeloma. It's OK. Okay. Okay. All through one Newark. There are New Mexico is now new York and New Jersey. Come on mom. Crap c'mon man you're close to New Jersey U Maine New Jersey and New York moon why the New Hampshire and you answered answered just talking about New Hampshire today. 08 it's yet somehow or any those hall and Walden Fox's brother is hiking the avalanche I'll irony I don't Debian is no need to profile he's very white. You say I am sure New Hampshire conquering whatever mountainous terrain in there and I'm sure I do lately and I ebitda of the Jewish girlfriend Georgia and I. I know that's as gotta love the way anyone smells good no way I mean think about when they got my eyes were on meanwhile just ride got a hold your nose and you're not saving. Gonna bring our trophy NN and thinking calculations now run you have the freedom to go against above that anything has got to deal with the air I mean sauce that is just a semi annual renewed and his lovely human immensely though the Yankees is I had I think you mess in there under the freedom is now big dummy 844999. All of those are nice contestant read the play the big game. Hello Landon welcome to the men's room. Brandon is over now for over. Men's room polar driver minivans German car Prius or bicycles. I got a little life. Ball as well although it okay. Started to question what is the Spanish word for maybe. He knows. During his through ball from from his players under the what would let it out. Its own fans here. Suspend remember. It was a one always good torque. The sound very good thing that made I didn't mean sandwich in my eye. I'll man. The old Mexican sandwich you have so I dads themselves sombrero going to it's just patented religion. I'm really exciting themselves. All right what may rule is no and as these soft this man. Job growth called the mineral. Salts. Now how you millions. I didn't really know knows. But when it comes to coming and they said New Mexico relax. Do you think New Mexico deforestation that would nearly as we didn't virtuous. What city do all three professional sports franchises where the same two main colors. What how many cities other one. All can I doubt they're just in professional storms yes. I'll yet yet I think every city should consider it to good use it you and you know I think I think other cities are trying to get closer to a the Arizona tried. Kind of no it all on the whole thing they've. Just come more often mentally he's the only other okay. The comments absolutely did not enough I don't know if handsome prince. So Italian pirates and Steelers wide yellows millions. I think you think DC right when they cast where are more ready now Iraq and ran the parents and Nashville where they were in the room. Burgundy whatever man whatever I read about read bad at all. It's alleged the color red they wears a total Red Sea people may end it all to check aka. Endlessly tried blunt them. It's just blow it really does blue and gold Jersey travel and go that's it guys they still hold as you got to play goals. To chase after. I go back for moan don't probable. And the like may the moderates. Who want more provides the background. For the movies last boat gone with the wind. All right. A Maryland guy did euros in imovie oh boy it's gonna talk about like go over dramatic acting. It's almost drew its limits on. Everything was yes I'm married and there's evidence of how. I really impressive to knock on the god thing I don't guerrillas won't lose the senate are you guys really aren't that Jesse time and somebody knocked. On your door. Should people do my own I. I'd like to do a ma am blushing squared you don't golf reassured today Obama saying. The backdrop is the civil war I would like figure deterred some Sunday. That it does and they go to my Allah bless him. She split the do you mean. There is big dummy 8449990. Lose our next contestant ready to play the big game. If that is everybody who we. And we welcome the two men whom. Obama go I. Would this do you play in court. He didn't. Obama. Did not think intend. Worst driver out there Alex is in the minivan German car Prius or bicycles. I nutrient Prius Fred. And Jim comic payments are lower truck driver I don't BMW and actually hate Prius drivers. Who were a few days and today I mean I know you're German. Arizona Mercedes Lasme NW group yes OK and an hour. They've bothered me the most parking lot. And that is the vehicle I will guest has taken up more of the more parking space at a weird angle fifty god forbid a new ones on sleep are you junior do enemies we wanna take my shopping cart mishmash and into the I. I know what the risk. Like the rest of us managers of the Germans played. BMW Mercedes I know they're designed to be driven pretty excited like he is able to buy and drive and LA they knew they knew about the way it we go back to. The question we asked before how does stage beginning with knew the answer was four we ran through them some Muslim five New England. I'm still okay hung up on I think I'm remember I don't pat tabloids I still love doing now Matthau and are bad how bad path. We're still all about that okay here's a course outline New Mexico and then like you got older people might know only. The first American in space. The dogs on the dog and a group. What does you know on Sean I was first mammogram. Alan Shepard you might know his more famous brother Bernard. You could go on within each month each and endured doubles the first animal. I know I think I don't like all of America or just in general just in general I think the ball good and if I have this right. I think to door was the first loosen up and Ahmed saying that I don't know if it's the same ball good store floating round of a guy. I don't know look at Julia what did you imagine like looking your dog in the eyes and nobody. When you shoot jump in the space you're gonna go around earth couple times this Oregon. Seen about like a day when he's out kids. You know I took him to a far baseball braves the producer Reese is much you know one person to spend the next 48. Helpful peanut butter and although the nobody's Adam okay yeah. And he. If aliens ever find they're gonna love money I don't know we'll by. It's not a big threes there is very telling if you'd like to millions as an 844999. All Morey calls coming up you're listening to the men's or radio network. As Jeff coming up we had to know Arlen for a New Orleans style he's a handsome mug delicious food from budget bills and doesn't have been a beer ads coming up. When they had shaft and heads meat and potatoes let me tell the game is big dummy for 4999 cola Steve goes our next contestant ready play the big gains don't Alice on the line whose are very easily I'm sorry I had fallen asleep I forgot you're ever on the question clear beyond question two or three man. Your member. Our question of the unit and remember I had written down but I know by how Jews made no importance on my card and tell us something interesting about yourself so that saw the miles might remember who our next. Something to zero hobbies I don't know what will we be surprised nobody Alex. Donald and I'm not talking at all and you don't shop and little daisy that's not normal while to realize that most people around shopping little. It's 1860 I is quite is when people are unprepared for the winner. I respect we still how many how many chords out here it's by floods immigrants vagaries and let's look at it if you didn't know I can't crown coliseum along what are you gonna WiMax. How you do it so you're you're being a damn thing on what you have got to. Got a long got a great track of the great ones that are done today. Are all right both sets available on mobile. Your hero for the way that another interest emergency government is that good is that going to be dry out this year's Emmy next year. I already out our current. A way to remember and now I tower don't want shopper dad Copeland who I think. It out of the woods went on a log cutter. Here is here's your question besides doesn't know decade gone have. I don't think arm himself like one months. Some is that you would scream and since I'll be alone junior stub your toe but there's kids around. How many. Well. I'm not a deck and on hours of the big room. I'm very good scares me diet for 49990 lose our next contestant and play the big game. Hello Jose welcome to the men's room. And well. They are young people overnight though. Little towns over Jose welcome to the show. I don't play on men's room bowlers could drive really a minivan German car Prius a bicycle. Seriously as far as. No doubt co President Obama might address. Alamo and save what ethnicity or gender is also giving a lot of unsolicited code student commons. I said I'm not going conservative and frankly if you or me you know. Great. It's a big tender and they'll listen to become love prominently. But the point is that it doesn't matter what they might be using a new poll if you if you live there where female origins. Are also quotes and Zocor. All right blood bond and apple are all mad and do the question what actress. Is anchors would have held throws mother. Only. And we like the mother only eighth. Why would they. You might someday hang on the line our ports men okay. I still don't know I show my dad's names in a movie that's unbeaten New Orleans style on taste I'm away. And a more big dummy if you like to big contests and 84499. I don't love. So many things continue on the men's room. The radio network.