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Friday, July 20th

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This is dumb men's room. I'm listening to. Right to facilitate Bakalar and candidate for 4999 a little play profile this in a minute. And we got your headlines Italy one hour from now first quick check in my car for some of the stories and headlines he is not working on our. I'd there's a man who's been on a quest to visit every Starbucks on the planet. He's been at it since 1997. Good job and they had a hundred or so locations and I mean they're on a pretty good terror that I had my overestimating. I mean they I don't think so at all and I know they cut a little bit more this year than oil spill in the day again. Many many different countries as a member you have no idea let's the United States are there around the world peace and on the planet Hulk he's hit more than 141400. Locations in over fifty countries. It all whatever excuse you're gonna use travel get enough man bright light on the service so I was stupid that I realized. Yeah but these twins to travel all displaced and we'll in 2017 there was twist for a 7339. God man. But I think Havilland if you're at a Starbucks or a good chance there's another one right next here's the thing he's only about halfway done which. And so far he spent over 150000. Dollars on this mission and yeah I don't know that the I hope he makes a lot of modern thing he's got time. Time I mean the time is and the mine and I mean he's he obviously can do. Head start budget chief ban. No. It knows he's been all the time and money that we can Starbucks there was still a lot of god damn my life. A town in upstate New York just named bigfoot as its official town animal. It's all right Scotland's. Colin say official old country animal is a uniform. Not want to mess. It is clear read him a gold the toy animal and that lineup colonialism monster. You appoint people like the French Open. If you really want that he's never gonna you know killing anybody fester and elderly passenger doesn't know he's this he's never we don't know aggressiveness. They just monster we just know well they called dog breath in my comfort yeah. Right and I had to write the town's people try to kill. You know strong point I. Well withdrawal might argue that Germany has not try to catch Nancy it. All they've all try to catch Nancy tablet have you ever watched Discovery Channel oh man they're always a more definite time yet and I think that's he wanted Discovery Channel like I market the service fairly. Learn here I'm over here. They are back playbook back to the New York town apparently there was some bigfoot sightings of the town in 1976 and the already have a big statue of bigfoot in an annual festival in his honor for the wanna bracket we'll do it. I think it probably not known for anything else thanks. That town near New York. A 53 year old man in Florida was arrested last week after he broke into a dollar general store and sold beer. League for a while wearing a teacher that said this study to bear. And Kelly was a blind eye what do you guys element all right so you're getting a lot like. Are you getting a 22 ounce cans for a dollar when the thing care. Dollar general store them in Florida. You get a tall boy won't you by O'Donnell I'm gonna say in Florida told the tall boy one single tall boy. Remember Dollar General and I think it's all just dollars. A dumb and oh yeah Monroe are not good dollars are more OK okay guys step effort dime line there they have a tennis effort dollar and I think they have late. Other pricey for the. I think it's one of those places where if it's not marked it's a dollar. OK I got otherwise go by the price. McDonald's and Starbucks are very general picked to bear. McDonald's and Starbucks have joined forces to come up with a new fully composed double cup to eliminate waste that I I stood there for. Both of they're letting people submit ideas choosing the best ones and then not tossing up to a million dollars to add each one deceive they can out. But it does it could be huge for the environment. Go to. The buck stop flow like a lot of people on face of my life has been ruined because that on a classic golf. Oh absolutely and I know did little right and opposable forks they almost work like regular sports. I don't ever visited are asking you about them messiah and a British or the Bible cover this and this one's on the big market. Like the seven seals has been broken the trouble to play him the next things probably going to be have played a fraud theft right I'm right there. The average person says that they have fifteen Berber days a year according to a new study fifteen perfect days a year makes a loving their that you don't you lay. Oh glad you asked their throughout the eldest of suburban dad are waking up at 8:15 AM all who cares all right. Spending a total of two hours eating. All right the longing longing for a total of long dinner that I'm doing an hour of exercise in four hours a family time. Okay now you see right there at the storms Q. And going to sleep at 1050. Couldn't Phillips I'm count as they're watching your show but they're all there. You would think so they do not as if it savage my night. And here's the tough things that instantly put us in a better mood according to a new survey. Finding money in your pocket you didn't know you had a core guys. Being able to sleep and would no alarm yes lying in bed listening to the brain. And I like that doing these amazing about this week. Right to relate to some of the if your friend was dating some an awful would you say anything. More than likely enough. And unconventional kind of Opel they all are but yeah I'd rather ran on the frame yet. The third floor to debate what in what little flip line that person that crosses his future. Right here on our Robert W on this I would tell. A wonderful you on this one as well run and inside your friend was dating somebody awful would you would you say something would you and oh yes we have a system called Sidewinder where you get to tell them and you're in the same space stature yet. Well it's it's trust me it's for the better of all friendship small for you over there are completely bass act towards because men are more likely to say they would try to intervene women are more like at least say that they would not. And I have. Gentlemen I again depends on the level of what this person is all about sure give it away image Jews in the mouth open how good this. Many got a gives and again I think also it really has to do with your relationship with the person I absolutely I am a ton of friends. But some of them are not close enough for an understatement I think gentlemanly easier than ever it's oh sort of a bit. Oh yes oh you merit yet been signed yet and remember we seen all time that you wait after they break up. I can and right like don't don't let your true feelings out for awhile that's been in November on the it's it's awkward. A man and El Paso was arrested after he pulled up next to a cop car at a red lights. And started smoking message. At this just doesn't care why didn't dim the finger in the basement put the second what race. And so nervous I just need to Kona for sect. After twenty years play is doing away with its annual cal calendars and some of its fans are outraged about it why don't work out founder. I don't know man I'm not working on and I do not know they had cal alum I did you know that either. What little poem collection accounts calendar for twenty. How well the first you know they were omitted download move was best. It's great use for ghetto in the south to Kuwait as a way of life Jaffna area of furniture. If you break a bone after the age of fifty a new study says it could kill you. The Jesus Christ statistically that's your risk of an early death for up to a decade. Also statistically a bit after fifty it's easier to break through its media as a mother nature effort to launch that sucker into some important. Yeah that's the air that's a tough word I've ever used something about it the other project. Yeah I mean companies that. So what do Minnesota's recently reported a thirteen year old kid for selling hot dogs outside of his house without a license. But instead of shutting him down health inspectors pulled their money and help them get a permit. Health inspectors did this at least they did that I mean does have everything going on right now like this is where your concern is on pit. 32 year old or help me. A 32 year old men and Russian news covered 90% of his body with one giant all blacks had to recently had his junk surgically removed over cars all day. He says he felt like it was interfering with a look that he was going far doesn't out of that have been all black robe and that's become all man who particularly well found that. Nearly causes looked like the black hole. But we'll look at the go on for. I don't know and you dials cooked them I can you see the guy they got a whole soccer Jersey tattooed dude finding no. He's like get a damn Brazil he loves his one club so it looks like he's wearing a Jersey all the time took like ninety hour. Hey John this. My dad don't live Debra words that have always be good writing them and. So small ball. Police in New York responded to hang up call and saw something unexpected in the house within a tale about a one hour from now. Megabyte hard headlines are coming up one hour from now towards the dead. Room precepts. This is a drug to please everyone how profile this is played I turned ten miles looking symbol game where we share or do you realize news story. Something that happened right here. Planet or. And as you listen to the story based on the stereotype you believed to be true of people and the decisions that people make. Polanski would it is you think makes the story a stacked. Hello Ricky welcome to the men. It. I'm like yeah and they didn't. I had never heard. Is is like walking home of the OK okay yeah yeah yeah. I'm Reggie gives them of this game is played so. I can't let beat you guys I'm out every day that we live here yank out old thank you Rick I appreciate that. But you need to better than almost every day respect every day out you man. And we yeah I don't get back. Car every day and I don't listen to radio home. Barry out and back. We'll still exhilarated. I hear your story we go to the fine state of Iowa where a man has been jailed after police say that he chased several young children. While making threats of kidnapping them. And Campbell as. The guy's name and I'm not making this up keying Cong tool 47 years old storm lake Iowa he was charged with first degree harassment. According to police report. Told frozen children near the apartment building where he chased them and sort of hurling the threats and witnesses said the man threatened to quote. Cut them open to small pieces in them. He then inform the children that he had a bag of salt and pepper that he'd put on the diseases thing after you cut them and to set pieces. Now report although I says and a mother look at what your old baby was approached by those guys need to alert that you've been kidnapped the child. The mother told police that after being pursued by the guy she dumped into an apartment building behind. And at this dude would repeatedly look into the windows of the apartments in May not. Finally police and at that. Alcohol was probably a factor in the game managed to arrest them to remind. He's just been released from county jail for a third public intoxication. Offense. About two weeks prior and why he was booked into the wind at Vista jail on 2000 dollars bond. Do you believe that this man whose name is King Kong jewel is black and white makes you or June. It's. Pretty. Scene is not an iron. Pat you know kill Hitler Campbell Earl Y eighth on the go play. I also think like he reminds you look at. Scary children's book. How many he described how he's gonna do it and I assault and half an hour and a bag of the right at the right he's like got. He's lean on him and it's on its own capital to slice it and yes I mean numbers that sounds pretty lightly on the cover your heart stop a Brothers that the vast yeah. The fact I had resolved temporarily I think Bobby Johnson here Rick you want to look like final answer. Yes what are you gonna find out of your black white Mexican or Jewish next. Fatigued you're listening to the men's or radio networks. A big chill you know have gentleman's room. We had dialogue the profile that remains jailed after chasing children and threading to cut them open either the song that. Total mommy would that kidnapped her one year old child he just got out of jail he's been there three times frightens. Was a black white Mexican or Jewish was the question. Yeah Ricky and I thought we ask you in Houston look man that I just I can go white on this and every one of our racial consultants agree. You asked why would you eat it fit. Not old salary. I'm so sorry or chemical listing kidnapping friend King Kong tool is black. Iowa City and answer that he has it. Assault. Member of down and even understandably you do better man you don't know me laugh or from oak room. When he's on. In Frankfurt and I mean yeah I am in my game this than some of their own you know food. But I couldn't that I saw and why I had only trinity about this idea well but the paparazzi did volatile stack to be damaging act. Sure. Countless hours in front of a talking car. Presents. Denzel Washington we know him he's think I've been around my whenever. Right Dave first of all Denzel won my favorite actors I see this every time great supporter of Fisher house. So Denzel. He's got the new movie coming out I'm not positive what it is sorry folks. We should analyze and look at that I was asked me if Connecticut if it at the so he's doing another interview with us in cold there you're talking about a bunch of different things he's talking about hosted Nelson Mandela at his house in 2001. And Oprah was there. And we images like crazy stories or these teeth Denzel Washington lately I honestly think he does that say Denzel. Yeah you'll recall he used brightness and head on the existence of Johnson. The house. Borders though Johnson whoever whoever is a dead man nobody is about November else's name Denzel. They have a hard life. She never got to know moderate dementia but Bettany makes it seem like that knock off version. And I Bigelow Anwar down down to that your mom maintains. You say about Denzel Washington and be that effective today. I mean that's a long and short of a man do you have a Denzel the. An adult based on the popularity of Denzel Washington and how long he's been around at this point he would call me do. Struck me. Several of I guess when you're so rich and famous you might forget some of the nice things you do. But apparently Denzel had a very. It's important factor in effect on the life of a black panther himself Chad proposed. I understand from general Mosley himself. That you in some way are actually responsible for him being black panther. Yeah forty sit on your good idea I paid for you go to school it's that they can that's what powder that's why did you. It was a beverage. What I didn't know him I shall leash. Rashard was helping kids and she called with different people she called me and I said the Al sponsor who wherever and she says you will you sponsoring. Four or he called to thank me that's our thought that was sent do you sparking this kid comes just the OK gents. I want my money back. So what I would do nothing good about six there I want to be a premiere for black spent the year in New York. And I saw Ryan and cooler in the end and said he's only you know I just want to thank you for pain that's yeah that's why I'm here. I didn't see come on yeah I like the movie by having a little god if I ever. Where's my money back. That you have got to verve and all that man yeah. Thank I don't know I think Denzel hanging at his house to be a ton of fun. But I also like you the way he laughed easily double my money like he's still the guy from training day and I think at any point break. You get too comfortable and like racquet yogurt and then it turns into like now like you did you needed the real dads now. Let me and so is related to me script that movie. And he's going to hammer yeah. About a similar follow it what is my last name it is not Johnson. Some of their own house. For a shark week is a monster. About a lot of you'll like shark week is brought in 36 million dollars in two years to him there's a reason they don't. Because they have people who watch yeah I can sell advertising because people are watching them. For real it's easy it's sharks in new window for a week you know me like you're well problem. And I said this. There are divisive as this morning and somebody arson and some of our city to a buddy last night as I was watching some sharks stuff Lazio's. Passcodes. Is shark week supposed to be educational or just scaring me. It seemed like they had a countdown. Of the most dangerous stage to go swimming in because of shark attack okay names on the state let me guess let's say Florida is up there it's got to be correct number one California's going to be a third Iraq. New Jersey negative. North Carolina correct. And out of Ireland converted food and correct. Why does little part of Georgia but I guess in order. I'll say the the Oregon coast revealing mostly belong in the water there's a difference within the people that do in my relatives in his. Hawaii I would guess Hawaii that was the other and so that that was the top five let's walk eight. The Carolinas California and Florida was number one. We can't they also had a whole thing on I Cape Cod which is still with a beer another sharks can be very safe beaches. And throw that out there who dedicate cop and delicious font those popcorn you're in how I don't Dominic Raiola scored yet don't want to start the water Smith straight like popcorn company. If good people that'd be great shots I. How I charged now I I know things like positively. Those are going doing a lot of help right now a man they haven't been basically seeing is as Ricky you'll forgive god. Well that's so that's part of the issue on places like Cape Cod rightly be the influx of people to do swimming there's a lot more so there's a lot more people in the water. Then also there's been these efforts to save certain types efficiency so then. You're not of Killen as many of these fit fished fishing hunting. The united you don't catch an obvious catch in a catch as many of these rich area so then you know it showed back up was all sharks because they're getting you skip the staff. First there was the seals. What used to be like a rare thing if you sealed air but now there's beaches both of you can't have. Base he can have bacon of the C float around. Especially afternoon and surveyed you have been to see yet look at the sharks tomorrow on how they're called through Nepal break big visiting you as happy if I learned that from a shark expert last night he says they've come appeared on this deal. It gives but it's basically like baking they got a whole fatty will be here is a deliciously dark once. And that's seed outsourcing deals like Jewish or Muslim sure how to win any seal that it was like look it's Steelers that good right according to show court officials are are not going to butted heads says hey man. Try the week drama venison right now it's like your buddy shark Bruce will call about a dude you got it for and dude like me either. Well I can picture guys to be a janitor with right now that styrofoam cup going on and on about how these hog malls are so good in my. I'm Polamalu. And ES and Asia I think you know I think I didn't realize what sharks are really Nagy. Met. Some of them out mindset that he turtles. We're sure there's also turtles and their McCabe that that they eat what a way to look at look man if seal of respect as silverlight bacon that I would think that the light she goes European deals on crunchy and have no fear that or you can still got to the second yeah. Yeah I don't know it just crazy I'm just I'm a big player and fan so I just I saw that I felt our Matta destruction disappointment. I expect more had a few. Yeah but apparently they got a seals you have a lot of sharks. All right Jeff pretty. They have some good categories. I suspect due to would be really good at this won the category was classic songs the first line can guess the saw. One down in a dead man's town the first kick I took was when I hit the ground. Brian what's Boren USA that's the song classic 400. From mr. Sinatra. And now the end is near and so I face the final curtain always when Brian was my way Brecht songs 600. From The Beatles of course I read that they use today mobile way Justin was a day in the life right. Songs 800 a Tom Petty classic she's a good girl loves her mama loves Jesus and America to. Michelle good marriage and you know. Brian was freefall that's it classic at thousand. You never close your eyes anymore. When I kiss your lips. Brian oh what is it you lost that loving feeling we are so close it's not you it's you. Why on oh Cologne I had a not I am ally Paul Salazar is harsh. Samsung will always remind me you how. I like I just like hearing ouster back recite their races. By how can you take layers that you know and suck all the soul out pad out this dramatic read them. Yeah I don't think there's that he's a guy like that if you read the lyrics without the beats. It takes is that it's terrible. Oh yeah and a what the hell does this mean not I don't you realize dark most of the right there's not really posts. It with the media it's great but we taken away and you just say these words out landlord who's that comes as I've ever I don't think the music out and read some chili peppers lyrics. You'll be disappointed when I've got to get got to get a put it in you practicing dizzy right out all the weird little sound effects no the sometimes or he just gives them. At the end of it was all Romulus a little round up and down the debate David. I know of no more so. Amendment and then I'm Nan Nolan and landing somewhere that bottle what the noon hour. At least I wouldn't have leased Ashland where do we go NI KI EC admitted he didn't order goals and alma little side note to Axl Rose comes in handy for that long. When did vocal feedback thing that he does aren't sold the other day awards show syndicates to go to the markets everything has a B precisely on time are. So my call before the show starts he's trying to timeout to make three hit the thing right top of the hour couple different songs and finally he balks and goes man. He's like Guns 'N Roses there's Axl rose's good to end of what I can't remember the song but the thing and giving anybody anything IEA IE IE Isaac pulled down I am I don't. If you get it yet that anything that you examining. It and yeah I mean I I think most musically that he just reading dry thing is that there are different yet yeah they're a lot less impressed. I thanked good news the Brady Bunch house on the market. Until they're tearing it down. Well. They simply were going to say they think it will sell pictured on the Brady house yeah I don't know that I'd really watch you probably nothing's ever shot inside then. A vantage just outside a little off figure wrong with his it's his sense of what they saw. Allows him gone on about how they Ross and the meat man the meat may and there are areas that. That's good Alcoa. You don't send me mail it is not a bush repeated even though the blitzers of the. If it if it's thousand studio city California. As soon the consent of LA. Yes I don't have by the studios was built in 1959. Almost 2400. Square feet. That's that that traditional split level looking you know. But I apparently you know this is the second most photographed moment America after the White House puck that makes sense again think of another pogroms. There's a real house and kind of thing the Amityville horror house they tore that down and eventually puts that house in New Mexico where people through pizzas on his breaking bad all odds and knew him then and I solve the full house house. In San Fran it's airframe and that's one of the day they ultimately resort and it really Grateful Dead house and hate. That could be one I don't know that that's interesting question well generally you gotta go historical figure strength. But I've been more Brady Thomas Jefferson's house you know and children as a more. They moved those broad shallow. Promising for. If percent of your noodle. Sally and this is the only thing that's very positive Helio generally attracted Nam racking my brain with another famous TV who. Well what do George Washington Mal Washington that would be a famous Mount Vernon Mount Vernon elvis' home Graceland with great plan that's right but he wants. I think the pizza once breaking bad got to be the newest wanna house from full house they just shut down tour's driving directly by it because I guess I don't know if people are stopping in crowding or they're throwing in stuff I don't remember what they did wrong with the Allen to go there anymore I don't know neighbors intensely hey man you know images. Sort of walk outside my house and two and everybody and there's there's a small little road and Astoria in at the top of the hills with a Unita offices. It's people though there'll down do you are you maturities out okay Iraq duties. That a popular one chair. Let's teahouse of us went down my. Well yeah. Well I mean they showed a little plastic wrap or remote and the same thing right. It out well the differences as bank then mend the ship that did the houses they showed on the outside a realistic homes. There today a man people like you don't realize you its TV show like they're living in like a three million dollar. Idaho and in it's it doesn't matter if it's the Goldberg is black is whatever look at this house I mean they regular almighty god accuses Wilson that we saw and Lackey is. It makes cents yet you know makes sense the only Elena easily on route you know he makes money it's his job dictates that Wright and his wife's a doctor Siegel at our. They live all the shows a visibly apparent broken light gotten them a threat it was a world kind of unfriendly happily living like he's exactly Manhattan exactly keep in mind the Brady Bunch. He was an architect with six kids and wife doesn't work any had a may mean eliminate. I think. He has some of that I was in the downstairs and I am yet again sailing at least flash that's what I'll do it well he obviously Rhonda Rowland Hillary I've should be if it. Conan O'Brien's are doing his showdown at comic con I'm not collided like this version of Conan he's got to go and I don't the people. Hot. I think I'm getting to know the city really be fun fact I learn a San Diego is an ancient Spanish phrase meaning land of chubby bat man's. Okay. You can tell Superman is eighty because now he just sits alone afford to solitude watching Fox News yeah. It could say yeah. He had new trailer for the DC movie titans was just released yeah. In it a group of teenage superhero spread out their arch nemesis Kevin Spacey now. That meant a yeah that's easily CNET top that's why does he is going into I was viewed. It's. Carries. It it. Somebody in my guys that occurred there to their coordinates. The gap right don't forget he is a ginger and non there was kind of enough. Hi Jerry Seinfeld by early two inside those of interest in things came out about him do you really got the first ever American Express black art. I am now he was the spokesperson that he was the spokesperson and I get so many Imus set kinda came up to Mosley came and they had it was only been like a rumor. That supposedly like. You know that they shower some crazy king summer foreign land had one in the guy and start American Express the president company or something had one. So Jerry semi you're suggesting he get one and then he asked about it. It was kind of a joke nobody really haven't but ended up kind of making one for him. Ham yet but the stats electing a ridiculous you have Lakefront shares for every go this have to do it it's been like. Odyssey that's like 200000 dollars. The year system and it's like 200 grand a month. Yeah it's there's a cute the black hearted not anything in the boastful of her own life so this is why cats like Jay-Z world it. You're Dorgan and manually through average celeb purportedly a flight of Florida have discard. It normally travel points. Well they're relentless and you can just you can call the secret numbers that they were flying and look I mean some wrap on your find a piece of get pizza right. Then I think they're so we'll hear it. If they're civil weird ice cream flavors out there full disclosure before this joke I would try. Nice frame shop and Scotland has created a new minutes flavored ice cream. And if you're dying to try as you probably dying to begin left. They say okay. I hope I can I give it. My son got very and I've got up there in minutes you're listening to the men's or radio networks timely and Swiss miles. No let's see what's happening in the real. There are gonna look for New York for 911 call about an alligator that is nearby. Western New York meanwhile Florida man goes to target and drop his pants using god as an album. I'll throw the gonna Jackson Miller Burger King customer truly hasn't her way in Texas two fires blamed on exploding tortilla chips on a hot Austin des. An Ohio man phones and bomb threats we will miss his flight. The center headlines. It's Sunday. Its peers might call. I had not thought to get a New York. Or police officers got to hang up calls and an abandoned buildings. Following the C procedures the officer made their way out of the house that were greeted by something unexpected. Day four foot alligator as a weird for me guys told them where it. While searching for anyone distress in the home the officers found the Gator any makeshift aquarium. They go the proper authorities in the and a more removed people are still investigating this in a bully wrongly Donna Gator. In new Yorker no New York State western your Millon you know a variety of way out there. And don't get it snow gators but. The fact they made a makeshift aquarium is why the kind of dived further and this is an abandoned homes they don't really know who would belong to lead in there but hey let's kind of go it's left. I'll watch Gator. Cardinal we give its proposal but that's tough that's a few weeks. It relatives in Florida manager of a target called police to alert them of a man that was going around his door dropping his pants and exposing his genitals antibiotics to his customers. As well as knocking items off the shelves. Please eventually tracked the men and his I'll have a tank cap ticket at. And that is due to higher than an hour after. Anyway there was does that really have like a bomb emporium that is exactly right. It's simply the ads that recommend that it has all the mile away and found in the possession of a ton of marijuana and eleven different fights. All of which he said it was quote blessed to him by god you know what he's. Thank god and I didn't expect it gods against we'd have anonymity gives people bonds among you know. We'll have been gone to monologue. Editor held Vaughn's. He was arrested for closure of 2000. Barack a customer of Burger King inject a little custom pages for some of the employees that made some customers a lot happier business was moving slowly in the restaurant. It was moving so slow that the woman actually jumped over the counter and started working to complete orders. It was later discovered that the woman was actually an off duty employee and went higher of heard about the incidents they terminated both her in the slow working employees fail. I don't think he'd terminate her. No course not meant look. You jump in to say something like that to leave just as I know you'll I didn't go race man like exactly would that way next time if you could. Come in through the way that you normally though you can. Do it that way well it wasn't that she jumped over the counter she was in her street clothes if you didn't know judicial order issued an order to get food and hosting its launches like you know what right now on this a bit back and help she didn't wash her hands she didn't put gloves on man blows they did she should wash your hands in the glove to register or. Why would she was president ever became you it's beautiful earth correct I was one thing you know what I even communities that she's editor weight and you wash her hands. Well I hope that led to oh and after I hope every job feels that way you'll like what you're an off duty firemen you know my hopes the farmer to strap but I don't want to use. Did you guys and I don't have my snooze that would look bad. Right this is that I think downloads for having Miliband as honestly I give it a few more days till we hear another story about this woman getting hired either back by Burger King know why the McDonald's all right Colin heard immediately making her god damn manager hell yes immediately hell cares. doesn't like incompetence Jesus right it's those slot here that I need to actually go back to remind another moron has chosen the wrong edited to try to catch his flight that he was late for courts have just sends a forty year old Ohio man performance imprisoned for calling in a bomb threat to attempt to delay its planes like you know Horton hears all we know better than this man and that's the thing is that he's played by a few minutes and he called and a bomb threat get there early you don't you need to be the airport early right now but since when is the bump for a delay Flight for five minutes before they can get on it. That's a good point rally take five and look for a bit of it I hit that the government had we got a collier's storage gonna take is that it was about five minutes as somebody who is. Into the speaker today airport a little late but just be nice some analysts are run through exactly as they're actually if you ask there's there's sometimes overlook him. Yeah they're like literally that was that I know he can make it or not they'll ask her if she like. I'll drag you sorry well there's there's things that they have to do my guess who's the plane pulls away from the from the abnormality that Cuba when they closed the doors on the outside itself. Now officially by the FAA standards over a measures I would imagine somebody that I know about things faster than okay these are very very very fair I don't know I thought about that are saying they re very they've very board that person. No we go to Austin, Texas where factory got fired because the most unlikely of craziness spontaneous combustion of tortilla chips. Apparently the company had been testing a new to handle food away from the marking of for the making of tortilla chips. A process that lets the spontaneous combustion of the jets and destruction of multiple talents of and chocolate chips rice. Hi I have gonna did you use with corn chips straight salsa. Guacamole thought oh for all of the SARS that's a grandmother and my item that. Things early as an example your dad's is as good as mine the random question question would bring it doesn't this other day and another round profile list has indeed that is all chairman and meantime read below about those back. So until next time would you do best and or leave the state. It's day beautiful.