07-19-18 Seg 2 Mens Room Is Infected

Thursday, July 19th

We play the game known as Big Dummy!


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This is dumb men's room. Listening to. Present nodded and Iraq Kansas city's rock station also Rockwell fly jetBlue goes rock station. And our listeners in Fayetteville Arkansas on 93. The K big show for you today as the head ship is on the way to its meat and potatoes as thirteen foods. That were invented by accident no Sherlock is coming up and we will drink and toast with a shot of the day in the meantime the game is big downing we have made on the line he's playing for team sober and working on question number three. Question number three if you made to. What does the legal term for son none grabbed me. Yeah yeah. Yeah. Yeah. A nice way of saying that. Up first and any business being you know things have really good did Biden did really for asylum I got back. Your question the black parts of I cards are the backing band of what our. They're rules. It's. Heard them and yeah you've heard of the front person yeah yeah yeah. Yeah yeah. Yeah yeah I'm quite. Trust in god make. That is where your were near the name of backing band of the artist. Have you ever heard elderly who are now because. All right get your question yeah this is ridiculous that is roared let's today is bad fans German shepherds name yeah power comes on our guys are all that's not unfair on our list that part of the reason this is done the there's a waiting for the comments the role and he would tell me I'm wrong orderly tell me against. We couldn't end it yeah. Yeah. Yeah. And collapse it makes any case it's. I select health hardware person aren't. It's a bit continental United States. Was glad to be admitted to do you do lose yeah. We'll. Yeah Thompson ran out of space the lower forty yeah yeah. Morgan yeah. Arizona. I ask your question as high as some three point 145. Is defined as the ratio between the circles once. And why yeah we'll. Let it. Hey that's gonna wish she'd lose diameter and now let's. I'm an old city radius of you blow that I'm right there with him create millions hasn't it. Re a business or conference no you're wrong if they don't is a game at 44999. Alone who's our next contestant ready played big game hello Taylor welcome to the men's room. Are you want to know over Arkansas over today. I want its first look at the show finished Interpol good news you gotta compare a disease will be put video diarrhea cramps or herpes when he picked. It's. Can lose this war crimes bureaucrats members of immigrants overdose on in the senate there was that little. Follow oil flow. I hear the question. What's for would you be playing if you're competing for the Davis Cup. Or him what sport would you be playing if you're competing for the Davis Cup. Took us. Accurate. There's different foremost insurance. Your question back antidepressant. Flew locks into an oxidant. Absentee is generally known by what other name. I'm let him sit out a loan. It's taken. Yeah when he gets out strong last and always going to have been all you have to I'll I graduate husband right right on hold for a week you're doing that well then either. And I think what's his deed did you go last week. I got a one any aesthetic. That wasn't enough review user mourner. All right the question how many teaspoons orange tablespoon. Or a. Video for three. Birthday gift. And I you know totally campaign. That's that would go a long way to let him you gotta be precise on the U one teaspoon to me. All right what prayer is said ten times during each sequence of a Catholic rosary. Layer prayer prayer what to do with flair if you could. Look for a year said ten times thirty in sequence of the Catholic whose. Marilyn did sound in limb this year also Tanya I don't football dad is it is a football term. A married. I pay go find a card game is big dummy for foreign 99 you hear that genuine joy in his voice of the Phillies are out next contest admittedly they get an idea to get back to life now wait on the phone for weeks now. That's dedication. Hello Tim welcome to the men's room. And you felt. I just got it didn't go nuts over. That's over tables in the show our men's room bulls didn't even air of the season need to pick one of Libby chlamydia gonorrhea grabbed her herpes. We'll probably go the popular vote locally America not necessarily the popular vote cyber crabs this book. Am your body would kill high school. Probably on the outside I'm chlamydia and and Brad were in charge of the trip the best of DC. Fred you and me and he gonorrhea. You know let me end and that's including into remission sit side by his parents and that fifty dollars you can go perhaps dominate on further 50%. Trash about the new Baghdad the Fed about to replace you can mania I'm everyone's favorite now. I'm IV aids you've been an easy to do it. Realize there's been a reduction in Krebs a reduction in running out cases. Just based on habits based on the follow all the gloomy yeah yeah. It was much more prevalence that he'd be Sanchez and the other hand it's yours to us. Remember that should be good result you'd think about the current. Are you urgent question and a world of art fresco. And balls paintings watercolors directly onto wet what. Click play. The percentage that if you. We'll hire some so you have an older fresco if you are ahead. But you might remember wolves in Spain Italy and stuff like a fresco of Christ on this. Old old old little global old church and a local Walden and older issues and eighties maybe. Is she says look I will touch on the front scolding David tour when she was dom. I can't really explain that and they're cartoon if it really does it was terrible. But that's watercolor on two went to class and governor are you question what state would you find B Sturges pretzel looks. Oh yeah. That's locked. As they do yes they do a minute Dutch wonderland it's all the press a Toronto yeah really why go to holiday amending noted that wanted to and it's it's America. The question how many US territories. Military. Also got to. On US. Oh god in the Pacific the Comodo while most while I don't get that far off the top wrote you. In 2005. God of war was released exclusively for which game console. PlayStation. That's not him. Somehow I knew he would know me and gave his big dialing 844999. All of the we have a contestant ready to play the big game or Ted knows who it is changed anchor welcome to the men's room. It's. Great place for teams over. Fourteen knots over the October Sarah that's averaging twelve. Okay you got to pick one it's not going to be easy are you say in chlamydia gonorrhea grabbed her herpes. Oh no this is very very easy. Miles into the craps you think the crabs all right. James you have the crowd absolutely crabs this that's so funny look at left Natalee alone in a small apartment always an easy you don't get a little bit rated mortgage Miguel. Yes inflation rigor get Yasser. On the comment that they crab oh you mean hooker police. But the public but right. We were little political poker please aren't here is your question what is a group of mosquitoes call. CC's. It. Google mosquito evening in the gas emissions vehicles. Right well actually they don't bother me right you're drinking no they don't want other try to hammer drink. Yeah then there that Jane that Jane as wonderfully as one of that one of the traits of people who get bitten by mosquitoes is they've been drinking since you've been outside even drinking a lot well they wanna catch a buzz just as much as any other animal has. Planet. OK well then something else they leave me go alone. Does the gap. To a baby crabs and I don't know securities onlookers he's. Looks they outscored walk. They get healthy again. It's very appropriately named I believe spoofed. Her out. I look they are the skirts have to teach a soft. And quite literally bigger sir are your question what is the fastest animal on earth that runs on two. Hussein bolt. I am for a third day. Another road runner touch third. Out of there and do you believe what has the roads are bad for the road rather than an okay. James old line. If you like big contest and big on big dummy for 4999. All the more a big guy on the way you're listening to the men's or radio network. Don't go ahead Jeff has made a date of this thirteen foods that were invented by accident he had Jeb is coming up. With dead meat and potatoes in the meantime game is big dummy if you'd like to be contested a 44999. All of James fell off the lines of time for new contestant who would that be hello Jeff welcome to the Mandarin. Jeffrey playing a team of overarching national. I just our men's room full today boy oh boy did you call him a great day. I'll pick one would you rather have chlamydia gonorrhea crabs or herpes. First Julio committee are great choice. Because offense that's true throw bill before like and I. We'll right in saying this is what I want good service this seasons now ever donated Caesar salad out of it and daisy and is therefore it is consistent. It's always good welcome that he included. Your Jersey will be here next week. Think about it but it was beginning a condom on the way in the locker room for a supports any game on the way out the committee tankers that column. Yeah I heard your question what country produced Saab automobile. Yeah. And I. Yeah used to make the stuff. If they do have to believe I felt I know I was this continued with months ago it might have been despite and is one of the company's blog but nobody in my living in discontinued here but you'd have to think if you went to Sweden maybe use of catastrophic attack Oka now it's like. You like sobs other cool look at what is. I even like the 900 a really good out there who still been called others second caller of the sock at all highlighted his body made it and I was happy Foreman is brand New Orleans for a brand new car police but anyway. It was very excited I was happy for him he's showing at all or only good thing is. What an ugly at our whole bonus while old man there from the car was into the settled back toward so we were going on long trips your feet got really hot because in it was on tiger because it's going to. Yeah ugly. All right here is your question in this superhero world of terror turned right wing had previously been known as who. Borrow borrow it. Susan Robbins. Hello Bernard. Number no not Robin archived. Don't interiors of the nightly fox I don't pilgrim who. And the board game clue what suspect has the same name as a bird. Singing now. It. Same thing. Oh I knew it is isn't it I hope I didn't. I remember. What it's professors he. This is this. Itself word quit your data and if you go bloop visit booby for an hour. Eat the low blades as we do know that particular moment. I. Auto. Longo. And I pay that now how much longer is that bad boy gonna be assisting you on rides. All yeah how much his whole fiasco concert he had yet to. Oh yes so far this whole ordeal. A lot at the Bible says like I. And remember man seriously like. Do not drink anything like him to do not use an amount awesome as alcohol totally. Yeah I don't mind it quite different in Abuja I didn't think about it but it blew into things. It beats out what we did Listerine again real time yeah yeah conference or Dodd emphasized that. And it's ridiculous he didn't do an idea because to have a while not takers and the we just haven't blown all my tutors so people to look at a let when that guide. I wanna get up blower so I'm a pedal is obviously going back and I want to lebed adult. Who are out of guys. I'd bootable clones like trying to. My scooter. If there that think they think again dad went and held the attorney need to have a parks and a I got a lot. All right if you question what large reconciled to its name from the Spanish word meaning the losers. All. They've since I never think that Clinton didn't want to. Legacy an alligator is a giant lizard yes it is yes I know but I know anything related Comodo dragon is Vegas. Thought it was stuff they loser wanna get alligators and crocodiles were about the dogs yes saltwater crocodile is technically the biggest lizard. Yeah yeah I would guess all right what you like you've seen as long as someone like I don't feel. It's funny nickname what's become a large business the Biggest Loser. That's because my penis is large but it is too damn it all. Tiger question what. What the CI stand for as and the key feature. Crime scene investigation. I'm dozens of them. Disney dummy far far 999. Oleg we have a new contestant read a play games we do bubbly quick side note it just seems to me economic crimes investigation when I've seen from that. Anyone can do their job connect. As we go to the crown prince probably I believe we can do it someone else can take pictures I understand they have to be perfect but inevitably. They put these things and machine run a computer program don't do. You don't notice it. Like each openly swap stuff from what I can do that. And then input and a machine and machine does and every answer they can possibly be to any question at hand about. Look what I can do that if I want to do that now you're just like I'll take a swab not descended to Ancestry.Com. More than likely will be able to find it gets to the related to. This is Greg de Mayo are next contest and read a play and as contestant is Bombay hello Bobby welcome to the men's room. Voting for over a field. I thought in the group Baltic London to their disease would you rather have chlamydia gonorrhea grabbed her herpes. Let's go to palladium sleeper hit that bad yeah gruden. Do a big brands all you can meet that would be he's it's shuttling back and it is. And Hillary is your big glorious future for against the are you wearing a moving sweater that. I can't have I'm really here. How many of you were. Photo Burt Reynolds around crashed toolbar and easy UK only that but each. Colin hairy man go to the crabs are bragging again that I was on number Reynold he has. You know like what are you done that if. Like meeting celebrities that echo and I look there on those because for like four days they're goes and the government autograph I saw you think you guys who go to ball salute and clothes food. You're a celebrity and so I've got a chance to move to a three to it that. I think Bart. Couldn't do rose three brutal could move to a lot of people act into question. What company publishes the Walking Dead comical sooners. Yeah. And. It. Yeah. Company publishes the Walking Dead comic book series. And he. There Barnett. There's a question or four states of matter. Gas liquid solid and it. Nobody bank. How about you Donnie. Obviously oh my god I've Bobby Bobby I donate to a man I robber who gag at the Wasilla not. Yeah I mean I. On bond it. Knows it well I. These old birdies goal line it's got his world almost no one bodies or make sure Bobby's alright out. Did you hear the ground ball and it won't be injured hey Stevie you. Come out with the our job being done meet your goal on. Which I guess right now like you're it's quite another. Let me he's adequate and I'd and if it out already answered that question out of that led to send out plasma plant. I yell yeah gel this. How isn't the same vein issues are less liquid metal or somebody. He makes a good look Soledad hotel. Del sol gel but you jealous they did that as if it. Yeah all the way coming came on the price apps and another Bob and terror word. I don't normally panic like that but someone check them I'm having a hard time keeping it to governments. Yeah you were talking about sob you'd think it would cool I used to think the political daily terrible anyway comment comes and they agree with you says throw. You ignorant. Ignorant man. Some degree good looking cars for the best looking look most of them had a Turbo engine to snake and I get a better everyday look stupid I thought that would all's well. Come on. Here's a big dummy for Ali like the 9000 of the change in the number on 844999. Cola. Hello Parker welcome to the bedroom. Hartford is sober felt. In the show hardware world we're happy to have you after the death of Bob. Of course there are men were involved. If you could have your favorite dinner on the people you take chlamydia gonorrhea crabs or her. Hello you for the you graph you'll freedom to grant you you realize how much physical. Activities involved in Washington seem to cleaning things that. I mean you wanna you and so what most thorough screen sprinkling you've ever done in your life. When everything's going to be wiped out. It with you guys available. President. A couple of things some comments and all cap what happened to Bobby you know we don't know we have a team a month. Off and we were talking one of the questions loads the sort alligator represents. Spanish or the losers. Yeah double that were what are the holes anyway of course this is what happens tomorrow but the real question I gave me. So good that the quite certain looks like the crocodile is not considered a loser in general tax economy though it is a red tile. So the largest loser would be Comodo dragon the longest Crockett billion. We'll be a saltwater crocodile talking billions and the alligator would be considered a crack in Delhi and you can double check build something impact on me. But I think I'm right in our ideas to finger at himself at all that although it was I was on Comodo address. And I tell you according to this guy you'd be right I've seen some iguanas that are freaking Hume. He's huge as the law. Funeral reminded that there are days of big Obama's. You people and pierce down though and I mean. They got to make it to go and everything. Probably a reasonable freaking huge crowd would get it for free come on man when he does his body here with tale a law looked at him and they're out of telling these things are enormous and it's like drag it freed in the keys Dave lay on the branches in did you look up you're like oh my god dude if you felony Bregman. Good that day as sensors stunning thing that sometimes they falsely been do follow the tree that they do all the talking a bright yet. Our urgent question what state would you find the Chihuahua desert. You don't know. I. And interference Arizona's best stuff. Doesn't that far off defensively at least this. And what he's a if statement. Ali and okay you remember and it's classroom. That is to do that we'll pass those costs are about the way Albuquerque is located in why why doesn't. Make. According to ancient Roman religion who was the god of the seat. Are a man. Who aren't actually. Longer. All of them didn't. Know you. All of you who think. I know there's this couple had. Yeah. He really didn't phones totally playing. You're in Manhattan restaurant and while we wouldn't have. I don't have brought no no no result and finished or loved ones aren't that element and a diplomat and got. Your question. Would you by columnist who was the first to land on the moon. Couldn't. Constantly around three left a little left. Hello left and I believe so whatever. It's harder on question time. Question a revival what US state has the highest number of colleges and universities. And remind. I don't know the Gaza City Massachusetts and North Carolina. At Massachusetts is not a bad guess either considering the population may have lost it lost and alone. I gave his big dummy 8449990. Look who is our next contest and ready to play the big game hello John welcome to the men's room. Until it's over. Let's just three guys on the left. Attempt to everybody says. And nobody and it. I'm Lou I don't know. I don't know I had thought I'd ask have you have you talked to him. No Oca. Yeah you journalists. I don't know you don't you don't know now you're gonna get a venereal disease you want chlamydia gonorrhea crabs or herpes and I give it to you personally. All. Well that's an honest. Total grabs her tag. Yeah I don't know what are the other one Linda. They had test it with a little cute it fascinating she. Gonorrhea. Yes that's I've got to. And we got that back. And heads in the dream you have feelings mean I'm really tax. Bottler mild it has the Comodo dragon is the largest species of lizard. And the difference between an alligator crocodile is that an alligator will in fact see you later while crocodiles do invites you anyway. All this have been the first six it's all right here is your question. And a game of chess pawns in his each player stronger. It's all. But at first I teller asked. Don't look and act in the eighth. And eighth complete. The bill of rights contains how many of the First Amendment to the constitution. We want. Me. And I think. Take up a lot of ground today on that tower got a question for if you like big intestine more big dumb become another 8449990. Look you're listening to the men's or radio network. HL you don't have gentleman's room. Jeff got on designated details as a thirteen foods invented by accident he had ship is on the way after emails in the men's room Edmonds in my dot com in the meantime. Game is big dummy we've got the job online playing for team sober and I believe John this is question number three for you. Welcome back to the program ground. Excellent we've been away personal it's like getting to know you all over again but before we do hear your question. Atlantis paradise island is a resort in what country. They're my mouth yeah. Doggone it and it. That was pretty often I mean. This anywhere. It's just wonderful. And about one a lot of unscrupulous short order I mean directly through I'll be very is not done yet I gotta go along the northeastern. You go to. Here's a question when referring to music what does or indeed stand for. Very good game is big Demi 8449990. Look who's our next contest in red play the big game hello right hand of welcome to the man. Ryan and through holes they had to do things. How are asking you to pick a venereal disease was normally does not happen. How will be chlamydia gonorrhea crabs or herpes. Well Motley crew upon meeting double edged sword gets hit just like leave it. Clear up a little bit on only ask Arthur pretty that Motley pros but nothing big yet doomed. Flu like a butterfly sting the ninety. Who gave that it might the Motley crew of good in the pet store and one of them that recycling fee. Mister Nichols six. Had gotten into the cycle and also steroids. Yes similar to the portico portico and don't. Goods and I don't follow when this time I'll call Sheila had a marathon incredibly interesting president I'm gonna go to the doctor. Our ears in question while Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin walked on the moon with astronauts stayed in the command market. Yeah yeah news. I would do everything on the north from the faith in. Oh here's the thing. There's definitely no nobody doesn't have a name it's among men and Neil Armstrong tomorrow Armstrong's salad and it blows Aldrin and and was removed. Michael got my column. No really wasn't knows a thing that you have way Mike Collins on the moon. Or Blair Mike Collins in my brother LeRoy c'mon. Yeah I you're quite. Yeah I ended in it ain't no one would she then Macintosh Mac that's now and it is damages are bad for. Are you questioned the Murray river is the longest river a more confident. Murray river the Murray river. Yeah. The longest one her. Yes I'm a little more Australians and the invasion of in addition you know you have thrown point. Art at the liquor is 100 proof how much alcohol doesn't contain my percentage. 200. The lakers won a it's 505050. If you're right we can't prove effective. Credit policy. Anyway. Which wedding anniversary is referred to as the golden anniversary. And. Along with a typical gate that. Yeah 200 dollar. Although voltage our fiftieth was all made me do I do I get into art and they're your. Aren't what ingredient is added to white sugar to make ground sure. A us. How's the would have been subdued thrilled and he doesn't go far. Cameras big dummy hard 999. Cola. Hello Lawler is welcome to the men drew. And I. It's over now. It shows servants revolt today it's all about that bears out the Middle East will it be for you local media gonorrhea crabs or herpes. I'm going to have grown bigger step and get no one no votes or Arby's today. I'm Bruno lean on a single vote from Moody's. Of Karzai offers I. We had a little station identification it's going here the big government. But at least we know. Play in date cramps bloody attack if you would does delight to be a contestant aid for four at 99 cola more big dummy coming up and the head Jeff all the way tens of meat and potatoes. As thirteen foods invented by accident. The shenanigans continues on the men's room. Radio network.