07-18-18 Seg 2 Mens Room Gets A Little Handsy

Wednesday, July 18th

Mens Room Question: What unique body part will you always remember?


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This is the men's room. Listening to. Tell our friends jump on right now and now marlin classic rod nanny to three KE GON also rock 100 point five cats in Oklahoma City Lesnar Iraq and there. And what O 33 before rocket it and for Wayne Indiana alone in the program and a big when we have foray today the return of who sucks last which you don't need to know has some of the biggest product flops. In history and they were talking about unique body parts as a big survey was done on love all those female genitalia. Basically what they concluded his as far as him practices in this particular study in Australia. The most doctors had talked to or seen someone who would come in and expressed concern about the way they looked downstairs and whether that was normal. Or abnormal and not only that but there's been a recent spike in. Plastic surgery to make the downstairs area more symmetrical and everything else or maybe applies here these study just concluded that there's there's no true shape form everybody's normal everybody is just unique. In their own way and leader of the top 35 sorry camp counselor. Every guy halls he's good humor her own notes some of you overcome your ball but they mean right now I used drooling okay. But yes we have 35 topics camp camp counselor shouldn't touch if. Your privates all normal and I think that I brought that local go home and tell everyone that handle this afternoon let's. Coach Pete Sampras at I've got a good look at me and it's it's my mind goes by even though there is make fun of evens out in ever gonna see gorge faded and recruitment. Fellow. Dammit he had to resign boys and girls from jobs well golf well bellowed tanner welcome to the men's room. Oh yeah yeah. Oh I would go and as an argument so. Doesn't it the idea that if I was go to college in southern Oregon. And out getting ready to go home for the summer about another riot. Shall I went on to Craig let you looked up the right sheriff saying united are away you know. Well single guy package that dialogue did you ride back to Seattle at okay. And then the next morning I got the car. Is quick to hand on the steering wheel with virtually no I notice. It on both and the only has scored fingers. So is there. Is that the thumb and then one finger was noticeably missing. Well I did I get the lead index fingers were mentioned clock. Oh good lord no knowledge it was just you know they didn't play action and character like ninja turtle. Yeah I mean there's not a lot of good things you can. There was he doing good theory yeah. So. Glad I guess that was good company and but you know it was by it's about eight hour drive. But I didn't game the courage to ask them what somebody's hands until about maybe an hour away from Seattle or so. Out to say it takes real time gonna get to know somebody in the night chaos I just noticed just all the sudden after two and a half hours staring at your hands. I think and he jazz blew it. What he said. I did say boy like batting if it's a rare kind of do these are is the poor air quality is sometimes not the point any fingers but he's from Iraq. Not every. Well it's rare life or no it's rare. Did Julie have four fingers much like the Simpsons and ended up turtles and how awkward it is their time and I got back this I don't know man if it. Outrageous they helped out the doctor about the index. What tell unique body partly you'll always remember a 44999. All the worst thing about it in the mag has particular scenario it's not that you just notices some of those four fingers but. The driving. So the hands are always visible man every time you glad to stern will its life. Michelangelo from the than ninja turtles drive and use them it's like 1030 to thirty. I think I hope the. Did I played baseball league kid that was a real ninja turtle Z and have. Ring finger or pinky oh no he's legitimate chop them off work and like a table saw OK and but it was just weird because I played. But during tryouts and stuff he's in the outfield. He's catching the ball he started in I really thought about you don't really need. There's certain pitches no you don't you don't need it so that one day just in the dugout I was like holy crap like that who got three then it was. You have one thing like with a with in just depending on digits and Jerry Garcia didn't have a digit. Tony I only had kind of a nub that he played with an unique style I got out sometime Robert tip put him over the top and sometimes I wonder if that contributes like could that guy for maybe the greatest breaking ball ever. He's hit because he's he's just thrown withers it was supposedly we spent a lot of different pitches that he had. Only played outfield right then don't say it was a just little did the world know we had abused the vigilant he'd probably good would you know what he's gonna Ferrari right in parts of the putter think that. What's what you need body part but you'll always remember 8449990. You know exactly bitch he's gonna 300 but it doesn't mean you didn't hit it a light you know William authority right. He's coming Basilan. At the install fast while not a lot of variety. Yeah hello Jay welcome to the men's room. Yeah. I could see your your three finger buddy bowl. It probably is yeah. I go to one of the three unique that's sort of yeah again. Today what comes to mind when you think of body parts. What comes to mind that it point five years ago I thought this job interview. End. I remember a summer day I don't remember actually all the others and it. Because of the body parts but the outside and fortunately I plan on what would be good I couldn't take I. Up. Usually bite the big huge purple ball ball it. I could never remember. There are so. All of that have been out of evidently Eddie they had a sort of and event quick bite brought spiders dumped and at some point during each it was open. Zone. That's what they told me after the fact that I did that got the job at the date. That was my box but it won't put the net to get whatever it but he can't do that. Am OK I'm wow they're really thinking right in a lot of you'll get the big red nosed booze and removes children like my mom is not a drinker she's has a I don't have a skin problem or whatever but her nose thing in the summertime just skipped right where it. And Blake. People have said that before like like now he's got a booster legit just hasn't read those summertime. Brewed on the route them through you know yeah there was the there was a story two or three all fairness to all year ago you all wars so those double arrested for having sex in the busy intersection in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma. All right now it's fake thing got. Big guys are right. Hi you can not believe a when he had to overcome delay. I mean who knows what she's willing to ignore I don't know I think I mean she is not you can't know she does not deserve that. There is nobody deserves that I mean that looks to me like this guys knows I can't even describe it. It says police say the couple had a sex on the ground near busy intersection that's happened in Oklahoma City. But I mean if you're if you always brought up look at the radio station they know what that guy this guy is that this guy's got to be legendary I don't. I don't remember our agreement for interviewed Justin talk about what the outbreak cabin near knows how privileged I tell us personnel when it comes each of our berth if you said look man this guy committed a crime. We need you to describe and to try we have artist how would you begin to explain that no I don't know I cannot believe that somehow we think need to take a bra worse and pushing up against screens he keeps it. A man guy who's in the votes they would look at that. I mean anybody hooks and it is this guy gets slick. He does know in the beginning yeah. Like I know would know what it was so bad I think the public but no one is mentioning his nose. You've got to say something about that and make no news story like you guys elect met with huge nose busted for having sex too busy it is I think the way I would I don't care I a couple was also ready cents a minute session to guide this gap. That followed suit gazillion million of the comments. The comments or saying anything about this guy's nose like he knows how to get the bright enough that. Yeah obviously like US gave her math and I'm atrocities of Booker. For a guy. Dollar leads did you go bobbing for onion rings OK there's the he. He doesn't feel it was faced the friars flood tell what you need but he hardly you always remember 844999. Hole with the hello Tyler welcome to the men's room. Hello okay. Yeah. I'm anyways this body part that I will always remember is actually my own not you Beulah. You all know you view the thing that hangs down and back your thorough. Yeah yeah sort of up and always attitudes. You know are a little bit and it no one's ever seen it. Because united known Roland you're putting back your broke back and I. Might actually had played. An extra big lead it off and. Wait so are there to equal size dangling bits and back your form. You know it's like a little bit should thinner and smaller daily comes delicate normally eat you up did you I didn't do it like a rooster. And I issued a late. Click almost like a drop of water you know how to late. She's awfully good engine that does make them up. It's made of human. Amenities as they caused you. Any health problems at all. Aren't the only comment petition today Italy and have a good really bad sore throat and then I can you live. I say is at war I mean you wouldn't personally no because you don't have one you to a but certainly williams' sore throat your. You're glad that there is no more to your throat the majority there. Yeah there is break down. Bit. Late when it and execution and ended. And Kelly you won't let you can now all they lie it will still trench like the bottom and now sat. Contracts. Yeah like what about right now can you feel I'm back entered home. I am a little bit only because talking about it and it was the first loser armored personnel than those of the family doctor your dentist. And doctor actually because I know I wanna know it just spurs but I just thought OK now I guess is completed. And then a doctor took a look at one day you might not look stock normal. It's brilliant I mean look when I think your starter but out of the kid I think the person I saw my you view I had to ask my mother like. Is this weird. Things supposed to be there and she assured me it was certainly applied to I would freak out and Serbia didn't get sick once Mike got swollen gap ma'am yes. That's. Like something's backed I gotta get an out and pregnant and well. One of the ripping it down people sometimes like pulled onto itself. And don't just look normal. Commitment given normal if it's got a body like it looks. Good that I itself but once you know there's another what makes doing the normal thing has gone up the good news is is where it's located most people announcing. That's true man but everyone that does is going to bring about what what unique body partly you always remember all the library calls coming up you are listening to the men's or radio networks. It's your. I. Until our radar online and they say believe are on celebrities just like me and you can have some deformities as far as their body goes and they listed 35 celebrity deformities I guess you wouldn't feel so bad knowing it all the famous people. Had these problems as well but they also money they start with Harry styles rumors circulating whether or not Harry had four nibbles were put to rest when he sat down the thought Chelsea handler. And confirmed that he was in fact born with a an extra set of nibbles. Having more than two doubles is recognized as Polly he Leah. A condition the style shares of more than a handful of celebrities at least including Mark Wahlberg yeah he was revealed in a scene in 2007 the thriller shooter that the third noble is just below his normal left nibble. And the actor has previously talked about it saying it is the size of an infant's nipple that's not all he says now he said some other things to exec at all now Ariza debt. In his younger days I guess he was still Marky Mark of this time but the thing and I get a you're young and brash but. They've asked them about the third nipple and he responded pretty quickly air and breaches like the socket. Right that was his response people got a left them alone about. That's sport about forty years and more recently in an interview with them now we as kids accused in boulder is like. I don't have a lot of regrets about life and password got a really wish I had said that because that's the one thing my kids have honed in. Can't show was born with a tale as she revealed in 2030 saying the pop star noted that detail when I was borrows a tiny tale about a quarter of an inch. Then they chopped off and stole my tail. Her revelation has won many ever she has made to empower people with characteristics that they they make them feel as if they don't that it. I think that's opponents. With a I did one girl and so yup which you have an array back there and it looked like her tail had been that long gone. OK but there is a little politics so I have a theory though like if I give your born with part of daily probably are great but says descendants. Listen the bad news is Jim tale. Get news in ever greater acts and Ashton Kutcher was LB all day girl was on the BBC and he was joking about his left foot the BBC and said. I've connected to knows when everything else is this good looking something's gotta be messed up poke poke. Carrie Underwood revealed that she has a third noble during her American Idol audition much is it look more like a mole that just during the audition which he gets nervous she gets a noble. Megan Fox says she has a minor abnormality humbled her hands that had everyone looking at her and actress has a condition known as who boy. Brackett back. Exactly. I just are short and stubby fingers would broaden males. I thought Megan Fox actually hurt her right her hands are keep their back what's it called again it is called oh boy I love the way it was like a dinosaur. Brock he'd. Jack the lead back deck Tilly. Rocky the chilling. The caffeine tea green sounds weird with the charge America consistently it vegetarian dinners so instead you get hammer finger Mila Kunis suffered from chronic. Oh boy attacked and Eric arrives. A condition for years Electra glide one guy as a result of the condition Kunis eyes slightly differentiating color that we care. With her right being green and the left being brown out and I care she was missing and I and the owners and all I goring and hurt you and that's why most people did not date her you. I'll Joaquin Phoenix limp was the result of they repaired a cleft lip it's a birthmark. But it still hasn't kept him from getting roles they say he's got a scar on his lip but it looks like he's got a a cleft lip Palestine is Ian van an and think about how true this is part of the reason hasn't held him back. This does he doesn't play a role where he's a normal person right so if you start did George Clooney roles and I kind of thing. I'm telling the end. They would be more apprehensive to cast Gerard Butler hit an even though we added effect until he shaved off his head for Tomb Raider and known as the one of his ears. Stuck out more than the other forcing the makeup artist to glue it back. Just audio and embolden them. Our odd question but unique body bar will you always remember 8449990. La. The bad if you sailing to the makeup artist hey man listen I shake my head for the role and realizes. Could you glue my wonderment if the responses. To. Hello Tim welcome to the men's room. About it. Oh yeah. So typical worker in this can't the industry GRO. But Oregon and get out of work or at Procter and company and I admit it Taylor we're three finger or HAM. Had he lost the other two do you believe he was born with six fingers. He was born that way they did he have the arms. I actually got a plumber has played her finger error KG but he wouldn't tremor so he trip would always preaching your life a bit. So let me sort of the double Warren's all the time would you say three fingers I would've assumed that the film is included in you also have three fingers in other words four digits on HM and I don't work for some reason I don't include the thumb as a finger in the way I think it's analogy say that visibly. Her name is double and it is the devil are Brothers I'm the oh constantly. Yeah out get it and then not we went on break one day. And eight I feel like you know you never actually about my hand and I said well on the audit wanna be rooted he'd like. He like a multiple car talk to me that talk about their stupid cabin. That you know what's taught a play with a table saw Steve like you know you do you usually by the good guys but they let you or humanity eternal toast. And I was like eighth overall are better at any guy is big so to speak detail at a big Hewitt between. I'll no way I had blues goalie guy. They don't sort of LA what do you tell me yeah okay Aaron that you know it's kind of funny because like lady got a guy you'll see them all she wants but like when he workers saying that a Billick you know I believe this I'm sure there are advantages. Like what it would be tough to buy gloves I mean let's look at the disadvantaged environments yeah he'd have to buy men's all the time one of the man yeah. I don't know what he's one of the advantages. Oscars or really get it chopsticks is something we know out of GR may have looked double or out think so because like look here's the key you're right. And then there and back home wow man doesn't make a brilliant no motivation it makes you more I don't think of him and it. Well tell eating body part we always remember a 449990. Look I have been you know around three about my hand like did you want me to. Hey bro what helium three fingers on the tank of the ski Familia or have you anyone approach that. You look weird. You freak me out come. Hello payment hello Greg welcome to the men's room. All on. So I. A Mikhail better corporate guys and are you work with a greater all the garden. One day I got my being here right now. And never went to the doctor to get it up and up and and ended up get maps set. And about three or later it did it grew to about beside the look great. But the cold. The way it would you say you kind of completely in half giving you cut it you cut an office. Our our credit problem and no right to knuckle headed straight to the bulk I'll see you didn't it wasn't gone there was still attacks would you cut and all the way. You will attach it is tentatively yeah you it should regret now with the boat. Why didn't you go to the doctor. Well. And I worked the lady Laura Bush she had are you the registered nurse and she just wanted it up to wrap it up outside bigger area go to the globe. And I got my fingers all the time a word. So. Didn't think anything of it. And then yeah how about they won't let it. What do you think he's in there is that Pozen like when I mean is it needed to do you have what I would have we're going to Willard went over to the they had delayed cut it open. Shoot a bunch. You know gave him their number and spoke in the guy did a good bit open. And when that first the first bush said he put on there and that diplomacy shock is. Barack. That it has done a good how about me how about the yellows stuff staying. Audio disgusting it but an undergraduate program I don't know ratchet but why alma yeah I didn't and then they they used it out they used all that yourself for about fifty minutes. Thank you for stating it just like I realized and I didn't put her drink snack did you realize if your mind and that had to drive in the hospital that he had Lybrand have gone on today yeah segments that you don't love. How much alive and well I've been an ugly rumor over into the upper scorer Reggie you've bowled out Peru just did you do the smell or the view. Don't lose scored across Europe few saw that all sure it out ever it is it is your thing normal now that all the infection. No it's not it is nodded at right right at the knuckle right at birth right right before the nail. It didn't blow. So I. I'd like girls say do your magic trick and Oprah Show on the bottom left being your make it straight. Let it go and do it and it just third down. It's like. But it doesn't have any more infection and Ernie and any of that right you know I know or care all that yeah I hope so honored. That's the that's the most important part lasting and is your bills do well in the second. Most important part the most important part is the finger part of it. And then I can have a finger yet get your your pulse Florida say boot Jews to Boozer whose did you sort of about the way is that the this comment came and and as far as people missing fingers. Says went to school this dude who bought the three middle fingers. They did with the firecracker. His name is Sebastian white guard than me at you know like Sebastien from a Little Mermaid cement. It's right it got so much worse not moment. What tell what you need body part we always remember 844999. Hole did similar mark terrible rightly have a double drink it felt right rhetoric that I like is pop that in now but some people hate. It looks weird when you do that imitators outsider and yeah after the does Susan yeah. Thank you for sharing your Robert and good luck and we can put that we listened usually act hello Jeff welcome to the bedroom. All top. So about my third they have made it took him. World getting our uniforms issued. They end up. This prior to vote to an extra Spielberg. His. It is demanding. Well this company commander was huge. Lorie you can cure all all right orbit. Everybody just get mission their court order to get their closer is but he. Well my clubs don't take a couple more here. If in the company commander just kept screaming I'm really need to come into ghosts I got church speakers. The Tibetan ethnic at it and then I don't want to respond to thank you. You don't think the world but that's yet. Also do you like to be can miss queued around by the experience all of the other company commanders chilling numbers drinkers. It's like you can go to church trigger. And did it did it come to the thing that I assume if they issue you gloves at some point your gloves become very important so. Did this guy suffer by not having globes did they order him a special prayer six fingered gloves. I had no idea it was a good company Nextel that's all right into the dispute aftermath. Yes you know and and it is not good when other people who know what's going on want to show other people what's going on with you. Like I don't know and it goes because where I grew up who was the university was that that's for the hospital teaching usual it was a teaching hospital of a desolate the soul like going to the zoo and it made you feel if they do you feel like you were the only person always with whatever you hat but the problem is this it's never when you have a physical it's like if you go on because there's a hairball and your penis and to be something that's simple but. If they're going to see your Jenna tell you or your past but it seems like for whatever reason what ever the problem is at that moment one. You are down to teaching hospital in death whether the whole class today and it's called Q I'm gonna bring in the thirteen people so they can stare penis and I can have their deaths. What might I wanna let it. It's just tight and no ma'am that that's not it. It's vaguely know who I had a I don't of Bain. The kind of per true did in a way that was kind of in between the entertain and entertainment and dining district parent. But it was also part him on a much screwed up it the they've basically put it a thing in there it's like a varicose mistress that he got rid of our National Guard them I'm still just. Had a tough time which are called the dining district entertainment and Diana dying I. I know register with the backing district has its last did don't have does it at age did you go by you can get off Twitter users play beauty wherever you want to go either way. So when I had to Wear coats and ran a vasectomy. They they took care and the guy that the but when I was younger. It was pronounced but it was kind of hard seeks it was on the back it was bound to get underneath him on the backside dry. But when I went to a doctor to get physical he had to get a physical for whatever schools for two of the dealers that go on go south they they check out. I'll never forget like guys like. It would it would be okay airflow I brought in you know a couple of my students all common it is a couple. Well I want to OK that was number one would be quite did you learn to ask personally didn't act he did not ask me specifically. What he wanted to show them. And then he asked me if they were allowed in their that they could observe and learn us a jar so he treated like hey you know this is very as we open the physical and windows those two dudes and two girls and think man keep in mind I'm like sixteen years old right. And he just lifts up the old school out in me like look at this as. I saw that guy and am like is that not okay with that yeah. Tell me. If you didn't open you know do you like I you know I don't know I mean it wasn't like I just senators thought so if you could is highly ideological right you honestly didn't know you're there here's a bullet in you and that's grubby old train wreck it. As you can see it looks like the Bolivian river Abidjan would immediately zillow god damn Doggett has gone on the amount saying the dialogue is very important part of my body right yeah. And forever. I told everybody they had won Bay Area that is much larger yeah and he wanted college a very good university and he played a sport there in the team doctors that you need to see specialists. That is not right to music and and though. Been through this all through high school just went just giant and you have to specialists and came back there like one just. I think that if if there's look for the all the Ohio Harriet enough. Lady eighteen trying to in his college team they're like something is wrong with you signed it after I realize he's had to repeat that every new don't know. All my gut doc relaxed about no no C a special one mind. One ball corner pockets. What's the book you big body part we always remember 844999. All we call many more antsy and years musicologist column fat. Like at bought a column took merit. Oh that's the guy. Hello Brian welcome to the women's group. The leader or figured oh are the we donate it to a great. Feeling more normal than not I'm so glad I'm out so many other people yes. Right into the coolest might change your mind and that they're that it is. That's already. I came out with a skin cancer not to long ago. Not so far I still don't want to be you'd lose. Okay okay okay okay okay I didn't know no one does then they get worse they listen to it is sad that it was just a little greater amount. And it turned out these in hand that led to remember those. No no those old loans. And I don't know I don't know what the nose the whole things a little bit. Dull. That. Don what's going through what's called most surgery ammo HS for those great people that aren't on the related machine MOH yes. Yes okay and what is he what is that. Basically it's where they taken giant slap your forehead. Turning it you have to look at employee to open those to make a new nose. Where. We'd made the mistake all bullying and are you older you're exposed right now is like you're you're whole thing hangar at the we don't mean. Next week ago when they get it all takes to be a normal local police. So wait what do you look like right now right now we're seeing kind of the I mean receipt. Bring them the removal of noses. I need paying all the news. And our whole. So I really get to an entertainment wow OK so once you look like right now is is the flap. Old or you're nose and then it didn't wounded your forehead grew vapor that removed. Yes it is yet exactly like that just ease man and how long and everybody that it looked like a bad sausage. It doesn't bug had sauce a really really I didn't really bad another another another good a shape that it still looks more like a nose correct all slick. Yeah and that's how long have you have you been known Louis. My nap now month I have okay and is the next week you go into hopefully get that'll take care of sorry I just gave me great and delegate to bill okay while. Hey man that I entered into your news is viewed save money on Kleenex last month and doesn't include laugh at it as a great attitude about it and I thank you believe that of locally. You know I would have this in the nose as some into the voting I would been called most surgery. He broke his nose because as the rest of its motto no. That is that is something else like I was unfamiliar with what tell what you need body part we always remember 844999. A little blind Morey calls coming up you're listening to the men's or radio network. Listen miles. Coming out birds are now much donated all the club edition whose Sox last right before during and those with a shot of the day our question what you need body part will you always remember 844999. Cola hello Barack welcome to the men's room. All around. Oh yeah. I don't condone the man thank you. All our members is that. We also duplicates and social location. And no one day after practice you're on the challenge. And there's no monster did you'd probably like six to eight to sixty to eighty. And budget kids started out bolt of problem looking people. Anyways. Moral of the story he got within its actual and saw a woman that very spot about. Our jobs. Looking at it kicked it into deal breaker then that definitely rue the day at a lot of people. I'm sure this is kind of a buzz kill was Elizabeth Bentley was is that hazing thing. And it militants Goebel can't I mean. I don't know if you could hit that skating the bigger. And I say who would wanna go after this all mean does that tell me how do you expect them split essential. Man I'm assuming he does drop to the ground. No you yeah you literally looked down. I'd went quiet and just felt like entry. Sure yeah accidents let's that's sort of that's where your children. Potentially it I mean you can't really has an injury like that. It's kind of your tickets are sold did you did you lakes tickle my own in the emerald presumably what does as an escort next course of action after drops to the ground. All all noted that Michael actually get sick out there. The good news and bad thing if oh man I tell you need money partly you'll always remember 844999. Cola. By get this name right trade they trade intraday. All our auto shop across a name and treat like treat them treat okay. Not dozens TRE DE and I'm like I don't know I just on the roads of trees aren't. Sylvia the body part I always remember I. Her new job I noticed this guy at first day he always wore rough they are like like a hospital. Captain downplayed the mask. Never ask him about it because I ought to be root out but one they were outside. Smoking and he's spirit through mask. Accompli he had a mask on in these is inhaling through mass. The master on this and you could see he'd put the cigarette in part of to put American we will beat you so spoke to mouth Sylvia. Big Brown's fly she circles all over the front of his mask. And I'm assuming that he probably wouldn't change them but we didn't actually discussed that because Larry our only governor to ask him why you are. Like he or charisma that golden knows this to your question to detention. You would not directly out of it in to spare me hand. So we proceed to immunity you had a tumor removed most sinus cavity and that would outside of the golf ball and you in the middle of the surgery to do gentleman just looked up recently and I and so he did not currently have a nose so you know I saw. We look at mascot is all the holes. Yup always backed down and bag aside. Data Libya Baghdad from the Captain America movie Jose red skulls on the London. You know that actually won the first thing I thought when I talk to. But then he had Kiev into question that I will never to be embodies forget he's there you know the best thing. About this whole middle much say no this. It's. Back. I guess is his wife wants a look down and yet you back. That's just he's a guy nobody goal is that good velocity. Yeah I'd so did you see him after the fact that once the surgery well we don't know if Powell don't. That's. In addition a lot of people walk around though I just assume either they are sick they believe other people who are sick or lose scared pollution but now. I think unbelievably. The exact a lot of buzz with a Thomas surgery to relieve a bit but no luck yet every day is Phil surgeons. Or ninja how he's crazy yeah. What as far as Borland just Wear well I mean I know they like pesos because people were shrinks to reward those on my public transportation and stuff like that right. I mean maybe it seems a bit extreme. Yeah how would be happier rubber gloves are coming in on the bus. Quite now what you're today I'd lay a glove though like dad yeah I'm I don't wanna have to touch crazy thing about like the black voices of the cooler. Yes dad that's. What's what unit body part were you always remember 844999. All of lawyer calls insects. The show and many things continue on the men's room. The radio network.