07-17-18 Seg 2 Mens Room Keeps an Eye Out

Tuesday, July 17th

Mens Room Question: Who was looking for what and why?


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This is done men's room. I'm listening to. Seven out of Rochester in San Jose 965 WC MF Rodgers is classic rock in 95 K foxy south raise classic rock and lovely San Jose California. And our listeners losing a 1057 reacts rog and in Peoria Illinois big chill breeze today as Ryan castle Droid charge card industry has been and today we have the cost. Of meeting too and very popular and some not so much artist backstage we'll believe it or not there's a price tag associated with going backstage and you can do and if you have enough money and spends all of a difference around get that coming up. And the word has more American phrases that other countries I don't understand our question who was looking for what end why before we went to the break there. Talking to autumn and autumn said that she did not know who are father was up until about would you say four months ago. I enemy loads backtrack a little bit here so. What what was the big break you said you did not know his name were when you went and looked for that name they said that name did not exist. Did so was that his real name itchy that he gave your mother. Actually why it's so it looked and they must floor I'm on the Internet age that primarily and I agreement is only he had many outlet shell out the word hack I'm open to black men and. He Ramallah. Olympic level is there. And eventually we were you looking for white Lamar. The. That's how I am lighter note the possibility of my body being your blackmail is highly unlikely. And then see how did Goldstein that she should Bailey was I'm from Florida. And he wouldn't eat eat which she didn't hurt all the evil for rush and gold I'm a little bit and I found that older white generally like to see me living in Florida. And I thought no way. To go. Hey when I'm being let it lay it right at and I saw they are bestowed led a young man to leave when he could. Hello to pick a vintage military turned out. And about two people were saying you don't think you for your third and they'll like it held up until as the bad guy with the younger cash and do. I reached out to and kind of explained that. And it is a pleasure to your mongo say is that my dad and. Well. I think that's in that kind of about the situation I was acting at all about something completely different and I instructions don't go when you that the younger. And the guy in the military and I put it next to my eye and it. Really crazy how identical they harsh and I hectic racetrack me and realize that I act that actually ended tonight won't seem that it's knee back is that where did you find about. Yeah. You know manager's mom I got a molded into an old crusty so fired a. I have com or may then that's not. Truly flattered and not when I decided to reach out to the guy. And told him you know hey I think you're right they it is standing by any let out all. And but I debate but it won't let me and and he's been talking from my hair. Okay how memo gunned what kind of person as you've been. I you know we. Got out absolutely or that it got a couple kids. A bit older and don't marriage Ang. That's kind of where we're. Current norms it's I think it doesn't surprise me heated up in Florida I think in order donated his Florida Iowa irony there right its. Policies moved job television and blog on the floor as Iraq Air Canada did you think you did do you guys gonna try to meet each other. Yeah I'd be so where absolutely you know evening I'm slowly figuring it out. Regardless. Let's look at the days they didn't leave it. Washington senators do I care energy killed when you're out of brown right whose mother and a plausible ordered tequila just a few people are a whole bunch do you think that private detectives were put out of business because of FaceBook. I think it generally apparently you have the time to be able to do your own detective work I think is different but. The but he differences like you say give attend the funeral detective work if it's quote unquote old school detective work. No because physically you have to go places were FaceBook. You can find time you can do while you eat dinner at home I think you'll see why you like they do and I think if you had access to. Messages and things that people did privately on FaceBook did you do quicker but I think global provider of criminal you can become a FaceBook I think I just think at no point in human history has been a give you truly endeavor try to find someone. In the face look at all the social media and all this kind of stuff I think it just makes it considerably. Easier when he did that herself into a crazy story. I love the FaceBook for an idle talk quite that easy but in the end that that was pretty whether it that's. Hail and there was who was looking for a lot and why a 44999. All of addressing story awards. It's change name the father finder. I couldn't wait to do you know who know he knows that calls come Monday I think you have the net late you'd also have to know you got the woman pregnant. She told and I don't mothers will be live yeah I have right now than the smoke bomb dropped him. I am a few you know he's on Florida Erika. I always wonder like sunshine state that one might have somebody show up play day and like I did not even know she was pregnant did you meet she's always there for you. But just in general. And one Father's Day the phone rang out through investing. I was very Mary's in no way you wouldn't all right that's a good and I do go there and government are probably going to be X. Odd says he is a horrible goma government. And give some turmoil I want to be mad like I just desolate like twenty years and that happens. I'm your daughter now. A little bit. An alarm at the value do you wonder why you know delay time. You're my twin is parking the car. Prefer to think about that man late. So is one thing if you say here I am a long lost kids smoke cleared finally oh my god they had triplets. Right out yet if that happened and what like no man is not like your father bake electors three of them. The really it should take me out of adversity this hassled at the right. Would be just some people like somebody comes to find you may even know they had yeah. Absolutely sure and I think we want to give blind side about what but I think you know certain a few times I've heard that ever happen or in what are you talking about. And then when they mention a mother's name that's generally like oh my and I didn't even have a time is busted just face the fact that you need something medical. And no shoulder where there are fairly fairly there you look at something you like well that's not that that they can't that is makes sense there's there's something that you know. Reverend there's no history listener friendly or whatever the deals with who was a looking for one AYE 44999. Cola. Okay Chris welcome to the men's room. I'm. And let's Gary you enjoy and hate it love it love it how am I am the chilly 32 this is a repeat from February. Our. All right so this happened. About five or six years ago my grandfather had died and we look he had restored through. You found a trunk or love my great grandfather's old navy uniform and such. And it had a bunch newspaper clippings of the Pearl Harbor attacks the original like newspaper reports from Honolulu Hawaii. And so my mom decided to re purpose that trunk and lost them up and looking toward the. Are you gonna probably be here. By the way would you say Graham vile and old navy uniform operational working at the store old maybe. He's a personality Oppenheim as a closer look commercial Betty White values and dazzling eye opener for coach Pearl Harbor locating him knowing she knows what else heeded them she knows or she took the goodwill ninety is that telling you. Not tell you all be you know armed I can't find the newspaper clippings all through Heathrow one. Did she know lose its you have arts today she knows. I don't think she knew there were in their courage transportable all saying and you're like some kind of storage container and attend her blush a do you think that is good news favors and dry summer. Yeah probably I just a defined it but it's in pack tools. I'm okay. There's somewhere Edmonton. Never would be pretty interesting indeed I guess indeed to read these newspaper clips in the moment that you had deceived. Yeah well I knew they were there I'd seen them I helped them I'd put them back Jenn this years ago but I haven't seen that sent so there's no that there there. God forbid and I hate to say about this is an awful thought but. God forbid I'd I'd you don't even want your parents or grandparents died but if you are the person that has to go through their stuff and you think that you know this person very well. At all I don't know about to surprise you think you're gonna know this person as well as you thought not that you don't you just have to be things that you did not know about the emotional well. But will be things that you find that you did not know. A new may have been good to them I guess I really didn't make a much discovery is might be that you need to know that is unending and open it normally don't worry I don't care but I do need to know there's and that's probably why they didn't shouldn't run. But some of them. I know that I find in my dad's house on the executive as well it's gonna Shockley. This is finishing well and I know you are no doubt babies and he's called porn though maybe some weird and maybe this is something I think when you were a baby unit and you know involved monger and a little bit in the sale little the value it is his kids to governors of its crazy like all I gotta say what I eat. And get Humana hum has all she has all the teeth. Well obviously part of what my lawyer I don't I didn't I don't pitch. Actually cleaned the unindicted I I hear everything know way. I'd see I didn't save the tee now he and his team like Brad has not know so little thing that's unique and when you don't put the ball boy what are these kind of went oh that's like Jeff pristine than it. Dude. Joseph brings my coworker you don't like hot thirty usual Laurie why these column I would miss my brother that was being the base in Missouri bronze the shoes. That was my mouth anything. That was a weird thing when we're little kid Jews were brown does well anybody or I don't know what I see by the baby shoes and more at denies it did baptized at somebody it's a one shot deal so if you have three kids you do at the first time his attitude and your kids like they MacBook or whatever like you know by the time like your brother level and you you only when his sister won't have put a lot of the photos but I got bride she's yet you have on Cuba. Okay well he's got that yeah. I know so it only surprise in my mom has to. Religion mama yeah school I don't know I just wouldn't be it wouldn't shock me if only through stuff and be like oh here's a sister to you gotta go god who cracking why did you keep that. Lot of people keep my hair from her kid I first hair talk hair. And it's it's just weird because some brutally put in the bag in Geneva the replacement right. Hey man look I got to ask your question. But the bank hairs that are really literally happened a little weird doesn't do any of the first heard Dana we had to wait. Didn't leases 28 years old man didn't they cut it out of the casket match him up. You feel like they would buy it plus benefits like I'm ever gonna get an argument right in my teeth who record it gives. Thank you forgive me my first Afro grew up who has it was looking for one of my 844999. All of our calls coming up you're listening to the men's or radio network. No different than non story and man's quest to find his biological parents unheard disturbing secrets about the family he says left him abandon. In a shopping center before he was given to another couple. Paul from zag grew up in Chicago with his parents Dora and Chester frogs Ike and his brother Dave. When Paul was ten he stumbled upon a newspaper clipping and learned a secret he had been kidnapped as a baby. Dora and Chester told Paul that in 1964. When he was one day old he was snatched from a Chicago hospital. The couple said they were reunited within two years later. When police in New Jersey found a two year old boy who resembled their son abandoned in a shopping center. Because of the lack of DNA and there only being one picture of Paul from when he was born. There was no way for Dora and yesterday I know for shore if the toddler found alone in a shopping center. Was actually their son. Paul is now 54 year old father of one and he said that he remembered. He resembled the missing baby that as parents took him and and they tried to move on from the induction just basically saying okay this must be arson. There was no accurate DNA test back and so there's nothing that the frogs acts could have done to be 100% certain that the boy did they were given was there actual son Paul. Paul however said he always had doubts the Dora and Chester were in fact his biological parents and in 2012. He approached them about the suspicions. All city grad and over the counter DNA testing kit and asked his parents if they wanted to know the truth about his identity. He told the parents at first. Dead he wanted to do this Andorra in Chester where that on board and swab their cheeks for the kit. Apparently. His parents later changed her mind and asked all not to syndicate off well Paul said he senator anyway and found that there was no way the Dora and Chester where his parents. Paul said his parents at that point stop talking to him for a year because he ignored the wishes but he now wanted to know who his real family was so we hired a genetic genealogy as. To track down his biological mom and dad. CC more the geologist the ball hired said that she managed Paul's DNA to an enormous database comprised of users of popular kids like the ancestry DNA and 23 in the get the from there we were put family trees of those who shared DNA with all by studying these trees we were able to start to reverse engineer his family tree. And it was a huge relief when we were finally able to give him an answer. In 2015. More was able to track down Paul's real identity he is Jack Rosenthal. Paul said he reached out to the Rosenthal family and then learn some dark secrets about his biological parents. According to Paul his biological mother was an alcoholic in his biological father was a disturbed veteran both are now dead. Paulson family members told them that he had a twin sister named Jill who went missing after allegedly being neglected by his biological parents or if were. The Rosenthal family never learn what happened to jail and she's still remains missing. Paulson 1000 told him that his biological parents would keep himself and Jill and Nick Cage when they were babies. Other family members told Paul that he and his sister were constantly trying. All still doesn't know how we ended up alone the shopping cinema believes something tragic happened to gel and his biological parents abandoned him to try to cover it up. I had expected to feel absolute elation when I finally learn my true identity said no but that's not what happened because in the very next breath I learned that I also had a twin sister who was the missing. He added only reason I started this journey was fine my parents kidnapped son Paul. If I found out. Who I was in the process that was a bonus let's go back DePaul remember right Paul was kidnapped when Paul. Was one day old these parents took him in asked Paul. Thinking that he could possibly fill that void even though they learn pretty sure he wasn't their son either way there was their son Al there's some. And he's still out there so you still out there somewhere. Paul says Joe's whereabouts remain a mystery the real Paul frost Mac has also never been found. He's a private investigators believe they tracked down bodies that could possibly belong to Jill adoring and Chester and the biological son. Also these planning on resuming the bodies by another truth our best league regarding the cat real Paul frost make involve someone who unfortunately passed away. Many many years ago and Texas. Our question who was looking for what a Y 844999. All. That is courage. Ahmed tipped over federal FaceBook and autumn and called Gibson. After fifteen years of searching shoes that would fund a father basically did it herself through FaceBook so public comments compasses on Damien I was about my data for 36 years on FaceBook. Did not end well. I met my biological data base spoke we've been talking for about a year he never even knew existed I'm 46. While tank outside does happen and then as far as people they keep teeth and stuff like that all right. Their teeth keepers that's actually right but here's a note to let me know them chief keepers has apparently yet. I thought oh my kids thief or 22 and eighteen years old. They think it's gross I. I'm one of twelve kids my mom saved all of our baby to OK all of them were men don't. My wife keeps like it see here's what my wife kept our first sons. Circumcision. Penis during. Until I found that the all crusty blight dead skin on the ground. Torso and circuses and when you you wanted to remember that and I did have a role becomes out of a body don't keep it again. Yeah there's a thing that's generally. How long their candidacy is guards caused brownie or bar that's dinners were out there that bigger and a lot you know adult men I've met. Who is looking for a little YE 44999. Hole. If people generally keep something that comes out of a body. It's got to be inept bank. You don't saying there again and a color analyst firm greatly if you don't keep stuff that comes out of body I think there's a reason it out of your body brain bank but I don't even bugging you and your buddies trying to get rid of organ bank. Well you don't pop a pebble into your map. You have miles loves that other blistered a beautiful it entirely yeah. I landed on everyone's but I needed the money. Hello and a welcome to the men's room. Oh yeah. Oh a couple years ago. Commit acts kind of watching my daughter well I would network and my daughter wandered off my best friend. And that of all our fine. Your best friend is there to babysit. And yet how did all recent four your old. Now I'm tired she 88 K okay which he was your friend watching her in your residents or in your friends. Well. You're limited and the timing and our part man we're right next the playground. And issued told my daughter you bought the playground pilot alone can't go out there but what may go inside you need to come back kid. Show. Yeah I'm an hour goes by and Abby doesn't come and and so you go to the playground saying check our area make everything okay. Blue little girls should play well I've had a blast. And Abby was nowhere to be out. So she called me up at work saying hey includes adding seeing him. Man on man let's go ahead you phone calls yeah. Well I I want them here at crate it up a racket since I've seen that. And so I'm flying out of work I've got the police some of all I'm trying. Sure remember the last sanctuary and I'm going girl. You know paying a heavy recent experience. And outs or hours later mind that's a long time. Yeah. These. People who lived across the street from the apartment complex. Come walking out with my daughters and had a go up. You one more here and surely bottom line you're McDonald's than she shows where you wish you had. A. Oh once okay I see a lovely afternoon and you're gonna its economic got to demand is Elie sit negotiator I'd let go and you'll find somebody out of me tell you root outside your leverage and take you to McDonald runs and money has changed they ask me man you know. Went up after go to our pentagon inside. She saw the other kids playing across the street and she went to go play with them because of her mind back. I. I'm freaking out at the same here about a little six year old girl that didn't live that you are I mean was kidnapped and murdered. Okay well they have reason to worry absolutely. I mean not only happen randomly but most of the time of this whole you have that would that's more top of mind. Our kids go wrong yeah announced he knows that she's gonna go someplace she just has to tell everybody where she's headed right. Al Goodman out of tomorrows are actually I think which he ruler does hey man walk of strangers say your loss in the McDonald's beat down. Yeah you'd you'd cheeseburgers at sixty and a very narrow chuckled shaiken a large fry yeah 1718. Mainstream browsers such trouble you don't return it to encourage from Baltimore to bring America and it probably. There's upwards both respected public places you're not Craig is a lost child that would battle the that's okay I got there well where they live. So it gives a funny to silly. How would walk off for whatever yes but I also knew not to talk to strangers and they're watching a guy in a car next meet and burned down two big Macs. Right and usually MM strong Perot if I got to use good good doesn't talk to strangers to this day like I was child I Serbian like that I ate two big match. How cool as an adult I could do that how cool idea but executed just like I just rivers stared there when I was eight you know big match these live in the YES when I was digital we will walk to school I get in trouble have to stay after school so by the time out walking back almost feel the typical deal. The score pulls up beside me let's say they don't talked Australia. And this is the firstly new housing construction there is so Scott pulls up. Rose on one and ask meet the bomb on Iraq okay and I don't know this guy and I just. I'm not okay with this like senator some debris from a construction there so he's not being insistent. But I had said no faith Q&A started to walk away now you're pacing me a little bit McElroy and up it's okay so. I grabbed back and they glass bottle and always remember this there was doctor pepper. And through finger available when it Mori met Catherine and I took off runner. Some got Donald besides street because I'm three back how are now that is when. So I don't see him finally Amber's gonna go home and as I'm walking for my house I now see that caller in my driveway. And an Obama whose homes I lose it probably eight years old I lose my mind. On charges and house to the mama are gonna kill disputed missile my mom here is a paper towel on his head. About guys he's sitting at the kitchen table Malone late did you hit him with a bottle like yeah. It's going to use. To this day every close family friend they were in town actually not that all follow through your mind you that doesn't this doesn't Bruins looking for a bottom line 844999. Alone. Hey man with a mom knew Elizabeth I got back to your kids have a code work. And I code word yet. Should ever go or for what man aren't able to play somebody like that he could drop the Covert and. You can make and this. Virginia site America's safety. And that it is. No man I never thought of October which it is what what is this like it if you're gonna take a month. Like look man that was is always my mom's thing my terror Wi-Fi use good picker as of today as well as fancy word uttered yeah right they knew he'd be said the code word he'd be found. Oca who was looking for a lot of my 844999. Alone I'm muscles are the code word is about. Hello Don welcome to the men's room. Hello Don Dan. Boom. No. You know our speaker. There are. Okay I'm very direct yes they do all news to post on the yeah yeah those two is done Narnia. I do you did a good news bad news. In most. Anyway so. Quote let you know it is. We lost two and have children Cogent. Okay important is oil ministry and if I buy it. Yes someone. We're crashing out of my parents is used part of the world even didn't do we are renters and we woke up knowing consumer credit. This could have waited all said Syrian kilos of cocaine he doesn't remember where he put it. After this you have power shall forward boatload sounded. Didn't speak that's been glad so southern England are organs speaker age group scripts to Tibetans. Honor on an amazing part of the stories that two kilos of cocaine and they went to bed bright. Coming days to have a day Israel party and over crashed on I'll know focused on. Good. The German calls they were you're looking for your teeth out like that who is now looking for eleven Y 84499. Final maybe if his mother got this baby did he says love put it back Ed Ed it's not gonna look awesome would these are your options are like so he's had announced he said he's missing the bottom T net. I think Richard also has found the eagle at mount Isa those baby teeth she says a short Doumit. I knew back. Redskins and a little encyclical on the bottom but you have something you'd think that science why should be able to grow back into if you want. But it's a bowling on me like I'm a loser tonight like lose an arm on guerrilla background. An elderly sides huge tail it was but it ended well depends on the list are probably not well and I was like to comment on its jaguar right. Do I think so now do you think you be allegro new teeth right I mean they can grow like a nose on your shoulder if that's true but it's it's it's not bowl yeah in May be good goalie keep rejected from a certain party about a general manei terrified and they put him back in your mouth. You have like a too far when your thigh at a speed and it's Friday year Oregon is bad boy is gonna put it meant. Herself for a done. Who was looking for a bottom line 84499. Final again I guess I really hope for you you group series there's that guy or you can just get dentures Sega video craze of people lose their TV. And they're not growing among their thoughts as the user as a model for Clinton. Hello Cody welcome to the bedroom. Look I only. They gotta do garrido and a good job thank you ma'am. It. Sola I would look in Oregon so once Obama. God that was stolen from her mom's house. Script. Would kind of gun are you looking for. It was a nine millimeter area Glock 43 was as items it was still on for your mom's or was specifically the one I don't know state. I'm actually there's two items but they left behind some apple products so I kinda thought they did your young cute you know I'm not contract you know. Cause they are out there and OK and that's pretty Smart so you're just thing in neighborhood kids. You know war actually so my brother was kind of a who and what is or who can armed. He that recently bought that he's I mean my days before and there was no forced entry into the house so. You're gonna put two and two together. Anyways with dual separate those two Coke cups into the Portland. He went on Dubai. My brother told me hated my buddy posted a video of him with the corporate real pretty and so it in my brother. Just comment on the video and doesn't tell me about it at first the kids and instantly delete the video. Being somewhat Smart. Are sold. Are endless caller reported again. I guess they want to talk to him. And then my uncle violence. My brother here's the guys saw it so. At that point then I can look like six months armed. Outward onto them around the tech work I got to turn the tourniquet on FaceBook that originally have begun. He didn't you know was on me I didn't get a request back so. I don't article another route he had any they're soft keys on its Facebook value acorda. Thought necessary and then not put peculiar sub team all this. And thus it would respond back you know what what I need to talk to the Q did you leave number give him my number whatever. And then. He would get recalled saying that it helped us shut up it is pretty sure about the current moment. It absolutely not I had nothing to do that but you know to me about the gun what happened to it and a and he is all low down told me where you got it lead in the Q and everything so. Our report all that stuff in. An app so. I go to contact with kitty could keep a gun to. I'm which was at a tattoo parlor shop any. Are when. Aren't Endesa looks sketchy you know work and park and not the nicest neighborhood. I'm looking Brcko soul. I don't really know how to confront that guy. Anyway I go there seemed outlets smoke a cigarette I figured perfect. No confrontation on the entire. Job I didn't want to so there's stuff going on and Alter the U been gone back. Instead you end it all gaga and her body is you know I mean you back here. They. Are Muslims and it's obvious that I've. Who led the million for a one MIA for Ford nine point nine Baltimore because going up you're listening to them into radio networks. 38 year old guy named Brandon Briggs from was Jordan Utah and maybe Saturday night come. Although brought his motorcycle. But it turns out it was stolen so Brennaman took off. And the cubs are about to start chasing him until one of them realize that they recognized branded. So unsettled following him. They just drove to his house meanwhile Brandon was speeding away probably think he needs just intimidate the cops of the skill or speed and sick driving. Until they got all an hour later found them waiting in his driveway he was arrested for possession of a stolen vehicle failure to stop. And a parole violation and a question who was looking for what and why 844999. Hole so cold welcome to the men's room. Oh yeah. I'll ma'am this is so cool to be on the show great job because Lehman. OK so. I just stepped up I wanna do not be that guy that says so at the beginning of the story area when I look at. Never win another site and how we do it is annoying is that really should start it asks. Oh yeah I certainly Mattel Jamal last is how we're doing. Alone Garay thanks for asking our own you residents think the. Did you talk color alana handling even the high in Ireland Howard doing knowing we know all the tricks. Right I'll catch every so my. Candidate bad guy OK okay oh. It is part of the story was sold on them and does the crotch we got to get rid of is that twice a girl Britney did the story in restart it was so you do it twice in Iraq. It's impossible I don't know how to avoid it. What happened was. Who order who's looking for one in line. My grandma there aren't there. Okay. Let's do it. My grandma would locate or her hair her hands you can bet Eric. Let things that she had lost when she was young. And she didn't know what app negotiate got to attend Jewish young that was something they get back and thirty I got and it was hidden away somewhere no one knew where was she when her whole life not knowing where was bought and find. And let's see guts at the end of her like she really really wanted to find and we couldn't do it. And so she died she couldn't find it and it turns out that one of her older sisters good also died was hiding away to care. And the reason we know that it's because one of the sisters daughters found that I love my mom know. So we finally found a hair after 75 years and guess what it looked perfect. It didn't look like it at age server deteriorated or any act. Do you realize that hairs already dead. Yeah but I mean and I kind of thought it might. Look a little different after 75 years and men along partly. Is a very weird stories and this is solid our. Were they did your grandmother sister and how slight flu you would you hide here. That is a good question that we could never ask our sheet had a she was jealous of my grandma's hair color she had when you go rent air yeah I'm Susan markets are always tell us. She was so jealous of your grandmother's hair color. Did she stole about a year there and hit the front. It sounds amazingly ridiculous it is it that way but I am pretty much. The economy and that is good that's crazy. And his man on my fourth. Who has it was like you brought a lie a 44999. Nolan. He's looked at it just me creepy at the end there now on her arm. So you don't. Listen man that I gotta slash and that is. If that's the stock can come from right here your deployment order has only thrown right they're sisters. The one that was so jealous of the other ones her tone. You put into a ball in the league in June of that you're hiding a bag of her. That is weird it's really weird happening and also when you Susan for his grandma's hair person simply. Part of her we leave. Yeah I hate I'd like interest in the ball that's represents. Literally about wagons around like a styrofoam. Like a styrofoam bust hit in her bedroom. Who is now looking drawn a line 844999. Cola. Men moment hello Michael welcome to the men's room. Maybe old Abby don't. The but the guys are up by saying I was stationed in GPL and Washington for forty years. Now I'm treating you got to the radio that comment down and out or carbon. Nice nice man are very cool we pursued that and whether god damn thing worse every series. Absolutely boarding door you know the happen everyone hates the it's no. I got. It OK go. Anyway until we don't want national review's. Is that the track might actually work or does this crap. That's built last month well are actually happy to hear. He's got a what is your world but the evidence. So oh. You know and before I actually got made it and I helpers child or a year ago. Not been deployed I didn't really know what's really best they get it right what are. It is probably upstairs that's ever been in my entire life. Hole right there we done told us he's saying he's got dual stage and in occasionally it active now. Everyone bright element analysis via journalism whose early April and July 4 ward 999. Polarize cancer drugs aren't gonna have since been gone away. The show and many things continue on the men's room. On the radio network.