07-13-18 Seg 3 Mens Room Laughs It Out

Friday, July 13th

Emails, Ted tried his luck against the FCC! Plus Bad Jokes and the Shot of the Day!


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This is dumb men's room. I'm listening to. You knew you were in trouble. 844999. Hole. Hello just a real quick aside. Amended car tomorrow won't we may or may not have been smoking weed. Pulling out of parking garage and a wanna see you like hit a BMW or something like that right I had a car and at that time I was that we're gonna try to gunning get the hell out of there and I remember remember it was like let's go. Oh hours a different life and death. Different time there are times you gonna got it up with the receiving dash com and remember that moments like crap and in morals looks over me level bowl in my hand. He's had he's holy he's goes on how. He's got the ball but he's holding it up highly in the window view. Think his elbows on his knee and is in a straight up and attempting smoking yet this cop is walking over to the car. And I'm like hey. Food put the ball down like he's still smoking like there is no there's no way he wasn't gonna know. I know but. To me ask you to come walking over and all they do is make my unit drove. Are you holding your right smoldering bought out by number you're about to Garnett man you're gonna get well and I think I'll be amended to titillate. You weren't trying to drive back into the if you saw the play dig out yeah maybe it's yet to prove you weren't trying to leave where you don't at a time on what. Not me out man I'm just in high. It follows a moment you knew you're in trouble a fourth or 999 Ella. And there's no way they asked to lose they were very clear evidence like that we're here that we saw him play in there and they're no BS guy. There and it just carries this to a quick closure of libertarian in Tennessee got a Calhoun. The falcons are yours you paid for both spots correct. Seen on the on a terrible liar I looked down my Brothers and yet here we paid for both teams like our fellow stowaway trouble Saturday. You are derived. Instead this maybe I think almost like you pay they basically like Jill you know me you paid an arms. A normal thing and animators from bottom mark where have things I respect about your nose is that you just choose not to lie and I'd just because your mom's personal because you suck upon continue to put it terrible. Far from the top is is throwing you the bone. You don't laugh. I'm not like man listen to me I'm not a I'm telling you you paid for both plate that's the time to just step up and say yes to that's all he needs to hear. I went to my classic. Stare at my feet shuffle up I know is just like Demi granola. Hello David welcome to the men's room. Or. I ate so. Moment that I realized I messed up. I was so I was probably like senator it's great. We took this this gallon bucket of ice goes MP. We type some surgical tubing to it will launch a wonderful debt to we're getting pretty good at any means everything sort of like you don't know what's what's trying to remove the target. And so. We went down not a lot of imovie things that are happy to be. Now and so we were there. We decided to three of us being my two buddies are in the trying to get a car or cars that would drive compliant road it was a trail. Like many degrees perpendicular to. And we missed the first couple times and then then we connected with one car. And then we realized that it was a police officers guy who. Yeah out and so little. We didn't realize it it first but we heard the squealing tires and the guys playing those birdies and then you turn on the lights and then he'd turn on a siren. And then altered it's just kind of stopped and looked at each other and then we go to Luis Rubio water balloon launcher just skirted looked at. A garden about the don't interact in the confidant Ron you don't want thing. I can't remember there's something about like listened. If you hit a cop car within its gradual water balloon I'm sure he knew it was kids and all that but. And I understand your position they will never. Ever believe you even when you say I didn't know as a cup. Altering. Yeah it can tell how are we headed to you didn't I win I know you didn't mean to do but there's nothing you can ever say to elect up to convince him that you didn't mean to hit his gloves. Those I was like 1012 years old. And like anything you know eleven you know current street was flat as you inflation control ball really and for the most part that's Withrow football forever and we just throw in a car comes on Parker called Aggies get outside but that whatever party we always try to make of what's it like. Throw the football over top of the car of course was the Carlin files count part of part of the fun you know. Some buddy Jeff. He how he hikes back throws the football he. He hits the antenna on what was either like a Camaro. Or fire burned or not of one person one of those big kind of you know when of those cars. But this guy that was in our neighborhood first of all he was a single dude and that's why get a Camaro or fire he was the guy that was always out there watching that whacks and it immediate it was like an extension of this guy's penis or most part. And he loses I wash and wax my PU in my driveway actually use a stereo salesman he's this guy in Baghdad all right so as soon as here since our guys is they think they'll look at. So have you noticed. Is that if you think he so he he jumps out of the car he stops the car. But he didn't put the car and in part on no Sony jumped on the car is that you mother unity is lake. In eastern run that zone is only Mr. Mister or your car your car leave the door open to us. He is runs back unity jumps and he puts the break on permitted at the kind of shook among blue we just kind of points back music. Dead you guys like you. Powell that need to shut the dump or are we there is long gone hi all gone like you know is it was so it is a kid like. You know you feel terrible about that you know you want you never want to hit the guy's car or did you use issued cars in the water got tons from a bush and wasn't very big. Then one days and he came back in the late banging on the door. As the water gun well are you have windows were open Q how. I. If I'm dead. And at at this time that it does and I know I delegate advantage. And let the super brokered just. Announced okay. Our grammar and banging on the door in my day I think what exactly how router and out power. Yeah. If it would both the home that he knew you were in trouble a 44999. All of you could predict retired I'm. I hate it it shook me. At this time a year has not that audit the Simpsons should you do is just a fat kid if he didn't think. Some sticks his own they elect Obama I thought adequate notice. I thought that I would nodes but did you get hello Bruce welcome to the bedroom. Okay well. It's really hard for me tell you because it's it just gets in front or go and didn't purged out still talking about it let them. And I mean nine under natural and removes variation. The basic training. For a little suburb. And now about him this summer policy in the common ground for beyond them which is basically rifle marksmanship and but I think they did you is do not match but allow published period. And you know and also brought you yet you cantina wanted to meet you drink every five minutes as the. When he and our other way before they say hey don't Muslim while I do this thing attention white people. Don't know I got a brother let him know our about a man I didn't. But that. They say that based on what they did only bring Clausen can't tell us how that ticket parlor and sixteen so for instance. You know everybody's got to go to bat and he gives us some five minutes. Doctor Richard 120 on this and thanks for your goals. Santa has so I want into the sun and I just said hey you know insist that we got you can't do this. Any time or gone to the words that don't go out to fire in you to remember. The don't ask with the wildlife and and won't suddenly Mugabe viable it would outrage 1520 feet and I really had a troubled by it at all melodic. And Laura. As you know there's little below ground and undisciplined and way and I thought it was me that was ruffling some leads and trying to meet. And now there's. Oh god they're done administration accept a poisonous. As the diamond act that rattlesnake in the copper and other content out. Kenya and as fortunate which is a black shank him and as far as I'm concerned doesn't kind of like an edited dispassionate. And and remain this vote. Dream house seats and rich page black and gets up and hits and six foreign. And I wouldn't get so it's at least level to me can think. He could does that on Liu. Well yeah it was all right I want to look at that yeah and let's go to our hair and a balk. At that. You know yeah I had so much water I mean I don't know how I stop but just didn't seem to observe this thing I like your news about the strike there. And not. I'm and I'm freaking out program forget about tons is right hates snakes and just hate them. Any special edition component. Failed agent also beat everybody is welcome back minority tucked it away bank and impatient might be used in. Let's go to my hands around my console I might try and yet all but not yet all the little runner so this may instead MI remember. Are you just and senator basically stereo this thing. Yeah and he's just like sit straight up and I don't know how big it is but it's got to be pretty big because it dug into my waist and I'm 64. And now. Then again the 120. Soldiers from out of the woods do understand trying to yell at the. Yeah. You can say all the radio. Sugar. No brown words birders. Sorry about it. At the moment and I especially those really bothers you guys guys saw that I have been promoted the Marshall my arm. And it is good dude abides in. Oh yeah I got into bed in good and an extreme weather girl and under the old saying it was is that. Capital this this car to go back and he's sneaking up behind me trying to not its total estimated ten years he has yet it was. That's a big hand in hand held there for. All. He's like okay well. But slowly election to take one step backwards. And I didn't notice goes to a bit there that tree lined behind me I mean like right behind. So well anyway I kid yourself backwards where astute bend my knee. And when I did my need went forward. At this stage just soda if she had just started to lunge forward and I have had to just turn around a role. And and what did turn it lashed right under my arm. And I didn't give it a second thought I just grabbed it by the neck and I'd. Just let it right up I'm and it rips in this gym open knowledge of the G-7 back and won't. Well it's tough Austin. Watson my arm and I threw it over the negev and a third straight like a girl. It's opened. And every man. Let's tell the story black man won the motel and and believes. Because I hope you got me that is gonna leave you face. That is not quite through back out. I take your question what was the moment you knew the viewer and travel still a gun to adverse his fiancee is a bad jokes on the way and we'll drink themselves with a shot of the day you are listening to the men's or radio network. True it's much. My question a moment to moment that you know that you weren't travel here come those emails in the men's room and then threw my back yeah. The goal from a today guys I'll start by saying I'm 32 years old six months ago I thought I was having Mac real bad anxiety. Couldn't stop my racing mind in my chest was hurting normal signs for anxiety for me. Announce a few hours later and the chest pain was growing and growing but finally may be realized the situation was worse than I thought. Was when my arms started going numb that's when I called 911 turned out I was having our detected 80% blockage in the top right widow maker artery. After surgery to put in a stance and following the bill regiment I feel better than ever but a heart attack at 32 doesn't give you much hope for the future have a great day guys. I know I was in trouble when the condom broke while I was having sex with my roommates because right as I realize that broke I had a heart attack which led to open heart surgery this yes she was not and I was drunk McKernan horse. At least those do a heart attack yes commando arm in Kabul hearted that stories on track to lift the light amount the mood. Parents get on birthdays guys. Today as my son hunter's second birthday could you please give him some Shannon Sharpe in Ozzie Ted telling him how awesome Choo Choo trains are. Thanks guys that from your buddy James official Al go neo royal taste tester. For effect a broad base pay about two huge waves. I like all the bulk of another little bank the go to Brad Bird feeder birds. And through Dan that if men and it is it's a little young to say it's proof that you can change a great figure Choo Choo but there are a lot of stuff but they get a lot of goods and out of the cavaliers another year our own little industry Charles top Justice Thomas chopped them. Not charged who won the in a bright future that a guy who'd done drugs. And had to grow as part of the OP go to the demagogue them. We cavaliers and another year already are little miles and seven today this year he asked for an original they salad aside good up cupcake. Any rate Louis time to take off the leash that from Jamie and. Sandwich so it's. Suggest solace or not but a Twitter had to purge to an hour talking of the aria dollars in two of the major people who were affected by this tutor purge. Turns out it was ray Lewis and brits McKinley from ESPN correct yeah array internally fox now he he bought a whole lot of followers and hanging on now. Operated a little silly but that Clinton has to really have in common is that the big the big got people Oca. And fairly dad likes that fouls made is that like USA number they wished my sunshine he turned sixteen and his mom and I could not be prouder he would love an original face Sam woods a hurt you argue that houses on fire. And some German thrill and Ted thanks guys that from ship. Do argued passionately argue argued how do the buyout. Yeah. He accused sexual innuendo but don't want to put something new in. Yeah I want to put something that looked back when. Guys stray debris celebrating my name day I'd like do I give a shout out also to my birthday brother Steve. Who has survived another year as well so here's a double request I would love LeRoy Jenkins and for Steve. Some dirty talk and Germans he deserves the best love you guys that from Linda it's. It's enough to show the you couldn't drink from I can tell another group from new book. I think just wanted to Steve Denton and but you know Islam as legit India as a new browser goes in the hole gotten. Yeah I thought we all got its. If the cubs know guys are Brandon 22 years old today would love to shout out and hear from the dirty Germans please. Note to go to give you a few times about the big bucks of finger. Down to listen hot dog outside the bun. I wouldn't put mine in cash call me frank it's a different. Bridges as my husband ridges birds they get up please get a little turtles snakes and your penis is too small. Thanks guys and rock on that from summer. Saga Zetterberg they do beats. Look what heavy brigade appease she is one of the best human beings on the planet this must be female Pete. Allen during most of us under the table conceded the dirty Germans thanks guys appreciate it. Number eleven. I was introduced to compete to. Job he. Isn't it strange when your name and Ecstasy have an opinion you. All keeps you from Texas. Yeah it takes is he. You think the lesson is moss. Good kids most of the people. This is my bunny Dakotas Torre third trip around the sun good dog and some turtle wax in the journey is the Germans thanks guys and stay beautiful from the bearded wonder known as Jeff. Yup for the most and we were gold game hunting I want to unleash my wild home into your bushy. Yeah it's into the night and both imports. Pulled pork come into hunting down a ball walk. Gluten. Organized as demonstrated true loves birds they Quentin and he has a survivor and a true medical miracle. Gideon because that bitch off next dollar a European this is due small. And finally those dirty Germans talking about his gonzo pianist thanks guys love the show that for America. Until now. Net column. And I can't help but think their big guns in this looking locomotives. Yeah my favorite thing about this gonzo penises are still waiting a while on the story lines statistics of the importance to its. Owner John is not good buddy trends. Awesome car under a long time loser your show is another year older could get all of you talking all over each other about how to swing a hammer and drive a nail. Keep it real things guys that premier. The most important thing I learned I. I'm flattered and really now detailed analysis from someone else's parent cannot fast carpet and the anything like they don't make it to me like I three and Helen and I know that's true it looked at him and pitches mildly wife Joanna browns' Joseph Joseph dancer turns 35 today. She's been concerned about getting up there and age but I know the dirty Germans would cheer up talking about dirty Italians. Thanks guys for all you do love the show that from Darryl. God did not know much about it coaches tell. But much like their I want to all of you. Job and I can guarantee you're going to be an offer to sell offs for children who. Who society consultant who should know his name is not afraid of that you know. We don't see Italian. However only please where's my husband Jeb happy fortieth birthday and how much you guys talking all over yourselves about how awesome Crown Royal is that suggests a drink of choice. They'll be great thank you so much that for Melanie absolutely. Hope as reliable throughout all and I gonna do I know everybody needs to Thailand and humidity and makes the president plays he didn't have a lot of credit here agony as the terrible I don't know its attempt on message don't stash it in there. Guys are legends in a birthday shout myself because no one else will gonna get a fish sandwich in the dirty Germans talking about fishing thanks guys that from Derek. Yup personnel to face each of the because alleged drug by line and hold. Job. Must everything about fishing and Sinatra died due to the moon people yeah but the fish doesn't know what's going on couldn't routes is with the mouth around the burden. Guys got to get the attorney German fifty birthday wish god damn I'm fifty that from Stacy. Fifty and so the idea would be done. But we don't have much 64. And don't worry some people called the big travel tonight to compete to be alive. Police. Guys today is my other have simply been birthday his name is grants pronounced husband just so you know he doesn't really care for your show but those I love it. He most likely listens just keep me happy. I was menace to Obama's I'm 33 years through thick and then he drives me absolutely nuts and still takes my breath away. Good live without it how about I guess I get up cupcake I know that would truly make his day thanks guys that from NA. Oh it's. Hi guys do you rule. Yeah and you have had to learn OK have you had a and I am today and I knew but then I love this show. Available through these we'll stay on men's lives does come another sign retailers. Need him shoreline fly to. Cooler here those who gets OK guys this and says a thrill what I'm blaming you for those of I am a working a Booth at the Cannes cornucopia days and across from me is a Booth war. Louisiana cajun spices and seasonings all I can think about all day long a backpack packed app after the jump we already see Louisiana. This is actually a very nice email was meant for us I believe so Coca it sizzle and thank you. All gentlemen I've been meaning to write this letter for quite awhile I would like to thank you for bad joke Friday. For your show. Not only does it bring me joy and the occasional groan but I've incorporated and in the by teaching practice. I teach middle school special education students in a program for students with a emotional and behavioral challenges. The last couple of years I have had bad jokes as. A part of my morning meeting for my social skills got broken. Using this piece I have been able to pull kids out of dark places and help them build the skills they need to have success in school and beyond. Allowing kids to laugh at things and learn to laugh at their own troubles is both wonderful and heartening I love my job and I appreciate with a segment has done for myself and my students. Miles you'll be happy to hear that this spring one of my students heard me comments about needing a slide whistle. And brought one in for me to use thanks guys keep up the good work that from Todd. Yeah hell yeah that's cool Manning go wrong with that that is a that is a really amazing amazing because most of the jokes really are back there on the terror. Austria. All boy oh boy. This one is how would you say that we pronounce his name leaving its size and era and are Eran. IRO is guise of professor at DePaul university in Chicago so nice he's sending us a very intelligently written that email which again we cannot have them I don't get a lot of you know I almost went to DePaul. You did that a lot alienate a once on the train to Wrigley in the past apostles after. I Dorgan Chicago. See here always appreciate the men's or love of science and stuff. So yesterday windy Ted Smith revisited his admiration for the evolutionary interpretation of pruned fingers and toes resulting from a long stints in the pool. I'm gonna tell yet that made my day. And so I offer up a one up. And can almost guarantee that this will not young Ted office bar stool and maybe the rest of you find holes as well. Are actually I come I would be hey I'm very I love the guys do the science stuff good on you take you brought it up and then LA he's our number one up you. Dead is 100% correct that the prevailing. And Gary now. That FF FF I don't. I thought oh I think it does go back in time. That I think this is that's said that Ted is 100% correct. Then the prevailing evolutionary interpretation of prune digits is to increase friction and therefore grip. By increasing the service area of the skin making contact with your favorite surface. Say the cold sweat of a frosty beverage glass. But here's the kicker. That tells you why but it doesn't explain that hell and as a neuroscientist. The psychology of how is way cooler and super unexpected. Or their physiology so art. All right so it sets. If you were asked to explain the burning effect to a child whether you have no scientific background or too much science background most of those would use an analogy. And in the case may be something like soaking rice or old mile of water or anything that might convey either taking on or losing water until I did the major Don swelling or shrinking respectively however. It was noted some time ago that individuals sustaining a peripheral nerve damage for instance. That nervous tissue running through the skin no longer had their digits approved would submerged and water. Look on. Combining with the fact that only certain parts of your body prune in response to water contact. This confirms a water simply triggers the nervous system's response BA it's an evolutionary one but doesn't actually directly calls the prudent. Guys on servers there'll be guys find that remotely interesting and thanks for doing God's work assuming you also love and peace. He has thought about this kid did tell us what how what happens then I may I hop doesn't Aaron did remind eat at some Obama yet that one went a little over my head. It is it's like. When you get the water your fingers again proved to body reacted to the water to that evolutionary trait to go okay. How does your body do. That parks not split them. Some of us who got here all guys on the subject a quick of MRE's some of them come with cheese spread how pinot cheese or cheese spread will bacon. When you cook the main meal you've got to wedged it she spread packet between the heater. And the box the main meal comes in to meld it if it comes with crackers. Got a crush them put all of that on and the Milledge cheese in the main meal making it a little bit more animal. I've Ryan has anyone ever said that they had a Dumars really there are Marita appear. And two years ago guys during my unit's annual training at a barely walk into our camp. My body woke up to tell me to be quiet but to his surprise there was a bear party licking my face in the destroyed our entire camp setup. They attempt I believe now we need to go back in town to last only played ten vs the FCC so we're good let's go back into. For Sean and she knows Janus sad. In shifts sharing shiny shifting sheet. The shifty shorn sheep sit on the shore shouting sit or get off the pot Ted. Bridge contract Sharma shameless act in shifts Schering shiny shifty Sheikh. The ship he's sworn sheep sit in the huge shouting fit or get off the pot had one. Charlotte she missed that it ships cheering shiny shifty sheep. He should he score and she'd sit on the short shouting sit or get off the pot dad who started Siemens that kept hearing shiny cookie sheet. We should be shorn sheep sit on the short shouted so. Our. Okay. We'll get you now Hamels so who's the man let's Julianne. Yeah what game. This is the FCC. That's not a predicament for much Columbia South America with a whole bunch of cocaine so we sit up all night last night doing data coming Ellison knew Ryan and also our secretary that was okay for Ted vs gives the news today apparently telling the iPod good it's. As an upsurge tell you what it is still made an assumption because the formulas and correct we came up with a ton of a great drive and I think what else put the creative explosion diploma holder I think if he's the chicken and we are going lauer on your week coming a good today and Keith who is a listener in lovely Monroe Michigan. Cements his own Ted verses the FCC we're gonna go this one Andy goes something like this. Sheila is o'clock designer she sells clock designs it digger knicks clock emporium by the dock digger knicks' big black block design is a hot seller. The way we do Ted vs the SEC as you gotta read at one time through within three times fast yes. Sheila is that clock designer Sheila cells clocks designed at digger knicks clock emporium by the dock. Did your next big black clock. Design is a hot seller is great doesn't Sheila is o'clock designer she sells clocked as I think digger nicks caught emporium by the shock bigger knicks. Big black clock designed to the hot Fella want. Sheila is o'clock designer sheets O clock designed it didn't nick Clark reporting and by the doc did a knicks' big black clock doesn't read the hot. Tool Jill at the clock designer sheets of clock is something that big knicks. Buck market worry about Madonna. Figured it's big black bloc decided not throw. Barry again. Denver this weekend about the Roswell. We'll look back I think impact that it has been pay my respects to the dirt there are all right also. It's a bag those beds go straight to go 844999. Old take a break and a rank castle. The drug in charge of good and bad jokes coming up next you're listening to the men's or radio network. Pitches you. It's true. So Saturday for a hard 999. Hole and let it go on the bad jokes hello didn't have welcomed the bad joke. Oh I gentlemen hello wow. Where does captain had to go to get and you. Where does have to go to get a new look where. Secondhand store clerk. My bad I'm bad. Hello Kyle welcome to the bedrooms and oh lead or not laugh. All right so why there's so many unsolved murder in West Virginia why are there so many unsolved murders in West Virginia. Because there's no dental records and all the DNA the fans. Do I West Virginians do on Halloween homestead and. Hello Miguel welcome to the bad jokes. Yeah hello Miguel welcome to bed jokes. Or loved let's remember and tell Brandon welcomed the bedrooms. Yeah eight Gatwick and are its. What brown all over Enron but she knew. But. What's Brower and all over runs and snoop. What doctors. And older but he didn't and laying out I don't have experience now. Bloody out there deserves to be ready. Men's room. Yeah. I did it better as usual we had two of the very best dance even throw on a flat out nortel's. Yesterday and today a little more serious than most days we just heard about this this morning for a house in the super personal announcement today be toast. 32 year old Zachary Rodriguez of Seattle Washington a lot of people might not know who Zachary Rodriguez is. Certain have you know we have to receive went by the name grizzly. And a lot of people think that is because of his size or his voice or anything else. He did a lot of security stuff right here but one thing about this guy and he has been a friend of the show since you've been set and thirteen years whatever it is. Very kind. Very gracious very large. Pretty funny for you to do very intelligent very very helpful I mean there's nothing bad about this guy and I apparently about 1 o'clock in the morning earlier today. I he basically. He fell over believe it may have been heart attack amount under Saddam it away he's packs and this is something that's. Pretty heavy for all those on the show all the listen to him all the social hang out with them like individually and this is a guy that I mean you've. Good do anything with and energy he always asked us about race and followed up. I he recently got engaged in race he was so excited about two weeks ago Russell. Sort of a grizzly brand we are truly going to mistress or those boots drink this booze because we think it's coming out and so over the tong and down the throat to party in our top. Don't know nowadays I don't. So many games continue on the men's room radio network.