07-13-17 Seg 4 - The Mens Room Throws some Shade

Thursday, July 13th

Profile This, TV Time with Ted has clips from Peyton manning! Plus we end the day with headlines


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This is the men's room. Spread profile the club awake all night 844999. Polo player profile this coming up the minutes. Had I don't know why one hour from now but first a quick check in the my cock for some of the stories and headlines he is not working on I had some and in Maryland stolen ambulance and left it outside a 7-Eleven move that sounds pretty much like Merrill. Yeah it really does put their openness to the make more sense that it was on briefly every day. He was on 7-Eleven date hit while gap that explains that yeah I think probably there and they had to go to 7-Eleven get free solar. Exactly obviously all he may look every crime in Maryland at least to my rent is purely a crime of opportunity. Who have Walters of Lebanon well and run maybe it won't give it depth and their give the whole discussion where it was enacted in Maryland just as a Maryland yet. We know roughly where which brought one of three places that are coming close to your alternate route through my home for summer and between them brand. It's hot out I mean that thrived and racked power you have in western Maryland new. And that in the UK lied to his son died from cancer to scam people out of thousands of dollars. I am mass fights. He's wise. Slice of the US KM these are dead new people. Be my guess image is still alive. Yeah I think so yeah I'm glad learned that some cancers I got to assume that it still alive. She's stressed. I wonder how that feels like he gets older it's like yeah member when you lied people that I die from cancer. Yay thanks that's cool Miller made economy in schools left now guess what dad I've cancer. You. Count out wielded on this thing is dead. After. Does this monkey man from cheating on their wives and leading double lives. And I tell exempt from it that's just ahead that's the headline does face a steep rent from cheating on their wives and leading double lives. You mean as far as the intensity of the trail of information I guess maybe because you can check up on everybody to any certain time of the month. No I think FaceBook kind of increase next. From that you could CEO flames and it's an act Canada I've talked to a divorce lawyer and you just really with the main things like FaceBook. As far as you are there were some great yeah hour. It's also easier to track the kind of stuff down. Or even political here talking to people could see what your liking even if you make another FaceBook page he could still track that down. Dude I'm able rob banks and post pictures of themselves on FaceBook what we have. I mean weren't there just doesn't exist does not make people smile whatever and laid because of FaceBook may. Yeah yeah. Twitter flu. Go you can look for to a better. Come on footer coming on turner could be competitive. Internet I've used to come back in the day I use my speed along. The money they donate this theft theft. Let's see when we got here amend vacationing in Greece got a temporary Henna tattoo like Mike Tyson's face a all right let's put it burned a permanent scar on his face. I. Sort of permanent now right Joseph Thornton might I didn't get the jets do at that point. Are you I don't know well you know the weird thing about that is what Tyson man when he got that that to everybody what what in the hell Mike Tyson what are you thinking now and I see Mike Tyson Mike. Kind of like attacked. Think it's nice it's just gonna grow not banana dislike gonna look like it makes sense of I see him now is like that's Mike Tyson it makes sense to me that he had that exact I don't think anyone else who pulled off the lead he manages to. Yeah at takes a lot to walk into a tattoo parlor no gimme this right here you gotta altered if you're gonna do it for sure and I think anybody owning something to be Mike Tyson. To join a site unlike because who's gonna tell me look stupid that's exactly. He could've gotten making mountains forests and then Mozilo Jordan got the Hitler's nationalism a word to. And as I say I'm really owning it like. He has no choice it's on the site at this stage that's owning it Ted at bat through there I guarantee you one I guarantee you. The Michael Jordan knowing who Michael Jordan is based on the fact that he Benson gambles with the everybody and he is absolutely like he's the man and he knows. And I'm Betty said look. I'm such the man. I'll bet you million dollars that I can go on underwear commercial and rocket Hitler stash in ovals are known as Baghdad they know that everything Charles get a me. I got a million dollars in all of this all blows no good about the power it could only do I don't blood and it looks own minimum. They have it at that global outlook and didn't. Like black you look at that it is but I do the blues clues you know. And that's if defense. It's just that it. File that the are had a couple ordered a flaming cocktail at a bar outside Dallas. And had to be airlifted to the hospital with major burns above the waist no no oil out of our Villone. You can't see got blue flame that's one thing that I definitely room for them that's when you light alcohol you can either really see it for but sometimes it's a lump iron you can't see that it's on fire. So if you blew it out and still on fire a lands in the guys next eleven is still on fire in your lap if I have to kind of gone away more I hope so I don't mean were all the offers up more of our lives but I really don't know what there's too many to many videos on YouTube. Of people that'd take a flaming shot herself like that but the don't get it all in their mouth. Yeah it's too big it's gonna fly down the side of their mouth and then you know they've added they've loathe it the alcohol out in just. They have an inferno on their face that you can't put out it's now all know exactly I eight. Buddy of mine had a little gutter come up a quarter of his lip for doing money basically just took all the skin he tried to spit it out his tongue. Was burned everything on the inside of his mouth who burned his lips are burned it was I had out of the drop drop a shot into a beer look at touchdowns like got an ever light in the thing on fire you know again drove when he dropped a shot into it something else. Cancel the nine I don't point your beer but our drink your uncle and it is only shot if you gotta new bunch of crap freed drinking and it's not thank you to drink and eat. Not all that it's not that hard to get drunk. If you think. You can do is just fine in the old fashioned way I've got here and India wants to censor AC word in a new documentary. And what is the C work. Cal cal cap. Around what makes no I don't wanna you know Harry yeah. And finally a customer at a bank got an interesting note that the ATM. What was the note I'll tell you all about one hour from now they might not deadlines are coming up one hour from now the first game goes. Recess. Even throw him to please tell everyone how profile this is played. At Georgia and my. That's a simple game where we share with you real life news story something did happen right here I'm planet earth. For. And as you listen to the store and made some stereotypes you believed to be true people. And the decisions that people make less what it is you think makes the story a story. Hello Lawrence welcome to the men's room. Oh yeah I don't. I'm Nora Jones and others here games place. Yet that is by no I can't blame Larry. My dad's names Larry yeah I got a cat named Larry sure you're Lawrence junior. No because my name is Al Lori and he'd used. Lorenz are out there and I don't I don't mind to do so I Lauren but above name my kids leave residents ST yeah yeah. Technically not a junior and I. Bad maybe yeah. Okay yeah PH. And sudden it. Easy news. We don't Zelaya back in school of 7 eastern newsman Bob this afternoon. It's. All right here is your story we go to Dallas Texas were CDS security staffer. Did the resident police that he chased down of them fatally shot a man who chip shop lifted in item from the store. I do not know what shopping. But the 31 year old shop lifter Christopher Dennis. He was seen on surveillance video stealing items from CBS in the running to his Toyota Camry that was leading in the park you. We'll minutes later another menacing run on store and giving lemon behind the wheel vicinity Camaro. Employees at CBS and then by the second man as the loss prevention officer at the store while employed. Jesus also laid down on the freeway and during the faces uplift yourself you shoplifting suspect's car into the crash. So would be moss mentioned officer do they got out of the vehicle and shot the guy in the upper torso before driving off. Now employees arrived at the scene of the shooting they've found the suspect lying on the Kirby stigma hospital regard from his injuries now the security guard has been arrested and charged with murder. Do you believe that this overly zealous Cold War security guard here is black white makes you or agent. No. Well. At. Our own war I mean you know I. Bill brand new talk to our racial consultants. I have not done that in the last few times that stock instead he got me he got Enron's former well you know brass need jackass. It doesn't look Campbell the members that is us. Right well Ted you've ever. A week ago I I I on the street I was working and that construction site yeah ideals and cities in this game a couple times today and I help you know I lost them. Who might say he's active gold horse momma generational consulted I think I can help you. Now all right well do you think miles. Okay organizers are and it's a security guard. This guy's obviously frustrating I think both of these people are white and outside one. The guy goes outside and he jumps into a Toyota camp. That's solved with finesse the shoplifters there's nothing in this world that screams how wide I really am in the purchase of a Toyota Camry now I intact. I oil the East Coast I mean this is done. And I know I don't but you get a member this is our answers so watch this I drive to you what you always look at the car you have nothing worse other so many of these on the road is did you notice them right. You know in Baltimore city if you're black you drive a Nissan if you maximum specific you're white you drive a Toyota. In that division stays for the most part of the now on the coast together and in the New England say who drive Subaru is lot of black people drive consumers in new England and everywhere death but. OK so he jumps into a camera. This guy wants to chase after. He jumps. Into eight Camaro correct. There's another thing that's greens complete whiteness a shabby come marrow is as white as white can be white people are lined. Up to buy that vehicle they love the Camaro in my talk what you drive. My talk are you know what kind of car do you drive meant. Tarzan against what McCarty growth and a like amount. A Chevy Camaro every time you did you hear any oversaw the moms are added that's OK and always on maternity you are a mural like men with guns gentlemen I am and he tells. I'm just we're just check. So I'm thinking this I'm sticking that this is 100% my apology felt like he don't shoot someone on a Rampage. This is crazy right the guy he's chasing gets in an accident in his car typically be good enough. Man pulled over and walks walks up to shoot them and they believes. You work construction anybody you know that has a Camaro is what. Right well. South probably is now. Besides everyone that you work. Right now I can't I'm I can't really speak out anybody other than white but I've seen Graham of americorps I am not an artist you know. You'll notice now my number one I'll I'll. Will give us a black guys and a concurrent have been decent but just didn't seemingly got him and above its commands my third wanted to exactly and I'm gone to super bitch. What do you think on your final answer that really NASCAR to about it Hispanic area they are here at that thing. Texas. He shouldn't be called after Jason how many feels pretty wiped. I wish you edit that dampen out. We'll we'll we'll that the found I don't know I it was all over true would you finally Brett Barrett ago I go right my final answer we'll find out that he was black white makes the or Asia next. Fat with a tease you are listening to the men's already a network. Did you see you it's true. Profile as we go to Texas and day out guard. As CBS who saw a guy shoplifting yup chasing outside the party while the guy takes off in his camera from there the security officer Johnson do he is Camaro. And speeds down the road going after well the guy lost control of his camera and crashed it. The Camaro with these security guard then comes up and the security officer shoots the man who stole the things in the torso and kills. And leaks and then leave and that is undoubtedly to recover the stuff and not Lawrence we ask you do you believe that this guy was blank white Mets he or Asian. And I don't know if it's your gut thought if it's what miles was saying but in the end you went whites. Not all work day. No more today you Maxi. Yeah. I men's. Now as far as the comments go to Samantha why do what you don't tomorrow. Now I agree with you. That's overwhelmed but everyone that no lose a white person to go tomorrow Merrill club his pitches and I don't like crazy want guys like hey man my neighbors black youths Tamara. His wife is also why she also owns a committee is going on I don't know it's just crazy nothing about Subaru owner. It there you go on profile let's look at overall TV news all the time sap TV Daunte. Countless hours in front of the talking and the and presents. Act athletes move from team to team short this and that so the past year Kevin Durant. From the Golden State Warriors caught a lot of heat because he left Oklahoma City. Thunder and went to join Golden State and bill that's not that weird but go state got to remember 173 games since that a record for the most wins the year before and so Ali the fact that you used heat because that's the best analogy for this the religious got a lot of heat and Mo wells did that oh yeah there's different. Right but with in the bronze caiso member when he went there wasn't like they were already do. But I I don't really care either way I'm fine with him during going but I think that's like Kevin Durant gets so much more crap port because that team was already so good. Where is LeBron picked up to whether or another guy and then went down I say they won't make our super team. Yeah basketball's. Only league that does that to like a bunch of guys who get together go to Vegas and collect our rat and the price you'll blow your mind to lament how this is go to the timberwolves and make him some them. So Peyton Manning you know from NFL and stuff he was hosting the espy's and. I think this is a pretty funny joke but Kevin Durant did not like it. That's distinguish so dominant they Kevin Durant told me he wants to play from then lecture. You start conducting Kevin. You can watch that video right to read through FaceBook page says you hear the crowd at all. Because also hitter Russell Westbrook are not on very good terms of rights they were teammates in Oklahoma City. I mean even when they were they are together it never seem like those two guys really they like each other sure. So when Lynn Kevin Durant left Westbrook had some choice words for him. Everything else so it's kind of funny Kevin Durant and he's just dead he's not happy which is what I mean even his mom's lap from the big man says the right. But yet then they go to west roku kinda makes fun of Kevin Durant is actual serious too. Yeah sorry I like Kevin Durant but you're catching heat for that. The SP so also are one of the potter kind of her award show you could have if it's funny now every sport has their own award show and I think that. An ME ST there was a club when they look that's we started there was this classic skip on SNL Saturday Night Live. We're based leader's hand out awards like who's the tallest basketball player. It's like whoever insults guy is he winter. So I think that there weird because like Russell Westbrook Oklahoma City Thunder do you know what award he won. He wants something big in the league and he was the league MVP and Canada geese or are you league of the NBA player of the year. You would think but they they put all sports announced that could be you so to be it's like Westbrook. Vs Brady goes crawler easier right exactly so it's only it's just your foot court aren't so Wes Welker wins best male Lafley. Okay and let them they also have a best NBA player category. And it didn't win now does the project. OK everybody league MVP and. And they. SB standards the best NBA basketball player but he has the most relatively. But LeBron battle of the new basketball do you go four for best male Catholic. It's hard manga that the doll's other sport I mean you say bridge made some more ready Tom Brady he's forty years old now but then again those that Federer who's the guy the right on an up and based on the amount old activity that you sort of playing tennis you're constantly movement. So it it really depends they take a Sports Radio obviously an info full bottle into the question about can't stand the guy but obviously I obviously he's the best. Well you're all Federer and he got a late he's constantly moving this guy crosses everybody's so. In round but you're our own because the best NFL player was Aaron Rodgers Karen Rogers it oh here's that I'm with power Tom Brady had legal argument. But I don't know that Tom Bailey. Pam Bailey and Tom Brady was the best athlete that was you the best forty year old athlete. Short term but I mean what is the best quarterback Adam Leon Russell Westbrook I don't. I don't know if he would have dual are pretty sure he was close to averaging a triple double for the season and he was was we knew he was also the whole team. Yeah exactly he was the one make him a whole team run. Yeah yeah and it's it's a hard call but you know. Yeah and then write letters could be some late you know like Shaun White kinda dude out there who just crushing extreme sports I think they need LeBron to show up I think it's important that he win somethings have not he's not going to be there. Yeah was a lot of little brat was he there I don't know I'm just saying that the only the only I hate you do not alienate that I can think I think yeah. All right well the user agent and hear about it. Yet ms. LeBron African James like Tom Brady was of their views are you would have heard of called on the grammys than in Kabul for a few weeks maybe just saw I had gone there. The hell now LeBron James and I'm in Kabul bro what does let me know he showed this video mad at him just sitting at a bar by himself like her can of beer or whatever like and it's just him like just tool people in front of the had no idea how do you not know LeBron James sitting in front of unit it Tiki bar are delayed Mexican news are now that are American tourist is an art. Look at the phones you know I mean like scare the little watch sports. Dad yeah I'm Juliana. Flemmi and why do you can't if you look at LeBron James and saw him you think yourself okay. You need all those sports is that what NFL team is as complicated thing and if you dig usable look look at it like this and always I think it was what LeBron James like right you know I thought basketball believes around but dude endorses ten million different things we shows like. You might not my kids might not know Peyton Manning is other than me Papa John's got. I understandably so but there someway erect like do you watch reality TV like anonymous due to the guardian ASEAN were sitting next to me ability. I I don't know the name of a keeping up with whatever. I don't know the names are resistor I don't care but I would recognize and Kim Garnett you mostly because overbought but also because of a mustache. I love each with this though would you recognize late tiny. TI is not current or soon to be ex wife. Net trying to you know right I agree because I don't watch your shows on VH one brochures a lot of people that you sit and recollect ecstatic about it don't. There show by the way genius renamed TI anti. Man oh man medicine created by us I got has got more questions. You guys know we're the best bowler watts. The best bowler. If you know me before brutal battles do you think he's hitting a ball I'd use for either I'm just glad their knowledge in the best bowler assortment that was Jason Belmont cause I don't go to every time every year they have canyon winds America not out every year Belmont why would they be given name is remove cereal candy how this thing with a bowling is you'd think that you could be a 55 year old champion. Easily. It's ageless right. And burgers and and he told her rotator cuff problems that is longer going underhanded like that you not getting the same and got the pictures on how to think the two bodies on your body can hold up he's a natural motion we're pitching back unmet right. Correct that's play softball players can throw a lot more innings as the thrown under and which is our supposed still bowl ensure. I'm still think if you're on the highest level of pulling. You just have to pick a younger dude would have had been. To reveal a bowling as you could have let the World Series of bull when he could be like the Super Bowl bowl right the Super Bowl and it's in Las Vegas. In theirs chairs in the back in it's just like three roles there's no there's there's like forty people. All right this is a Super Bowl bowling and they only have like three tiers would you go public shares again come automatic it's a front row like I would go a full forty in Beijing and solicit payment and give more people watch poker it has to be in the same casino ormat. And even with bad because casinos and so make it needs to be in the third of the casino men like you know what the hell not assert double almighty god I would now buy a ticket to get arm planes do fly to another location to now review you know how bawling people that there's a there's a lifestyle there's a culture there is little different cultures different cultures the right now also I gotta say that polling. Shock feeling the bowling culture and in all the different areas I've lived it seeps through OK but I don't think it's necessarily the car late. It goes beyond race to people Oates is all I'm saying in a medium level medium level there's much worse hotels is much better hotels as amid great hotel in lovely Reno Nevada. The arm pit of the world. And I'm looking around there's a touching have a little more respect markets markets lower yet ready yet exactly. So you sit there and Enders is torn Uggla and I'm like. Man oh man this is the dawn of the Walking Dead what is my first my first thought was it was a bowling tour. He clearly has because when I got there the air all the dues like two big bus falls were pulled off people to check in was a bitch you know I mean a strike are Christ this is going to be as many into all of this I'm still in Reno and I look at the back of the jacket one guy's guy and it's it was a state crib to champion. Oh credit I had a cold Rimage tournament at this hotel and I mean I'm telling you what. This was amazing people watching you have never seen anything greater in your life it was freaking insane. I just walked or how and why. All of this war own unique therapy. Go look pretty stored it and you'll walk out of the like I am the man. I looked great I'm healthy I act I don't care to my hair's receding and I've got a back fat dude I'm the man. I'm a model. Problem my problem the smartest man in the world of incredible model. A ton of people play critics you don't know the auto track it's ornaments. They tell a lot of trash talk trash yeah it's just an amazing group of people. There's a lot of satin jackets of course there's a lot of name tags on them our names on the jet fans may want guys and said Jenkins that's like yeah really bad would that that with the gold lace on the on the brim. You know looks like you know look at an old military had quality that's right. X. Patent anywhere to about him already hosting mess he's in this and that paid main. Probably famous for his jingles as well. They're two Lou. Great so clearly been commercials are country superstar Brad Paisley and was in some commercials where are you writing the songs more. Right ladies chosen and I'm so pleased from his guitar and like any draw artisan sells millions of copies as first thought is. Wrap me in nation must jingle ball turned to how fed up behind seeking Peyton Manning's been helping him. This is a man who really does does fine and the nationwide Jenkins is good the musician is already talking about imagining vertical he jingle I'm the expert in illustration a mayor of Harrison no limitations. Of the supported. That's a thousand years Brad who's on the other organs were doing there worse and I wasn't consulted but we're good there were good but Brad has never been you know. My head really jingle code do. The credit really told me inside the machine enjoys having me you're much better it is for me here. Providing my inside advice counsel encouragement. But a coach Wright and that's what you called me earlier coach thanks coach. Yet what are due to loan. It's what I live for what are they don't go to bed at night due to myself the jingle is. Meet and I ended Jindal it's warm. Usually watch the bird does look good pretty good at it pretty vague on the jingle coach or hey Brad Paisley. Who sells millions of records sold out sticky and everything else the big name that he got that hump this way. It's actually pretty dug him for me right now wants a video of Brad agent has agreed to a deal to look on his face Peyton won't throw wonderful Peyton Manning is. The looks a Brad Paisley sprays are priceless right when he's playing great like that did you call me coach and he has got its yeah. But he just Monday's rushing to readily discussed it looks like he is so quick noise the patent may mean even Stevie Mexico. That seems out Courtney. Her Korean olympians. Member her name she was the woman involved with the likes sexual scandal on bachelor paradise well OR yeah I don't remember name. Right all wardrobe dynamo open. But it turned out a big cheese and bread eaten on the bids kids. Cool news ball better. It if it's so the big story was that she. First is they college theory. Internet that no sexual assault happened we're both really drunk this and that she was kind of like wow super embarrassing can't go back but I was saying for some reason I'm back. Exactly of course is that we need this lacks this she's not going to be back for the sees him. But she's going to be back for the reunion ship of god one did. She should be there and reminded why not put all those people there again that's actually each other have a good time. I feel bad for the do you all kind of like their plate now he says so don't deeply what do what do I know that they believe this that they answer questions brilliantly up blacked out drunken really X rated at the poor and. If I was might this be a story. Not as much of know what he's going to be the show this show insist the show. Listen we are we're like look man we got drunk we want to have such restarted them as such everyone else freaked out about it. We did what people know we got a strong as people do but that start abstract threat and and I understand some XT annuity things happen here but overwhelmingly. Iphones and our refer. No don't be awkward to meet really want to go play the major thing to be awkward to select. We had a rear drive my for the two weeks after all that stuff but it is for what we did. Ma'am we got drunk you spread the way government. Little movement and if there was like a two week period where the whole country kind of thought this guy and make assaulted her but yet yes. Did you break his memory motor still other than what she was primary described in the news Beirut underside of the species would profit more awkward doesn't want me. Yeah that's really doing anything about that way. Yeah he's on the front little bitter about it quite why it. You know like at a police investigation of an acute it was horrible tanks and everything else when and a little of that German dormant the moment the bread route. Blueberries and outnumber you. Yeah album by the blueberries. If you think of Michael Jackson has been scared now yet. All right I mean depends on how old you me it depends on the person but to me under present I've always found him creep. I would not scary yeah let's carry decree. If he took his nose often front and may be a be scared and be eaten. We'll CVS is developing a blow bubbles an amateur success. Taking. He gets on gossip about we'll see if it. CBS is developing an animated Michael Jackson themed Halloween special called. Thriller blowing bubbles from the Michael Jackson Paula we. Welcome coach Gregory if you if he he he he's is giving kids Danny that's weird. Others can't in my time back into him region that is creepy. He's just happy to pay. And he didn't campaign being posed to Peter Pan thing. Yet the naked pictures so the all the kids following Keller the pied piper but all of a pitch it to Michael Jackson naked. But he's doled out to look like Peter Pan command also on the payment of much of children Deborah and it's very Michelangelo. You know maintenance 101000 feet. Then you creepy stuff like the painting Mike. It's hanging over your I think bed Diana Ross did this to me. And he has hands and feet. The whole thing is pretty weird. And Halloween special is there be an hour hourlong talk to people who meet accidentally on Halloween night. And find themselves at a hotel located at 777. Jackson street much. Yeah seeing from the home. Chip I think they got the big stars in there the voice cast includes Jim Parsons Brad Garrett TOD. At all. Didn't that. Now what I mean they're working within the state I hope they include some of the data do little Libya be germane. If anybody gonna be the spokesperson had germane to the path. I beg you to really appreciate it very yard again drew headlines coming up with Mike hockey in minutes you're listening to the men's or radio network the we still are Swiss smiles and no see what's happening in the real well. Arterial Texas man stuck inside AT impasse is no first while the greens please help I'm stuck in here. You'll manage job governor Mel is vigor to the IRS is having a tough time now being a puppeteer. To the Florida Keys where the cookie monster is not feeling real real hungry these days. They woman is arrested for drug possession goes back to the police station to get her drugs back and Hayes and an Australian man loses thumb but replaces it with a zone big toe it's time for your headlines. It's Sunday. There's might call. Contractor in Texas was called to fix a lot on an ATM that had become faulty. He was at an issue with a lot when he accidentally locked himself inside of the ATM but America how did you do that. Apparently it was a rumor it wasn't just like one of those little standalone boxes that he would have cartoons of material. But he's. Worked his way America somehow got himself locked in he had left his cell phone in the truck so we had put him you put a subsequent abide. His solution he started passing notes to ATM users asking in the Nicole is vause for help. What would you think you begin regular regular tempted to aid to him like. Criticism of this live nick got Dana note the slave I would be free depth pool most people just thought it was a joke. Yeah I guess maybe. And easily you can he would descended a few notes before somebody partly to groups you're president elect god Tim called this number well lady she called the cops. You'd think that eventually did get angry and you'd you'd go to the AT and yet for a hundred bucks. And it's lifts you you know for twenties in a note coma balls I'm gonna be a little past the ABC Pollard and request threads. Where is that eventually some adult lays in the kicks I think the door open on and off the machine setting him free. That's only if you do for I was there when I first read the story I thought he was inside the little rumored ATM but I think no he was inside here in the box path back. And man. I rattled wall to go to Baton Rouge where a man has been arrested the sneaking into Tiger Stadium. He was caught using a mechanical letter to sneak into the stadium along with a prostitute that he had hired for the evening are Iraq. I am gone for the fifty yard line deal at that date right there and young yet found you know you got remember now look at LSU. If you are in a an hour to hour drive that. That is the biggest game in the world that is the most important thing so as far as LSU goes all the other football you can get in there and hook it up wanna. Yeah the biggest thing they've got it really is gosh what a tiger and it is you I suppose is one of those things where you know like if you're gonna committed illegal acts. Might as well go all out I guess men you got understands about south has a different world when you get around their man having their. College football is king. For a college football in college sports GAAP net I mean it it was a Malia and high school the second. You mean the game I went to LSU they announces a football game at halftime they announced in the new baseball coach was 300000. People what not. What I hear is that sailing it's amazing how much they just care about college sports. He admitted hiring a prostitute who was arrested for unauthorized entry into a place of business and solicitations to learn at some thump authorized an injury that. How about lose the Internet talk about religion into. If Salem New Hampshire a woman had been arrested for drug possession. After being released your return of the station and demanded either that there returner drugs there. And she was rearrested. Clearly she's still learning how he adds a musician must have been on some players I think the drugs she demanded be returned or were sub zone and I believe plays at. Which is an addictive drug that is used to treat heroin addicts some box and the box and maybe. Yes should be noted that the drugs were seized during her earth arrest stemming from a shoplifting incident half. So if she really is drummer double from Maryland and depth and Agassi should be a little better look and battery. Senator brown to Fiji pock marked. We got a South Wales where a man broke his leg in a fight but there's just one catch. He was the only man in the fight oh boy. Hey you wanna drive fire anything Manning picket at. Try throwing it's all right I can without ball in your hand and he would have is your shoulder and he says in the video now so he's just stand there on the middle around. And he's shadow Watson a little bit he makes too big hay maker swings and they panel loses his budding and comes down on his leg. He's bone broken legs. Offensive you know the story says that he was gonna go bird you know you'd be tried did perform a spinning kick. No this guy's lost his footing just tripped and fell out and you wouldn't know until you read the story that he actually broken leg. God damn it has already heard himself ask pathetic it really is dead or even a doctor vote your shadow boxing. Puff Daddy didn't do that bettered himself that you read a box. Full. Rallied at Olympia Washington where Venice facing federal threat to our does that present the IRS eight big bomber. A bullet. A marijuana joints and his severed finger album part of that is threatening leg. The balls about the gum the bombs fake it's your finger and do you Emanuel gave them the finger pero. Hillary is the one finger he gave them 'cause I got because you're the guys mentality have a pretty good idea which did it is amazing on his head that we longer than should've and I didn't. Apparently he adds that he's had an issue with the IRS that he was fired as a civilian defense contractor in the nineties. It's been that long gaffe. You also don't jump ball handling it how long was he said they're wondering whether it is because there's there's there's there's they're good they're the people who are Drudge people man may never left you money you know. The good news here but I know personally just your whole non an angry. At least you know there Postal Service is effective because they clearly got us back Hamad death as the book I had that every headlines and advise the. Our current adverse says the FCC bad jokes and once again we will play profile that's yes indeed it is all true we are out here it's cruel. We speech again please do what you do best and for a lead for the sake. It's okay. The men's room has been taken before a live studio audience wardrobe and makeup provided by Manchester limited. That presentation knows the man truly feel that way.