07-12-18 Seg 3 Mens Room Gets The Munchies

Friday, July 13th

Emails, Ted's Meat & Potatoes has some Fast Food News! Plus No S Sherlock and the Shot of the Day!


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This is dumb men's room. Listening to. Our next contestant write play the game known as big Deming taught Jason a lot of guys that's right. Until about a guy swears Auburn hang jumping area dammit but it all right here's a question are you familiar with John Tesh. Not really all man okay lawyer John test does radio shows around the country you gotta check the show at all John says are fact. I'm John Tesh. On trees sometimes exist at the beach. We'll be right back. As I like some balls around I'm John thanks. And I think used to host entertainment. You closed at a chemical and I think puzzle on the music and is he pianist yeah some of or like keyboard it doesn't. Whatever the case and as it goes back through his music and believe it or not as much as we like to poke fun with the guy he's done a lot of very cold yeah stuff including. The theme song. For one major network. Mario and he now that he's he's shows usually syndicate politically did all of you didn't look at what major network and he did the theme song. About. And yes. I've known locally employed now he's also a rookie season. Man. After news like that. As John does rim and palm trees are pan it's. All right it's all here ask your question I'd done to us. Exposure and everything people like fried chicken will be right back and accept Israel's right to the state that are typically don't anticipate estimate. In fact what we should do is listen you show in the Gamal who began to question based on what he's informed by love and down some room out there. Yeah. Multiple choice questions about two million Korean people in the world but all of them used joust. 25350. Or 500 last names. Yeah all clear that. I guess. Thanks Terry Jason. On question number six I mean it's just left a respected advocate for it. If you're Smith and Hank I'm sure you know the joneses the johnsons but all I dare I gotta look at. I believe it or not John Lennon took a five year break from writing music after his son was born in 1970 fire. He was inspired to get back in the game after he heard a song from the B fifty twos the gold goes open man ram. The only it is. America loves died down that column what was the obesity is on. Rock lobster it was drug but I sort of got up he like that would sounded that's a scumbag to a soul. I was playing in that little bit ahead of stagnating. This notion that they've I should Ratigan is the current senate music sucks as a the next as his biggest delay. And it did that instead stay at likely he did dad Damon I back in the game. This is big dummy hit 8449990. Who I think goes after he passed on. Who's our next in Desiree to play the big game that song I I won't minutes child was very hard to understand. Think who are these different pieces of the what you want lady was kinda hot remember that might. But I just think what is this music and then there's this guy who I maintain our luckiest people music in men and look he wrote some good song the stock bad but is voice. You know release he just talks was I guess at least. It was like the bar bill's side mandolin that's just my favorite. Hey man hey hey man Brooklyn man Mandela while. They'll let love stop confused alone but no I didn't get a dollar. No shadow best actors and learn how was he in the bag and I use bigamy for 499 or out of class Aaron. Nylon panel on the fifth order and money is that right Leonard. Daniel welcome to the men's room he is. Not well Daniel hour. Good how about you feel about until it's over Daniel. I'm still pro football latter's today it's all right there can't have it kept getting threatening owner of the meeting great failures. It's amazing grace I don't even when they're smoking a year ago the song plays every time you have sex through your. Can yeah. Closer McLaughlin Angel FF Barney I love you Clapton's tears and now I haven't heard Jesus loves me. Funny got to use your head and Clapton aren't. Yeah it's just it's an onslaught it's so wrong that activities do I mean it's no fun and that is. Were you when you go to your job made him like a work shirt. Did you know these are figures should they range. But I. Branch ranch. What's amazing grace pagers and our. I don't shop pavement I. All right here is your question. There are currently 26 letters and it was out but an early open until the early eighteen hundreds. How many letters were in the English alphabet. Eighteen. What a shot through. The 27 letter just to collect in person. A little I don't know why they got rid of it but we still use the symbol but it wasn't actually in person who threw for. What animal. And live. Which animal sleeps the cleanest humans. Chimpanzee news reliance sleeps the cleanest he's McCleon as the cleanest place to labor. Oh. Are. The choices lie and humans and chimpanzees. It. Those Pickens at times entertainer went to go with decides on this and it's businessman. Before chimp is going to go to sleep. And build himself in new nest every day. Or collective peer answer and I go back to the same spot or whatever lead in most of the night before. None of that is user read fresh whatever relatives. And lays it for steep with all the things chimps did this is an animal that they're apple and very well very little behemoth and testicles often reflect. It's an animal love each other chimpanzees just to prove a point but it. When it comes to go on the band they are exceptional. And it takes a week or two reaching Russians I think they need a lesson there for Oprah. Yeah but he just strong stuff. And then I did it last night but NASA just a clean mushy to venues like once and you kind of forget that fact and this is nice I'm really we call in their beds made. Like downing when a day seed chimps no game is a big dummy for 4999 alone who is our next contest and right to play the big game doubly more people use chimpanzees to bush and Oakley laundered. Hello and welcome to the men's room. Hello look at all. So there are not so. Number generally show. I don't even bring home the song's gonna play. Every time you have sex the rest of your life and is gonna play the entire time you're having sex. But I'd be Sara McLaughlin Angel Barney I love you Eric Clapton's tears in heaven or Jesus loves me. Glance that. Man oh man who. This is just so Rome OK my after the black. Here and our own game. Yeah juniors a large yeah. I end. We got a confirmation. I think it is that Ahmadinejad got obliterated it is that they wired for rural for. Why OK it. I thought I don't know what are the days all right why didn't that take a quick look at what we're. Trying to find a thirty year mortgage hello Lee had his own sincerity it's almost overwhelming. I want the dictator and haven't all right I. Think about why I started making clear yet although we gotta. Have guys aren't. And this is there to question. Since your wife is there. But oracle Persian. Cola person describes a happy feeling. That people get when they see their significant other doing what. Fewer points I'm ahead. He had. Each having such a thing of the first. I don't know left Africa for all of the trees and had a feeling that people get your significant other had sexual somewhat ultimately converge upon whom. As an interest in divorce lawyer who played. Gain since I bet you duke would you name. All right Laura Lawrence again he didn't. Now and in general I've been married for 25 years and lesbian megabits volume you ma'am. All right. He's The Beastie Boys will rigidly hard broadband. With how many members. But. Yeah. They all are from the look I don't believe it or not they. When it first started our core punk band in female drummer. We can put his forties and Minnesota all the names beastie boys and I guess it for a ha I don't know how it came to pass but yes they were put the beastie boys of the FEMA again gave his big dummy for 49990. Look we squeeze in Moammar contessa merit so. Hello welcome to the and other. It is doing so we're not over. It flew right home from work. I commend just made and then Taylor premier Alaska today and I'm privileged to do it we appreciate it men's room pull. I play every time we have thanks for the rest of your life Sarah McLachlan Angel Barney I love you Eric Clapton's tears in heaven lord Jesus loves me. Oligarchs and not only notice also burns well I'll give you an idea. Becoming gay men and there's no way in hell to do that are left in tears and haven't. We've played it out my daughter's funeral. Okay. Everett a good spot. And you reel to real happy to have the real baseball is and why he didn't do well try to do that. There does make me feel like they pleaded. Hello grant I open. At the Saddam an item one a through the way the always are backing alive this year this that is 100% while told I came out of public where. All right I believe and not daylight savings time was actually repeal old in this country for wild. I've been. At the event of war and war. In daylight savings time come back to haunt us. We've gotten ripped out recruitment is a war broke out and inside to bring him back to conservative. Your. What war. Europe well or yes or bloody. There wasn't near it and why you did say okay so it's left America repealed that after World War I of them. Look like we're out of our way out of that if you were on hold until next week we've promised we will put you to look for us in the number two was the tenth. Hi there I go on now. Bay devil headset has anointed me to details as some surprising food Zorn and right here in the United States of America but I sure like coming up and we'll drink it tells. With a shot of the day that is all on the way you are the things the men's or radio network. It's just wanna like get me details as somewhat surprising foods a minute right here in the good old U as a made the first time for a few emails in the men's room mad men's or buy dot com. As we jump right into the birthdays a liquor in order gentlemen today my grandson Eli Jameson started his journey around the sun on this day. At 11:43. AM. Only a little kid face and legend and Allen think oh look out in May be thrilled shouting Eli James. Thanks guys that from Graham Paul pat. Oh look at imaginary. And fertility bacterial and you show you guys are prick in all areas as my best friend Andrews 24 birthday today. Gonna get some turtle wax without bond revenue upon us. Thanks and keep on rock images that from cruise in Tacoma. Yeah I didn't get. A birthday jazz. I truck driver loses your show every day of possible let them know it's from Daniel thanks we let them know it's of and then I'll I do business from Daniel dies then. Aloha bitches. I was always my father in law already had a birthday if you could give massage good upcoming gig ends and turtle wax that would be awesome hollow guys from Kim. Here on your own if you've got a bit. Al's wild me. Guys you're at a birthday shout out for myself since no one else is inventor Tony five give me a big only wrong ticket thanks guys. Yeah. My husband guy out I just got married in June and today is his 25 birthday he wasn't your show all the time and got me listening as well. If you could give the original face and we did some really really dirty German talk that would rock guys that from Jess. Average. Yeah we know both similar to real brings a host of some of the few I'm. Job and after that can come over I mean some home page looks relaxed and when it looked out something this listing. It's also the south. I heard this out of my boyfriend Zach fish sandwich please and the dirty Germans are possible. Dark tonight we go to a basketball used to call son have been watching my Magic Johnson. You can PPP PPP guy then after the after the drama of future. The columns in the bronze and Comair and she gets to be done. Guys employees where's Sarah had a birthday he's 28 she would love a little kids that faced sailors thanks guys that from les. Gentlemen I turned 28 today you would make my day by getting your turtle wax and the dirty Germans talking about landscaping in the sun. Thanks guys loved the show that from fantastic mr. fox. I do not know much about blunt speaking maternal and the spirit of installation I know in my opinions. Believe Ericsson Kumble who who the only. John loved landscaping about the mothers and June and then at the end of the Joba looked to blow it. He could be the Brussels decided. Oh yeah. So guys as my wonderful husbands were taken Scott. Oh. We need to smell it in a crowd god intently at Israel I wouldn't you know and it blew. The Ted Wu in a smelled and Ted Wu got to Ted roof and could go the Ted roof. Didn't smell arm against Gibson got a math. Birthdays out to myself maybe baby girls share our second birthday together today she's too I'm 31 out of the dirty Germans and maybe a baby faced sandwich for her please. I was at the teacher and only three of the month. The 31 here that is good news but to manager who really hard but too big twelve finish another sucker. Now we a dirty it and confuse. The child and an adult size they have reverted to both of you. Guys Nevada I'm up for you guys who has miles of husband Darryl the big. Don't know during German stock rigor and horrors that from the lovely jail. Johnson mentioned comic Thomas of them want to deliver your practice. Guy you'll be shocked to see signs of severe about the philosophical and you know when men do so much. Yeah. Since you. Guys are dinosaurs my father's 52 server on the Sonny would love to request your penis is too small. And a big old bomb ripped thanks guys love the show that from done. Are you put your small penis. We're on the ice all the light boards and obviously 2% to might I don't small penis my make it through the I don't know small buying really hard to find a small thing. Dad passed due to produce shall small pieces. That is my small because. Yeah big goals happy I did it. I'd. We have added I'm OK I had the idea. I came to me give you but today no yeah. Also available through these world fame on men's lives dot com another sign retailers. Need him she might apply. Flew through our guys who called the cops on the mail carrier and the seven a few months back I was out on my route one day around noon of cops on me and asked me if he'd seen a man. With long black hair a blue sweatshirt and blue pants. Seeing is that almost perfectly describe Myanmar uniform I was slightly muses and now I haven't seen anyone else like that. But that's not all later that day in the same neighborhood I saw a man with long black hair a blue sweatshirt and blue pants taking mail out of a box I don't think was is. So I called accounts as well overall having a great when things are reading that from the Mexican mailman. As far as a golf stuff on how to guys how to Ted was talking about John Daly bringing his bus to the masters and Ted was not wrong. However John also brings the bus to every tournament. It's just a thing he does the Alps people who tournaments planned for it and provide power to the bus at some tournaments it's not uncommon for the party at his bus to last past midnight. Dude likes to party and so does everyone who works in the background in golf tournaments. It's not just a party for him and his people it's a party for everyone there all the way down to the tournament interns. Cheers guys that from a Joseph on the Jumbotron guy who doesn't have that generate value voters just like random thing and that's also like staff working it's part of them. What else we got here. As far as a would have when you were saving a guy's my boyfriend eats it when he sleep walks. I discovered it so I overly duct tape my leftover Chinese or Mexican food containers so we could not figure out how to over them and would give up and then go back the bad. That from Allison got him. And this is as far as would have earlier sleeping like Moses stories it's a place during my party days living in New Orleans I. App. And it's app. Aaron there at the time I was working at a huge Gabi Jane likes green. It was unheard of for us to go out to other quarter at night having go straight to work over the shop Agassi's party ways finally got up to me though. One day I decided take a nap after work when I woke up I'd also refreshed. I was like waking up at a Disney movie around my eyes stretched us where the birds were singing. Reach for my phone and had a 45 text messages and seventeen missed calls not a good sign. Number of text wasn't too alarming because my friends were known to group texts often. I started my voice mellow and it was worked I'd slept through my entire shift the next morning I think guys that something like seventeen hours straight. After calling in or to let them know I was alive I enjoy the rest my evening with a quiet night in whose dads that from later America agenda. Who listens to buy you down in new attacks pushing what are we partied every night and Monday this fall asleep facilities and hours and hours and on believe that she was fresh. Coming up we will drill again tells news out of the bed on fire. I think everybody enjoys some ethnic cuisine. British specialties like fish and champs. Candidate number disposal T. Yeah I know what else they are ultimately get there miles the one thing the way it's gone it's did ask. Nor are they face that. Good candidate they told legitimate based that you're good. And scout shepherd's pie on shepherds five that is advertised very good I was good at that as an Irish so that. Yeah I really don't know man I just know UK savvy and I was there well in years ago all these guys trying to get me to try and no thanks I love Shepard spot. And yet. Bonds got a layer mashed potatoes on top man put everything about it I don't know manners or some about the item has been using corn and that that does that help. I think that's an Irish standard TO liberties teasing court. A little appealing to jump to pot pie is the show a lot of guys don't give you much he people like you oral food and Mahay Gorelick and mushy peas fluently. Other than babies and it requested it's just a league of start with who the hell wants mushy peas. Yeah you say so I did it doesn't make sense I. I think I could do I think we have Mike's work on my cancer to this mean by that turned back I blew out of our red and blue wanted to work nights. I am I back. Off on active I guess yeah. I counted the last three weeks. So they're ago I like mushy peas because I like a pop mine celebrate yet applied in agreement with it all right let's see ever thought about foods you wouldn't guess where American. Number one this one vote not Shockey letting those people knows that I am back now but the fortune cookie yeah yeah new doubts to Andrew Sisco. California correct I was three can add Japanese recipe. But basically the guy had a TLC invented it in 1914 and he's. Yeah but it doesn't look very unique flavor to the I think I think is every time I like the idea sweet. You'll think I'm crazy but if you have some leftover rice and soy sauce and crack open. Fortune cookie and he uses a little scoop to give all right look at I think searchers say I will say this. The fortune cookie to me. To qualify as less as food and there's more something that is equitable. Yeah in a premium items if I don't like the kid to Lincoln had the fortune good anyway yes numbers if you only invite yet they're collecting gifts are. This probably will blow your mind that garlic bread is and actually from Italy does not shock me can you guess what state we get a front. I think about garlic bread Jersey. Now it's kind of a hardy seeing you with a big thing at Iowa. Are you getting close their eyes so losing middleware Ohio Michigan we've you know that doesn't make sense to someone writes he's half. What tales that soldiers serving Italy during war two were spoiled overshadowed classic you know you tomatoes and olive oil drew is Obama. They see him they return home they kind of went something and and they had garlic in margarine. They may garlic bread. I'm glad that's what they have and I'm a fan so I'm a big fan always gonna with a tub is in the Delhi would have liked you know garlic bread and butter spread for your bread. Yeah analysis like as Nidal dude I've done it yet that is up is good it's so good that I think I ball one and then threw out. You need to what does this was going on everything it's slow or yeah I mean you're enjoying it because I was enjoying it too much like Turkey sandwich is don't need to be garlic bread toast savages yes they do with the poetic but when they can be bloodbath. Slogan I'm. So loud that that could hurt it's what your favorite Mexican dishes but it's not from Mexico Jimmy John's a series. Com and the polls close Arizona. If you think he its he got to reach out several shafts claim to Jimmy is there's you caught Jimmie did you get Jimmy dot Mohammed he'll go on the vine street. Every American to return to committees 1950 basically the one story is that. The founder of a charter oak I cafe. Fumbled a burrito and it's in front him or else. That's how became and that's the kids were around to see when a person she screamed out to reach out. And he's sitting I swear to god with what is Jamie Chung to me she just did what I want her it's because there's kids stage he dropped the breeder of its. That's how does that mean that I wanted to be theories of how do you feature of the original I would have been without payment. Yeah where the al-Qaeda. In the mother ever. If it's just. German chocolate cake. Now for Germany no nine units from the northeast though. Pennsylvania Massachusetts got caught my eye health. Basically he was hitting a German but his name puppets. That's a big if if that's the big. I'm determined I'm allergic to attract. Right edit basically he made it his last name is German savage your right users of the Boston baking company. A Dallas paper a hundred years later in 1952. Reprints the recipe for it is a huge German chocolate cake and that's it that's it he never called back but the Dallas delivering a dime off a rescue us from what you did invent pizza or whatever the German chocolate cake but it lets you make it specific brag you know rest read unhealthy recipes to make sure that's my little girl like today's day KFC does not give up their recipes now it's locked in a safe meant. That's why we all know Busch's beans are safe now as Duke's debt attract duke a run has got their ground and asked me English muffins. Now from England. New England. New York I'll get annoyed that Mason's tartan what it old school New Hampshire dampen. But I believe that go in the English love stuff like yeah I crispy bread products and more Samuel Bassett Thomas. Thomas English muffin although I originally called toaster trumpets. But to use their confidence yeah yeah grovel every load factors similar I do look at Toms is and was rather go to a new name another englishman from. Yeah yeah whatever the local places they're never that good though they're never as good as that sounds you're no Thomas also for my preference anemic or sounds are great and I allow Microsoft totally wrong. But I'm Anita breakfast sandwich I prefer only English muffin into the end demented person. The Cuban sandwich. Not from Cuba not for Cuba I'll say Miami isn't even Cuban inspired them at least it is it is okay Florida now there's some argument. Over did originate in Tampa or Miami I would say Miami probably go with that series sounding mighty or whatever yeah you get out there that's a but everybody agrees it was basically a cheap lunch offered Cuban immigrants working in Florida cigar factories and lead ET I think if I want to hand that it won't let a lot of good when I kind of bummed out of you went to Cuba they didn't have a good good Cubans and limit what the hell he's talking about one thing I eat all the time when there isn't content there is a ton of up pork though in Cuban food absolutely absolutely but I don't. I don't abiding by AM and then yet what's AM and there's like a piece of Portland they have they double it up. I have buddy equate eaten pork for like a year kind of payments Cuba. And going to fit all the that this is that a choice for. The really you know this run for this one isn't it Jacqui French attempt to steal a coma right now from France it's from California back. But the inventor of the sandwiches French creation of the sandwich happened you know on American soil. Within for repaying Matthew store you're asking us. He opened a deli and sandwich shop in LA back in 18100. I've always heard that one of the things they just made the couple VoIP like Jews and happen to dividend. That's exactly Amendola what is your I think what any stamp any hot sandwich man if you if you can get the eyes you. Opponents are also outlawed group wedding and that is safe to assume anything has French in front of it if we if we even here is not French boy tell French Fries right. And truly bred but French Fries or Belgium the upon freaked. We need it very country that that magnify Mittal about a coming conference for a president of friends all the marbles we do have Belgium waffles the best lawful Z I love them. General south chickened out to suffer shot it's for New York City. General general thousand real guys here in general I don't believe dishes named after a Chinese state man named general south saying dying. And it's. Richie Mel bay fidelity accident and then I think of the closures anyway I. I'm sure if you speak Chinese that was offensive and I apologize but I thought I would probably near Obama say that you said the studio city I was bloggers this from it would have been general sales. And take pictures your house out and don't salad out of got a great jacket sometimes these two these calls with the chicken is great this is the one to kind of blew my mind the most. Russia address they suffer Russia from New Hampshire and I'll pick it up awful. I don't remember the last a little over a Thousand Islands and even cost the prima Vera from New York City off. Delicious OK if it's just thank your heads up there to go. Now they got all your ethnic Albanians are. Dress anybody that Russia and we'll bring it does go to the south today is on the way the return of no as Sherlock is coming up next you are listening to the men's or radio network. DHL you know have enjoyed the men's room. I have say did done a great job with a shot of the day but first our own Steve the thrill hill Colmes at Pitt they've ordered her stories and headlines it's. Or. I'm. Miles this one is used specifically you've been saying the tree. Surprised suspects in arson volunteer firefighters. Hello. Charter knock. On from the do. I literally it's the clock to backtrack. It's the whole thing it was socks and users like setting fires deliberately in general Carolina woods and abandoned buildings and setting and some of them. Yeah resumes abandoned. We continue. And again I don't understand. How these are headlines. I don't understand why people through doing studies on this but the headline reads exercise may aid in weight loss. Well. And I mean arms and is there anyone who has not heard this already. For the entirety of the life. Yes exercise may even when. University of York says no evidence to support link between violent video games and violent behavior. Yeah. Doctor. Every time they do this study which is more than it should be that you breaching same conclusion what more do they believe themselves. The Disney. All right I hop made its name changed who I hub to promoted to birders. Shocking and sudden you'll think they used to for re on now and I always joke. Think if you don't really need to explain that my heart is pretty much said that themselves. We jaded do I have prior new murders drier Neuberger he's the kind of Bergen we have which integrate our house or no hitting. Him. Pediatric academy now says medical marijuana many helps them ill kids. Monkey's uncle. Sherlock and strokes yeah it's working for the old people. And for a lot of people. Now again the headline it's a shame that headline exists but we can understand why it probably popped. And no steak knives and toasters gee you look there's you're kidding I cannot believe that notion. Cheryl and Brad stock down and we all understand that was when one person to get a little too. It was discovered that treating people like people is better for people. Yeah the fact that. And misleading marketing fuel bottled water consumption and and show I'm gonna fill in a headline for an misleading marketing fuel pretty much everything we've got. Critical investments while ago so they hire marketing team and every go year old baby appears in immigration court cries hysterically. Hello I charter knock. Landmark study landmark. Study reveals that a couple coffee reduces sleepiness and morning I went. I'm a landmark. If you I have a vegetarian. That is to be ready. Men's room knows just. Shots than. Go ahead considering this can't seem to throw vilified on nortel's do you have and today we brought up yesterday but today were actually going to officially toast. 46 year old Jonathan Crenshaw of Miami Florida. Now we're not entirely sure what happened this past Tuesday but to hear from Jonathan and he was sucker punched by a tourist from Chicago before then getting kicked in the head. It's of that and around midnight he's a homeless dude sleeping on the sidewalk that's when he says that. Now to be fair the tourist says that is not the case but either way. The tourists into the getting stabbed by Jonathan. Always the standard notable is that Jonathan has no arms so what happened was after getting punched and kicked in the head. Dude read Paris's are out of his waist band with his feet stabbed the dude in the armed twice and then put the scissors back. In his ways bring all the free desperation as the Tora survived Jonathan over was arrested. But long arm of the law as he was. Armed and dangerous. Up armed and dangerous aren't that long arm of the law blog her comments I think you'll army was armed and dangerous. Do you have the scissors that went impatience. Impairs his hasn't always been and you take your foot you snatch pieces of them stab a man twice in the armor put them back like lightning fast why do you scissors on him. I think those are holes kind of one of the fenders and those aren't they aren't. He who's got no harm to our bodies all Ramsey. Look at it from all those things are bad enough bribe people want to slip out but any yeah no arms right you'd think things would escalate. Everyone's going to pick on you that's what my guesses as impressive though man you take that African thing right out of your fans live chat until I put it back. Get it done that we for the supposedly drink this booze because we think of yelling yeah so all of the tongue and down the world to party in. Aren't Tommy's down now all garbage out wow. Tickets as an online profile doesn't take color 9844999. Alone. Shenanigans continues on the men's room. Radio network.