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Wednesday, July 11th

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This is dumb men's room. Listening to. It's others are saying about the color 9844999. Political profile this and that. And we got your headlines all the way one hour from now first we check in my cock for some of the stories and headlines he is not working on. All right Amanda and Washington broke into an escaped room business on Saturday night. But could not figure out how to get out. And that's okay Don valley. Help and the police came and arrested is awesome fan as we need to improve in that as. I'm just I'm used coupons and I've been tenth. While they're called the Steve brooms and it's not like their remains are not hard to get our breath. They cry maybe this was different. Amount Arabs started to come and have a few minutes open all excellent. But yeah I read through all of this trying to get a sense of what went wrong and really like put those weapons regardless of what you think they don't design and to be adapt or fire threat there aren't. It's actually easy to get out though but typically it's please briefly gained Luke he still under don't beat dean big you've got to play itself out this guy could not doing good job piecing this together. I'm in Oklahoma with a missing leg god broke into an apartment complex office earlier this week that escaped. In a car that was missing attack in this. I love right now he's still on the loose yeah there's a drum track him down you say he blends them. Got started through this story really because of what women drivers here through our cars one leg. Like to make it you know back act transportation's not as strong suit now and when I hate when he got a little. Yeah see that seemed like that gavel it through. It PGA golfer named Stephen. Oh pitch finishes and good orange dot on Twitter this week and asked if any local kids wanted to caddie for him at a tournament in Illinois this weekend. And a sixteen year old fan named alliance. Frank. Medicine name alive the last on the job. Yeah yeah I year old kid getting ready for. He doesn't you know the golf course those areas I think he's played in a few tournaments Eric caddie their before himself open than that takes a bit Adrian can depends on how again. A lot and I got great under the like anything else to veto that's meant. The only guy important. I have ever played the cat. You are good I guess there are terrible because they are didn't move that evidence that ever think maybe they'll they're very good the other day they've they've they very much. So has he taken might of risk to send to local caters to limited thing import if they do help that much needed to I think when you're on that level. I think they help I think if you're not on that level they helped you more. OK guys I don't care I think if you're a bigger handicap. The caddie can really give you some good pointers and make you a smarter player. Even if I'm reading a punt or something like Garrett the even have got to get out there manager pro your pro for reasons that that's true self. A new study ranked as the hard right I think we did you Symbian might use the nine iron in the pro golfers and I told fugitive and a wedge pro life and her father get off the court order. Kids. A new study rank the biggest cities in the country from the best places to drive to the worst based on things like gas prices commute times and how I harsh the driving laws are. Soul LA LA at all you learn fairly New York they got us. Probably am not working on. A car company is selling a weird new type of blessed with fluid in the rim is back and supposedly cure motion sickness. Good but you lose your sight blurry all the time or can you Heathrow. And let's say I guess if you can't see where you are about my health it says in the rim is not the land is also lol I don't get down to about. Maybe. I'm curious there the opposite of fashionable though you can pre term for a 150 dollars. He had a pair of those in the only one lands in giving them one leg gavel through tons. You're assuming the deal has elements of the funny thing is gonna finish off with look at how they're very complete the look they had and I passed with I had. The news in the story today in my Megan's it dude in that they're dug about one legged guy and three will target where America. There's a guy in Miami I believe was decides he's gonna for the fight losing and took the fight worth. A mammoth bill I don't know GOLF. Magazine that my. All you know what I I I think Robin told me about this today the governor alarms that some of what I'll. Put a knife if you are 944 or somebody put a good developments that ham do took him out. You can say that nobody like you would think. You'd win the fight against almost seemed like guys. Easy win now is is that right is that a good thing on the harmless guy or really bad thing on the got to try to fight I think it's well. Down at them for people like mommy and much of the got an arm pretty donut thing you know he's on the ground believe. I hear the key things you need to do to be an active part of your community according to a new survey now okay it's alright it's. Be friendly with your neighbors now support local businesses don't do that don't 'cause trouble roommate and volunteer office. And did it today. Guys tonight and we'll again be a good person that's basically what they're so don't be enable writes. Seeing do you think most people can be trusted this headline says. Now to what. Napster and read them the magnitude of what momentum and that's where there are hoarding it it's all circumstantial. According to a new study the majority of people actually say yes. Like I know guys get the drugs but I wouldn't have babies it. Nephew and I trust him to do you want to have a good. Do you trust him it'd sit and drive your cars your drunk beer designated driver short. Laid off. Pistols a city you know let it does and how much did an interview today please do and thrown out historic allies that are you looking for my can live this is a good designated driver yeah man because. I'm always a designated driver sometimes I'll. Wanna get plastered. Yeah I didn't want to aren't yet if you know what you you burned. If it did everyone to go to jail that night they'll never as good as they go but I doubt my. We go to his favorite team get plastered. I organizer Internet equity lockdown in margaritas but I think the unclear how many is the more he's expected to spend on an engagement ring according to a new study. You're job on them for no as I mean if if the I know we're here and it is with the oh my god the study also found that the more attractive a man found his girlfriend the Mori is willing to spend on the rink and I heard the name category wow. Yeah well they come when next. That's rule boy oh man I remember this the FBI back good man that I'm ugly. This can be expenses. Don't Ramona automobiles right behind me there's finality and I look you know it's bad if we do you walk into the jewelry shop let all the does show you something in this election. Yeah I would to Tiffany's want to know what it is about my looks and then the lady lyrics that are able when you come back and engagement ring let me know how. And I have always gonna be back he's got about work related thing ugly game and amazed at the. The FBI agent who accidentally shot a man we'll doing a back flip has been cleared to carry again again Ariel and I drove there and just. All is no more back flip it's been a week it's been a week he's good. That's not my holes for a target in my hands and go back flip with a little over Gaza and plumbers used an FBI agent he probably got reprimanded nine lay's own urges. To do that crap again. I don't know why and hey man I'll do all right. Done I think what you get reprimanded for a short of the go far intoxicated with a firearm prelude to a back and is evidently shot if you'd like it yeah required to keep it but man a little bit more to carve. You don't get to go to low budget plastered. You know he's the only guy you've ever read say that suit right that is like any of the I yeah yeah. And they didn't say hey man what did you come back but still believes emotional. Opinion not due back live. When I draw your in his desk right front put a lot of death they could gun or a little while and then you know. A seventy year old man of Florida's facing aggravated assault charges after trying to kill his neighbor by chasing after him and a slow moving tractor. If it's a breath of I think Kelly ever stop Walton. Yeah they have. It and they had the big user get up in Florida people truly do believe though if you are not a vehicle those cars you drive anything else you can drive anywhere and you're drunk does matter but let's go to our own enforced and toddlers they gave up his day everything what outlook if you're on the via scooters and I have a body his dad. Lives in a fancy community of Florida he got to do we. Well a boat boating while biking Montauk home Harare yeah beauty hitting NASDAQ albeit screws you having here Tricia you get an Arizona today. Hello all of them rode. You might knock headlines are on the way one hour from now urged the get into the true precepts. Yes it prohibitively several wanna profile this is played. I short ten miles but real quick one of the comments is we're gonna find that one legged dude with the three wheeled cars. Probably and I. It's as simple game more reserves and as with the. I I came aides feared Kagan at burger. It's simple game are we care if you will add new stories something that happened right here I'm planet earth or. And as you listen to the story based on the stereotype you believed to be drew people and the decisions that people made. Well as you wouldn't you think makes a story a story. Hello Christina welcome to the men's room. Contact hang behind I'll I'll hot Latina or not Christina I grew steely understand madness here games played. She's in fantastic here to story might call can be used briefly led to a local business owners. They received an early morning call from law enforcement after a burglar broke into roller skate room and then couldn't find his way out of the ironically called. Aids gay room. Deputy who Clark when he served solves insults may damage escape room he could escape so eventually he panicked. And called the police. For help. They say he did the most damage to the bag exit of these gamer and he couldn't open it but finally he went by the time the cops got there he'd gotten so outside. When he was in fact arrested his bail set at 40000 dollars they say he ran into trouble when he broke the back door and and then went into a pain and couldn't get out when he came goes away hit rocks apparently have been broke but not all of the backdoor to my nieces trapped in the room. That's what we call the cops legacy of the showed up we made an outside. But he was arrested. You believe that this man. Broken to the state room of the medical cops because he couldn't escape was black and white makes the orange. And. Yeah yeah. Thank you thank my. Act. My wife there don't you think why do you think pictures that ha. Ian there's only one kind of personnel breaking an escape from and that's why end. But he didn't know since April 9 and I did other things he didn't but look I don't know because the escape route is part of the strip mall. So I'm glad to be some comes up and I don't know how we got in the remember wanna hear that we will are based and affected you call the cops your wife right. And he busted into place and doing his research thing I liked. Pursuing things. Are you lose your toys on this once. I'm gonna happen. And who we. Even when you know this is for nothing right what I mean there's a big rise absolutely nothing we oh I mean surely you don't lose nothing. What do you think in her final answer. Panel at the end when he ebitda paint Ariel winning against it was your final answer that. And right why I the cougars did a really. I'm now they view as both are quite Mexican or Asian nags. With the team you are listening to the men's or radio network. How father faces to Vancouver Washington and Amanda breaks into a strip mall unfortunately. The establishment that he broke into. I was and in fact one of those escape route to simply missed the part about the state yeah and he really could not get out of this room so he had to call my mom on them he was arrested that lets say due to two quick things parents are read some of the quotes from the owners and obviously they feel violated in the rest of the and I understand that and they should and they should be angry I want also say you guys on one of the best advertising campaign for review as far as your state to lose. Just think about well there's a lot of newspaper but yours truly is an escape through the amount. I'll hookers you know we asked you if you believe that the person who got themselves. Trapped in the SK Abrams black white makes your agent. And essentially asked everyone here what they thought they said white of actually you agreed to go white suit. I'm so sorry that we don't have anything that you won today by. Our. It's just had drive I don't love the give you a new car like it oversee look at Disney cruise delivers an interim shows known for their prize yeah man than sorry all right now abroad TV news all the time and its average TV drama today. Yeah sure. Engine countless hours in front of a talking. Presents. Often times I have talked about it a big debate he goes on in the basketball world are any sport right. Who's number operators for us so now imagine your famous enough that your friends of all these people look at so you'd probably be a little. I don't know timid to say he thinks the best of all time well sure. So I Jimmy Kimmel was talking a Denzel Washington Denzel Washington also a great actor a very famous person any great supporter of the Fisher and correct them. The Denzel is on the with Kimmel and came last in the question and Denzel kind of danced around it is the greatest basketball player of all time in your opinion. Wohl. Oh man that's hard the greatest the greatest look at what. Basketball a. We'll. I was at the I was at the Chicago Bulls game with Spike Lee Michael Jordan made it famous. And we went out to dinner that night afterwards. And keystone species. With security net asset backed Michael Jordan's thank you went out to do with I went out there that day after that game and because the next game there will come to LA to play. And I was trying to get them drunk trying to get him yeah. That's a lakers hadn't had anything to them at work on it it did no work did you buy him shots and integrated. He each. Acted like he would put it to his lip and didn't put it back all very interesting so maybe he's the greatest of all time. He was that nice thing. How he announced he clearly doesn't answer week and a half inches and a tough question. It is in for most people. Even sports reporters that you know these people which I like buddies with them directly Denzel Washington's on that level or I got. You know like auto you can watch the full interview with him the man from FaceBook page because he got a touches on that earlier but they ask him about LeBron and he's like. I got met him but he writes I don't know him and I don't write them they got the Jordan he was slate. Yeah I know. I got hung out of them and I'm like it was an event new famous place he is running an affair. Out of waited Bellamy Michael Jordan. Yeah and the thing is too late. The Bryan people get it now how famous he is but you know there's a whole generates or Jorge as this Nina is brilliant but I mean he made tennis roots guidelines are terribly forum I mean when those kids like Jordan was the he was the biggest athlete come on here earlier right. I mean it. He and Barkley basically. Kind of I don't know. They they put Tiger Woods and some interesting situations they think can have bad ties Timmons the world of failure are rich pro athlete now round alive but we can take you baggage he messed up. I mean Michael Jordan's on that level I would say of almost like. But I Pelé or let you know and unite people around the world know who Michael Jordan all you have to do say Jordan. You know I mean yes you think of him before you think of a god damn country that's named Jordan. And I think we have from Jordan to one of his kids not god dammit I'm from the country whenever I meet somebody around thirty years of age in their name is Jordan Mike I know your parents are fan. Granite yeah all right we do greatly tremendously bad your pets had some of the holes. They had to be out of my momma why cash from paying fifty if it Saturday to demand note Kevin Kevin was unlike hip. Cast the pivotal weird like I wouldn't even name is Jordan said. I could see I don't hold Renaissance. Because he was on VH one I know that it adds yeah. But his memorable crazy stuff and his wife and I tell you VH one has some interest seeing a reality shows aren't but sometimes you seem like Scottie Pippen right you'll see they TMZ interview and commuters say. Why any of its its opposite in every room has old sports fans like a breath because like his wife's on the VH one show aren't there yet. It's an immediate region stays active. That it is outrageous comedy you know what am I going to say that got lucky that bugs you then he's. You definitely need and with the housing Ricky yeah put out at a music people like you can grow up. I had to wrap my primary families are ready brother that puts out an ornament works on being done on the board guy is he's equal group gathered plays. I'll calico. Mayhem then. Every time you see me so mad that okay raging in all fairness of it all went there I was saying guess what race day with the town that match. There really was the rage these sexting. Oh yeah you're a woman in your interest in AJ or amendment area and he was mostly him but they didn't sell it that way I don't know doing OK okay. Ask you got let go out way out. So you're like I'll assume the gold grade is tested and it made me mad they give card that you think they felt a sudden I guarantee they would have this important and Terrence events and the thing. I am very different opinions about which one of those I'd prefer to watch it who named it accurate so you city Rick rages against the rules does sell out well. But Kim gardez in sese maybe does so well it just doesn't appeal to me why I think from a selfish point of if you okay. Let's be honest for two seconds because all of Kim Kardashian there was lay there and act looked like she was cute I'd rather watch that. Then zero days that's the idea would you say he wasn't really easy. I've got absolutely about another rather one of those are Reggie Bush POV. He did you know put integrated effort I agree I don't want what three days that's cool they should just label it more clearly that's all through. One thing that is labeled properly the state of Florida. Yeah regular I think Florida you expect understood to this guy's name is Richard golden. All right he is he basically a man breaks it came to his home with they got. He's gonna defend himself and then he went Florida man Ottoman and her back I don't know the beast. A beast you know. He hit me in new arrival and them blame on this haven't you come over this right Don Stratton Wendy's variety I may not merrier. I grabbed a lot of young and thought to clip. The killer had training and those are trying to and that night there's still one has chamber. They win golf no well what ended. Nolan shot and now just the military translator are due out in his thought those brain. House that I'm in doubt in his job until the top guy here. You're holding him like that oh yeah and beating his own got to get don't go away from them being that it. Wow don't break into Baghdad that is when he starts to be sued now in his Arab land and says the peace until I guess now you start to call himself the beast I think you probably a switch was flipped from a previous life and the guys yeah. Slip again and in in his Alter ego he is known. As the beast we knew what I do think about that way that's a good cause yeah when did you go to move on man you go out yeah he that's true beast mode. Yeah did you guys get high and dry off the cliff. And then put it away from news of its around fires off and then taking MB of women as your doubts and as a guarantee of it instilled the confidence that. That I like he did it until the police showed. Why our man. Gotta like that again as is matter of I think that guys just not screaming as ms. you know and off the entire time I'm normally a little minds. It is the Bulldog on now god it. There's no single weird Elvis finished fifth I'm. It's just. And I've got a break and homes in Florida and let that be a lesson to all I. I think overall as you say don't bring in the host OK yeah that is stronger and are now every time a lot of thought the kid is especially important though. Do the ring and out and Florida about all the right note right you're right irrational right now mister hill what about Georgia I'm tired. I'm normal alert. Do you near part of the scratches brain Arab ruler return walks by America where he can I have some bad scary news OK everybody brace yourself. Is it scarier is that bad bouts that really demands that you look at them well George Clooney was it a scooter accident alone yes. Apparently was pretty bad I didn't I would I would somewhere where I saw the video but I don't know if he was wearing a helmet but basically laws does attract the other cars when you. I don't know kids all he thinks you're getting he'll move into the air Tony yes and I think of gold is on now Sardinia. Which is our island made up of small fish and I think. I Spellman is Hulu miniseries and adaptation all now well written Pennsylvania and badcaps according to what I mean is as a screw perceived how real this is an act I Canada's. Pulled into the intersection like one student misses are real quick and include Regis can't heels just rams. He'll I had one of those scooters that looks like a big gold wings. Feel like the really big scooters a bigger all EA about what Iran he was ride like a real real scooters and he George Clooney is on it you know on a broad traveling pretty quickly go 556 whatever the club owners I don't know asserting it does but I noticed Golan at speed on roads lemons and our donors and they hit him and he just basically just try. Shot through the air hit so how bad was he hit there car. According to DMZ he hit their car. When his head hit their windshield cracked the wind. Yeah it's only three to the air I'd also smashed his helmet and then he landed and apparently. They took him to the hospital they give him a cat scan Clooney goes well I scrapes and bruises the president. Yeah coding. And in making making a lot of and you can make fun of him for his role as bad man is still bad and I'm gonna have moved and they go to it affect the Republican commissioners of classic novels in my chest. Was even the bowl one was in the Alabama I think you as well I think if you hammer killer I think he was nipple bad it was a cold said. The deal is off limits on my from the movie suffered cannot unseat the levels when what I do that and see and see what we are talking about this demand. Trust me you mean the strike went mad men's doubles and then back expression cordial even have medals but I'm certainly do they added that. The thing why would you add the polls to be outside some. Some people got overly excited they're Clinton was back in ER. I'm giving this. I was on our allies. Yeah day to day the all right. The decision aptitude that does the little guy that could hurt back up out of that I just got a very alienating his. We have to guard is up in the air. One thing is that Iran scooters known facts of life. They'll be I was wrong cardiac had to go wow thank you for didn't laugh I my goal. Here's like two or three that's all you need brother is it. And every time you read a corny story you gotta burn after reading. An awful. Lot of jokes Luciano. We Abu. It's. I finally get home in her dad's friends who like right I made a joke and it hurt. The man's head didn't just not know he flew through the early twenties Clooney and nothing. I mean. A lot out of say that is sued George Clooney right he's it's amazing look in May and this and that and then. Because this crazy accident in both these walks away oh miles as a woman with eyes and easy to take them back right now what's that mean you have the death link saying oh yeah I don't believe. Tony but visited Israel and put into use saying I need to tell my grandma statement clone will never live. Let you guys got about I think I exactly. It usually some of these are including given to be riding a scooter in the one place is known and around the world was as Italy's accessories why he would orders Colombian DiCaprio would not shock you Johnny Depp and not accurate they say oh man you have and we can Allred Ted got hit on students in certain deviant. That I would have her residence are Dini and hospital. I'm pretty happy scanning the I'm pretty sure Clooney seems to have ignited a homo Mike Lake Como or something in Italy. Of famous thing is over these crazy stories up who go to his house and you gotta go outside jump in the lake. Okay yes but are cool what it doesn't say it's full Leach's. Eight is give yelled the man who does he get out there and have fun. You know in the last week we had a lot of holiday stuff so obviously that is the most watched shows for a lot of the fireworks stuff frank. But amazingly. And CIS a repeat still comes in seventh and it's sixty minutes a repeat was an awards show last week and. I am man at a solid sixty members brings the excitement. It is very provocative Philbin Angela food that one's bad guy and Andrew never believed to have been days and is this explains a lot of people just watch things when they want to have really does. Well I can't believe people are watching things on demand I can't. A lot of new shows to their sixty minutes without a front line a lot too but like I don't go back and be like I'll man. That was a lot of information when we re watch that one dollar agency itself fired up but what really great food. Most I would say most documentaries themselves are tough to read Russian written. Re watch PBS always is like. If you'll likely transcript or footage essentially non does Mike why don't people just take it he really didn't even like gonna fit you like I could just tape this. The man who actually wants to pursue stupid it's. Jeopardy had a good category about basic that is their names of band members and see if people can get debate. Slim Harry Louis. Nile one direction Lauren what it's one direction that's the engine boys for 800 Robby Krieger ravens Eric Darnell and doors Jim Morrison. Rate for the dorks yes twelfth the late Chester Bennington. My guess showed our guest Brad Johnson. Florence what is Linkin Park could 16100 James Hatfield Lars Allentown and briefly. Dave must tame wolf. Warren what his Metallica right now the last clue Ronnie that new chief Brandon Flowers. When it was the killers. That's at odds bet I know Brandon Flowers OK I do for some reason they gave beloved mustang now that I won't cool man yeah I usually contain Uighur that. Alex back into the what did you take the cold. My guess we see is it's important public they committed against you but at that. He'll be probably the conference nine years to double its. Thank you did. My doctor at your headlines go to beer and just a few minutes you are listening to the men's or radio network it's truly tired Swiss miles. Let's see what's happening in the real world I know don't. Man calls 9113 times to tell them he has drugs and needs God's forgiven Iraq. Enjoy a woman named candy beats up three police officers as the law obviously she did not revised. On the New Jersey where man put his more than 300. 3500. Turtles and sells them as ads. A man has a heart attack while laying side but he wouldn't go to the hospital until the grand sense. And monetize re enjoying helium balloon guess what happens next is after headline. It's time day to day. Guess it's my car. And go to Dallas where a man chose the wrong card I Jack. He chose this target at a gas stays in the area and he jumped inside the cars started to drive away the owner of the car then jumped inside the car and has command to stop. He refused and continue to drive away with a woman's toddlers in the backseat. That's when the woman pulled a gun at the glove compartment of the car and shot the man and ahead. That's around Gaza and I did a car crashed into pulled the man was taken to hospital. Maybe survive yesterday I am home. Don't guard Jenkins and his double check that I'm pretty sure he did Florida or just in general. Dallas all the contacts I had I broke our back and maybe not the other thing he'll hold the religions. No invasions Florida had to come up carjacking Thanksgiving story maybe quiz of the into the week says he was taken to a hospital with a unknown injuries. Add I'm guessing an injury to his head on jet and is it yeah. No weapon to be get shot and had gone with her. I'll walk through that and sometimes just when you. Yeah the million yards in Dallas that. Are on the world we go to the UK we dug about her during the shot of the day where a woman surprised that not go according to plan. She was planning on giving her cousin a ruby ring as a birthday present and decided to deliver it inside the balloon. After getting the ring inside the blue she turnaround to find something the way the balloon down. In that time the balloon drifted through the house out an open door and floated away. She is currently looking for the oh rating did she see the balloon in the air or did she just kind of assume that it is floated away. You are a 100%. Well I mean it's feeling below my ignorance under ceilings or it did rain wind can blow and it's going to be a tree simplest of things look there was no breezy and that was the thing it just goes to his way that allows going up to the moon. Against my guess is she's a look a little bit harder inside of her house because that's just. We're talking about that the magic bullet effect of this balloon man it's as good of the one in a million shot I cannot hope to one's gonna make me laugh. Africa and all of these horrible person but it's funny if it actually floated away the bridges water like the root there and hopefully our home. In other news pertaining to today's question Amanda Florida was given three count them three opportunities not to make a stupid mistake but he did anyway. He called 911 not once not twice but three times because he needed a ride home. He column 911 because he needed a ride out this. Dispatchers give telling the medical the non emergency line to get some an album out but he persisted in calling 911. An officer arrived on the scene and found him still on the phone cursing at dispatchers. He was arrested for misuse of the 91 system and during the pads down he was found with six grams of marijuana and nine pills could now. Each give dummy. Prior to dominate and I can't believe the dispatching instead called a non emergency leverage he's still argue. Exactly. That you have been drugs on him. Thoughtful. He did get Iraq not to his home but he did derived from the please correct if they can write down the jail. Drudge Jim I would hope you do bad you're really derived from the cops I got drugs I was trying to figure out where he was to where he needed right from the cost against the get back home you don't really know where he was. Yeah I gonna ask those pills in the hour Aaron around help me man fronts tonight on the front steps of his drug dealers house. I'm not gonna and sadder is that damage and to a raid. A man in Pennsylvania had been busted for selling illegal paths. The men all got poaching and selling more than 3500. Diamond back terrapins and their eggs from the march is a New Jersey he does sell him in the Pennsylvania area stealing the turtles of their lives natural environment exactly taking the heads putting them under under he glances Dublin got half. Hatching the eggs. And then going and selling dirt and yes it's got a terrible person that message tells C should work the dressing for a mean guy today and you buy them within. Fairly their prize in the red top pet trade for their unique diamond shaped shell markings in are protected and our New Jersey law percent to one of the ceremony. Yes but I mean it is I think diamond Sheldon Mike's famous for Mario Brothers. Say again this is diamond shaped lake never Mario Brothers let other guys who shells and the co host yeah. Ms. Cooper said I think I apologize if it Cooper isn't Koufos pump which opens up. Cooper drew was the better my that knowledge as the occupying a space in the brain trust that this could. Don't you wish to do what usually she quickly add don't do is not a delete some limits well I'll let him go managed I don't know I don't have welcomed what provides that. Anybody know king who was there was no. Shock browser. Wow dude there's another city all head because you can't fight isn't it another small gigabyte decision when he. He's old gig did you ever issued Friday I think and his hero high. This Friday that they had to get rid. I'm Garnett nor any waste Obama's aluminum was gone into the subject of a podium president buzz that's what I wanna forget. She was traveling with a known drug trafficker that was pulled over on a on a tip to police the man was known to travel with women and use them as transport for his drugs. Police searched the woman and uncovered here you know a bad view from her vagina. They contain three separate bag used. Smell it oh. All. Of cocaine and methamphetamine yup Ecstasy cocaine marijuana O and synthetic cannot annoys you about it. What counts is a synthetic Canon nine. I don't know but it doesn't leave anything good does it make you feel that the drugs that you may or may not have taken have at some point in their lives been inside of a woman's vagina. Depends on what does that make it more expensive what I saw our offense back now there. I haven't done that yeah Bruce read our friend and I can Wear a Fanny pack now. Good as a man and I'll tell the pleasant traffic jams like oh nevermind that a lot Telus thread supreme headlines that might not give out you. Expand the return of big dummy heads of his Baghdad's meat and potatoes no way Sherlock. And we will drink it tells with a shot of the day isn't needed to. All true but in the meantime we did this all about that match though until next time please do what you do best. And thoroughly for the sake it's. And beautiful.