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Thursday, July 12th

Emails, Who Sucks Less, The Word and the Shot of the Day!


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This is dumb men's room. I think could call the police and why the reason for our question today. They like graduate student at Yale called the police and a black student who fell asleep in the common area of a dorm be woman. Confronted the other woman after she fell asleep on the couch in the school's hall of graduate studies I have every right to call the police you cannot sleep in that room. She has heard saying to act when police arrived at the scene. They told Bonnie boom. And the woman millions. Listen I in transcribe this as best as possible she called us and said there's somebody who appeared they were in its. Where they were supposed to be. The cubs who asked to see the woman's ID proceeded to question her for more than fifteen minutes before they confirmed. She was in fact a student at Yale. The team fit team and find that they say the process was prolonged because her name was misspelled any school database of student information. And I understand that that's probably most of the reason I'm not trying to say her name because I know there are trying to pronounce. Mom and I don't see what unarmed man in her name is this the first day schooled him you're the teacher your call and not roll. Lol ladies Scion bola. She's gonna raise Hank is not the bulletin Anderson and lo laid Scion Bullock. You can you mention. Lo laid it cyan bola please raise your hand they're gonna let you got an animal related error el all LAD easily tell you love your loan limit look a little logs Gilani and a lot of you think I don't know seized from deep set and then soc sorry and as I why oh yeah did before your color that's on the good I understand that you've done years old around failure name every time every time. I anyway she says. I ever every right to called the police you cannot say that room I really don't know if there's a justification for you actually being even in the building. I deserved to be here I'd pay tuition like everybody else I'm not gonna going to have to justify my existence here. She said back to the woman. More than 350000. People got to watch that video on FaceBook was good luck expressing their support while others condemning her. Or just remaining that come our question who called the police and why 844999. Although we continue for keeping a level head this is the new America it's time to get irrational and save ridiculous crap man. Don't stay in their recall right the Bubba dynamic. Hello John welcome to the men's room. Oh ma ma. So guys are you on. Credit based. Okay it's our caller can't do that called twice on the same lady. In the same night. So Mike's big bend it like. 1 of the morning that sort of work you know and a is banging on my door like. I didn't really smack on the door that I'd been out politically burned out my apartment. And in this. This chick. She's Janet national debate be Asian guy note issued on squarely at T shirt sweatpants. As you like you gotta you gotta help me and I'm like what are you talking in my country out of date what oh. And should here hold this she can't give baby at age wanna back up upstairs. Toward her apartment and. And so motivated. As a general rule man on if you frantically hand me a baby and run away I do I refuse to believe anything good and that when news and a baby is a baby is baby and I like if it's a baby that you're talking about your play let a little tiny little space kid right exactly. That's quite good if not it like a Weiner. Our value at all and me is major R&B it is clear hold and other for a baby yeah they are babies baby no good child good kid what are your kid that it is a baby man right today okay since he hinted the babies and then what do you do to with a bit. What do you what does one do with a baby you just look. Older than it was OK at least dugout I got to go to do that there's all right hey I yell out hey. She can't. Chair back down the stairs. I guess second later and she's putting on socks as well parachute. And she grabbed the baby and she says. I gotta go I stabbed him and like. I could. Would have happened. And so. I go upstairs you know like idol check this out. If she will Gordon relieved at this point that she split. She takes up the issue colts you've got to babies he got issued on you go out. And she's a slight bit being delivered that they'd been there for like. Are like two or three months and they. They spot a lot of data already at the cops column by the person that lived downstairs ma'am I would like downstairs and over or. Object and would do would so when you went up there was a guy stabbed it's really stab him. Also I don't look at that door to door was wide open and I looked at the door and might burn pictures dyke tossed over Ehrlich shares are tipped over and scheduled upside down and out of yelled envelope. And I here's a guy faintly in the back. Yeah yeah. Are. You okay. You doctor. But there have been a factor in her article the cops and the open you got probably got stabbed so they go. And issue or not she stabbed him they just below hospital. And. Why do you think you know and that none. And I. Yeah. There isn't much you don't like you lead now he's in love them as. Yeah until I got on them and it happened I don't happen. The digital music concert like this and she's probably like I don't somewhere like around the Buena Park by the bush or some good Mike. When we leave she might come back to politician that. Aren't cool so. They're now like this will probably go on and it's like. You don't almost four in the mornings and I go. This is a long night for rallying again as the work yeah. It's our growth and an agreement to open a baby man you know nobody. We are of Ramallah and there's that you know how it works great. Oh actually. Like 5:30 in the morning. I didn't banging on my door it. And I know it is slated to open the door extra wide. Body taking our chief and it certainly. Always dressed you know jeans Coke airtime makeup played only done. Maybe about draft. Sleeping in a stroller like you don't put together what she's about to the mall. And she's like take a major phone. I would tell. Ever she goes keep it cheap plug an important issue can't kill all the all the courts ripped out of it. And I got it back like all energy that keep me and she took off again it is. So I had to go out. It's so late to the ever captured you know I guess you probably don't motive. No I mean yes she. Should continue to live their fur like and other. Like six or eight months. Yeah. And they just they just did come guy called one time and and I looked out the blinds like goat where the date the parking lot. And as you undertake a public position buying cars with gun drawn. This is after the start out this is after the stabbing. Yeah it's apparent she got all on that are gonna run out of jail also that he was the aggressor to the point where she was. Able to go free and others another incident. She. This dude up on the regular like Bill Keller the battered Utley got beat up all the. So why don't they why all the oil in position in the army that that could require them why did she get out and he is locked up for what I. I have no idea how big it got locked up either. Yeah Saddam either when I got a good magazine you lived together. Maybe it'll it together. Are booked fire extinguisher or the other old stuff like all over the stairwell one time because used to it should be done. The door their door where a fire extinguisher can you doctor out how exactly does this woman. Not there OK. You can shoot I'll birdie from Brooklyn (%expletive) like Eddie Brooklyn accent not here. Sounds about right all right how much longer did you decided it was do you wanna deliver there. I'm actually moved both work they did at moving out. I maybe apartment complex movie Ali you have got to you know you've got to figure out. Although I still could play. As a good playwright that is meant for the leg related field and got the good news is they're very lenient and it's like look man you can that gave kicked out of the boy I don't know what you have to do but. You can start ever manage your apartment I you can have the car show regularly you can have the option open to a position to dunk grumble that they'll keep it. Does pay rent eyes and imagine waking up out of a densely gone that I have to work the next day I opened the door it's once banging on the door the next thing and I'll get a baby in my arms I know man at this rate just let me get up and opened the door already your account and if you're like what is going out of also weird adrenaline. Pitchers cynical about what someone's knocking on the go or surety kinda agitated right. Legal and open the door it's not going to be the site of its own showing up of the publisher's clearinghouse chipped. Not an army and its form a more yeah and then they hand you baby now a girl scout Pippen cookies but it does. It does give me a fault or social its usual commercials I think it's called like. What would you do or something like those and I don't remember too eighties here and received the idea is but it could have hidden cameras and in a public place and then. They we'll have actor's gonna act on a routine that's are culpable or awkward import today they just wants you to people around the do but the appointment to be funny or anything like that so. They can Shoney's commercials and I think the one this week last week whatever was. It's this restaurant and it's a six year old girl sitting across from apparently some actors. And it's the whole she's pregnant and wants to keep baby now. But the mother thought they'd agreed to adoption targets are having this loud argument right this is how people were charred and I don't think him and unfortunately my he'd be the target of this. It's 4 o'clock in the morning were to pound on the screen door when he opens and hand them baby and take I don't what would you do. Prepare and an 80. We're gonna knock on the streets. Or more ago just hand them a baby. Screen hold this forming I'll be read back most of the table golfer but make sure. You don't know the person that's it what would you do most people don't have like in for bill or some elaborate European Eli on the ready you know to meet Arab bottler nipple or. Anything a diaper out. We don't have a baby you're not ready for that I don't need all that equipment I don't those things. Hidden cameras what would you do the most important things that I project program. Who called the police and why we get through emails on the way also still to come who sucks less in the lord has things that Americans say that other countries simply don't understand. You're listening to the men's or radio network. Which is you. True. Our question. Call the police and why and here come those emails in the men's room amends or live dot com yeah. Guys are parents tell the cops on me when I was in college because I had not answered my phone. I don't working on a construction site earlier that day pouring concrete and until my dad on the phone that afternoon that I was exhausted and I column back later after I took an app. However I did not take a nap instead I proceeded to drink like a monster for several hours with my friends. I was trying to match won my guy friends chopper shots he's over 200 pounds on the smaller woman Max 130 it did not end well. I remember they had finally got me back to my boyfriend's place in time for me to run upstairs and read my guts out in his bathroom. When I crawled into bed are the doorbell ring boyfriend answered and someone asked me. But my parents are my two sisters couldn't get a hold me because I had an answer my phone or face the masters so it was the cops. So my parents had called the cops report mean missing the cob stand up and down each street until they found my card that I looked in front of his place. I was mortified told both the gobs and my parents that I just fall asleep. I don't think got done I shot a fireball since the incidence of thanks guys for always putting on a good show that from Victoria the incident to incident yeah. I don't have a friend like that that had a rough night we called the massacre and that's a horrible view about what just with the concert were gone I don't know just they. Straight to my chin you know just how things went out like he lets say say stuff having reversal of fortunes the next morning oh yeah we just dubbed it the massacre the guys has passed for the July shaky Paula and I go to the local reservation to watch the fireworks go. Now this wasn't over special event like against worst part big time show but I competition. Between every firework stand on about five acres of land. It was quite the show of decentralized about tree until the police decided to drive to the middle of the field to break a party. It was quite the show to watch police cruisers go up against a drunken crowd launching mortars have done. Not 100% why they were called but did hear an audible gasp from the field. Leading meeting guesses someone lost a few fingers that night but wouldn't be surprised at all and a handful of those mortars exploded at duke closed eye level. I even before the cops arrived keep your burned cream close which is that from bacon. Gentlemen the week before the fourth of July of the call the police because my car was stolen. Some wonderful individual decided to break you know my gym locker and steal my wallet and keys and even the pants that both of those were in that. They then proceeded to go outside get in my car and drive off like it was theirs. The police showed up two and a half hours later and even though they were given his name because the genius was a member at the gym and checked and so we got his name and address. The cops are still not caught the guy why however last week we received tips of where that car might be so we drove up and started hitting the panic button among other key. And sure enough it was right there are less than a half mile from where the guy stole. My wife called the cops again this time she mentioned that her husband has his concealed weapons permit. And has his gun in his hand for cops showed up within five minutes aria that from Andy Mac and economists. I guess wanna read this one and so today we asked who called the police. And hawk right. Com and read outlook fell asleep mid masturbation but make him with the porn still a lot of my mom walked it and apparently she was streaming read wake up and I didn't. Call my brother he had to cover my Wiener and turned hormel says don't do drugs kids now about two months later he bubble of comic comes and shoot my bad I forgot I'm listening to yesterday's show on the app. You. The thing you present at the apple cart path the flood heaven when you're sleep now with the kids they do listen to LB Dan. Bedtime for a few extra emails there in the men's room amends or live dot com yeah. Hi guys it's very hey Terry I'll always my son's Braxton happy first birthday imam your brother and I could imagine life without him we love you could give a little kid fish sandwich and some Ozzie Ted wishing him a happy bird day that from Terry. Bet that if Melvin edgier one he probably don't get me that's so whatever he's. The guy's a daughter Caitlin who's turning twelve today and is the most upbeat get in the world Debra barbershop quartet they sandwich thanks guys keep on rocking that progress. Steers it to movie Laura Suzanne wins. She's the daughter on the side. Now it is Stanley is he's still really gays in the morning and afternoon and and I know. Are they shut up please your peers is too small and the dirty Germans for my son he loved your show listens and looks forward to birthday shout outs every day for a good laugh. By the way his name is Matthew but he goes by kooky having thirty brought thirteenth birthday sign over your special day is truly blessed. And everything drops accordingly mama loves you thanks guys that from rock. Young you'll from the sun team you have to it's at least five years before I explain crap it's not always a drug. Yeah stay in school. Guys did pleased and happy eighteenth birthday and as they engage the dirty Germans talking baseball and maybe a second up cupcake. That from his cool last momma thanks guys from Diana. Oh. Yeah we don't have enough full a full baseball teams and you displayed pictures and now you know it's not just the major leagues a lot of the senate to keep content that it wouldn't that be. Yeah. Oh that's my great friends birthday today he's been a very long time listener you show if you guys could wish gave a happy birthday when the original face and woods answered dirty Germans and make his day Steagall gentleman that from Aaron. Fish sandwich of yum my orgasms for additional kids do not look straight out to two of the most of your. Yeah it's also you should Wear glasses periods to simply let kids in them yeah. Sleeping gun safety flows. Just today I saw Danny is Tony three years old another lover of your podcast he's listening on the radio dot com that give him a big hug from daddy. I know we Raja gives a maybe one lead with a happy birthday thanks again that from daddy Dan Neil. Move. Gospel leaking a book step. What's up guys Sarah from Montgomerie here is my husband Tony birds they Graham is the best father he would get as far. Our son is the luckiest kid ever we loved so much and I'm blessed to have him as a husband. So Bristol and he would also be you can give a big gold bond rent and some Alan thick. Thanks guys love have been listening for five years now. Our girls Jesse having Tony for a birthday with a real raw chickens and some dirty German from Stephen and Caylee thanks guys rock gone. We. You know you look on the. Loosens its I was hoping you'd shall we slash. You can't give up hundreds. Of the German sandwich about a lot of sprouts and tiny bit of sausages. Thanks a losing their job. Tuesday my cousin Ben Brown's big dishes Bob birthday is today. Family member I got addicted to the podcast gimme your peers is too small and throw giving him a few gifts please. It's game. Democrat John okay. That's your grandson both huge fans and a good big of a better way to give a bird they showed up in a big old fat bong rip analysts polled didn't. Thanks you guys rock that forms arise. NJ guy's gonna love this show hoping you give my buddy 3-D had a birthday with a barber shop based analyst he'll be gets in some of bagels orbit today thanks a lot that remark. And I again if you send email so you know oh my god you run. Other can I don't understand and cheese and dishonor on the side. I thought I never wanted my birthdays and I know I'm the citizen myself that I get to a German thriller Nazr dead end maybe some think. Robin from crazy Carl and I. Com crazy conflicted tonight it's the employee home. And it that if the Mellon. Come to the crazy seeing a bunch yet the good thing but I ended and they give you walk around with a wedge tailed eagle. Guys there's by Fred Davis 33 I think the dirty Germans would know how to celebrate the right way thanks Ed from James Duff field opened into the Pillsbury Doughboy and ultimately into people. Doubt she should hope you'll belies an example. We don't use our food and the way to give them. That's always my brother dean had a birthday I'm sure he'll listen you guys while towing cars. How to build bonds hit an an original faced sandwich thanks guys that from Paul's fish yeah. All the guys and a while but as Robert de into the doubt anyone rights and for me I decided that I would do myself you guys are my credit commutes on the look forward to. Other dirty Germans are telling me on how to live the last year in my twenties. And Robin telling me to frolic in her bowl staff thanks guys rock on that from Travis. God troubles for the last joke we'll talk to she might want to get to to a race content types that we YouTube can be Dick Trickle. Jonathan for the election of a twenty Houston delivery room you know you're in their twenties it's yeah. Yeah young Shana give bush staff shoot man played some in bits and send. I did not like ms. he's birthday today can you guys that are with a year penises too small and some dirty Germans thanks guys that from Tom. So. American industry tells me that things are often placed in the. Yahoo! hopes is I don't feel with the with the mystique but afterwards if you try to. Good and food go to remove them amnesty. It is today is my dinosaur Tracy's birthday she's a rock of our family and I would be nothing without our. Can you get some dirty Germans talking about leaky pipes and mud garbage as she is an insurance adjuster. Thanks a lovely show them from Troy. The job after we have. So it's tuna can be much insurance that you would be adjusting to culprits will be lit in pipes who believe. I was just so distraught girls that have been this leaky pipes carpet it's down. Hi guys there you go home. I mean I've haven't my dad had any cards okay Pat Buchanan and I do you believe we do. But yellow Jersey gentlemen brought by men's. Also available through he's world fame on men's lives dot com and other fine retailers. Who knew him shoreline fun. Earlier I I don't do this but there's been so many I finally figured that I would read AA and actually emailed we get this a few times a week you from the one and only mill creek hit. And it goes something like this. Germans crumbles sometimes I wonder who will be the last living host amongst the it makes me consider taking him lock and also then go to the mug award plants since then not it's played folk life. I'm born skinless all the in organic Livan has made me craven mad amounts of killer grass. Now that I found are parallel universe I wanna get some crap barbecue sauce. And toss off the Seahawks NFL football to who ever wanna play flyers up in my backyard in mill creek. My house there has never looked so fully suite we even got the men's room curtains that from the mill creek kid and zealous tomato treatment. Hi good job on the return of the lord has things at Americans say that other countries don't understand both records yeah. Israel must. Yeah John. A time I think at Bard whose sides lets us see the Troy though you bring us three stories that it news each and every waking us up to us. To determine which of these three historians such Phillies now if you like the men's room on FaceBook or follow us on Twitter there Edmonds revived the debate is already underway. On whose thoughts like it's GAAP. Yeah AM you know I feel better obese. Quantum scientists for years on bond parallel universe and turns out we knew discover one. The first thing you wanna do you cracked bone consultant. Middleman. He's gonna play the flyers are. It was the flag football Graham barber used all that in organic live at discover a new man about killer grass. Yes. Yeah how important stories always. Pat and today we have another Starbucks in Philadelphia we talked about the little bit last week but not the black guys to see different things. A store manager in the fine state of Michigan. The founding member of the clergy a priest in our nation's capital Washington DC but let's go to Philadelphia inland Starbucks. A 28 grown guys and Philadelphia named say him he went to a Starbucks last week. Sam as a starter and when he got coffee and so all the debris that had written his name on the cup as Cecil society. Does friend wrote email complained Starbucks customer service about the thing. Starbucks apologize but he felt that way which of course is not a national apology photo from a month whopping five dollar for a this is not the same Starbucks and cold yeah the complimented by. Yes newsman Sam they wrote some socialist thing him. Undecided the cup both in Philly and I both the Philadelphia tough times starlets to fill out a city of brotherly. And that we'll go to the fine state of Michigan or Michigan mother whose son is on life support. She was on the story of how her ball said that that was not the reason for her to ask for a bank. Personal Fisher she shared screen shots of the text messages between result of the balls after she said she'd know would not be able to work at the PS food mart. Until asylum was awful wide support. Federer responded with empathy the balls replied quote. And as of now we do things on the substitute quitting. Mueller responded okay war on how do we do things in my job is on life support. I'd never sent almost quit and so it are you taking firing me. Probably went back and forth for a little while India and the so look the most just wasn't moved the balls responded quote when I get into you with a what I get into this we can hear. But I've been more than accommodating during those eleven schedule changes and such there's no reason you can't work and I will not tolerate drama that was from the so this woman did is on life support campaign I have to miss today. The boss not that. Knows go to Washington DC where mourners showed up at a DC area Catholic Church to pay their final respects to ms. Agnes hicks. And ended up being told to get the hell out of my church. Now this took place we turn to reverend Michael greens and groups standing near the Forbes is open casket. Apparently. Burned through one of the destined church went to hollowed another guess which is what happens at funerals but then knocked over what we're calling a sacred cows there's an accident that they did not to go. When the police discovered this he gonna freaked out. And he insisted he told them. To get this thing. Referring to the woman in the casket out of the church and he called the police reports of all the search score of the family from the location county rather funeral service later recovered. Of agreed to replace Donald. As the archdiocese of Washington broke protocols the silliest misunderstand. But he told people grab this thing of being the bad moment they get the hell out of my third. Yes until we got today and Starbucks in Philly actively Starbucks in Philly store manager Michigan and the DC protest. Okay I'm from Michigan to the store employee get fired I do not know what happened to him. And I'm going to ultimately be in Michigan who the manager was like they feel like quite like I assume your quick. I don't know if she quit if she got fired if you would or I don't know how that ended but that was the situation she was. Isn't great news they do say. Rick comments if you love followers on Twitter and in your mind that the manager Michigan was fired after corporate found out about it. Alliance remember that but the maker any less of a messy break it might not end well what was it about the person. Meyer says the precepts the most because they're supposed to blow their emotions aside for the flock. Sheldon says Starbucks story sucks at least. Dylan goes Starbucks by far and Mickelson Starbucks as well as he says yes. It's in poor taste but man if he can't land yourself when you have a stutter they're gonna live a miserable life. Also at Starbucks like. I really can't lady's son was on the limelight support him. Right and in the other people over at a funeral where the bodies in the cast fifties today and read that see the point you get those who writes if I guess they had a lot of like there. It's just that sort of shifts never never ever take the Starbucks employees well right now that it's right it's right but right. I don't know I feel had to deal with him in salt of the somebody called me a bad mean better than like seeing a loved one has been attacked the rim like get that thing out again about the commonwealth care. I think the way to look at it is like this can sometimes you can't decide so look. Dave you're the victim of any one of these three situation would wanna move by the at least in inevitably I would have to go to Starbucks thing. It's annoying it's important taste but also the youngest daughter now the first time attachments parcel into an instant the old and tired but tiger ruined me. The delivery systems like dale man and it's hard have you like the men's room on FaceBook propose on none Twitter events or might tell you very should follow us unanswered intuit today Edmonds who live as well we know for a fact that while there has been working very hard to guess at 3000. Followers. They're on our insecure and so few are into the incident saying we're involved on the street had not undermine or Rob what she keeps their biggest expense that aero you don't realize we aren't there are trying to get more. Of these answer Gramm people look at us we have an answer important and we don't talk to each other we just take pictures of both the well we eat pizza and exactly. We'll pizza it's at rampart casino like as my daughters they did happen they'll get back. So come lord has done things Americans say that other countries don't understand you'll bring it doesn't Saturday. That's all coming up next you're listening to the men's or radio network. Men's room was my sales since it's. So please Soledad umpire. And families are going have come praises. And Americans save and other countries don't understand today on the word so yeah even if you speak the English language in you speak to well if you go to lose some other country that speaks English a lot of these aren't I've been registered nugget if you owe them for example. The term ballpark. Americans are really into using the term ballpark as a measure of something you can hits coming out the ballpark you know. If you need to give some of the ballpark figure. It's a rough numerical guess if something is in the same ballpark and it's within whatever boundaries you sent it makes sense that we love ballpark so much I have so many other. No one knows that the help ballparks are Mason here's more behind the eight ball even though also worldwide game if you're American you know the term. Behind the eight ball as your playing catch up. Bought the farm here's another American terminal and understands if you bought the farm you've had an untimely death. OC in England they say that you inherited the powerful. Listen even need a ball performs yeah dead. I know what I mean Oregon from him this phrase reportedly came into common usage during World War II oh win under trained pilots would crash planes in the rural fields. And the ball to fall the term clutches and it's clutch you may assume it's close to you were tight nit if your foreigner but know. This modern slang term means something it's convenient also it is totally clutch. It's a link it's for the birds people and other countries to understand that. As you say that Kravis for the birds in referred to birds who had taken horse droppings looking for some seats. It means that would ever you're talking about as useless nonsensical that's more insulting than ever and finally going postal. In the eighties and Chinese and American postal workers were so overworked and angry that massive outbursts and even workplace murders weren't uncommon does the phrase. Going postal became the thing and there are some of the other things Americans say that other countries don't understand. I want to read bring it down or somebody else there deserves to be ready. As usual they had fifty during this can't seem to throw it to find out nortel's yes indeed and today we chose well she's only identified as 47 year old Vicky have kids in when I believe we'll have more on this story coming up but. She's worth toasting just know that he is a very sweet woman she bought a 215 dollar ruby ring as a birthday gift for her cousin okay. But instead of just wrapping ending gift wrapper putting into the box big he decided she's gonna hide it in a balloon. That's very sweet and Hudson to balloon. Natural healing and blew gently inserted to bring fills a thing of helium and they're ago the problem is as he Lima's want to do. It likes to floats or she says. She turned around to find something to waive the balloon down by the time she turned around she estimates as took thirty seconds. The bloom was gone and I know what you're thinking how stupid you and she in fact says quote I just can understand it. But follow along there is no breeze Howard got around the corner into the utility room she was in her home. And an out of the back door squeezed along the side of the house about snagging on the fence or the place for a put the band that I do not understand she was in her home. And does this all went down a hall come through all one open window. The problem is she has not been able to find a balloon several family members of also helter to look for the blown would be ruby ring inside but so far. Absolutely no avail so let this be a lesson for. Just rapid yet don't because. Reported booze imagery has booze because we think of the young man I don't act so over the tong and down the road to partake in our timing. Sound yeah oh yeah vigil and yeah. Could go and I don't live for low profile this 8449990. Look. The shenanigans continues on the men's room radio network.