07-11-18 Seg 2 Mens Room Makes The Call

Wednesday, July 11th

Mens Room Question: Who called the police and why?


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This is dumb men's room. Listening to. Was thrilled. Are out Fred's just not right now Sacramento and I'm in Iraq California's legendary Iraq's they should also Portland's classic rock Matty to three KG ON. And our brand new ways to fill it out BC Iraq one O three and lovely Lexington Kentucky welcome to the program big chill foray today who sucks less on tap. The word has things Americans say that other countries simply would not understand it today we have the question. Who called the police and why this is based off the story a white man. Who called the cops on a black family for using negated bullet they're North Carolina neighbor for hood has been fired from his job. And a global packaging firm after video footage of the incidents. Went viral. Officials with Sonoco Products announced that Andy or Adam bloom was no longer employed at the company. Noting that the packaging firm does not condone discrimination of any kind. You may be whereby now the terrible incident involving the actions of one of our employees outside of the workplace. The well documented incidents which involves activities and a neighborhood ball again over the fourth of July weekend. In no way reflects the core values of the company to that new environment. A firestorm again July 4 when I guess men oh boy Abu Abu woman mono mustered up. Sure to FaceBook video of the altercation Jung a pair of officers nearby as bloom complained he'd already called the cops on the one. The woman suggested the bloom as to see her identification after seeing her DePaul. No one else ask for their ID I feel this is racial profiling I'm the only black person here at my son at the bull she's heard saying on the video. He walked only to me to ask for my ID. She explained in the video the bloom and asked her for her dress which she then provided. He then asked to see her identification as she and her son attempted to enjoy some quality time with the neighborhood pool. Bloom could then be heard asking the police officer to validate the pull guard and that it works at the pool gated swimming area. You've appeared on the business of making counterfeit pull cards Roma after proving that the woman's car was valid the officers then apologized to the woman. And then the woman asked bloom to do the same it would be nice if you apologize she's heard saying from behind the camera. Do you wanna apologize Adam do you wanna apologize for what you just did. The footage quickly made its way around the Internet bubble blah blah blah the man has done I. An attorney for bloom later told the publication of the banners Stanley have had to leave their home. After receiving death threats as a result of the incidents. The cop call is just the latest in a string of headline you know tourist. Our question who call the police and why 844999. Cola hello Jill welcome to the men's room. And could hear me OK okay are you okay answer. I been just been listening user agent a little while they're in the afternoons question thing I gotta keep it about called the cops get called on me. I bet all the work on afternoon about 4 o'clock. And out of the young call. I didn't realize you don't called look it up and answer if somebody trying to get some of your home. Security system kind of sought to. Do the job is done but there's blood everywhere. And the button at a a a. It's a minute later. The same number called again. On now I know it got called I don't even bother to answer. Obama alleged plot to me every blue you know we went third pick in the back we will get a little tricky. And I was in a closed off in the coddling. Then there was a knock at the front door. And my wife says can we lock the front door I'm not sure let's go check so you don't put your daughter robe rub up to the door. And she said that when she got there the doorknob was hurting and starting to open. And she turn the knob and she shut the door shut them and walked the dimpled. And then she looked outside front window. And there's three cops stand outside the social with a slower. And they are talking to her and they said they got a call that there's some trouble in our house. She told me judge had earlier and I got a bunker short I come out and and we're trying to trigger Olympics going around and call them know what happened. How long has this conversation going on before you finally pieced together that maybe it's from those Telemar reversed. Probably about thirty or 42. One piece did you get the and then now I asked the cops okay did did they tell you something about blood everywhere. An accomplice yeah that's what we heard we need to come inside and make sure that everything's okay. So up eventually we wanna let them come inside and check but also everybody was okay that's the big bummer of what is now the White House no longer in the mode. Okay. Lunar. That is not can't stop my. Carl you know like a man Nunavut and. Yeah you're an old veterans. A little extra trick is one of my next door neighbor knew one of the cops so he's come around often my neighbor for another outlook after that everything was done. Tears all all just because you would want to be bothered about let me let me ask you this when you when you let the cops into your house like. I can lead to Gaza by house mile outlook and yet there's no blood in his thing but I would have to go mental checklist of things they might fine. I mean did you have any concerns like a man gonna put the soul and so away you know the welcome for blood I understand that went. Casey left the need your stuff out you know. But all my wife and I've been elsewhere for thirty years now there's nothing solidifying. Dern that's such a different world and and a number of us has allowed about me in and this is a sad statement polite. He had no problem when Bulger got coming in take a look and again I would have a problem live is coming to my house for the sake in the trying to find blood like dude I'm I'm told the joke. But I really would be concerned like I wonder if they're going to find anything else like serve the good news is we're not gonna get to homicide but you have fifteen felony charges for business that. And I don't know me and an orderly and little growth. They'll call you that awkward thing he's gonna lean average talked earlier women's prime. Yeah I do stuff like that and I can't imagine go to the airport manly and if you I don't know if not well enough not in the delegate the dogs out you know and it's I don't carry anything around if I'm gonna come to the airport. But that does not mean that at some point in the past there has not been something illegal and that bag and ultimately am gonna go to trip grab bag packed duffel bag whenever it is and at that moment and I'm forty good about checking him but I realizes let's see the dog liked. You know made you might get busted for some the last I didn't bring anything on true but it doesn't mean you're not something in the game. Who called the blaze a Y 844999. Cola it's actually gotten so bad I'll buy a new bag torture. I was just on August differs so we do every travel around with blood people David all the time stuff all right ma'am I don't want any of this I don't get it laws are different and that that's and I don't know you'll. And I don't want similar laws adjust to sue would. That when I buy we'd win I get your place out of smog in Summers you say Ted in the place with no incomes through her head a little smoke weed gonna get to your statement I'm gonna bring with. Hello Christine welcome to the men's room. I'll ask I'm. Lol and I learn slowly. If you may. And shades it was a runaway. I am public about a week so that put them in my closet. I can't think. And man. I and the evening Alan my brother my friend Amy Powell. And after she got kind of annoying at the ability. Remain a woman living in her closet and started getting under nervously stranger things. Wouldn't you know to let me like pop star Lindsay and her husband who can't let it when I was Angola he's ET year's numbers exactly a tactic here and I. And everywhere it's it has to delegate you know Manhattan. And I don't like getting a little bit there I guess you. OK and so announcement RS Australia this straight human being. Mariah slow. You know I'm mad I'm glad they're arrogant you know kind of bad that their kids early bench. And the cops have been like and urge and they kind of expect that I knew excellent at a place in town now. They got them out eventually and should we now that you lending multiple decapitated. All of them ordinary. You gold gloves and get around your closet please. Yeah all that showed Aaron. Well again you saw them pull out we told her oh my god can't hear it you know in my. And it's you wouldn't get back so. Bodied Muslim pentagon I bet you're you're called the cut and you own not only do we yeah. Okay this email that went like a whole another direction and and then failed to. I don't acting thing and they got nerve somewhere. Avaya have you have you been in contact from her since then he he he. Cheap Etna at it that I didn't know this CDs are your friends gathered. You know I know how good immunity I love the leave you tell the story that's like I saw this woman did did buck that trend in. Had her head exploded. I think. Didn't care agency is posing a little bit had a baby and dogged about pop pop out that they went flying emblem is a German. I'm literally never have an album all under is resuming their dead that's okay thank you. You don't know. Your home basically don't take a moment think you know I don't know. You really don't you. Now apple. And I aggravating a foot above the eleven bra bra. Peddler that in my closet and oh those are the days. That it's the how I made in my closet by the hell's going to do my best friends and not Amanda you know stay in my closet hello my arguing that stand in my garage. Yeah and that animals and not. Not to the I don't wanna help you. Not because amber and the cap number back. I don't want. Due to leave and my guy named closet it's only about because he's looking to think the most amazing as burgers disposition that I have heard about the black. Top forty people ground. And throughout Rambo really detached from human feeling. Who called the police have YE a 44999. All of the reason we ask the question garage sharp was delivering newspapers with his mom in Columbus, Ohio. When the cops were called on him. Eight paper boy walking alongside his mom in suburban once again Columbus, Ohio came face to face with a cop after a neighbor thought he was up to no good. The neighbors by the twelve year old throwing glitter on people's ports well here was here's what he did wrong. He hop out of a van and walked up to a handful of homes initially she assumed whoever he was delivering papers. I noticed they were walking up to homes have nothing in their hands and one of them came back with something said the 911 color it seemed kind of suspicious. That's because the boy had delivered the paper to the wrong home and his mother said son you need to go and pick up paper up it goes to the house next door yet. So that's what your I sure that he delivered the paper to the wrong it was picking them up. Pick up quickly determined that that's exactly what the sharks are going according to the police. Thought his last name is sharp but he delivered the paper to long. Oh by the way that was dissolved first days of newspaper route to his mom of his time. Did that because she wanted to teach Versailles on the valuable working with someone. And she wanted to mentored him so that he could seize maybe what being responsible and being a person who has a job in the neighborhood. Looks like. Now he knows exactly how it is. Our question who called the police and why 844999. Hole holed the library calls coming up you're listening to the fans are radio network. Did you know you don't have gentle men's room. Have there. I'll over the Oakland California called the police and a family for using a charcoal grill and a par barbecues own not that designated for charcoal. A woman call the police on a family of lake Merritt in Oakland California last month while they were setting up for a day at the park. They're crime according to the unidentified woman who was grilling and one of the parks designated barbecues zones using a charcoal grill. Instead of a non charcoal grill. The April 29 incident was filmed by a witness named Michelle Snyder who confronted the woman for calling the police on the family. Police responded to the incident but did not issue any citations according to the Oakland council member Lynette McCain ain't. In a city that needs significant leasing services we cannot have those precious expensive resource has squandered it in a frivolous way. She added police are not private security for any white person that's offended by the president presence of black folks in our public spaces and the she's got to click on that Charlie Sheen back from a comment about if I'm an actor actress she's a year ago I'd. Passers by questions including Angela Williams gathered asks a woman why she was calling the police. Williams told the Huffington Post that she had done finished walking around the lake when she saw the woman standing near man alone at the grill with this frown on her face if Williams described the woman as aggressive Kurtz and not friendly. She was just close enough to be uncomfortable but far away that she wasn't in their physical space. Williams who later learned the man was named on sale Abram tweeted about the incident that took photos of the woman standing near the barbecue. Abrams told the San Francisco chronicle. The woman begin arguing with him about his groping illegal while he was setting up. I proceeded to tell all right that's not a posted sign I believe I'm in the correct area go on about your day please leave me alone. She said no I'm not gonna leave you alone I'm gonna need you to shut this down around would call the bullies. I say he's thing you know Rumsfeld about to have one of these goddamn days lake Merritt has six designated barbecues owns three that permit charcoal grills and three designated for non charcoal portable grills. Under the George Foreman who picked up and take on the road oh absolutely. I have George fault you can grow in Oakland the family was in a barbecue designated area the portable non chart what does that mean little Hogan's desperate. Or the George forma amounts but they were in the charcoal lunch articles on. The woman who waited near the barbecue after confronting neighbor. I made some and why was he in the wrong place. He was in the non charcoal zone and into our little girl with a chart that perhaps that is correct and that's exactly what I love the ball for a way to keep the guys an animal. Yeah sometime later by the way the woman who's watching all this what this woman she and her husband. They were there for a barbecue they confronted the woman. Why are you so bent up out of shape about it than being their senator wrestle woman answered in the video. Because it causes extra money first city to do things when children get injured because of improperly disposed Coles. Oh I totally word about my dirty needles in the sent back eventually you'll unlocked to me police officers at a nearby convenience store and begin to cry saying that she she was being harassed. Snyder followed her to the police are asking for the woman's or turn a card that says the woman took from her blah blah blah blah blah blah anyway our question duke all the police and why 844999. Cola. Images of the calculate that there it's like she's crime as this is there. And Jacob welcome to the men's room. Oh wow oh. So could I. Good to their neighbor who really really didn't like you and came over dude I'm totally quiet. Just fine whatever you educated Obama. Why why he's doing that was not quiet where you actually louder. I'm I was playing video games my friend they're like twice a week online might have been shouting a little bit but it wasn't on our nightly you know let go until slide in the morning is usually around ten or eleven I stopped so aren't the guys who got a problem using the toilet he'd be in the moment to a one way. I don't enter dialogue in a slightly neighbor you would scream itself like I'm gonna play the dilemma is do you. About two weeks later and during that by the way I'm lawsuit goal from in the question. Like let's I don't know you can even do until it happens. I'm like 601 I would about a 125. At the modes Jesus Christ should it be. Basically a skeleton yeah I am and how I met your LP and an arms. Yeah I just just basically bones and up and out and around and that candidate profiles and is the there. But this looks big some small. Oh yeah and I looked I looked. Jerry I'm assuming I'm in during this time to be important earlier that during the time because I only so much to almost all of I'm going to. Just blunder I'd love to get beat up a little Blake we knew. Yup heard a little else he has focused on or. You can say on the radio. Sugar. Yes but I never got beyond that would play also and I and I hate I come home with play golf at the time. And we're watching it can be bad and not allow you to not is eager to watch YouTube. I get a isn't slammer in my door I go to check out who they're gonna pick up. And you said hey we've gotten word that it is domestic servant leader in IU within limits in debt so I'm I'm with my my girlfriend. And you had to come out the bedrooms of net income I gotta keep getting injured Dario and again I am covered in bruises and 601 I would want 25. But I I human a couple of you have rain bring out. They pay out there a key step into the light mediation you're not you on brood on it. So she does. And cops and oh my god I'm so sorry like he realizes. That being idiots. Are Maybin played a little bit so. I'm not in India and I get a call out its own sooner covered in bruises that I follow exactly with the sword that was the neighbor legitimately concerned about your well being. Oh no no no no no they thought I would be no my girlfriend has become little leg that got out here are. So the worst part about it. A guy I would I don't feel good Iron Man. Wouldn't go away I did see him know you're an island but what what lesson did your girlfriend know that you were in the fight club and that's why are all bad and groups. She was jubilant doing it. Oozes sex club. Outside school you are now you start to gain weight you get a load pal Jack I'll please have a tough time OK physically hurt what would what would would would woods. Would depressive drug re coming off of the the withdrawals without that. It was an end oppression in my actual lecture or something and they want to light hair what you literally have prescribed drug. He's an honest dialogue that somebody's gonna do it. Addiction has nothing to do with whether a doctor gives it to your review by an off the street just laugh sometimes doctors out there more and more they're not over and he prescribes another way some comments came in about you and one of the big names you've been given his penis and balls and subpoenas and bumpy this and loans. I like delta agent I thought you might how much do you weigh now you. I I am at a two on its European all frequently is the smaller now so you put on 75. Pounds since you got off a drug wise. Well I think I would go through all bloody year and a half I would bet this would light or years ago. Now now I'm I'm 200 pound them healthy little chunky bit healthier. Players busy holiday oh yeah oh yeah I mean that's that's a reasonable way for being six would want you are you with the same girl. How did radiology got engaged recently on the critical this year I hope is that does addition richer as a rule from one. When your feeling that we had special yeah are and America found go to special stuff that yeah. Yet they didn't but the silver lining to this whole thing drawer. That guy got I beating his kids and wife would do good for you in jail and now there you didn't get to see it ever again public. Aren't they. Darren those are my management is of the two regular guy who fake call that you were being on somebody who's actually debris and help shock like the people come at a gay people for no reason hanging with them now. Lula who called the police and why 844999. All their breath smile I'll answer it should have both smells like tornadoes. Hello Roberts welcome to the men's room. So it goes way back to my high school days when not mean much friendly. Oh and told to go help. A friend article move. I. So we know there and social place all the when lock. All Olympia. And we're on site on my friend you my ultimate pick out. And bit as a friend and an article Oregon there and moved to do things that we're at the new house inside out so does anyone else. The truck backed up 2000. Logan archer. That's one and they hurt most by the couple and feet too radical change and got. Lou wearing an orange co. Q are you tell. Yeah okay I mean doesn't it well and it trench coat club and is under let's do you think. Her wide berth in the dreadlocks don't bitch too much of the cops thinking that we've had back in the day they'll be selective they have real rest safari and give our time is right if you're wearing a trench coat in Romulus is it's just one of those huge your high school kid Accenture and I think you have the trench coat to move is ever real. Oh man you got he had he had expected regularly this is all they yeah I mean you I don't look like you're asking for I mean it's like your whole a gimmick that play like you want the cops to call right so you finally get it. Don't let them entered into Dundee yeah they'd probably cubicle cheered the traditional mode and perjury and they'll I wanna go out there and all the cops. So belly where into the house and the mood here booed loud banging on the door I take on the island county. The front door major hander that the bullet pull out. Clearly it's situated out there put on my Dutch delegate but I hang out on them they're trying to sort out what's going on there and there dot trying to pick aren't even when her name down and the try to contact on the honorable. Well they'll have a own setup at that time no bid contract contact the on uncle's Brothers. Other threat. Do Campbell all they know this by a page. On what was your nickname well the only man stealing. I don't I don't let both Barak and Lilly goes belly up but is I ideas though it will Pacific islanders so. Along the net he's not recognize they call him up big. I know. And gabbana. That's how I see it here in a van handing out candies at an elementary school they call the cops hey man. What do I do what I do hero it's William van people closest races for your hand eye candy an element usually go look. Nobody that it made him. There's hesitant over remember I was teach show to a school in trench coat didn't know obviously if you're an adult late. I didn't realize that jolt to a school should go take short to a school telling somebody is going through different user which is good. Yeah no but encouragement if I give my kids in him. I mean you got to punch in to get there they know your bare before you know been anyone noticed Cameron. On the no you don't want to write to visit my brother on your door just open that's kind of walked in the thing I chased me down equity dornin has die as I know what is right. It all and then I don't know I suspect there is what are coworker who shall remain former coworkers. Lives very close to my kids' school like you say ten to annoy you schools. He understands it's got all this stuff and and people this do not heat are one thing maybe group they're Cubans have been there for years but he's just walk to school campus. All the time through Dubai golf to the he just doesn't care is always Thomas demand you know you look like pat violently hammer immigrant as a late payments they think that when you wanted to wanna think that right. Pages does it by email it's a short kind of of the relief nice park right but the school recently blocked his ability to get there isn't. Yamana has come to school go parts so. The first year my kids go there there is vaguely introductory comment outdoor party thing right numbers no jovial and we've been to school and so it's parents and their kids. And that is it. And they're over coworker hey man when you don't care Mike. McKay goes here mayor what do you don't think I'm just give due to go to the black man I look back after the this this is so ridiculous he just doesn't have to adhere to. Can you node is Tyler give him you know. That's threaded apps where and isn't good guy of Larry. Oh the true yeah I have put ill will have to let them over number thing right so what bro you won't move through. That's the thing is it's completely with your dirty solo as those of and only person you talked to lose me it's like I would man to them talking to you. The call the police and YE 44999. All the back there's a school I'll find a way to work every day. And I don't know why but I across the street. I don't wanna walk up the sidewalk by the school. They're going to tender care something I feel bad of white smoke considered all the kids are playing in the window oh and I you have you'll want you'll look but it does it and the dollar lump is a dog daycare in our. Hey. Yeah the dog because yeah. Please print stuttering kid yet Sinatra rap because like who wants the kid of there include access background and that's really the problem. New York welcome to the men's room. Yeah. Yeah like Hough twin brother lives. Let me share the same last night and Judy let's. So loud what we call the cops. But the question yeah. Oh yeah. Around the riddle right exactly yeah yeah are you asking congress doesn't I don't I didn't all the wrong don't they don't call the cops on you mentally get physical drugs in his car talk. ROL McNabb no anyway so I'm a trick is to put my girlfriend and my. Well my body's. Michael lunch besides you must go to federal thoughts out. So she goes and attacks result my body I continue to drink for another hour salt. He's he's going to use the bathroom. Couple initially hire screen didn't even error trying to get a little bit. Oh Jesus. So well thought out. I. That's the word OK yeah. Like doesn't reach Jerusalem. Ben if you can't or won't he learned about yeah. Isn't good zero. What they're they're the don't grow on the radio this regard. We're at daybreak Leon still have the word come up with some things that Americans say that other countries don't understand. And who sucks less is also coming up plus more your calls on our question who kill our who called the police. And why 8449990. You are listening to the men's or radio networks. Almost as soon as Allison annals colleagues in the Bay Area Canada's industry recognized her as hash tag of. Permits patty. They began purging her products from the shelves several Bay Area marijuana dispensaries that they will no longer carry tree well health products after adults. The company's founder was out and as the notorious white San Francisco woman caught on a viral video calling police on an eight year old black girl Purcell and water without a permit. Tree while spokeswoman says I yeah Gonzales said that at all had resigned from the company. It is mrs. nettles will leave the tree well its employees and patients should not have to suffer because of the situation that occurred in an escalated moment. Analysts resignation fossils stays of criticism. From former tree while customers. Compassion is supposed to be at the forefront of this industry and deceive the way that this is but I played out when they complete disregard for a child's well being. I think it was a disappointment. That from the general manager of magnolia Oakland in an interview. She said she will not be ordering any more tree well products and discounted the businesses leftover inventory. The proceeds from the remaining sales he said will be given to the girl who was selling the water on that Hampshire and two black girls Cody San Francisco nonprofit focused on providing technology education for African American girls. Other dispensaries in the Bay Area. Have done the same mark question who called police and why 844999. Although I'm pretty sure they were dog treats. Well world she was mayor and she was the she's regulate animals for dogs and. Okay we don't have voice among. Palmer course. Arbitrage Marmara on marijuana and securities. Although all four hours and gotten older total robbery to have hip problems of all about. The out of pulled out of one general Graham is horrible I'm good girl carry that right now. What background includes school this time it's free it's Google please why a 449990. Take a bite out of any hello Dion welcome to the bedroom. Yeah. Chocolate can be read my story that day come in Turkey fears back. My dad my best for in the world. Is that fiancee now and his prolonged angle and then we can can easily messages from this kid we were probably 21. It's cute probably seventeen. And that lone legal limit small town Alaska downtown into bars and and this kid walking around a different. And I human kind of blood I'm lucky punch got protecting veterans girl communicate your act. Hello that he used the word punk digital camera you can I don't know how many have you punctuate donkey that if I'm Clint Eastwood as I I wanted to Alibaba has a veto again. Yeah yeah. I'm men that you are OK okay next. I think I had those kids like you can't beat me up I'm seventeen and I'm like all right I'll do one better all to sleep with your sister. And death in a discounted drunk talking talking smack. Edition said that all he gets really mad that he doesn't wanna play and Michael you just told me right by you need to go to jail knock it for you call you you're teaching kids. And you have 119. Yet. Are you going when he's he's being called me. It's. Meant to your car cool on tax. They need until he didn't let me hate remember that one time where you did one thing and and I'm like no man I hardly remember who you are. And so he reminds me be your president every tell me exactly you'd think that said you know a little more organ and I'm telling you but down. Lonely old I probably did deserve to like a child to fight. But today he kept on the edge come out of the creek which the police in parallel that hillbilly right there four wheelers. And some like you know you don't actually go and get jumped a union hillbilly squad. And that is why it's probably out know our network our dugout and you lose no big. It's. The kill zone seemed for Howard and are you try to Makiko into the creek and I'm like I'm at the bars where we wanna come. Downtown all step out of the bar beach and then I'll go and have a celebratory drink over it. And finally after bar closes beat us by national my entire the entire Clinton grew digit can't walk exit from and he wants. And the ones to really sweet guy delete reasonable guy but he's a big big dude. And at least at the end let me go ahead and talk to him in Selig of the bunch of them there's a bunch lenders know you can get your your butt kicked so. Just like call a night and only okay that's fine anti at least five minutes while my friend that hadn't been that check out the scene for me. And I'm I don't I'd get two anti and I and so I walk out and I keep from pretty far disincentives for people then I don't see my friend. And some like I'm and I can't back down now Seoul on what you call the cops. It's. As. I O'Donnell like all the cops and Mike Haywood and I ate my iPod won't let me back down to this site but I'm probably gonna get dumb white forty's you guys to come help me. We've certified like right now saw he had been. And delicate usher did at school they hang up on me. And so I want got a kid like eight. Members immediately did do you want all you working on my friend would you want to reminded me why I say those things and he's original tablet check sites where he pulled out of followed. And it can be looked at that punch in the eighth as hard as. And the consulate so I got my hands behind my back try to scare me. And bake it looked as he put on on and I plus I plus F four hours were the statement it is a bit keep begging to fight. Also I'm a body between one it could nineteen guarantee he's drinking you should Brett let them check my record I'm clean my best friend here is clean. And I know for a fact that these kids as. Haven't played. You know and peace and won't try to try to cup last year. Glad retinue of the local newspaper and and so they looked at these rap beat rat school kids in the look at me do you go home and then they brought by the kid and I just I went home and guard them. If Gionta had a familiar and never saw him again. I don't know I beat him or attempt actually hadn't. Didn't really awkward laughter Q and Edward displayed had to double much rock salt to spread it definitely does work and all which it worked at the place that that tells rocket also the remnants. But when you when you've seen some eggs every a look at your phone right so. Do you want to provide very good deals where you were you living on Alaska. I can't I can't assess her political secede get out actually in Seattle action that I love your show and I had to get map so I can listen to it. Okay and ultimately we appreciate them. If it fit that as a guy that affect food phone some. So look on the word has not things Americans say that other countries don't understand it more your calls gone about our question who called the police. And why 844999. All. The show and many things continue on the men's room radio network.