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Wednesday, July 11th

Mens Room Question: Who called the police and why?


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You what you're about to hear is real. This radio program are simply. Trying to offend anyone. Invited to join the party. This is. All gathered in secrecy. Yes it's done. They say. Radio more than. Three times. They go Minnesota or 2860. Along with Steve the thrill hill. Age heads yeah. All one. And abide far. Yeah I know metro. Okay hold Sox last. Authority has things Americans saying that other countries do not understand. Get rid of play profile list plus headlines read your job today but Melissa emails and everyone's favorite TV time would take a class period I don't I don't know porn mag calls 9113. Times until then he has drugs. And he leads cops to give them around. Meanwhile a woman named candy beats up three officers says the law she does not about. New Jersey where men coaches more than 3500. Turtles and cells in his pants. A man has a heart attack while laying sod but he won't go to the hospital until the grandstands. And monetize it ring to a helium balloon. Guess what happens next. That's all coming on today's very special episode of the men's room. Here's a question. Oh offensive good days into you and yours all right let's reviews and headlines from the last few weeks. White woman called police on black twelve year old falling as low. Moguls got some blood to overrule my same story we're delivering newspapers. White woman called police on black graduate student sleeping in Gale Norton. There's some of these but my favorite is this woman calls cops on black man. From wearing socks at a pool now in this case on my degree had to be the fashion police come home. That's just not good. The thing is believed to map the cops and called a lot not even available agreeable or call for all sorts of reasons if you read the police blotter. I would say hi person called keystone. Every once and a while the colts are for some of the reasons but inevitably the cops have been called on you. The cops have been called on someone you know or maybe you're the person who called the cops. So today we want to know. Who called the police. And why they brother Joseph caught 8449990. Look like humans are on FaceBook even follow us on Twitter and and to grant them in your life to those emails to the men's room at men's remind dot com. You are listening to the men's or radio network. Was my sales. Soledad LA going to show number 2860. I have prayed to overturn a whole Sox last as Stevens royal brings us three stories in the news each and every week. And it is up to us to determine which of those three stories suck the least how are. Stories this week on who Sykes last I don't think for all they there'd anger. Now now you know what no I mean you'll be hardly Ingrid because that's inevitable I think you mortars figured it could what's wrong with people. Or he'll be relieved V word has other things that Americans say that other countries just simply don't understand as far as phrases go I don't demeaning yeah I'm afraid yeah absolutely if you were to say if you're in England governor bill I'll straight out take a rain check. And he's not okay I got to I think it's a little bill doesn't mean you know. I'm not going to tell you ray I don't I don't know what that means all Americans have plenty of those things in we've got a few of them coming up. With the word and today I we're gonna ask Gary you know who called look though the police who called the cops. Why they call them I will I'll give you a couple of this is just just bear with me for saying it. As I give you some. These are some just headlines and there are from the past three months and not sure exactly what's. All non as far as monitoring there. But here is such as if you. Black firefighter on inspection duty and Oakland Hills it's videotape and reported Dubai police. Permit patty resigned from Canada's firmer amid backlash. From fellow entrepreneur doors as determined caddie. She got called police on an eight year old African American girl for selling water without a permit can that happen India and Bay Area we move on. They won't white woman calls police and a black twelve year old for a mowing his grass apparently. The twelve year old had maple heights Ohio. I was told by his father that he needed to cut the grass. There's so he'll announce her neighbor yeah he's a twelve year old middle schoolers. That's her neighbor yeah 'cause he felt his address he went out there and he cut grass golly that's too much after she called the cops on him improve on. A woman called the cops on a black twelve year old boy delivering newspapers in an Ohio neighborhood we'll go to Columbus, Ohio. A twelve year old boy trying to get the money for the summertime and it's early in the morning and he's doing right right woody thank you gotta get a job get you something in the summertime trying to do is view that. Twelve years old to get the job he's well. Now that the cops called on him. And the Columbus, Ohio we move on a white woman calls the cops and a black graduate student was sleeping in the field or most of continued concern college so you know. Why medical cubs on black mom for using local pool lose his job over what they call a terrible incidents. Is this the one of the Sox I can't people mostly call no this is different my bad how we move on the Sox story a woman called the cops and a black man wearing socks withholding gets fired we'll continue I'm weather on the woman calls police on black Emma for barbecuing at a lake in Oakland. And here we all look all we're go. Finally a forty year old guy named why ward lost in Vancouver Washington broke into a business in the strip mall late on Saturday night. That business happens to be northwest escape experience. That's an escape route right yeah he couldn't get out he couldn't having there's finally a story where he had to call the council and dumped big idea here is not. He's not going to be quite a black point this is amazing that we have one of those stores here. But the reason that we call the cops. Is typically like oh man so we'll get a call consulate got a call forward. I think would make McCain got his life. Your work I thought you referred to me that like Darrell. Applied without going bad though it is always bad trip. I just yes it it seems like for some reason the late. Now you're doing really mine that is not this is not reason to now there finally Newport avenue right. Yeah but it takes I mean when you think in the last and he called the cops. The man and one woman who's who don't know if you saw someone injured or a fighter yet I called 911 of us all laugh from back on the top somebody's got to jump off an overpass. I don't like Barack method called the cops if I see an actor or look up people arguing a market. I'll be able fighting in my political gods who stabbed someone may drop the Bobble political the cops on you. Young guy. You go thousand yelling yeah I got my little one for Republican nod Murphy's life. Frightening to think I they got to fight number whatever death and he's got a little time he does it's have an informed me he. It would look bad if you got a fight with somebody like that so if you had it on record already. Then there's a paper trail. Rule. Don't. Ice so they didn't see me fight the guy blood heads you fought the guy who didn't show up and we via via. And they send a good idea what that saying no he advertised on this loud mouth and his day humor for baker. We can't dated them but if he did do that and then some gold cup you know. And we know he's a noose via the and we don't hit badly did you do there's more we can do that dutrow like I don't know. I can't do which for you now what if you were to be disaster than in the future we can do for him if it's got to walk by him about stuff like that with everybody says well last week Jersey apparently I don't whip your head spin like what I did before in the building thing well I could show you where there's not a camera. She. XYR. Why is that data what does that guy have to you know the guy that knows that the original camera and those plays is the guy that needs to do something they can't be you know pretty frequently. I mean look at a ball and let's hope this guy this guy this old employees at a bus stop unity once finally goes a wanted to know I'm very angry and Michael what you want me to do about it yeah I'm back. All right apart a couple of I thought it often though no embargo on the punches guys you may have me out now I shouldn't say that I ever once walking home years ago this guy walks by issuing get a fight. Had no future peace and conflict. Night and yeah. I think like on. And few want to get notified not readily burial I wants to get into a fight or thank god there's somebody back I really did a well depending on the drug when you know offering people. And I wanna play so bad I'm just gonna pass strangers pay the if you're not nudity thing right now. Do you wanna have a scrap with me now okay well what about when you're down to dinner. Like who does that nobody and I mean neutral view but it really electric take some of that and beautify it by telling him mandate anything we should make it challenging today by saying other than your spouse who called the police Iraq. 844 lines when you the fact there might be I can't tell me why all. Holland hello story. Who called police and why it 44999. Hole. Hello Jake welcome to the men's room. 00. K okay so at the time I'm like nineteen years old. And I had to do some work on my truck and I needed to borrow gene Atkinson Jack stands from my body. I'd known for years have been good numbers house served fifteen years at the time and I already know this is. So there is saying that it down. And so I go over to the house and I'm like you know I check all the usual open doors you know and getting here you and you didn't get out. And I can't find a way and I even Louis. Really all I knew. I'm at went against him. Continue making adjustments it was official there's on the go for the I don't legislature. Cartel's okay and we knew I don't know. And they're not they suspicious looking about I will say this may be if I'm back guys neighbor and I'm not a guy gonna call the cops goes people people right but. If I did see that. I'm my neighbor's roof and I know my neighbors out of town I might call the cops are busing some hundred don't know on the roof trying to open when. Yeah and I think what you're in the middle of nowhere. And this is easier but you know and you. Inner suburbia and there's neighbors and the like once you're on someone's roof no matter what else you do it looks bad but please continue. I so. I didn't realize anyone had called the police and jail after I had loaded up my car you know with jacks and a yard out AG act and I got out some firewood from the side of it ouster could my car out. And as I'm about to leave. A police aren't sir rolls out and he's like you know what you do India lived here. Well no. It will we got a report of somebody trying to break into that house and I got to William let me. You know but I I know the family. In this neck and he's not mine makes Hillary. And I'm telling them. I say I know the birth and I'm murdered did. Very well happen but I did know I don't know for a long time. Yup I'm telling him what it would go to the car got a Jack and I've got you know about a round of firewood here right I'd I was really trying to break in I would have taken the 52 inch TV the PlayStation in this neck. And he's still up Imus story and some trying to coma but he can he not taken out does they're wherever they are finally on its neighbors comes out saves and I asked. He goes. And eight kids here all the time he's he's not doing anything wrong in any doubt only India please structure. Like okay. As always gonna have a bouncer it'll be fun I don't know if the guy they came out the bad for your segment called cops and the storms Karen Allen yeah. You know that I didn't like it very much I thought that's what you gonna do. Along when you saw in common thought is going to be a story on the I don't know I didn't know where it was gonna go encampment man and a the little uncomfortable yeah I'll know not those guys that this guy. A black firefighter. Deducting the city mandated inspections around homes and Oakland Hills was reported Dubai police on a separate occasion. He was in question and videotape my resident who found him. To be suspicious. Even though he was in full uniform where this fire truck parked across the street. Several Oakland firefighters say the incidents raised concerns about safety and racial bias. It's extremely unfortunate said captain Damon Covington. He has the president of the Oakland black firefighters association from the outside it certainly appears to be unfair unwarranted the fire service is a microcosm of the world. Racism exists in and exist in Oakland and everywhere else our question who call the police and why. 8449990. Don't call the cops and the firemen don't exactly get along but he looks suspicious. Leaping act. The new sort of full and fruitful and he fired rockets have been fired back I don't know man it's on the bottom and on thrown. Can't quite put my finger around I can pretty coma. Hello Daniel welcome to the men's room. Yeah I'm moving it. Do they got a sense as you. Got our governor really get little good systems. Good anyways during the helicopter were called and it was my neighbor who did call. Allah give you a little Baxter real quick bunch of rest at my house were party now. Doing the smoking in the drink and saying. We are watching women HBO. Comedy specials. And it was Kelly Mandell. I don't know if you don't know a whole Ali Mandela put rubber glove overhead and insulate it saying it. Dad's orders and Gallagher right he's got that thing that he does yeah absent. I that was the thing that yeah definitely rubber I don't know I added to go to it and look at Gallagher cracks jokes and duties manslaughter and oh yeah. So say they Harmon doesn't tell jokes but he's gonna put a couple of gonna take one latex glove when doctors at all stretches things over that and then the bulls and basically looks like. But it hurts nobody like a huge rooster and had both fingers blown out of time. After that. They way he mentioned something on this special. And look what my body goes on the all the nobody would do that. Asset unwilling to do it. And LaFrentz said I bet you fifty look you will not do this. I said okay find me Robert. Oddly one offering his pick up tourists and consider rubber glove. This guy has also serial killer. Don't oncologists from the Booth at all I got broke both the army had gone. The trend I used to have you never know. Let anybody ego that he gets a miracle. I'd do exactly. What I said I was gonna do. I strip down to the birthday suit. Put this river globe unless there. Run out the front doors. Down the street to block yelling. I would score it almost clinics. Going back into the house. Not more than a minute later. Three police cars full to a house. And they say. We share tell about somebody wrote an up and down the street. Yelling done there. With a glow on the hit this. And since. Since I would butt naked. No identifiable clothing. And I had a global alert cares. Nobody could have any identifying features several. Allies see. This is the criminal mastermind of torque everything I do I do meg said. What that our our our head so did you get busted. Not by the police. But look at knowing the insanity that apple. We're neighbors the next day came over and told at the house. What was going on. Dad automatically knew it was me and so yeah I got elected. And. But horrors wed better cops. Aren't so bad. Doubt what is what is the part of an as a parent maybe there's something off face in the future what. But beyond that does is in your manual what is the equivalent of punishment of some of the top or neighbor tells me hey man your son guy is making it. And ran up and down the street. Screaming I'm squid. Almost created a long not quite sure how to react I mean when I'm done laughing about it. Well it was. I might have been sixteen years old that their little school enough where they were still the book look and in the process. Yeah. Roger asked Winfrey's trip and it did with the rubber glove under head screaming on the square in terms weren't. It all written into Ottawa but at least got a fifty bucks out of the back then if you if the specials as old as you say there was fifty bucks went along way it was a site. Bowl with Howie Mandell you buy AMP new Meyer if I noticed a figure today they collect their only sat down to wanting quote unquote. Comedy special now with Howie Mandell there's no way this was recently I was thinking I think things like retirement now still does save at least eight on HBO. Throw anybody that day at the long time ago. Story says it's a business that has existed for as long as there's been summer vacations and borrow lawn mowers a pint size entrepreneur or offers to endure the rage of a summer sun on a neighbor's back half. Pushing that lawn mower across high grass for a small fee. Last week in maple heights Ohio that onto put Nora was Reggie fields a twelve year old middle schooler youths who is the owner and mower and chief. Of mr. Reggie is lawn service like a bag weighs twelve years old and it's mr. Reggie is all right it is our Reggie sounds like a barbecue sauce you've got to give Missouri last name is field you're gonna name the company have you cut grass and you didn't use fields mr. Reggie Johnson a barber and other people relatively undervalued again mr. Reggie I'm. Our trust mr. Reggie through a lot of things but I would not harmed them English I shouldn't kid does quite like mr. Reggie barbecue track mr. Reggie barber. Absolutely just get half the show but I think my this idea unless you read he this kid he's great he's twelve years old. And he's demanding there's gonna be called mr. Reggie that the B doctor TV off and missed it there mr. Reggie you have on everything exactly like that would no doubt about it. How mr. Reggie his sister and two cousins also provide manual labor in their neighborhood outside of Cleveland. They rake in broom in a corral clippings and all that. That's what they told Lucille holds couldn who encountered them and a dollar tree where they are purchasing a gas canister into law on bags on June 23. They thought it was a good investment. Or grass was growing taller. And are Tony dollars will be used to keep this particular group of like kids. As she says off the streets and out of trouble mr. alleges she was mostly right. As Reggie and his group were finishing up for yard at a maple heights police SUV rolled up in front of the holds couldn home. When she saw the police is the window and she was surprised then she learned what it happen. My neighbors that stay in the house right there she said. So I guess I have a line. Where part of it is not my yard. They called the police to tell the police of the kids were cutting their grass. My. Reggie it seemed yes. Call mr. Reggie also carries a rate cut ideologue but I've got it right exact right this is ridiculous she said in the video. A phrase she repeated several times during an interview with the Washington Post along the lines of who does this. Hold cold and Reggie are black the neighbors who called the police our white. Hold gold does not know why the woman called the police according to her the same neighbor has called police in the past. The neighbor reported a snowball fight between black children in the front yard that heaven to be the hold couldn children. The neighbor cannot be reached for comment. My question who called the police and why 844999. All of our calls coming up you're listening to the men's or radio network. I won't mind called police on a man for wearing socks and a full she was fired from her job this according to CBS news. Article walker was employed by trilogy residential management where she was a manager of one of the company's apartment developments in Memphis Tennessee. On the fourth of July she confront a woman named cam reporter a resident of the apartment development and her boyfriend bull demanding that he. Remove his socks and after he declined walker called the police. The video of the incident was shared thousands of times on FaceBook and caught the attention of local news outlets Porter says he felt the she and her boyfriend were discriminated against telling CBS affiliate WR EG TV. It's 2530. Plus why people out here and you haven't said anything you're parting with them your parting with them but when we come it's an issue. After a call will please went viral and garnered nationwide attention the company said walker will never be employed by trilogy residential management or any of his properties. In the future she'll never get a job anywhere and test. So our question who call the police and why 8449990. Look our best and giving his feet. I finished have you seen the video Newton I have no right. Moral imperative in the pools a relative term deals like sitting on the side of the pool he's weighing in like mid calf high White Sox aren't so I'm with him like he's saying they're really in it I'm Mike. Maybe he's got a weird foot being whatever Adam Baker right by the current Philly eat your not taken out your socks it leaves me to believe yet. Either you're very self conscious about your feet or you're doing all the also favor and we don't need Z voters had really relate. To him. I don't know much different than what could only the Ruddock and White Sox pole I'll see maybe I call the cops and their black socks and army look dressy. As a medical fashion police who are who called the police about maybe they need a fashion police. At the army just fashionably GAAP and several other parents to have one and Joan Rivers that. That's good point took all the police and why it 44999. All I love thirty drop welcome to the men's room. Oh I'm generally in oh wow. I'll I call the cops on somebody like you and you're probably getting more so called the cops got called on them but I'm so my doctor Aaron my neighbor's dog is art and art you know art at all got. And I don't care could I have redux but it unusual order air dock so much. So you're the only orchestra it's been a Norton got. Actually so that truly strange cult I want to know where she got three small children. And I realized that I don't hear any of the plane but the heat really loud in the windows open at the target parking and it just all stopped. Now little back story here in the last like month in our community. And let them where they got to tell somebody had like sugar and their. Hank and then what they're tired and out of somebody company cops fired she is a share. Umpteen drilled a hole in my own a bit. So like little as I walk there and they're cure it been about expansion. I don't corners you know the first place my mind go to oh heck no I am not going in the house because there are three dead babies in the dead mom back badger. I don't want him garden man these is that right. What I call the cops to deal well lit strap. They have I'm a really soul is dead baby story. I think it's just say the baby and most people pretty quick third time. Tell us more cop cars come rolling up and I out of the house and I like expecting one car. So and then when I step out of the house all of a sudden I hear baby is lacking in a real and I went. Oh my god this guy I could be the most embarrassing moment of my life. So all. I thought and I like I am so sorry I hear the children lacking in the back badger don't. I am my age I must be watching aging much cop drama right now the cock laugh you out a short cop cars pulled up. Now or I six cop cars debut with candles. They do temple everything's and in that cost cards it showed up including a ninety days. Cali we learned that the way that goes down and around crowds and Longo those an incident but the Kabul and come. Bret look the federal open like twenty Cox. Oh yeah it has to be one illegality get together have a meeting and then decide where they want to go out and then they went there go and know decades now. The show and many things continue on the men's room radio network.