07-10-18 Seg 3 Mens Room Puts A New Spin On

Tuesday, July 10th

Emails, Ryan Castle is in to Sit & Spin with the Top 10 Millennial Song Titles! Plus Ask the Mens Room and the Shot of the Day!


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This is the men's room. Listening to. 78 by you're saving it for four and 999 cola. And we have zag on lines like these that you and your wife are staying with her mother long usual bedtime we got a statement. But her howls is back is that weird things happen weird like haunted weird select what types of things did you notice. Bill Bert Bert Astoria for today. My dog would only tacky or dead. Little did I knew it under Q and he would have a hard time sleeping in did that you can and so I just did. Our our hearts Kurtz I go in I laid out of them I apps right out. Thirty minutes later I wake up and a cold wet opened my diet and send it to the bed so. We're out at all like no way and you know they're just disappeared and I like okay. Why do you are not being your. And I'll bet. How long did you stay in good to me like that stuff on the move maybe it's the black in me but to me this is real so like hey man. The impact and I believe in the god they have not a lot of fun a lot of black actors and actresses and horror flicks is it would only be five minute movies I guess I was like yeah that's right yeah man it is now carry out. I let somebody throws that at severed head of your friend. Through window right. You can eat you don't see me grab a pool cue looks gonna look and see you are a matter oh lead to go to the hockey mask and generals enough it doesn't matter if Clinton I think people staying there at the remembrance of the murdered at a cabinet you know that said do mile and fenders is camping trip to who guilty until Monday. Why I have no matter who they play hockey here we should lead. Yeah I'd be out of yeah I'm gonna do my quickness. Our disputed Jason that hockey mask you Wear to torn. Close editing while you're saving it for far 99 final that's a problem stay out of the woods. Although movies come tomorrow. Yeah all those movies have been strange stories you watch on a unique late at night I think the defending weird is gonna happen to seem like to be that you guys believe in ghost paranormal stuff. Some thought it depends I mean I believe it's very possible loan debt they get a better which would actually go about you got. I mean I believe I paranoia. Paranoia I don't know I believe compared to the American paranormal I. I don't now I don't know that I believe in ghosts might Casper. Well I don't I Casper for everything and it goes that you see him. Edit there is stuff around him then but like I said before I think purely the Philippines they really believe in ghosts you know they see a tough. Goes down a through. All is happening while you're saving a 44999. I'll play the thing anyway I'm like hey man if you can garlic on your front door. You will not be attacked by an empire and they have a 100% success story good point but yeah when I was as I. Kind of weird story but Coast Guard crews responded to a report. On a 73 year old male who potentially fell overboard from a ship off of cape flattery. And that has of the mouth of the strait of wonderful goers doing this and Alaskan cruise or cruise ship seven sees America. Goes from prince Rupert Canada halt to Victoria BC. Mammals last seen by his wife around 4 AM who reported that she was woken up at 4:30 AM by a breeze coming from the cracked open balcony door. The captain confirmed through the ship's surveillance of the man went overboard from a balcony decade for 15 that morning if they believe he might have been sleepwalking. Coast Guard is also seeking Canadian helicopters aboard find a man I continue to update this information is available until Toyota garlic grown. He they think he slipped and I don't know they they they they they just want all off when he hits the railing and falls over wasn't like he held on. It is over he just walks in the just incidents have liabilities over. As clocks man that's. A true black man that is detailed I hope I just hope if he was sleepwalking he did not wake up at eighty point. You don't say you know we just David noticed only had to wake up people water I'm nobody didn't and guys that are being stuck under the openly slam the door that was this man. I'd ask him up think of anything we think about that right. The moment you wake eagerness ice Cold War. Dead of night no lights come from Schilling if they do so bottom orcas. What was happening while you're sleeping 84499. Final hello justice welcome to the men drew. Are yeah yeah oh yeah. Aren't so they would but I was eighteen when I joined the army that's who carded. He came back from basic training. And I got really drunk in my buddy's couch but there's mom. And she's so. They're gonna gut check embark there's you have not worked well yeah Kirk. Aaron two for a dollar aspirin it's at near parliament they kisser. And sucked birds like we're. No I okay. I hadn't seen her girl close combat arms so a bit and help grow our combat arms jobs so. I was sitting there thinking about it and then the girl or monster. Decided. They get back in under conquered Europe and by the fact out. Are perhaps out of I terminal or Q3 hours later I wake up and there she is like the guy earlier. You know warming cheerio Oki. You don't remember what songs using instant. Oh no I'm. Are they were rock lobster. Okay I kinda had I don't iron Internet Internet and an air and like they get on this Megan imagine Fred Schneider there through that smell that. Pac man on my. Love shack bay bear attacked a bloody to have super hot mom and my other friend once sleek. Solar like coming out of the kitchen night in lake heard downed open a little bit like that. Had to stores to hook up with a 10 law but here's the thing man. Based on what they say is happening at the time we will go it could avenue eight times and you find out you slept through how disappointed would you be. And like she's under their pensions and legalese that we've tracked him. I perform karaoke Indy that you never woke up. Yeah I really we look at those guys get a bad rap as far as this goes I told you that bill it was 42 year old Selena overruling his daughter's spreading a line here today decrepit. Can't wait to see bass is announcing gives him and his dad Bob Ryder. Brittney it. They announced that they you know the jail yeah absolutely. It would bullets on gives the man. You didn't think that junior golf community college when you've got obviously very well and it is. A man on man not a out of ban on. Rosetta while you're saving a 44999. All alone Connor welcome to the men were at a regular battery to. They're on top. All right so when I was little like. I don't know I was gonna get all he could put XP pocket. And it. Eight out of it yet until like eleven. And I got into some pretty good shenanigans of the work that's gone weren't there are canyon. And in the middle deny it. I walked onto the living room and the kitchen area. And I got until recruits. And a mom she taught me about she's looking everything it is. It is in the next day you're. And she when they open up some grand arm. Or to drink it and went back this week. And I had no idea who has gone on but mostly talking. And she did some investigating it she found that I got into Zimbabwe. And James who by the way and gets him back to sleep. And when she told me about the next morning I was petrified. But because you drank a beer are because you don't remember him. All of a bowl of flake. And the people walking boot scary carrying about the story of the night I know very low wage. Alcohol there I know I can scare me and like how can really do suck on do you go to hell alone and game repent permits and you know. Go to hell out of hug to be religious in your house with a bunch of Bud Light and I got man I'm doing may be your moral is you know mom was. Boy am I moment and one patient religion and made it. And and your family doesn't tell a bruise and religion down to Athens during 20 yeah what religion roller look over woods and where you say it wasn't cool the alcohol. Always Luke and they totally cool about the whole bit I just didn't know we're going on. They're not sure it was an I don't doubt that the evidence already Donald not a drinker I don't know now Donald's going or glad they consciously wanted to be here like they've. Alcohol scared of ball when he slid 40 he's different Manhattan seven years old opened bridge should have a book like when they held back mostly knew exactly how to talk don't judge them it's just you know the powerful move because. You have for bruiser like generally Uighur Millen night but a glass of water covered the white people at the prick its five correct OK here. Goes immensely rusty I went down on Saturday while you're leaving a 449990. Don't do that again Sunday damned if I don't respect when I hear the third. Hello Eric welcome to the men's room. All right I'll. I'll let. They can't first of all I apologize for confusing you with my golf clubs story yesterday. All right. The hack it anyway so let I would about. Eight key highway to a party and got really drunk and blacked out. At some point in the middle of the night I walked out. With that kill cops and try enemy I wish handcuffed. So it's onscreen you're standing in the room and they asked me what I was doing there. I did turned out nice spring had tried to take me home and broke into the wrong apartment I didn't have my easy. And I and old. Yeah and so they've they've talked actually what I would do on there too which I told them I would lose much in the darkened bay where. Now how long does it take to resolve that MI is the other person cool when they realize you're beautiful drunken neighbor but wandered into the employers. Actually you would very cool about it they had they let me go back I couldn't get any in my apartment so I just slipped outside. Okay yeah. I let them when you're that drunk parent or two ago empire. And crash and finally I met him but I'm not good with keys on that day I highly recommend you get one of those key pads for one door of your home. All of a number all absolutely because of her out to forget things or do you have to lose a key year god forbid huge car keys and all that stuff you came in and year out here they keep that on their somewhere keep battling garage doors on them. Got us a light cigarettes every time you use that exclusively death toll welcome I'm completely keeps what was the most important. With the code itself 4731. Obama is not happening while you are leaving a 44999. Cola. I got more comments came Evan says hey guys my older brother and I shared a bed back home we were teenagers. And he was able to have sex while I was sleeping in the same bed I just east he did this on the regular is now I understand completely normal probable wake up. As far as sleeping with a little people's trailer members has been my buddy used to beg your friends are that live with a whole lot of god sleep teased us for a couple of years it doesn't know to lose today what life. All of the children like. This week as a little arrived there hasn't done guitars coated since then they ran brings us millennial versions of your favorite classic rock size and get your emails going out and return. As the men's room you are listening to the men's or radio network. Did you know you don't have gentleman's room. I have got racked up the Droid charge him since then today he brings us mobile versions of your favorite classic rock tunes. Since this coming up right after emails in the men's room at men's or my back off. Had a question about what was happening while you were sleeping I was thirteen fourteen sleep in my room slept like a log through the 90 the next morning I found out the during the night. We are chimney fire with two fire trucks in the whole ordeal sirens fire hoses all of it. I slip through the whole goddamn thing c'mon miles say herky jerky the house is on fire. That from Sergio would you inventories on bird dad passed down I woke up and heard people in the room say the cops are here hide the we'd. I went back to sleep woke up the next morning hello overweight in the bathroom looked down and someone pain in my boobs blue hello well good party all of you guys have from Connie. 197712. Years old was traveling in my parents in Europe the night we were staying in Madrid and there was a terrorist car bombing outside of our hotel I never heard a thing. Those no sign of the the next day and nothing in the news but there was a huge military presence all over the city. Thanks guys snoring guy was too funny that from Gary. My boss and a good friend once passed out in a car on the beach when it happened was she in a friend rent a car decide to visit the ocean smoke a lot of wheat. Apparently they passed out and when they woke up the tide in command and the rental car was under water. They swam to safety but of course terrified of getting into trouble she made her friend tiller Dan when it happened. Turns out that are parents had to buy the car that is probably still in the ocean to this day. Of course you can imagine their parents were you happy. A rock on guys Hamas for an app that from Liz. Guys I was assigned to a navy ship and slept right under the gun I woke up to gun drills 1 morning and about flew out of my pants with a gun went off. ICloud the latter almost all the drills have been going on for an hour the guys told me they were taking bets on how long I would sleep. Q of the great show that from John and economics. There's a recurring question you've popping up until I guess we should address and hey. Whatever happened to the guy that fell asleep by yesterday's show about a mile data inspired some question. Holden the and teaching deny here he did eventually wake up but he did not wake up on the air he woke up as we had gone into a break I believe. But Mike hawk talk to him. He was disappointed that he slept little bummed out. But the way he says that he felt refreshed in letters all the smoke is secure and artwork we never got to talk to. I have to go from December day emails guys alleged emerge they set out to my buddy mad Max pronounce the big cat he's turning old and I think he would like a lion roar. And I'll look outs and some dirty Germans talking about laying rebar thanks guys that from Josh look gone. Young to know that most of the is that it is built rig instead. Not immediately through the success of our. Poll shows a lot and it. Coming at a birthday shot up for our boy Matthew nickname Matty today is is nineteen trip around the sun and his mama's side and I couldn't be more proud of that little tired. Could you please get a birthday song along with an Al hitting the window and some dirty Germans giving him advice on how to fixes cars that always seem to be breaking down. It would mean a lot to us rock on that from man he's mom and dad. Oh yeah. I didn't know much about come out of it could be your forward for him. Now he didn't take an exclusion that. Hopefully I'm a student. But today is my prayers go harder than I've ever worked with the yards per day I would like all of you guys to talk all over each other about fixing old bolts wagons patty bird they've buddy that from nick I legal and Palin and all of these you have ever how to manage actually today I'm gonna want it like yeah yeah yeah and I've definitely got an ally announced by Virginia who worked Sunday and Monday night and still their right mind to think Wu and nothing that are free can drive our economy in an alliance that thing blew up. The old Alison from WA AF in Boston Larry rocker I usually out to podcast do the time zone difference. I'm turning 26 all no longer be able to benefit from my parents' health insurance. So could I get asked not get up cupcake and maybe the dirty Germans applying as sugardaddies. Thanks guys and while the low blows and the show from across the country on the regular dad for. Ryan O. I do not have to plug for the day. Sugar daddy is infected in the name of my. Some people bought him a budget that you need to daddy on the front. And that's the best sugar daddy who don't require a sixty something dead the end of the kids I hated it and they have enough to qualify as 100. A budget. Continues to review. Genoa today marks the twentieth birthday a myself and it would make my day at Shannon Sharpe but not a German head chef Ted because he's six suggest. What I should order at Shannon Sharpe specially sandwich shop. I'm a journalist in the podcast every day out and a loyal listener guys passenger arrival. At the buzz rest in peace thanks from last great stories in the years and here's to many more and congratulations guys on the syndicated show. As yours is the best sincerely that from Alex fleet admiral. Of thrills royal navy. Oh yeah it be good enough that isn't them out of third the red rimmed the duke with a dual power bill includes Debbie 07 I believe the responses superfast. Old cup of tea cup stuff by Holbrooke who beat him down the league for a month when a ball. Feel best these proposals of onion then you have the festival and we're going yeah yeah I doubt you that's what we've food. If he thought he. Quoted as it is my birthday Joseph boyfriend takes Torii Hunter bred the sun today and I know you appreciate turtle wax for the U like that in the Paz. As well as some dirty Germans talking about how awesome beards are. Thanks fellas that from a Miriam recently located and listening and lovely Cincinnati Ohio. That's fun. And I particularly enjoy you'll be a dozens. Tickle my and the size of you have got to. Out here for the festival once again Julie chin and number two. They keep food follow up to a week. Guys there my lovely wife Jennifer story night that I time she would love the dirty Germans to tell her what she can do with your men's room sausage in her mouth thanks guys that from mark. God normally I'm strictly back to turn to do going to eat the sausage. I'll put yourself. Yeah I wouldn't always recommend this but in this case quite on top. I don't give a big birthday shout out to my better half branded on his thirtieth I told him when he got the thirty. I would have to trade him in for a newer model but he still just too damn hot. Yeah as odd scheme around for a while I love your Brandon had a birthday. That from Peggy double mark all the from whidbey island Illinois my husband Brad heavy 32 trip around the sun getting isn't turtle wax and the dirty German talk about camping. Thanks guys that from crystal. It looked. It's. No problem to a kind of come up twenty different styles. Out of your party must happen is having sex and attempts to get together and sleeping bag. At Middlesex street home. This is the roots of traditional German guns that yeah. Hit me up its guns and I think is Latino part of Germany if they do support. Ever there's just like gorges on the widely as she's 34 can you get all of yourself talking all over each other about tie dye. That would be the world tour thanks guys that from justice and the real big time I met my to lay eyes on donated goodness I'm airs a little. Are you about all of the pretty clear I have drones and you know enhance the brilliance and losing you guys is that road trip through lovely New England today's number today and all I really want is a day when Ted but I'll settle for her birthday song love you all that from dumb. We move on wanna give a birthday shout out to my Pug mama holly she's bitty guy busy getting buff on the East Coast but hopefully we'll get home my own. Could you get some mud turtle wax with Rel throw yelling no womb with a breaks thanks guys rock on from angry and. Lulu. Guys are my little brother Joseph turns fifty today have a few Joey chestnut and Robbins thirty is German birthday wishes thanks guys loved the show that from Wayne's. It snapped. Young holy kingdom bush stepped depends Canada and coop in Frentzen. Lou do you. Our guys do you though. It's. I had any credit card. Track behind yeah. Frankly I guarantee you the new big dead young. Okay. Available through his will stay on men's and I've done come another sign retailers. Need him shrine Flacco. Israel knows what is out of the literature and amassed a men's or is on the way as well both murders. Yes friends it's time once again at all. Six and spend it better than I around the old radio and listen to some sweat a. And I. Twitter is usually. It's such a high level of discourse that I was kind of shocked that we sunk to this level on Twitter. A couple of weeks ago because usually. It's always so Smart in general yeah 140 character of the last movement away joint titillate yourself but Todd said that this hash takes her on Twitter couple weeks ago and actually was it was pretty funny at the time you would take. Classic rock song or something. An older song maybe not necessarily Kyle Crockett you give it a millennial spit and Melinda you'll see that something needs some days were very clever so for example instead of we will rock Q it would be. We will have Q. We look at overall a brilliant though instead of thought every breath you take its every click you make or love will lift the stuff but it slipped with the Y. I like our staff. And out of a motor and assault with without noted that and actually do this on you just change from some titles so I thought I would bring in some of that what I thought we're the more clever ones that you guys all play the song and then you can see designee guess look at what the millennial up to another title under. I only ask you need to do you guys believe that if Europe millennial. Do you feel like you're getting up at a little bit too much of the business right now is that based on just how we as a base on social media and everything are still. I think it's always like I have Ireland and are racing I'll guess that you're just the new generation of social media so you do Arnold when I was twenty Jackson guys as. Do they act and act and act. Yeah I had a lot of guys have probably is true I just don't remember it being our man adult daughters are the older generation had something nasty to say about the young generation coming up behind all always suggest I don't know if it works in reverse is somehow amazingly survived as a species so these are a classic rock songs as the actual song we need right let's hear what the millennial version is site. Obama. Devil is in England ran his take on something. You think. Or later click on the. Below we'll Gil de France winner of the start realizing how stupid themselves and actually talk about it I was take on that. They got. Yeah. I am. A little min and music. The cast is never gonna get your defense. Actually wasn't on the list things on the planet. I got genocide I think we're and improve poor little. To get a little by a McDonald's and I'll. After Ronaldo likable Lula. I say. I'm never gonna give you. It was I've never gonna give you up okay. You know within Dan this is the type that good emergence of your fair classic rock. Number hey. Revert it's just absolutely reverse this gluten unknown guys know so what do I thought I think maybe if you look at braver and delivered it prudently. Let it get better and he's he's Burr RRR not a couple. This chicken little furry wolf courses. And as their route and rebirth and they've just become a GM all for now it's up to these are mobile versions of your favorite class. Legal defense counsel. So when they're being beaten this here's the NB telethon. Well I know are okay because we're that William burden your failure of the. I'm very sick. They bring in the boys are. Correct my biggest of all well I'll get a guy. Did urban school lab room and also make the less stress your film hitting in the general because it didn't yeah any debate that anymore that's cool. In June and ended polarized I don't with still is a little flat out flattered kind of looks like. For me to disposal. This difference is dad found compatible roommates let it get the teen aged family people work. Whenever we don't think survivor. Sir. I'm very sick. Oh under fire. And. Good but now. These are throwing. Good colonials as you head back I thought it would not lead emotional support animal that is dog. I'm off I'll see this as a butterfly on AM best it was a sweet emotion. Would you leave those. These are on a mobile versions of your favorite classic. They're flown. Just happy that people nobody knows fat. All kind of wind. Plus we will close them. Flamboyant I can't get no satisfaction living wage. Okay. Yeah. Oh boy. I believe a word you figure they're classic rock god six. Club coldest night until report reported wonderful support of my life now. That is also very appropriate goes a long day. I'm just with memories from your job in my life pulled me out on. Now you'll voted. The dog and I the coldest night of the drive on ice the Akron I think. These are mobile versions of your favorite classic song. Everybody gets memento. Oh yeah. There are on the right track. I got told me we are the champions but we still want to trophy. Think we are the champions who is still real large companies none of these altogether and it does today I don't know hundreds not thousands maybe unflattering book. Yeah I do have a the first time my niece's little thousand would show people that we just got to. Anything that makes Brad Brad what's the outlook ten seconds ago a millennial classic rock political Oscar. Are these are on the mobile versions of your favorite classic rock songs and we have made it to number alive. All right let's get this Steve purple smoke tomorrow. Is it about the smoke is about the water out of unfamiliar. They pump water now. Bottled water. Look back. Welcome golden boy they've on the LeCroy. My neighbors in the water if that's a good fit Phil Guerrero and had to include the game up it's no smoking novel water. You that I yeah I. If people don't do that it now. No smoking on the war I mean it's true that the pac money. Bush will grow and don't don't want your favorite plaza drive on snow dogs no smoking on the beach damage. No alcohol no fun. Disturb the Klan bad as there I don't get the water I don't think. We're gonna have would attribute those coming up the show today is on the way out the return of pessimism coming up thank you awry and you are listening to the men's or radio network's three. Yeah. We'll bring again tells his show today is on the way but first. It's been said that there are no stupid questions. We disagree. Because you'll keep us get over. Yeah he's this guy. STD yeah. And hum more questions that need answers and yes we can. This is as good. You know close to Branson Missouri initiatives an email to the men's room and men's or live dot com make the subject at the Missouri man Astoria right away ago. I'll look guys die I need you to settle very hot debate in my house what do you do with your socks when they come out of the laundry cleaned. I always grew up finding the pair and ball in the months to put in the sock Dorsey always had matching socks and they're always together. My wife on the other hand it says I'm crazy and she just pulled over Sox in the drawer a lot of the time she doesn't even Wear matching socks. And my crazy you know CD for bawling my socks together. Or is she the weird one that we're just throwing them in the drawer. Like a single thanks guys that remain and you're you're asking us. Which one did you seems crazy that the guy. The ball to decide what to do what I do maybe we're both crazy everyone I've ever met that's traditionally what they do or does the other person who wears a mishmash you sisal time. Does that do they see great. Other good say your wife seems a little crazy but to her credit. If she truly does not care provides managed. The G daughter write her mind. Most people we struggle affordable wizard of even if you Wear jeans and a tendency for whatever reason it just bothers you Peters out foment. These guys are from like. OCD I'm like I'm not a CD off the like but the magic stuff and a ball this well wrestling subsumed in an anathema I had one single soccer last night altitude back drive your agent yeah I died simply by the same type of socks just so even though the though not maybe not be seen exact pair that I worked together the last time when I watched them I still had the same type aside that ball to get things you talk. Yeah exactly thank you for the eight pack or whatever it is ironic that Bradley real what you would go into pack right if I have some left over from the APEC before like I won't put him with a new well hours I don't know I don't know. All the naked ladies I've got four questions for you today below but first I'd like to say something you guys of the funniest and some of the most intelligible people I listened to on the radio. Man oh man does not say much about ready are you guys make the hard times easier and miserable days are more tolerable the laughter you bring me and so many others thank you guys for doing what you do really does mean a lot people like me don't try to butters up just get dressed and for freaking questions and I'll see what he's doing okay you'll ever hear the question time. Do you guys really take a shot for the shot of the day. Oh that determines what Kennedy were happy. As far as what we need to do what are obligations are afterward. What day it is and just kind of depends what we had a drink it and everything else I'll say this up early in R&R raid occurred on thirteen years ago whatever was man it was that we drink four races week. Liberal route eight in debt Nazi death December's merger when we first got on the air command the shot of the day what sponsor. And it looked so what are alcohol weeks to get our hands on or the people brought those was alcohol we would drink and remember we had a gallon of ever clear to put this in perspective for a we started hitting some better boos but we agreed like look let's just finish this bottle of ever player because that's how we used to think let's put this is down whomever clear before reopen a goods and did you guys ever get around to trying the ball. Locale mare I did not thousand. Oh hagel is not too long ago. Told the buffalo OK Omar is just Calabar in Buffalo's. Mr. brown at the you know I'm good I'm back I'll look Alomar. How we can actually called into the show. What time of day are you guys live on the air that would be 2 to 6 Pacific standard time brewers are he is in San Jose listening on the bucks okay and so in the afternoon two to six. I would have a no one. They got it was a funny as Colorado ever. How we have heard from one allowed that no one no one's around twitters and he's active on what days do and aren't there. Thanks gentlemen and blob and that is from Michael who's listening in a San Jose California and yes he listens down there the fox. Let's see here guys all miles how you do without smoking cigarettes I'm going crazy still yes a lot I'm going crazy as well. It's a 133 days and it's no longer are still going crazy. Badges I was just wondering why did you guys stopped doing the pod dammit podcast. It was a great little show things bitches that from an Indian minister of Denton that they forces is had a guest of doing their thing is too good yeah really is you know you're good you're good too much work into it doesn't work to do are still good that makes a morals through the level we figured feel much as it was and was considered a little sales wants out in a real me in America but we are exemplary employees he has getting won't work with the gonna tell him. Man oh man maybe I agree we determined that before our daily podcast was enough yeah I think the four hours. Five days a week we determined was always check out the podcast to eat hello I'm Joseph Odom the man pass absolutely for a look at your needs and extra nuggets are rare act but the four hours we give you we like to say you know what that should be good enough right. My aunt had to be fed ought to be that way but I mean it is four hours five days a week so hopefully if that doesn't fill the void. I wouldn't be a good job. NT CN severe ranking. Men's room. It's just the way it is. Added as an as usual we heads as a great dance dance even throw vilified out nortel's if you ask. And today we told them unidentified. Woman from somewhere in the UK I believe about my heart has the story as well but this is certainly shop for now. The story as citizens and to do analysis of the eyes of her doctor and in this case the woman who wanted to propose. To promote for. Associates who bought him the day to have and I'm guessing she bought him and I'm guessing as I when he sixteen they called the lead you're tradition were the women I guess in the UK that's an Obama got the most of about of their idea and what she did what she hit it in one of those kinder egg tender any tiger and little plastic dinner and gender gender but it and it Kenderick which is very huge in the UK but she then took the gender A employees that and her big giant oh OK now I'm not make himself surprised this doctor says she was going to do and requests that he knew would because. Some finger work to her partner and then he would discover retrieve it and then of course he would discover the right while things didn't work out that way because the day ended up lodging sideways inside of her vagina. They couldn't get an out. And this is Powell. Will she stop for point. The board for an realize there Sunday and Zetterberg Jon and she still would not tell him. What it laws but they wanted to have sex so they eventually go to the hospital people and out she had to film he opens this thing sees the range he drops underneath. And now they're engaged. So reports this blues and we drink this booze because we think it's ya bin bags over the talking it down the throat to Barney in arts Emmys. Down not all allowed bed so. The show and many games continues on the men's room. The radio network.