07-10-18 Seg 2 Mens Room Missed It Cuz Sleep

Tuesday, July 10th

Mens Room Question: What was happening while you were sleeping?


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This is dumb men's room. I'm listening to. Our friends jump on right now Larry 65 WC IMF Rochester is classic rock station speaking now abandoned our friends know a thing or two about a tornado of Iraq whether bush by the cats in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma. And Iraq 969 the fox in beautiful animal the Wisconsin thanks for joining Michelle rank castle drawing a charge come out to sit and spin and today we're gonna get millennial versions. All of your favorite classic rock songs as the men's room is back profile there's a little drink until with a shot of the day now if you're just joining us you recall on nine yesterday's program. You we had they a looser by the name of Holden and if we could just play a little bit of Holden Holden. A wanted to get on with the random question question. Unfortunately Holden fell asleep while Holden was on hold and we kept trying to get back to see if we could wake him up to do anything beholden through and through just. Could not wake up. Hello hold and welcome to the men's room. News. He's the news liquid net almost Lou a little girl or little. Now yeah I understand our show is not forever right kind of build out there I could hold a religious. I can't from about thirty. In the man is an air if he's actually asleep. I think he's gotten better and hello Eric welcome to the so low ball league on Baghdad home probably know listen 67 times and every time we did go back to him. He was legitimately sleeping at first we want to serve those just a gag rules going on there but yes he was in fact asleep so an honorable and our question today what was happening while you were sleeping 844999. Cola I'm glad to know we have that effect on Sunday it. Hello Brian welcome to the men's room. Tall order on time. All. I got to do a two man. So this should have been last year I would still live in my in my urged apartment and it looked first time like meant my little sister that spent the night of the week and so we can just drink a little bit that she. If you're rebels agent Don showed her the way it. So. I actually bought our installed you to track the men's or bread and I had built up this giant collapsed. And I had to shut down and higher paying. I. Blowing hard it loses glands are you saying is an old old twelve Beers. It. Helped pilot and a that is a big sis mom showed a glass that is five bottles deep with a sixty Italians is sixty ounces. I. And I'm glad you chick epic men's room right and we appreciate you have a six ounce mug. Yeah I couldn't believe it might not only paid five dollars or had how do you tell a scenario what do deal well how are out of the water what is this a great idea but Aristide chug five Beers and wants and that housed the rest of your day player. All right so the rest my day it's just. Surely can drink and drink and it's my friend 21 birthday so I take it to the bar right to our mind how to and we I had shot a pitcher on and that it might and eight point. I pay act out on my child's. And common little sister is change in the eighth and Brian wake up in the fire Geico and how might I add steel. I'm circle fired Eli enemy and I go back to leaps like no we got to go and I did. I did sheer crack a leap. I looked outside my balcony and cute story shy or just completely on fire and though. The Who what they do it by crowd back allowed. And I bill outlook waters without coming off there like stump and on there or how am I got out there today hide. So I did dump the water out from just walking around the genital to go out what was on fire. Sheila at this so we were doing construction. On to our balcony and the or look on each. He. She might swords. Just laying there are all derived one and I think at that cheated about but they are smoking cigarettes and dropped it down odds and Katja title. Which they caught up spent caught a tree and then caught. The free or or out of our department. And it it look like I'm a minute later reporting and do it earlier today I'm fire department showed up my counselor cut duke. I like the smoke weed and I have a bunch of empty. Propane canisters and I doubt I'll like we'll get and that didn't catch. Why why don't get rid of them Heidi who want to be. Pro brain damaged. The only about two or three hours at channel AB that's been my dream day yeah. Aren't out there and abandon them so. For your torch atop propane is a little canes or was saying disputes. Be either way it's flammable again and generous and so long since Charlottesville. What was happening while you're sleeping 844999. Cola. The day and welcome to the I. It has been driven are you. But you can't I don't think you are. I did an unprecedented turnout in England who is that my dreams that lord who dreams boredom I mean c'mon. Good. And most yeah. You have to sleep through it just as I could easily. That's true bounce in his step in the right direction files don't want to run our way better than yesterday. I. Object to a did you see this. It goes back. Thirty years or so. Out. Coming home I want what by the water cycle and it bought back and let. And got apple what our cycle. Well I'd turn I had. But all that part where it all. The barbecue and ornate. Got on a motorcycle I go home. I think what appetite. Mr. corner whatever couple. I eat out ballot in the ditch. And all wake up ought pop. PD on the ball. Or be killed on the door. How many more I pay him to jail. A you woke up in jail. Jail on no doubt remembering it's a bit. What's the only goes through your head American leg measured by golfer Arjun. Oh well first of all I didn't remember where I got pulled over so I don't know what you would like. That was my first period with a Eli. Your first experience of the DUI so that didn't I didn't that didn't. Lesson not learned that. All open collared I I have I had a few Dexter after the fact on the motorcycle. All they want on the bike and we did want that was pretty stupid. Because that was dumb morals he's responsible about it for God's sakes man some slack. The wreckage. Yet now and I knew it or we'll edit to the right when's the last time you gonna do you live. Oh it's been thirty years okay I have so metal man I don't. I don't you know more are no way how many times did you have to learn the lesson before the last how many times do repeat a grade before finally sunk him. More than one from now since I was not an app is this in the Arab loses before. Everything really got serious as far as the fines the penalties and all that. Back in the eighty and flat out there and as I was gonna say there was there was an air their man where you lose you are you do you would get a good combo villages follow me home. Or whether argued drunk all right follow me where do you live. The reason you'd like people would drive into the garage I remember this in Rochester are going bad Toronto but at a neighbor. He slammed into the side of disgruntled cops got into what could do to help you don't is obviously I was drunken went Lou. I doubt about it like okay that explains it you know that's what we'll tell insurance and I know some Heilman and the kind of flew out now. Urbina has some late ninety's like our government teacher. It was all seems like it was an excuse and then like this you know that's the engineers they. And people started dying more and it was like all right we need charges serious crime and you it is amazing I mean it is amazement of as a Q what you. That was in couples are LaGuardia and weaving on rural white drum reclusive call. I am hammered McGinley. Look at you know be careful. It's just as crazy about good times. Hello judge gives welcome to the men's room. Yeah and M. Don't go away or what else back home a great deal dead dog blood blood blood but it's probably a dynamite sleep Doug ball high school golf but it did you like you all did yeah I'd got that you like yeah I'd want to do we are. Doing right. When does that man. It slows. We we've I don't I don't do to look left IA's. Daily life and the slight tremble on me like doesn't have to be a big one. And I just let's see what it feels like on a look around like all right this is an hour right now on her game on an ordinary you know. Beck broke into my second read the draft he's sold the circuits or did they know how to edit the navy awhile. And don't have the exit of so what that does Jackson mayor number but the Japanese access. All yeah I get that a lot has I don't like all day and ID vault smiled at gitmo what Gibbons blackness is that the forgot again. They're very golf ball on this record time. I did not play video board because bald bud reds owner login and it is jolt to the right out of my sleep the company but why I don't have a lot in ages wise. Advice you could have been a man and a bad blood or actually walk up so you really don't what did you preserve what I don't like you unless you. Live the wanna be dug loved it did have a little. How long how long does it go on what were you wake up your batteries and shaky. How long does go on and this is true what I've been told by people of experience that they said like the ground almost feels like water or feels like waves are gonna roll on your feet. Bill. Would out of quite Danica stole my batted. Wonder what he did quite. Got to make sure nobody bought it out all thank god because everything was privileged herbs are they ignore the mud and it does get the flight. Did go to the shifting back and forth and back to walk and a big wet wipe the global. I'm sleeping why it was an adult court crowded what. And what is so I'll let your urine and all yeah. You've got to close a watered it did the issue is tsunami warning after that we. Yeah did actually yeah yeah Google play don't like to work we had a lot of good beyond Byron wolf they get what everybody I'll Boigny up browser based in all one eyebrow idea because there are you just heard a bit of a bowl or not. Tom I'm not trying to say I would run from danger by the way I would sell. Helping people say follow me yes if that's the bottom of what it amounted to wait for it to go up but they've probably heard me 2000. Broadcast on drug charges gun and I have since been momentarily we've got a millennial versions of your favorite classic rock sung gun a bit more your calls on our question what was happening while you. We're sleeping 8449990. You are listening to the men's or radio network. With a smile since. As guests arrived at the chapel raw out. At saint James palace for Princeton Louise christening. I guess the bottom made his entrance in his mother's arms. That it killed there in both completely asleep the eleven week old prince clad in the same down his siblings war smoothness Kate Middleton queen of whatever. But using their own toddler tantrums approached the archbishop become the Barrett who must Semitic comments about this may be made me. He's very relaxed and peaceful case said with a laugh she added I hope he stays like this. It's. A I don't look at how cool that they're asking. What do I was Saturday while you're sleeping 844999. Olaf technically she's only to protest what it. You wouldn't go locally there's only one wing Aaron it does and Amanda who hello Ashley welcome to the bedroom. I go out. Like Catholic and ringing and laying ago greeting in many countries around the world. Yeah Walsh didn't actually I meant sorry about like shakes and shouted and shared bunk bed with my can't. Okay cool I. You can't say other lady okay. Only count. So there. How can we trust their I don't know my life. I mean I like your but I'm not surprised let's bride Robert was prepared to you know as we look we intransigent and hang out with names and Kim asked. C words like that think I can think you're on television or on the radio or like at a podium in front on some people that he can hear you. Think like that. Our grandma. And think oh my god there's like. Who voted Wendy's under the bridge there. OJ. I look at the beverage shaken. Content and noted being public maybe she's playing a result I don't know so I don't doubt it can't go back there. Dale and imply that they're big boo it's not like Nikki did you didn't boots she took me I don't and in all can be beaten her body and. I don't six. That duty NY I need that we didn't. Elevated and why why would you sharing a Bombay with your aunt your first Leslie wells circumstance of the morning and in New Hampshire room. Well all in all pattern. Well I won't years. You can get aren't you could. I have an army when I was little kid I shared a room my sister for a little bit through the match arrange. I don't bet Richard eight. Literally it was on sale in the general with the ball it's not my parents who haven't say it's the stranger in the with the guys. Oh she did okay how many do it or else nanny and if you lived in your house and you're gonna. We actually badger how to and I grabbed added on Herman I got I had married an immediate pressure on and then we made quite a dining room into an action venture for my two Brothers how many people total more than one announcers or front and some ID I don't like. Eight people unconsciously would chew it created equal coming out and. Welcome our program both like I got my whole group but Brady's. You don't usually about horny as a woman spotted a narrow decision Earl what's what was happening while you're sleeping 844999. Nolan really telling you it's that same people are hard times I'd like my your six year old niece is in the bed above you would think that have sex and that that Brett is limited terms of what I mean we get a period. Great guys stand up. Hello old Kevin welcome to the men's room. They get a good job. Or are great civil or not I would. And I walk off or narrow my ex wife. It would. Girlfriend's birthday party but broader parts beleaguered commuter. I was in the core lip Eric Dowdell and out the nightclub in the PGA com article double midi three dollars up early the next hour so. All the but he decided it could be black out drunk. So we are expecting a great dog they'll look at but the market widespread. And I get black Eric Olympic earlier attack Carly got back I play the almighty street buddies are all my body I. Keep him on a pat on the back of the car I wake up icon in the my partner and my wife put it up where it all about but he picked. No. No no no no all three of your buddies. All year and this was your wife. Yeah now yet okay. How awful word is that moment and I economies and you walk in and she's. Doing whatever it is he's doing. What happens next. Well are appropriate like Eric is dispute violently after our start. In the league hero Charlotte where I want it do it right now restrict our better equipped that's. Okay. It's like real little lord and did they see you. Oh yeah okay and they didn't stop I think here. Neither area deer in the headlights start there. Airline when I got up in the morning everybody start looted art art. You know they're recording you go to including your life all right who's the next time you saw her after that. About a day later. I am OK look everybody's got one friend that. That is attractive enough and I'm sure there significant other would honestly by the the whole crew of your friends you're gonna go into the guy's story up but but what about its what did she say do you will what was her reasoning behind this. Are there isn't it aren't going very badly to you Rick if you want to California or the leak is probably 68 dominant well. You may have slipped they all landed right. IPod apple apple apple out of south. Let's let's just. I was gonna tell authority until I had kids did you tell it did you tell that to the judge did a careful look at it a little Long Beach from family vacation or whatever it is that you say that. Oh react to it about it and he really hoping our bigger. No and Austin did you do and like I guess you're no longer friends with these guys after this happens or did you continue a friend Sean don't. I know we Leo we don't talk at all and like it kind of weird because like I hear from guy from another. Ten years. You don't impact our bodies when they Serbia could lead pack camaraderie shore and all three of them like threw it away that and I. In your unit. I mean not any time you use the garlic and I was I was hitting the you know I was in the dark over in Durham and my we're fight but I thank her out and then you came back and they're about. Wow Alec you your Brothers and then eskimo Brothers aren't I got one more question is yeah at the end of it what was worse lose in the friendship with the dudes they're losing a wife a coma. Yeah and you. Finally at home you know. I'm happy and you know all the digital images sounds little like he has to listen no you would have. The thing that you or your wife was not being faithful to you when you were when Europe deploy U based on that kind of situation only I don't like it there. When I came home direct interference you reflect we expect. And then we went through the right polish people like Sarah Palin all that out all the who's the baby's father. This guy here got married later after we were on. Got merits and yeah she's she got divorced from you I'm. Now it was at an easy divorced to go through under the circumstances or did you get screwed over. All oh yeah I mean there are people out there are. How where they had earlier. I got a weight that pretty it's pretty cool. And got as you and I and I am and you're good shot did three in June addict wants. Montefiore did you ever did you did you ever get married again. Yeah I got I got married into it and I got the most Canadian woman you'll ever meet outcast is eventually went. Oh yeah I love walked away from America would note that got away I act there are called them back. Aren't very good and very good. So read into bonds and then I may remove stories start it down at bat I don't know why but whenever story starts with me my wife went to the club. Always. The club man what I'm different atmosphere like you're not at a bar united Russia under a club that's late it's like taking your flapping. Pet Chihuahua on safari with a yes yes man a nothing good is gonna happen with the decision right consistently to understand. The environment the two walking insert. Day and three guys that wants. The running full lock who follows on Twitter just sent us this one a fatal carbon monoxide incident and Newark's Fairview homes apartments. I just shared the stars ever want my car this comes from a New Jersey residents evacuated apartment complex New York police and first responders attend a fatal carbon monoxide incidents at the fear view homes apartments in Newark. Who this happened in. Just a pitch shoot just couple days ago. Nor police and first responders attend the the incident raised what happened was this woman was having an affair with her mechanic yes. I guess that somehow carbon monoxide was leaking into the car I'm not sure they came over no they won't started having sexson caller OK okay. When the husband got home. He discovers in the garage. Is making wise that his make it mechanic. They are dead from carbon monoxide board member of the mid. The mid adult who says that 39 year old woman was apparently paying for work on her car by having sex with a 56 year old mechanic via the source did not relieve release names of the woman or the McCain. He's ever go to camp they died of carbon monoxide poisoning in the car anywhere close garage and they were both pronounced dead the incident as an invasive investigation appears to be accident. They did not mean to kill themselves happy monoxide while having sex and what was happening while you are sleeping 844999. Cola does is wonder that's my period. Hello Chris welcome to the men's room. Oh look well at all. So I lipped out an Oregon had a roommate who had a girlfriend or his way out of my league I mean cheap he wasn't the greatest again but. How people that are we at no idea all the rest of us we eat. We didn't know. You can lick his eyebrow I'm gonna try my area I've got a friend like awfully due to certain. So. So anyway is that. I mean the funny guy I'm not really attractive but baker you know emerge we'll be funny how will confidence was there and I he's always cracked jokes being Smart. Smart out in the group. And anyway it's one Miley got grouch I ended up waking up to what I thought was a wet dream and like political really. Quite awake yet candidate come into it and that what I thought was a wet dream was actually not a wet dream and it will has. Is extremely hard girlfriend out performing karaoke. Those few members songs using the didn't up at the little guy is a joke told the night before. Tell you yeah I did work one of those guys that. Just have a Smart Alec you know it now into. What did you say that make that happen and I'm Greg until all the time what so what did you do they would when I know I just. Happen to be re all that I happen to be as early may when she found out there he was cheating water. Julio. And so. Anyway she does her business. Chance athlete moves. And that she never has to be seen again I never said anything to my roommate Epstein did release. An outlet. You know kind of hold awkward. Stay away and that. We get rate our leases out reiterate that the move out and that he breaks the news that she did that. Not only told him but apparently had made a videotape other Indian it took. All. He married wow hole. And we lived together for four months she never said a single word about that this. Ever mentioned that she never like acted angry towards me I don't know what is it was kind of weird anyway is. I think he knew that sea of gum disease. Yeah well I don't not luckily I had I didn't catch nothing but you know it was just one of those things that. What do you rate of about it like oh by the way economics. By the way a lot if you never argue. I'm moving now nobody's target we know what happened or didn't look disappeared. If I go to wake up to that I mean that would be my quest for life like I I'm gonna find that person again one of the great. Pool I don't know evaluate got to that I gathered volumes and enjoy Romney look gorgeous in a woman you're probably my my buddy hooked up with another thought she was the back out of whatever idealism and be like hey man you go out and you get back to. It's like dude. On your bag boy surely try to meet surely I do good things awkward surely you do what you ball. Radio didn't you know more for help you break good food. Who's Bob pianist poll we did we at least dinner. You know I like a real good and the feeling oh yeah movies or something like we have no I don't billiard room in your buddies girl they broke up. Yeah that's. Past bonds have in my usually negate or Ford 999 Nolan. While you I didn't Abu Ali ever only that it does that and I do students that's overall on it. I do have a good amount from him well that's an hour to have an argument that because supplies. Yeah so far let it out and activate all. Let's not bright enough and old art and I think that is so our department thinks. Tomorrow I'm certain hello Michelle welcome to the Mandarin. Although. I am glad. Is agent in California and I went down to LA to go visit a couple buddies Hewlett stationed over land. They had one of my friends from Illinois I out. Apparently I think let staying in my one hotel which you link inside as well Jake in now than it is time. And then. I passed out drunk and then the bed that my area I need for it I've I'm thinking on the oh my girlfriend came out to visit he would act out the bad Whitney and then all of a sudden I wake up heat and shaking. And I realize that her and one of my body uses word on the other side of the bed banging into the. It was on your good friends or did you want project like you're still sleeping. I don't think you I don't. Pretended that barely complete egg that it act I didn't. Like you did you Google by. This is how I don't know what. UBU I've got to go that girl next to me when I'm sleeping bear rocked their mama what you have learned she was or negating what this guy was a big connection of the time obviously you didn't object. I know hey Kerry did shorten my friend but play I I would mortified. And the other side of the bed like in the field would like oh you'll. You'll do great. If you could be you'll far. I'd be granted they think you're asleep right the whole thing is this they think you're sleeping you couldn't blow an arrow. They're not really gonna say anything to you because again. Big figures leave you stayed out of Blair I guarantee you these images if you are out there is sexy dance just you know conjure up a big Peggy Williams and hot eighty Clark. Assault and want to dissuade them. The kind of spark the makes you get out of your own band kind of all right yeah. I didn't want to go Blu-ray slick. You know I'll probably pull out about Nazi men and I'm thinking I'd bet my dad's boom ever. The moment you know rule over jumpin. Harder harder target and yeah does it is YouTube dot org called lives then it's. This is far enough moment man. While Roseanne and our viewers leaving a 44 or 999 all I got a couple comments here I slept through tornado. Alarms sounded in the middle them right parents and two sisters took over in the bathroom. Let me fend for myself that he gave his answer when I was sleeping upstairs a murder happened in the basement of the house I was staying. Miami at worst summer vacation ever won't yeah. I told sleep a cover that one. I took a nap after work woke up to 6 PM PT the 6 AM the next morning call Michael order to say I'm running late. He said I'm having dinner with one thing. Someone else to slip to an earthquake. The Dayton school up from nap. Taking a nap after school's alma waterbed thought my dog jumped into bed woke up to absolute tales. My older brother decided to put in electric cattle prod in my as well only god and who she's an old bitch is a mostly on the school bus in fourth grade amid all the way to balls garage have been driver found me when he was cleaning the boss. A mob but I was missing the bus driver drove me home and we were met by cops in my house. For both Robert got a good dog could do by the cops but he wasn't George Anthony thing because I've backed up the story. Miller the data did have a great day gulf right now as a drug charge coming and since then you'll have the millennial versions of your favorite classic rock songs on the way and more recalls on our question what was happening while you were sleeping 844999. All you are listening to the men's or radio networks. A man was shot while I was leaving and as these Houston home. Captain Jim dale said police and EMS responded to a shooting just after 1:30 AM Sunday. Near canal street on Houston's east side. Police say a man and a woman were asleep in her bedroom when a man in another room fired his gun the bullet passed through the interior wall striking the victim the man who fired the weapon was highly intoxicated and police are investigating whether or not the man fired the weapon intentionally although he said it was accidental. Other victim is expected to survive according to police our question what was happening while you were sleeping 844999. Ul. Hello Eric welcome to the men's room. All our. I probably don't vote and thanks. Yeah yeah yeah execute it I don't look at our I had let it out. So every page don't. Store news well I'm worried how spotted us. I got a bit of multi mineral oil climbed back from Las Vegas a couple of years ago and being an alcoholic at the time they get some kind of opponent when it you know. The yeah yeah a lot of home. I get fired. Perhaps they'll probably only employee had little toys marketed in you know they that I will. And I didn't find out there a couple of days later when the blue showed but apparently. I'm a little corner blues round of the red Oklahoma State troopers. Now on allies you probably don't voices have a few times you didn't wait if Oprah didn't hit in the face with a beverage fired. You all be a part of these questions fault to I don't really really really hammered out sleeping really. They're really good car got really really really hard to Ed. Okay I'll the pulpit storm now do you lose him among the beverage parties fat you are you still and indulging in the beverages. You know we're just over a year and are okay good I'd like. I have to ask you man because I know it sounds like you had a Purdue a wild ride there what was the thing what happened what was the incident made you go you know what I can do this anymore. You don't out of Cartagena Marion had a 30000 people wouldn't. Yeah I don't know that I've been a little bit earlier on that fed him only it's. I'm doing my recycling one day I. Hopefully I'll remote car. And I didn't have aluminum stage debut at the recycling bins for all loan guarantees that all that. You know that sort of woke me up. All right man you're not the only one who has had a party before and taken some of your cycles at a recyclables and put them in your neighbors can't. I know for a fact I did they had a party he didn't pick her exactly and it wasn't when I lived before I moved my current house outside Lyndon. Next stored Jewell was being rented out by five college age girls that had parties and did their thing had a little fun but they did departed so. As he's they've taken a recycling and I'm only one drinking beer in my home. And I take Amare recycling and it is an extraordinary amount of beer but I never relief also 'cause that at that time that's just how I drew a and they've got a party and I'm looking at the recycling and I realized me alone I'm putting up more beer and alcohol and then they head. A party. And I'm like oh my god this is how much are drinking a weak man. Two weeks two weeks and just how much they're going to do it's far game. College age girls had a party and I have more recycling the maiden and you know what I did attempt American real hawks. Well itself did not fade but I do remember that moment 10 my god but it didn't stay what's known as evident by your sleeping 844999. Nolan. Hello Zach welcome to the men's room. All talk and A no I don't. Or or. I lived for a while we urge the house so we look with my mother in law which is. Not the most on both. My wife and I can really or anything else so we look at circle off. This most that we rented. And weird things at an Al. Doing weird and exploited. Well I all did we learn the putting me yet or video camera Caribbean be weird. You know. Yeah. So. Oh Illinois Illinois and nail on the holes are we gonna do we'll stay. That is the case here we'll get took about Bosnian until enough Bryant doesn't deny the charges coming in and spend. And today are Ryan brings us millennial versions of your favorite classic rock songs the knowing that they are doing Brando but I guess some of these classic rock songs needed updated so mobile versions of your favorite classic rock songs coming publicist instead. Shenanigans continue on the men's round radio network.