07-10-18 Seg 1 Mens Room Slept Through It

Tuesday, July 10th

Mens Room Question: What was happening while you were sleeping?


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He what you're about to hear is real. This radio program are simply. Trying to offend anyone. There's our. Invited to join the party. This news. Other than secrecy. Say shake your radio more than. And three times. And yours. Wow. We'll go to a similar 2859. Along with Steve the through hills. It's adds yeah and blogs. Divide. It's kind of grows. I canceled that drug charges into a sit down and not today millennial versions of your favorite classic rock song it's a good the voiceovers and president service backed U ray player profile list plus headlines events or just today fumbles and emails. And everyone's favorite. TV time with the click clack are gonna drive our new logo and are giants tackle very excited when TSA agents clueless mom's ashes all over his bags. Meanwhile Florida man is pulled over and hammered and only swings at stop signs or so deep breaths. More and proposes the boyfriend by putting a ring in her happy place. A 91 year old man walking in California told to go back to Mexico before being hit in the face with a cinder block was 91. And I hope thanks you for the free advertising and it's all coming on today's very special episode of the men's room. Here's the question. All I've been here is good day to you and yours what he does run some headlines by real quick. Twelve year old to here's roaring fire saves sweeping federal. Friends really slept there was Chris and teams that is sleeping grandmother. To settle. Sleeping man the shot if he's Houston comment on it goes things happen. When you sleep and to answer many questions that are already showing up on our comments. Yes. Holden who called the show yesterday did eventually wake up not you don't know a guy named Holden called the show and ironically enough he was. Hold it on the line for quite awhile long enough that we'll we wait to won't. He was asleep and I mean he was smaller we checked on him. Probably for about an hour and fifteen minutes in the dude it was just like a sleeping with whom we know whose children for no he won't like. Michael I'll check on him during a break at short play commercial. He takes some of the bag are still small. The whole thing is it called the show because he wanted to be on the show. And it turned out he was in fact on the show you just love them away broke up with snoring on the background. Because it was entertaining to us yes he eventually did wake up. He told Mike that he's a hard worker he was really tired but he felt refreshed had a cigarette in one on about is it but the point is a lot of things happen. When your sleep it's happened to you or happen to someone you know method today's question of the tourism. What was happening while you were sleeping. Brother Joseph caught a 44999. Although like commands are on FaceBook even follows on Twitter and instruments are live and cinder emails to the men's room and mints are my dot com. You're listening to the men's or radio network secret. Yeah it's. Always so now I don't want him to show number 2859. Harry and I guarantee future repeat as the drug charge rank castle is once again and didn't spend it. And today we get to attend the millennial versions of your favorite classic rock songs now what does that mean. It means that it's to keep some of these songs a little bit with the moral of the times the current today. They have to be changed a little bit so that the millennial generation apparently can understand emerges kind of a connect a little bit better totals we're gonna hate this leverage your son I don't know I honestly thought I I do not know if this is just I don't know how they're how they're spending this. I'm not exactly sure of is always covers are really didn't need to be updated. I don't know I don't know things are politically incorrect I can assume that. For example came under mayor Clapp and probably never by just been maybe math there I don't know if I'm an editor of the Mariners fans you're the parent I shot the sheriff up probably won't fly these days announced a month now so I don't shoot deputy. He did not shoot the deputy which is probably a good thing. That's all I'm loyal versions of your favorite classic brought a car and Bentley that softens the blow right. It's it's then I. Baghdad did match I have my hands eggs with your life boat died did not have sex with George Shuster Brian I. He's bags. I as the men's or his bag if you have a question Rasmus and issues an email here to the men's room and men's or live dot com we'll do as a men's room. Right before we drink Intel's with a shot of the day I think we need to go let's go back in time here. As we go back in time to episode 2800. And 58. Episode 2858. And we had they a guy who wanted to be a part of the random question question. His name is Holden and what to lying deceitful most critical hello hold and welcome to the men's room. And lose. Yeah lately that it almost Luke. We'll let you warned it now. Yeah I understand are chosen not for a crime and a filibuster against them hold a religious. I can't tell from about thirty. In. This man is an air if he's actually asleep at my company he slipped and we got there. Hello Eric welcome to them it's okay so either so that a first in and understand our our our point on this. We did not know if Holden was he was being if he was being. Funny in and comedic way. It's genius right so does it he just phasing Carriker and keep soaring it's going to be funny but we weren't we weren't sure if he was Julia project you guys are right I guess was like how. Seems to like a voting was easier because perfect. Would stay and look nine times out of there aren't any normal show that I'm outline your dad I mean let's face and it. It but you wouldn't just stay the polls might check on him during the commercial and he wouldn't overload to more more anonymously dude he is and their song law is sometimes depending on the question or what we're doing that day. On big dummy days it's not unusual for you to be on the hold for 45 minutes at the guy in front of you you might be next company in 99 questions the alone right do things a bigger chunk of time whatever the deal is so we're gonna use to people. Who do wanna be on the air who wait a significant amount time so then. Uh oh we went back let's go right to the second time. Do we check double B take them anytime there's a few days time we checked and here's another 84 record 999 hole and ran around my friends. Brad and I tripled or holy enter. You know and hello hold and welcome to the men's room. Should we wake them up with something we do. We did say a whole event but the welcome for the men's room he thinks something abrupt like a loud noises something could fit. Jar him maybe. My right. We hopefully I'm right there are guaranteed and a wake him up that won't let that this right here. Stand in his way of another. There's always the other morning I have a few got a little bunker and until. Nothing always kept stuff. As for tobacco welcome Alan welcome back and re. He's loyal people who don't we'll keep checking in for the entire show. I'm real puzzle for you and we'll he's alive and I are so. I would no matter what time we get. Yeah makes me laugh you out of jail why McCain and around the TV we're asking ramp up the middle for three and a half how quick that match. You begin the news factor in my business and government. Hello Jared welcome to remember. And get. Do we have anymore going back to oh and also the way we try to again and we we do originally trained all that noise we are we have we did not wake up that we do have a general concern and at this point timely realize and I and I think use of this earlier but. But Mike went to check on him during a commercial break yet and at this point in time this would be the opportunity to go. Yeah I'm just snoring and is trying to be funny or whatever but I'll keep the gag or whatever but Mike is trying to talk to the guy. And he's he's he's snoring through he's not there and right in there is a sound from a to get put on the air so right it seems like at this point I think he's not faking it is. How could be that prepares us nor shot so we go back to McGinn will go back to see if Holden has his way is awake and ready to do our our random question question. What ever reason around 6 AM cab put it decides it's going to you know forget it's there. And now it's in the mood where it's going to attack anything that moves and it's under something and it's almost fun and the things about six clocking Mardy were low restriction put that you forget that the cat is now sunk its teeth and claws. Through the comforter into your fitness every morning I know operating Africa or I knew a girl and had a cat. That light if you you know if you put your foot out the cool off yet but he did that are that would attack what I had to guarantee man that's a guarantee but I'll forget that when you step awful bread there's a very good chance that before ligament is under your bed and his preparedness and yet still come your does as good as minor categories will be death in basketball and yes yes yes yes. Ten things that your body can do have you done I don't know what you don't even know and so coming up you're listening to majority. Okay pulled nudges was just going through the holes and we clearly has a thousand brigadier congress is a boring boring conversations mom doesn't affect you doesn't candidate he plays of your feet of our retirement tiger's shoes in the morning. I post about what more time off again we have anymore hold of those auto we would drop one more time to give up ironically enough. A story about how much sleep you should be getting every night other drug and die and he he's nor the whole way through that and then at that point in time. We take a break. And I believe then is when hole and actually woke up and we went back. And he's just ED in my get a chance to talk to Mike and you you know physically Dodd talked Holden. What right did it the very and what does he know what he safety. He he'd said that he was still just waiting to get on. I told them unfortunately we have a lot of time there and I question that he slept through it. And this is only and don't tell me that idol in the we had them on we all had a good laugh everybody was incredibly entertained he didn't like that we had all laughed at him even more. The Denny's at that he had gotten good nicely be noisy ease a hardworking man her just very very tired needed a nap and then now retired he was gonna go low light a cigarette is an agenda and hold a day. That's very nice that we do our random question question won't make sure to put you on first Wazir and I don't know if you call that we don't have to wait and then you can do your thing man and then you can take a nap afterwards you gotta probably that's what we got so in honor and I'm blue and black hole and we you've got more laps than you ever could have if you just would have said whatever you can you can be a comedian dude and understandable obvious good as you storing all the records show Google perfect. How's our question today what was happening while you were sleeping 8449990. Are quick comment by the way and speaking of hold him but they say are about to sleep on the phone. Waiting for unemployment only to wake up the ladies and hello. Hello when I woke up I had no idea it was on phone with all know at such mantra it's the if we are well on the job. I am happy to be so tired it was a marketing fraud from old dress code generated welcome to the men's room. All right Allan. Yeah I. So. Derek story while an RB our first duty station. Got to pay particular. All it would actually here at home or let. Arm but as they try and welcome to the sport Lily so welcome to our army tried to bank. No the night I woke are you spoke out there are or foreign. Do immediately open up you create eight giants six foot inflatable. Johnson. The guy at six foot inflatable Johnson. Com. And that was. Yeah how many people are beating you with a. I'm. Tired rhetoric or or what they're OK hello. Everything you know I kind of let whatever parliament until I get a model but yeah presidential it's there and look up day. They took their penis with them. I and there. You know amana all act I think the other way did I think we're gonna use the inflatable teams to beat Amanda I think I would leave with I think in the world of allegations in the world of sometimes of that stuff can go horribly wrong yeah that is not a bad there's not a bad initiation are not take inflation will be exactly I had easier sleep because not a brutal there's a big incredible you know the beat on your for a little while and then it's so it's not like you know. I think that's tame. I'll what was a happening while you are Obama marbles and the joint task 844999. Olin Alec they would put the bar of soap in the power sold directly but still it is high school inflatable team yeah if it can be with. Hello Aaron welcome to the men's room. Or job. So we had they how on remind parents own some land and there's an abandoned house up there weekly did and we have had a fight with ski board rant about shed out there into the barn actually and a trampoline he's just looking huge parties like Ayres junior and senior year high school there. And and we won't do and that we're the other getting hammered drunk and so one night I had passed out and one of the room in the two before cell phones and stuff like that when everybody had one until I woke up this done little country I was the only person there. Does this guy out on this huge. Plot of land and out finally a car pulled up in the tournament brand that is based just looked like. I don't know some wind drug it across the grounds and apparently. While I was packed out sleeping. Him and another friend of mine that was all the people might say crude ran around together they had a disagreement and just rolled around and beat the snot out of each other like. Half an hour while one of the guys girl friends sat in the car and watched. So all your friends are designed to throw down that you slept through it. Well those two of them just to add the group I think and I get everybody else it's split you know what they're disagreement was anymore but. They just roll around in beat the tar out of each other while she says the Carlyle slapped. It was probably over her out if that seems all right wolf as it usually Clara caller is probably about her. You need because they're not that not seem like Johnny jet they have. The war and you know nineteen game right now she's not sure who to pick says she's just waiting to see who wins. Dad and this statement again the loan that's just what I'm saying see we are right was your original guy. Yet he loves you and I even tried and Paul is letting the guy with a with a guy with a face almost is the guy that accidentally got drunken slob with a one night. This very possible yes very Florida's problem into the causes bruises I know your sleeping through aboard trying to explain the one fighting he's caught you off if you actually you'll company you know gone on or John. Couple of bad end of the wolf in Baghdad any loss at pearl Vietnam both of those things happen while you slept. They're not an athletic bought for thirty minute yeah thirty minutes along at a time long long are all the way that. Quick comments here first of all and I'm excluding a bit says Doral is right. You've got to drop the pianist like mob. Until stupid outs opens that is. All of which is 1 morning a woke up to five million to an explosion looked outside to see you caught on fire. I want to burn for a while monocle on my won't want to the Bible while lady as if the car was really on fire it's against the partially on fire. And to be five vehement dark and a car on fire she then as we won't colors to cars so I told her. It's fire Cutler. Ha ha ha I. I don't really annoyed by I mean in Orange and red flag was a little on the top 5 in the morning fire. It's it's the car on fighter group of people under the parking lot illegal garlands on fire. It's the one that's on fire. It doesn't matter what color is it easy to find because when you go into the parking lot you notice one of the cars is on fire and that's the one. That's the one I'm calling about it's like when I look at my medical sheet and asked about I don't know breast cancer whatever I don't have what you skip over some of the details on the sheet you know when you don't believe in him yet. What color is the golf is the one that's on fire was not happening while you're sleeping 844999. Cola hello Daniel welcome to the men's room. All our. Yeah yeah. Don't yes good man Mario I'm doing good another day another dollar and got only one dollar day how do you man you know. Little volatile at a time round Robin noodles and I sounds like exactly. Recipe for success there that's. And they would your auto minds and I'll boys Enron. Exactly on a little messenger at eight and eighty. So what and when you were sleeping. So are about ten years old and notices. When I was back in Pennsylvania from my mom spoke some gaps in our kitchen. I rallied 11 o'clock at night she called the cops are so look no okay assaults and guess she thought neither would have sent our martial law could dilute girls street. And ended up sending out three counties where the police officers fire trucks and ambulances. Closed on our entire route. Of the big big spotlight our house and Blake six firefighters as full decked out firefighter gear oxygen mask axes. Did your door and what did she say yes orgasm I get hundred did you say I have an extra terrestrial in my home. Now does it sounds of something that's all put gas in the sense that sent the entire. World who are you in Pennsylvania. Into our search round expert token I'm maybe they just they were excited that they found got a call nothing happens and Arizona senator. Don't always a map and a Lawrence on the Gettysburg and okay ghost. Yet there's nothing going numb arm had maybe you'll go to York for the week in and go to the outlets. Or actually the house we ended up find out that later on the outs especially on it. Everything airs on A brown and her mood these sheets is on ending Gettysburg his back during those civil war that. Somebody went there for a hot darting out stabbed in the back of the story now as the African rebels soldier who walks around aimlessly looking for not chosen the sheets you can hear grunt today did you could argue that plays man every place there it's like enough guys enough for the ghost thing about it it's Pennsylvania energy already burned badly for everybody you'll poison on when she already had yes I'd like a thousand people attack only thing you've got you keep talking about is delivering a torrent of people go there for the history you know they'll stay for the goes. As it's kind of hard a lot of people like those freaky ghost horse. I'm owners I'd already got the good you know a lot of people that was nice day at the hotel like. Now I've stayed in the hotel but I like the history part but it I don't wanna be out Gettysburg. That may have Alltel spooky. Do you put I don't know how cool would it be all right look you're stalking Gettysburg fundraiser BRMR talent in place of the national mortgage home. Goblins but there's nothing going appealing going out and I would hope. To see ghosts I would want to seize them spooky does give our adrenaline madam Amaechi at center stage right if it. Since late Saturday ally you're saving a four point nine 90 well I'm. More lines have more your girls come and appear you're losing to the men's or radio networks. Fifth hard fairways no Wallace or Darwin most one of a. Saint Louis Kelly family likely would not be with us today the twelve year old Missouri boy is credited with saving his three siblings mother and grandmother along with two cousins. From a devastating house fire early Thursday morning. We were all asleep I heard the fire. Like the trees started hitting on my window and I woke up to my nephew put him on my neck and then I went to get everyone else up. Other family was forced to escape the fire by breaking through a fence but miraculously none of them were hurt in the blaze both the family and local fire officials told news station that surveillance video shows a group of kids. Shooting fireworks at the family's property earlier that night. While the official cause of the fire still remains under investigation. Darwin had some strong thoughts on the matter of the fireworks that are gonna pop them on other people's barges that's just wrong because you don't know who's in the house. And you can kill someone like you almost killed ups. Our question what was happening while you were sleeping 844999. Cola. Hello Danny welcome to the men's room. I can't sell my sorry at NORTHERN IRELAND fourteenth and at my front I'm getting drunk. And we're happy ocean and next. Add me and my friend and all my friend older brother plant there and we made a deal some we. Throughout the night that whoever pumped about bird was gonna get mad at so. I'm Irish I basically fell asleep first tee aimed. I woke up like twenty minute doctor hop then but they dumb black a mustard and Sarah. Nene is like everything that we had not coolers. All over me end. Oh I woke up and I'll buy covered. Everything you know I think it out but I got that they mean bad deal. Yeah that's or what what kind of bathing suit everywhere. Why wasn't wearing a bit and still it was like night time group. We you know you you may reunite you'd know I would I would want you all I don't pass. Okay. Be perhaps you naked on beach got a big compliment you had to say hello I think to myself how fortunate is this how would definitely jump in the water at a point where you color did the Detroit were crammed thrown in June of Florida's. I lived in men's standing on like in between our campsite in the ocean are kind of like out in the do. So when I woke up I didn't know why they're up utterly pleasant running condition hours. Choked myself all rent tiger and at all hot and then haven't cloning. You are on Hillary is running over to the best left and I think I can use them on and the lady that looked at me and pointed out at the pay phone. Though she went on here but on I'd like call collect. How old man. Pay phone call collect all these things where what why why did things goes Sosa I mean to me you were discovered in condiments right. Yeah but I when I woke up until now. I know they want do you take lie to involve the army I could I don't know I think god and I would like. All of these blizzard dumping all that dumped on me and I don't know how to that it's really junk and. I wanted to go home after back. Yeah. Yeah. And why are you east L a good time there when you think W don't know where you are that's always set its sites. It does meant the worst of I woke up and I was I had gotten drunk the night before but I woke up in my home and at this point I'm renting a house with. The accusers for other people. Well over a bedrooms and I wake up and I'd had a mattress on the floor and broken nosed no but. My bedroom doors closed in between my bed and my bedroom door there's a Rottweiler that I do not know. So I'm laying in my eyes are open mama I really does dog is lying in front of my door and it's this really does best like it's doubled in your room. In my room there's no way to open door that nudges dog and I don't know. Whose dog with is or who put the got dame thing in my room so I'm in Beverly ten minutes. Trying to get my brink of a wake up you're still kind of strong man and I am. Hits but I don't wanna yell at anybody just yet 'cause I really do not know. Anything about the dog house can respond right but I can't give them room about them there forcefully. You know I can climb out the window. If you stumbled as dog and nudged his bid for the doors gonna jump ball I would did Batman and and owned and snap and go social blame habits there and I am so mad. I'll run them through who I think is probably responsible and Steward and I'm Tony and a white man. When I get out of this but I don't think in my hand I'm going to be disaster like this is not funny and I don't know I don't know. How to deal and then it occurred to me after staring at the front lawn and does not Roma. It is my bald of leather jacket from the night before old so I've been laying in bed stereo my jacket that I posed for ten minutes just didn't hostile madman like which. A group of those goddamn thing goes reject. My dad I think that's sure let's into the roommates and decided on a little background affiliate idiots what was happening while you were sleeping 844999. Hole. Hello Jake welcome to the bedroom. I have got out who yeah. It distort well I know late ID act shot and I hit. And I'm honored. Go out and let Rochester. I was leaving and I got caught short neck. At middle of the night I spoke out early that. I would doubt when no and there are ways but strobe lightning. Any time a lightning flash aren't I wish I bite the windows. And out like it is not are all shopping cart here as. I told you the product you know of that tornado they're not exactly what occurred there. You now not any of the hands I lived there was that ever thing. So. I woke everybody else thought because I like are wrong. And we found out it was a tornado not so much right and I the next morning we went outside it. Like the whole house. It had shipped over. My grandfather's house. But it's not like that you know strip do retreat here tornadoes aren't around. Now nuns didn't get scared the living hell out of them all. Well to beat prayer for those of tornados and the thing to be scared of well examining why you were sleeping. They should many things continue on the men's room radio network.