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Monday, July 9th

Profile This, TV Time with Ted and Headlines!


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This is dumb men's room. I'm listening to. Results are saying about the color 944999. Hole and you play profiled as it. And I only got your headlines on the play one hour from now first quick check in in my car for some of the stories and headlines he is not working on. Right and you study found people with expensive sport cars like corvettes and Porsche has barely dried them. The drive less than 5000 miles a year which is around sixty since 60% below average for all cars do a sports car you drive and everywhere don't have time we'll wait to many miles and there. But it's your one car you are correct I think most guys own gore vegetable portions have another car the driver and a Workman. Yes. Yes there's a new brain that's pretty early Internet right now if you scratch a message into a banana peel a few hours later the letters turn brown. So the person who buys them an animal thing they got a message from a gust. Did I felt that. I thought aloud that he. So cool. And input of others will be back graduate and an alleged needle gradually into the field to get right like I hate you I'll until I it was turning brown. Now we're doing just like I think you know like I knew what you did get out on the events of all your house. When when but the idea illuminated by any negative home once they round up a little bit then the message shows up all have a feeling about this to go to somebody's house breaking up and it doesn't count. They took off for Malloy your life like messages and how do you like your meat though from those. If they think that it has. I inserted what did you do prices in Miami I think definitely it then I would what of these amendments. This was in the book that. Act act at the political that I Anderson but. But there is a 63 year old gas station worker got sucker punched by customer earlier this month. In a lot of saved his life because he got a CT scan and doctor sunny brain tumor and because they found it early he should be okay aren't. That to deport. As a strong force you know you can't like give you. Sam Mike out of selective service carts around you get lucky again credit that they think they like this happen to be a nice silver lining beginning to like hey thanks to punch in military reminds the silver lining is that there's something wrong with no one feels great about being assaulted. Now. Says I hear the elements of a perfect nap according to a new survey perfect now when I sleep I got your I had some of those gaps going to be cool I would guess cool room is one of you know dark. It's dark for white middle of day normally see you think this is somebody. None nothing about that tunnel turn your ringer off tonight about that. Temperature. Maybe direct. Our cool autumn and so it at ten pillow it's as with a blanket and one filled with a pet. With the 00 yeah. After the meal marks Esther Miller exercising these picks among pent up and pretty much yeah anyone spread of the theater kids here after a meal or exercising which is funny. Those are the two best maps just polar opposites but he's. For you to get back where we excise and generally what Obama flew right. There I want Lyle Lovett knack for he's a big meal which I noticed the worse for you if it's chilly tonight it was good guys and those good thing we do dealt walked back. Susan also last longer than twenty minutes. And there's a fine line between I went too far on the map of the I don't know where that is. They give like duck now I'm just yawning for the rest of the day rank right and I can't go to bed at night I. And I think you can almost nap too much. The gas there's that won the last about 45 minutes which she just target and that REM sleep and you just. Judd awakened so diligent coming on an alternate destination the night Berman REM sleep with the light of the actual band REM certain blind draw to win. Every Tuesday did a guy. The guy calls okay people's. Fact amazed that a recent Florida sees 220000. Dollars in cash from woman because they thought it was drug money. She claims she made it stripping and a judge has given all back to after finding out the bills were covered in glitter. And I won for real man unit to Miami or some help us in this city where they strip club culture is massive rights issue. Pretty popular all the money was in the trunk. I mean this is drug money and had glitter on like this okay. There's all kinds of things that obviously you consumers that's your life can have Coca they isn't as they really want them money man and it's it's like left. He took everything else. You know he diagnoses the money like I'm I'm glad that she got a money back into your hair and I think what part of the reason she got back as the search and seizure was the legal right they would not trunk where she and her mom Enron part of that meant to be judged by our Norbert Fuhrman and it. Itself right goldmans giving the bulls yet. Not a third. A pharmacist and Berlin has been sentenced to twelve years in prison force giving money by a you son and again. Diluting people's cancer medications. Oh my god man. Plenty I'm Zain. Well hero and being down leave. I think minutes and of Anderson had a would even work on the gonna he's a black Wanda. I think several more drives don't don't start on dole by as much inventory dealer floor as a special spot for years their fell off another building and out. He didn't tell them like he did why tonight the damn okay. Two guys recently tried to steal bunch of stuff from Wal-Mart and Atlanta by dressing up as employees. But some actual lawyer you realize that they were doing a staff of good fish. I about a white double comments came menace that's very the most important happens when you go all the member of that practice yesterday as a by the way though do you may have been listening earlier regiment and Holden who was. Literally pulled and on the line to us he fell asleep. In every time we checked in on these guys storm. Several blurring what happened he will go you'll grunt about 45 minutes ago yen's and he and he went away. He's a good that he thought of my angels good you know he's he'd usually worked hard you does he he's he's had a long veil work he had a good as good day's sleep and now he's. Reenergize rating on gonna go have a cigarette of having to do that yeah yeah. We gave enough energy goes smoke and ash five hour energy cap that they could faults you know our hearts I don't disagree with this dead. A Dublin Ohio came home on Friday defy an array and a man sleeping in their bed. I don't his junk in one hand stylist come. And I had sit in the all. I am. I think. 15 am and an excellent industry bitterness there at the end the elements of a perfect map. That I needed to meet Cleveland company in the a burden and then turned. They opened the strangers may strain. And also people like when they sleep rape victim grabbed John shorter than you know it's their fight isn't with. I'll apply in person and things. Sleeping on a couch outside. And literally think they just they're cancer like kinda halfway to Hammond and I just have their hands up one fun about do bubble and ensures there I just don't hear it for you right. For the bus to hold onto look. You take a patient man and get known teacher mom. Amanda Miami had been posing as a Saudi prince says scam people out of money. But got cut when someone saw him eat bacon and realized he probably wasn't the Muslim. They DNA gash and you know it's now a little boy I'll be home. And if you are not his own brilliance you can't deny state and religion can't be phased in. I'm sorry not publicly he can it doesn't win arms and publicly out of body Lebanon yet on what men really excellent the night leaving countless man. So when the lights go out the song goes about their fear counsel yet but we know they they can hit the top notch food of the new world so you can't do not religion can't be state. And try to figure prince of Saudi Arabia. He's got thick cut pepper baking in line to go out regularly and may god I don't know that I like it now Barbie I'm Muslim but I hated her restaurant and order up. Now I don't poor workers the networks like up and coming city. Super Bowls guys revert to buck and I am. So we knew gobble guys used to do business and by miss it man it's a very straight conference but there are no drugs prostitution on alcohol. So what do you guys do well storms reliably get picked up by a Russian hookers in the limo were drinking or face of a mobile. I thought that the legal it's all stuff for four people. You have these they everywhere you man every hotel we stayed his legs on the board hookers and blow them Lou certainly that's illegal quota going to let you get a bacon balm on the framer welcome back to nonstop in the cold air from the powerful enough armory and I think you don't lose and on this broadcast for us about a guy followed you do all the are we important that we just got twenty million dollars in the blood they elect. Take that to the hotel good celebrity as an earth. A man in the UK was mugged in the money that he made selling his motorcycle but the muggers and the CNN's within Lima they held out of one hour. Now take a bygone headlines on the way one hour from now first the good. The precepts. This is a drug to please everyone help profile this is playing a surge and miles of the symbol game where we server if you really like new story. Something happened right here. I'm planet earth. And as you listen to the story based on the stereotypes you believed to be true of people. And the decisions that people make less bloated is you take make the story to story miles that run against Obama far. I cannot do it is god awful I'm glad stand over here I'll Branson unveiled that hurry up a lot of these new welcome to the men's room. I had only. I need to understand how does your game display. I know we felt fantastic great side note I have not met a lot of women they are these companies they not a lot I'm saying I've met none indeed you're gonna do this quickly not a wanted to thank. Our LA it's a I don't know. Dean you may have favored just remember you know had this conversation one million more times before you die. Now I know of cats are how old are you dean. About 882 victory and Keck. I will be does the highest note you get hit dean immediately hear a little high note give us give us a think there's woody got taken hit I know. Order now why not try and keep their heads together and I know you got one. I cannot magnificently this. Is there. Are there restored do dean. We go to San Antonio Texas or mammals accused of robbing a bank last month. But he ended up getting caught a month later because the cubs knew what he looked like that he was going on public. But he went public in disguise. And in this case he's seventeen year old Jordan robbery and aggravated. Robbery and aggravated robbery there is after the police spotted him and of horror with his mother and noticed something peculiar. About the passenger in this case. It was a lovely young woman with long hair until we got a good look and realized it was lovely young woman also had a mustache and otherwise my subscription. IPhone. Oh the guy that they've been looking for rob the bank it turned out he was in fact the guy they're looking for his mother was not identified nor did they believe she had any idea about it. Anyway he has been charged in this in jail do you believe. I am the most pleasant way. Is black and white Maxi or Asian. Send it your your thumb broken dean that there. Is still breaking up. And it. On. Sixty non. Hire another I'm real I'm gonna go to NBA should. Mustache to mustache is prominent you can see you soon enough and cut. Humbled white. I think it's prominent you can see the mustache just seems that you see a white mustache is his own white guys seem to get more used to pops more you know. Because of your hair's different color it's just you know. Also a black eye black that parents and his black. Would like Lincoln went to find out if he goes black white Mexican regime next fat was fatigued you are listening to the men's or radio networks. Did you know you don't have did some men's room. They had to run lone star state are profiled a San Antonio tonight is the exact bank robber seventeen years old he was busted. Based on the fact that surveillance on him. In a car. With his mother in disguise it's not known whether his mother was in on this or not she said she was not against authorities did agree but either way that's the way they busted again. Yes and Roger what do you believe this guy out the most that's Amway is black white and exceeds. Four H and I went snow white's. As a dean now got cut off line there and a tissue and blood and rhetoric. When you get I wanted to get gosh. He woke. Yeah. I'm glad I. I'll loan now owns and these. Oh wise terrible terrible guy Rick White in bank robbing us we blew. But now women and men you Wear the wig when you go live I was rifles would put the way you are happy to do roundly blue baseball hats aviators and a backpack knew it. I know crawled due volatile mr. hammer TV tab ten. Sure. Countless hours in front of a talking it's a national. Presents. You guys always talk watch a love for evil evil when your kids oh hell yeah so part of the review looking evil is that he never actually picked. He never really competed at Kerr are completed a bunch of the jobs. Now again as a kid we didn't really recognize how bad he was it being their double. By integrating their double because he was fearless but he was not a great Star Magazine crash every time we ever saw any eve looking eagles' offense the bikes you use in her older they were had header shorter breaks like other people have done some of his stunts rightly jumping caesar's palace fountains and even his own son has done a things under development. But. He did it was a lighter faster right right D'Andrea writes that. So it's still kind of thing but nobody had done it on the bike the same kind of bike model. That evil and right to Travis including evil can be Christ so Travis Pastrana. You know him from I think any export anonymously what do you our show once. Turkey plus our mantra circuit right. Which they are about to do residency in basis TV VOK and I I would animal on right ease going he's a crazy deal that he jumped out of a plane without a parachute late. He's that tells you which in also Maryland. From the state my home it's a basic here's the deal. He's gonna do three iconic jumps. In 1 evening in Vegas right the last one obviously finishing up at the Caesars palace jump if you watched any of this they mentioned about a thousand times. There's only 200 feet beat up. As opposed to 400. Ask her a few of us that it's changed everything here all right so this is his his attempt. At that record breaking wind to do you are on the same bike is evil did it seized. Travis Pastrana. What do I gotta do is the result could. Couldn't do. How you feel muddy mess is such an honor to live a day and evils footsteps and it literally is boots. Thank you all for coming out I mean to be here in Las Vegas so much my history's been here I've proposed my life he had a first love. Oh and I just exterior that general history thank you federal Watson and thank you all people famine for coming out not. This this was definitely one of the coolest things I say the coolest thing I've ever been overdue and offer ever enjoy the show. Obviously right three jobs this is gonna be a huge thing huge broadcast right it was on history. The coolest thing I thought was the Caesars jump was different the other ones were done at a different location and one was like fifty. And it checked as a 53 buses. Our 52 cars and mini jumps. They needed thirteen buses right. Actually travesty sixty Greyhound buses. By the way did say he did these two tricks. And then he rode. On the motorcycle dress is he looking evil down the strip. With like a police escort. Right which sounds kind of cool but also by the earlier from a heat wave it was so hot in Vegas that the helicopter could take off to film Jesus so hot. They just have to keep like the guys that death in the may have to cut back. But what's amazing means he's driving down the strip in key is. Opera really is the east lake murder of the tires he's ride over high five peoples and even the guys in the senate where like. Is even a Bruins despite played on the red rock of over but it was I think it was political things are saying yes. Out and of course that's the watch I've never seen it completed that's. Wiese is of their lives just miles and good momentum FaceBook page intensity completed. And an Astro gonna watch it he. He would do things that you one point and we tried to jump up pulled sharks. And as they do the stuff live as a kid you watch it in he would hurt himself and kind of cracked right there on the landing. And they were trying to get him patched up to see. Kenny go out do his thing and eventually like anything else say they pusher for the bush report and eventually they say lucky he can't do it can't do it man. Snake River take a lot of details that he's done it did a lot of the study did he did like state fairs and things where early on when he was successful they didn't televise stuff. And then toward the end of his career. Build those became more of you know moments that you watched and it didn't always work out. Like ever. Yeah it is like Capone vault to just let that our guys' response three hours a crap. Even battle he. Our whole genre that daredevil driving on Emerson Abdul you know the guy became it was a national sensation I told you about says that that that just awful ten minutes of Robby can evil of the barn Vegas. And Jesus. Those painful. Little depressing oh man I'll drop and then just kind of like jumped drunken depressed he was also you also they also know that they also gave him a room of the hotel okay. But he don't wanna stay at the room even though he was usually the featured attractions and a jump the volcano that are into aren't managing through he used living in his RV upfront. But he barges are being in the front motorized it was split you could he has the world you do the novel and our guys are Robby talk about during smears again manually or about a lot of pop beat out an album for and Hannity. It's kind of like John Daly does at the masters praised Ghana. Yeah yellow card yeah man hangs out these incidents and Robby can evil member he had wished he had a reality show are now feel it's station once for a while they eat. They say the whole can evil families there I'm assuming Robby is there Seattle assuming he's not okay does not have via a sterling reputation. To say the least just hammered I wanted them regularly. As a human being not as it did or didn't matter added we didn't know where like he whistles from the it was just like. May look all we resolve this primetime and he's gonna do so through really really really cool. And a dinner break about a bone guerrilla want to do it again that his name is evil yeah well we'll definitely too they probably can make you watch a lot of reality shows mr. Obama should you hate. But like you're the star. You don't any proof if the if he actually feel bad we really should dislike you. And so right if that was a lot of chatter like where why's anybody bring them up but also again like he did a lot of different but I thought it was pretty cool. So I knew they had a Johnny Knoxville talk about as memory plea communal storm and a I base everything you do evil and Rudy figured as the music I I never met the anthrax related until it. I thought that was pretty interest in them and then it was pretty cool and only television like that. Tell you the coolest part is what should just pop blues of the dumbest the strip there. And if you're in Vegas and what better intimidate you want. Gross you going to think and as you know I got a New Orleans Utah shot only end and maybe affairs of the million are gonna see some of jumped like ten buses that you know maybe you do let's go. Yeah and they really see when you watch that stuff it's always exciting. But like part of it is the that's right the daredevil as you're tuning in to see it take action to exactly. Expect expects. You know I can't have trouble believing this is the first time it happened but apparently Oprah Google's self for the first time and she was pretty pumped. I Google myself dividends for the first time and I was reading what do you think. And say I am so impressed myself. A disk and now. Yeah I was first African Americans so they. Donated more to charity it's on its entry. Then any other athletes there. This is really as an incredibly good. I will see just can't you can't deny Oprah. My hope that end I do agree that she seems. Some offers big she is star alliance but you seem so you see that stays kind of grand dad doesn't come off though. Yeah I think it I think it's announced shortly over his sleep what the issues in the first some self made black billionaires I mean I'm sure. She has some specific tastes in food and everything else like you go to my time at I get it there's no she never need to move yourself because it's not that she's Oprah she's business. In remainder loud verbal or celebrities and it's about being a celebrity with her bug eyed I know she's very where she's a celebrity obviously shores up our sleeve but. She's a business person man. Yeah all the rest of that and Nevada making her money than it does not match her. Yeah Kennedy's high level Oprah is your opinion were hum delivered tonight she doesn't care it's yeah she runs the business you know bush is gone that's it period. And India the never ending conversation ever loves. At the royal wedding oh fresh and I try to man. I get back at had to change her drafts. Because they thought it was too close to it to white or like the way when it showed up at least all the plates so. She because she's so pressured them and Stella McCarthy or somebody cheese just shouldered dress are quite fly but I just. Then I mean. I think even Oprah was like oh man in my dresses too white to go to this wedding a menu not grant him. How's that she was flying into it and are valued thing over his own words on the minds to light. Charlotte I'm sorry to say that again. The pulpit. It's those strange. If it. She's like the female version of who get little no doctor pepper act tough of those three demonstrate NC. I don't remember all good. Your teeth if you don't know how much money over as they should go to any store. In infant that but it was by dress she flew in with whom and then takes addresses may sell authority that I dislike. That is money either way ma'am right did you imagine like I don't know what you see. That you had a bad Bernard Burger King an incentive like instead of just going back and talk to the dude they replace the burgers are nice about it. You call the king himself in flight and that you shouldn't say you pay when he had a murder rap in each company's private jet lag but it's been mr. king. Pacman I'm just amazed you can even trump Paul McCartney and there's another. They look Oprah and get a dress made from anybody in the world that that tells me right now that you're one of the best dress makers in the world and people fly and one of you know. It has Paul McCartney have figured. Does does damage to get right but apparently not an. Ron Paul my father's more all the Cardoza I got to hang a good over cause more talented people in the buildings. Let's get an impressive as stimulants. Good news. Zuckerberg markets not a third richest person in the world. Today that number down I don't know if that is up I'll go to the overtook Dell Warren Buffett to become the world's third richest person. Is now worth. Actually gets. He would ask for Buffett what is more than if I five and fifteen now I don't know one to two billion dial up. Fin forty billion dollars up something pitch every time 81 point six dozen Zuckerberg. Zuckerberg so whose the whose so what is these weasels were 142 all of our senility and Bill Gates is ninety zones. There's those men zone Nazis that the third right as those of us as those go orders some of those men I call breezy. The that there. BB zoning and I'm pretty sure archived basis it beat people call him mr. bass DC the compost meant by America's delivers the post a but he gets up early glimmers of it wasn't what is it. That he made his months either way it is under forty amounts to ask 104. Billion wow. Yeah now. Jerry Steinfeld for awhile had a talk show Macey in a few things that just a comedian to cars and call yeah okay. So this wind is with him Zach often ask is now it's kinda interesting is they're talking about. Interaction with people in public. I honestly thought Jerry would be a little more standoffish with these wide open to. You ever look at anything that's rude to take out your phone and to help someone without permission. Not here well known personality yet except that. I'm Republicans no privacy on public that's like twelve unless you're at a restaurant Simmons filming there. It's fine. Fat nobody's interest dead I don't understand. I don't want to get round rhythm love and again. Well look I'm very big on having invincibility and then ten million meaning many guys in Mary always and then I am I am but I don't see that. Then as an incursion online you. Privacy of my dignity off I don't find it ruined wonderful design a show when it hits you both celebrity dwelling cams. Types of such wages so I just don't look for the call it out and Pollack part of it if if I think it's good that. Like there between the two ferns. This out so I am I'm assuming is that a guy you come on my uncle runners. I have to say it's kind of like I held the podcast world works right yup podcast he didn't he go on others and they try to get on Ayers as there's a lot of them to cook. Damage aside those notorious for kind of Ian. I mean anathema just. Jerry side and also that they did it with cash and the thing that earlier. I don't know you're Jerry Seinfeld also I truly believe is one of those people really say you know to see him coming out of the groove. Earl and water you know walking out of it it's whatever is the hottest club at that point a to EC candidate apparatuses that there 150 am standing outside when you've got here. Yeah in the even like a lot of restaurant like I've bid should call them to let them know your going to be there. I think I was in a restaurant once for AC DC lets you are right at the end of the meal. Like after they had left. Somebody was like any CD's in his back in the backroom. He has that the U beats you you don't wanna be they don't want paparazzi frighten you guys to go out majorities that to the fancy restaurant you want to get a room and be just fine. Did hear about doing very good to purse. Power. Lou. I IV and a reliever. They're on to this the AC/DC really begin though. It is in fact we have more than sixty says the put us in the room as an amateur did you get the blackening is and let's stay out of here as optimism thing and ensco. Negative. OK to. OK okay that's tempered the acts. Would you think about golf. Yes. We think about golf you know Tiger Woods obviously is the I eat. I think Tiger Woods has the biggest impact on golf of all time yes so yes there now you know as I say that I'm an nit pick it and also say. Actually Jack Jack Nicklaus just because a number of championships is the best golfer to reflect your right but Tiger Woods obviously when more famous golfers. So basically this is this story floating around him and Phil Mickelson are planning a ten million dollar had a bad winner take all showed. I read something that a real thing I guess so still only get bagels and on the course yet as an action she and Phil. Of Phil loves action yeah that's on every day yet. Can we start on cheap film and Z cheater. Remember he went over instant in a whole idea so it does not coaching us giving them. Don't quit her cornea could have built golf dot com says an eighteen hole eighteen hole death. Match death match a lot of the title usually just let it cool. I know man it's like come on man it's a golf match. I death match seems a little little press if you want a guy who likes boobs or a guy who has that in fact ethnic Tibetans I guess it's been in the works for months. For months now they played a pat basically. This year addict and it tournament they repaired to get there and everybody was pump break is the most entire what's the biggest golfer for the last ten there also to twenty years right so they were just pumped I felt like legislate or why don't we just. Play in a whole event we're just to a follow this. Playing for a large amount of money and people watch you have to see to our motto of the galleries is that the US open the following those guys around I mean it's it's. It's the majority you can almost follow any other golfer and talked to one alone because everyone's following them. When the crowds were ugly if you stay away from them there's no beer line. If you blow them you forget it's hundreds and thousands feet. Yeah thank you daily bridge Aaron might get headlines coming up you're listening to the men's or radio network. Reach and Swiss miles. Let's see what's happening in the real. Heartburn goes ahead of Florida where a man and child dangled high above the gators on these headlining Peter Lance. Meanwhile a Fairbanks man suspect is for an has meant so he takes us. Hundreds go to but the stance. Was just the woman has cocaine meth marijuana add some spice all of insider Mendes says it was muggers with a coffee cup that made his but wider. And Miami cubs had to give back the toy brand to try to steal for mr. Everett is founder headlines. It's time to hit. There's might call. God curry in the UK a man with a mug of the 500 pounds and he had made selling his motorcycle and encounter that left him knocked unconscious. When he came to he had severe abdominal pain and ten days after the attack and pain persists and so we decided to go to the hospital to get it checked out. Skins that day he receive the hospital revealed that the man had a metal cup shoved up his anus during the attack. Do you buy this. I don't but I'm cynical but if it's true is that truly getting mugged it's cool. It's good wound. I don't know how close. O'Malley thought mugging that you also used for us to beat him up and as it guys do stuff. I think that everything in the story makes it sound like nobody's buying in it you know the man claims that it was from my words it's just. Makes it feel different W in the mud club now that. Mug of the month. Listen whatever you want somebody beat my as stole my money in the himself from abdominal pains and I don't weeks and days go by hospital because someone is physically I don't know glamour group. If I didn't know if I know that a quote unquote mode to myself. The embarrassment I have or maybe a way today threatened to leave. You get your ass handed to you by strangers is still your money you comb to of being unconscious right something wrong with your admin anyway I'll wait ten days I think you Hamas. I've never had anything else my rectum like that's I don't really know why do what I've kind of pain is you never been in the mud club before noted in our weathermen and hang out there just like Jack you've ever had mug shot what I got to do everything get a drink so many ailments and apparently not anyway I don't know how severe this pain is he manages rated offense I decades in the gun laws get month. He's late I just feel like man predecessor I don't know how Macs there would be there. Look man even though the painting your abdomen I think you can still trench. Right what direction it came right this stretch something else long before it started hurting us. Had George Bush man they call it like I feel like that's I'm not just your abdomen it's an opinion must be Ralph. Drag in other news we go to Florida to a theme park lovingly known as Gator land where patrons can see all kinds of animals and take part in various activities such as an adventure tour rookie Gator wrestling. He performances and even enjoy a quote screaming gators tip line where people fly over the double the Gator enclosure for thrills you loosen some fit if this. I think that. If this sounds like a bad idea you're right because a man and his son got stuck on the zeppelin covering forty feet over the pool of gators below it's already bad enough if it now functions and you know no matter what zip line you are no matter where you our responsibility as you could follow run into somebody on that left correctness I'm going to be up. So when that happens you get knocked off. Ideally you don't wanna fall fifty feet but if you do you don't wanna fall. It was slugger David Wright you don't I don't know what it data we ordered a break how will make it more like pitfall in the right how to I think my basic live more like that don't worry though miles apart says that this kind of thing happens all the time and that abilities are well trained for just such an inconvenience to chill out dude that you were freed from the right about 45 minutes after the attack is that no worries they're not in any danger. We've added all the time it happens all the time it's not supposed to happen all the time the gators love at age above its. How did okay and in men I mean overriding them. Catch of Captain Hook when you walk us right. We take of the season this headline quote cruise ships no slid floor 'cause they Cornel injury on this guy on the rise again today jackass is a fairly the ship had a nose lip floor installed were patrons complained game corn hole. Not allowing one man to properly shift his weight while playing the game causing him to fall and injure himself easing when he puts his front step forward his top staff write it that needs to slide look at durable. Right if it doesn't slide these. And hurt himself he doesn't BS that I think this is that correct concrete yeah. Democrats are you ma'am right and that's on news sometimes players play better on clay court wanted to play on grass they make adjustments to the third day Carson Daly was calling. He's suing the company for 375000. Dollars in damages for the fall and the company responded by saying that the floor presented no risk of injury. It's on your brother and I guarantee that this man has been in retirement for decades. Is an effort cash that's right or cash Graham come off. He just yeah he needs some of the former hole and drop balls on what that would be the coffee mug and how I think I got a court had prepared a hundred and as I don't wanna like. Are dumb ass that only comes to us from Sacramento unmanned rear end and then suvs Ellis stopped in traffic on the interstate. The crash was severe enough of the car he was driving burst into flames forcing him and his female passenger to evacuate the car. A passing police officer drew round after seeing the blaze to help but couldn't help but notice the Mangold back toward the burning car. It was later that he found out that he indeed the man did go back to his car to light a cigarette with the flames fell off causing him to since his eyebrow title again assured. Is he was so you can see me I mean they you know sure it was drive. Shirtless guys going to labs that are vital to burning the beard I think shirtless driver always has cigarettes available other things. But not a light right that's why I'm out again probably marijuana. Survivor island journalist traveling my Chucky he was arrested for drunk drivers I think he's gonna have over Beers somewhere that event and a. A woman in Tennessee was forced to make your way to the hospital after he was bit in the middle of night by a brown recluse spider. She will have in the middle and I defined multiple bites on her body she was having troubles welding could not walk or move from the venom from the spider. She did make it to the hospital and is recovering but is moving out of her apartment complex because she has since found upwards of fifty brown. Utter crap shoot anyway since the incident that's every headlines that might not get that. I shamelessly and except for the drug charge Ryan gasoline decisions in the return of the word profile does we'll bring it tells of the shot of the day yes indeed it is all true but in the meantime we'd be all about business act. Dogs so nice not pleased would you do best and poorly they think it's bad.