06-22-18 Seg 4 Mens Room Needs A Drink

Friday, June 22nd

Profile This, TV Time with Ted and Headlines!


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This is done men's room. I'm listening to. The result has say about particular candidate for 4999 Olin you'll play profile this EMS. Better headlines on the way one hour from now foursquare check in in my car for some of the stories and headlines he is not working on. All right there's a couple of new Yorker who have a great bid the big deal on every vacation. They go to amazing places but only post photos on FaceBook where they looked as a. Pointed and I thought class. So far they've done and an island of Malta and Portugal and now I get there just sad faces. Control would be here therapy. Don't don't didn't gel with the votes. The truck stop chain flying. I think chicken fingers license plates with little ice in front of you wanted to look at it yourself. Last fall let's start offering not even one not even one I got nothing for a photo. I just have a headlines and I don't and I don't know obviously there's some pretty nice oriented truck stop I'm centralize all eyes are more like three cancers of food. Looters and don't worry you know you're an order. No I gonna I didn't. Let's start offering cancer patients free rides to and from their treatments in Miami in Vegas and other straying to more cities including. Including LA Philadelphia Houston Cincinnati Denver Saint Louis and Lenin parts of managers. I know that sounds like they're being nice but my bad there he shouldn't drive my growth as to the mark thanks. Prefer him not home but who they who are giving brides do change their opinions and I don't know if there. Even the nice thing to carry. Well yeah I mean now it's a great dignity taken as a fan but I think about the leg when you drunken take beautiful. It's either I think we're over in Europe and in England they think they might have a thing you figure out if you're too drunk and I think I've until the last few forgot to connect. Kind of looked quite bright object you got to be trying to break you don't wanna be driving it if you drive and who were you know any certain point tonight anyway that's what your going to get. If you're to the drug for over what you do. Thank you and now is threatening a tribe try to walk at all. We may have. Does not gonna have to go to state fairs to get deep fried Orioles anymore they're about his Arizona home version wire only hitting a freezer section at Wal-Mart soon ardent research on that one day yeah do you see this doesn't make it's. So wait a minute. A day. So how do you make you put him in the other her like how do you do you keep the mob went with what is well each in the box every your read the directions because I'm not working on it that. So I think I read this today. Standing and you replicate. Deep fried or does that taste I don't know oh my daughter loves fried frozen fried chicken and cook that values that I make it did that okay yes I'd imagine this thing having the freezer section now while you. A lot of stuff as lit it's yeah it is frozen earth frozen Oreo deep fried Oreo o's yes. All right we'll look at us. Shocking to believe you. Do you like picnics yeah according to news survey a quarter of people don't thank you. You know that's a lie I have been on picnics and I was child what's known as a picnic like lay out the lay of the blanket and have the actual basket or is it like a Stanley picked an exact count. And they're all the same to me man I mean what in the way probably not if someone's house I'm in a park or beach tournament. And I'm EV outside if you like eating outside. Not in a picnic situation as us general is there anything yes I think I don't remember it cable situation outside there's strength in sexual I. I need some sheet I hate eating in Drexler from what the picnic menu. You're just at the mercy of the Frick an element of what happened to the ground is still a little way out of Atlanta and amp in his blue if I'm at a lake sitting at a picnic table. Drinking. Is that Catholic could pick him. Yeah I think within fifty feet of those fire what that's absurd as mentally that it does not leading to the UN eat you get a glimpse of what it's only 100 foot mobile probable for in the bucket a check it fault. Picked. You know I do picnic I don't think on the on the on the biggest outdoor either other than the restaurants right. You got a bargain you're going to be airmen fought for about that yeah. Gas being. He does something big on social media just to get the attention of one person you're in jail. Wait a minute isn't a peek back in. I recipe targets or anyone barely missing out. I don't know I'm a peacock put on giant display. I'll in the action here on the peacock tomorrow Arafat you know other as well general era on the peacock now generally wearing bright red would be kind of peacock and everybody from. Right I had noted yesterday at the turn the docking means to put on display you're like hey look at me a barrel but gas being here is doing something and so he's doing something. Huge on social media just there's mentions him. One person's eyes closed it's similar only digital tent I related brilliantly. He's like a huge stopped or just light. A funny posts maybe it's good me. Good medium. I don't know do it doubles we'll see if that's considered down six love me I like it means even after very sensitive and a new survey found the biggest turn offs on our first date. Well for me you have appeared. Bad manners and a man piety you're not worth. I don't have a job done the job is brilliant against the other and happiness. No amount of good news miles actually amber and a little bit of Islam for hygiene bad manners constantly looking at your phony get into drunken bragging. Okay. How and the I think it did that wasted on first date excuse frankly yes. I do that or he's really really nervous. The sand. According to news survey of eleven not the newest winning turn as as. Ask people for cash gifts and use it to pay for the wedding itself that's. There are. We thought cash is the best way to get to any help tragedy great winning give but not to pay for the wedding and defend media basically your kick starting the wedding which is great to tell people that ask them for a isn't your thing and the father of the bride pays for the letting pluses and say here down here here's the thing if you overheard what you wanna do that. We'll go out to dinner Friday. I'll play for my mail. So you'll have to spend a hundred dollars a plate of the cost yeah I think I'll buy my crowd. I want to give you a gift for online there you gave me the gift of money we hear what I would do that's my problem. Well I've brought to you did you got the tape didn't you pay for the food. So like cumulative you're getting married you get a beauty that costs while Dubai may that we honor that keeps on senator chicken man I might want rift. Among wall whatever they got Brian I would have picked by the Olympics food but I just want your money. Now you're you're locked in the I don't have dinner you're 100% a record crowd was good. You what I did the money dude you want but if you told me of fraud Virginians and Monica might be able to I correct that ultimately you have John. Don't what do we say before but we several kids like it. You don't have to lie. But don't give all the information up front about we don't wanna pay for your dad's name wedding of your way. Thriller probably should've given this Monday 66% of people who are successful their careers say that at some point all the way up they had the fake it to make it. Coach nor. A reasonable that I had no idea what I'm doing a little bit about it. Daniel opened his last visit our side now what you political. Mistake you go look at. All of them alive right we know business with everybody who Eisenberg I'm going to be new and original reference that's truly honest about it but focused and Iran face it though I made it. Act placebos often marked. What do you know a 31 year old man of Florida got pulled over for drunk driving told the cops to mind their own business and unfortunately. Into which I think are I had all I wanted to do it in half an hour after florid romance. Not kind of madness like that movie if you think if I do business with the Florida. It's one of our guys the other day I driven him because we're talking about taking this a home from a personal preparedness. We meant as a tightly knit pick thing dump now and now data out its shooting. Well I it's not it's technically who knew him well I don't know I would like they might go back over to somebody's house or to a park to grill the have been a bit. We're over there are really on our grills like at the camp the houses could have no real hamburgers. And then you you know you can grow up. Think you've got to bring that stupid basket via noise that is just she and I bill Oliver yes a picnic you're not you're not preparing the food there you have abroad and you can make hot dogs and we're allowed do you like it really did you know mayor Michael Marco. What do a lot of random drug gamma and all around all good things got the good doubt that the puck out of the individual local government can cook them that they detonated. I got to bring ads that you are stuck. With what you've got man okay so I didn't drop anti war dead and out or blue waters herb here in the fried chicken's going to be cold. That's who we don't like specific thing. You'll never believe this but a man of the UK at his home broken into you and given console stolen move something at the scene made him know instantly oil was something and let the good thing you'll test your memory one hour from now. Thank you I got him I don't know I wanna are now is the Gomez. So prohibitively several account profile since his claim at Georgia on my own that this simple game where we share review the real like news story. So leave it happened right here. I'll planet earth or. And I do listen to the story. Based on the stereotypes you believed to be true of people and the decisions that people make less good it is you think makes the story a story. Hello Joey welcome to the men drew. On. I Joey you understand how this your name's play. Fantastic we don't by the story few days ago but it's worth repeat. A woman in delta Township Michigan general Lexus golden who's got a couple runs Igor is the police investigating. The next day he bribery and rental which he sees her Lexus parked at a convenience store. What does he do tripled into the parking lot optima card and feels about. She doesn't go all the cops she gets in regards it was feels about us was in the front row that the car that a third of the person who stole her car was is integral kid. Nobody got out of convenience store it's all the mobile instilling a stolen license back he responded by. Still ignorant people not to come finally tracked him down and sold rental about 85 miles away. It is charged with unlawfully driving away about a man anyway do you believe this woman who stole back the vehicle is black white Maxi or anything. Some would say black. The commission did not call the cops. I. Where was. Some the delta Township Michigan I don't know where in the state that is. And I'm by the look township is all you need to know what's on the greatest. Aaron. Well thank you and his camp he makes a solid point that we called the cops who stole back yeah install what you have and it was Alexis. You know. Right yeah. But finally answered. But. I'm gonna find out is he was black white Mexican or Asian next sat with his teeth you're listening to the men's or radio networks. Five days with the Michigan is now the story goes a woman gets arsenal. And extent because you need to guard she goes and gets a rental car. As he's using a rental car she sees her car that was stolen in steals it back to the guy who stole her car sees her. Steal her car back and then proceeds. To steal her rental car bomb threat was he black white Mexican or Asian. Knowing we had few that very question and our menus startled black and blue flag did you read and almost stuck with. I Iraq. Finally may have been rumored as long and even. We'll see you tomorrow. So many Beers. Sold. Many here years easily over solidly on Saturday you're Italian media into the pineapple justices off I traveled to go out for a night and it's the kind of insider. Today that it is happening at the bright side her face growing will be there and it cost he's bringing their dawn of the red. Maritime of their maritime flagship red silver city are friends it's oversee growing bringing rates down bread. Also a lesion will be their scores are red gold dirty German beer eat the loser and found that out today. I'm sure you got slowly but I was gonna forgotten that I saw today that the dirty German built yacht and she's coming back. On tickets are available at the door by the way if for some reason you have knock on the men's remind you that superior tickets there than your livestock on the out of the question re and make sure you have them but yes in fact they will be available at the door why only and the wreckage the good tandem blues trio wouldn't she had watched him black. Do original we'll be there that I read. Okay the clout many close the motorcyclist by the way they have already set up the ramps and stuff so we'll be glad to hear all that stuff authority about. There and then set up and do it ousted nearly which it keeps active yeah it goes by that band width of the cliff and where to Redman. Oh yeah players some African Rand I am or wherever he. We need your first fourteen that's it for you all of them actually oddly enough going Cameron played several bang what those. It was like hey Megan female form was I honest to god. I don't own redshirt doesn't he's making the book he doesn't own a single thing that thread but didn't realize the warm things. Many don't realize that he owned that is read in the do know this guy makes sense. There's been delayed we can find the undeserving yeah. Glenn game back of the brotherhood. I have a red bandanna. On ads on TV and I don't think. Here's another that code in the gravity by. You know I got to ribbons and red wrist bands do you mind again not everyone on a big step is occurring in the beer you're enjoying the the day the was closely fantastic. You're doing a lot of good with a portion of proceeds benefit. Tom Seaver foundation. Our friends of the Fisher out to be there as well we will cut them their big ass check thanks to you for all the beer that you bought over the year from a lesion. As apportion their proceeds benefit our three local Fisher houses we started out we had to Fisher houses in the area and because of view and the amount of good you do it through the other beer. We now have a third so that's always going to be exciting as well of course the airless belly dancers and so much more. A red festival. Is tomorrow in imply expose inner we will see they're frowned or drink and and other dumb stuff and get those tickets are on sale now. Men's or live dot com are now pro TV news all times time TV time a day. Because you're pathetic life. Countless hours in front of a talking car. Presents. I had chicken there. So some people might know this about me they might not I I like all genres of music and I have a special place in my heart for what some people consider a terrible John wrote music. Which is rap music contract easy becomes out of Atlanta got a all right miles and your kids or at least one of them and have. So there's wonderful thing he just follow me here folks it'll make sense there's one guy mean little pop. A little pompous Sonko Gucci game you've never heard that he has little snippet of it. And today it's. And was again it's an Irish eyes on us. All right now a lot of people are gonna know that collectively doing I don't care about little pump. Active. If there was an album of seek cover songs simmered down a little bit different we'll Dave Matthews was on Jimmy Fallon and the. He's gonna give you some of the classic hits that are on this album okay. Field wide bodied. Live thread. Putting flood traps phone renewed at local clubs fly solo flight propaganda and DJ thing. Trap an inch V Thursday night. Forget boom club classic. No. Oh man. That he threw a little amber yeah I think that that. Little liver the how old I I get it move it for you. I live in different I think I was a little part of the whole song just about making a sound. That's it and yet. So let's scroll. And that's the name of the song dance that w.s or budget easier than it is there's people under 21 right now I don't forget that I'm sure that whole video by the way from a Fallon is of the mention FaceBook page if you know anything about Randy any of those songs whenever you if you don't just watch it's pretty funny. The whole idea of just it's easy listening rap music OK in any make ups. Easy listening bright you know one man but. I think he goes back wasn't Muzak slash elevator music. They figured out a way to make EDT easily you don't like it but they found a way to make these it was late. Back in the day you'd be in the grocery store before mr. Ehrlich a safe way radio network. And they won't play this crap man. And gorillas at your grocery shopping like me who I know this guy came song right. About time we don't like a pretty sure that was one from tout a lullaby album for kids to falsely trying to metal album it'll mute Rock Island rough about babies and. He works and what he works he works the bar and NIC progression I think we're all familiar with it and it's so nice they have a piano player. That was in there in the same kind of thing like I'm I'm sitting I was by myself. Eat dinner. I Lanka with it themselves terrible I would honestly you know be at a good time there though every course is at the whiskey but absent at the barn I'm Mike. I have no piano songs that the enemy and not sure I'm like how I know the song that I realized that I played the piano is conference late Nirvana food and like Alice it's been it's clear you don't hit it sat right you've you know there are done but it's. The Smart thing to do because you know honestly done and the do nothing is against piano players book god loves you go to would you do what you go someplace fancy you know playing piano. I recognize you're good but I hate which are playing and don't want to hear and frankly. No one understandably general Vietnamese have been there hopefully you'll play into we know we don't even realize it's tuna we know and like. I like this guy I'll actually noted that I think is the thing is about that places is that when you go on their UE. They do it in such a way that it takes awhile to figure out the song is. That's sort of ANC sit you sit here like he's doing bitches ain't. Yes writing and I don't think this isn't like what you may 2000 only got blown that I kind of lobster with the Yankees play African you know. NW Aybar. Right let's let's say that's it's funny that it's ever that easy listening kind of few. But those who visit relatives and that's why he doesn't sing at the there when you're done yeah. That's. Yet and I think any time you really. Cross genres you like people looked like as are happening post Momo right but he doesn't cover of a Nirvana song. So people the rap shows and it's amazing what they think thing like you've heard those rap songs of people slowdown may quicken primaries take coming Chrysler in. Yeah I made a fortune don't matter yes there's a there's a ton of that kind of stuff and I think he works hurt works good for everybody. I think that I think that the injury in the appreciating the song we thought you needed a little more. Yes and you never know which saw you're gonna cover that's a mistake and then it just happened tonight F I don't know how to explain sake you shouldn't touch that one T swift. Won't do senators that the ideals and I just solar start to. Out of prison goes to a different absolute and they almost the sound the expressly that when it sounds ridiculous. Prime but I still wouldn't hear what he says three racks of new changer. I was just cocaine but Dave Matthews they get really like that the slope of doing the program talking about the Jesus man you crazy pump. It's official. ABC's bringing back Roseanne without Roseanne. It'll be you know I think to be just called the countersuit in basically gun owners think the converse. I mean you members there she is pretty tough. All that we also led the country respects did you just not fair he's just not there it's like you ran away like a dog. Mean you know and we've dug a railway from home what Roseanne yeah I mean they just give electricity in the daily grill and the husband had died in the end here. I have to now here's the crucial thing to me right her ratings are through the roof. Now is that just because she says hey I'm gonna be very trump. You know Republican slanted. I think that helps I'm agency will people still watch the show now but we do people care that much about Roseanne coming back or is it just days you know she kind of bucked the trend of instead hey I'm gonna be or was it the writers still having that you know back and forth of the two sides just you know. Got to figure out their way to the conduct but she apparently she signed off on it's out there you go ahead and you go forward with that. Which frankly I said that she should have done for awhile so they kind of brings up TV shows that has survived some big departures. I don't remember this one to Valerie Harper left to show called Valerie. Sounds a lot like that frozen hamburger in the air show. Page she was out after season two but the show continued for four more years as the Hogan fan. You remember Charlie Sheen left Two and a Half Men they replaced him and Ashton Kutcher and that he really miss a beat. You run a thug Ted Danson ended cheers a better place today than the main female Carrick good Shelley Long ranked. I remember as a kid my parents love cheers right. But like irony and Shelley Long was that she was long gone and she showed back up but she left cheers of the five seasons. And then she'll last another six with Kirstie not only that but you know the people who really like that show initially those a character called coach and he was one of the favorite characters of all the characters initially early on. Correct in that all went. And woody Harrellson took that job just like any other bar vessels that was my introduction to what you're in aggregate the dishwasher isn't there and these are going to be there anymore you gotta get known so like anything else that they made sense in the context that was your shorting down. Suzanne Somers left three's company that went on for three more years. Steve Corel you remember left the office they still went on for two years three's company also had they had. And the rope birds. Initially that two people who were right and I'm not scared and right over and not about mr. pearly came in and he was in new issue of awesome. Yeah or vice Versa one of those (%expletive) and authorities she had for the double she left 90210 early and charmed. I don't know that she can since the end of a sudden he bragged on your resonate like hey both shows I was bonded fine without me. Cindy Williams. Guys remember this when she left Laverne and Shirley Q it I don't know send it via at and closes the Shirley show of all the for a show. Yeah look yeah maybe showed it really survived elegantly and a half season premier brown how. And then Thomas gives him a criminal minds after twelve season and that show still Ghali. I Sally they say more importantly to your wife the show also lost share more mental. In 26 and he is a good looking man. But if there's a ton of shows right lake mash off to a bunch of characters ER everything I lost George Clooney them. Now granted the show was caught ER not Clooney. But he would lose another battle like no no wireless you know Anthony Edwards they've lost half the people would've. But Ireland shows I don't think you are lost anyone that wasn't huge. Yeah they became Eric LaSalle George Clooney Anthony Edwards Huard Julian mark and always there were monstrous stars of the time. Lisa Benet she coalition and darting and she left the Cosby Show and a different work but tried a different world funny show and much funnier when she wasn't on. Speaking of George Clooney he was on ER you know a lot about him he's up for a lifetime achievement award and Bill Murray had some jokes about that. It happened all of us I'm sure when we realize that the lifetime. Achievement award was being given to a 56 year old man. I know that all of you thought. The same thing that I thought. George is dying. It's fatal we don't know what it is but it's going very quickly it's progressing very quickly. The men you see here now. It's not the man who walked in here one hour ago. So this isn't really a lifetime achievement award. It's a celebration of life. I really think about it please send it to get the guys 56. Dollar and I would do that. Jim Dunn alive Democrat. And those guys are both what has he done exactly and I'm I'm not disparaging arms and beyond the movies and all that and nosed and some charitable things went off the top of my head to get that kind of war right now. I know he's no longer got notes on run decent guy and why some brilliant woman I get all of that but wouldn't he do. I mean honestly I think it's a big part of it he's been like super involved in don't have charities in different movement reason that the video white on white Elliott and ray is quite obviously is pretty high powered lawyer who speaks the UN in the finance I think. He's done enough move I mean look I think I had a good start to think I just. Other than it is to keep them exam of the spurred him I just can't remember but I heard of he did money because you don't miss them like I'd just don't remember what any of those things work. And the only oceans eleven as it ocean's eleven is really with sentiments like that stratosphere are absolutely. But even with that lake I can't sit here and tell ya bunches of George Clooney movies I've even sat down watch a guy I thought that. Up in the air maybe. Give us a couple of thought we're going to be funny there. Played burn after Reno or something and then like I they just. They're disorder while he does arc he does he used to do this is flaws to a plummeted to one major movie every one or two years and gives me enough money where I can. Judith stuff I want wanted to O brother where out there aisles and how that how are the only problem throughout. Yeah O brother where you meet. That's a pretty good but the wiz version yet that the IO brother where you can be the front liquidated and it. It. I can get that out a year you're gonna take similar trips that summertime. Do you found it's a pretty funny I've summer vacation and failed tweets summer vacation fail. Dispersants from that SA nearly. She says that 1 July a mathematician to Florida and the EC went out in the car we got pulled over and cops found a car full of people just sitting in their underwear. As a threat and Cano left fingers. She says one summer my family went to Disney were on the my parents thought they lost my sister in the crowd this surge freaking out and calling her name only to realize this was sitting on my dad. This was from that big Joseph on the go act. He says my dad had become a daily to our vacations that we gave the wrong room number is a joke. He showed up to the other room went and ate some food huh. Yeah. The songs from that seek help. He says he took my knees to Disney World to go on The Little Mermaid ride since it was her favorite movie. Apparently part of the Ra I was broken and read as we passed Ursula her head. From that Taylor BB eighteen. She says on vacation in Hawaii with my family my boyfriend try to fit in with the hawaiians so he kept thanking everyone by saying Honolulu. I'm not a clue of what. You know crash in the Honolulu. While the broad themes then am I am flight path we don't have earlier right and they started they get by with you know with some summer vacation things that happened and then. And fortunately I can only really go back to stories anything about my father. So there's the famous when I told you about he's walking on the boardwalk but these famous Fries and this one play he's and that Burgess craft followed. It that Sam. There but I love you guys have children yes you know this right I by the end of the week. Ready to be done average run of the tensions are a little hot there are so. You gotta you might he's ten feet in front in he's wearing a Fanny pack and everybody were probably being not being ironic right he just had always gear things in pac. Some look it up there any stock in either one of my siblings I don't know but it just you've never seen a man more angrily. Turn around an easy walk by my mother he brick like on clips of Fanny pack is like you can't have a better. It goes it's beep. I think they just he's just late this is one of those things that he would always heat angry the drop of the people get so worked up relatively. So of course we're kids we laugh residents angrily ripped off up any potential workers is that they stormed off. Oh yeah OK yeah yankees stormed off we ate dinner he he's still backed out at some point that I don't. Don't good part of it it's par for the ports of staff point of again he's summer. It is as they're really go through these not a vacation. I do you see that giant fat cats. No yeah I saw I saw you through Seth Meyers was a picture oh good that mired unfunny thing about it. The LA times has published a profile on a 29 pounds stray cat named jobs. Mean kids on the subway today no I'm not the world's biggest and. If that's the death. She thank you did earlier version of my schedule headlines that don't appear in just a few minutes you are listening to the men's or radio network timely and Swiss miles. LC what's happening in the real. I got 33 children against bigger Florida kid named I really don't care you know. Meanwhile a New York man trying to jump start car of TV rattlesnake in plain view was actually sitting on them was not. Think he burglar busted because of this bank under his bed. A man doesn't read instructions on car washing his car is now called it quits at the top brown dark period of time for your headline. It's Sunday. Bidders might car. Our jobs are here to listen to profiled as we go to Scotland where a man's home is broken into but he knew instantly who did. The managed. As did a pair suspicious looking characters sitting near his home and as you want by them. He yelled back and gagged from the terrible stench coming from a smell it when he got back to his home he found it had been broken into and his gaming equipment had been stolen games consoles for the works right. But he instantly knew who did it because the same stance that he smelled on the to have. Filled his entire house and he instantly called again start have to take security footage to find that they had indeed pawned off the stuff that you were found and arrested. Damn man I think about that your sense is so strong and it's so individual like I don't know exactly was in my home right. And I am committed this tractor nasty. I'm just a fascinated by and I wanna know how long they were in the house or rather how long it had been since they left. At that stage is actually still live in the house they take off their shoes before hand or lesser Rosalia started smoking and has your investment moving I don't know. In other news in Hancock New York gets another episode out man vs bay oh. A man jumped in his car and try to started only to find that the battery was dead. The man and lifted the hood to give the battery jumper noticed they rattle snake coiled and ready to strike on top of the battery. Fans already shaking his head yet even held officials and the animals moved to a safer location. Let's I would expect to see a little thing. Well not too man float. There's a reason there it's because the engine is not the girls' eyes warming the united the next incident it was stuck its tail was stuck in the engine on as well and Nancy is that and it was not very happy woman averages are starting to tread there and burn you know what it depends entirely on where it's that. That engine turns just right in Omaha fans would take back your mind that actually had a bad start with a cat couldn't have been an engine and that exact thing did happen. All Lula outside offense fascinated enemies I. And as the Baltimore the first was a live and have removed on my parents house five most concerning of place. There's a very old cold with a live next to simulate this massive old caddie or something like that but anyway. Holmes who are these kids usually sleeping on the photos are is never ever drove was he never ever ever ever ever drove the Tonight Show to play and out right and one day he drove a man. W. And his wife and we got hardly ever get moment to let it individually from the job and the Central Bank guy's wife. She was very distressed he then goes kittens and tells a storm. And horrible. An idiot ever Carl what is making the rounds online in a video chaired a lot of cars sitting in an automated car like they were someone puts a car and the machine calibrate how big and how why and all that about the car. And then of course then to start to wash your car. In the video the car begins to move into the brush is of the car wise after a forty stop it sat there for about five seconds Linda started to pull forward. Any continue to jockey back and forth until it actually host the machine. Pulls it down on the car crushing the trust that if you want regardless you know. Found this review Booth. I'd be absolutely did the thing isn't a question like insists the office like hey you know they don't stop because I know that they don't pull this thing it'll save pull forward you know or back up turned left right whatever it is to get the car in the right spot and it'll say stop when you need to stop it outbreak at. Downing. We go to Florida or a woman got a little too drunk at a Bart police were called the bar about a woman that and it hit and it hit Amanda was trying to defend himself. Witnesses said that the woman started attacking patrons before she was kicked out of the bar and then continued to charge and she's patrons are on the part of not screaming match he was the daughter of god that. All we now. I'd heard of the daughter. Never had a lot going on site iPhone and every headline that that might. Argue that I know that I can return of your death is as good as mine a random question question men's room rules we'll drink it tells with a shot of the day you have to David's alternative means I win it about those events so that we go to read those until next I knew he back and for a lead this thing. Day.