06-22-18 Seg 3 Mens Room Goes For 2

Friday, June 22nd

Emails, Ted tries his luck once again against the FCC! Plus Bad Jokes and the Shot of the Day!


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This is dumb men's room. I'm listening to. Good and doesn't this Saturday bad jokes coming up ten vs the FCC our question what was the story behind the alarm made 44999. All out. Hello and now welcome to the Mandarin. Yeah. So back and it how are you out here oh. Crocker. Who happened below are I thought great idea. K this year jackal or sell it went light on all looking. Well and wind neck. If you scored in the middle of the street and senator umpire credit bird in the middle of the street. They are. Should record got a little. And I stat sheet at. Apple corps he got all out on the court. What does happen. You freaked out. Out where I. Two Emmerich got it real and all the lip that. Why are urged spelling it out. At all. All this is Iran that she needs to get into our house because she obviously needs a wrap your Burnham meatballs right exactly mocking anyone else have come on man there. I've learned Rihanna who doesn't that thing destroying someone's wheelchair there. And good. And I gotta put out or does. Or aspired actually showed up. At higher neighbor and our other outbreak anyway I don't get out at that time. And how Bobby Myles Brand. Thankfully. After all of would have burned out but why they're wired article itself out. And. It actually a bit Jacquelyn and without angry at Ehrlich our bank. Interesting. Multi access Jacquelyn heard countless. Can Ramsey miles rang up yet. That's for a total index cooking oil and want lighter fluid I've yeah. What was the Gomez of chemicals pose a story behind the alarm a 44999. All square off find out the same way I'm now when I was kid I don't remember. All the things we put into my body got tested it but we've successfully combined Olmert glue can laundry detergent and base it worked out likely. But alas for about two days and no matter what you made it just grumbles and so there's nothing dangerous and is dangerous to mess with a stop but we've got like our. Were shot were obviously geniuses. When everything goes together goes travelers today we just pour a bunch of different stuff but I do remember. The toward the end of boldly some of his mom's perfume like everything was alcohol based. And at some point you know Michael but just just a little mental drain just in the middle. Right so that was the game changer as far as this goes on all remember about the relief from looking at tester ran his kitchen and mobs and and a cattle iPhone though for second at the nerve of these these huge bubbles were going up. But are perfectly timed but they made this weird sounds so you know. What. Won't lose his balls and look what and then the guy named thing explode outlet yeah yeah I mean my last bloomer ruler awards scared the assize. But though although Reynolds a story behind the alarm a 44999. Alone in the. Hello Morgan welcome to the men's room. Bet it blew. I got into an active man. So I'd be a delivery driver or the company. About a year ago at a flatbed truck and we are living broad one building to another. And one day might not say it. And you you got an old building they got a couple of that shirt. And our way damn man then anybody else intense guy. Yeah I did I do believe it is in May be sins as Burton who yeah Google. We isolate them that was again I think that in the next commercial for I think Kansas and a machine's broken up all of us. Ted I don't believe they have started us all right well others say like an animal like. As I could show up. In the lowly lawyer Billy broke I looked at me but nobody thought it makes it an anti is that yeah yeah Ari that's my stomach again probably tempted to use. But on the Bartlett did building the state so like the onion and Novo larnaca. Any now it's station beset like you're Nikita did and you'll be fine. And a building used to be a bank that or we were there. I went in there and I could hear Canada quite beeping noise like whatever they previously at. All alarmed and maybe stuck out is not a novelty and it's summer there are people out there and then. A lot of alarm you can possibly they don't start going off. Like super paper loudly prison break out. My own mouths it's like outside. All these people as they're now mainly stared down around a third call my spot he's not. I might I'm I'm gonna jails and just sit there only ground just like okay I guess that's wait for the cops beat down. And alarm goes off and I'd sit there and a cup games. Like also weird planet. And editor of back it up says. So that ought went right what caused the crowd do do this watch you Walken you're drunk driving Waylon all that stuff school. Yeah that exactly that but they're going to be huge crowd of people there that mean under like this awkward Blake. There's some bears and Eric I'll look at necklace that now you know like like a boulder. Lead aren't. Could you go back to tell your balsam and what do they figure out what that no longer connected directly to the police. Yeah exactly and I told my bought my without man like that alarm let these are less than like bank. And Moses story by any alarm a 44999. Nolan today did the same thing I was. Driving a car for this guy used to coach a nice write these things in the basketball thing greatest high school bass welcome to the winningest bass welcome all time. She lives in a very nice neighborhood right but I live in the same city writes I live in my College Park. But he did did like hellish book roots. As well everything everything would notice called college for bush ever was comes in love this usually gives that at least ease coast offense heights map and it right now heights work is good barriers that terrorist is a terrorist there all right well there you go there did that this isn't really in this you've got to keep in mind a little and 95 minutes from how kills us but we never went there. Of course like we didn't know anybody who would sections of coach Rupp says hey. Take my car ran over my house he got to grab a few things follow this will be easy Bally's and a law firm code right videos. Punching Daniel a got a minute get that house and then make punch something else or to circle and off. And there's some code word for get what what's a safe yogurt are and a younger course you know me against I can't get in the door. It's not working and that alarm is so laugh out and make people are coming out of their homes look at him disavow any and in the fold string in the Catholic who is this idea. Stats yet. For instance it let them. And a lot of our work for coach won't late you've that and this has allowed for like maybe admitted I have to think you'll yogurt yogurt if he's like. All right we'll teleconference and it is. Says editor about that thing out that it I don't know relation to these people know we're on the leader of a lot of people who think Ted Smith getting this thing yogurt. Our carries with skiers like Olivia and I clicked I both the story behind these a lot Herman before for a nice night and I know everything an accurate it is such a big deal that we neared that your kid but this this is a legend like this. So perhaps there's nobody there's nobody closer big and he's the closest thing we've got bright in an empty and I mean he's alleged in the area he's alleged that our school and I am it is owned. I mean it is so loudly everybody can hear how nice was sent Chris Lawrence spoon. Hello Joseph welcome to the men's room. Well on top. It. Seventh grade wrestling. And now we're running lines. And wait we got to practice it kept area in one side there was nothing but windows and the other so the ball well. Our genius coaches had us finish on the side of the windows. So I'm running out like it should slow slide in the let it be. O dollar babies are just. Brantley a bad care and I couldn't stop. Thought I'd let him on the window ray. And my right arm right wouldn't the window. So these are these are storm where you know it not safety glass where they you know all into little pieces that break. These were shards. So I've got me. Mean spirited. And what my back out. Of the window which was just saying it is very. W at 1230. So what pulled it out. AJ it's. But basically huge big holes in my all right so you're right hander. All my on the left side here at risk. It was just basically seeing large holes are among our our amendments grab my only what is QWERTY. So little. We were up a lot you know what my clothes. Sure yeah I'd like to pay blood gushing out of the students are went through a window would be assigned for the coach discrimination. So they get it to the hospital and my dad and my mommy they're my daddy Vietnam vet and urged airport screaming Eagles general purple hearts. Besides I'm beat. I was kidding bet yeah Vietnam. It's. It's. It does not know. Now these are a lot of things that weren't pregnant like what oh man well at. Oh goodness balloons were and he. As the best regretful novice. Yeah I mean when you go through glad that the same thing map for that reason. But you instinctively put your arm and literally you real fight this thing just happened to instinct is to back away from a so. It's the same thing or my injury came rubble my arm out on the album went through I would just kind of an about the way the one question I forgot to ask him did he beat the black. Yeah not quite now running on only and only and rocky two on the beach scene I think tiger and asset I think Apollo creed told a man wrapped in blue guy again yeah and tiger both there is no tomorrow they look at the tank tops manages chuck and on the beach having those the only Democrats it was you are right over the spread Columbia Alice's friends I have seen that move move them last two years and and I did not realize this when to move came out when I was much much younger. I do watch rocky three bank and Apollo creed and were public greens attempted to get right back in shape but if we did go to develop back right of the Thai girls correct. So rocky goes through whatever mental stalking is to go through and now. It is montage time I'm. And and any Iraqi movies when they start the montage as is about to go down grabbed a bat leaves whoever's about the fight they are now appealing to win or lose being good fight. They found and herself. So they go through this but if you watch the scene and might be the most homo erotic thing. Martin this image gets on comparable none I'd trust me and I've seen the movie to recently it's right there with the volleyball seemed new agreement on this all I mean you've got to like this is in their real close bring in those a couple of freezers like man. You just need to see it again it's. Like it's a little launch rocket booty shorts and tank dead do tonight is as a short shorts death bad jokes going. I'm dead birds as the AFC's senior emails are coming up next you are losing to the men's or radio network. Our question what was the story behind the alarm and here come those emails in the men's room man Andrew might knock off. Hold until story from my first year college for help me answer friends came to find out that one of the zone it's razor and thought to bring with a college. A as being the curious young males we are we thought about different things we get electrocuted for some reason it. Paper towels came up well the hot prawns on the taser cause the paper to ignites and while I'm not sure why we didn't think to run the paper to bathroom and doused with water and whatever. Our reaction of the time was to stop on a quake and then throw it away. No large trash can also filled with paper. At 3 AMR dorm building had to evacuate into the chilly Boston night. Battelle as I was a BYMCA and my Fam I am about twelve years old were in the hot tub in the jets turned off so my dad asked me to turn them back on. For some reason the jet Bodden was right next to the fire alarm pull station needless to say the building was cleared because of me. I keep on keep an eye on you guys that from Chris. Guys in regards to your hardware I'll alarm story of some stores actually have sensors inside the aisles. The let them know that there's a customer in that I'll so they can go and help them this is an only just to help view it's also a way for them shall face to let you know that you've been seen. The one story here in our area has them in almost every child that has high dollar value items items that often it's still on. Make sense. Guys are stationed in Germany was making love to my act first and only military woman when a fire alarm went off it was because a soldier had burnt popcorn in the microwave. Morning after a bonfire boy scout camp while we are boy scout camp directors have the force was burned down apparently. The embers caught the trees and we started a forest fire and burn down an entire year's worth of already chopped firewood. The alarm was the ammunition shed catching on fire obviously bad PR for a boy scout camp. So we had to put the fire out for seven hours with the lake water and hoses no one was invited back the following year. The rule is that from PJ. Connoisseur if you measure emails every amid German men's or buy dot com. Under the birthdays we go on with their birthdays we mean birthdays only guys just wanna share with the listeners the birth. My baby girl I'd be redneck born today. Ten pounds thirteen ounces. Or oh inches long good thirteen inch diameter head god daddy's you got a big head. Rock god enjoy red festival felt 121001 presently fourteen mile man a man have a lot of locate fish sandwich and honor that others don't Rashard. Josh yeah it's crushed other amazing daughter Lucy Jane Brown's buggy turns to she was born that extremely rare birth defects premature had five surgeries over a dozen hospital stays in spite all bad. Is the habeas smartest and strongest little girl I know. She's our world and we couldn't be more proud ever could you please player a little kid they salad and some not so dirty German's love Amanda and Kelly AKA the mommy and the daddy. The best person who told him you could go to the moon says. I'm ready to throw him. Guy joins us education cartoon just completely. It is God's choice my little girl Rivera. I have examined birthday we listen every afternoon on the way home from school and she would like a little kid based analyst and a big old LeRoy Jenkins thanks guys that from char needs. Yeah. And Austin sixteen Greg can all around till we get you all talking all over yourselves about what you remember doing had sixteen thanks a bunch guys that from Kerry. Chris and annoying little program fatally got Cindy is ornament lament elderly little whose eyes are really figure things cooler yeah. And I all of a lot ultimate W offers organized that around that we possible. While it's by. Having heard it awry and that the blue rhino. From his crew in the IRC. Give them penises too small and the dirty Germans please thanks guys that from Derek. Yeah it's. So I do know looking into a them for the predicting nine inches of skin. Job to come over here and elections. Play with my spot I'm fine. And knowledge goes a little joke I told my girlfriend all I want for my birthday was a shout out from you guys I guarantee she forgot because she's usually dad out of her gourd. So I'm writing this myself. Can I please get turtle wax with a here comes the dope pusher in the pause thanks and stay classy that from Matthew. Thought look at. Paula Jones losing to guys for years and recently got my best friend losing his wells or how about wishing Kodiak happy 27 birthday with a dirty is Germans it would make his day Iraq on dinosaurs. That from Celia. Yeah I have good news for you tonight you've seen my pants and boots like Terry crew black balled them from the most. Die and then just to be safe on the by Jimmie and their Gonzalez. Black ball it's. Gonna test. Not suited to Russell. Guys it's not my birthday I'm a loser and at the cinema Albert there request as I know my husband will forget to my kid probably too busy. How about your peers is too small and a big old bong rip thanks guys that from the old lady on two may know. Does losing my fiance Alex as soon and your husband about six weeks of very happy birthday. I truly Cannata picked a better life partner tears to many years of please wish him happy birthday with any other way except. The dirty Germans. That did hear from them and headed to birthday. That's and you get data to put it's good at everything else. Get yourself. But good to be shot fairly with the people who look it. Did you guys have been losing your show for many many years you're awesome can I get see here. You guys talking all over your selves about how dogs of the best and a birthday wish in German. From blob and thanks guys that from Katie well are about it without without barrel so I'm actually doesn't like nobody's underwater in their families would have been an evolution there always think my side for examination and allow government wants to definitely herald. Young fully dependable self conscious coop who. All of you cool Colombo the typical guys that I get percent of my brother Lance he's 31 and we're out here at maple a fourteen hour shift on his birthday. Crane life maybe. Good uses a penis is too small and Joey chestnut love the show losing the guys every day out here in the bay area of California thanks at for murder occurring guy. Moon was. Our guys did my 36 birthday all I want does it deserted Germans thanks guys that from Jen. Knowledge and field bullpen to French she is she'll Ponte juggle it probably wouldn't. We applaud them it's a special I don't know. And have a good feel for the with the rapid. All of dinosaurs Illinois my buddy Jason a case got a heavy 37 birthday. It's amazing you made this long regardless your beautiful man has been a really great friend for many years. I gonna get oh boy the dirty Germans thanks guys that from Zach. I'll feel welcome to the folks who have the main calls the move would have and to. I'm still good news cinema presents this. Post it on and while Wednesday is my beautiful wife Marla is 44 birthday. It's the only day of the year we are the same age getting giver birthday song and maybe a big old bomb hit its lead some dirty dirty dirty German please rock on guys out from Jesse's. Yeah she's my own personal moment for redemption and so good luck played for. You know and don't forget to float out to news. He could play with my stand. Make my final. The improvement to give you other due to water. Sorry guys you know happy and at the it is OK okay dad had a habit I. Hey hey Eric I could I knew. But staying up thirteen zero. Bronson but men's room the available through these we'll stay on men's line doesn't come another sign retailers. Not shy flies. It was a premier. I guys he had a random question a few episodes back catching up here when it's you are someone draw and what was it on. A this reminds me of the time when I was in the university living in a frat house one afternoon a member of our alumni. Drop by the house had too much to drink and passed out sitting up in his chair in the living room. Well out in the magic markers we drew all manner of propane graffiti on his face forehead and ears etc. Suddenly he bolted awake. We thought we are busted and jump back into the markers behind the backs but no he just kind of shook his head as what time was 7:30 in the evening. And then got up and he walked home. Well about 45 minutes later the phone rang it was the aforementioned alumnus he was pissed. Apparently when he got home and walk through his front door he was met by his wife who took one look at them began yelling at him for getting drunk at the frat house. And at that wasn't humiliating enough. On the way home he encountered some people he knew who engage him in conversation and had no idea his face was decorated and they all do that from Eric. Follow are you guys as indicated and if so what is the station in Phoenix Arizona. All of my brother in law no thanks guys that can tip O Brian K hot yeah well we're not I'm an championship but you can download manager map. And and listen to show anytime call the radio stations have previously demanded. How are an Arab. Let's see here oh here's fund stuff fun facts instead of brought up the phrase Pella. That happens to be my legal last name and no it was not changed it came to my grandparents from Norway so worthy OG Helen. A longtime listener keep on doing what you do and after recording hello hello are you yes true. One more here guys losing your shell about the husky getting loose and killing all the ducks and chickens. Yeah yeah I don't try to Huskies unit. I've husky they gets loose and does not return so I always have to go look for him and Jason down. This 1 morning he gets out and runs directly to my neighbors. When I finally was able to catch him he was covered in blood with a big smile and look at his tongue sticking out. He got into the neighbor's backyard where they have chickens rabbits and ducks so. They are fun dogs to say the least rock on bitches that remark in Atlanta to be fair. All of those animals are tasting. Paul broth you go right did he gets guys love this OJ did wish it was on a little bit earlier here like 9930. A balls in Boston. Yeah Paul we did too high. Hate to admit it but I heard myself make a right turn it. That's exactly right by and I just just be honest we really like to be an earlier bill and Boston and yes. I don't matter but I her myself making a right turn my hands slipped off the wheel and I smack myself in the nuts so bad that I had to pull over take a breather you know had from Richard who loosens up in San Jose on the fox you can drive vigorously and they give excuses at. Okay let's go I think we got to go back in time the last Emmitt played Ted vs the FCC sort of like oh god I have wrong when you look with the band where's banner let's go back in town last chemically Ted vs the. And T bank. The current put butter and peanut butter on fluff or nutter and nutter butters. But win but they went this slyly sits at CE shoe she I can't cut it country clams I can't. Cut country clamp it to affect I put butter and peanut butter and Wofford nutter and nutter butters but when they went to slightly thin it's maybe sushi. But I can't cut country client I can't count. Country claim god. Apple butter peanut butter on corporate battered nutter butters. But then went to slightly sit at city sushi but I can't cut country claims I can't cut country claim what do you have put butter peanut butter corporate nutter nutter butters. But then went to slightly sick at city sushi but I can't cut country clients I can't got Broderick yeah. Plus Galliano had endeavors of the SEC let's do it again. No way. Lord says this is the so you. OK last night you know only a little longer okay well on the ball and my worst two oh with a very you know a good burnout to do the guest host why do it again 200 bucks for more either way amazing charter street. I grew up all night last night coming over the rhymes and Reynolds were devers is the FCC because we work hard. Why don't we came in and Loma holders a guy named Elvis. Elicited a program on TV show he submitted open at Gaza the FCC will host you know our our motto here listeners first. So we're gonna go with the it's spread that a hundred inside the roof. Yeah so rude I use. I illnesses to ECB let Elvis we're gonna use your attend vs the FCC instead of all the stuff we did in the harbor from us. Probably devers of the FCC it does come from Elvis and it goes something like this. Kerry is a consciously hunting coming kangaroo. Harry can count Hans capturing chubby kangaroos can grow hunting can hurt when you can't hunt coming kangaroos. The way we do tempers as the SEC is you get a read that one time through and then three times fast it. One time for Robert FBI and time. That is unbelievable. Harry is cautiously hunt team cunning kangaroos. Here he can't count hunts that capturing chubby kangaroos. Kangaroo on teen can hurt. When he can't. Hunt cutting came to root birds affected areas cautiously hunting coming kingdom roots. Gary can't count on capturing chubby kangaroos can't grow by dean can hurt. When he can't front coming kangaroos but Harry is cautiously hunting cutting kangaroos Kerry can't count on capturing traffic and to reduce payroll punting game hurt. When you can't contact Connie going to root. Who has cautiously hunting cunning and the roots. Perry can't count hunts capturing chubby gained through his kangaroo I think it hurt. When you can't back on again. It a little red unbelievable. All right guys don't know and I've been you can regulate or for a 9990. The targets are drying dazzled the end. To kick off the bad jokes coming up next. You're listening to the bedroom radio network. Did you know you don't have enjoyed the men's room. Update 44999. All the way to go with a bad jokes here's a view of Romney email what is the worst smelling being in a church other than maybe the breeze. If you could do Barak can hear about the guy that attack the group of clowns. He was straight for the juggler. Why didn't modes are still all his chickens live together when he asked them who the best composer was all they said look box. Clocks. One hour gap doctor kept. What did the Lion King status symbol when he was walking to slow. Wise move fossil. What do you get when you miss an onion and a mule. Stay here at these events and bring interior I want more from the emails what is better than our part. And it is a day hello. Of the bed you know. Wow. Hey guys do a great job you as the afternoon plus Obama you can single morning you know. Lott made it a toilet paper not cross the road one of the toilet they were not cross the round they got stuck in a crap. Hello Bridget welcomed the bedrooms. Daily and it hit the early days. We are as well. 800. No real cowboy from oppose. Wolf outside of that. Hello Andrew welcome the bad notes. Laps. I didn't articulate. How did Chad didn't vote down. Hello man Hilary welcome to bedrooms. Oh. So Ireland so that it car and why are women so meta Gartner. The normal eyes you line your ballot at nine and visit. As an area I got a few more here do you know how the Derek we got brightened by the Derek we get pregnant murdered James got to wrap his whopper. Why didn't he call off a couple of the bullet evidence that small camp and why do people like having sex look at forgiven I think it depends vials. What has 100 teeth and holds back a monster. When as 100 zipper and my the area. It's. A very good now somebody out there just standards to be ready. Israel knows just. Who it is. Added that as usual we had considering gas cans even throw him a fine I'm George nose to. If this indeed. Today we Joe's 35 year old to bury old pray oh killed Marlon aka Virginia I've probably said it wrong and I truly don't care. Now Barry is doubly an alcoholic he's definitely drug addict and he quite possibly can be homeless but. If the way he smells absolutely terrible apparently the state of his armpits it's enough to stop you in your tracks and it. In fact part of a headline refers to his armpit says. His hulking armpits that's about it. And if you don't believe me believe what Ryan boy Bryan boy it. Walking back his apartment in notice today's armory specifically. Because they smelled so bad and ever smelled anything that bad. From a W will be made these walked past him on a street most Fresno asserted but it was notable right it blows. Notable Bob would regard an insult I just goes inside. But we did whose apartment. He realizes that some of his belongings have been stolen specifically is PlayStation for your system you need Japanese games as well percent. And any real the other thing in the department of that same smell that you smell from let's think you mail the home and our pits outside Schoen about the all the local thugs out to see it but it what do dispenses stuff and sure enough they had and the poncho Boehner mentioned dead. Diversity human hand came in here department anyway they've been getting a closed circuit television footage of the whole thing. He is now court being tried for his crimes he got busted. Because he smells that bad. Well stepped up crap. Because you don't I'll ask you mr. natural spell there's no way you know usually. Abandoned no. His half way to that bad you've done something about anyway I just didn't fit Israel's. Hey who's who's imagery does booze because we think it's yummy okay so over the tongue down the throat you Mardy in our tummies. Doubt an all out they don't allow. Particularly not in line 8449990. Look. The show and many things continue on the men's room. The radio network.