06-22-18 Seg 2 Mens Room Hits The Sensor

Friday, June 22nd

Mens Room Question: What was the story behind the alarm?


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This is dumb men's room. Listening to. Israel. It's our friends are joining us now and I think five WC IMF Rochester is classic rock station also on Portland classic rock many 23 KGO and and good morning Anchorage Alaska nanny for seven K easy indeed Alaska's rock alternative big show for it bad jokes on the way Ted vs the FCC. And today our question what was the story behind the alarm 844999. Cola. A double comments coming in regarding the question in this case says look and are told and and would never told anyone it was me. I was sixteen and my first job working on local sporting goods store. No one ever told me about the Baden under the counter so when I founded and stupid me started to play with it posted several times enough and a until the phone rang and the police they said the police surround a little drunk Obama a trigger the sudden look out whoops. There's a is cooking dinner the mood struck in the middle of doing. We start doing the deed went oven timer goes off we did not stop husband said happened timer and leave that to say the tentative for now at a could be a euphemism for a husband do you think it sometimes like when you're shopping someplace I don't wanna mention the name of the place nmap but. OK so elect. The play in the music and then all of a sudden you get the announcement but sometimes I truly believe because. Here's the deal put aren't OK and don't don't flagged me on this it's going to be weird man is weird okay so I mean how well. I'm Howard I don't go to your rabbit hole and houseware right OK as a present and you be in the morning now an ego thing now they go they go they don't. Assistance even house where. I might. Looking around like. That in itself does know what we're what I check out the visibility. And in my. Think I'm stealing stuff. All the money and his uncle UK if I do like right maybe they just like it or you know how I was thinking oh. And okay. And whatever like that you know we wearing shades and side yet. If your gonna. No and had a right could just be doing it because someone looked every bit below and the someplace like Nordstrom and in north I'm saying like yeah none of the code for an alarm you know enemies of the desert code give me a second when I walk committed to did you get conflicts. And who can look it could be its. Possibility when you get that I don't get that accompany the possibility of them just like what we really don't trust you but were pretending to be salespeople out of Amanda. But I don't feel that way I think perhaps in this case when you and housewares whoever called for help. Sawyer over there was trying to do for your convenience and all yes on his washing and camera because like I'm telling you those nobody around it like how they just you know. Did you need help now. What got her over I was looking in on a map of what we don't outdoors addressing don't need them even if you don't need their help you generally state aid and VW Ottawa man known. Actually what I'm ranting and a rug and in the road from my back and I out of his analysis and I was looking I was out we go it you know environment. I was looking and I was browsing and I and I don't I don't finally found one I want at a decent and honest and how long does it take you confronted me to entertainments as to why why why did find the right size yet unrolled and you know there. While I was gone and they had the side is on the side podium delivering different times I went and checked while Miami may be honesty you're wearing sheet size and majesty the guy look in the camera like. Some ago helps don't do with. Could be but Roland and Donald background who lived through their. It is. What does he do is just weird down impressive everything and I get a bad that I Patagonia Barack that allow him. I'd take less time to guitar and bass man that we can't do the prom was I had another one leg at a little one of the plays were like you have a little a map or where in front of the toilet. And so Mike eligible woman I can't weld could belts on us rest up alabaster and so on and so okay are. About what people do that I would do if you drove a little bit numb to subpoena him I can't pistol over the one that I had I was just trying to find the one that match. Don't mean like I just want the same one that because your dad intent right peed all over. The real story behind the alarm guy that stand 844999. All you vote that cat. You know I don't know anybody else would it's terrible I love gonzo welcome to the men's room. At all. I Iraq. Yeah all I or your alarm went off we're now in Hawaii much beyond that Latin February. Thought it might or bird law. We left on Saturday. On dirt kicking in now the blue. Like Saturday I'll look her bad lag well we got slowed down on the Sox aren't around. And ultimately. We might baby. Doll. Hey mark good bad and dumb ass that does babies don't sleep man sorry he is always a bit. Slept like a band that we knew scream every three got that are worked out a guy. Acts that I debated but please. Example at back at bug recorded their. The alarm to the hotel bill adopted in the grand Hyatt and it does that night hotel room. Ali is thin and a nice place you're sick as a dog and on the alarms going off at 3 o'clock in the morning. Hopefully that will live or Sherman nod. Anyway. That alarm goes. I jumped up and worked the first thing you'd think about. I mean I thought about how would you think about alarm goes off I think you know army. Aren't OK okay situation I guess only in Kansas City yet where you I guess your hotel was on the water. Exactly and from the movies I've seen a light of this exact scenario. But people on both fell ill little one in Thailand. That's the 100 program. Exactly what the curtain up on my head. I don't have gone down like we gotta get out a year. Though we're heading down the to the stairwell at the stairway and I'm sweetener and like you know freaking out like what are we gonna do you know gadget guy here. Can I thought within our. I'd lose Daryn we're not going home yet. So we're going down a stairwell. And I everybody got their kids ought not you know all night people are freaking out and people are walking back up this stairwell. And where everybody site where you guys don't what's gone on. The people are in the parking lot being a little false alarm went. A long hey dude that it. Yeah yeah that's. See that's a big alarmed when it's just the most drilled and in army corps. Yeah we've got to Missouri I don't feel that them so how how long were you awake after that after three pure adrenaline was probably company. I. Am like I'll be up and I tell the story of up over the bed. That you'll excuse for no but honest to god it wasn't who out my stomach was not doing well and it was inquiring. But he Agassi I don't know and I didn't he did not who could have been having who are you going to be higher Abu in the you know little what did you eat that made that I don't remember as her I was sick and I during the time and I have been really couple days I've been really sick but I've never been so sick and approved in the bay you can imagine the dog got a you do it it's on the look forward to your relief and that's just such as the magical I don't feel like that's something that's gonna happen do you take pictures you know I'm in. What tell Moses story behind the alarming for 49990. Did you talk about who the deadly it's inevitable which is screen saver all emotionally and I don't think it is in late I could they be talking about this arm volatility of all of about. I'm like that's a very personal things I really think I don't have to play can compare Alzheimer Jupiter cancer man or the right all of this stuff but what I do not fear and they get older man is. Does is give socially and approve the bed. If it's not my death bed like that it's over I've given up I will say this that was my that was that was my old a unit and I am brand new unit that also you know. And I think extinction Lee. They clamped and some rough morning and it's right. Where it's gonna be bad but like any big advantage if they get out of his bed. See that's the thing that's the thing man like you can be in the deepest sleep ever I am but if you of the dream that you later realized that the body warning you like. Nor as will snap shot laid down to your credit if you let us and answer I don't understand is that how you're bush didn't do what. What most adults but not lately and heavy drinking and you get all this stuff and go oh man I did. And those support did out of bed my third time and who built that you're like been in development now I'd died and just ran right through what denial through Moses story behind the alarm made 449990. La dental fear that. Hello Paul welcome to the men for the Obama. Pitches on. Couple that they would last year lowered down a little lower yard and already. 8:6 AM 7 AM in the morning and was playing worst than I do. Already sent shock Villa are siren Antalya Turkey ST well if they goes out and into multiple aren't you better get back I grew up. You gonna hire you go to high ground. Oklahoma but it certainly not the order and that's it yeah yeah hole that aren't. What. How much time do they think you like from the moment as far as what they told you from the time you hear the alarm is that you've got about two minutes to hit elevation of forty minutes. Ornaments okay. Or a tornado all right thank. You articulate got a dollar recovered rebellion wherever certain blood sport and that's about yeah. It was that never happened log out there but anyway so worship at 7 o'clock and then it's not the first Monday of the month and publish it. We didn't does and a public air raid sirens all of which are good. State senator. And we're certainly had to go to. It's not knowing that a person that might wanna let go out there and we need to get directly. Pager he viewed on the fire on the assault or he hangs it up but he goes and it stopped. What little back so much and has been the of course in the system. So obviously that it takes a special location. He's got to credit bank. He's less than Tom. What's up then yeah. Rude. Yeah actually he's already got an outside in the try to go off and I'm like what the heck is okay. I'm in an effort I might make the call. That I don't go to an illegal. It because it orchid editorial. They're like oh that would do little to order wouldn't it. It's. An apple. Little bit you know. That's what can I can no god but I trucks are all good ears. I didn't ring tone is low Harmer does this iron. Yeah yeah yeah that's obviously sad damn yeah. I did out of their book but. It's been noting we. NN that Adobe is I don't want a prankster. Follows the houses story by the alarming for Ford 999 all of our calls coming up you're listening to the men's or radio network and pitches you. True. Business Gary Stewart talked about a day red flag an alarming situation air among them. In Russia who watched perplexed as a lump appeared on her face and then moved from one place to the next discovered the lump was actually alive. Specifically the woman had a parasitic worm whose movements he tracked in sell these for life science a woman first photograph the lump. Blower high near the nose. And then from there. It moved your island. And then into her lip. Where the infection cause some serious well in the case appeared this month in The New England Journal of Medicine where it was reported that the 32 year old woman. Saw a doctor after two weeks of the lump of moving around in her face I stopped right there that this is by issued the entire story. You feel that there's something on your face your poke at it because that's what we do the F king thing moves and then you wait two weeks to go to the doctor. What I would I would waiting all the things we do get to hear that this is what they pulled out of pulled out. A big gas warm as what it was it's a parasitic. Nimitz code. Whatever. Ironically SBC's without much of an appetite for human faces they say normally invest in dogs and other carnivores and finds itself unable to. Breed when he human becomes again Monday holes because. For make and guess they get this is I get this I have no idea you get this from mosquito it's a foul ball and Noriega was in there and in a little lower matches in his serves moving around it in your face who waits too weak a bump. That moves on your face man don't. It's unbelievable to be situated two weeks it's like dead bug in another rapid climb again it goes into his neck like if they said would you like pills to call my garden. I've which he would've said yes please call what was the real story behind the alarming for Ford 9990 La. Loads a role welcome to the men's room. And it should strong. Well Lester goes back into and out of high school and taste the smoke pot quite a bit like pistol into ditch but. I was in trouble make FBI by the suspension and they've put in a room and target McCain offers. To be done myself as a bit because there's you'll he's not showing up my suspicions so. Disagree a little I try to reached he's to get outside the they'll look bigger header that installed. They would not merely off their certain thing. Well you told them hey man did you have now for just a minute I need to get stolen you can back it I'll read I. On the ultimate dies glow in Chile data regulated they can't beat at school that big anyway I just like the Miami to go you to back out colonel mark. Can I go grab on nick and although bring it up in the air. I strap on and makes you go up yeah I mean. I was still you go to high school like in a movie and my guy amanpour. Sadly grandma dies glow until it actually liked that standard reply. Create we got stoned everywhere did you grow up out of our way to rarely and I didn't. We're sorry Willis. This is not like cares as well I think if I can eighty McDonald's and no we don't know where we got a doughnut organize a lookup straddled by. And they can be you know and because they got one person let aggregate not good at the book up the call. Okay global. Solidarity it's got hurt. Rush you know uncommitted monetary between Latin little. That's much different than any educational experience I've had other Southern College. They'll well we actually took us up only record the car owner Jack we put her. Picked up stand under the carpet very highly Carla we thought that that it out though there and but anyway that's it in the room. And I only gets don't really bad and they're air intake for the ventilation rate they're little notes that the other and so like. You know particularly people you have to take it here click to hit. I stand up on the debt and book polian won't let kids though not that well established look with a well earned. And is that blew it out in Nigeria go federation we're gonna speed out real quick you know back the good lord. I'm I'm let's go I saw the Dow ten. Kiss my my head on the fire alarm liberal if lol like that'll last week and I stood up the viral. I. So you fell all over defense. Combat all Arlene. Those direction black belt I mean you know this guy and none at all I grew up an honest look like have well a little local choked to appear a little bit. And that sort of like it might well that was the die early. Well that's why are well I didn't so. The principle the principle of all not just people want and I feel like AMP get out but he knows the dynamite unlike nations does not like. And that is can at least is currently it back in my chair a lot where Powell and our owner of a firearm declaring all the modern equal. Our yeah I mean this is doing this there was security cameras are good thing I would of loved to seen that on rye does for the blue room are you are you today in a bigger hit in on any gallium back and also I just go off the side. And did it it's freaked me out collecting you know regardless regardless Wheeler army it is nice night bait bag and they get the principal academy are worried about a liquid celeb might light my candle candle lighter note in trouble or there. And now they called it a fire department and it will happen and the like that they'll put their real that we had to Chile get a got us where a couple of minutes because they elect. It doesn't throw narrowly. Is there good lord man. What's now loses story behind the alarm a 44999. Alone he is right though I'm the one time driving to our high school. And there was fire trucks there. And we rely stack. I orchestrate the day off but of course there's our diminish traders out there. Parked the car. Of both the long run mom look good laying says they've done. I never tell my body images turn around now let's go fire trucks a much higher at school right don't drive onto the school IR for one enjoyed their guy's story. I'm sorry that's hilarious to me and them it's really does something faster and stuff yeah hello Marc welcome to the men's room. Yeah. Hello I'm a volunteer fire fire or lit. And that actually one of the vehicle like as well as the next door neighbor. On Thanksgiving. Without Turkey. Thomas does and a little ways. No no microwave. First your cooking a Turkey someone told her it was okay if you have to cut get a 450 degree. I'll go by how long did you think you'd think. How long that they for the Turkey to become an. This is. Well we never did really get a straight talking out of both sides stuff. Warehouse was full of smoke when she called 911. And the senate shot in the stove all she walked out and how she waited for the fire truck. That's how we got there the jerky move on fire is so. And I'd say okay now okay to me is different now. Now we did she seem all together. No she did not. Would tell you a was she dissolved with a missile and can anybody would be called 911 lens and look at this he on drugs we see just. Was there not a lot of stares like what we would did you connect the dots on why she did this did he seem like she was normal. I I would say a lot of cookie all it sold a little little first bearish. I. And I tell people like it's a day that could be a doctor. Getting someone who's very educated and knows a lot of things but not about common sense thing for sure so model into the picture to that keeping up and closed. I think I was on fire many open it and I feel runs into an eternity you know removed we don't leave your entire house of houses on match I mean come on me and try to do something I am an answer for it in just think about that she will never ever several and it doesn't it does not matter to this day and Ackerman fifty years ago. If she says less. I've got it now. I'm gonna host Thanksgiving I don't know all man now all man absolutely and we what one of the worst one of the worst. Was when my wife and I started dating many many years ago it used gonna cook recheck it. So she had a bunch things on top of the stove and it was a gas stove mostly what happened to you into to sync does happen on the stove. And set the alarm off and this was of this was one of the most amazing things I've ever seen in my life. She cooks big chicken right parents and when she's done there's a couple of things need to be done and I camera lowered don't know who ended up going back to the living room for little but the ones television medium brown chicken brown cow. And. But she had left one of the burners on where she was cooking something on the stove so now that gas burner. She thought she just put to pinned down on top of the other and on top list around or go out of me on heat but the heat is on one of those burners that and is up high Rex glass pan. And you just hear. Whom. Explosion. Man and I mean. It's got shards of glass chunks into the walls cheeses into the drywall like I mean steak I mean. Glad shots. Everywhere in in like in in big pieces in little pieces and I mean. Obviously we've we could meet in Lima yes in my view alarms going off there's now the smoke is billowing because. It basically it just it it is like winning and exploded there was a proof of smoked. You know an agreement does is indeed it was and it was. Laughing on the wall on the press feeling any Legos moving hours as it was spectacular how long before you you agreed to ever coach again. To light after right hander wasn't dosing and wrong with the with the food humanity is not thank you to know that Bernard was on manner which that's sort of me though man. I got it Posey a story behind the alarm a 44999. Nolan did my buddy's life. She she now makes impeaching. So she made this Vijay. Right so like to be Jesus brawl bright and then this as the acid cooks it did she tell you still have to cook it. So just to think these mushy feel. Did you have the faith like you might there was an open really happened to my buddy when they were having their Berry I don't have children's I'm sure they got past days and I had the Buddhist which Ian Cook now it now she can cook. I always good always. Well it's still there are bad thing you can now because of the letting go but. It was made or produced about their good friends that you cannot turns out to him by the way absolutely microwave editor. Wrote no hidden. What do you find out. I look at the entire technique basically you can't compete whole Turkey aren't you need you have half of the Turkey with what would you do you decode the breast basically put it into a ball. We're gonna cover the bowl and you start the cooking process. Then you flip the bird and you add water did you for a little bit earlier middle finger of the moderate absolutely revert to whack away but they held that away on here we're like you can 92 Chris at this and partly to take this get off at first but then. You set up Chris the skin up and and kind of use that as a garnish on top again. All right what what did you think of the M front does it look like it looked you don't look like that does seem like it's going to be DC basically gonna give you the kind of Turkey would get like I would think like if you don't white chicken for McCann. The Chung chick in Yemen sailing into calendar under Lloyd shell cheeky right out of it carrier like chunk tartan during and I now I get now how would you describe the section of fear is white jump ship and fitness junky TNT. Bush junkie quite often from Moses story behind the alarm made 44999. Over the worst DJA ever pull this don't do it all up. With its amounts junk off. Hello Mike welcome to the men drew. A whole lot of bitch all are not. Are guy guys so it's like. 1998. And I'm I'm I'm a welder and I am working that is nuclear facility opened in Michigan. And so inside. And regular plan you have two areas you guys. Roam around areas and yet there is that they call containment. And when you go and do the containment area obviously they wanna contain everything in it when you come well. You you've got it like. Everybody has to go juice like little strong boost type of the ball auction. Italy it's not your body at a time of year every chair and then. In it scanned the pepper of radiation. Say contaminant. All. You you do want happening you turn really grab this handle him into the been. And that you're going to handle it stops and Kenya. And so you all Arnold tiger handled. And they they train you know they give geologic training we all week we're the training. But they'll tell you what happens if you get contamination on. Your reactions have him. You big column as Sunni. Islam because he goes in early on you. And I just all gay sailor as well yeah that fell off so is the mile the radioactive including. I guess here now really tiny small got to do a thing or whatever but you know so you hold on this panel and when the alarm goes off. The they com health and safety Kurt now but they're about this side of the linebackers really NFL Hughes and they were scrubbed light at. You know emotions in the coming did you particularly immediately probably you know big grab you then they can you handle this on do little things (%expletive) ho not a true contentment and they disk then any horse big board issue and today and they make you hold there like old bill as I go okay. And they koala Lou I Geiger counter angry little hands scanner at the bank agenda and locate where it's. Words you well. A lot because Al auditors blow you out Auckland where I was like give it their mom and act. It was like a lake at dusk it made it true that the whole Kate thing and only leg straight up Simpson around simulator roll and you're now record you know. A little tiny piece could somehow blew amateur golf in cultures of milk girls. So local ever coached my knack or whatever and stuck there. So yeah yeah yeah I know dude I mean they like Dave physically yeah you know they hold used. Will Smith today what movies could imagine I and Knoll. I don't know I now want to use these scrub beauty put duct tape on him. And pull out your general a man named Angela. Oh god they jump okay it's a dollar deal yeah. Do. Some of the dog days the hell out of here and there is no joke ma'am knowledge it's got a thousand than two years now you are worried about cancer or anything like that. He now. All I don't I don't think so let's well I'll let the back door. Yeah and OK I mean this yeah I know I'll skip that they're bigger aid and you know I mean they're all about Sapient well I'll. Yeah I know now I mean they'll cut your clothes off they'll do they'll take your shoes if the creek I think we learned from Fukushima and understanding the German government understand you all united because someone you know well yeah I know. Yeah I know I saw again in the future. It's that I feel are needed and allow other than large people land. I'm glad and in effect do you bring disaster this oh clearly not. I indoor time Baird did anyone else and often alone. I don't know cook and if you only got contaminated blood. He's I don't know he and in I'll tell you it was honestly you know audio RC. Eludes. Twelve hours of interrogation. Of explaining you're exactly that I nuclear root server over how did you address our value to us and you do those you do that. Did they find anything wrong with your process. You know and that was a problem that's why it took so long because it was like it did well I was supposed to do and I was like I said the play good. They're big blue had an underneath the skin barrier or you know what I mean is like nothing you could even see or hear any bad news. But it was odd. It's a little. Allow a man of he Heinz zooming. I think we can all agree may benefit them if doc. So there you very chill effect from yeah just nuclear material that is really really really really high I don't know company with the radiation and here is he's only do I don't know political regular thing like look at happens don't worry about it but if you could only got seven now. But that's something nerves Bobble even now and again you really say you removed it but I would never beat all these processes all these things all these suits all of this stuff and then at the very end it's duct tape. Cracked jokes killer W an email the bad jokes to the ovens are mad men's or might not come as a drug charge Ryan castle will be etiquette of the bad jokes right before we bring it to those. With a shot of the day and more of our question coming up close a story behind the alarm 844999. Cola. You're listening to the men's or radio network. It's my sales. Bad jokes coming on email Matt Jones to the men's room at men's or my dock on the drug charge Ryan castle indicate awfully bad jokes right before we bring to toast with a shot of the day all right we've got alarm went off in and that Toronto. At a the towns that are and they went to investigate the bag it turned out to be a bag of baby raccoon sounds like taking guests on a bond me out unbelievable. Alone on a woman's face turned out be a living thing a parasite a huge worm that was some alarming and somewhere or it moved around under her scam as she waited two weeks and our question today along the story behind the alarming for 4999 cola. Hello you spirited welcome to the Madrid. All Cox. There are sit back and seatbelt law and our where you're seeing an actual end up. In my friend. At the beginning Erie gala where did idea. Are going out any little little thank each. Are on school day we felt that we didn't wink didn't have to expend adds. And we would go out all night long are we come up with a different idea. It's deer in general. We do here. And a leader says we're orange bridging to Safeco Field. Houses away good wins they are tough guy Sunday. It would be awakened and it would end Wednesday aren't yeah. Sure I guess there's probably ask about it worked out better and it and down. Telemarketer address the deal with Eric and people like. And street world bomb and a big problem endorse that great and there aren't buying dad a plants got a lot of their traps. The top vote act like China twelve feet up up this important grants. You're a couple first day now. We get out there we talked and he got it. Now back what you got and we talked a bit out you'll all. You're actually eat out the patriots. I global let out there aren't there why not and Hillary opt to actually walk. And act. Just pitch he's been about the next one minute. Let me hear around the instead. The basis and no one bothered. At all though all eating well. Larry everything. And they get all in black but he saw that are right only Google let out spirit that are eagle. There people there at all. No no hit that you won't mind blowing like little like where is everybody like we expect you know we'd be Eric. Are you are here. And we reached out. You know baby Charlie are riot police just click. Hung out on the field. And rich and you're like OK it's terribly GAAP Sarah we could be looking at parity there. Hold great documented. But no out of it doesn't set Albany alarms. You are not being its capital. And ended dozen loud Grossman but I don't. They're at Shia are. We pop back over a real. And now. Are 08 don't hate is that we need more video and Chandler elect Barack on the field. And to have honored me. What debt as a damaged and learn. Yeah I do actually in Iraq. We'll get to that but they'll edible little walk and I. Or a preacher while out. It still and behind at about 808. Years old geared to even. Atlantic and actually every dang it. All hell broke. Through and actually are out there. It's like based got on track there are waiting to get close this out there we wouldn't it'll add. So it it'll be it can't build a brand or where we king and smashed up thanks. Built out over quick IR caught the top belittle any sent. I achieved. Nag at actually. Any links back Archie. This. Bank governor great. Trick. Rate structure. Yeah I'm changing it away. Okay conclude that record or career are seeing all the way are. You get down. Series training only and can't Chandler could spill on the field I guess he got thousand. What does that the league boasted. On Wall Street and where. Are good. Figured that people were. They show and many games continue on the men's room radio network.